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My Toy Story Shopping Adventure/Fiasco/Victory?!

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There are no other people in the world with whom I would rather share my shopping adventures, fiascos, victories etc with than my fellow Hip2Save readers. For this reason, I would like to share with you my latest shopping adventure/fiasco/victory that occurred last night.

Yesterday, I promised my 5 year old son, Ayden, that I would buy the new Toy Story 2 DVD for him if he was extra good (I know, I know…bribery is not the best parenting method but I do use it occasionally). Needless to say, Ayden was extremely well behaved throughout the day so I was very excited to take off to Toys R Us as soon as my hubby came home from work. I literally gave him and the kids a quick kiss, grabbed my coupon binder and ran out the door. I had been craving some bargain shopping all day long!

So I happily drove myself to Toys R Us envisioning all the savings I was going to experience with my coupons and the awesome sale that Toys R Us was offering when you purchase both the Toy Story and Toy Story 2 DVDs together. As soon as I entered the store, I went straight towards the DVD section and to my surprise they seemed to be out of stock. No way, I thought. How could a store advertise such an awesome price and not have a huge supply of the item?! How could they not be prepared? I marched over to the Customer Service desk and was informed that yes, they truly were out of stock… but will be getting more in later. The manager then asked if I was familiar with price matching (I told him just a little ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and suggested that I head over to Target with the Toys R Us ad in hand to price match the DVDs.

OK, I thought Plan B. I jumped back in my car and headed over to Target determined that I would leave with those prized DVDs in hand! I walked in to Target full of confidence and headed right to the movie section where low and behold, I saw shelves full of Toy Story but NO Toy Story 2!! OK, I told myself…they must have it displayed somewhere else? As I stood there with a bewildered expression on my face clutching my Toys R Us ad, a very nice Target employee whispered “We sold out of em’ at noon.” No, I thought…no way! I am not going home without those DVDs.

Now at this point, I could have returned home with empty hands and my 5 year old would have survived. He would have been upset for all of about 5 minutes and then would have forgotten about the whole situation. But no, this was no longer entirely about him. This was about my desire to snag that great deal and I was going to snag it one way or another!

OK, I thought…Plan C. Since I was not prepared to initiate Plan C (let alone Plan B!), I sat in my car for several minutes until I remembered a beautiful vision that I had spotted earlier. On my drive over to Target, I had noticed a banner across a Best Buy store that said “We do price matching.” So begins my Plan C.

I made it over to Best Buy in record time and flew through the doors. I immediately noticed the beautiful (almost glowing) display of BOTH Toy Story and Toy Story 2 DVDs. I quickly discovered why the display was almost overflowing…they were priced at $29.99 each! No big deal, I thought. I still had the Toys R Us ad tucked under my arm…this would be a piece of cake. I scoped out the cashiers (all female) and chose a young and bubbly cashier who I was sure would make this a quick and easy transaction.

Boy was I wrong! As soon as I placed the Toys R Us ad on the counter, she rolled her eyes and here is how our conversation went…

Bubbly cashier: “I hope you are not going to try to price match those DVDs because I know for a fact that Toys R Us is sold out of them.”

Me: “Yes, they are sold out. That is why I am here wanting to price match them.”

Bubbly cashier: “Well, Best Buy will only price match items that are in stock at the competitor’s store. Sorry about that.”

Me: “The whole reason that I came here is because they were out of stock. I am not going to come back here tomorrow when Toys R Us receives a new shipment…I’ll just go to Toys R Us. So if you can’t price match the items for me now, then you are going to lose my business and that seems kinda silly.”

Cashier (not so bubbly anymore): “Well, that’s the policy.”

Me: “I would like to speak with your manager please”

Cashier: “Manager to the front please”

Manager arrives…I explain the situation and like I stated to the cashier, I reinforce that I will be buying the DVDs elsewhere if the price matching is not applied….

Manager: “Go ahead and do the price matching”

Cashier (now shocked)…applies the price matching of $16.99 for each DVD.

I then confidently hand over the 2 $10/1 printable coupons that I have been hiding in my wallet (Although I know that these should be accepted without a problem, I am still nervous that the cashier or manager will refuse to take them and then another battle will ensue).

Cashier: “I can’t take these too”

Manager: “Yes, you can; they are just manufacturer coupons.” (Thank goodness for this manager!)

Finally, VICTORY!

After 2 hours of shopping, I was satisfied as I walked out of Best Buy with those prized DVDs in hand. I was victorious and nothing at that moment felt better! I hope you have enjoyed my little victory story and that it inspires you to stand up for yourself and to be confident and determined to save as well. Good luck to all of you that have yet to purchase these DVDs…hope that you only have to initiate Plan A! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Sasha

    I was thought that Toys R Us might run out of the DVD’s since I would not be able to go until after work. So I send my husband to Toys R US yesterday before he had to be at work. He arrived shortly after they opened and found both DVD’s and purchased them with the coupons. WOW WHAT A GREAT DEAL!! He called to let me know that he did get them but there was only 1 of each left on the shelf!! Now you cannot possibly tell me they sold that many of them within a few minutes of opening!!! I would have been very very frustrated going there after 5pm with both kids just to be told we are out of stock!! I entered the codes for the movie coupons this morning and printed both. Can’t wait to see Toy Story 3!!!

  2. Amber

    I have found that if a cashier does not like their job or does not know the policies, they generally will start making up a bunch of rules without asking anyone. They are lazy and don’t want to try. Other cashiers who like their job, yes I know a few at the stores I visit weekly, are SO friendly, nice, know the policies and try and help you even when your coupons beep. It usually works to stand your ground and ask nicely for a manager who will come over and teach grouchy a lesson. Glad you finally got your deal, but sorry that some of you have to work so hard when you are following the rules.

    • Roger

      Not trying to start a war but how do you know if someone likes their job or not? And if they don’t that means they are just lazy? Haha what an observation. If people don’t get their way it is an automatic result of the CASHIER BEING SO RUDE AND HATING THEIR JOB, but if you get your way oh THE CASHIER WAS SOOOOOOOOO NICE.

      • kristen

        I know what you mean, Amber. I’ve worked in customer service for years and the grouchy people who think they don’t make enough money, hate where they work, etc. are generally jerks to the customers. They do make up their own rules and state them as if they were fact because it makes their job easier. You’ve just gotta be sweet as pie back and ask for a manager!

        • Anon

          Could be they’re having a bad day rather than hating their job….no one is perfect on every day.

      • Steph

        Roger, you say, “not to start a war…” but what you say is foolish about people not getting their way! Why shouldn’t we get our way? WE AREN’T DOING ANYTHING WRONG! Unless you consider saving money wrong! So yes, cashiers who are grouchy and want to look authoratative by being difficult, either hate their job, or have some other issue…why else would they they give the customers a hard time?!?

  3. giggles

    I went to WalMart and had no problems… I think it’s because really nice people work there. I got the price match from TRU, $10 manufacturers coupons for both and $5 for both… I loved my plan A…

    • emily

      thanks for the wonderful deal!! I was able to get both movies for $4.32 TOTAL!! the cashier was a little less then excited but i was and it worked!!!

  4. Olivia Smith

    Will Target price match with a printable ad online? I dont have the Toys R Us ad in regular print. Or can I get the ad in the front of the store?


    • Paula

      You do need the regular ad.

    • Christy

      No .. I tried that once. They want the real deal. When I sent hubby to our TRU today, they had NO available ads (so they said). He actually found a crumpled up ad a shelf and snatched that.

      • Olivia Smith

        Ugh– I wish I could get ahold of a Toys R Us Ad from somewhere because when I went in tonight they said they don’t keep them on hand! I ended up buying the DVDs from Toys R Us and I think even $13.98 is a sweet deal for both of them, but I would much rather get them for cheaper. I will ask around and see if anyone has the ad so I can return the DVDs to TRU and then go to Target!!

  5. kp

    This deal is even sweeter if you live near a Fred Meyer!!! They have an in-store mfg coupon for $10 off the purchase of both – after the price match, in-store coupon and 2 mfg coupons, I got both DVDs/movie tix for $5.95 including tax!

    • Anonymous

      ya, i don’t know why collin didn’t post it earlier when I sent it but Target price matched and gave me the $10 promotion that they were running, brought my cost to 1.99 each. how sweet that was. I told everyone and it worked for them also. I even passed this deal on to collin and don’t know why it never got posted for everyone to see, and do. good luck to all of you!

    • Jill

      Oh darn- I was feeling victorious with my deal but we do have FM and I didn’t even think to check their pricing out. Oh, well- still a good deal at Target and Toys R Us but thanks for the heads up- I might still have to head over and pick up another set for that price!.

  6. Kate

    Haha…I am sorry for all your extra running around, but it’s nice to know that even our fearless leader sometimes runs into some snags. Glad you got them though!

  7. Sally Morris

    Walmart also price matches. Used 2/$10 off 1 movie and got both movies for $6.99 each. can’t beat the two movies for $5.99. Good Job kp

  8. Anna

    Toys R us was out of the movies for me, too. I don’t know why I bother with Toys R Us anymore.

    Target had them for $22.99 and since I bought both Toy Story 1 and 2, Target gave me $10 off and I used my two coupons and took another $20 off. In the end…I think I paid a couple more dollars had a I gone to Toys R Us, but I was very satisfied!

    • Darby

      That’s what I did too! Easy, convenient-DONE :0)

    • Christy

      You would have actually paid more if you had purchased them from Toys ‘R Us. We did the same thing by buying from Target .. that’s the best deal around right now. Happy savings!!

      • Christy

        Oh, wait .. did you price match w/Target (by taking the Toys ‘R Us ad)? If not, then you did pay a few bucks more, but hey, it’s still a fantastic deal and I know my kiddies are loving the movies. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. SAHMinCambridge

    Colllin, if you still have a couple $10 coupons, I would go to another Target and try to find them and price match with TRU. I just came back from Target and paid $2 for each. They price matched the $16.99 and the register automatically also took off the Target promo of another $10 for buying both T1 and T2. Thanks for sharing your story, all of us are in it together just trying to save for our family!


      i threw my ad away yesterday! UGH… I called and asked if they would take an online ad, NOPE! Jeez, luckly my friend has an ad at her house. I hope i can still STEAL this deal tomorrow. Pls keep your fingers crossed!

  10. Robert Nicholas

    Target does not price match.

    • Robert Nicholas

      At least mine doesn’t.

    • Dianne

      One Target I went to tonight (St. Pete/Park Street) said that they would not price match the $16.99 ea wby 2 since it is a “bundle”. She called over her supervisor, but arranged to meet him in front of the registers (instead of at Guest Services where she left me standing). That highly annoyed me. Obviously, I knew she would come back with “he said NO” since she was having this secret conversation. I should have walked over and joined the conversation since I am the customer/guest (Guest Services, remember??).

      Anyway, that fueled my curiosity so I went to an other Target later (St. Pete/Gateway) and had two very helpful associates at Guest Services who were eager to price match and were delighted for the good deals that I was able to get (I did it twice – once for me and then again for my friend). I shared with them that my coupon guru was “” ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Jaclyn

    Good for you! Never give up when you know you are right! It’s hard work to bring the kids with you ( in my case 4 in tow- 3 in carseats) or situate them at home, find the deal, find & clip the coupons, plus all the time to drive, & shop! I am glad you asked for the manager. Most cashiers at like it is coming out of there paycheck & start making up there own rules with coupons which frustrates the heck out of me. When this happens I always ask for a manager & let the people behindme go ahead of me. ๐Ÿ˜› I didn’t have very good luck couponing yesterday at CVS or Vons. Urghhhh!

  12. Debra Jo

    HAHAHAHA! I love this post! I made it to plan B, but ALMOST had to do a plan C as WalMart was almost out of Toy Story 2 (I luckily found an extra one around the corner). I was nervous the whole time, too, wondering if they would really ad match. IT’S THE BEST MOVIE DEAL I’VE EVER HAD! I LOVE THESE MOVIES! I also LOVE that I only paid $16 and change after tax and got that same amount back in movie tickets for Toy Story 3. It’s so AWESOME! Thanks, Collin!

  13. Kate

    The first time I “stood” up for myself at a grocery store ( the cashier would not take my internet printable coupon simply because it was printed in black and white ) I asked to speak with the manager who came down, immediately appologized and handed me a $25 gift card to the store. Plus he sent me back to the front of the checkout and let me use the cupon in question. I was super happy and have no trouble standing up for myself since.

  14. Marsha

    Got mine today at Walmart w/ a price match from TRU. Wasnt sure they’d do it since our closest TRU is over an hour away but they didn’t bat an eye. I love it when a plan comes together! Thanks for the heads up on that $10 off coupon. It sure made for some great deals on these.

  15. Nadia

    I just went to Best Buy and I found some copies still left and I was so excited. I only had a printed copy of toyrus ad and went to customer service. The lady was going to price match it and called the manager to change the price for her and as we were waiting she explained to me that the coupons I had in my hands could not be combined with the price match or even with the sale that they already had in the store for that week. They said that the manager had a meeting with everyone explaining to them that they could accept either or and the lady grabbed my coupon and showed me that it says that it “CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH ANY OTHER OFFER” therefore, I could only do one offer $16.99 ea. or $10 off I told her I would like to speak with an manger. A young guy came over and said the same thing I don’t believe he was the manager though. I told them I had been to other Best Buy’s and done other movie deals with no problem and there were hundreds of people who had already done this deal without a problem she told me I then needed to go to one of those stores! I thanked her for her time and left. Then I took chance and ran into babierus and asked if they had the movie 2 people told me no and as I was going to walk out another lady said yes we do have the movies and they were by the cashier I then did both transactions with no problem. The lady said that I got an amazing deal. Sorry I rambled on. So go check out BABIESRUS TOO!!!

  16. Anya

    I actually took TRU ad to Target yesterday and it turned out better than I ever expected.. I went straight to customer service, price matched TRU ad first and brought the price of both movies down to 16.99, then something happened that put a smile on my face.
    -Toy Story BruRay DVD Combo $16.99
    -Toy Story 2 BluRay DVD Combo $16.99
    Even though I price matched the cash register still automatically took promotional $10 off
    Plus I used my 2 $10 coupons.. My TOTAL was $5.92 (including tax for both!)
    I was super happy.

  17. Betsy

    Babies R Us is the company as Toys R Us, so I went there and was able to get this awesome deal. Thanks for letting us know about it Collin!

  18. Betsy

    Babies R Us is the same company as Toys R Us, so I went there and was able to get this awesome deal. Thanks for letting us know about it Collin!

  19. Betsy

    Babies R Us is the same company as Toys R Us, so I went there and was able to get this awesome deal. Thanks for letting us know about it Collin!

  20. Sarah

    What an awesome story, Collin! Way to hold your ground ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Katie

    I had almost the exact same experience awhile ago with the Up and Monsters Inc deal. However, mine didn’t end up so great! I ended up at Best Buy as well and the checker didn’t want to price match. After the manager came and approved the price match, he wouldn’t approve the coupons too. One or the other he told me…so I didn’t get them. I guess it depends on your Best Buy! I’m glad you were able to get the movies!!! I got the last copies at our Toys R Us yesterday. ( I even preordered….the checker said they didn’t get enough for even those that preordered!!)

  22. Melissa

    Well Good for you! I bet Ayden was a happy little boy!!

  23. Allison

    My husband works for Best Buy and says that is actually the policy, but nobody really checks unless it’s a VERY good deal or a high-demand item.

    • Anonymous

      What is their policy?

  24. Emilee Reynolds

    That is quite the adventure. I think you had to go through it to let us know how its done. That cashier wasn’t very nice. Thanks for sharing your story. I’m glad that Plan C worked and your son got the DVD. Yippee!

  25. Emilee Reynolds

    How would Best Buy know that Toys R Us was out of the inventory? That is crazy!

    • Anon

      Probably because others had been in before Collin and mentioned it.

  26. Julie Winstead

    I called ahead to Toys R Us just to see if they had them in stock and I was told over the phone that I could only use one of the coupons when I bought both or do separate transactions(and pay the higher price for each) and use a coupon per transaction. Either way it was the same price, $12. I was glad they told me but I went anyways and on a whim asked the cashier if I could use both coupons and she said yes!!! Woo hoo for nice people!! It didn’t even beep!

  27. Lindsey

    I was so annoyed yesterday. I was the 2nd person at Toys R Us yesterday & they were sold out! They had it advertised and then had not one copy available to buy. Is that normal, for them to pre-sale all their copies? So so frustrating!!!!!

  28. Lisa

    Ha Ha been there done that but it was the UP movie before x-mas time… I eventually ended up at best buy and yes a manager was involved … ha ha

  29. Debbie

    I, too, took TRU ad to Target. They price matched the $16.99 for each. When it rang up, It took off the $10 in-store promotional amount twice because the Target promotion automatically deducts $10 if you buy both Toy Story and Toy Story2 in the same transaction, and I did this twice. I used one coupon per item after printing them twice each from the website. It came to $1.99 each for 4 of the combo packs (2 of Toy Story and 2 of Toy Story2). That, along with 2 Battleships for $2 each after coupons, made my total (after tax) $17.81. On my receipt, it shows that I saved $116.98. My guess is that this will go down as one of the Top Ten favorite deals for 2010???? If not, I’m looking forward to this year! Happy Savings!

  30. Debbie

    ….AND I took out the coupons from all four of my purchased combo packs and redeemed them for 4 movie tickets to Toy Story3 (valued up to $8.50 each). Geez, what a great deal.

  31. nona

    DARN! i payed $16.50 for both yesterday morning at Target! I did not think about price matching and i wish i could have gotten a better deal!!

    • Marsha

      Take them back w/ your TRU flyer and your receipt and they should be able to fix the price. If not, return it and then tell them you want to buy them back.

  32. Anonymous

    This may be silly question…but where did you get $10 off coupons?

    • Kathie

      Go to the Disney Movie Rewards web site. Once you sign in use the box where you input codes to put the UPC codes from your VHS or DVD copy of both TS1 and TS2 then you can print your $10 coupons.

  33. Audrey

    Hi, was wondering, my TRU charged me tax on the $16.99 x 2 DVD’s even though the total was $13.98 for the 2, so $13.98 + 7% tax $2.38= $16.36. Is it just backwards IN.?

    • Sophie

      You will always get charged tax on your before coupon amounts.

      • SAHMinCambridge

        Here in MA I get taxed on my after coupon purchase.

  34. LA

    We almost had the same situation yesterday when our TRU did not pull the movies to fulfill people’s presale orders. They were on their walkie talkies and someone said “Uh, no – I forgot to do that!” Whoops! Luckily they had some in back.

  35. Amber P.

    I went to my Toys R Us yesterday late morning (around 11) and I was told they didn’t have any in stock unless I had pre-ordered them! Why would they bother to advertise that deal when they clearly had no intention of stocking the stores with them?! I find it ridiculous! ( I was able to buy them at Target- but still!)

  36. fuzzymitten

    I ‘m glad you got your movies yesterday Collin. I thought I was going to have a lot of problems too, since Lynne W. told me when she went to TRU yesterday around 12pm, they had sold out of their Blu-rays, even for the people who pre-ordered. They only got in 5 copies and she was told to call each day. I called today at 10am and were told the shipment hadn’t arrived yet and they didn’t know when it would. I called back at 12pm and was told the Blu-rays were in stock, but there were only 5 copies. She checked for more and said there were plenty. I didn’t think there were that many in stock, so I went to TRU right away. I got my copies and used both $10 off q and got both Blu-rays for a little over $6.00. They hadn’t set aside any copies for the pre-orders and there weren’t many Blu-rays in stock. I also did the Princess and the Frog deal, but after the problems, not sure if I’ll pre-order again , if I’m not reserved a copy. I put both Blu-rays on hold for Lynne W. and she bought them later on in the day. Good thing I did, as they would’ve been sold out again. TRU can be kinda disorganized.

  37. Jessica A.

    Just got mine at TRU, took my 3 kids with me so I was a little nervous they’d be out, but they had a few left, so I got the movies for 6.99 each plus printed up free movie tickets to see the Toy Story 3 in the theater ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Michal

    What a day for you
    Went to Target today with the Toys R US flyer, priced match and got both of them for $5 something…
    My son is watching #2 right now ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Roger

    Walmart price matches but they have a right to call and check if competitors are sold out. If they are sold out then most likely you won’t get the price match. It depends on the management though.

  40. Roger

    So your happy because you made the cashier look stupid? And the management went against the store policy to make you happy? Ok YAY!

    • Roger

      Ok I took my chill pill now. But yeah, you were lucky and glad you got your deal my irritation is a comment from above. Sorry Collin! You are fearless when it comes to deals and I guess the mama bear must of came out so glad you got those for your little ones.

    • Sadie

      I think that couponers are sensitive about cashiers saying that there is something wrong with the deal that they have planned. When so much effort is put into Plan A, B or C. Couponers are just looking to get the best deal possible, while following all of the store rules. It hurts when a cashier thinks that you have fake coupons, the wrong coupons or are trying to cheat the store. (And especially when you are called out in front of other customers.)

      • Steph

        Well said Sadie!! On another note, Roger, who peed in your cheerios? Everything you say seems to be negative toward couponers! ๐Ÿ™

  41. Allyson

    I love these type of stories. They motivate me to get that good deal. Way to go Collin

  42. Ashley

    I am having trouble entering the Magic Code to redeem the movie tickets that came with the DVD combo. I am entering the same code that I used to redeem my points on Disney Rewards but it is not accepting it.
    I looked at FAQ and it said that the code should be 5 digits followed by a – then 7 more letters and numbers. I can’t find it anywhere…does anyone know where to find this?

    • Jennifer

      When I entered my codes it took me to a page that showed how many points were added to my Disney Reward Points. Right below that it had 3 add looking boxes. The ones for the $10 coupons and then there was one to click to redeem your movie tickets. If you are already off that page, just go to your account summary and it will be listed under special offers.

      • Jennifer

        Also, once you click the add to redeem your tickets it will bring up the code (a different code from your disney reward code).

        • Ashley

          Great! Thank y’all SO much!

          • anonymous

            If you have more than one theater near you, I wouldn’t print the ticket yet. Once you print it for a specific theater, you can’t change it. And if a different theater is showing the movie, not the one you printed, you are out of luck! They send you an email with the info, so just keep it and print it when where it is playing is released.

  43. Nancy

    Touche, honey!

  44. Autumn

    my dumb toys r us was out of toy story 2 and then they said oh but there’s a 10 off coupon on line…i said, i know thanks, and the lady said but we’re not accepting them…what the heck??? i don’t have the ad so i don’t think i’m going to score as good of a deal as the rest of you but good job!

  45. Kristin

    Yeah, I’m not sure why I bothered going to TRU since I knew I wouldn’t be able to go until today and was sure they would be out! Good to know about the Frede Meyere deal though (although I wish I had known this morning since I went there today too!). I guess I’ll have to try my Plan B later! We love these movies and don’t own them, so this is such a great deal!

  46. Tonya

    What’s wrong with you guys? Not buying Disney movies when they first come out. j/k ๐Ÿ™‚ But really…..I’ve had these movies for years!

    • Anonymous

      blu-ray combo is brand new, and with the addition of free movie tickets in lots of cases it’s a moneymaker!

      • Tonya

        yeah…the free movie tickets would have been nice. I’m not letting my husband talk me into getting a blu-ray though! ๐Ÿ™‚ Though he tries and tries.

        • MoKeaton

          Oh Tonya, you should so let him get one. The movie quality is something that can not be compared with. It makes watching movies at home so much better. I’m voting with your hubby. Get a BluRay player! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Marsha

      Trust me, I had these movies when they first came out however my son wore them out lol. They no longer played at all and eventually I had to get rid of them. This time I bought two copies so I could hide one :-D.

      • shelley

        I bought them to keep as gifts! Can’t beat $4 for a really nice present.

        • Tonya

          Duh!! I always forget about gifts.

  47. hazel

    that’s really funny. this happens to me all the time…but i never take no for an answer and i’m always super polite but firm about what i’m asking them to do for me and i always get it. it’s worth a little persistence in the end.

  48. savyshoppingmommy

    Sorry to hear about your experience but in a way kinda glad to know that even though you write this blog and are our Mentor…you still have situations like the rest of us. Glad it all worked out in the end and the lil guy got the DVD!

  49. Nicole

    I went to Toys R Us today and they had 4 of each left. I was able to score easily on this one. I wish they were all that easy though!

  50. Melanie

    Wow. This is great. Collin, you should post more of these “scripts”. I get so upset when a cashier will not take my coupons that I usually get really mad and then go off. I know you should try and be nice but its really hard when you put in so much time to find the deals, go to the store and then get turned down!

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