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My Toy Story Shopping Adventure/Fiasco/Victory?!

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There are no other people in the world with whom I would rather share my shopping adventures, fiascos, victories etc with than my fellow Hip2Save readers. For this reason, I would like to share with you my latest shopping adventure/fiasco/victory that occurred last night.

Yesterday, I promised my 5 year old son, Ayden, that I would buy the new Toy Story 2 DVD for him if he was extra good (I know, I know…bribery is not the best parenting method but I do use it occasionally). Needless to say, Ayden was extremely well behaved throughout the day so I was very excited to take off to Toys R Us as soon as my hubby came home from work. I literally gave him and the kids a quick kiss, grabbed my coupon binder and ran out the door. I had been craving some bargain shopping all day long!

So I happily drove myself to Toys R Us envisioning all the savings I was going to experience with my coupons and the awesome sale that Toys R Us was offering when you purchase both the Toy Story and Toy Story 2 DVDs together. As soon as I entered the store, I went straight towards the DVD section and to my surprise they seemed to be out of stock. No way, I thought. How could a store advertise such an awesome price and not have a huge supply of the item?! How could they not be prepared? I marched over to the Customer Service desk and was informed that yes, they truly were out of stock… but will be getting more in later. The manager then asked if I was familiar with price matching (I told him just a little πŸ˜‰ ) and suggested that I head over to Target with the Toys R Us ad in hand to price match the DVDs.

OK, I thought Plan B. I jumped back in my car and headed over to Target determined that I would leave with those prized DVDs in hand! I walked in to Target full of confidence and headed right to the movie section where low and behold, I saw shelves full of Toy Story but NO Toy Story 2!! OK, I told myself…they must have it displayed somewhere else? As I stood there with a bewildered expression on my face clutching my Toys R Us ad, a very nice Target employee whispered “We sold out of em’ at noon.” No, I thought…no way! I am not going home without those DVDs.

Now at this point, I could have returned home with empty hands and my 5 year old would have survived. He would have been upset for all of about 5 minutes and then would have forgotten about the whole situation. But no, this was no longer entirely about him. This was about my desire to snag that great deal and I was going to snag it one way or another!

OK, I thought…Plan C. Since I was not prepared to initiate Plan C (let alone Plan B!), I sat in my car for several minutes until I remembered a beautiful vision that I had spotted earlier. On my drive over to Target, I had noticed a banner across a Best Buy store that said “We do price matching.” So begins my Plan C.

I made it over to Best Buy in record time and flew through the doors. I immediately noticed the beautiful (almost glowing) display of BOTH Toy Story and Toy Story 2 DVDs. I quickly discovered why the display was almost overflowing…they were priced at $29.99 each! No big deal, I thought. I still had the Toys R Us ad tucked under my arm…this would be a piece of cake. I scoped out the cashiers (all female) and chose a young and bubbly cashier who I was sure would make this a quick and easy transaction.

Boy was I wrong! As soon as I placed the Toys R Us ad on the counter, she rolled her eyes and here is how our conversation went…

Bubbly cashier: “I hope you are not going to try to price match those DVDs because I know for a fact that Toys R Us is sold out of them.”

Me: “Yes, they are sold out. That is why I am here wanting to price match them.”

Bubbly cashier: “Well, Best Buy will only price match items that are in stock at the competitor’s store. Sorry about that.”

Me: “The whole reason that I came here is because they were out of stock. I am not going to come back here tomorrow when Toys R Us receives a new shipment…I’ll just go to Toys R Us. So if you can’t price match the items for me now, then you are going to lose my business and that seems kinda silly.”

Cashier (not so bubbly anymore): “Well, that’s the policy.”

Me: “I would like to speak with your manager please”

Cashier: “Manager to the front please”

Manager arrives…I explain the situation and like I stated to the cashier, I reinforce that I will be buying the DVDs elsewhere if the price matching is not applied….

Manager: “Go ahead and do the price matching”

Cashier (now shocked)…applies the price matching of $16.99 for each DVD.

I then confidently hand over the 2 $10/1 printable coupons that I have been hiding in my wallet (Although I know that these should be accepted without a problem, I am still nervous that the cashier or manager will refuse to take them and then another battle will ensue).

Cashier: “I can’t take these too”

Manager: “Yes, you can; they are just manufacturer coupons.” (Thank goodness for this manager!)

Finally, VICTORY!

After 2 hours of shopping, I was satisfied as I walked out of Best Buy with those prized DVDs in hand. I was victorious and nothing at that moment felt better! I hope you have enjoyed my little victory story and that it inspires you to stand up for yourself and to be confident and determined to save as well. Good luck to all of you that have yet to purchase these DVDs…hope that you only have to initiate Plan A! πŸ˜‰

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  1. liz

    SO happy for your victory!!! way to go!!!

  2. LA

    TRU had a few left on display but they had another box behind customer service. I bought both videos for $17.21 here in California. I’m just bummed that I went to the store before the mail arrived because I found a $5 off of $25 because my boys’ birthdays were coming up. Grrrrr. Oh well. I’ll have it for their birthday presents.

    • tiffany

      Just take the coupon and your receipt in and they will give you the money. I just did this yesterday with no problems.

  3. kim

    I have a hard time standing up for myself. i get choked up asking for the manager…i don’t know why!!!!! I think your story inspires me though!

    • Anon

      Believe me, you are not alone!!

    • Shopper

      Whenever I’m pregnant or hormonal, it’s a lot easier to demand a mangaer. Embarrassing in retrospect depending on the situation, but easier, none the less. HAHA

  4. Andrea

    Good for you, Collin! πŸ˜€

  5. Rebekah Waters

    Here’s my Toy Story Shopping experience….

    I went to Target with the Toys R Us ad in hand, and luckily found Toy Story and Toy Story 2. I went up to the Customer Service counter, and ask the girl if she could do the price matching. Of course she did, and Target was advertising that if you bought both you would automatically get $10 off. So off comes that $10. PLUS, I had two $10 coupons (one for Toy Story and the other for Toy Story 2). Grand Total: $5.78 plus tax for both blu-ray dvd combo packs.

    Can I just say that I am on cloud nine right now? πŸ™‚

    • Megan

      They let you price match and THEN get their $10 off too?!?!? That’s awesome! Because the deal at TRU was $16.99 each when you bought two and Target’s deal was $10 off when you buy two. So it makes sense, but I didn’t know they’d do that!

      • Joe

        A coworker did the same when he headed over to Target (with my TRU ad) since I presaled and he didnt at TRU. He got it for $5.xx

        I paid $15 at TRU, but since I preordered, I got $15 off a disney DVD of $19.99 or more, then they had another $5 promo, so my Mary Poppins came out to $0. I got 3 DVDs for a total of $15.

        • Krista

          I pre-ordered at Toys R Us too. I purchased Princess and the Frog for $19.99 and with pre-ordering Toy Story & Toy Story 2, the register took off $19.99 (free movie!). I then had to put down the $10 for pre-ordering, but I had a $5 off coupon for Princess and the Frog that the cashier took so I only paid $5. I will then turn in my receipt for the band-aid rebate and get back my $5 (purchased band-aids at Target for free!). I went to Toys R Us today with my two $10 coupons in hand and my “$10 down paper” and paid only $3.98!! That means, I got three DVDS plus two movie tickets to Toy Story 3 for only 4 BUCKS!!! I have been grinning from ear to ear since I got home : ) Just thought I would share my success – yeah!

    • Robin

      I did the exact same thing! No beeps or arguements!!! I couldn’t believe and can’t stop bragging to my DH!!!

      • stephanie

        robin your funny!!!! ive only been onboard for about a month now and every deal i get im always telling my dh about it!! in the beginning he couldnt believe it, now i think hes like oh geez!!!! lol!! im sorry but i just cant get over my excitement πŸ™‚ way to go!!

    • Shopper

      DANG IT! I already opened the ones I bought from WalMart. LAMO! It was still an awesome deal.

    • Wy

      That’s awesome! I had the TRU ad at home and didn’t even try to price match at Target (which is where I bought my videos). Now I’m kicking myself for not trying. At least I’ll know for the future.

  6. Denise Fullmer

    I was able to price match that deal at WalMart yesterday also! They were awesome to work with!

  7. tonya

    i don’t have the upc’s to toy story 1 or 2 anymore. does anyone know where i can find them so i can snag the $10 coupon. i would love to get this awesome deal at target, thanks!

    • Wy

      Colin had them a few days ago. Go to her search engine and put in Toy Story and see if it pops up. Good luck!

  8. tonya

    i don’t have the upc’s to toy story 1 or 2 anymore. does anyone know where i can find them so i can snag the $10 coupon. i would love to get this awesome deal at target, thanks!

  9. Anon

    Can someone tell me…..are these the same Toy Story DVD’s that came out years ago? Are they a re-release or something or just a new generation of kids coming of age??

    • Anon

      or Blu-ray??

    • Kathie

      Disney is famous for putting their movies into the “Disney Vault” then waiting a while and bringing them out with new art and in new formats (VHS then DVD and now Blu-Ray). Some of the movies have new scenes (not something I really like, don’t mess with a good thing) such as a new song in both Lion King and Beauty and the Beast.

    • Anonymous

      these are the same:-) in anticipation of toy story 3 about to come out in theaters. I already own these….but i wantedt he movie rewards and free movie tickets…so i got them, opened them took out the free movie ticket rewards, and sold them on ebay for 30 bucks…i paid 15.00 at target. so i made 15.00 bucks and got 2 free movie tickets as well.

  10. Cassidy

    Great Job Collin! I’m sure once I get more confident about my couponing knowledge I will be have more confidence like you have [=

  11. Crystal

    This was an AMAZING DEAL!!! Just came back from Target In Beaverton on BV Hillsdale. Went to Customer Service & verified that they do price match? She said yes. Asked if I need to bring my purchase to Customer service or can cashier do that? She said either. I Got both DVDs (each had a free movie ticket offer for toy story 3), went to cashier & showed him BabiesRus ad. He made the price adjustment & took both manufactures cpns, then gave me a bag credit of 5 cents. Total: $3.93. I’m So excited about this deal!!! the Target $10 discount comes off automatically, when you buy both….

  12. Megan

    Price matched at Target and paid $4.32 for both! Wahoo, I am a happy girl!!!! Thanks so much Colin!

  13. Heather

    I had to read this to my husband….too funny. This sounds like something that would happen to me! He enjoyed the scenario πŸ™‚ LOL

  14. Megan

    I can’t believe I missed out on the extra $10 off! If I had known that Target would match the price AND take off their $10, I would have driven home for my TRU ad! As it was, I left it at home. I was just going to buy the movies at TRU, but they told me that wouldn’t take the coupons on top of the $16.99 price wyb both. (Their exact words were “that’s too good of a deal! We can’t sell a combo movie for $7!) So I left and went to Target (without the ad). Now I wish I had had more patience and gone home and gotten the forgotten ad first. Then I would have gotten the $2 difference from the ad AND the extra $10 off!!!

    • Melissa

      quote …”(Their exact words were β€œthat’s too good of a deal! We can’t sell a combo movie for $7!)”
      That’s just ridiculous. When are cashiers/managers going to realize a coupon is a form of payment???? They are not loosing out of anything since Disney will be refunding them that $10.

      I’m going to Target tomorrow, fingers crossed they still have some left. I have Toy Story, but it skips now from overplay, so I’d like to get a new copy along with TS2 since we don’t have that one.

      Someone asked above about UPCs to get the coupon…just google Toy Story and Toy Story 2 UPC and you’ll find them. Thats what I did for TS2.

    • Amanda

      You can always try a price adjustment πŸ™‚

    • Shopper

      What part of Customer Service do they not understand? Seriously! Their job is to make their customers happy. How the heck do they think they’ll get more business unless they offer “good deals”. That’s so ignorant of them!

  15. BamaVicki

    Okay, where’s the ‘like’ button that you can hit when you are on facebook?!~ lol! I LOVE this. The way people get attitudes like they think they are ruining your day (or about to) and they don’t realize HOW STUPID they look & sound when they make statements like that! It’s like, ‘Do you want my business/money or not?!’ They always think they can one-up somebody w/their theory, that, more oftentimes than not, is WRONG! Way to go Collin and be persistent! We know what we want and we’ll do what it takes to go and get it! πŸ™‚

  16. krystle

    Im looking for just the DVD coupons for these movies..any ideas??

  17. Hana

    My roommate called me from Toys r Us awhile ago and said that the store had under-ordered and was now out. And they told him they couldn’t do rainchecks. I googled and of course their policy says they’ll be HAPPY to give rainchecks. Called him back and he’d already left the store, but he’s going back Saturday morning when they should have more in. So annoyed though. -_- Since he’s out there with his mom I didn’t want to ask him to bother trying price matching at another place. If they don’t have them on Saturday though, he’s gotta demand those rain checks.

  18. LemonGirl

    Yay for you! So glad it worked out. Thanks for sharing the story. πŸ™‚

  19. Nicole

    It is nice to know that these things don’t just happen to us. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Jessica

    Although you got a victory at Best Buy it makes me not want to go in there. Why do these stores offer price matching and then make you jump through hoops in order for them to honor it! I quickly knock off hard to deal with stores from my list!

    • Kristin

      Yeah, that is pretty annoying. I did try this deal at Best Buy yesterday (after trying TRU which was out, coming home, reading Collin’s post about price matching). I was so hopeful. The price matching part went smoothly, but they would not accept the coupons as well, even though another cashier mentioned that another manager allowed her to do the exact same thing earlier that day. The current manager/supervisor on duty would not allow it. Although it gets frustrating, I have to remember to be polite to them. For one, some of them don’t actually know the policies and I can’t punish them for that. Cashiers can only do what their superiors allow them. And finally, if we all get irked at all the cashiers/managers all the time, everyone will stop taking our coupons! That would be the worst! I really want these movies SO BAD so I hope I can still get them before the ad expires!

  21. Barbara

    Our Target (which is much closer than Toy R Us) said they would not price match “bundle” deals and the Toys R Us ad was considered a “bundle”. The gal also said they only began to price match 2 months ago. Needless to say, Target will get very little of my business, unless it is a ssssuuuppppper deal. I was calling, since I am unable to drive and get out by myself currently—-Wal-Mart (which, by the way, check with your Wal-Mart as some will take competitors coupons so the Target coupons are accepted here along with manufacters) said they would match, but their computer said they would not get either dvd 1 or 2 in until next week. Well, hubby dearest called Toys R Us late in the afternoon (I can’t be left by myself for very long and had to wait for someone to be here). The gentleman said they had both in the store, but they could not hold them. Well, dh gets there and calls to tell me they are out 2, but had Toy Story 1—-did I want just that one.(NO WAY) My husband mentioned, to the clerk, that he had called about 30 min earlier and was told they had several in the store. The clerk went to the back of the store and asked another clerk if there were anymore. The clerk he asked just happened to be the gentleman he spoke to on the phone and he had snagged one for us when he saw there were only a couple left. (Bless him). Needless to say, not only am I happy, but dh is super happy that his temporarily handicapped wife is thrilled that he did so well. I am also thankful for clerks will occasionally “break the rules”.

  22. Danielle Townsend

    Congrats on your victory!!! My hubby laughed when I told him… and then we went to Toys R Us and got our movies. πŸ™‚ We also visited Best Buy. No deceptively happy cashiers. Maybe next time. πŸ™‚

  23. SHELLY


  24. Dani

    I’m soooooo mad! I just got back from my adventure with empty hands. First I went to Target. They didn’t take my $10 coupons. The manager said that they got an e-mail this morning saying that they aren’t a “participating retailer”, and that they’re already giving us, customers, $10 off for buying both DVDs. I called corporate who asked me to give the phone to the manager, and she still wouldn’t take my coupon. Corporate said they couldn’t do anything. Urghhhhhh! I then went to Toys R Us. They were out, but the cashier was great. They’re taking the $10 coupons, and he gave me an ad to price match somewhere else. He was so nice that I think I’m gonna wait until they get a new shipment on Thursday or Friday. The cashier said the price would be the same, $16.99. This is the second time this week that I have problems with Target. I’ll try Best Buy tomorrow.

  25. R

    I was able to do the Target deal for the DVDs. Is it ethical? Now I am worried.

  26. just love to save

    i HAD NO PROBLEM WITH TARGET AND I GOT BOTH MOVIES FOR $5.88 SO HAPPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Alicia

    I had a problem at target =( THEY told me they could price match the movies but would not accept the ten dollar off coupons. The person I was talking to was not a manager nor did he know how to price match. I explained how the deal worked at toys r us and he kept saying that they were not toys r us and could not do it the same way, even though they are are suppose to price match. In the end I walked out of the store empty handed, and upset. and frustrated. not only did I waste time and gas but I also wasted energy. and it was to late to go to another target because it was closing I am just really bummed right now. My hbby said to let it go but it is so bothersome. he said try tomorrow but I am thinking that there may not be any left by the time I am able to get the car from him after he comes home from work (because we only have one car) and I am a little discouraged that I don’t even know if it is worth trying to go to a different target.

    • Megan

      Don’t get discouraged. Try another Target if you have one close by. I went to TRU yesterday to get the ad, then went to the Target right across the street. The deal was a no-go at that location. I just said thanks and left. Later on in the evening, I decided to try my other local Target. Deal worked fine. I paid $4.32 for both movies, no questions asked. Let us know how it goes:)

  28. Janice

    I went down to TRU with the Strawberry Shortcake coupon too….they were out of TS 2, but still had TS1. Then I noticed that if you buy a Strawberry S item of $15 or above, you get a free SS purse (has a little mini SS)….So, I bought 2 SS car playsets, 1 pool playset that was on sale for 25% off at $11.99…I used my $5 coupon that I had for the SS and $5 for the movie (I didn’t see the $10 yet til I came home)…I paid a total of $43 for TS 1, 3 SS Playsets and 2 SS purses. Then I went back the next day (per the cashier told me I could just bring the receipt since I told her I was busting open the movie to watch w/my daughters!). I brought back the receipt and at that time had found/printed out the $10 coupons for each….and…this is what happened….the guy helped me out and said…we actually owe you money…I said, I don’t think that’s right…can’t be…he said…yes, actually there was some other Disney movie promotion that I get money back…they PAID me $7 and change…
    So…in the end…I got:
    3 SS Playsets
    2 SS Purses
    2 TS Movies (1 and 2)
    for $36 and then the 2 free movie tickets!!! I’m so very excited!! Great Easter presents!!

  29. April

    Ok where is this coupon?????

    • Melissa

      For Toy Story? Are you a member of the Disney Movie Rewards? If so, just log into your account (or you can make one), then in the box where it says to enter code, put in the UPC for Toy Story (from VHS or DVD). After you enter the code on the next screen you will have a link to print your coupon. Then you enter the TS2 UPC and do the same thing.
      If you don’t have the older copies, just do a quick seach for Toy Story and Toy Story 2 UPC and you should find them fairly easy. I only have TS1 on dvd, so I had to google TS2.

  30. NormaJean

    I am a mother that will at stop at nothing if my kids are awaiting their reward….I have done the same as yourself many times…..but thank god your outcome was just as you wanted…. Thumbs up for your efforts!!! πŸ™‚

  31. Amanda C

    Same fiasco with TRU and Target here. I ended up only getting TS1 at ToysRUs and was told that they couldn’t do the 16.99 price because I had not purchased both but I could come back when they get the TS2 and get the price adjusted. What the heck is with TRU I had this happen with Tinkerbell. If you preorder an item it SHOULD be there and you definately should not have items on the shelf that people have preordered and are expecting to pick up.

  32. MalibuBeachBum

    LOL! I LOVE this story! Good for you!

    My hubby just ran out to our TRU and got this deal! Both combo packs for $13.98 plus tax! Toy Story is my daughter’s favorite Disney movie! She’s 16 and still loves Disney movies. Makes me smile πŸ™‚

  33. Lori

    I pre-orderd my movies at TRU, (and got a 19.99 Disney movie FREE!) When I went to pick up the movies yesterday at a different TRU, they said they could not take the $10 off coupons because the movies were already on sale AND I had already received a $19.99 movie for free. (It is like the cashier actually thought that the $10 coupons were coming directly out of her paycheck.) When I pre-ordered last week, I was specifically told that the coupons would be accepted; so I said no thanks and left. I drove to the other TRU across town, gave them my coupons, and my pre-order slip- and no problems! As the manager checked me out she said “WOW what a great deal! Have a nice day!” -SO happy! Final Cost: $13.98 for THREE different movies!

  34. Claudia

    I went to the Layton, Ut TRU yesterday and they were out of the first Toy Story…so I went to the customer service desk to ask for an ad…as it turns out they were TOTALLY out of ads! The cashier asked why I wasn’t buying the movies from them and I told her they were out…she told me she had a Toy Story, and Toy Story 2 right there if I wanted to buy them! So since I had the two $10 off coupons and a $10 GC I ended up paying a little over $6 for both movies (tax included) and got 2 movie tickets as well πŸ™‚ Thank you Hip2Save! I posted this deal on my facebook account too!

  35. Michelle

    I love the determination you have… I had forgotten about this deal. My husband loves toy story…OOPS!!

  36. YJ

    TRU was sold out.. So, I went to target to get a price match and i was told very rudely my the lady and manager at customer service that they couldn’t price match bonus deals.. Then she was like I’ll take the movies here if your not buying them.. And the manager and her just turned around totally ignoring me.. I was like “Thankyou’. And i was totally ignored. So i called the corporate and the lady told me the same which makes no sense becasue target is also offering the same bonus deal which makes its the same thing. She was no help at all i thought they were supposed to be understanding, but i guess not.. I was so angry but i walked empty handed. I went the next day to a different Target and i got the price match plus i was able to use both $10 coupons.. The girls was like WoW what a great deal. So i gave her my add and 2 $5 coupons i had. She was very excited. I was so thankful because she was so nice, nothing like that other lady at the other Target.. Since it was given to me i purchased a set for my child and another for her little cuzin for easter.. Yayy! I will still be shopping at Target but now i know where to go and do price matches if i even needed to again.. Keep trying don’t give up..

  37. ashley leveto

    WHERE CAN I FIND A TOYS R US AD! I went directly to the store and they did not have any. They had one and they told me that i could look at it but not take it. It was not in my charlotte NC sunday paper. Please if anyone can help me it would be GREAT!! I really want this to go in my sons easter basket!!

    • ashley leveto

      I put an ad on freecycle for a toys r us ad.. crossing my fingers….

  38. Shelly

    The only week we didn’t buy a paper. I went to Toys r us and they said they don’t keep ads anymore. I was so bummed but thought about checking the recycling bin at my nephews school and there it was sitting right on top of all the papers. I was so happy and the customer service lady was really sweet. I paid my $5.60 and felt so accomplished for the day.

  39. Kristin

    So, fourth time is a charm! I went BACK to TRU today (yesterday I went to TRU, sold out, Best Buy, wouldn’t let me use coupons, Target, sold out) after calling moments after they opened to see if they had more in stock (also called Target who received more in but already sold out again). Then I jumped in my car with my baby girl, drove the half hour to TRU, missed the exit because I was so excited to get these movies, got to the store, found several in stock, went to the checkout, realized I left my coupons in the car, got the coupons, waited in line, bought the movies WITH NO PROBLEMS AND NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Yea! I know I could have tried to wait for Target to get them in for even less money, but this price is TOTALLY worth it to me. And I knew that buying them at TRU would cause the least amount of headache. The cashier didn’t even blink when I handed her the coupons! Now a free movie date for me and my wonderful husband who supports me with couponing but helps me to remain realistic and not crazy! This has been a great day so far!

  40. Lis

    Yeah! Got mine today!

    Here’s an idea for an extra savings, as well. We only needed the DVDs since we don’t have a Blu-Ray player. Got a friend to go in with me on the deal and saved half!

  41. gery

    My Hubby..yes i said my went to TRU and got them. No hassle, no trouble. He got the movies, handed over the cpns and they offered him to join the reward club to get more rewards and cpns…I am so proud of him.

  42. Rachelle

    Hi Collin – Sorry to hear about your crazy experience. Its good to know its not just me that gets the evil eye when I whip out my coupon stash. I also did the Target deal with the TRU price match. I got both movies for $3.98 before tax … Smokin’ Deal !!! I’ve passed it onto all my family. Thanks for having such an awesome website and keeping us up to date on the latest and greatest !!!

  43. Dani

    The Disney store is giving a $20 gift card, and pins for those who buy both DVDs there. Each DVD is $22.99 though, but it’s still a good deal.

  44. Christine

    Go Collin! What a great deal!

  45. Amy

    I went to Walmart at midnight – yes insane… BUT, it was to prevent this very situtation! My husband is picky about his Blurays (yes Disney ones too) being in a BLURAY case! I knew they would be limited and boy was I right. By 7:30 the next morning when my neighbor went out they were out of the actual bluray case. BUT, I got my “Toys R Us” deal at Walmart, coupons and all. The cashier did question it, but I corrected her and she just said, “Awesome prince.” I smiled and said, “Yep. That is why I’m here at midnight.” In my mind thinking – to beat all the other “gotta get a deal” nuts like me! AND I had called Toys R Us and they informed me that they sell to the people who put a $5 reserve on the DVD first and they weren’t sure how much more they would have in stock once those were gone… That made my decision easier. Go to Walmart, only 5 minutes from my house to hopefully pricematch and not to Toys R Us, 35 minutes from my house and be disappointed! Glad you got your deal!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to be persistant, all for the love of a child – AND a deal! πŸ˜‰

  46. Ann

    Totally fought with the customer service desk at Target. They wouldn’t match the $16.99 because their price match has to be on a single item. This isn’t considered a single item since there is a stipulation that you must buy something else to get the $16.99 deal. They then agreed to match all my DVD’s for $21.99 a piece, but wouldn’t do that AND take the $10 coupons. I finally told her to forget it that I would give TRU my business.

  47. Anny

    wow….I got mines at TRU for $12.57…using my rewards card I got an additional 20% off of one of the movies. Wish I had know before that there was an extra $10 off at target, but needles to say, it was a an awesome deal.

  48. Angela

    My TRU has a sign posted saying “sorry for the inconvenience but we will not be accepting the $5 or $10 factory coupons for these movies.” No explanation. Thats just it. πŸ™

  49. Chantel R

    I work at Target, the price matching on these DVD’s with TRU is a bit tricky…the issue is that TRU is selling them at $16.99 each if you buy both and $21.99 each if you buy one. Basically it’s $10 off if you buy them together. At Target, we are also offering $10 off if you buy both-making them $17.99 each. Our Target is VERY coupon and guest friendly, however, our store manager has said that we can only take $2 off in order to price match with TRU, since we are also offering the $10 off when you buy two. If we priced matched at $16.99 each, you would be getting $20 off basically. I think it is horrible that cashiers at other Targets are so rude about it! I hate it when us Target cashiers get a bad reputation! I bought my copies today, paid $22.99 each minus the $10 instant savings for buying both, and used my two $10 coupons, I also got my employee discount and ended up with the two free movie tickets also! Great deal! Thanks Collin! BTW, my manager always asks me what the big coupon match ups are now, because I always tell him what we are going to sell out of when the new sales ad comes out! He gets a kick out of it. I told him that we were going to be out of the kids crest toothpaste and monopoly all week, lol.

    • AC

      Plan A: I went to TRU first but they didn’t allow me to use 2 $10 MQs for both Toy Story and Toy Story 2 DVDs. They said I can use only one MQ since they have the same bar code (on the lower left corner) and the system will show error. Then Plan B, I went to Best Buy, they said they couldn’t do the price matching for such a low price from TRU. The store has $24.99 and they said can only match to $21.99, but can’t do $16.99 for both. So I left BestBuy. Plan C, I go to Target, which has each priced at $22.99 and will automatically $10 off if buy both. So I bought both and used two $10 MQs and $10 off from Target. So I got $1 more each DVD than TRU but no hassle and got free two movie tickets. I β™₯ Target!

    • Heather

      I had a horrible experience tonight with our Target cashier and manager. Not only would they not price match for me they implied that I was trying to “rob them”. Ugh…and I loved Target so much.

  50. Amber

    went to Target tonight they actually just had someone do this exact deal so they were aware of it and sent me to customer service for the price matching. Headed over and handed her my add and coupons, they also did the $10 instant savings! I returned the DVDS the hubby bought at WalMart using the $5 coupons and the cashier gave me the sale price back not what I paid so I made $10 there, I had a reciept.

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