The Children’s Place: Items as low as $1.70 + More!

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Wow! The Children’s Place once again has some awesome bargains available! You can snag socks and headbands for just $0.89, girls dresses for ONLY $1.99, boys graphic tees for just $2.49, adorable shoes for $7.79 (pictured above) and lots more! Go here to check out all the bargains! Plus, at checkout, you can also use coupon code C4A4A to score an additional 15% off these already reduced prices! Remember shipping is a flat rate of $5 no matter how much you order, so order a few items to make shipping worth it.

Don’t forget, you can even sweeten these deals further by going through ShopAtHome! You’ll get 5% Cash back from your The Children’s Place purchases! Just go on over here and login or register, then in the search box type in The Children’s Place.

(Thanks, Give Me Neither!)

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  1. Adrienne

    Does anyone know if there’s a sale going on in the stores right now?

    • Christi

      Yes just left the store here in Fl and they have the 40% off plus i had 15% off coupon bought all my 6yr olds summer shorts and shirts for the rest of the school yr and only spent 92.00$ saved a ton!!!

  2. Ana Maria

    I was there this weekend and they had take an additional 25% off already reduced prices also if you have one of their summer passes (15 % off all your purchases between April 8-May 12) you could use it as well in the store; I was handed these a few weeks ago after their last big sale, but I know I have seen 15% off your purchase printable coupons somewhere.

  3. Christy

    I was just going to place an order a couple days ago. The prices have gotten a lot lower, and I used the 15%! I just got a bunch of stuff for my oldest for $47 including shipping! THx Collin!

  4. Rana

    So many of the items that I tried to purchase sold out in a matter of minutes, including the dresses and cardigans πŸ™ I ended up not purhasing anything πŸ™ oh well!

    • anon

      i find that very frustrating as well.

  5. Leah

    Thank you!! I had a free shipping code I got a while back! SO I got 9 items for 27 bucks shipped! πŸ™‚

  6. megan

    I think all of the super cheap stuff sold out ALREADY!!! πŸ™

  7. Christina

    This was AWESOME. I got so much great stuff for my niece and nephew. Only $85 SHIPPED for 20 items. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much!

  8. Lauren

    7 items for $18 bux shipped! thanks collin!!

  9. Marci

    I just scored tons for my 3 kiddos for only $35 shipped…2 pairs pajamas, 2 sweaters, 2 polos, 1 skirt, 2 pairs of socks and a headband. Don’t forget to go through ebates and get 4% back too! Thanks for the heads up and the sale code!!!

    • Laurie

      Can you go through both shopathome and ebates? How does that work?

  10. Lisa

    I thought about it, then closed the window. I have a bad habit of jumping on the “it’s such a good deal” bandwagon. We are about to pay off our credit card and after that I can get in on some of these deals. Right now, I have one goal in mind!! Plus, I took advantage of the $5 off $30 Circo purchase at Target and racked up some good deals and din’t have to pay shipping. KWIM??

    Thank you for sharing, Collin! I’ll be joining in on the next one!

    • dani

      Lisa – I know that you don’t know me…but I’m proud of you for showing such determination and taking a pass on a “good deal”. it’s a “great” deal to pay off that credit card bill! I just wanted to encourage you. Thanks for sharing.

      • Anon

        Thanks Lisa, almost made the same mistake, we’re out of debt but I would like to stay that way and I’m also going to check out the clearance racks at Target tonight πŸ™‚

      • Lisa

        Thank you so much for the encouragement. It really helps to hear it!

        • Lisa

          I should add that besides determination, the good deals I find on here has helped a lot, too. It just took some discipline not to get them all πŸ˜‰ My husband reminds me “you could go broke saving a lot of money.” I actually had to cut myself off from Target until I could get my “but it’s such a great deal” attitude under control; he wouldn’t let me look at clearance deals when we were there together!! The hardest part is passing on something for my kids. I think, I’ll put it away for Christmas, but then I’m too excited to wait, lol!

          • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

            I totally agree with your husband’s comments. We’re working on getting ourself out of debt. Getting into debt is so easy, but so hard to get out of it. When I started couponing I wanted to get all the deals and it was such a high paying a few dollars to a few cents. But, I have to think to myself that I wasn’t even buying this stuff before. So actually, I’m spending wasting money.

          • Sheryl

            Same here Lisa!!! I do also clip alot of coupons and even though it is a great deal, I had to stop and think this morning: Did I REALLY need to spend more even though it’s a good deal? Nope…my kids have enough clothes! πŸ™‚ We are following Dave Ramsey and have paid off alot of our credit cards, are are down to the last 2. But it does take will power to say “even though it’s a good deal I think I’ll pass!”

            Kudos to ya!

          • anon

            ha ha. my hubby & I had the same conversation at target a couple weeks ago. I was using the $5/30 on top of $2 uniform pants, which I don’t always find. he said the kids have enough (& was right), so I left them there for somebody else πŸ™‚ I was tempted with TCP this morning, filled up an online cart, but then decided we don’t need more. Since they are things that have sold out, I guess somebody else enjoyed them.

  11. Laurie

    Got some cute stuff. Thanks!

  12. Sarah

    Thank Collin! Before I found your blog I never would have thought I could afford Children’s Place stuff for my daughter but now I buy just when you post this kind of deal, I got an adorable swimsuit, a couple of shirts, a couple of pants, a bunch of socks and an adorable baby gift for $34 πŸ™‚ Thanks to your blog my little one is stylin’ (and comfy!) and I am able to give nicer baby shower gifts and actually spend less than I used to.

  13. Vivian

    Thanks got my son some needed sneakers. $29 shipped for 3 pairs. Woo Hoo!

  14. CarmenF

    I just bought shoes for the upcomming school year for my boys, dress shirts for the family picture and some belts and t shirts for my daughter all in all i got 10 pieces for $60 shipped not a bad addition to the back to school pile…..just want to remind all the ladies, if you start before early the kiddos will look great going back to school next year (wink)

  15. Tiffany

    I love the Childrens Place sales – but hate the website! ARGH – so frustrating! Good stuff and popular sizes do go fast and the store at our mall never has much for boys!! I got lucky today and found stuff for my boys and was able to get 2 of those uniform skirts at $1.99 for my niece – I sure hope they fit her, I think they’ll be so cute for her to wear to school!

  16. Tiffany

    if you miss out now, keep checking – TCP always has great sales, you just got to be quick! My boys have tons of nice polo shirts for school! I also got lucky back in Jan. and was able to go to a store in a big city and got jeans, sweatshirts, flannel shirts, nice thermal t-shirts – all for $2.99 each! I was so happy πŸ™‚ The sizes overall tend to run big (at least in boy stuff) – except for some of the stuff for my toddler (the bigger boys seem to run big?).

  17. Tiffany

    ah, me again…LOL….since I started couponing, I have been amazed at how cheap I can get my kids clothes when Old Navy or TCP have good sales – I do much better than I can do at the consignment shop! who knew??

  18. sarah mcmillin

    I’m not familiar with shop at home so you buy things online and then get so much back. How do you get it back?

  19. Lori Clark

    To possibly get free shipping call your local store and ask if they have any free shipping codes. The first store I called said they did but couldn’t give them out over the phone. So I called another store and the lady happily gave me one. πŸ™‚

  20. Deanna

    Most of the really discounted pieces were gone, but did manage to snag 2 shorts, 1 hat, 1 pair of shoes, and a shirt for $30 πŸ™‚

    However, I do need to resist hopping on every good deal, too. Manage to hold off on things for me, but am hopeless when it come to my baby girl!

  21. sarah mcmillin

    i got 6 pairs of pants for my boys they now each have 3 pairs of matching pants for the winter πŸ™‚ all for $30

  22. Tiphanie

    I really needed clothes for my girls. They both have hit a growth spurt and i hate paying for shipping, but i got lots of stuff for $44. It is frustrating when your not fast enough on checking out though and things disapear. I really wanted those uniform dresses and they went fast. Thaks Collin!

  23. Tiphanie

    I just found out shopathome doesn’t give you your check until you have 20 dollars in it. Yeah that will never happen. Not too happy. Wish i would have went through ebates.

    • Lisa

      Ebates also has a minimum. I think it’s $15. You’ll get there! Just look at it as “extra” money.

      • Tiphanie

        ebates is 5 and i all ready have 19 on there, so would be getting it soon. Your right. I’ll get there eventually wth all the good deals collin has. thanks.

  24. Beth

    Thanks for the heads up! Got some much needed dress clothes for all 3 of my little ones for really cheap!

  25. Christy

    Is it just me or does anyone else think their styles are getting a little over the top? I used to love their stuff, but lately their selection isn’t impressing me. The clothes just aren’t very cute (not like they used to be), but I do love the quality!!

    • anon

      yea, I would love to work for them and show them what our cute little kids SHOULD be wearing. I do love their quality. Old Navy sometimes has wierd styles too. kind of hit and miss.

  26. Megan

    Called a store and the lady gave me a free shipping code. Yea!!! $33 got me 2 shirts, 2 pairs of sneakers, and a messanger bag for my boys. Thanks for the post!

    • hi

      Can you tell me what the free shipping code is?

      • Lori Clark


        Here is what they gave me. I think they are one time use only though.

  27. Chris

    Free shipping codes are one time use codes you get from a store.

    Thanks for the tip, I got my daughter 4 pair of pajamas and a pair of sandals and my son a pair of high tops for $34 shipped!

  28. Shirley

    Can you use a free shipping code with the 15%? I think you can only do one or the other.

    • Lori Clark

      You can use both.

  29. amy

    woohoo 29 iteams for my 3 girls and 1 for my boy so 30 things for 209……..I was kicking my self eariler i went to a consinment shop and bought my dd a whole summer and winter wardrobe then realized (after the return date) i but all the wrong size so nothing fit ugh! but now she has clothes for the summer!! and i didnt have to leave the house!

  30. Aleshia

    Just wanted to tell everyone this great deal I scored today and possibly you can too!
    At my local Albertson’s the select Kelloggs cereal is on sale for 2.49, plus if you buy 3 you get 1 free gallon of milk. Also, Albertson’s has the twice the coupon at the register (the twice your coupon is doubling your coupons up to a dollar and up to three coupons.)
    My deal scenario…
    Buy 3 kelloggs cereal (I bought frosted mini-wheats little bits) 2.49 each
    Total = 7.47
    Use 3 1$/1 manufactures coupon for any Kelloggs special K Low fat granola, Raisin Bran
    Extra, or Frosted mini wheats little bits from the 3/28 Red Plum
    (My local Albertson’s doesn’t carry the Kelloggs Low Fat Granola or else I would have purchased that instead, make sure that the kelloggs cereal you purchase is one that is on sale for 2.49)
    Then get all three coupons doubled (should be at register call and ask first) Thats 6$ of total!
    Total 1.47 (only .49 each) Then a coupon for free milk will print out!!
    Thats three boxes of cereal plus one gallon of milk for 1.47!
    I saved a total of 17.09!!

  31. Shannon

    Got both my kids some much-needed tennis shoes, my daughter some much-needed pajamas and socks for around $28. Plus, used the 15% off code and went through Shop at Home. I wish the $1.99 cardigan sweater hadn’t sold out. What a great price! Thanks for sharing this deal!

  32. Janice

    Thank you so much! I got my son 3 shirts, a pair of shorts and a pair of shoes for $30 shipped!

  33. Amanda C

    I just got tons of stuff for $41 shipped. Thanks Collin!

  34. amanda

    I got tons of stuff for $34 shipped for both of my kids. I’m almost tempted to order more.

  35. CashInCache

    Ok, I’m proud of you all who kept yourself in check, but I let myself get a little carried away! My oldest really doesn’t have any summer clothes, though. So I limited most of my ordering to her. But I had to give in and get a few “matching” outfits for her and her little sister! Plus, I got some dresses in a few sizes too big that will hopefully fit them next spring!

    • Layne

      Um….DITTO! I just did the exact same thing!

  36. Natalie

    Can someone PLEASE post a link to the 15% off coupon or give me a code? Thanks!! πŸ™‚

  37. Michelle

    Collin gives the 15% code in the post.
    As always, a big Thanks! I purchased 13 items for $45! I had a free shipping code.

  38. Christina

    Okay I went back again today and got even better stuff!!! My nephew has a full summer wardrobe and so does my niece…. for $85 bucks per kid!l!!! Their stuff is just so much better than Old Navy in my opinion. Cuter and more durable. πŸ™‚

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