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HOT! Getting Toasty! Lukewarm Starting To Melt Ice Ice Baby
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Reader, Tonya, scored all 39 items (pictured above) at Walmart for just $0.14! Yes, $0.14!

With summer upon us, I’ve been feeling a little out of the coupon loop… if that makes any sense. I just got back yesterday from visiting family in Idaho and didn’t do that much coupon shopping while I was there. Now that I’m back, I have a huge stack of coupons to sort though and clip… and I just can’t seem to get motivated to even start on them. However, after seeing this great picture, I am feeling the motivation come back. It’s so much fun to see pictures like this.  It not only reminds me how much money you can save with coupons, but also the fantastic coupon high you feel when you see your savings on the receipt AND how much fun it can be to annoy your husband or wife! You know… the bragging about your shopping trip that never ends and the picture you make your significant other take of you, your receipt, and all your goodies! 😉 Oh how my hubby loves me!

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  1. Anna

    I thought Medco was going to be a way to get some items for a minimal cost (like this picture) but it looks like all the orders are getting cancelled SO back to couponing!

    • Anna

      I needed this picture to inspire me after Medco disappointed me! 🙁

      • Crissy

        Did you get an e-mail saying your order was being cancelled? Or how did you know it’s being cancelled?

        • krista

          uh oh. I placed an order last night. I logged into medco because I heard online they were cancelling orders due to overwhelming response and it shows that mine is indeed cancelled. However, my acct was charged and the $$ has not been refunded. I am callling cust service now.

          • R

            I checked Medco for my order and so far it still says processing. Hoping it still works.

        • Tera

          They only ship what is available and only charge you for that. I ordered quite a few thing but my card only got charged a couple of dollars cuz they only shipped out the chapstick. Maybe that is what happened..

          • Angie

            Mine said processing but when I clicked on the order it said ‘This portion has been cancelled.” The 8 tubes of toothpaste (Aim and Pepsodent) and Butler floss was cancelled. The bandaids and Ky shpping this morning, but the Gillette shave gel was cancelled.

          • Crissy

            Ugh, I just looked at my account online & my whole order was canceled too. I didn’t even go crazy on the freebies & ordered several things at the regular price, so that really stinks. 🙁 I don’t see how they can do that when they had the coupons on their site & you didn’t do anything wrong. If anything they should’ve canceled the free stuff, but sent the rest of it. As of right now, my cc charge still shows pending, so I’ll watch to make sure it doesn’t go through. If my full order is actually canceled I won’t be ordering anything from them again.

          • Crissy

            My original order was $16.67, but there’s only $14.42 pending on my bank account. I don’t know if that means part of it is being shipped or what’s going on. It’s split into two orders on the medco site & says ‘your order is being processed’ at the top, but beside each order number it says ‘canceled’.

  2. Melinda P

    Is California the only state where you CAN’T go negative? I mean, you HAVE to pay sales tax here, and if you go negative for any reason, you are forced to grab to buy some filler items to get back into positive….

    • toni62864

      No, CA isn’t the only state, you can’t here in Illinois either. The state gets their money regardless. I wish we didn’t have to pay tax on the pre-coupon amount. Sales tax is usually the biggest part of what I spend.

      • Amy

        Most the stores i shop at, wont let the coupon take u into the negative – except for kroger, that was the only place, but i had to purpously purchase extra so i couldnt get cash back (which is cool with me) So far most of the cashiers around me make sure that the coupon doesnt go in for more than the item is worth – but i guess if you have a huge order, they probably dont pay as much attention. i tend to only make small purchases, since i dont have lots of time to do full shopping.


      Oregon and Washington wont allow you to go negative either, you are required to pay the TAX regardless.

      • Sarah

        I live in Washington and I have have “gone negative” many times…in fact i did it twice today at Rite Aid!

      • Mary

        Umm, Oregon doesn’t have sales tax

        • Sherri

          I live in Missouri and you pay sales tax on the final amount only. So $3 item – $3 coupon = FREE!

    • Dawn

      Where I live in Arizona, you have to pay sales tax. I have gotten my Walgrees bill down to $0.01 2x, but had to pay the sales tax (about $2.34 and $1.18). I am ok with that, but it would be nice to skip it. I know in my neighboring city, they do not tax food so that helps.

      • Dianne

        I went to Prescott, AZ for a week and stopped in Chino Valley 12.35%, Prescott 11.35% (9.35% and an iditional 2% that even applies to food) and I thought BHC was bad going up to 8.85% with the added 1%. Now I’m in Oregon and 0.00% and loving it!

    • Cathy

      in california, you don’t pay tax on most food items. a few months ago, i bought 1 yogurt and had a coupon to get it free. i bought it at lucky supermarket which gives $.05 if you bring your own grocery bag which i did. on my final bill, i got $.05 back!!
      cathy, near san jose, CA

  3. Tawanda!

    This is inspiring …for newbies and for those who of us not feeling it, until now. > fist pump> Thanks for sharing Collin.

  4. Elizabeth

    Congrats Tonya!

    I’m done with Walmart. I’ve been to Walmart 3 times and when my coupon is over the price of the item I’ve been told I can’t use it. Even after getting a manager they say ‘no’ and hand me back my coupons. So, I contacted Walmart’s corporate office to be told they do not allow overage. Which really stinks because I know I’ve gotten it in the past.

    Here’s the quote from the email: The cashier will adjust the value of the coupon to the actual retail of the item at the time of sale if it over the retail price.

    • Crystal

      Yeah, Walmart is beyond frustrating! I’ve had issues with that in the past, but actually, the last time I spoke to Corporate, they said the store was being reimbursed for the full coupon price, so they should be deducting the full coupon price from my total, even if it means overage. I guess it just depends on who you talk to there. As far as the cashiers and managers, I get a different story every time I go in. I remember going in awhile back to get something and was told they couldn’t accept the coupon at all because it was 3 cents overage and the store wasn’t getting reimbursed at all for that. I went back in awhile later with some coupons that were 4 cents overage, and the SAME person gladly accepted them but told me they couldn’t give me the overage but would be happy to adjust the coupons. Go figure!

    • Mary

      take your e-mail corporate sent you to the store, it says they will adjust the coupon to the price of the item.

      • Elizabeth

        Thanks, but sometimes I want the overage. Especially if it’s an item I don’t really need. Why should the store get it and not myself? If Walmart doesn’t want to pass it on to me, then I’d rather use my coupon somewhere else.

  5. Erin

    That is an awesome score given Walmart’s reputation. However, it’s demotivating to me! The thought of trying to find storage space for it all makes me tired. I need to find a new couponing strategy–or CVS, Target, and Rite Aid need to stop drowning me with free cleaning and personal care products. . . . 🙂

    • Anonymous

      donate what you can’t use to local homeless shelters, ect….just an idea!

    • Deb

      Funny you should say that-I’m buying a new huge shelving unit this weekend for all some of my smaller stockpile items.
      But don’t give up on variety of stuff out there-this week I’ve loaded up on free blueberries, 50 cent raspberries, lots of cartons free milk, produce(free with bread purchase), free Kraft cheese, free mac and cheese, more free Skinny Cow, free Science Diet dog treats,etc. So there’s deals out there giving you other items besides toiletries.

  6. Landi

    That is so awesome! im new to the whole coupon clipping and i would really like some pointers. My husband is so amazed when i show him what you guys buy and how much you pay for it and im sure he would love it if i could learn the secrets. I live in Anchorage Alaska so do most of these deals still apply there? We dont seem to get as many coupons as the people in the lower 48. Is there a place to get more coupons besides printing them online? Tonya said she had stacks of coupons to sort threw. How does she get soo many? Please somebody clue me in.

    • Nikki

      Buy extra newspapers to get the coupon inserts!

    • Diane

      All coupons are Nationwide available to use unless it states it’s a “X Store Coupon”, meaning it’s store specific… Canada tends to have their own coupons.. if you get them from where you shop or from your sunday paper, or even online, you can use them according to the “restrictions” in the small print! 🙂

      • Susan

        Unfortunately for you Alaskan couponers, the deals will probably never be quite as good as here in the lower 48, as most everything is more expensive there. My daughter lives in Anchorage and we have compared prices on deals, and they are never as good for her.

      • Carrie

        I have actually noticed a difference amongst the inserts here, so I wouldn’t say the coupons are nationwide. If I get the IC paper I get more coupons than the CR paper. They’re the same inserts (SS, RP, PG) but the IC inserts tend to have a lot more coupons in them.

    • Deb

      Landi-we buy multiple Sunday papers to get lots of inserts, friends give me their extras & you also have the option of purchasing specific Q’s on sites like ebay(not free tho).
      I do not clip all the Q’s when I get them-I use the method of storing all my weekly inserts in boxes by the month. Based on the sales each week, I pull & clip the ones I need, rather than trying to keep up with massive clipping which would, quite frankly, freak me out! I work full-time & have a disabled DH so when I get home each nite, I keep working. The more organized you become, the easier it is to keep on top of all the current deals and SCORE-big time!

    • Janie

      We also have e-coupons for our grocery stores, such as Cellfire and Short- cuts. If you have a Kroger grocery store or Safeway you can check their web site for information. Great thing is we can stack the e-coupon with a paper coupon!

    • deAnne

      Don’t feel bad, the deals aren’t so great here in Central Oregon either. I can never find the Nivea bodywash for women at the same price other people on here get it for, minus the coupon. All the bodywash is actually $2-3 more than what is on here. Store brand is still usually less without a coupon. Kinda depressing.

  7. Diane

    WOW! Now that’s extreme saving!! And I thought when I saved about $80 that was really good! But I still ended up paying about $70 lol.. but I did manage to score some items for only a few cents.. I guess I’m the exception…
    Now that’s some bargain shopping! I am SOOOOO beyond happy that I was able to learn couponing and how to look for sales, and have been able to save so much $.. The first time I took hubby shopping with me and he saw the SAVINGS I just enjoyed watching his eyes get HUGE w/ surprise/excitement by how much I saved! Since then he does not question my shopping, nor does he question why I spend time picking up the sunday newspaper or sorting through coupons 🙂

  8. Meghan

    This is great however, when all of us try to do this we deplete the store stock. This leaves many others trying very hard to score anything with a coupon and a sale. Please don’t be stingy in your couponing ways! Share the love girls!

    • Rob

      It’s true. I scored about 4 bottles of men’s soap over the last two weeks on separate store shopping trips. I saw where I could score more, but realized I need to stop. These 4 bottles will last a while for him and I could use that money to score other things we need.

    • Brandyk

      Here we go again. every time someone post a pic of their great shopping trip with more than two of an item, people jump on their soapboxes and start making assumptions about the other person’s buying needs. Guys, what you buy is your business, what I buy is my business. If I want, or need, twenty body washes, and the store has the sock, I will buy them- if you miss out on them, get there sooner or wait for the next deal, there’s always another one around the corner. Don’t judge someone else’s needs. How do you know this person doesn’t have ten kids or buy for five families? You don’t know. I am so tired of other couponers judging each other- don’t we get enough of that from non-couponers?!

      • Cally

        Well said! I would also like to add that many times an item might be out of stock, but most stores are constantly getting new stock in. So if an item is gone on the day I go shopping and it’s something I really want, I go back in a few days.

        • Cally

          My comment was directed toward Brandyk. I am not in favor of anyone telling another person how they can and can not use their coupons or money.

      • Pauline

        **round of applause for ya’ girl!** my thoughts EXACTLY!

    • Erin

      At least it was at Walmart and not an advertised sale or something. And Walmart’s so mercurial regarding coupon acceptance that lots of people wouldn’t even bother. I think I still have some of these Qs, but I don’t need nor like most of these products so I’ll pass.

      • Liz

        Great use of the word mercurial! 🙂

    • Elektra

      I’m not bother by people stockpiling. I tend to not clear shelves but I will come back to a store every day if the deal is good and I have the coupons. I’ve only been couponing for a few months and figured out early on that the better the deal the earlier I needed to get to the store. You snooze you lose. When the Walgreens Neutrogena deal was first out we went out early and were coming up empty. At the 3rd or 4th store we noticed a woman that we had seen at the other stores and she had the soap in her cart. We had an idea which way she would be going to the other stores in the area. We left immeadiately and went to the next stores and started getting the soap. If we wanted to really share the love then how about everyone not use their b1g1 coupons for Old Spice and Gillette at Walgreens this week. You are already getting the bw free so why use the coupon? I wil of course use mine but don’t everyone else use theirs lol
      To the OP Great job at slaying the beast that is Walmart and scoring such an awesome deal.

  9. Heather Faast

    I am actually wondering if you can use more than one coupon for the same item? Say three $ off coupons for a 2.97 item and make 3 cents?

    • Tara

      no, no and no…….you can only use one coupon per item….anything else is fraud

    • Brandyk

      No- that is coupon fraud. One manufacturer coupon per item, period. My walmart takes one look at a coupon that provides overage and instantly freaks out – with a big no- if I tried to get q’s to cover tax- they would probably laugh hysterically in my face, the only places I can do that are publix, rite aid and ocasionally kroger.

  10. Christina

    Those savings are fantastic… however I wouldn’t want to give Walmart (which I despise!) even 14 cents lol.

    • Elizabeth

      Technically she didn’t. That .14 went to the government

    • Holly

      I’m with you!

    • Paulette

      My husband refuses to go to Walmart too.I have a $5.00 giftcard and he said throw it away

  11. danielle

    could you show us exactly how to do this?

    • Ann Dee

      Yes, I wanna know about the toothpaste and cards.

  12. Sara

    Great deal, however I don’t think it matters where you live, if you have sales tax you can’t take away from it, Sometimes it happens, like this case, but its not supposed to. You can get to $0 balance, but still pay all the sales tax. I had a similar situation and had to add a couple items, and not use a coupon, so I wasn’t dipping into sales tax. The register will beep, or they will have to manually override the transaction for it to deduct from the sales tax.

    • Susan

      You are correct, lawfully coupons should never be used/allowed to pay sales tax, in any state that charges sales tax.


    who uses THAT much dental floss? Geez. I could use it everyday and still not go thru that much! lol. 🙂 I’ve been slacking these past few weeks too, been enjoying too much sun not enough coupons!

    • Bella

      awesome job!!!…anyone have luck finding the cheap rayovac batteries at Walmart???…i’m not sure where to find these…i’ve got coupons and I need batteries!!! 😉

      • Theresa

        I saw the batteries at Walmart today– they are the heavy duty kind and they were AAA for $.97- four pack

    • Ann Dee

      Hey, if it’s free (or close to it) I get it. Not a bad way to blow 14 cents anyway. (o: I give stuff I’m not going to use to friends and family in gift packages. In this economy it seems they are all appreciative of getting useful things.

    • Erin

      Yeah, that’s a lot of floss, and I am no fan of Reach. Give me some floss picks or Oral B Satin tape–go oral hygiene!

    • Cally

      Charity, Or maybe she’s stocking up. I bought tons a toothpaste 2 years ago and I’m just now almost finished with them. I have not bought any toothpaste in those 2 years because I stocked up when it was free.

    • vlasta

      Oh, that’s nothing. I have hundreds of reach floss. Please don’t have a heart attack while reading this. LOL
      AS someone already said, it is none of any- ones bussiness how much you buy or don’t buy, because you have no idea if they donate a bless others with their smarts.

      • Anon

        They make it everyone’s business when they “brag” about it on here. There is no need to tell anyone what one has bought when they know they are going to get “remarks” about it. Basically, as someone once said, they want to “shock” us.

        • Tiffany

          No. I think the point was to inspire us. I know it inspires me to see what others are able to do with their hard-earned cash & couponing skills! Like several have already mentioned, there are lots of reasons why someone would be stocking up on these items. If you don’t understand someone’s motivation, then why assume something without knowing all the facts? I’m sure you know what assuming does… Not flattering.

  14. Heidi

    Just goes to show me that I have ALLOT of room for improvement! I could never get even close to this!

    • Crissy

      Me too! I get excited when I get one item free, so I’m still in awe when I see pictures like this!

  15. Nikki

    Besides having lots of good coupons, you also need luck! I know of several times I thought I was going to have a receipt like this, and I get to the store and most of the items are out of stock!! so frustrating!! I havn’t give up though 🙂

  16. shining2save

    I’ve never really done coupon shopping at walmart, I’ll have to give it a try, I usually just shop at CVS or Walgreens, I got a bunch of stuff this week for a 1.08 profit

    82-Count Box of Huggies Size 4 Diapers
    (2) Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste
    Herbal Essances Shampoo and Conditioner
    Gillette Fusion Proglide Shaver
    2-Pack of Bib’s, “Daddy’s Sport”
    (2) Renu Sensitive Contact Solution
    (4) Gillette Body Washes
    Pack of Toy Story Bandaids
    (2) Off Clip On Starter Kits
    (2) Off Clip On Refills
    Small Bag of M&MS

  17. Amanda

    I am too confused at what coupons were used…
    Mostly on the batteries… those are 1.00 by themselves… there is a 1.00 off coupon, but ONLY for alkaline…
    The shave gel?
    I know this is atleast 3.00 or more, and all there is is a 1.00 coupon out????
    and the colgate….

    If you going to post totals, might as well post HOW they got it down that way, unless they were not doing something legit…

  18. Anonymous

    Her Wal-Mart is more coupon friendly than mine. Mine wouldn’t let me get out the door. I have actually left 2 buggies full of items sitting at the check-out.
    Resaca, GA

    • michelle cochran-wells

      Hey, Resaca-
      I feel your pain. Not sure if you go to the Walmart’s in Dalton or Calhoun, but the ones in Dalton soooo make you feel like you are robbing them blind!
      Michelle in Dalton 🙂

  19. Sandy

    I thought it was illegal to utilize coupons to cover tax.

  20. Denise@TogetherWeSave

    My Walmart will never let me go negative, I actually never have ben able to at any store. That is awesome!!

  21. Anonymous

    Since you are taking time off from doing the follow me monday videos… should have some of your readers do videos of the best deals they can get at stores (maybe like a challenge to see who can get the most savings). This way we could know the coupons needed.

  22. Sarah

    Great job!!! I too have been having trouble getting motivated to do anything. My problem though is that I am about 8 weeks preggo and haven’t been feeling great. It takes everything I have to get up in the morning, fix my 11 month old his bottle, fix myself breakfast, and then collapse in my chair for the rest of the day (or at least until naptime). I didn’t have ANY sickness with my first pregnancy and it is SUPER frustrating!! House is a disaster, and my coupon binder is even worse. I don’t even want to go grocery shopping because my coupons are so disorganized!! UGH!!

    • Karen B.

      Sara, so sorry you are having these problems, remember our babies come first, then ourselves, house and coupons come last. We can never get back the sweet memories we make on a daily basis. I have 3 kids 7,12,15, work 30 hrs a week and often get overwhelmed with the coupons / binder. I have to be in the right frame of mind to clip,sort,put in binder and then sort thru the ads and get my lazy butt out there. Don’t feel bad if you miss a deal, it might have been something you didn’t need or use any how. Best of luck to you and relax!

      • Sarah

        Thanks Karen. I was feeling down and needed some encouragement. My husband (who is usually very understanding and helpful) got frustrated with me last night because I wasn’t feeling up to doing much of anything to take care of our son. Neither one of us can figure out why I feel so awful this time around when I am a SAHM, and the last time I was working a full-time job as a teacher and felt great.

    • Igot5ltlboyz

      Dear Sarah,

      I had a lot of flashbacks reading your post. 🙂 Every pregnancy of mine was different, but the sickest ever was on my 3rd. Found out we were having twins!! Wound up having another one after that (all boys!!). Good luck to you and just know that it does get easier, don’t sweat the small stuff— the house will be there when you’re feeling better, so will the binder, enjoy your little one and your blessed state!! Wish you all the best!!

    • Theresa

      Sarah I am with you!! I am 22 weeks pregnant a SAHM and have a 11 month old- this pregnancy has kicked my butt! It has been better since about 16 weeks or so– so here is hoping it gets better for you!

      • Nona

        I am 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant… and couponing to try and and put myself into labor!! haha I went to 4 stores and walked for 4 hours last night to try and get the contractions going! haha didnt work 🙁 I am trying again tomorrow!
        I paid $11 out of pocket for over $250 worth of stuff tho! go coupons!

    • Megan

      Sara girl, give yourself permission to take a break! My first pregnancy was like that, and I don’t know how I survived (or how my husband survived either). Prioritize what needs to be done at home, and let the rest go! Seriously, you need clean laundry but you can live with a dirty kitchen floor. You’ll start feeling better soon I bet, and the silly coupons can wait until you do! Take care.

    • danielle

      Sara, try not to be so hard on yourself. same thing happened tome between my 1st and 2nd pregnancies. I worked until the week I delivered in the first… in the second I was a SAHM and I ended up having to have someone care for me and my son, I was so sick. (I was also hospitalized twice for dehydration and my potassium levels.) I hope your pregnancy gets easier on you- but please remember each one is different! Couponing, dirty floors, dirty laundry, will all be waiting once you deliver! You only have 40 weeks of pregnancy 🙂

  23. Becca

    Yea..I wondering the same thing too. Where did she get all those coupons and get them all that cheap. Unless the coupon prices vary my region.

  24. jacqueline

    i dont believe it for a second why not show us the WHOLE reciept, and then i MIGHT believe u got all that for 14 cents

    • Debbie

      wow, why cant you just be happy for others. There are all kinds of websites that match up the coupon deals with walmart. And if you look at hip2save under walmart she has walmart deals. Do a little research and you will see that all of the nivea was free. $3.00 for each one on rollback and there were coupons for $3.00 each so they are free. The reach floss was .97 cents with 1.00 coupons so they were free. The razors were 1.97 with 2.00 coupons so they were free. I have not looked up the others yet. But I sure do believe she paid .14 cents and i am so happy for her. WAY TO GO.

      • Anon

        One time I went to Walgreen’s with a bunch of coupons–the cashier got confused and the total ended up in the red by 15 cents or so. I told her she didn’t do it right and to call the manager. He came and “fixed” it. I still only ended up paying $1 or $2 but my understanding is that it should not be in the red and a cashier might get in trouble. I don’t know if that is what happened here but it is kind of unusual to see this kind of receipt.

    • Kristy

      It does happen one time at Meijer they actually paid me .83 to take the stuff out of the store. The cashier called a manager over and they approved it. It has only happened to me once to get my total that low and i had not planed i thought i had planed it to pay about 1.00 but they must have applied the overage somehow.

  25. mamamikac

    I just wanna say Wow!!!! GREAT JOB on the savings.. you are an inspiration! I wanna be like you when I grow up in my couponing life!

  26. Olga

    Where is that Walmart I wonder? In the local Walmart here in Flagstaff, AZ every coupon seems to be such a major pain to use!!!

  27. Laura Lowe

    I am thoroughly impresed….I only dream of doing that…..maybe one day!!

  28. Hollie

    I have a question that’s off the subject but this topic seems to be getting lots of posts. How do you afford the endless buying of printer ink? I just got to ad match a black and color pack at walmart yet it’s already out. I tried to have mine filled at Walgreens and they can’t do it. Please help me!!!

    • Mrs. B

      try office max.

    • Erin

      Perhaps only selectively print coupons? My toner and ink cartridges last forever, and it seems as if I print a lot of coupons, but I try to print only those that I’m fairly sure I’m going to use–even if it means waiting and missing out on one (like the Target Vanish bogo–grrr).

    • Igot5ltlboyz

      Try eBay! I purchase my cartridges there, have had a great experience each time. Just got 2 black cartridges for about $18, and that was shipped. Good luck!!

  29. Babs


    last night at walmart, the butcher offered to match albertson’s price even when I didnt ask. so nice! The clerk was very nice, I think she was new and went slowly with the coupons, I had 4 transactions. I cant figure how you could do all that in one transaction? I thought most of those were only one coupon per purchase. guess there is a lot more I could still learn.

    • Elizabeth

      One coupon per purchase = per item NOT per transaction.
      Meaning you can buy 4 Nivea Body washes and use 4 coupons (if it’s $ off 1) because each body wash counts as 1 purchase each.

      • Rae

        Not all cashiers see it that way – I was told Monday that I couldn’t use two Powerade coupons even though I had FOUR in my basket. She said “This is ALL one purchase” gesturing to my basket. It was not worth $0.75 of my time to explain it, after all, she’d been huffing and puffing since I showed her the 10 coupons for 10 different items I had to begin with. I should have changed lanes when she sighed from the beginning…that’s never a good sign! So the $6 I saved at Walmart was NOT worth it. I called the manager form the parking lot because I wanted to return everything in my basket. But it just served as a reminder for me why I shop at Publix.

  30. Theresa

    I figured I would give Walmart a shot after seeing this- even thought I have never had any luck with couponing at Walmart. But it went better than expected!! I went through the self checkout and bought
    6- Nivea $3.00/each – 6 $3.00 coupons = FREE
    5- Pampers thick wipes $1.97/each – 5 $2.00 coupons = FREE plus $.15 overage
    I always get nervous about the store giving me a hard time using coupons when the item is less than the coupon amount but my cashier just pushed everything through for me!

    • Mrs.Hall

      I’ve never used self-checkout..but would like to on the few coupon items I buy. You just scan your own coupons? Does the self-checkout “helper” have to come see all your coupons? And where do you place them when you scan them yourself? LOL sorry the questions. OH! And can you do a BOGO through Self-check?

      • Mitchell Wischmann

        In answer to your questions…
        1) Yes, you scan your own coupons.
        2) You may need approval for your coupons, so the helper may come, open up the coupon slot and check your coupons.
        3) When you scan your coupons, it prompts you to insert your coupon into the coupon slot. It’s to the right of the change slot.
        4) You can use a BOGO coupon at self checkout. The helper will need to come and put in the price though.

        Hope this helps!

  31. dave

    nice pic… we have to pay sales tax in chicago.. 10+% so all of that would still have cost us $6+ …. great shopping!!!!!

  32. Olivia Smith

    WOAH! This is awesome- I am totally inspired!

  33. Jennie M.

    While I think that you got a great deal at the same time it makes me a little upset because I always seem to be the person who is all excited to go out and get some great deals and end up being dissapointed because someone (and I mean some one) has come in and cleaned out the shelves. Please people leave some for the rest of us. I have had enough coupons to clean out the shelves before and put some back just because I felt bad for taking all of them. As long as you have more time before they expire is it so bad to leave some for later?

    • Pauline

      As it’s been said before… but I clip, print and save up all my coupons and deals for a few weeks before actually getting to the store. We have 6 kids and live 45 minutes from any of these stores. It’s not an option for me to come back multiple times, so if I have the coupons and they have the stock… I’m takin’ in!

      • Kristy

        I am like you i live about 45min to a hr from any wal-mart, Target or anything like it so it is only one trip a week if that so if it is in stock i buy it I really do not try to clean the shelf but if i dont get it then and it is on sale i wont be back in at all to get it.

  34. Regina

    I just wanted to tell you THANKS!!!!! After stumling upon this website i have got sum MAJOR INSPIRATION over the past couple day(I have to go buy a bigger binder for my coupons and an ink cart. that is how inspired I am ) Thanks to this wonderful website I was able to get a PS3 Game(Blur) for my hubby for $19.99 and get a movie I wanted (Remember Me). We try to only buy what we need but to be able to go to Wal-Mart and buy that for less then $30 (i work there so i get a discount) was FREAKING AWESOME! Then my WONDERFUL trip to target! My oringal Total was around $110 and i only spent $45! My Publix trip was not as good becuz they were out of a lot but that is ok I’m going back Saturday! THANK THANK THANK! :0)

  35. Thrifty2Save

    I’ve noticed that if I get a young male cashier at walmart and have 39 or less coupons, everything goes smoothly. They dont seem to care as much. I had 40 coupons on two seperate wal mart trips, which according to wal mart you can use 40 coupons in one transaction, but both times the register locked up and a manager had to come over and use her key to get it through and she was going through my bags and seeing if I really purchased the items.

    Also, about people clearing the shelves… The early bird gets the worm! I am never the early bird so I am not one of the ones who clear the shelves, but I donate almost all my personal care items to the soldiers who are in Iraq/Afghan and to the guys/girls who are injured here at the VA hospital so believe me, if I stumbled on a shelf full of Nivea body wash, I would have used every coupon I had. Those guys are lying there in those hospital beds and its sad that body wash, deodorant and cookies make their day! So like someone else mentioned, you dont know the reason someone wants/needs the items, so maybe we shouldnt judge. And if someone wants to stockpile for three years, then fine. Everyone wants to score the free items, so they dont have to pay later. The most dedicated will win the race! Get there early!

  36. Lorine


    • Evelyn

      I shop at Walmart but at best I only get 50% off my purchase and I consider that good for Walmart. I sometimes do great at Target but never at Walmart.

  37. Sara

    I went to Wags and got 5 body washes, 5 deoderants, 3 tomato sauces, 1 small shaving creme, 2 cans of tuna,1 VEET product, 1 box of tampons, and 2 packs of seeds for $15.77 and got back $19.50 in RRs (retail $80). I thought my purchase was good but then something like this makes me feel like I am not doing it correctly. I’m glad for the person but I guess I still don’t have the knack of extreme couponing.

  38. Lori

    Collin, I had to laugh at your comment about the husband taking the photo of “us and the receipt”. About 2 weeks ago, I went to Walgreens and paid like $1.69 with $109.86 or something like that savings. It was THE MOST ridiculous amount of savings that I’ve had. My husband said, “I suppose that you’re going to take a picture of it?” I was like, “No. I’m fine with not having to take a photo of every major score I get. But, that was it. Just the little thought that he popped into my head – PHOTO! Pretty soon, he’s in the living room watching a show, and he sees the camera flash from the kitchen. He just started laughing. He loves that I’m saving money, and able to not only get us so many things, but also donate so many things (esp. hygiene items) to a church that helps the homeless in Portland, OR. He just laughs at how tickled I get over it all.

  39. Anonymous

    my walmart won’t adjust down. I’ve tried it several times.

  40. Sandy_Shoes

    I just wanted to comment that it takes a lot of time, planning, and research to score these kinds of deals. I applaud her for her intelligence and diligence. I don’t know all the laws, but if the store’s computers didn’t catch any wrong doing, I certainly wouldn’t blame the (probably underpaid) cashier that didn’t stop any wrong doing on either party’s part. I do stockpile some non-perishable items, such as toilet paper and soap and have been thankful in the past, when times were lean and couldn’t afford to put gas in my car to get to work, that I didn’t have to shell out $4 for toilet paper. My husband has been unemployed for over 3 years and it has been quite a blessing when I can save/”stockpile” for the rainy days.

  41. Julie

    I really needed this boost! I have been in a huge coupon rut. Thanks so much!

  42. tiffanie elliott

    I am a bit confused how she could get all of this stuff in one stop? Do they let you use multiple coupons of the same item? I am new to couponing and still have ALOT to learn. Thanks 🙂

  43. linda

    Thanks to this post, I got 14 Nivea body wash for FREE, and plan to score more tomorrow….Glad the coupons I ordered from Ebay a few weeks ago didn’t go to waste.Thank you collin!

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