CVS: *HOT* Unadvertised Huggies, Kotex, & Poise Extra Care Buck Deal + Monthly Deals!

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NEW UPDATE: I’m sorry for the confusion. It appears that this Extra Care Buck deal is regional and only seems to be available in CA and NV. ๐Ÿ™

Wahoo! CVS has an unadvertised deal available on Huggies, Kotex, and Poise products. Buy $20 worth of Huggies Pull-Ups or Diapers ($9), Kotex ($5), or Poise ($12) and you’ll get back a $10 Extra Care Buck!

Deal Scenario:

Buy 3 packages of Huggies Pull-Ups $9 each = $27
Use 3 $2/1 Huggies Pull-Ups coupons from here or from the 6/13 SS
Pay $21
Get back a $10Ecb
Final cost ONLY $3.67 per package!

(Thanks, The Frugal Find!)

Also, here are a few monthly Extra Care Buck deals, valid thru 7/31:

Buy two CVS pantiliners 2/$1 = $1Ecb (limit 3)

Final cost FREE!

Bausch & Lomb Biotrue Multi-purpose solution 2 oz $2.99 = $2.99Ecb (limit 2)

Final cost FREE!

Bengay selected products $5.99 = $2Ecb (limit 1)

Use the $2/1 coupon from the 5/16 or 6/20 RP
Final cost $1.99!

(Thanks, Money Saving Madness!)

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  1. Stacyanne324

    I love you Collin!! This is exactly what I need! My 2 year old is about to be potty trained and I don’t want to send her to her pre-school summer camp days and leave them with the mess so I need to get a small stockpile of pull ups together. They are expensive! But thanks to you and my 3 $2 off coupons paired with my $5 off a $30 purchase from a recycling program I was a participant of and I’ll net 3 packs for a grand total of $6. Woo hoo!!! I’m going to throw in my 2 free cans of Libby veggies coupon deals and 5 buy one get one’s on the Sobe to take me well over the $30 mark and I’ll get a ton of stuff for practically nothing. Yippeee!

  2. Lisa

    So is the Huggies deal good on diapers too?

  3. heather

    is this a regional deal?

  4. Rebecca

    If you have some of those wonderful $3 off any one huggies diapers that will work for the pull-ups diapers. They just CAN NOT be the $3/1 snug n dry coupons.

    The $3/1 coupons will sweeten this deal considerably! I’ve been holding onto a $ECB, might use it here :o) My 2 yr old son ALSO needs them – the nighttime pull-ups are a must for him :o)

    • Melissa R.

      You really shouldn’t misuse coupons like that. Pullups ARE NOT diapers and vice versa. Thats why the 2 different type wordings on coupons.

      • Rebecca

        they do say Huggies pull up DIAPERS on the package, just like the snug’n’drys say snug’n’dry and the pure and naturals SAY pure and naturals. So this is NOT coupon misuse. I’m offended that you would think so, really, because I was pointing out the restrictions and why NOT to use the coupons intended for the snug an drys! GRR!

        • Melissa R.

          Where at on the package do they say DIAPERS? I’ll eat crow if you can provide a picture. B/C I’ve got several packs, some with the older Cars designs and the newer ones with Toy Story 3 and NOWHERE on the package at all does it say’ Diapers’. Just Pull Ups TRAINING PANTS. Even the picture thats posted above, underneath Pull Ups it says Training Pants.

          Now, if you’re talking about GOOD NIGHTS, then thats a whole different thing b/c Yes, those do say diapers on the package and you could use a coupon that says ‘any’ on them.

          • Rebecca

            hmm if pull-ups ARE not diapers than why do they walk talk and sound like diapers. Are they going to start selling them in the underwear isle instead of the diaper isle? Really, grow up. Training pants are a diapering product. This is my last word on the subject because you Melissa, are obviously a negative person and I don’t want that bleeding into the precious time I spend with my son.

            To everyone else on the blog – Happy Deal Hunting and I am sorry for the negative comments in this thread – Collin, feel free to delete the whole thread if you like! That might increase the positive vibes a bit.

            Thanks for all your hard work Collin!

          • Melissa R.

            First off, I am far from negative. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on the subject.
            Enjoy your time with your DS, they grow up much to fast!

  5. Dawn

    i’m in arizona and the huggies deal was in our ad. i was wondering why it wasn’t posted in the cvs deals…

  6. Anna

    I live in SC and rushed out to CVS when I saw this. It must be regional b/c it wasn’t ringing up ๐Ÿ™

  7. ro


    • Melissa R.

      Just a piece of advice…use the price scanner to double ck prices. if they didn’t show on sale $9 w/card, I would have put them back b/c no way in heck I would fork over $37 for pullups.
      Since nothing printed, I’d return them for credit.

  8. Susan

    This must be regional…I rushed out for this deal and the pull-ups were $11.49 with no ecb’s…In upstate NY. ๐Ÿ™ what a bummer!

  9. Niki Weber

    Just an FYI; Pampers cruiser’s MEGA packs were on sale at my local store for 50% off. I bought a pack the other day for 8.99 -2.00 coupon and with a $3 off $15 and other couponed items, I walked out paying around $6.00! Also, to Rebecca; all is fair in love, war and coupons! I have had several deals missed because a cashier screwed up my coupons or they didn’t double when they were supposed to. I say if the cash register takes it, it’s not misuse. Worry about yourself and yours, not everyone else! God does the judging and I have a feeling he isn’t highly concerned about the difference between two dollars and three on Huggies Pull Ups. LOL

    • Robin


    • melissa

      Well put!

    • Tee

      Geeze, it’s a blog and she was just voicing her opinion about the coupons. You could have just taken it for what it was instead of offering the commentary. I swear some of the attitudes on this blog really stink.

    • Melissa R.

      Its not the value of the coupon, who cares if I use a $2 or $3 coupon, but the WORDING. Isn’t that what everyone fusses about here, that the cashiers say ‘well it only shows this product’, when the coupon says ‘any’. Except this is reverse. The customer is trying to use a coupon that specifies DIAPERS on PULLUPs. They are not the same thing. Pull ups packs do not say Diapers, but Training Pants. Just b/c the register accepts it DOES NOT make it right. Karma. Good things come to those who follow the rules. If you choose to misuse coupons, so be it, but deal with the consequences then.

  10. Anonymous

    Rushed out to get these, but not working in MD – must be regional ๐Ÿ™
    I did find Huggies Jean diapers clearanced to $3.00 though – so sweet with $3 coupons but I didn’t have any with me!!! So instead of free diapers I spent $1.50/pkg…at least I had those $1.50 coupons with me. And now I’m complaining over packs of diapers for $1.50, haha…that’s the coupon diva in me LOL

  11. Karen

    Not working i TX…I price checked and they ring up 11.99 (pull ups and huggies). So I decided to look at the make up because I had a $2 coupon print out at the store kiosk…they had some make up 50-75% off with little stickers on them. I used my coupon to check out, and a 4.50 off pampers big box printed out…The pampers are on sale for 19.99 + $3 ECB…so 12.49 for 64 diapers wasn’t too bad since I REALLY needed diapers…Oh well, at least the trip wasn’t a total loss.

  12. KG

    It was in our ad in Las Vegas, I think it is regional.

  13. Anonymous

    whats up with this site

  14. amber

    Sweet! I went in today and had a $3 manu for Pampers of any kind. Then I went to the magic machine and got a 4.50 off any box of pampers. Plus with the $3 ECB on the pampers boxes today, it’s like I got them for a little under $10!

  15. april

    That sucks it was regional. I just got back from my CVS in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and they didnt have the pullup deal. They wanted $11.99 each. SoI did not buy any. They did have some pantene for 50% off but it was very picked through but I did get some mousse for a $1 and and volume gel for $1.50.

  16. Stacyanne324

    Oh well! Maybe next time it will include PA… thanks for trying! ๐Ÿ™‚ I wanted to mention that I bought 6 of the pantyliners today (CVS brand) and only 1 $1 ECB printed. It doesn’t say I reached the limit though so I’m not sure what happened. I’m not too worried though since it’s still a great price but I thought I’d mention to be on the lookout for this problem…

    • Melissa R.

      Sometimes these deals only work when you do separate transactions.

      • shannon

        so the liners worked in pa, good, maybe ill go back and get a couple today. thanks!!!

    • Samantha

      This happened to me today, too so I think you need to buy 2 per transaction and have 3 transactions for a total of 6 for free after EBs.

      I bought 2 pkg to make sure the limit was still 3 and 1.00 EB printed out and my receipt stated that I could purchase 4 more. However when I purchased 4 more in 1 transaction, I only received another 1.00 EB. HTH!

    • cathy

      I too bought 4 package of the cvs panty liners. It only printed 1 $1.00 and should have printed 2 for $1.00 each. I looked at the bottom of my receipt and the offer still says 2..I hadn’t reached my limit. The manager didn’t even know why it wasn’t printing, they ended up giving me $1.00 more in bucks.

  17. CdninAK

    why isn’t the Pull Ups coupon page working??? Ugh, I need to buy more today, and can’t believe I’m not going to use a coupon!!!!!

    It says you can print one once per month, and well, it’s a new month!

    • Christa

      I was wondering the same thing. I have just switched my almost 2yr old into pull ups and my 4 yr old has to wear them at night.(just not willing to change sheets that much) So I need the coupons since we are going to be going through a huge amt of pull ups. And all the coupons on ebay are expiring on the 11th of July. I hope they come out with some new ones soon!!!

  18. Julie

    I live in CA and was wondering if you can purchase Huggies pure and natural diapers to get the ECB. I have quite a few of the $3/1 coupons. The ad says huggies jumbo pack of diapers or pull ups. I don’t even know if CVS carries pure and natural diapers. Does anyone know?

  19. Rebecca

    I finally got to swing by a CVS near work – this deal is not working in IL. Not advertised and not coming up under the price check. Not to mention that they had no nighttime pull-ups – my stash of those is in dire need ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh well, it was worth a look.

  20. Melissa R.

    I saw the ad preview for 7/18 and there’s a deal listed for Huggies Diapers & Pullups –
    8.97 w/ $3 ECB.

  21. Emily

    Collin, the limit on the CVS pantiliners appears to be only 1, not three. I bought six of them and only $1 ecb printed.

    • Samantha

      See my comment above^^^ and check your receipt to see how many offers you have left. You probably needed to buy 2 per transaction and have 3 transactions. A pain, I know; I messed it up and will have to try to return later. =(

      • Emily

        Samantha, thanks for the help. I didn’t realize that they had to be separate transactions – doesn’t cvs usually just add the ecbs and print them all together? Is this a new policy?

        And now to figure out how to return them, since I paid with ecbs and my oop was almost zero…hmmm!

  22. New Orleans Saver

    I am sooo happy my friend got me started clipping those coupons lol….Thank you Collin for such a wonderful site!!! Ok guys heres the deal I got on today i brought carefree pantyliners for 3.99 I had a 1.00 off coupon And got 2 ecb 2 milkyways .50 each and I had a (2).50 off coupons poise pantyliners 2.49 and i had 2.00 off coupon 2 pks of always pad 2/$6 i had 2 1.00 off coupons and 1.00 ecb….So anyways my total was 12.48 before taxes and once I used my coupons and ecbs i only paid 3.01 out of pocket and I still have 1 ecb : )…Sorry for it being so long and still kinda new at this! Oh yeah i did have 6 ecb when I started from during sum online survery! Ok I’m done that’s guys! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • christin

      hey can i ask you if you get target coupons in the nola newspaper inserts? i live in jackson, ms and get crappy coupons!!

      • Melissa R.

        I’m in the Metairie area and we very rarely get Target coupons in our inserts, like once in a blue moon. But all the *hot* ones, like the $4/1 Schick Hydro Target coupon, I had to trade for .

  23. christin

    are the cvs pantiliners regional, too? mine were not even close to $2/1. anyone know?

    • christin

      i meant $1/2

      • Melissa R.

        Did you price check them at the scanner? One store (the store I do most of my shopping) did not have the pantyliners tagged. But I did a price scan and it showed the $1.00/2 sale price w/card before buying. ECB printed when I bought the pair. Another store had them marked with the yellow ECB tag. These are the 22ct, and they are in almost the same pink packaging as the Carefree liners, so very easy to mix the two up.

  24. Christine

    I tried this deal (I live in Ca) and it didn’t work out. The manager had no idea what I was talking about. Coulda been that I purchased the Good Nites insted of Pull Ups.. but that was my fault cuz I thought it was a Kimberly Clark thing. In any case, they didn’t ring up any EBs at the register. boo.

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