Sobe Lifewater Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Coupon Reset (Yet Again!)

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As you probably know by now, Sobe has a fun instant win game you can play called Heads or Tails. If you have SoBe Lifewater on hand (I’m guessing lots of you do because of all the SoBe deals lately), go here and enter the code found underneath the black bottle cap. You can also play without a code by clicking on one of the characters sitting on the couch. After clicking on them, you’ll twist the bottle cap on the SoBe they’re holding and it will reveal if you’re a winner or not.

Most of you will win buy one get one FREE SoBe coupons! …AND if you’ve already won these previously and reached your print limit, I have great news! It appears the coupon has reset, so you should be able to print another 2 coupons. You can use these coupons to score FREE Sobe Lifewater at CVS and Target! Here’s how…

Sobe Lifewater 20 oz. Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Use the Buy 1 Sobe, Get 1 Free coupon found here
Final Cost 2 for FREE!

Sobe Lifewater 10/$10
Buy 2 and use the buy one get one free coupon found here
Plus, use 2 $0.50/1 Target store coupons from here
Final cost– 2 for FREE!

(Thanks for the reminder, Barbara!)

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Comments 76

  1. karmen

    It only let me print it twice. Better than zero I guess!

  2. Andrea

    played last night, and the page was blocked and tried to reedem coupons and wouldn’t because un blocked after, ahhhhh !! Try to play today, said try tomorrow , I did and says you already played, very frustrated, anyone with ideas of how to get coupons please let me know.

    • Dana G

      Use another email address. It should let you do it.

      • Andrea

        Thanks for the advice, changed to another address, got my coupons ! Unfortuntely I already made my trip to CVS, well I will just have to make another trip later this week ! =)

    • fran

      Leave your pop up blocker off all the time for this contest.

  3. Kelly

    I was never able to get the high print limit (over 2) however I have found that withint the past week that every time I have won it 7 out of 8 days with the BOGO coupon I have been able to print it. It looks like they have set it so that you can print 2 each time you win it. At the beginning I was only able to print 2 for almost 2 weeks.HTH

    • Jennifer

      Thanks. I was having the same problem!

  4. FairyDust

    two more coupons – thanks, Collin!

  5. Shelly G.

    Has anyone had any problems using these at CVS?? I have like 5 of these coupons now, and was wondering if I can use them all at once?

    • Anonymous

      Only problem I had at CVS was going yesterday morning and they were already sold out. so apparently it works. lol

    • Craig

      Why wouldnt you be able to? You’ve had multiple qs before while shopping right? Same thing here except these are for the same item. No biggie.

    • Kathie

      I think there is a limit of only 6 bottles so at my store I was only able to B3G3 then use 3 coupons for a total of 6 free. If you store is enforcing the limit you may have to do 2 transactions.

      • fran

        I went Saturday and bought 6, got 6 free, in one transaction.

        • Lauren

          So did i

      • Susan

        You have the deal wrong–limit 6 means a limit of 6 free–so you can actually check out with 12 at a time, getting 6 free from CVS and 6 free from coupons.

        • Susan

          Oops–that was in reply to Kathie.

    • Valerie

      If you are heading to CVS, print out the CVS Store Guides located on the right hand side of this website. I had a situation last week. First time ever with CVS. Stayfree’s were on sale, B1G1. I had several 3 – B1G1 manuf coupons. The store manager wasn’t going to allow me to get all 6 for free. However, I whipped out my handy dandy printout from CVS corporate and he read it, and before long, I was walking out of the store with my 6 packages of free stayfree pads. Then I told him I was donating them all anyway and he was very happy! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Anonymous

        I’m glad you got your stayfree for free but it shouldn’t matter to the manager if you’re donating them or not – it doesn’t make the transaction “better” He needed to follow his store’s coupon policy.

      • Connie S

        Going to print it today and bring it with me. Was told yesterday I had to buy one to get one free I could not use my coupon. from the store manager

    • Susan

      I just got 6 at CVS, paid 30 cents! (for the CRV)

  6. Leigh @ Spoiled... but Not Rotten

    Yeah! I got 2 more! Thanks!

  7. destinee37311

    Ok so my target would only take off .89 of the $1/2 coupon for the Fruit2Os I am not sure why and the girl had no clue. She offered to get the manager but the one on duty is always rude and hateful so I took the .89 off and left it alone. DIdnt know if anyone else had that problem. Also my Target had crest prohealth toothpaste on clearence for $2.14 so I was able to pair a .75 target coupon from the paper a week or so back with the .75 manu coupon from Sunday and get the toothpaste for .64 and it let me do it twice in the same transaction suprisingly. Not free toothpaste but with extra people in the house for summer it was a nice find before we got too low or ran out. also the box was packaged with a travel mouthwash so it was nice to put in the guest basket I keep in the bathroom with travel sizes for guests who may have forgotten something. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Kathie

      Target is re-doing their system and apparently a lot of $/2 coupons is only taking off the price of the item. It should take off the total amount of the coupon but it does need either a cahsier who knows what they are doing or a manager over ride.

  8. Tanya Ford

    I don’t understand how Sobe has the BOGO coupon to win but only lets you win it once, yet when I enter 3 codes in one day and I only win the coupon, I lose out, because I cant continue to print it ๐Ÿ™ On a better note, last Tuesday I won the BOGO and it let me print 23 coupons, so don’t just stop at 2, keep trying everytime.

    • Deb

      I used 2 different computers and was able to print off 50 Q’s!!!
      I’ve already been able to find 48 of mine. It’s a SoBe kind of week!

  9. CaseyF88

    Mine said it would mail the coupon via snail mail…hmmm. The last time I printed them.

    • Susan

      That means you won a free one–no BOGO.

      • shannon

        i won the free one too, snail mail. bah

  10. anonymous

    ok so i went to rite aid today and they told me that the reason they change their policy for the 5 off 20 coupon is because some CRAZY num num just to be nice bought 100 and something mouse paths WHEN THEY HAD THEIR FREE COUPON , see i can see buying 1 or 2 but 100!!!! COME ON really is it worth it to ruin it for the rest of us that are trying to really save some money and not just trying to wipe the stores out because they have some crazy addiction, my walgreens used to let us do like four transactions and they had to limit to 1 because off CRAZY LADIES that take advantage and do 20 transactions in one hour really is it worth it. THINK ABOUT IT YOU GOT 100 MOUSE PADS NOW THAT RUINED IT FOR EVERYONE EVEN YOU SO PLEASE LADIES LETS BE COURTEOUS TO OTHERS DONT RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE EVEN YOU. WHEN I SAY YOU IT MEANS ALL THOSE LADIES THAT ARE BUYING TONS OF THING THAT COME ON SALE ALMOST ALL THE TIME BUT DECIDE TO GET IT ALL IN ONE HOUR. PLEASE PLEASE THINK ITS FUN TO DO COUPONING BUT LETS LIMIT OUR SELFS AND NOT OVERDO IT SO THE STORES GET TIRED OF US.

    • Anonymous

      what change of policy for 5 off 20 coupon?

      • Mrs. B

        i’ve read on a few sites you will only be able to redeem one $5 off $20 coupon or $5 off $25 coupons. For the video values for instance, once its redeemed…thats it. Even if you printed more, they wont be accepted. its rumored, so not sure if its true.

  11. Vivi

    Do the sobe bogo coupons print with an ad?

    • peever

      Yes, they do.

  12. ashley

    anyone else not finding the .50 off coupon on target’s website anymore? bummer.

    • Paulette

      there is a print limit of 2, once you print them the coupon doesn’t show up anymore, but I can print 2 for every user account on my computer,.

  13. Ryan

    I went yesterday to my CVS and apparently they started the sale on Saturday,so mine was already out. I snagged 2 bottles that someone had set on a shelf and that was all I got. 2 free is better than none.

    • Susan

      Get a raincheck.

    • Deb

      Yep-some of the CVS stores load their deals on Sat. afternoon. I can go in mine and get the best of both worlds-deals from current week and the new one right around the corner ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Liz

    Yeah I went to 2 CVS’s at 9am Sunday and snagged 8 bottles at 2 stores. Yay! I love this stuff but I knew I had to get up on Sunday morning to get the deal. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am visiting family in NJ, which charges sales tax on Sobe… but MD doesn’t. Oh well.

  15. Susan

    Whn you use your CVS card with the ad that states ‘limit of 6’ can you get 6 PER TRANSACTION, or 6 PER DAY, or PER WEEK? Do they track it on your card? Thanks.

    • Susan

      No, you can keep checking out over and over. The card won’t stop you. You can check out with 12 at a time (limit 6 means 6 free from CVS–the manuf. coupon gives you the other 6 free.)

  16. MalibuBeachBum

    The store I went to today had loads of them and I got 12 bottles for free! Thanks so much Collin!

  17. Kristin

    At Target when they have the 10 for $10 sobe drinks they will not let you use the BOGO coupons that you get from playing the “head or tails” game. They told me it was a decision from corporate and when they ring up the coupons it rings up $0 off. They were also offering a Target gift card with that purchase and she told me that was the reason. Maybe I will try it when they are not offering the gift card.

    • Liz

      Is that new? I went in twice when they were offering the gift card and they let me use 5 bogo coupons and they gave me the gift card. One cashier also let me use two .50 Target coupons on it, so I only paid $4 and got the $5 gift card.

    • Paulette

      My husband works for Target, he does assets protection and has not heard anything from corporate about not allowing the B1G1 coupons with the gift card deal. Target gets reimbursed for the free one so there is no reason they shouldn’t honor it at ANY time. Try another store or try calling their corporate office and ask about it. If you get the ok from calling corporate and your cashier still won’t do it say you want to talk to the STL (Store Team Leader) or the ETL AP (Executive Team Lead over Assets Protection) Use the acronyms and they will know you are not just a dummy, and you know what you’re talking about ๐Ÿ™‚ Good Luck

      • Jessica Shimer

        My hubby works for Target too. I love the Target deals since we also get the extra 10% off before the coupons. I walked out of there spending $50 for almost $200 worth of product after discount and coupons! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • hollie

      I just bought 6 last night using BOGO coupons and Target .50 coupons with no problems.

    • Amanda C

      I was told that I was only allowed to use one B1G1 free coupon in a 10 for $10 gift card purchase. So I would have to purchase 9 get 1 free and then get my gift card.

      • Paulette

        Amanda, they are wrong!!! You should be able to use as many bogo coupons as you have product for. Target gets reimbursed for all the free ones plus $.8 for handling, so no reason for them not to honor them even with the gift card deal. I would definitely ask to talk to management and if they still won’t allow it you can ask to go to guest services and call the corporate hot-line. People do that all the time. Sorry you are having trouble. Maybe it would be easier to just go to a different Target store. ๐Ÿ™

    • jjgpaq

      Kristin, it might just be the store manager that is making a fuss. When you push back and offer to go over the store policy they usually back down. I had an incident where they pulled out a piece of paper – not Target logo, no date, and no signature from corporate and they tried to tell me corporate sent down a new policy. Needless to say I spoke to corporate. Corporate knew nothing of this. They said if you are at the store and are adhering to policy then you are welcome to call corporate and they will partner with the manager at the store while you are there.

  18. Michele

    This link has also reset for me and I was able to print 2 coupons from each computer

    and I did not have to play that SLOW game!

  19. couponlovingmommy

    The manager at my store will NOT let me use my BOGO coupons. I tried doing the deal yesterday but the cashier said he’d get in trouble for accepting them and could I talk to the manager which I did today and he said CVS won’t take them. Ummm…yeah they will they say so in their emails. He still wasn’t convinced so I’ve emailed CVS customer service and tried calling them but they are closed for the holiday. I’m beyond frustrated. It’s not like their store is going to lose money–they get reimbursed! On a positive note, whenever I do hear back from customer service there will be plenty of Sobe water left at my store…

    • Melissa R.

      I didn’t even bother doing the BOGO deal at CVS, my store absolutely refuses to take ANY internet printable coupons other than the ones you can print from Which I think is absolutely ridiculous b/c not all of the MQ’s that print from even have the CVS logo. I have been round & round with the store manager, DM, CS and I get the same thing. Sorry, that is the NEW CS policy and ALL stores should be enforcing it. Ummm….apparently not if at least 99% of ya’ll are using the BOGO Sobe IPs!!! I

    • Amber

      I went to my local CVS no sobe waters so I tried another they were stocked get to the register with my 12 waters only to find out they are only allowing one BOGO coupon this sucked tried another cvs they are not accepting them I dont get it??? The managers are saying that the coupon states only one per transaction so shouldnt I be allowed to do 6 per card so I should do 6 seperate transactions?? I cant find a CVS that will allow it ๐Ÿ™

      • Kelsey

        I have an email from CVS corporate that one per “purchase” means one per item. You might want to get that in writing from them as well. That way you can pull it out to show cashiers/managers.

      • Barbara

        Doesn’t Target price match? I wasgoing to go tonight andtry to use some of the coupons I have.

  20. Bethany

    Oooh I played and won a jacket! I am excited. I will play again tomorrow and try to get the coupons though.

  21. Tomoko

    I won a free Sobe!!

  22. Tiphanie

    I’ve won free sobes the last two days!

  23. Anonymous

    If you have won something other than the b1g1 coupon (for example) free sobe, jacket flip flops etc…did you fill out an account or put in lid codes or just submit email?

    • MalibuBeachBum

      I’ve won several coupons for free SoBe (coming in the mail). Yesterday, I won a t-shirt. I’ve never once put in a lid code. I just registered with my name and address. HTH.

  24. marie

    I Just got back from CVS I did the Sobe Deal I had 6 BOGO coupons they worked However the cashier did not ring one of them up. Should I go back and say something?

  25. Cally

    The codes on the bottom of the caps I got from walmart do not work on this game, anyone know which bottles to buy that do work? I have the plastic bottles with the black tops. The clear plastic bottles with clear tops didn’t have codes.

    • Amber

      Only the black lids that say Heads or Tails on top have the codes I have only found these at Target so far!!

  26. Ann

    Just came from CVS and got 12 Sobe free!!!! so excited!

  27. couponsnoopy

    I won the jacket last nite. I used FB to log in.

    I am hoping my CVS will take the B1G1 coupon with the sale. Wish me luck!

    On another note, I thought if the limit was two, your card kept track and you couldn’t do the deal again without using a different card.

  28. SheriM

    Where is the coupon policy for CVS? I went Sunday and they and bought 6 Sobe drinks and they said I could only use 1 coupon, which does not make any sence to me.

  29. Kristi G.

    I won an ipod on Saturday! My husband won a tshirt and we have gotten several FREE Sobes. I did the CVS deal yesterday with no problem. The magic machine was very nice to me yesterday and I got 12 sobes, biotrue saline, and an 8 pack of Bounty…paid $2 and got back $3.99 in ECBs. I was on a shopping high!

  30. Barbara

    I actually asked before I cleared CVS’ shelves last night. My question was is there a limit because my advertisement doesn’t say a limit – I didn’t tell her a number, I was actually able to purchase 24 for FREE! My other theory was to do multiple transactions and it would start dinging after 6, but she just did an over ride. So I did a transcation of 10 and a transaction of 14. I got a total with those included of $123.67 for $2.42! A Personal best!

    • Kristi G.

      Wow Barbara! You put my deal to shame! Good for you!

    • Susan

      Haven’t we all said, many times, that hoarding and clearing the shelves, is not fair for the rest of us who want to buy product. We’ve heard from a lot of readers saying that the shelves are empty. Wonder why…!

  31. CJ

    The B1G1 coupons can also be used on Sobe tea (in longneck plastic bottles) as well as the Life Water. The teas are $1 at Target. I’ve also seen them at grocery stores but not at CVS.

  32. Anonymous

    I was able to print 20 last week and then as of July 1 has let me print 2 a day.

  33. Christa K.

    My CVS appeared to be sold out of SOBE but when I asked, they had 3 more cases (of 12) in the back. Got 36 free, no problems, and a rain check for when they restock!

  34. UpsetAtCVS

    I just got back from CVS and this deal must have expired because I had five B1G1 coupons and for some reason, the receipt shows they billed me 0.77 for each bottle and then took off 5 * 0.77 because of the coupons i brought in. the CVS B1G1 deal didn’t show up or work on my order. Any thoughts?

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