Target: Outdoor Clearance– Up to 75% Off!

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Well, I’ve heard from more than a few readers now that Target has all their outdoor furniture and accessories on clearance. Lots of items are supposedly discounted 75%. I would highly recommend doing price checks on items you’re interested in purchasing… they may ring in for less than they’re marked! Reader, Katie, found a $249 gazebo (pictured above) marked down to only $62.25! What a deal!

If you’ve found some outdoor bargains at Target, feel free to let us know in the comment section. Please give us as much detail about the item as well as your location. Thanks! πŸ™‚

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  1. Trace

    Target is phasing out their garden department and increasing their grocery inventory. Expect more sales like this to come.

    • Jennifer

      As well as setting up for back to school

  2. What?

    Check prices! I was just at ours yesterday and they had chairs marked as 75% off with a big sign. Some had clearance sticker for 75% off and some for 50% off. Another shopper that saw me looking said that she grabbed one that the sticker showed was 50% and thought that since they were all the exact same chair it was just marked wrong….but when she went to the front to check out it rang up at 50% off and they wouldn’t adjust it. She was laughing saying that she told them she would just go get on with a tag that reflected 75% off….weird right? Also, I was in a section that said 75% off and some of the outdoor smaller items were just a few dollars off instead. Like the patio string light that were originally $12.99 were $10 (I think it is in the ad). I was all excited because they were mixed in with 75% off items….but they are just the $10. Price check!

  3. anon

    target is weird…i got this awesome deal on bras a few weeks back. they had a ton of them on clearance…some for $1.75 and some for $8. i asked an employee why and she said that even though they were all on clearance, and Exact same style – one was green and one was gray. haha. they wont adjust. so odd.

  4. Mrs. B

    check the dollar spot! the black dotted items were 50% off. I got tons of toy story & cars stuff for my boys. great stocking stuffers and only .50 each!

    • Alicia

      I just got back from my super target in south florida where the outdoor items were 75% off and got a hammock for $17 marked down from $70 and the hammock stand for $25 marked down from $100! our dollar spot also had all black dot $1 items 50% off. πŸ˜€

  5. LisaM

    my target, Kernersville, n.c. has garden items for just 50 percent off, and they do have there dollar spot black dotted item 50 percent off. But more mark downs this week

  6. Carrie

    I’ve seen seasonal stuff at Target that isn’t individually marked, but it in with all of the 50% off or 75% off items. (Rather than being a lone item someone just left behind.) I’ve used my phone to take a picture that I can show to the clerk, and they’ve usually been good about making the adjustment. The most recent thing I can think of was sparkling grape juice at Christmas time. It’s worth a shot!

    • What?

      good idea, never thought of taking a pic.

  7. Laura H.

    I was there earlier today and scored a set of four wrought iron chairs with cushions for $67 dollars (plus, the Target employee dropped one of the chairs on the way out so took another $7 off). Then I got the matching table on sale for $20. Great savings…I love Target.

    • Jill Brown

      I did the same thing. I got the 4 chairs also that were marked already 50% to 65.00 and then got them all four for $43.00. Great deal.

  8. Kelly

    I wish I had more space on my deck, there were a ton of great outdoor things at my Target, but just no room to squish everything in! BUMMER!

  9. Lindsay

    I got the Sutton Gazebo, usually $499 on clearance for $124! I was super excited!

    • What?

      Have you assembled this yet? I saw this and didn’t know if it was as sturdy as it looks…the pic on the box made it look pretty heavy duty. I looked online and the littler one (that is pictured in collins post) gets such a wide array of reviews. People either say it is super sturdy and lasts through storms and tornados, or they say it blew over and broke/bent with the first tiny breeze. I was considering the one you got because it looked a little heavier.

  10. michstar76

    Our Target was only at 30% off for their garden stuff yesterday- I’ll be keeping my eye on things though. They had two patio tables, I’m hoping to get one at least 1/2 off!!

  11. Betsy

    I found a bench cushion last week for $9 and chair cushions for only $3.74, an that was at 50% off…I’m sure they’re even cheaper now!

  12. Candice

    I was there yesterday and I got two rectanglur medium sized wrought iron tables for $8 bucks.. i was super excited but didn’t have a basket.. I had to wait until a CSR came by to watch them for me so the lady behind me would not get them she had 1 and I got the other two.. We love entertaining and this will be such a great addition to our outside furniture.. at at Super Fantastic Price..

  13. Kelly

    I just got back from Target. Got a hammock at $20, a hummingbird feeder at $3, and a garden ceramic stool at $28. Things were going fast.

  14. Bethany

    I told the DH about this sale and he ran to Target…I guess this is a sale the guys can get excited about, too! Found an outdoor water fountain marked down to $60 from $250 and an outdoor table that was $28 ~ down from $150!

  15. Kelsea

    I’m going to Target tonight! If they have that gazeebo, I’m getting one! I’ve been looking at that gazeebo ALL year!!!!!!! I’m not even going to wait until tonight! I’m going on my lunch!!! LOL

  16. Megan

    I went to two Targets and found the chairs I wanted 50% off at the second one. I’ve been waiting for years to find just the right chairs for my porch!! Now, if I can just find the chair pillows I want…

  17. Lisa

    I live in AZ and yesterday went to visit my local target for a few things and came out with lots more unexpected items. I purchased an olive color mesh chair with matching ottoman. The chair was $7.25 the ottoman $4. I also bought a metal bench for $31.00 and an aluminum table for $36. I was so excited!! Great deals to be found at Target right now.

  18. stephproffitt

    I have WAITED AND WAITED all season for the hammocks to go on clearance. I got mine yesterday 75% off for 17.48! (I forgot to use my gift card) I am so excited to put it in our yard with some posts near our grapevines. I came in all the time checking the price lol. They had a two seater swing for less than $40 with the canopy for shade and a bunch of those gazebos and fire pits.

    • Mandy K =)

      I think I know you LOL!

  19. K

    I got 2 white wicker (resin so it won’t break or paint peel) chairs and a love seat. All three items wer 75% off last week.

    I couldn’t believe they had gone from full price 240 for the loveseat (now 62.50) and 120 for the chairs to 30.00 something. They even came with cushion. I haven’t wanted some of this resin wicker because it holds up outdoors so much better.

    What a treat for me!

    • Denise

      Too funny! I got the same white set last week too… I got 2 chairs and a love seat for $120 with cushions. I did go ahead and spray painted them brown – they look gorgeous! My family couldn’t believe what I spent for a 3 piece resin “wicker” set!!

  20. judy

    I bought a wicker love seat and coffee table for 120.00. What a deal!!!

  21. Lindsay

    Thank you so much for posting this! I ran out to Target after work and I was able to snag 2 white resin benches for $62 each! I just moved and have a huge front porch and I have been waiting for this sale to get these benches! THANK YOU!!!

  22. Judy

    Thank you for posting Collin! I ran to target in MA and was able to score the Gazebo for 75% off!! Can’t wait to get it up on the porch!!

  23. Kimberly Mulder

    Wow did I score at Target today on outdoor furniture….Adarondack chair was originally 174.00 and I paid 44.75. I purchased a round outdoor table for $18.50 and it was $80.00 plus I picked up an outdoor sofa table origianal price was 154.00 and I paid 38.50 AND I used the $1.00 off coupon for lip smackers lip gloss and paid .47 cents. My grand total was $108.41. AMAZING!!!! πŸ™‚

  24. Nicole H.

    I’m in Southern CA and my husband is out, at my direction, looking for this deal and our target has everything super expensive still! πŸ™

  25. rhonda

    SUPER excited! I got the gazebo you have pictured!!! 67 and some change was the total with tax!! I have been wanting one of these for 2 summers now and haven’t been able to get a deal like this yet! Ran to our target and there was 2 left!!! Thanks for your post!!!!!!!

  26. Elle

    I went to Target in Wilmington early this afternoon and was disappointed. All they had left was four gazebos which is an awesome deal if you want one. It is way to windy where I live due to the ocean breeze. There were other deals though. The Dollar Section at the front was 50% off black dots. They had a ton of Rayovac batteries 50% off, got free ones with my coupons. Also in the Accessories section had two full aisles of purses, scarfs, sunglasses, and wallets 30%-50% off. I overheard the Target associate telling another that over the next two weeks a bunch more would be clearanced due to fall items coming in. She said would be marked down even more next week. My Target also had TONS of toys on clearance that they were marking down today. There was a full aisle and almost every endcap clearanced 25%-50%. There was playskool toys, Sesame Street items, Megablocks for older children, Super Soakers, Dora items, Barbies, Games, Play Doh and tons of other items. I picked up what I could not live without, but I will go back next week to see if they have gone down in price anymore. Oh Haynes Girl Boyshort Underwear were $1.24 for a two pack. My favorite deal was they FINALLY pricecut the Pampers Wipes for $1.97. Had my coupons so I scored 6 tubs for free. When the cashier scanned the coupons they scanned for $1.97 not $2.00 so no issues about adjusting down the price.

    • Jan

      Wilmington, DE?

      • Elle


        • Anonymous

          oh okay, thanks!

  27. Kelsea

    Anyone in AZ find this gazeebo anywhere? I’ve looked at my two Targets and they don’t have them! My fiance and I have looked at this gazeebo ALL year and want it so bad!

  28. SabrinaG

    I went today and ended up finding a $114 patio table marked to $28 and chairs to match regular $34 only $8.50….My husband I think was more excited than me….lol We have been looking for a patio set since February but had a hard time paying full price….total saved $209 glad we waited and Thanks for the heads up!!!!!

  29. Gabby

    I have a patio and deck and 2 acres of land so i went crazy. I’m in North Florida and both Targets in Tallahassee were marked down to 75% but a lot was going fast. I rushed out and got 4 statues normally $80.00 a piece marked down to 19.99, 2 Lounge Chairs marked down to $57.25 a piece, 2 benches $62, a fountain,12 pillows $2.73 each, 4 cushions $3.73, 2 bench cushion $7.38?, a kinda of wicker chest for $29, and our stores had there black dot $1 stuff marked 50% and they had barbie and tinker bell gummies for $1.14 and I had 20 $1off 2. Very exciting trip to target today!

  30. Marylou

    I got the Windsor outdoor collection 4pk cushioned dining chairs and cast round table. I paid $253 (including taxes) and it should have cost me $973 without taxes included! I’m very happy with what I got, but I’m not happy with Target right now. They would not let me pay for it and have my husband pick it up later. It took me over 30 minutes to fit it all in my Sante Fe, and 2 very patient children, but I did it!

    I called Corporate this morning, because I thought they were crazy yesterday. They told me they do not “hold” clearance items. I said, even if I have paid for it? He said nope. I asked for the reasoning behind it…his response, “We don’t have a reason, that’s just how it is”.

    Does anyone know the reason for this?

    • Marylou

      Oh yeah, I was in the Haverhill MA store…but there was nothing left.

    • Melissa V.

      I’m sorry Marylou! My Target let the couple in front of my actually leave without paying and left the merchandise wait up front by customer service until they came back with a larger vehicle.

      I guess it all depends on who you talk too. You would think – they clearance’d it, they want it out of the store, they want the sale… what does it matter?!?

      Oh well… least your kids were patient.

      Mel in IL

    • Teri

      Marylou, the same thing happened to me. I bought the exact same thing, which was a great deal. They wouldn’t hold them for us even after we paid for them. My husband had to go home to get our Ford Explorer, and then they didn’t all fit. So he had to go back and drop them off and come back again. I had to “babysit” the merchandise by the customer service desk. In the mean time, my 17 month old had clearly had enough and was fussing the whole time. It was bad, but I’m sure we’ll enjoy the table and chair set! πŸ™‚

  31. Darlena

    anything in Ohio (northeast or Cleveland)

  32. mary

    Snagged a big beautiful rug for $30.00 – originally $120.00!

  33. Melissa V.

    Hubby and I went last night to the Mundelein, IL Target and was able to snag a great deal on a gazebo. THANKS COLLIN!!!

    We picked up the Madaga Gazebo for 75% off, the price ended up being $93 and some change minus tax. There were several gazebos left and not much else. Another couple who had got there right before us was tickled pink by the prices and was loading up a flat bed with a table and chairs set.

    We can’t wait to assemble this beauty and get out of the scorching sun! πŸ˜‰

    Thanks again!
    Melissa in IL

  34. Jennifer in connecticut

    I got mine! Wahoo!

  35. Renee Leach

    Was in target in beaumont, texas yesterday and all the black dot stuff in the front of the store was 75% off and so was the outdoor furniture….

  36. Kim R.

    We had been on vacation and went to Target on Saturday May 10th, in Scottsdale AZ…. We got a smokin’ deal!!! (Not all the furniture is 75% off)
    Rectangle table (unboxed) regular price $299, on clearance for $74.75. We got another 20% knocked off and paid $59.80!!!
    Four chairs (boxed) with cushions regular price $599, on clearance for $149.75. We got an other 15% knocked off and paid $127.29!!
    Two folding chairs, regular price $54, other colors were on clearance but these were not marked. We got them for the clearance price of $13.50 each.
    The young man working the garden area was awesome. He took apart the table for us and held it until we could come back for it after taking the chairs. Unfortunately, he scratched the top of it a little bit. But its an easy fix.
    So, we got table, 4 cushion chairs, 2 folding chairs for $233!!!! Plus, we bought a TON of stuff from the dollar spot, black dots – about 48 items. Our grand total – $256.04.
    Went this morning to my local Target in Goodyear, Az = NOTHING!! Dollar spot was being restocked and only one table left.

    • Annie

      Hi Kim R.! Nice deals!

      I am very interested in how there was another 20% knocked off the price on one item, and 15% off another item? Was this because the price rang up lower than expected at checkout- or was a manual discount given?

      Just curious, as I am usually pretty good at getting items discounted (especially floor models) but Target has never budged below 10%, at any location. In fact, when I purchased my patio furniture this week- they would not even give me the 10% as it was already marked down 75%. (this came from a manager).

      Happy shopping,


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