*HOT* Neutrogena Clinical Money-Making Deals (Starting 7/11)

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Alright, so as you know from my previous post, there is a *HOT* Neutrogena Clinical Try Me FREE rebate available! Here are a couple *HOT* deal scenarios to turn this rebate offer into a HUGE moneymaker…

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that you cannot score the deal scenarios below until the rebate starts on 7/11!! Don’t worry, I will post a reminder about these deals on 7/11.

Walgreens.com Deal Scenario

*First, go through this link— when you purchase $25 or more online, you’ll get a $10 credit back to spend at Walgreens.com, valid 7/1 – 10/1! You must go through this link to get the credit.
*After going through this link, search for “Neutrogena Clinical Facial Lifting Wrinkle Treatment, Night”.
*Add this item to your cart– it’s on sale for $34.99
*At checkout, use coupon code FACIAL20 which will deduct an additional 20% from your total.
*Plus, shipping is FREE when you spend $25 or more.
*Your final cost will be ONLY $27.99 shipped.
*Then submit for the Neutrogena Clinical rebate (you should get back the sale price of $34.99)!
*Plus, you’ll have a $10 credit to spend on Walgreens.com
*If you take this into account, you’ll have turned this into a $17 moneymaker!
**I’m sure you could do something similar with other Neutrogena Cinical products too!
(Thanks, My Dallas Mommy!)

Rite Aid Deal Scenario

*Buy one Neutrogena Clinical Night or Eye product $39.99
(This is the Online price, so it may vary a little in-store)
*Use the $5/25 Rite Aid Purchase coupon found here or here
*Use the $5/1 coupon from the All You Magazine March issue or found here
*Pay $29.99
*Get back a $2 UP+ Reward
*Plus, this purchase can be applied towards the Skin Care 2010 Rebate #555 (Buy $25 of participating products, get a $10 Rite Aid gift card; Buy $50 of participating products, get a $25 Rite Aid gift card.)
*AND you can submit for the Neutrogena Clinical rebate (you will get back $39.99!)
*Final cost– FREE + a $22 moneymaker!
(Thanks, Mojo Savings!)

Walmart.com Deal Scenario

*Purchase the Neutrogena Clinical Eye Lift Contouring Treatment for just $35.97 + FREE shipping
*Even sweeter, they are offering up a $15 Bonus eGift Card with each treatment kit purchased!
*Plus, you can submit for the Neutrogena Clinical Rebate (you will get $35.97 back)
*Final cost FREE + a $15 moneymaker!
(Thanks, Bindiya!)

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Comments 64

  1. Renee B

    I am assuming that we can not place the order until the 11th since it says on the rebate from that it must be purchased July 11th-18th. Will the Walgreens deal still be valid then?

  2. Mrs. B

    saaaaaweet!!! thanks so much collin! im loving all these deals!! woohoo!!!

  3. amy

    The walgreens deal wont work. You wont get 10$ credit back cause it ends on the 10th and you cant order the product for the rebate til the 11th. Nice try though. Thanks for thinking of us.

    • steph

      how do you know? it doesn’t say on that llink…

    • Mom of 3

      actually Collin posted that the $10 is through 10/1.

    • Chris

      I just placed my order and I got my $10 credit!!!

  4. amanda

    FOR THE RITE AID SCENARIO – You can also use the $1/$10 beauty Wellness Q found at Riteaid.com . YMMV but you may be able to use 3 of the $1/$10 Wellness q’s. Also if you have the 10% or 20% off with your wellness card, don’t forget to factor that into your scenarios.

  5. Lin

    The rebate form says…”Limit one rebate per name, address, or envelope”…Does that mean I can do more than one rebate….just use different envelopes? I am new to this Savings thing…


    • Elizabeth

      No. It says ‘limit one rebate per name, address,…..’ Unless you have 2 names & 2 addresses you will not be able to send in more than one in seperate envelopes.

  6. Julia

    On the rebate form it says you need the original UPC from the package. These scenarios have us buying the item online. Do you think the item will be shipped and in our hands in time to make the 7/31 deadline?

    • Ehrin

      I did a practice run on walmart.com, and if I bought today (which I realize I can’t since the rebate doesn’t start until Sunday), I would receive the item between the 15th and the 20th. I would assume if I bought on Sunday that I would still get it in time, but I do like that walmart.com gives you a window of time.

  7. Ehrin

    If you buy online, what do you use as your “original, dated sales receipt?”

    • Twinkies25

      I was wondering the same thing…can anyone help?

    • Renny

      Every time I have bought something online, they send a receipt w/it w/my ordering details. HTH.

  8. Susan C. in NY

    I did a Neutrogena Clinical rebate in mid-June (for $15). Would I still be able to to this one too since it’s a different rebate with different dates?

    Thanks for any help.


    • A.D.

      I had the same question! Someone will probably have to call the rebate customer service number from the rebate form and ask…

      Anybody know?

    • Jennifer

      Same question here? Anyone know? Thanks.

  9. Leighann

    Help…is anyone having trouble printing the Bricks Coupons? For some reason I haven’t been able to print them for a few weeks. Nothing has changed on my end (no computer problem’s or changes.) I would sooooo appreciate any help.

    Sorry everyone but I wasn’t sure where to post my question. ๐Ÿ™

    • Shika

      What does it say when you try to print?

      • Leighann

        Oh my gosh…the Java update didn’t work…not sure what to do? Anymore suggestions would be so appreciated.

        • Anonymous

          You might need to contact coupons.com ( http://www.couponsinc.com/corporate/ContactUs.aspx ) and see if they can help. Make sure you tell them that you’ve tried all solutions in their FAQ about why my coupons won’t print.
          And not to insult you or anything but did you check all the basic obvious things like:
          * printer is all the way plugged into an outlet
          * usb connector for printer is all the way inserted
          * cookies and caches are cleared
          * defrag? maybe that might help?
          * printer that you are using is set to the default printer
          * you have plenty of ink in your printer
          * run a printer test
          * can you print from other sources (can you still print Target, SmartSource or PDF coupons, etc.)?
          * run a virus and a spywear scan

          I hope you find a solution soon!

    • Anonymous

      If you’ve tried everything and are still having trouble then double check your java updates (java.com) and see if you have the latest version. hth

      • Leighann

        Thank you for your comments…when I print it says “Thank You” as it always has in the past.
        I’m baffled. I will try the Java Updates.

    • Erin

      I was having trouble with coupons.com so I ended up downloading firefox and now go through firefox just for coupons.com. I’m not having anymore problems!

  10. Devin

    I don’t know if this was mentioned already but I was looking at the Rite Aid rebate and it says when you use your Wellness Card you get $5 more if you qualify for the rebate.

  11. Charlene

    I have never applied for a Neutrogena rebate, can anyone tell me if the HAVE received money from them? This would be a lot of money to lose if I didn’t get it back!

  12. Samantha

    When I purchased other skin care products earlier in the month, I qualified for a $25 gift card from Rite Aid and got the $5 bonus rebate outlined below. However, from reading the rebate, I’m not sure what dollar amount you have to reach to get the bonus, so it may be $50.

    Rebate #655
    VALID ONLY ON PURCHASES FROM 05/30/10 to 07/24/10**
    Free BONUS Rite Aid Gift Card After Rebate
    BONUS Skin Care

    Use your Wellness+ card at time of purchase & receive $5 more if you qualify for rebate!
    Wellness+ card bonus rebate will be added to Rite Aid Gift Card amount.
    Rainchecks accepted.
    Gift Card to be mailed separately from rebate check. Rebate based on actual price paid (after any & all coupons are used). Sales tax excluded.
    Cannot be combined with any other offer.
    **Rebate valid only on products purchased between the dates shown above. Purchases made outside of stated dates will not be honored for the rebate.
    Offer valid 05/28/10 – 07/22/10 in select California stores and 05/30/10 – 07/24/10 in all other stores.

    • Alana

      It’s either threshold; either reaching $25 or $50.

  13. Sara

    I’m confused about the $1/10 wellness coupon at Rite Aide. I have a wellness account and have been unable to find the coupon when signed in to the website. I didn’t see it on my emailed coupons from Rite Aide either?

    • cjs

      I am also a Wellness member & brought up the ‘coupons to print’ after logging in my account, and I do not see the $1/$10 for skin care one either. I have 4 different ones. Were they coupons that went away if we didn’t print them when they were available?

      • ms.brilliantblonde

        You can get the $1/$10 coupon at http://www.iheartriteaid.com on the right hand side of the screen, HOWEVER my coupon that I had printed off of there expired today, so be sure to check that! HTH! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Erin

      For Rite Aid I have a $5 off $25 wellness coupon and another $5 off of $25 Rite Aid purchase. Does anyone know if I can use both? If I can I plan on using both and the $5 Neutrogena Clinical coupon and spending $10.01 to bump me up to the $50 threshold so I can get the $25 gift card. Anyone have any problems yet?

  14. ashley h

    I was planning on ordering from Walgreens.com and was going to order a little after midnight, but I was concerned if I ordered after midnight central time if whereever the place is, if it mattered if it wasn’t after 12 am there. Does anyone know? I just dont want to order too soon if time zones matter.

    • Amy

      I just called customer service at Wallgreens.com and asked when their orders transfer days. She stated orders made after midnight central time will post with the date of 07-11-10. Hope she’s right.

  15. Leslie

    Don’t forget sales tax…my order was 29.95 shipped

  16. Karissa

    Our Rite Aid did not have any of the Neutrogena Clinical products… ๐Ÿ™

    • Holly

      My Rite Aid (Benton Harbor, MI) didn’t have the Clinical products either. There was a sign that said they are available on riteaid.com. Guess I’ll drive a few extra miles to check out a few towns over.

      • Erin

        I hope they didn’t take them off the shelves after reading hip2save! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Kelly

      I had alot of trouble finding this stuff!! I went to one store and they didnt even carry it. Then went to another and they only had ONE box and it was in the WRONG section! So it took forever to find! But I got it eventually and it was 39.99 (Im in SE MI)

      • CouponClary

        I checked the RAs near my house (NE Atlanta) and they don’t carry them either! The cashier was very nice about it, as she mentioned that many people were asking about the kits, and didn’t understand why they would have it in the ad if all stores don’t carry them!

    • kenac

      mine didn’t have it either (and I’ve been to 4) and also asked the managers and they haven’t seen any come in. I gave in last night and picked it up at walmart for $35. used the q and still $5 money maker. just wanted to buy it this week for the rebate.

  17. jvkom

    I did this deal on walgreens.com. When do you get the $10 credit? And how do you know you got it?

    • Viola

      Walgreens.com link that Collin posted:
      How do I get my credit?
      Step 4. Shortly after your qualifying order is placed, we’ll send you an email when your credit is available for use.

    • Aubrey

      I was wondering the same thing about the $10 credit…I shopped/purchased from the link mentioned.

      • Aubrey

        Yes…I just got the email…THANKS!

        • jvkom

          What did you email say? All I got was my purchase confirmation…no $10 yet.

  18. whitehl

    I just did this deal on Walgreens.com. Don’t forget to put the code “FACIAL20” under the promotional code in your shopping cart – the 20% off will come off when it totals.

    I had tax charged as well – turned about to be $29 + change. Thanks for heads up, Collin, on such a great deal!

  19. Mindy

    I am planning to go through WalMart to get my product now. If anyone else is planning to use WalMart (no RiteAid nearby) don’t forget to go through Shopathome.com. They have 3 percent cash back on WalMart.com purchases to sweeten the deal a bit further ๐Ÿ™‚ Ebates and Cashbaq are 2 percent. HTH!

    • Geraldine

      Did it thru walmart today, and went thru ebates. Love making money!!!

    • Amy

      i did it thrugh walmart today also

    • Ehrin

      I also went through walmart.com and was just looking at my shipping confirmation e-mail. It said that the Neutrogena product was $20.97, and the gift card was $15. If that’s the case, do you think we’re only going to get $20.97 from the rebate?!?! That wouldn’t be such a great deal. I guess it depends on what the invoice says when it comes with the item??? (I’m still confused about whether that’s what we would send in with the rebate as our original dates sales receipt.) Anyone have any thoughts?

      • Ehrin

        Sorry, I meant the “original dated (not dates) sales receipt.” I hate making stupid mistakes like that.

      • Karissa

        I had the exact same problem, Ehrin. I’m waiting to see if the invoice with the package says anything different. If it still lists the Neutrogena product as 20.97 (which I am guessing it will), then I will probably just return it. The email says you can return Walmart.com orders to the store for a full refund.

        • Christine

          I logged into Walmart.com and checked my order history. The Neutrogena order shows the item purchased was $35.97 plus $1.73 in tax. If the $15 eCard is deducted from my total on the physcial receipt I’ll just print a “receipt” from my online account to use w/ rebate form instead.

          • Julia

            I will probably do the same, I just received an email saying it shipped out but that it was only 20.97. That was dumb on their part. Hopefully I can print out a reciept that says the right amount.

  20. Julia

    I just looked online to see how you return to store and clicked through the process to see if there would be a better receipt to print out. Looks like if you were to return it you would only be eligible to get the $20.97 back. Um what? Hopefully they’ll take the print out from ‘my account’ on the walmart website.

  21. 2 Kids and a Coupon

    Walmart.com is sold out of all 3 products, but I was able to order online from Walgreens just fine. None of this product left on the shelves in my town.

  22. Emma

    Did any of you find out whether this we can do both this AND the june clinical rebate? After all they are the same product, just a different amount.

  23. Allison

    WalMart makes this a not-money-making-deal. I have called and talked to a customer service representative about the issue and they consider it a non-issue. Hopefully yall were able to print the page with the $35 order information and weren’t stuck with the $20.97 receipt like I was. ๐Ÿ™

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