$14 in New Scrubbing Bubbles & Windex Coupons + Target Deal!

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Yay! Right@Home has once again released some great new coupons! Head on over here to print $14 worth of Scrubbing Bubbles and Windex printable coupons:

$1/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Product
$7/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner
$2/2 Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner Refills
$1/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel
$3/1 Windex Outdoor All-in-One Starter Kit

Use the $1/1 Scrubbing Bubbles coupons to score a really sweet deal at Target:

Buy 4 Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaners $2.49 each
Total = $9.96
Use 4 $1/1 coupons from here
Plus, use the regional Target coupon from the 6/27 SS Valid for a FREE $5 Target gift card with the purchase of any 4 Scrubbing Bubbles products
Pay $5.96
Get back a $5 Target gift card
Final cost ONLY $0.96 for all 4 products!

(Thanks, Deal Seeking Mom!)

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  1. Melissa

    You can also use the $1/1 any scrubbing bubble coupon on Vanish. I’ve done this a few times already at Target and checked beforehand and they said that it is a scrubbing bubbles product (has the logo on the box).
    At my Target its $2.14 so …..
    Buy 4 Vanish Toilet cleaners $2.14 each
    Total = $8.56
    Use 4 $1/1 coupons
    Use the coupon for a FREE $5 Target gift card
    Pay $4.56
    Get back a $5 Target gift card
    FREE and a small money maker.

    • Olivia Smith

      Awesome!! 🙂 I’ll have to try that as well.

    • Sophia

      Great idea! I have a BOGO free coupon that’s about to expire. Thankss 🙂

      • RebekahNicole05

        YMMV with the BOGO. I tried that, and if you are getting the item for free the computer does not count it as one of the four you have to get for the gift card. If the cashier will override it then it will work, if you live in Springfield MO, don’t even think about it 😉

  2. Laura

    Everyone make sure to check your Target receipts! I have had issues every single time I’ve gone in lately. They’ve recently changed their system over and my coupons don’t always ring in properly. When the cashier scans them, they seem like they go through, but sometimes they either don’t go through at all or they lower the value of the coupon. I had 4- $4 coupons for an item that cost $5.79 – so I know it wasn’t an adjustment for a lower price. It rang in two of the coupons just fine, but one rang at $2 and one rang at $1.50. On the same order I had 5 – $2 coupons for Pamper wipes. The system only took off 3 of them even though I watched her ring in all five of them. Customer service was great about refunding my money, but they told me I was the first person to say anything to them about it. If I hadn’t checked my receipt, I would have been out $10.50! So, make sure you all check receipts and LET THEM KNOW if you have any discrepancy. If enough of us complain they’ll have to check the system out and fix the bug.

    • mkw

      I just came from Target and noticed while there that although the clerk scanned my two BOGO B. Naked cereal coupons, it showed up as $0 discount on the computer. I had to have her pull the two coupons from the scanned pile in her drawer and call a manager who manually put in the $3.54 amount for each of the two free packages. I would have been out $7.08 had I not caught that clerk/computer error. I also see that they took all three of my Pepperidge Farm manufacturer coupons but didn’t enter the third coupon. Drats. Out the coupon and out the discount.

  3. Aneta

    How do you get 4 coupons when it only lets you print 2?

    • Karla A

      You need to use 2 computers.

      • Aneta

        That’s what I thought! Thanks!

  4. Robin

    Will the BOGO Qs work and count as 4?

  5. prettygirlbennett

    sooooooooooooo mad at myself! i remember seeing the target coupon and thought i would never use that! so i threw them away! i am going home and make a coupon box TODAY!

    • Kari C

      I ALWAYS do that! I just cut out the ones I think I’m going to use and keep the rest of the inserts in a box in the closet … Just in case 😉

  6. cgreeno

    How can I get the SS Target coupon from 6/27 now that it’s July 14? sorry…new to this. 🙂

    • Jennifer

      You would have to have bought the newspaper from that date…

    • Nikki

      You can try buying it at coupon clipping website.

      • Kari C

        Or eBay 😉

  7. Ann Dee

    Ya, I’ve been having those receipt issues as well and I’m JUST ABOUT done with the Targets here in Midvale/Sandy, UT. Every time I go in they look over each coupon for a few minutes or make up some reason why the coupon isn’t being accepted. I tell them that a manufacturer coupon can be used with a target coupon but they still don’t take it. Then they call the manager over and it’s just not worth it.

    I will be emailing Target about this. It’s ridiculous.

    • Heather

      I’m so glad you wrote this. I don’t usually shop at Target because they are too far away to make it worth the trip but today I was going by the Sandy Target and I thought about trying this deal. I’ve read too many bad things about trying to use coupons and I decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. I would have purchased the rest of the regular grocery items there as well but… just not worth it!

      • Sandra

        I just had a problem at Target yesterday, and wrote a letter to corporate about it. I had coupons for $4 off and it was deducting ZERO! Then it was bedlam from there on out….!!! DEFINITELY watch the register and make sure your total is going down by the appropriate amount as they scan your coupons! I ended up leaving my whole order and not buying a thing! 🙁

        Here’s my letter I’m sending to Target:
        Target Corporate
        Customer Relations Division

        Dear Sir or Madam:

        I had a horrible experience at the Target in Marquette, Michigan yesterday. Instead of being a valued customer, the LOD Scott made me feel like I was just a nuisance. In this economy, coupon shopping is actually a necessity for our family. We work hard to make ends meet, and coupon shopping has helped tremendously. I always look forward to the Target sales ads and I spend a lot of time matching up my coupons with the ad and the Target coupons available.

        When shopping in Marquette yesterday, at the end of the order as it was waiting to print my receipt, the register locked up and cancelled out the whole order. It had deducted the payments from my gift cards, but it had not registered money onto the gift cards I had earned. The cashier had to call the LOD, Scott, over to help. That is when my humiliation began.

        Scott first looked at my pile of coupons and said he thinks the problem is I was using excessive coupons and proceeded to tell me the coupon policy of Target. I told him I was well aware of the coupon policy and that as per Target policy I had one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item as specified. He then said my coupon usage was excessive and that he had the right to “limit me.” I asked if he was limiting the amount of coupons I was using. He stated “Yes, I can do that.” So I then asked him if I was limited in the amount of items I could buy, or if it was just my coupons that were a problem. He proceeded to tell me he had the right to limit the number of items I purchased also, especially if I was using coupons on every item. So I asked him to please tell me what the limit was as there were no signs posted or indication that there was any limit. He said he was not from that store and just filling in. He proceeded to ask the cashier what the limit was at the Marquette store. She said they didn’t limit how many items a customer could purchase. Scott then informed me that he felt 10 of each item was “reasonable.”

        At this point, I was embarrassed with all the customers watching, it was near closing time by then, and I just told him he could cancel my whole order and he would not have to limit me as I was going to buy absolutely nothing.

        The entire experience left me with a very negative attitude towards Target as a whole. I spent half my day getting my coupons together, reading the ad, prepping for my shopping trip. The Marquette store is over an hour and a half drive for me one-way with all the construction going on. So I spent three hours’ driving time, an hour shopping, and then over an hour checking out as they were trying to figure everything out after the register locked up. In the end, I came home with nothing but a feeling of frustration, wasted gas, and wondering why I even bothered to make the trip to Target. I try to make the most out of my shopping trips and get the maximum value I can since it is such a distance to shop at Target.

        If Target is going to limit the amount of items a customer may buy (with or without coupons as I don’t think it’s right to discriminate against a customer who uses coupons), maybe it should be stated in a written policy. If I wanted to come in and buy 40 LCD televisions, I’m sure I would be allowed. However, if I want to buy 20 packs of gum, 30 Sobe drinks, some razors and other miscellaneous items, suddenly I’m not a good customer when I use coupons. It just amazes me at how Target treats customers with coupons. Target is reimbursed for the coupons, in addition to a handling fee, and I would think Target would welcome the business instead of treating a customer with coupons like a second-class citizen.

        I used to LOVE shopping at Target, but this experience has made me start to rethink my shopping preference. This last trip cost me money instead of saving me money.

        • Sandra

          Well, not much response from Target. Got the canned response stating their coupon policy, and then I called and was told that they can limit quantities so everyone can have a good shopping experience. Although I’m sure if I wasn’t using coupons, they would have had no problem with my buying the items I was buying! GRRR! SOOOOOOOOOOO FRUSTRATING!

          • Niki

            Wow. Sorry to hear. You did the right thing. At least let them know.

    • Nicole C. C

      I have had a few cashiers that look at me like an alien too if I try to give them a target and manf. Q. BUT this past weekend I noticed that in their sales ad that in the top margin of one of the pages.. it reads “We happily accept one manufact and one target Q for any one item” I’m folding that baby up and putting it in my purse! “Happily” — we’ll see how happy the next cashier is when I show him/her that!

    • RebekahNicole05

      I have the same problems with a different Target. I have been told just to call coporate everytime it happens, because it goes on a log for their store and the store manager will not ant that.

  8. Debbie

    You can go back to Scrubbing Bubbles website and put in your alternative email and it will let you print 2 more. I got 4 today with mine and my hubbies emails.

  9. Tara

    my target wont let me use four of the same coupon……they say only one ” like ” coupon per trans

    • RebekahNicole05

      Same here! I have never been to a store in my life that has made me do that. Any deals that you have to buy 2+ of the same items are out the window for me!

  10. sewingsue999

    I was at K-mart yesterday 7/13/2010, an they have scrubbing bubbles refills on sale for $3.99.

  11. carr

    What is a regional coupon?

    • Sandra

      Regional coupons are coupons geared to a specific area. For instance in the Sunday paper, in Chicago you may get a coupon for $4 off an item, yet in the Sunday paper in Seattle you may get a different value coupon or no coupon at all. Hope that helps!

  12. mommy247

    FYI I checked my receipts and on 2 of them target charged me for the $5 gift card!! I bought 4 scrubbing bubbles product
    1-toilet gel $3.94
    1-refill $3.94
    1-2-1 one brush $6.29
    1-extend a clean $6.99
    I used 2 $2/1 n e SB cleaning product
    buy gel get refill free
    buy gel (target Q) get 2-1 free
    $3/1 extend a clean (target)
    $5/1 extend a clean MQ
    $5 gift card coupon
    balance is under zero balance so the computer charges me for the gift card to bring it above zero
    I dont know what the manager did, he said he had to change the price of the $2/1 coupons
    so my balance was zero I did 2 transactions the same and left with 2 $10 giftcards

  13. Mandy

    I usually avoid gift card deals at Target because their system does funky things and I always end up paying more than I should have. I have been charged for gift cards multiple times. I have learned to scrutinize my receipt very carefully before leaving the store and I almost always find a mistake. Often the price on the display is NOT the price they are charging ie: oreos $2.99—always always ring up $3.29 despite what the display case says!!! Beware!!

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