*HOT* $2/1 Smart Balance Milk Coupon!

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Wahoo! Awesome coupons keep popping up tonight! Coupons.com just released a *HOT* new coupon! Head on over here and use zip code 10038 to print a coupon valid for $2/1 Smart Balance Milk, Any One Carton. Plus, you should find a $0.75/1 Smart Balance Milk coupon too! This is a very high value coupon and should make for some inexpensive… possibly FREE milk!

(Thanks, Wild for Wags!)

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  1. debbie

    My page had 2 of the same coupon so I got 4 prints!!

    • Toni

      Me too. I was so excited.

  2. Cassie

    There were 2 $2 which printed twice for a total of 4 $2/1 coupons! Fabulous!

  3. Mitch

    I also had a page with 2 of the same $2 coupon. I am happy to print 4 and use these on the quart size!

  4. KRO

    I printed it in hopes of a sale, this milk runs $3.99-5.29 at the stores around here.

  5. Michelle

    Yes!! This stuff is awesome! Even my hubby finished a glass (the man who has sworn off fat free milk) lol! Thank you Collin!!!

  6. mb

    this has nothing to do with the post but didnt know where else 2 put it so i have a ? has any1 heard of offermatic this is what they say theyre services
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    just wondrering sounds pretty good but not sure any opionions ty

    • Nevin

      I would advise against giving anyone access to your bank account.

    • Amy

      I have an opinion…sounds like a scam as I wouldn’t give ANYONE my debit/credit card information to “track” my purchases. You can do that through your accounts online most times anyway.

    • Anonymous

      I work @ a BANK- NEVER give anyone your debit/ credit card info unless it is a very familiar reputable company you sought out!!! NEVER EVER EVER give out the 3 digit code on the back of your card. This is how they can make a duplicate card.

      My best friend had her identity stolen & over $800 in charges in 2 days. Per the bank/ card rules she was responsible for paying $50 or $100. Ouch!

      Please be careful! (caps are not yelling, just making an important point!) ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Brandy

      lol Not to snark on you but it is those who even question scams like this that keep the scam-artist in business.

      NEVER, EVER give access to you personal financial accounts. NEVER EVER provide personal information including credit card numbers to companies or entities that are not WIDELY KNOWN and considered REPUTABLE.

      When in question – walk the other way.

  7. Hilary

    4 $2 coupons on milk. Lucky day! Now if Publix would just run that B1G1 sale again I will be one happy girl!

    • Krystal

      Yeah, that was awesome! I kept going back because they didn’t have any, and I got quite a few rainchecks outta that one. Time to use them!

    • Smitha

      Yeah! Keeping my fingers crossed.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Takako

    I printed the coupons as same $2/1 coupons previously and I was really excited. Sad to me, I didn’t find the product within 60 miles from my home. I saw them at huge grocery store where about 2 hours away from home. Darn!!

  9. Susan

    I was wondering what stores carry this brand of milk. I don’t know of seeing it at any of the stores I normally shop at.

    • Wendy d

      In my area (NW Ohio) all of the major grocery store carry it ie Giant Eagle, Miejer, and Kroger.

    • secret_agent99

      My Albertsons carries this.

    • Hilary

      Publix and Winn Dixie in Fla.

    • Bet

      I’ve seen it at both Harris Teeter and Kroger.

    • Anonymous

      Shop ‘N Save is the only store who carries it by me but they won’t let you use an IP coupon if it takes off 1/2 the price of the item or more. So if the milk is on sale for $3.00 then you can’t use the coupon or they will adjust down the coupon (but they will hold up the line to get a managers approval) to $1.50 while they pocket the .50 cents and not tell the manufacturer what they are doing.

  10. Natalie Doman

    I’m very excited for this! My Dillons (Kroger affiliate) also had a $2/1 online loadable to your Dillons card which means $4 off! So if you have a Kroger affiliate you might want to check out the online coupons and see if you can load it too. Last week this brand was $3.49 so I’ll end up with overage from the Milk! Woo hoo! Free milk doesn’t come around very often!

  11. TARA

    My HEB had it for $2.99

  12. Christine

    Krogers also had an eCoupon for $2/1. It’s on sale there for $2.99, so with both coupons I scored $1 overage to go towards other items!!!

  13. Christine

    Krogers also had an eCoupon for $2/1. It’s on sale there for $2.99, so with both $2/1 coupons I scored $1 overage to go towards other items. AND I just printed four more $2/1 coupons. Yay!!!

    • Allison

      Do you know which site you found the e coupon on? I just looked through cellfire.com, kroger.com and shortcuts.com and can’t find the one to put on my kroger card. TIA

      • brenda

        I just found the e-coupon on Kroger’s website. They may have different coupons for different areas?

  14. nicole

    this is usually priced at $2.99 at Meijer also comes with a catalina for free milk (which I think has a limit & resets every so often) or $2/1 smart balance milk. Makes this a sweet deal!

  15. Deb

    Last week there were $2.50 Q’s in the inserts.
    This works soooo great for our raincks at Publix! I can do 12 BOGO deals-that’s 24 FREE WITH OVERAGE MILKS!!!

    I just came from my work Publix & got the free with overage Soleil razors. I snatch up all these I can-seems they feature more mens razors on sale than womens-go figure…

    • amy

      I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have an extra Publix raincheck that they won’t be using? I would be willing to trade…I even have Pampers $2 wipes coupons…just email me if you’re interested…


      amy . jim 2003 @ bellsouth . net (remove spaces)

    • Ruth

      Speaking of rainchecks for the milk, I have one from Publix that I just got during the BOGO sale. I am wondering if it can only be used at the store that gave it to me. It’s stamped with their store number and address on the back. Anybody know the Publix policy on these rainchecks?
      BTW, this lactose-free milk is the only milk we can drink and it has a 5-week expiration date on the carton. It is quite yummy and we think the best lactose-free milk product on the market.
      Got milk??? (tee hee hee)

      • Deb

        Nope-I’ve always been able to use them in what ever store I happen to be shopping in at the time.

  16. Tina

    off the subject questions, but does anyone know if there is a discount or promo code out there that can be combined with the $10 off online coupon code for famous footwear??

  17. Shahina

    I have a Publix raincheck too saved from when they were BOGO – woo these 4 coupons will make it freeeee ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Leah Straka

    Does anyone know off hand how much this runs at Giant Eagle or of any cyclical sales that GE usually runs on this?

  19. lorrie

    I also was able to print 4 $2 coupons. I actually have two computers so was able to double that! Thanks so much. I am always amazed that different zip codes have different coupons! Thanks for listing the zip codes with the coupons Collin. It really helps me out. By the way, your site is one of my favs!!

  20. brendans14

    Just a warning to those with seafood allergies…this milk contains fish oil. Ick.

    • Leah

      Does it contain fish oil for the omega-3s? A lot of people take fish oil supplements daily, I don’t think it’s that weird. I’ve also heard it makes your hair and nails nicer (kinda like pre-natals) lol

      • brendans14

        Yes, it does have it for omega-3s. I know lots of people take it for health benefits. Some of us avoid fish oil for the purposes of being vegetarian and/or having sensitivities to it though. This was just a heads up for those folks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Igot5ltlboyz

    Woo-hoo! I didn’t realize there were 2-$2.00 coupons. Thank you ladies!!

    • Shelly

      Thanks Anon!

  22. Lori

    I got the milk at Wegmans. My brother loved it, but I didn’t care for it. Oh well, it was free with the rebate that was in the paper some time ago.

  23. Christina

    LOVE THIS MILK!!! It’s normally $4.59 at my Giant in PA; however it frequently goes on sale for $2.99 so just 99 cents after the coupon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. luckygirl

    Does this milk taste good? Just wondering if it compares to other major brands in taste. I’m picky when it comes to taste – also does it come in Skim – I can’t stand the taste of thick milk 2% or whole. Thanks!!!

    • Nicole

      I think it only comes in skim but could be wrong. I have tried it and did not like it. Too much of an oily consistancy. Sounds like it is better for you though and can’t hurt to try it if you come across a great deal.

      • luckygirl


    • Nicole

      If you purchase the one with the omega – 3’s (blue carton) it smells fishy and I think it tastes weird b/c they use fish oil. However, the one with antioxidants (red Carton)is fine… but warning it tastes creamy like 2% milk even though it’s skim.

    • Hilary

      I tried a 20% coupon I found on retailmnot.com. They won’t let you stack ๐Ÿ™

    • Hilary

      Our store only had the 1% left and we usually drink skim. It was very good. I think more flavorful than even regular 1% actually.

  25. clippergirl56

    I found another $2/1 Smart Balance milk coupon on the Smart Balance site. I was able to print two.

    • liza

      fyi, the coupons from smartbalance.com are smartsource coupons

  26. Laura65

    It will not show the $2.00 coupon???

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