Office Depot Freebies (7/18-7/24)!

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Still need to stock up on school supplies?! If so, you’ll definitely want to head over to Office Depot where you can snag 3 items totally free after rebate this week (Office depot rebates listed below are valid from 7/18-7/24)!

Expo Low-Odor Fine Point Dry Erase Markers, 4pk $5.29
Submit for the $5.29 Mail-In Savings Visa Prepaid Card
Final Cost FREE!
*Limit 1 rebate; limited to in-store purchase.

Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer Pump $4.99
Submit for the $4.99 Mail-In Savings Rebate
Final Cost FREE!
*Limit 5 rebates; limited to in-store purchase.
*Keep in mind that if you submit for 5 mail in savings, then all 5 hand sanitizers MUST be listed on same receipt.

Paper Pro Nano Mini Stapler $3.00
Submit for the $3.00 Mail-In Savings Rebate
Final Cost FREE!
*Limit 1 Rebate.

Deal Scenario:
Buy 1 Expo Low-Odor Fine Point Dry Erase Markers, 4pk $5.29
Buy 4 Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer Pump $4.99
Buy 1 Paper Pro Nano Mini Stapler $3.00
Total $28.25
Use the $10/$25 Office Depot coupon found here
Pay $18.25
Submit for the Expo markers $5.29 Mail-In Savings Visa Prepaid Card
Submit for the Purell $4.99 Mail-In Savings Rebate (will receive $4.99 x 4 back = $19.96)
Submit for the stapler $3.00 Mail-In Savings Rebate
Final Cost FREE + $10 moneymaker! Wahoo! ๐Ÿ˜€

Have you submitted for the Post-It Removable Label/Permanent 3M Label rebate yet? If not, check out this deal scenario below…
Buy 2 Post-It Removable Label Pads 100 count $0.99
(regularly $5.99; no specific limit is stated in ad so be sure to check with your store for more details)
Buy 4 Permanent 3M Adhesive: White Laser Address Labels 750 pack $11.99 each on sale this week Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Total $25.96
Use the $10/$25 Office Depot coupon found here
Pay $15.96
Submit for the $10 mail-in rebate found here
Final Cost $5.96 for everything!

(Thanks, Chi-Town Cheapskate!)

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Comments 72

  1. Couponaholic

    I looked at the Stapler Rebate and the fine print states 1 per household. What do you think?

    • Rita@Chi-Town Cheapskate

      Yes, it states one per household even though the buying limit is 3 – so you’d only get the rebate on one

      • Collin

        Sorry…I misread the Stapler rebate and initially thought that it was a limit of 3 rebates per household. I have since corrected the post to reflect a limit of 1 Stapler rebate per household; I have also updated the deal scenario. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. misti

    ok so I’ve never done office depot before. Do we need a savings or club card or anything? And we do the rebates like any other MIR? We can send in copies of the receipt right? which is why we can do multiple rebates correct?? Thanks for your help!!

  3. Couponaholic

    You can sign up for a Savings Card in store, it is FREE. You can send copies of the reciept.

    • misti

      ok thanks. do i have to have the card to do the rebates? what about this senario?
      4 purell
      1 marker
      use $10/25 and submit for rebates

      $20 in 3m products
      2 staplers
      use $10/25 and submit for rebates

      think that’ll work?

  4. cheryl

    these deals are regional….NOT happening in So. California. ๐Ÿ™

    • misti

      ugh that’s where i am!

      • misti

        do you just mean that the prices are different? I didn’t see anything on the rebate form that says you can’t do it in SO Cal.

    • Cathy

      i used to live in san diego, CA, zip code 92121. i looked up their weekly ad online. on page 3 of the ad, the Expo markers are on sale, free after rebate. i did not see the purell or stapler in the ad though ๐Ÿ™

      • misti

        does it have to be in the ad to get the rebate?

        • Cathy

          you just have to buy the product and submit the forms to get the rebate. i think the expo markers are on sale in southern california (that is why it is in the ad) for $5.29 and the regular price is higher. i am guessing the purell or staplery are just regular price this week. you could still pay the regular price for the purell or stapler and submit the rebates. it won’t be quite as great of a deal as collin stated with the sale price though.

    • Mitchell Wischmann

      I had the same issue in our area, but since the rebate forms are online, I decided to purchase (2) Purell at $4.99 and a stapler at $3.99 and printed out the rebate form.

  5. Sassie

    I’m wondering since each of the rebates require original receipts and they go to different addresses: If you use the $10.00 coupon for the extra savings you only get one receipt. How do you submit for all 3 if you only have 1 original? Does anyone know?

    • Deanna

      It says you can submit copies of the receipt.

      • Mitchell Wischmann

        Be careful…the stapler rebate does not allow copies!

  6. Rita@Chi-Town Cheapskate

    Heads up guys – the stapler rebate is one per household even though buying limit is 3

    • Deanna

      That rebate is worded weird!
      Limit one mail-in savings per household/business.” All qualified items
      must be listed on the same receipt.”

      if it’s only one per household then why would it say this?

      • Craig

        Buy 3 at that price then more would be at a higher price I assume.

  7. michelle

    I am new to coupons and have a child who will be going to K this fall. What price should I be aiming for when it comes to scissors, watercolors, folders, glue sticks and crayons? I keep seeing what seem to be good prices but I am not sure. Thanks for the help!!!

    • Angelia

      The glue should go on sale for a penny, but if you miss those I aim for .25 or less. Scissors are a little different, it depends on if the school is requesting a specific type. I bought my daughter’s last year for .50 and the water colors $1. I was a little late buying the items so this year I should do better. Folders and paper products you should be able to get for under .25 if you watch the adds. I like to use these items as fillers at Walgreens.

      • Angelia

        Remember that Wal-Mart and Target both price match as long as it’s the exact same brand/size.

    • Joy

      Here’s what I try to pay:
      -Crayola crayons you should aim for $.20-$.25. Generic ones you can most likely get cheaper.
      -Scissors $1 or less
      -Watercolors $1-$1.50
      -Glue sticks 5 for $1 (or $.20 each)
      -Folders (basic paper 2-pocket) less than $.20. Sometimes you can get these for $.05 or less.
      -Markers, depends on brand. Washable Crayola markers can be almost $1 or more. Non-washable Crayola can be $1 or less. Generic ones or Rose Art markersmay be cheaper.

      These prices are what I have paid in the last 5-6 years. I have three boys – two are going into 3rd grade and the other 6th grade. And each year it gets more and more expensive because the school supply list gets longer and with bigger items. Sigh. ๐Ÿ™

      That said, sometimes teachers request or prefer specific brands-like only Crayola washable markers. It’s better to just go with the Crayola washable markers if you can swing it because they wash out better than other brands. Last year one of my boys 2nd teacher preferred Twistable crayons and those were not cheap.

      Honestly, you don’t want to use all your gas and time running around town looking for who has stuff the cheapest. Usually it’s only a few cents difference on these smaller items not dollars. If you have more than one kid, however, than a few cents could make a difference though.

      • Joy

        Oops! That should be 2nd grade teacher.

    • Vivian Nichol

      Walmart has great prices on crayons (.25 a box of 24) glue sticks (.25 for two), etc. But hurry, they’ll go fast.

  8. Yolanda

    The stapler at my office depot in San Antonio Tx, scanned $3.99!!

  9. Kimberly

    The link is not working for the post-it rebate ๐Ÿ™

  10. sandi

    I went to office depot today and purchased 4 purell sanitizers, 1 pack of the markers and some paper for my son. They would not let me use the $10 off a purchase of $25 because the cashier said I can’t use a coupon on “free” items. Anyone else have this problem? Is she right and I am wrong? Isn’t that what the scenarios are above? Any ideas?

    • Julie

      The hand sanitizers and markers were not free – you have to submit the rebate to get your money back. What if you weren’t going to submit for the rebate? That doesn’t sound right to me!

    • Becky

      I used the coupon on sanitizer with no problem, ask for the manager or call. They even price match from Office Max, will take Office Max coupons and I found out yesterday they will even take expired coupons as long as it just a couple days not weeks old. I am mailing the rebate today and also using the bar codes and receipt for the free first aid kit from Band Aid.

      • Yola

        I was planning on doing that too, but I’m not sure if it’s going to work!!! Do you know if they are going to say something about summiting 2 different rebates?

  11. Cathy

    in 5/16 sunday newspaper supplement, there was manufacturer’s coupon for $1 off any 2 purell product, expires 7/31/2002. it was on same page as coupons for band-aids, neosporin.

  12. Rebecca

    theoretically, could I buy 26 of the 99cent post-it labels, use the 10/25 or just use 26 of the PDF coupons to make them free?

  13. Mitchell Wischmann

    Post-It Removable Label Pads (100 count) are on sale for $0.99. Use the $1/1 PDF coupon to get them FREE! Even though they are priced at $0.99 and you’re using a $1 off coupon, my cashier pushed them through!

    • Nicole

      That’s what I was wondering… if Office Depot took IP coupons. Thanks!

  14. Maria Cowling

    The staplers and purell are not on rebate in portland

  15. Julie

    I’m not having any luck getting to the rebate forms Collin posted. I’m using a Mac and have had this problem a few times when Collin has posted rebates (though not every time). I’m wondering if it’s because I’m on a Mac instead of a PC. Anyone else having this problem? I’d really like to take advantage of these deals – I’m a teacher, and we can ALWAYS use more dry erase markers and hand sanitizer!

    • Rita@Chi-Town Cheapskate

      Julie the rebates are in a PDF format. Do you have a PDF reader on your mac? I’m not familiar with Macs but I think you may have to have adobe acrobat reader to open a PDF.

      If you don’t have it see if you can download acrobat…and see if there is a different version for Macs.

      • Julie

        I do have a PDF reader for Mac (called Preview), which normally works without a problem. But, I did just download Adobe Acrobat Reader, and was able to get those on-line PDFs. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • Kristie

      When I went this morning the register actually printed out rebate forms for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Confused

    Sorry, I’m a bit confused. If I buy, say, 3 Purell, and receive 3 mail-in savings forms from the register ….do I have to send it in 3 different envelopes? Or do I just put all three forms into one envelop?

    • Rita@Chi-Town Cheapskate

      I’ve read that they suggest sending rebates in seperate envelopes, even like items like purell…however it certainly does not specify that in the fine print of their rebate forms.

      I think I’m going to call Office Depot tomorrow and have them clarify!

      • Alana

        If you happen to call tomorrow, can you post the reply? I rather send them in one envelop than more if it can be helped ..I’m running out of stamps! And thank you for your scenario revolving around the Post-Its!

    • letssave

      My rebate form says “All qualified items must be listed on the same receipt.” for the Purell.
      I didn’t know until I read it that I could buy more.
      So it should be only one mailing for all three.

  17. Yolanda

    We have two macs and I don’t have trouble with the rebates on one mac on the other one is a different thing because we downloded the new upgrades for it and it doesn’t work well anymore. I cannot print coupons from target’s website with safari. We have tried firefox but it doesn’t work either!!! So I don’t download new upgrades with the one that it’s working perfectly!! Maybe that’s the problem with your computer.

  18. Molly

    the 10/25 coupon printed really huge, is it really supposed to take up a full sheet of paper?

    • Jen

      Mine was and I redeemed it without any problems.

  19. misti

    i went this afternoon and got 4 purell’s @$4.99 and 1 expo marker @$5.29. Used the $5/$25 and it worked perfectly. Paid $16 something OOP and will submit the rebates! Thanks Collin!

  20. Jodi

    I am wanting to know if you have a walk-through on how to do Staples and Office Depot Rebates? I have tried reading it but am still really confused… Please help.

    • Craig

      Well, I can tell you from this OD mir ordeal, that Staples is sooooooooo simple you will love it! Just follow instructions on the receipt. You basically go to their website, fill in some info they request, and BAM! your done! Print off your confirmation set it aside in an envelope w/ all those receipts (lol, there is a few!) and hold till you get your MIR. Then pitch em after they come in. -Well recylce them I mean!. This OD is a nightmare compared to Staples IMHO!!! Staples rocks when it comes to this! HTH ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. janine

    hello i haven’t done any office depot rebates in the past.. just staples.. is the “mail in savings” sent like a check? or do you have to use it like cash in the store?thanks!

  22. Melissa

    The manager/cashier at my local store didn’t know about the purell rebate, and it doesn’t print at the register. They were also completely out of the post-its on sale and the ink I needed. Not a great trip, but did get the markers.

  23. Angelia





    • Anonymous

      thanks for the info…just what I needed to know – bummer though that you can’t just send in one envelope for the # of purell that you bought…not good business if you ask me! Staples is SO much easier!

  24. Molly

    on the purell rebates it says “all qualified items must be listed on the same receipt”, so why would you send it in 5 separate envelopes? I bought 4, following Collin’s senario, but I quess I could have bought one more. Now I’m wondering if I bought another, and mailed it seperately if I would get the rebate.

  25. Yola

    Does anybody know if I can summit the purell rebates from office depot and also summit it for the johnson and johnson mail-in kit? I’m just wondering because I still have that rebate and it expires at the end of this month, thanks’

  26. Yola

    Same question as Molly, I would like to buy two more since I bought only three.

  27. Heather

    I just bought 5 of the hand sanitizers but they did not have anything on or near them mentionin the mail in rebates, should I be worried? Also, should I submit 5 different rebates or can I do them all in one envelope with one receipt?

  28. Cathy

    Does Office Depot have a coupon policy? especially in regard to combining with a rebate?
    I bought 1 expo markers and 4 purell. i gave cashier my $10 off $25 purchase office depot coupon. Then I used 2 purell manufacturer’s coupons buy 2 get $1 off. Cashier didn’t know what to do with them. The store manager said that I was already getting the items free because of the rebate and refused to scan my coupons. I said that the items would be free only if I chose to submit for the rebates, and that action is up to me. Office Depot will be reimbursed by the manufacturer for using their coupons. The manufacturer’s coupons appeared in the newspaper in May, and Office Depot knows the coupons exist. It is up to Office Depot to decide what items to place on sale, if they wish to offer rebates on items, and if they want to offer coupons good on anything in the store. Can I not combine a store coupon and manufacturer’s coupon at Office Depot? I tried looking at the website but did not find a coupon policy there. I would appreciate if someone could post a link to their coupon policy. Thanks.

  29. Abby

    Successful experience! I really appreciate everyone’s comments because it made this whole scenario go much smoother.

    1) I bought four sanitizers @ $4.99 each.
    2) I bought one stapler which actually rang up @ $3.99 here in Florida.
    3) I bought one set of markers @ $5.29
    4) I used my $10 off $25 (printed it off the computer in black & white–no problems)
    5) Total spent in store with tax = $20.68
    6) I called 1-800-517-9245 to make sure I sent my printed rebate forms correctly each in SEPARATE ENVELOPES (yes, all four sanitizers had to be sent separately, dadgummit)
    7) I spent $2.64 in stamps ($.44 x 6)
    8) Total savings from future rebates= $4.93

    Yes, it may not be as good as I was originally hoping, but then again, that’s $4.93 I didn’t have before! And I’m totally grateful Office Depot, etc. were willing to give us this deal. I’m not going to argue over free stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. jenny

    If i printed the rebate forms off of my computer; will I be ok sending these rebatesin; even though the sale in not in my area flyer in Ohio?

    • TARA

      I’m wondering the same thing. I’m in texas and there is no mention of rebate in my flyer.

      • Craig

        See my post #33 below to all you (and myself) asking this before I called to confirm. Its “all systems go!” ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Kate

    Not a moneymaker! Just called Office Depot and they said the rebate will be the amount _after_ your coupon…blah.

  32. Craig

    Ok so I just called the same number listed above (1.800.517.9245) and talked to Cory there.

    Now my store here in W.MI didnt have any info on the receipt or in the store about the Purell and the Nano stapler MIRs. So I asked Cory if I had the PDF found online for those items if that would work….”YES”. Told him I thought maybe it might be a regional deal or what? He said “As long as you have access to those PDF’s you can use those or the receipt ones”. Sooo that covers these items I didn’t get any info on the receipt. The only one on my receipt was for the Expo markers btw. So I guess all is now good again!! Woohoo.

    Oh!, I also asked him about the Purel ordeal being mailed in one or seperate envelopes. He told me “ONE would work just as fine as seperate”. Totally diff. answer than post above. This “one” envelope is of course IF ALL PURELL are on same receipt. So you can mail it either way if you want. Seperate for sure if you bought them seperately. If not and its all on one, they will except the MIR either way he said. Wheeew!.

    HTH! and sure glad these other items I got were covered! Thought I only was getting 1 MIR. Sweeeeeet.Oh one more thing, the nano stapler here was $3.99 btw.

    • jenny

      Thanks Craig for the info!

      • Craig

        Not a problem. GL!

  33. TARA

    I see the expo markers on the bottom of page 3 of the flyer, but where are the purell and stapler advertised at?

    • Anonymous

      Tara, see post 33. also note folks: the stapler needs the og. receipt! all the rest can use copies. as noted by somebody else earlier.

  34. Katy

    I just went to Office Depot in an attempt to snap some Post-It stuff. While I was unable to get what I went for (they never have the things I want to buy in stock) I did get a pretty sweet deal on a Post-it Notes Cube. They were marked down to $2.92 each but rang up $.01 each! They didn’t even charge me. This is obviously some kind of system glitch so if you’re heading to Office Depot see if your store has them! They’re the pink, green, orange and purple 1 7/8 x 1 7/8 2 packs.

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