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Don’t you think a nice arrangement of fresh flowers can brighten just about anyone’s day?! If I could afford it, I would honestly send flowers to my loved ones AND myself (yes, it’s true…I would even splurge on myself) on a weekly basis. Staring at a beautiful bouquet of colorful flowers lifts my mood and makes it impossible not to smile. And I’m not the only one in the family who loves flowers…I remember picking flowers for my mom as a kid (honestly, more often than not it was a combination of weeds and grass), excitedly presenting them to my mom, and then jumping with delight as she carefully placed my arrangement in a small flower pot on the windowsill. Even now, all grown-up (well, kinda πŸ˜‰ ) with 3 kids of my own, I still love to give my mom flowers.

Not only is my mom a wonderful grandma (aka “Mimi”) to my kids, but she is honestly the most kind, genuine, and hard-working person that I know. I recently returned from a 10 day trip to my mom’s house…she was up at dawn with the kids, pre-planned and cooked all the meals, arranged endless activities for all the grandkids, and the list goes on and on. In my mind, she definitely deserved some really nice flowers as a thank you. Since we live on opposite ends of the country and I am no longer able to pick beautiful arrangements of my own and present them to her in person, I opted to order flowers online through They were nice enough to send me over a gift card to try out their services.  I picked out the Handbag of Blooms arrangement (check out the picture of this adorable arrangement above…thanks for the pic, mom!) and arranged for next day flower delivery.

The following day (i.e. the day that the flowers were scheduled for delivery), I received a phone call from the local florist who was processing my mom’s order. The florist had discovered that my mom lived quite a ways out of town and was not willing to deliver the arrangement. Aaaaahhh, I hate when that happens…the florist assured me that she would let know about this and that would then find another local florist who was willing to make the delivery. Well, hours passed and I heard nothing more, so I made the assumption that my Handbag of Blooms arrangement was on its way to my mom’s house….WRONG! No flowers ever arrived for my mom. Being the take charge hip2saver that I am, I immediately called the following day and was connected to the most respectful and friendly customer service representative. Not only did she immediately apologize for the apparent miscommunication between the local florist and, but she insisted that my entire order be refunded AND she arranged for my mother to receive her arrangement that same day. She even personally called me back to assure me that she had spoken directly with the local florist to confirm the order. Needless to say, the next time that I send flowers (or my hubby does…hint, hint πŸ˜‰ ), I will honestly head right over to simply because their customer service is outstanding. And the flower arrangements not bad either…right, mom? πŸ˜€

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  1. Angie

    I have used 1800 flowers before and I like their service, sometimes their shipping can be a bit much though. Woulld be great to get a special discount for Hip2Save readers. ; )

  2. Katie Russell

    I have uese 1800 flowers several times over the years with a few similar mishaps like you had but the customer service was OUTSTANDING! Its ok for people to make mistakes but its what you do to fix them for your customers that makes the biggest difference!

  3. Dawn

    Such pretty flowers!!

  4. Rita

    i bought a bunch of candy last Valentines with the 1-800 flower promotion on them. Gave candy as gift..when it came to honoring the promo…they said tough …we cancelled it…I dont buy stuff from companies that dont stand behind their own marketing. If you didnt want people taking peelies, which is what happened apparently, they should have put them inside the box.

    • sandra

      I agree!!!!!!!! I had several of those with the intent of purchasing an arrangement for a shower I was giving for a friend and when the time arrived ……no dice. I will never order flowers from a company that will not honor their policy.

    • Sarah

      Me too! Because of that and a previous incident where they were a day late and completely rude and unwilling to refund me for a delivery I will never order from this company again. I’d much rather go through the local florist directly where they take some pride in their work.

    • Lacey

      I had them same problem! It’s like you have store credit that they won’t let you use because of their mistake! STUPID!!

    • vlasta

      I had a peelie from buying V-day chocolate for my DH. He was in Texas (TDY) and was down on his spirit, so I decided to send him some flowers and use the peelie. I tried the code, it said it does not exist, so I called them up. They said I have to send the UPC from the box and the receipt, then they will reimburse me back. That is just nuts! So I went with PROflowers (just because I was so mad) and my DH got an amazing, gorgeous set of 24 red roses. He said he was so impressed with how gorgeous they were and how they were packed, that he will never use any other company but them. 1800 flowers to me = bad taste in my mouth! Because they did not honor their coupon.

  5. aussielloyd

    It seems always frustrating and irritating at the time, when an order doesn’t go right, but when customer service steps up and makes things right (with an added bonus) it seems to make all that frustration melt away! I know with all the Staples online deals I was very frustrated and they ended up refunding me the $$ and giving me a $45 dollar e-gift card! I know I will be more incline to shop with them again since customer service was not only very understand, kind, and, apologetic, but they went above and beyond to make things right! That is what customer service is all about, which you seem to see less and less of these days!

  6. Christina

    I much prefer ProFlowers. They ship directly same day from their own gardens instead of going through 3rd party vendors. They too have excellent customer service. And if you order from them they will send you a 15% off your next order code! πŸ™‚

  7. cjs

    That is great that they corrected & compensated you for their error….it is hard to find companies that will do that on a consistent basis nowadays. On a side note…you are very lucky to have a mom like that πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend.

  8. Lacey

    I had a horrible experience with them….I doubt I will use them again (unless it’s a GREAT deal!) I bought a whole bunch of those boxes of chocolates at valentine’s day and I planned on using them throughout the year since they didn’t expire until december. Well when i went to use them for Mother’s Day they wouldn’t let me use them unless I had a receipt from buying them…..that was 3 months before!! I talked to managers and there was “nothing they could do.” So upset and frustated with them. I wrote emails and called and they did nothing to help me.
    But glad you had a good experience!

  9. tracy

    Have had awful experiences with 1-800-flowers…..i would not use them again.

  10. Crissy

    I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with 1800 flowers. On two separate occasions my orders weren’t delivered & I had to place numerous calls to get the issue corrected. They didn’t so much as offer me $1 off. After the 2nd time I vowed I’d never use them again.

    This is not at all intended to be negative towards Colin…I don’t think it could be read that way, but wanted to make sure I said it. If I was a customer service rep & received a call from a blogger after giving them a gift card to try out our services & we’d scrwd up, I’d be falling all over myself to fix it & make sure they walked away with a great impression of the company too. Of course they want your write up to be a positive one. Nice try 1800 flowers, but I’m not fooled.

    • Anonymous

      You certainly hit the nail on the head….they wouldn’t have responded to the “non-bloggers” so positviely…happened to me in the past

    • anon

      Agreed 100%!!

  11. Sandy

    I think Collin had trouble with them during that promotion too…she posted this on February 9th-

    NEW UPDATE: I am pretty frustrated with I purchased 2 boxes of Harry London chocolate yesterday evening and of course, got home and was very disappointed. I went to enter my codes online and as you all know, they no longer work. The whole reason I bought this chocolate was to use the codes, so it’s pretty annoying when they pull promos like this. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I am in the same boat as lots of you… frustrated and annoyed!

    I think all companies have good moments and bad moments…but it’s worth giving them another try if they don’t have a history of repeated bad service. A friend of mine refuses to shop at the Children’s Place because she had one bad incident…and I’ve had nothing but great service from them. She’s missing out on great deals by giving up after one bad time. Not to say it isn’t frustrating when you’re on the end missing out. I myself am pretty annoyed with Sara Lee right now because they ran out of those Toy Story plates…but I’ll just be quicker next time I guess.

  12. Jennifer

    That’s great that they fixed the issue, but what if it was someone’s birthday or special occassion and the flowers just never showed?? It’s hard to make the same impression when it’s a day or more late…

  13. Karen B.

    In defense of 1800Flowers, my cousin works in the marketing dept. at their headquarters in Long Island and have never had a problem with arrangements I have ordered.

  14. michelle

    I had a very frustrating incident a few months back. I ordered some roses for my mother – who is recently divorced and having a hard time. She got the flowers with a card that had the message COMPLETELY wrong! It was obviously a message from a man to a woman. It had my mothers name on it and a very sexy message on it. So – of course, my mom knew it was the wrong card – she called 1800 flowers to find out who the flowers were from (she didn’t know they were from me. They apologized and when she asked for the correct message – she got ANOTHER wrong message! This time it was something about a birthday. (Which it was NOT her birthday). My mom finally called me and asked me if I knew anything about these flowers. I told her they were from me and I, myself called 1800 flowers to get this straightened out. It was just a completely rediculous situation. Then the flowers ended up dying within 2 days – which is just very cheap in my opinion. NOT happy with this company!

  15. LaShaun

    My husband and I have ordered from them a few times and everything has always been delivered timely. Their flowers seem to stay beautiful longer too for some reason. I would like to see more coupons or incentives to purchase during these hard. As was mentioned in the blog, flowers always seem to give a person a smile.

  16. Marie

    I had nothing but problems everytime I used 1-800-flowers in the past and when the people actually got the flowers (and I saw them) I felt ripped off. They must have improved customer service because they were nasty to me (this has been maybe 5 years ago). I use ProFlowers now. If there is any problem they send another set of flowers free of charge along with an apology. They’re great!

  17. Angie

    Pro Flowers is great and their prices seem more reasonable too.

  18. Meg

    Nothing but problems here, either. My step mom spent over $100 on roses for my 21st birthday. She called me to see if I had gotten them on Saturday (supposed to be delivered THURSDAY) because I hadn’t said anything. I said no. She called and they told her they would make a special delivery on Sunday for me. Oh, I got them on Sunday alright. 3 hours after they called and told me they were 5 minutes away. Oh, and the flowers that were supposed to be delivered on Thursday. They were pretty much dead from the May heat. It was ridiculous and they were rude when she called back. I have used ProFlowers since. Can’t say I had great experiences with them either, good customer service but the flowers I sent were also dead when the recipients got them.

  19. Dawn W

    I Love 1800 flowers, I bought my wedding flowers there, and my maid of honor put them together. They have a rewards program you earn certificates with each purchase. For the price of one bouquet at a local florist I got 54 roses with filler! I earned a $20 certificate for buying $120 worth of flowers, with free shipping! Then after my wedding I purchased a $20 gift with free shipping, and only paid tax as a thank you gift to a friend!

  20. Melissa Mac

    I bought my mom some lillies from them and my mom said they just kept blooming! High quality!

  21. Jill

    We received some flowers from and they were all messed up. We will never order from them, and neither will the person who sent them. They did refund the money spent on them, so I guess they do have good customer service.

  22. Carolyn

    I didn’t have any positive or negative feelings about – I don’t think I’ve ever used them before. That changed when I saw them on the Undercover Boss show (I think that’s the name of the show). It was all fine and good for most of it – the Boss was actually not the main guy you see on the commercials, but his brother (a COO or something similar – a big head of the company). He was doing a good job, but then his brother (the guy from the commericals) came into the store where he was undercover and was a JERK about him!! There were other instances in the show, too, that just showed NO respect from the one brother (from the commercials) of his non-commericals brother. Our family is VERY pro-family, and we are huge supporters of encouraging and sticking up for your family. I just couldn’t support a company with such little regard to siblings and families. So while I’ve never purchased from them before, I will not now either.

  23. Diane L.

    I had a bad experience with 1-800-flowers a couple of years ago (poor customer service!), and I decided never to buy from them again. But then I won a $100 gift certificate from them in a sweepstakes, so I decided to give them another try. I’ve ordered 3 times since then with absolutely no problems. Perhaps they have improved over time!

  24. cyndi jackson

    I use 1-8-00 flowers alot for friends in the hospital, birthdays and for deaths. I had a similar experience once where the flowers were not delivered when they were suppose to be. When I called they made sure the order was delivered, and credited my account for the amount paid. They apologized purfusely. Working in customer service I know things can happen, and the most we can expect is respect and resolution.

  25. anon

    We’ve always had a bad experience with 1800 flowers..

    1. The arrangement is never looks like what you pick out from the site.
    2. My Hubby ordered flowers for our 7th wedding anniversary they assured him they would arrive.. When they didn’t he called them and said delivery was up till 6pm… Hmm most of us only work till 5 pm. He had mentioned specificaly that I worked till 4:30 pm.. This was the second time they messed up.

    We will never use this service again!

  26. Jess

    Sadly, I also have had a bad experience with 1800Flowers. I ordered an arrangement to be delivered to my husband on our honeymoon. I paid extra to guarantee shipping in the morning (I think by 2pm, but I don’t remember anymore). After the time had passed when they should have arrived, I called customer service and they said that the florist had tried to deliver the flowers and that there was no answer at the door. I said that was impossible since I had been awake since 7am and sitting in the living room (where the front door was located) of our rental. They said that they would make some phone calls and get back to me. Two hours later I called them back and they said that the florist would “try again” (they didn’t seem to understand that the florist must have been lying to them, had the wrong address or was a very light knocker since there was no knock on the door previously heard) in the next hour. About two hours later the flowers arrived, sans the balloon I paid an extra $5 for. A few minutes later there’s another knock at the door with the balloon. Technically, he did get the balloon, but that’s like giving someone a birthday present and then a card the next day; it’s just not the same. I asked to be refunded the early delivery fee and half of the cost of the balloon. They refused to refund me any money whatsoever since the florist said that they tried to deliver on time and the balloon eventually arrived. They didn’t seem to understand that flowers are often ordered for special occasions and when you mess up the flower order, you ruin part of a special occasion. I think that Collin’s experience of the flowers not showing up was pretty typical and being refunded was very atypical. I, personally, won’t be doing business with them again.

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