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Reader, Misty, emailed to let us know she was chosen to host a Splenda House Party! She received all the goodies above FREE to help make her party a success! How cool is that?! Have you been chosen to host a House Party recently? Let us know in the comment section. I love hearing about readers getting to host these fun parties!

Now what are you waiting for? Go test your luck and see if you can host one of these upcoming House Parties:

*My Thai Kitchen House Party

*Beyblade Let It Rip House Party

*CAPRI SUN 100% Fun House Party

*KRAFT HOMESTYLE Comfort Food House Party

If you’re wondering what a House Party is..
Well, a House Party is thousands of parties across the country, hosted by people like us. Each event is sponsored by a leading brand (such as Sargento) and focuses on something cool that the sponsor wants its best fans to experience firsthand and share with their friends. Basically a House party let you share the products you like with all your friends, free of charge! Companies love to promote these type of events because it spreads the word about their products.

What free stuff will you receive?
That all depends on the specific brand your throwing the party for. Each brand has their own unique Party Pack filled with all kinds of free stuff to make your party a success!

If your interested, follow these steps to start applying:
First go on over here to sign up to be on the mailing list. They will email you all the new, free and exclusive House Parties you can host as they become available. Next click over here to look at all the upcoming House Party events. When applying you will be asked a series of questions to make sure you’re a good fit for the House Party. That’s it! Now you just wait to see if you’re one of the lucky chosen that gets to host one of these FUN & FREE events!

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Comments 98

  1. Erin

    I was picked for the Boboli party. I signed up for House Party after reading about it in one of your posts. THANKS!!!

    • mary

      me too!!!! my first party I can’t wait!

    • Lucinda

      Me too! I am super excited. The box of goodies is supposed to arrive today at my house~ I can’t wait to get home from work to see it!

      • aussielloyd

        ditto! I have also hosted the “Green Party” which was White Cloud T.P. and Paper towels and the Febreeze one! I totally love these house parties! it is so cool to have a party where there is no obligation, nothing to buy, no sales pitch, no pressure to buy, nothing to sign up for, and just have FREE stuff & a good time!

    • Jennifer

      Me too! I must be crazy, cause I was due yesterday. But I’m pushing mine back to the end of August anyway.

    • Kira G

      I was picked too but was out of town and didn’t sign up fast enough so I missed it ๐Ÿ™ Maybe to next one but I am excited what comes with the package so please send a pic!

      • Tomoko

        Me too. I got picked but I wasn’t quick enough… I missed this splenda party.

    • Barbara

      Me three, I gt picked for Boboli. It is going to rock! My stuff should be here Friday.

      • Karla

        I got chosen for the Boboli House Party as well. This is my first party and I am very excited to have this opportunity. Thanks Collin for letting us all know about this cool site.

    • Anonymous

      I was also picked for the Boboli House Patry Can’t wait to see my stuff!

      • danielle

        I was chosen also for the boboli party!! My package just arrived and I cannot wait to host my party!! My neighbor won the febreeze party and her next door neighbor won the dj hero party!! Don’t give up if you haven’t won yet b/c it will definitely happen!!

    • Rachel

      I was picked for the Boboli party too!! My first one. My package is coming today!!!

    • Melissa

      me too! This is my 2nd one!

    • Steph P.

      I got picked for the Boboli party too! I am soooo excited. I got my stuff in the mail today. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. julie

    Fun! I got chosen to host the boboli party. I got an email yesterday saying my package is on its way im excited : )

    • Melissa

      I jsut got mine today!

      • Julieanne28

        I received mine today as well! I can’t wait to grill bbq chicken pizza yummy!!

  3. Heather

    I’m doing the Splenda party also!! YEAH!!

    I got an email from Kraft today and I signed up for 2 other parties … keeping fingers crossed!

  4. Jackie

    I got chosen for the Rubbermaid Clean Little Secrets Party!

  5. Alea

    I did the Red Baron pasta & pizza party a few months ago!

  6. Amanda

    I was chosen last week for the Rubbermaid Reveal Party. This is my first party I cant wait, I LOVE to clean and this is the perfect party for me to host. Thanks to your site I learned what Houseparty was all about

    • Denise

      Me too! I can’t wait to see what’s all in the box! I’m actually combining it with my sons 1st birthday party…I’m sure there will be plenty of cake to clean up off the floor ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Dawn

        One mop with refill bottle and 2 extra pads for the host. pens, hair ties, recipes cards and $3 cpns for the guests. I got chosen for this party as well. I was hoping that all my guests would recieve a mop too, but just the host. I’m excited, and its my first.

        • Mary

          I got chosen for this too! I was hoping guests would get more than whats announced on the site. Still keeping fingers crossed!

    • bchristina08

      I got picked for this party too! Can’t wait !!!

  7. Tallymomma

    I got the Boboli party and my package should be here today! I am super excited to try out the grilled pizza. These parties are so much fun!

  8. Christa Holt

    I was chosen for the Boboli party! package is gonna be at my house today! im so excited! i applied for the Kraft one and Capri Sun! My kids would be so happy if i was selected for the Capri sun! that is really their favorite drink.

  9. Michelle

    I am hosting my first House Party…The Ultimate Block Party for Play Station 3 this August 21st! I have been selected to host the new PS3 game system, similar to WII, that will be out in the Fall! I can’t wait! The party will include 3 games, controllers and a camera for the PS3 system that I will be able to keep…months before they are available at the stores! I am so excited! Keep entering to host parties…it’s the real deal!

    • Dawn W

      I was also chosen to host the Ultimate Block Party by Playstation. As excited as I am, I know that my boys are much more excited. Being the first of your friends to play a game – a game that won’t even be out until Christmas – totally awesome (their words, not mine)!!!

      • JenR

        I was chosen to host the Ultimate Block party too.I am so excited this is my first party. Thanks Collin for posting the information about hosting the parties.

    • Denise

      I was also chosen to host this party. My kids can’t wait. This is the first house party for me. I love to throw parties, so this is right up my alley.

  10. Brenda

    I keep applying, but have not yet been picked. Reading all your posts makes me very sad, but congrats to all you guys! Have fun!

    • aussielloyd

      Don’t give up! keep trying!!!

    • Olivia Smith

      Me either…but I keep trying. I just wonder if my answers are not what they are looking for like the amount of guests and if you try new products and stuff like that….hmmm

      • Becky

        I wonder the same thing! I’ve applied for at least 5 different ones and have been turned down for each one. So I am also wondering about answers to certain questions and if maybe that is why.

  11. mamatojj

    I hosted the Ball canning party. It was awesome! Since then, I’ve been busy canning all kinds of things. At the party we did salsa and strawberry jam (with store bought ingredients since they weren’t available at the farmer’s market yet). After the party I’ve made, strawberry jam with fresh-picked strawberries, berry cherry jam, cherries in wine, cherry relish, and a ton of pickles!

    I’m also going to be hosting the Boboli party! ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Amy

    Has anyone actually done one of the parties before? What exactly is involved? Is it like a Tupperware party? Do people have to buy stuff or you just invite people over and share the product?

    • Amanda

      That’s the great thing about it. Your guests don’t have to purchase a thing! The company sends you an amazing party package. I did the Febreze party last month and I got all sorts of goodies. I was able to give all of my guests free Febreze products and coupons. You just invite some friends over and enjoy the products!

      • Amy

        They don’t send a host to make sure you actually have the party? LOL Seems strange. But I’ll try it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

        • Rita

          i had a rep show up unanounced to verify we had the party…its random

          • Aneta

            Really? They didn’t state that anywhere, I would think it’d be in the privacy policy?

          • Ashton

            If I had a stranger show up at my home, I’d first call the cops then file a complaint with BBB.Thats ridicuolous!! It didnt state ANYWHERE that some weirdo can come to your home at anytime. Makes me a little freaked out to even have a party.

          • Lynette

            They should state it, but it does seem fair since they are giving things out on the honor system that people will have the party.

          • busy one

            I hosted a Febreeze Party and it did say somewhere in the fine print that a representative might come to you home. You also had to agree that they could film, etc.

  13. Kristy

    I keep entering but still have not been chosen i must not live int he right area oh well i will keep entering in hopes that someday i will get chosen

  14. Kari C

    I’d like to know how many people ACTUALLY host parties, LOL! I’d just keep the stuff for myself ๐Ÿ˜‰ Congrats to all the winners!!

    • Kira G

      Maybe this isn’t something you should sign up for then.

      • Rita

        Not a good idea…they audit these..and can show up to make sure there is a party

        • Kari C

          LMAO @ “audit these”!! Seriously?!!? That’s sooooo funny. Here’s a thought … don’t answer the door.

  15. Michelle Davis Keen

    I’ve been applying for these house parties and have yet to be accepted to one. Is there a catch to it? Must you live in a certain area?

    • Melinda P

      I’ve now been rejected 10 times in a row. I’ve done 2 since I started applying a good while ago, but I don’t know what the “key” is to being picked (obviously, LOL).

  16. Scrap Gal

    I’m curious if the company does some kind of follow up or asks you for a list of names of the people you invite. I think my friends might worry that they are getting signed up for some sort of mailing lists or get unwanted phone calls.

    • aussielloyd

      NOPE! The only thing they ask is if your guest will fill out a 2 minute survey online, but that is all- and it’s optional! I have hosted almost 3 parties (3rd one is in 2 weeks) and NONE of my guest have been contacted that filled out the survey! House Parties ROCK!! LoVe ThEm!

  17. Karen

    I was chosen to host a Boboli party and the package from Houseparty should be arriving today. I had never heard about Houseparty until I read one of your posts. I was starting to get discouraged because I applied to over two dozen parties but was never chosen and then finally they selected me. I can’t wait for this party ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. sabrina

    whoa thats a lot of splenda!

  19. SabrinaG

    I was picked last month for the Febreeze party which was awesome and then I also got the Boboli pizza party this month just received my package today!I love Houseparty and so do all my friends. Its a great way to try new products especially when looks sometimes can be deceiving when it comes to something you think your gonna love you get it and cant beleive you bought it….lol

  20. kossori

    I was chosen for the Boboli house party. My package is set to arrive tomorrow. I have previously been chosen and hosted parties for the Febreze and Breyers Ice Cream. These things are so much fun and an awesome way to get to try out products. Your friends don’t get signed up for unwanted mailing lists or phone calls. Its simple, easy and best of all FREE! And who among us doesn’t like free??? LOL

  21. Cori

    I am hosting a DJ Hero party this Saturday. I was so excited to be selected because I’ve applied for tons of parties in the past and was starting to get discouraged.

    I created a series of posts on Making Cents of It about the experience. So if you’ve never been selected to host a party, check it out to learn about the process and experience. Just sort for the posts and you’ll find it. Only the “before the party” post is up so far, but there will also be “during the party” and “after the party” posts to complete the series.

  22. kristie

    I’m hosting an Oscar Mayer Thrill of the Grill party this Saturday!

    • kristie

      I’m hoping for awesome weather too!

  23. Stephanie

    I signed up after reading your post as well and was chosen to host the Ultimate Block Party for the Playstation Move on 8/21/10. My package has not arrived yet but we are super excited to have been chosen for this party. My husband and son are both gamers so they are going nuts!

    • ajers

      I got choosen to host that party too we are all excited that was only the second party I applied for and got it!!

  24. KIm

    I don’t think location matters. I got picked for the Oscar Meyer Thrill of the Grill party and I live in a small town in the middle of no where.

    They don’t send a rep to your house, but it would take a great deal of time for someone to “fake” one. You have to use their website and send out invites for all your guests to different e-mail addresses. Then your guests have to log on and RSVP. And after the party, everyone is sent a survey they are supposed to submit back.

  25. Ruthann

    I was chosen to host a Boboli Pizza Backyard BBQ party! My box arrived today!

    • Karissa

      Same here! We just opened up the package and will host the party in two weeks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • AMY

      me to!! got mine today and was very shocked to see everything inside!

  26. Tina S

    I’m hosting a Splenda party this weekend. It was the first one I signed up for and the package they sent has some really awesome stuff in it (all the stuff in the picture that was posted above). I can’t wait to give out the goodie bags to all the guests and have fun!

  27. Jennifer

    I hosted the Febreze party!!!! I got an apron and lots of great smelling goodies!!!! My house still smells great! I just signed up for the capri sun party. I didn’t get the boboli or splenda! Oh, well, I’m having a great time anyway!

  28. Melissa

    I was pleasantly surprised about a month ago to find a box for me to host a YoBaby/Seventh Generation party. I got coupons for free yogurt and a TON of high value coupons for my friends.

  29. Rebecca

    I”ll be hosting a boboli party and I’m more excited than I should be. I can’t wait to try all sorts of BBQ pizzas with my friends – for FREE!!! Thank you for posting about these. I won an iPod from Sobe because you posted about their game. I check your blog multiple times a day now.

  30. Mari

    Oh, so you don’t have to send in pix or contact info? I wanted to do it, but some of my friends might not want they children’s pictures out there and I didn’t want to have them feel like I was using them (their pictures, info etc) to get free stuff (even if they got free stuff too). So I can just host a get together/party, give them their stuff, without making them be in pictures or have to ask for their permission to send contact info or something?

    • MommySpendsLess

      That’s what I was wondering too…

      I would love a more in-depth post and/or comments about what you actually have to do for these parties. Like: Do you have to have your party on a certain day or just within a certain time frame (like 30 days)? Do you HAVE to provide pictures, or do they just want you to? How many people do they usually want you to have over? What if something comes up and some of your guests that RSVPed can’t make it?

      And by the time you provide the food and drinks for the get together, aren’t your free goodies going to end up costing you a bundle? I know we all stock pile, shop sales, etc. but it seems like I still end up spending at least $50 on party food, even when we just have all the relatives over.

      • Elizabeth Fox

        I have never had anyone come to the party to check and make sure I was having a party and I have had quite a few friends do these houseparty’s too and never had it happen to them either.

      • Elizabeth Fox

        They have a certain day set for the parties, but they allow you to change the date if for some reason their’s doesn’t work for you. I have never posted pictures of the parties I have done. I usually have about 5-9 people over for these parties but I have had a few times where only 3 people made it. The two parties I did supplied me with most of the food for the party by giving me coupons for free product. For example.. when I hosted the digornio pizza party i got quite a few coupons for FREE pizzas and houseparty also supplies the plates and napkins. So all i had to do was supply drinks.

      • Melissa

        I have not typically hosted on the day they sent but usually within a week. I do post pictures but sometimes it is just of the food or the favors (the stuff they send). Sometimes I include pics of people.
        I have never had a rep come out though it does ask if you are willing o have a media person come out.
        You can really spend as much or as little on these as you want. You can combine it with other things already going on in your life. The point is to get the product in the hands of consumers. I have handed to the items out to people who could not make it to the party when i see them. I think it is important to maintain the integrity of the House Party concept.

  31. Angelique

    I applied for the thai and kraft one, I hope I get picked for one..sounds really fun and my gal pals would love it! Thanks for the heads up

  32. Aliza

    I hosted the Febreeze party. It was so much fun! They sent so much stuff and my guests couldn’t believe that they could just keep the stuff!! My house smells amazing! I can’t wait to get another party

  33. Deanna

    I am hosting the Boboli party and already did my Oscar Mayer Thrill of the Grill party! Lots of great goodies. Just signed up for the Thai Kitchen and hop i get picked for that. I should be getting my Boboli package today! Can’t wait! =)

  34. Jen

    I was chosen for the Oscar Mayer party – it was sooo much fun ! My guests and I loved all the goodies and we got to try a product we might not have otherwise which were all natural hot dogs -a little pricier than regular hot dogs but the flavor was incredible !

  35. Hotcrner3b

    I was picked to host the DJ Hero party this Saturday. My daughter is so excited! I have applied for a lot of them, but this was one I really wanted! They sent 2 DJ Hero bundles, a 24 pack of Coke, and $10 off coupons for the game!

  36. Julie

    I got picked to do the Rubbermaid Reveal party and am so excited about it, but most of my guests are declining!:( Only a handful have responded yes or wont say one way or the other… I’m worried an auditer will show up and no one will be there:( I’m trying so hard to get everyone to come, but with the start of school most people are so busy the middle of August. What do I do if only a few people can come?:(

    • Carol K

      I am afraid this will happen to me also. I think so many guests will be skeptical about the expectation of buying something, just as many of us are. Until reading all these comments, I figured these parties was just another way of getting people together to get them to buy something. Everyone I know is having money issues and If I do decide to sign up as a host I want to make sure they feel comfortable and confident that they are only expected to show up and have fun!
      Thanks to everyone for their input. I have totally changed my mind on this. You all have put me at such ease, I think the competition to host a party just went way up!

    • Aneta

      Yeah, me too. Since school is starting soon, people are busy getting in those last minute vacations and getting ready for school. I would feel horrible if a rep came and I had less guests than what I said!!!

  37. girl lessk

    That’s cool to have a house party and even get free stuff. awesome.

  38. Elizabeth Fox

    I have done a oscar meyer hot dog party and got 15 coupons for free hot dog packages, plates, condiment coupons, napkins, serving dishes, etc.

    I also did a digornio pizza party and got 15 coupons for free digornio pizza, a pizza cutter, oven mitt, chip clip, party beads, etc.

    I just invite friends and family over for a “game” night and then at the party i talk about how i got all this stuff free by doing a houseparty and hand out coupons to everyone. Very simple to do.

    • Carol K

      Ooooooh! Great idea on getting the group to your house!
      Love this. I may have to do the same if I am ever selected!

  39. Angel

    I am gonna be hosting my first party the Ultimate Block Party for the Playstation 3. Can’t wait to get my box in the mail. I have signed up for several but this is the first time I got picked. My friends have had several and its fun and exciting to see the new stuff before it hits the stores.

  40. FairyDust

    Got picked for the Splenda party and everyone’s all excited about the swag (same as photo above) – it’s pretty dang cool! On the downside, I was turned down just today for the Rubbermaid one and awhile ago for the Boboli one. Hoping for the Kraft homestyle and the Thai parties! Thanks for posting about these, Collin!

    Oh, as for details – for the Splenda party, I was told I *had* to use their party website to invite people (even folks without computer connections – those invites were printable), and if I didn’t, I might not get my package. And regarding the date/time of the party – the national Houseparty day and time is this Saturday at 3pm, but it worked out differently in my case, so we’re meeting this afternoon instead, but according to what’s on the Houseparty website, that’s okay. I’m not sure folks are going to want their pics posted, but I am posting pics of the foods I’ve made with Splenda and the goodie bags, the drinks, etc.

  41. Rebecca L

    I was chosen to host the Rubbermaid party. I can’t wait, because I love all things cleaning related and can’t wait to do a “battle of the mops” ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Kim

    I won and hosted a Bullseye BBQ Sauce party! We had an AWESOME time and the new Bullseye BBQ sauces are GREAT!!!

  43. Natalie B

    I’ve been lucky enough to host 3 this past year.

    The last 2 have been great!* I was accepted for the Hasbro Game night and got 3 games, 8 boxes of crackers and Hershey’s pieces. The lastest was Digiornio. They sent 6 free pizza coupons and 15 for $4 off, they were on sale for 4.70 at the time so we got 16 pizzas for under $10 and had over 40 people over to watch the 3rd place World Cup game. It was a blast!

    I love Houseparty and can’t say enough good about them!!

    *The first was a Wii game and jello moose packs. The game had such serious issues, I couldn’t see myself inviting people over to play it because it just didn’t work right so I let houseparty know I wouldn’t be hosting and they understood.

  44. kara

    My first party was aDominos Pizza Party last year. It was cool because they sent us a gift card to order $100 worth of pizza. It was fun to have the neighbors and friends and family over. After that I did a Hot Wheels party for my son! It came with a DVD for the new cartoon, magazines, posters and a big toy for the hostess to keep. Something happened and I think people complained about the toy so I ended up getting a 2nd one in the mail! My son was so happy!! I recently had a Verizon Fios FIFA party and scored a Flip Ultra in my prize pack, along with tons of decorations, popcorn, cups, plates, games, etc. I only sign up for parties that have cool stuff in the prize pack! LOL.

  45. Mel

    I was picked for the DJ Hero party this Saturday. They sent me 2 DJ hero full game sets for the Wii and a 12 pack of mini cokes in a aluminum bottle. Also, the sent $10 off DJ Hero coupons to give out to the guests.

  46. Stacie F.

    I hosted a “Your Shape” party that included the your shape game for wii, a “just dance” game for wii, some headbands, and coupons for my guests. I also hosted a Jello Mousse Cups and Arnold Sandwich Thins party. The packages are always awesome with great gifts for your guests. I was just picked for the Dirty Little Secrets party… I love to clean, so I really can’t wait!!!!

  47. Katrina

    I just got my box in the mail today to host a “Boboli – pizza party”. This is my first “House Party” so I’m very excited!

  48. Nancy

    I have only applied once and that was for the splenda sorry I wasn’t chosen, from the pic looks like you got a lot of nice goodies.I won’t give up after reading all of the comments it sure sounds like a nice way to get together and enjoy each others company to try out all these new items.I need to go back and check the list to see what is coming up and available.Thank you all for sharing the info on the ones that have been chosen.It sounds like a blast!!!

  49. Melissa

    I am super excited because I get to host the DJ Hero Houseparty tonight for my son and his teenage friends. IT was the first party I applied for and got it! So they sent me two Wii games that run about $99 each and a 24 pack of coke bottles as well as coupons for all the guests for the game. Too cool!

  50. Julia

    I got picked for a Splenda party. Its tonight and I am totally excited. My daughters 13th birthday was last week and we were out of town so I blended the House party and Birthday party together. So now we are having a Dinner and Dance party. It should be lots of fun ๐Ÿ™‚

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