Target Toy Clearance & It’s a Party at My House!

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Alright, so after reading about the awesome clearance toy bargains you all have been scoring at Target, I was ready to head on over there and see what treasures I could find. Well, as you can see from the picture below…. ummm… I think I may have gotten there a little too late.

However, I did find an adorable Circo Ironing board + iron with lights and sounds marked down to around $11. Well, it gets even better because I did a price check and it actually rang up for ONLY $4.24! Yay! …And my daughter hasn’t stopped playing with it since! ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh and this has nothing to do with Target toy clearance, but if you want a peak into my life tonight, check out the picture below…

All my 9 year old son wanted for his Birthday was 3 of his best friends to stay the night, so at the current moment my house is filled with four VERY hyper 8 & 9 year old boys + my 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter… oh and my hubby who sometimes acts like one of the kiddos, if you know what I mean! ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you don’t see many posts tomorrow, just know I’m “recovering”.

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  1. Cara

    Awww, so adorable

  2. Marie

    great deals and by the way my prayers are with you lolol

  3. Heidi S

    Your kids are adorable … You completely impress me as a mom with all you do and the fun you have doing it!

  4. Michelle

    That is EXACTLY what my Target looked like! Oh well, just means I need to be more creative for Christmas presents ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck with the sleep over!!

  5. toph

    happy birthday

  6. Laura B.

    I went to Target today and the clearance aisle was almost empty ๐Ÿ™ Glad some Hip2save readers got in on some good deals though! Thanks Collin for all you do!

  7. Annmarie

    I was actually able to snag $100 worth for $25. I did not plan on any Christmas shopping this early but could not pass these deals up. Thank you for the post. Good luck with the sleep over. You are one brave Mom!

  8. Lynn

    So cute!!

  9. Mitch

    Nothing gets lower than 50% where I live, and then it flies off the shelves!’

  10. Danielle H.

    Your daughter is a total “mini you” – she is a spitting image!

  11. Kim

    Love the pics Collin! Can’t believe how much your daughter looks like you in that picture! Hope your son has a great birthday!!

  12. Tilla

    happy birthday sweetie!!!! have a great party

  13. Sharon M

    Happy Bday to your son! Love your blog. Today we had my daughter’s 2nd bday party (although her actual bday is 8/6). She had a cute balloon cake, too, so yours caught my eye. Hope the evening is kind go you – take care & congratulations on another year of mommyhood.

  14. Priya

    How sweet! Hope your son has a fantastic birthday! Love the pictures of all the kids. Your daughter looks just like you!

  15. steph317

    my target was just like that! every time i saw a clearence flag i would rush over but every time they would be empty and the ones tht werent empty were regular priced items stuck in random places ….i found myself taking many trips to the price scanner. hopefully others have better luck! good luck with the sleepover!

  16. Tara

    great pics!

  17. Jaclyn

    Love the pics Collin! I just love how personable you are! Happy Birthday to your son! =)

  18. Julie S.

    Happy Birthday to your son! Thanks for sharing the cute photos… and the wonderful deals!

  19. dawn

    I snagged a load of toys earlier this year when they were on clearance so I didn’t mind missing this one too much, but then again you can never have too many toys to donate at Christmas time. By the way, love the pictures. Have fun!

  20. Jo

    Oh how well I remember those parties! Enjoy it, it passes way too fast and you are making super memories for your little ones. Your daughter is as cute as they get!

  21. rblondish

    I went to Target a few days ago and snagged lots of great toy deals but my mom went today and also ran into much less options. Collin, sorry you missed this deal but they will always be another and it looks like you are having way to much fun tonight to be out shopping and posting. Enjoy the party.

  22. Alea

    All the clearance toys at my Target were gone too and they never made it to 75%!

  23. frugal_mommy69

    I got the Little Tykes Pink Shovel, Rake and hose nozzle for 2.84, AWESOME deal!!!!!

  24. Kat

    Collin, I have all girls…who are all teenagers now…but how well I remember those birthday sleepovers. And guess what? Last week, about 5 girls who were home from college called my daughter to see if they could all sleepover at my house “like the old days.” Of all the things those hip, funny, beautiful girls could have done on a rare night when they could all get together, they chose to hang out at my house. So know that you are doing more than hosting a sleepover for your son & his friends, you are building a foundation that will help them all though the teen years & beyond. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Mandy

      Aw! That’s so cute… they’re still little at heart (even in college!) ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Karin

      I love that! I hope I’m as lucky with my kids when they are that age!

  25. RNHellokitty

    Love seeing pictures of your kiddos! Your son definitely has your big, bright smile! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope the kids have a fun time. I don’t know how my mom hosted so many sleepovers herself… she’s a strong woman, too! Lol.

  26. Alyson

    OMG She looks just like you! Too cute!

  27. Toni A.

    I was so thankful for the Target tip…I never would’ve gone near the toy section so that was the only way I was able to score a whole cart full of toys for only $69. I got toys for Cmas for all five of my kids and birthday presents for my nieces. So excited!

  28. Joanne

    The kiddies are adorable and Happy Birthday.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Target post this week. I ventured there tonight and did great. Got a huge scores for Christmas and put away toys for birthday parties. Got 75% off some GREAT Pixo sets (Paid between $2.50 and $4), GI Joe real working walkie talkies (Orig $17, paid $4.20) some Star Wars figures, and got the Bakugan Tag book for $0.48 w/ the coupon!!! Hubby was even happy for us!

    I only wish I could have gone earlier in the week to see what it had looked like at the start! It must have been awesome!

  29. SabrinaG


  30. Lpmousse

    Collin- I love the pictures you include of your family. You are all so cute. And thanks also for always responding to my emails, and being a real person on the other side of the totally awesome blog! I’m continuing to give out little cards with your blog’s address on them to anyone and everyone I meet who wants to get a good deal. Keep up the great work!!!

  31. Angela

    As usual, thanks for everything you do! You are amazing!!
    My favorite local Target never made it to 75% off, even when I checked everything on the scanner. The other two SuperTargets had a few things that I snagged, so thanks for the heads up! In all honesty, my kids don’t need any more toys than they have and I have a TON stocked up in the closet for the future and for donations.
    You kids are adorable! I have two girls, ages 1 and 2, and I never thought I’d want another, but lately the number 3 has been more intriguing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. Emma

    I wish I could be that excited about ironing!

  33. Sue M.

    Happy Birthday to your son! Awww, I remember the days when my kids were young, and all the birthday parties and sleepovers. LOL

    Your daughter is too cute, and totally the spiitin’ image of you! Thank you so much for sharing. This really made me smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. deb j

    After going to two different stores got a couple deals…… a Elmo playhouse was 34.99 got it for $8.75!! Also some Strawberry Shortcake dolls $1.64 and a wooden train set for $4.64.

  35. LisaM

    Looks like fun, enjoy them now because when you turn around they will be out of the house, sorry I miss my 24 year old son he moved out last year.

  36. Randi Dukes

    I went to Target on Friday and there were still a lot of things left. I got an amazing wooden and fabric grocery cart for about $5.

  37. fldukes

    It seems to me like the Target Clearance is ALWAYS very slim when I get there. This time, however, I was able to snag a $20 Mega Blocks set and a $20 Buzz Lightyear Sprinkler for $5 each.

  38. Samantha

    My Target loves to put things on 30% clearance, but they actually had several things marked 75% off. The day before my daughter’s 2nd birthday, I managed to get a Sesame Street bus with Elmo and Super Grover ( 2 of her favorites!) and a Princess and the Frog tea set for about $5 each. Also some smaller items like bath toys and no-spill bubble kits.

  39. Shelly

    I got the Zhu Zhu pets fun house (which is $20 anywhere else) for $5.27 and a Kai Lan bubble bucket for $1.47 ($5.99 reg).

  40. Stefani

    I was able to get a toy that shoots car from a gun for $9.98 from $39.99 for my son. I also scored a babaydoll for my daugthers 2nd birthday from $16.99 for $4.98. Super excited about the buys. I think I was luncky because the clearance shelves were almost bare at my Target too!

  41. Hollie

    I got a little tikes hand held bubble blower for $5, some odd shaped sidewalk chalk for $1, then a fisher price school house for $7. They also had the plastic summer dishes on clearance for like 75% off. I was able to get my kids some blue drinking glasses for $0.50 for a pack of 4. Then I got some shorts for my daughter to wear next summer for $2 a pair. I also found swimming suits on clearance. They were still a little high but I spent $7 because the one I found was so cute! I actually had already bought one at Wal-Mart for $5 but I took it back! LOL They also had a whole isle of baby stuff on clearance but it had been picked over. I did see some stroller/carseat sets for like $95. That’s alot less than we spent on ours! I do have to say that if your at target and find something on clearance and maybe don’t think it’s worth what it’s marked check the price because I found a few things that were less than the tag said.

  42. amanda

    Yay, I got a Playmobile set that said 7.50 for only 2.50 when I checked the price. I’m going to put it in my operation shoebox for Christmas!

  43. Michele

    Not only are you great at blogging, but you are a great mom! The kiddos are obviously enjoying thier night! Happy birthday to your little one! God bless,

  44. Amy R

    Luckily I am very close to 2 targets! I went to one and snagged about 5 items for less than $5 each, they were definitely ringing up cheaper than marked. Got a leapfrog precious drum for my 4 month old son to have soon, as well as a playskool toy. Also got a Thomas bubble blower toy for $2.50 (regularly $10)! Went to the other Target to see what they had, but they were cleaned out. When talking to a salesclerk on the aisle, he said “Yeah, someone came and cleaned us out today. some lady got a whole cart full of stuff!” Now which one of you hip2savers was it? ๐Ÿ™‚ keep us posted when this happens again! i had my mother looking in her town too!

  45. N

    I wish I had a husband who was excited about toys as some of you are talking. I went to Target and got all my kids Christmas and their next birthday presents, plus a bunch of toys for future invites to birthday parties, plus Christmas for a my husband’s sister’s family that we have for Christmas, plus my niece. I got everything for 75% off. I paid about $100 and got $400 worth of stuff. The problem is my husband thinks my kids have too many toys. I haven’t bought any toys in over a year. I wanted a change and I bet my kids do too. I have a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old. I just wish my husband was more supportive. He likes the savings but doesn’t want the stuff around. Once we pull out new toys, then old ones go. Sorry, I am just a little depressed by my husband’s reaction. I am glad I saved so much money. Depressed that this is one more thing to add to our struggling marriage.

    • Erin

      I feel your pain, N. My husband never gets excited about my deals, either. When I ask him how much he thinks I paid for something, he’ll say, “you made five bucks.” However, I’ve come to a realization: a lot of this stuff isn’t really cheap (or free) if you don’t need it. I went to Target’s toy clearance even though I knew my stores were mostly cleaned out before it got to 75%. I really wanted some inexpensive, non-gimmicky Legos (i.e., the plain old building sets–no Star Wars or Ben 5 or Bionicles). I was so excited to score a $100 Lego city set for $50 that I started filling my cart with other great “deals,” including some sort of battling tops play set ($3.74) with accessories ($1.24 apiece), some sort of gyro car playset ($9.99) with a number of additional cars ($3.74 each), and a sand-grabber type toy ($1.11). I was congratulating myself, thinking I was now done Christmas shopping for two nephews. Then I really looked at the toys and asked myself if I would want them for my son. The answer was a resounding “no.” They were junk, as are most of the clearance toys at Kmart and Target (although to be fair, there are often great deals on quality infant/baby toys). Most of the products clearanced are either junky, gimmicky toys that typically don’t sell (not classics that will get played with again and again) or are toys that are tied into TV shows or movies. Since I wouldn’t want them cluttering my house, why would I do that to someone else? I left with the Legos. I’ll be better off paying a bit more for a Wii game for my nephews (that I will probably find a decent deal on or pay with swagbucks gift cards) than buying a bunch of junk. I hope you found great stuff that your kids and nieces and nephews will love, but maybe your husband has a point. In a couple weeks, take a look at what you bought and see if you still feel the same about all of it. Are the toys for your children things you want to step on and pick up for the next year? Are they the types of toys that will be played with endlessly or just clutter the house? Are the toys for your nieces and nephews things that you would be happy for your children to receive? I have a four year old, too, and I’m starting to understand that volume is stressful to us all–after all, we have to pick it up and store it all. I’ve also found that my son consistently plays with just a few types of toy: Legos/blocks and cars. He also likes video games like Leapster, but we limit that. Pretty much anything else just litters the house. Sometimes you can save money simply by buying less. I’m pregnant with my second, and I can tell you I’ll be doing things differently with this one!

  46. Rainey

    How fun! My son is 13 now so when his friends come over they are so big now that its like an earthquake wtih them all upstairs but I love it just seeing them all havig fun and not bugging the people at the mall since that is all there is to do in this town LOL

  47. Melanie

    What a wonderful young man you & your husband are raising. For him to want nothing more than to spend some time hanging out with his best friends is a true testiment to the loving & caring environment he must be growing up in. : )

  48. ynapoli

    Thanks for the post! I scored a Hello Kitty Travel play set normally $12 for about $3 just before we left for vacation so my daughter (also 3 years old) was able to take it with us! BTW Your daughter is so precious and looks just like you!!

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