is working Again! YAY!

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New Update: is now working! πŸ˜€

Ummm… Did anyone else notice that is down?! Not ONLY that… but all the Bricks coupon links are down too. Very Odd.

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  1. Ronda

    yes, I’ve been trying to get to and redplum coupon and both sites are not loading up. At least I did get smartsource to work.

    • Jana

      Glad to know that its not just me. I have been trying to get to all night and thought it was just my internet.

  2. KellyJ

    Yeppers. I was trying to print out the bogo sobe again and to my horror…….. nada. I hope this don’t last long Or my hubby is gonna find me in the corner, Fetal Position, Sucking my thumb.

    • galaxystar2

      LOLOL !!

    • cara

      You are so funny! We were having the same problems too…I was thinking it was just everyone trying to get the BOBO coupons for sobe and that it was just sobe’s website!

      • Christa K.

        I discovered the problem trying to get my daily dose of free Sobe as well. Hmm… hope it’s back up tomorrow!

  3. Alida

    I noticed that too! I have been restarting my computer for the last hour or so- I thought I was the only one having problems! Hopefully it gets resolved soon!

    • laura

      i thought it was my internet! guess i shouldn’t have been saying not nice things about our service provider! lol

  4. Camara

    Yes, I noticed that too. I just tried to get a few coupons and it said safari could not connect with server…I hope they reset all the coupons since they’ve inconvenienced us. lol wishful thinking huh?

  5. Linda

    That’s a little mind boggling!!*@#!%!!

  6. Anonymous

    That is too funny, thought it was my computer, i am running a full virus scan as i am typing.

    • ashley

      I did the same. lol

  7. Ann

    I noticed that too, bummer πŸ™

  8. erica

    I thought it was my computer!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Joy

    I have been diagnosing my computer as well as restarting it. Glad to know it’s not my computer that has the issues. Hopefully gets it together soon I’m trying to get my grocery list together.

  10. Julieanne28

    bahahaha I thought it was just me!! Glad we all think alike!

  11. Meganβ™₯

    Go to bed you addicts! LOL (I was sad too…) πŸ˜‰

  12. Amy

    Oh, sad news! I just got back with ink in hand all happy and ready to print my usual mountain of coupons, and was having a nervous breakdown, thinking my computer was broken. I really hope this doesn’t last long. Has this ever happened before?

  13. Kristen Foster

    I can’t print from Bricks anyway. But coupons I need some of those.

  14. Mari

    Eeeeek, I hope this doesn’t last long…

  15. Olivia Smith

    I noticed too. I was even having issues printing last night in Firefox and IE. I emailed them and they sent me a link stating that I did have a compatible browser and printer and to try this one….. I hope it comes up soon!!? πŸ™

    • Anonymous

      Did you recently have a virus that acted like an anti-virus software? I was having your same problem after having this virus, and restored my settings and can print fine now. You may want to restore default settings for your browser. It depends on the browser you’re using, but let me know if you need help doing this.

      • Olivia Smith

        No, I just got my computer re-imaged before leaving from school in May so there are no issues there. I did, however, switch to a new printer (my fiance and I switched) and it seemed that the printer/browser (FF) didn’t want to cooperate. After the customer support emailed me, I haven’t had any issues. I will definitely let you know if I need any help. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  16. Joy

    Hoping they are just loading lots of great new coupons. Also, hoping the sites weren’t hacked.

  17. Tina

    Man, it’s been down for a long time.

  18. Lynn

    I thought it was Java, was trying to problem solve Java since & bricks use it & those were the sites not loading. About a half hour later I was baffled since it wasn’t the problem. Thank God I came here and read this before I got deep into trying to fix a non-existing problem !!! DO THEY HAVE SUPPORT GROUPS FOR COUPON PRINTING WITHDRAWALS !!!

  19. KRYS B.


  20. Kelly

    Man, where is the 24-hour geek when you need them????

  21. lalalala

    It’s the beginning of the end.


    (that’s supposed to be my oh noes face).

  22. Keri

    Phew! I did the restart too, thinking it was my laptop. Bummed they’re down, but glad it’s not a PC problem!

  23. KRYS B.


  24. fran

    Nothing for me either. Oh curses, what if they are gone forever? Oh noooooooo!

  25. Sharon

    Mine will not print either OH NO!!!

  26. amy

    are you guys using safari? i am and ever since i started using safari 5 (the update was on like thursday) i havent been able to print any coupons πŸ™

    • Brenda

      i did a safari update a couple months ago and have not been able to print since then. I have tried contacting support – but they were not a lot of help. So – sadly to say, I have not been able to print any of these good deals for months!!! πŸ™ And taking it to geek squad is jsut WAY to expensive!!

  27. Rachael Hipsky

    Yeah… I am visiting at my Dad’s and was trying to print additional Aquafresh coupons as well as Nestle Quick & Juicy Juice, and they’re all BRICKS! :-((( BUMMER!!!

  28. Rachael Hipsky


  29. KRYS


  30. Whitney

    It’s back up again! YAY!

  31. Sandra

    I just printed a bunch of coupons from…no problem.

  32. Tina

    All is right with the world now.

  33. Kelly

    I feel so bad! I totally blamed my husband (who loves to “play” with the computers{he works in IT}) for messing up my computer! He was up there for about half an hour trying to figure out why it wouldn’t connect, then he came down here and did the same thing with his laptop. Hope I can still print my sobe coupons.

  34. Kayla

    lol…so funny kelly. anyways could print the benadryl coupon, and no coupon on Nature Valley granola bars but i had a manufatures coupon $.75/2. I couldnt find the Yoplait Splits are they in the freezer section with the ice cream or with the yogurt??? looked in both spots no dice.

  35. Rebecca L

    Wheew. I was about to throw the computer out. πŸ˜‰

  36. Janice

    I noticed they didn’t reset on the new month…I was ticked! lol

  37. Anonymous

    anyone know if they are down again today? I have been going crazy thinking it was my computer.

    • Heather

      I think it’s down again today, have been trying for over 2 hrs!!

  38. ALord

    What is going on with ???? The page will not fully load….. it just comes up a white, blank screen. I need my!! WHAT IS GOING ON??? I have been trying to pull up the website for months and NOTHING! Anyone know whats going on??

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