Walmart: FREE Sesame Street Fizzy Tub Colors!

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Remember the awesome $1/1 Bath or Shower product from The Village Company coupon (with the high print limit) I posted last night?! Well, not ONLY can you score a sweet deal on these products at Target, but you can also score a sweet deal at Walmart…

Sesame Street Fizzy Tub Colors (6 ct.) $0.98

Use the $1/1 coupon found here
Final cost FREE!

(Thanks, Passion for Savings!)

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  1. Brianne

    This is great! What a great stocking stuffer!!

    • Julie


  2. shannon

    yeah that is great, if you can get them to take the coupon. i have a hard time if the coupon is greater than the price of the item. none of the stores around here will take them >.<

    • De

      yeah i have the same problem at my local walmart…

    • kristen

      I was “schooled” by a 90 yr old explaining that I had to buy 2 if the coupon said $$ off 2. I tried explaining that it says $1 off 1. But in the end I gave up and left.

      • kristen

        and her reasoning for “haing to buy 2” was that the picture had 2 porducts in it. I asked her to read the words but she refused to even listen to me.

        • shannon

          yeah, i just tried at my walmart she wouldnt take the coupons. so dumb. just charge me 1.00 for them, i dont mind!!

  3. Monica

    Thanks for posting, I was able to print 5 times.

  4. stasiak613

    I was able to print 5 too!! YIPPEE!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Erin

    Funny–my son just used these in his bath. They’re great, but you tend to use a lot for vibrant colors. I’ll get the larger bottle at Target. I saw they came down to $4.69. (They were $6+!) I know that sounds high, but these are addictive for kids, so I’d rather have a bigger bottle.

  6. deb

    Got 6. A little trick I discovered a while back to get multiple prints, as well as save on ink-when I see the Q has printed AND ONLY THE Q, not all the junk we get sometimes to waste our ink & fill up the page-I open the printer door and the printing stops. I carefully remove my sheet. Presto! Just the Q, and many times the HP is “tricked”, if you will, and will give me another print or 2. Hehehe. Been working fab for months now.

    • Michelle

      Deb… just a word of precaution… be careful of doing that because you are actually printing duplicates of the same coupon. Each coupon printed as a unique code assigned to the coupon… so when they allow two or five coupons per computer, each coupon has a unique code. Also, there is a number on each coupon that is linked to your computer.

      If you are consistently doing this, they could block your computer from printing more coupons, and you could get into some serious trouble.

      I know this is probably new info to you, but I just wanted to make you aware. Last thing to know is that if the coupons are duplicates, the manufacturer is only being reimbursed for one of the coupons.

      Hope this information in helpful to you.

    • Michelle

      Just a correction on my last comment… If the coupons are duplicates, the *store* is only being reimbursed for one of the coupons.

    • michelle

      If you do not want all the ads to print after the coupon, what I do is just hit cancel. I then I have my Q, but not a lot of wasted ink. HTH

  7. Tara

    I was only able to print 2 bummer

  8. Amy

    This is great thanks!

  9. christina

    got five!!

  10. Catherine

    Where do I find these in Walmart? Thanks.

  11. Qpon Saving Mommas

    Print limit has been fixed. I could only print 3 earlier. Just tried and can not print no more.

  12. michelle

    This offer is gone.

    • Elizabeth Allred

      I just clicked it and was able to print 5. Maybe try again…

    • Ln

      It’s not gone. I just printed five. Maybe there’s some other reason some people are not getting them.

  13. RHONDA

    thanks! where r these located in walmart?

    • Heather

      they are usually where the makeup is. The section with the calgon bath salts and such.

  14. Melissa

    i printed 5

  15. Angela

    I just got back from Wal-Mart – got five for FREE! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Melinda

      Did the coupon beep? If it beeps at my walmart and they realize its for an amount over the actual price they wont accept it!

      • katie

        Mine didn’t beep but the cashier said I could use only one since on the coupon is says one per purchase, I tried to explain, then she got someone else who said the same thing – i asked if I could just do multiple transactions and they said NO – I am officially on board the I hate walmart train.

        • cara

          Don’t worry-you’re not alone on that train!!!! My whole family avoids walmart now! We do whatever we can to use our coupons elsewhere as now all internet coupons have to be verified by a manager so you stand there and wait while I’m told they have to look at a 4 page booklet on all of the current fraud coupons….then if the coupon doesn’t scan-you’re outta luck because commonsense doesn’t work at walmart any more, sigh!

          • Anonymous

            My Wal-Mart has that annoying “coupon fraud” book too and it is so ridiculous – it has like 4 coupons in it but they flip each page back and forth for 5 minutes like your coupon just has to be there. I think it would be easy enough to memorize the four fraudulent free item coupons that have expired a looooong time ago.

      • Deb

        You sometimes have to educate your cashier to simply enter the amount manually.
        Not brain surgery but their reactions sometimes when you suggest this-you’d think so………LOL!

  16. Vivi

    Are these available at Target too?

  17. dr_beanz

    My strategy at Wal-Mart is to use those “Free” coupons like these when I ‘m buying a lot of things at once with many coupons; it’s like shock & awe. They’re so sick of dealing with my million coupons & fabric bags they just hit the buttons to allow it. I do however get hassled at my Hy-Vee occasionally especially if its not busy/ new cashier.

    • ronnie

      Me too. That way they don’t want to dig each item back out and check and recheck like I’m a criminal.

  18. kristien33

    I was told at my Walmart that they no longer take internet coupons. They also said it was company wide, but obviously that is not true. I emailed corporate to ask about this and let them know I would no longer be shopping there if I had a coupon for an item. This seems strange to me that they would give up a relatively small amount on the fraudulent coupons in order to lose all that potential business. I will let you know what corporate has to say.

    • Anonymous

      Kristien33 – If walmart allows you to print coupons from their web site then they do accept internet coupons – always gently remind your cashier of that fact when they start hassling you about using internet coupons ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Hollie

    I just got a pack of these for my daughter at the Dollar General store the other day and I think they were $1. It’s worth going anywhere other than Walmart!!!

    • shannon

      thanks!!! i am going there right now, and to walgreens to get some wipes. i hate walmart. such a pain in the butt!!! lol

  20. WoodyFam4

    This was my first time using MFQ’s to score “free” items at my nearest Walmart in So. Cal. and it worked! The register beeped but the nice cashier pushed them through anyway. Yay! I scored three of these to use as Christmas stocking stuffers for my munchkins. Thanks Collin!

  21. Stephanie Werner

    Is this coupon dead? I can’t print any…:(

  22. Rachael

    I was able to find these at Dollar General too for 1.00 each! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Jamie

    Hmmm it says Sorry I’ve already met my print limit – but I haven’t printed any yet?

    • Autumn

      same here I know I’ve never printed this coupon thats unfair that I get that message for no reason…I got the message the other night too for a coupon that I’m 100% sure I’ve never printed ๐Ÿ™

      • shannon

        that has happened to me many times. like when i first started using coupons i would try to print them to get the sweet deals on here, and it would say that i have already reached the limit, when i have never even printed a coupon before. :/

        • Amy in AL

          This has happened for me, too – and I KNOW I’ve never printed this coupon before! Anyone know how to fix this, or are we just out of luck?

          • Anonymous

            Sometimes when a coupon campaign runs out of coupons you’ll get the “sorry you’ve already printed this coupon” message – it doesn’t mean you’ve really printed them just that they’re out of coupons.

  24. Lisa

    Is anyone else having problems printing these?

  25. meg

    I can’t print it either…I have never printed it and it says print limit reached

  26. Steph

    Guessing everyone printing out 5 or 6 used up the print limit for the rest of us. ๐Ÿ™

    • Jande

      agreed, I can’t get any either!

  27. LYNDA

    well i just tried it’s late at night thought it might have reset but says I have printed my limit never even printed one…bumer

  28. Laurie

    I just tried to print this and got a message saying my print limit was reached. I have NEVER printed this ever. Is it possible someone is scamming? I don’t know how but wondering. I’m calling thier customer service line tomorrow. At least I am not the only one.

    • ronnie

      Oh and sometimes it says print limit is reached meaning all the coupons they were giving out have been printed. But you probably have the luck I do and it just won’t work for you. Happens to me all the time.

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