Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards: 7 More Points!

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For all You Huggies Enjoy The Ride Rewards Program members, I have 3 new codes to share with you!

5 Point Code:

1 Point Codes:

(Thanks, Karen & Debra!)

*Don’t forget to check out my previous post on the Huggies Enjoy The Ride Rewards Program. I discuss in detail what the program is and how you may get lucky and win BIG!

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  1. Shirley

    Not to be a whiner (okay, so maybe I AM a whiner…LOL) but I’m annoyed that there isn’t anything to use my points on. I’m on kiddo #3 so I have TONS of Pampers/Huggies points as we use both…..Pampers for Diapers, Huggies for Pull-ups and both brands of wipes depending upon what is on sale. I just redeemed a bunch of points with Pampers for a portrait club membership at Penney’s so I don’t have to pay 3 sitting fees every time I go. It was easy to do, there were TONS of choices and it came within a week. Huggies seems to only be offering me diapers and wipes. Dude, I HAVE diapers and wipes, that is how I’m doing this program. Fun it up for me, please!!!! How about a Starbucks card? I have 3 kids ages 7 and under and one is only 23 days old. I could USE the caffeine!!! LOL!!! Sorry about the venting. I had to do it somewhere!!

    • Jennifer

      why don’t you use the points to play the instant win games? I have already won 3x…you will blow through a lot of points but if you aren’t going to redeem tham anyway you might as well try your luck! Just a thought….

      • Shirley

        Thanks, Jennifer, I just might. What did you win and how many points did it take you to do it? I’m worried that the minute I blow my points on instant wins they will come up with something good!

        • Jennifer

          I won a free pack of diapers, a $10 gc to dairy queen and a $25 visa gas card (you could use this on anything). I was like you and saving for things but it just wasn’t worth it in the end. The markers I got were not worth the amount of points it used for them!
          I don’t know how many points it took. I ‘use’ my points though for the games. I don’t buy thing with them anymore. I normally sit down and ‘blow’ 10 points at a sitting. If I don’t win I log on later and try again. I won the diapers right away but the gc’s took a bit longer of playing ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Destiny

            Nice JOB! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m trying to win DQ card! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • mary

      I feel the same way so I guess we can form a whiners club, LOL. I’ve been saving up points for quite a while to get to 625 for a $25 gift card & there aren’t any more & haven’t been any for quite some time. There used to be quite a few rewards to select from. Got lots of points with nothing to spend them on. I’ve tried playing the instant win games multiple times & have never won anything either. The rewards selection is pretty pathetic IMO. Pampers has a much better selection of rewards too bad they won’t take competitor points, LOL.

      • Laura C

        I was also saving for the Kohl’s gift card and yes it was gone for a long time, but when I was adding points just the other day (on 7/30) and checked the rewards, it was back! I snagged it immediately!!! Of course it is now gone again, but I have played the instant win lots of times (albeit only a few points at a time) and never won anything, so I’m glad I held out for the gift card to reappear! I’d say it’s worth holding onto your points and checking the rewards for the good stuff to come back. I want Pampers will bring the Lego reward back from a few years ago! I’ve really just got the greatest reward though: my daughter was just potty trained!!!

  2. joyaleece

    I have a code: CCHGB-FGTNH-PQXPT, can you please share it with others? i didn’t quite know where to post it, but there it is! :0)

    • Christina

      That was a single use only code. But thank you anyways! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. tasha

    Thank you! My 3 year old is day time trained but we still use diapers at night and we are just about out! Perfect timing since I needed a few more points to get the free coupon

  4. Nicole M.

    I just used some points on instant win games today. I think I used about 20 points total. Today I won a hooded kids towel and a beach ball sprinkler. I was very excited! We’re going on vacation soon and both of these items will be great to have.

    Shirley, I emailed Huggies and asked why there weren’t better prizes and why there were very few things to choose from. They replied back and said that the popular stuff goes really fast sometimes and that they hope to add some new prizes in the future.

  5. maryphillips81

    Thanks Collin, this put me over the 300 mark and I ordered my next free Huggies coupon! I like getting the free coupons cause they can be turned into mm’s and used when you are really strapped for cash and there are no deals!

    See I wish Pampers would have coupons! So funny how we all want different things!

    • Destiny

      I was wondering if this is a free pack of diapers or just a coupon off them……

      • Mary

        It’s a coupon. So you can wait til one of the stores has a RR, ECB, or SCR and use it and “make” money on them.

        • Lora

          That is what I do with mine also. Walgreens or CVS so I can turn it into more $. I have been saving my 2 FREE huggies coupons for months waiting for another deal to roll around. I think I might have recently missed one because I was on “coupon strike” when I came back from vacation. I just couldn’t get back into the swing of things.

  6. Olivia Smith

    Thanks!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Destiny

    They used to have a Kohl’s card or Gap Card and that’s what I was saving for…… and now it’s gone. Might have to blow my points on the instant win game or get the coupon!

    • Mary

      Or you can keep checking back. Last week when I hit 300 I went to order my coupon and it was gone. I was so upset. I played a few instant win games and decided just to wait. When Collin posted these codes it pushed me back over 300 and the coupon was back!

  8. dethample

    does anyone know where i can find huggie baby wipes coupons? i really really need them!!

  9. christinab

    Okay just throwing this out there but how does anyone else feel about the ad for Huggies Wipes in Parents September issue? I personally do not like it. My 5 yr old looks through the magazine with me and is learning to read, I know it is “discretely” covered so most children could not read it, but still I don’t like it!

    • Beth C

      I’ve not seen the ad you’re referring to, but a suggestion would be flip through the magazine 1st then go through it w/ your child. That gives you a way to get rid of what you want before they see it

    • Brianna

      Are you talking about “oh crap”? I thought it was a bit daring too… I can totally understand where you are coming from with an emerging reader. I think Huggies was trying for a laugh but failed.

  10. angiekay86

    Thanks for the points! I just won a $10 DQ gift card! Woo hoo! I have been playing the instant win games for a while and never won. I’m so excited!

  11. colzie08

    I won a $10 lowe’s gift card and used it to get the brita pitchers last week! Yay!

  12. Question

    Random question re: the instant win game

    Is there anything that we have to physically do in order to win one of the instant win games? For instance, with the instant win Gap card, the baby just digs in the sand w/o any input from me and never finds anything. Should I be clicking like a mad woman on the sand somewhere? Or does the game itself just, well, play itself?

    Just curious.

  13. Cydne

    The first and last codes still work as of 9/11/10

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