Sobe Coupon Reset Again?! + Free at CVS!

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As you probably know by now, Sobe has a fun instant win game you can play called Heads or Tails. If you have SoBe Lifewater on hand (I’m guessing lots of you do because of all the SoBe deals lately), go here and enter the code found underneath the black bottle cap. You can also play without a code by clicking on one of the characters sitting on the couch. After clicking on them, you’ll twist the bottle cap on the SoBe they’re holding and it will reveal if you’re a winner or not.

Most of you will win buy one get one FREE SoBe coupons! …AND if you’ve already won these previously and reached your print limit, I have great news! It appears the coupon has reset, so you should be able to print another 2 coupons. (Thanks, Tim!) You can use these coupons to score FREE Sobe Lifewater at CVS thru 8/7! Here’s how…

Sobe Lifewater 20 oz. Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Use the Buy 1 Sobe Get 1 Free coupon found here
Final Cost 2 for FREE!

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  1. Nichole

    Does anyone know how may sets of BOGO you can snag from CVS with your CVS Card?

    • Amber

      My CVS said there is no limit printed in the ad…. so technically as many as you want! I asked the manager what the limit was and said I didnt want to clear them out & she told me that EVERYONE has these coupons so if I dont buy them then someone else will… she just wanted them gone so they could order more.

      • Anonymous

        My CVS said the same thing…no limit! i must have 4 cases of these by now with all the back to back deals at CVS!

      • FairyDust

        Same here – I’ve been in twice, and the last time, all I picked up were 4 more bottles, handing over 2 BOGO coupons. The nice young man said, “I bet at least half of all the coupons I’ve seen this week have been these!” So it doesn’t seem to be causing any problems.

    • Christa K.

      I have either helpful or horrible people at my CVS – depends on what day you go. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Technically there is no limit but the one manager at mine limits you to 6. However, other people I’ve worked with are great & I currently have 150 on order to use my B1G1 coupons!

      • kristen

        I went to a new CVS yesterday to use my 16 BOGO coupons (you can play everyday) I asked ahead if time if it was OKAY. I could not get them to do all the “purchaces” in one “transaction” so I had to do about 20 seperate transactions using all the coupons and ECBs I had to use (I got several other items too). I tried explaining the difference between transaction and purchace but I did not win that battle. I ended up paying a little because the $1.79 price exceeded the coupon limit of $1.69,

    • Nichole

      Thanks for the response all!
      I’ve got quite a few coupons, I’ll talk to the cashier when I walk in to make sure.
      (I also wrote the corporate # down to take with me just incase I have any problems.)

      I just have to say that I’m happy about the good coupon news from CVS. I used these at two different Targets along with the Target Sobe coupon with no problem. When I got to a third different Target, all I got was problems. After that I pitched the Sobe coupons in the bottom of my purse and was going to give up on the Sobe deal. Um Yeah bad bad coupon experience. I even told the cashier, “This is the MAIN reason I no longer shop at Walmart.”

      Thanks again for all the help.

    • Tami

      I bought 78 this weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • pam

      i had one lady tell me i could only use 1 coupon. i told hmmm thats funny last time i did this i used 3 coupons. so i left with nothing. i was mad.

  2. nadia

    The coupons RESET EVERYDAY!!! You can print out 2 everyday!! FYI.

    • Michelle

      Actually, after a while it stops letting you print 2 a day….

      • shannon

        actually you can print 2 per email address, so if you have several, or have family members that have email addresses, you can get lots!

        • Jennifer S

          I agree I go in and print out 6 a day using 3 email addresses. Now I have won a few free ones but haven’t seen those in the mail yet says 6-8 weeks.

  3. Derek

    This coupon is able to be printed off 2x every day, I think. I never remember, but every time I think about I go print 2 of em off and it always seems to work. I think people could get some serious hoarding with these bottles if they wanted! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Erica

    I don’t get how it resets for you? I printed out my 2 coupons and tried it again and it said I had reached my limit. What am I doing wrong?

    • Renee

      Did you wait a day before you tried it again? I have to wait a day.

  5. chrisandtrace21805

    I never get any codes off the bottles, so I just click the link and pick a person. Every person is a winner. The promotion lasts until 9/14 and the coupons don’t expire until 9/30.

    • Janet

      Thanks for the info. I didn’t have a code either. Just printed out 2 coupons! Very cool!

  6. Alea

    The coupon has reset every single day for me. I only had problem with reaching a print limit in June. You don’t always win on the Sobe game – I lost once and my husband lost twice, so it is possible to lose but very uncommon.

  7. Marsha

    I just played to get another two B1G1 coupons and I won a track jacket!! I can’t believe it…thanks for the reminder to play!

  8. DeDe

    I didn’t get a bogo. I got a free bottle and they are going to send it to me. No free ones for me!

  9. jodi

    My CVS wouldn’t take the coupons when I went in on Sunday. Said she had a memo from Corporate NOT to allow them this time.

    • Anonymous

      My cvs wouldn’t take them either. It was from my favorite cashier who usually takes everything!!

      • Brenda

        I tried to use my bogo coupons Sunday too & they would not accept it at my CVS either. I spoke with the assistant manager & then later called the manager. They usually DO accept bogo coupons, but the manager said their distributer told them NOT to accept these computer printed SoBe bogo coupons. The distributer was supposedly checking with his supervisors again. I called SoBe directly & told them what happened. The guy I talked with was willing to send me free product coupons (if I in return mailed in the bogo coupons I’d printed). The manager is supposed to be calling me as soon as this is resolved & he said he’d give me the sale price at that time if they are allowed to accept these coupons. I decided to wait rather than getting the free product coupons directly from SoBe because if I can get them at CVS, I get 2 per coupon rather than only 1. What a pain!!!

      • Liz

        Definitely bring a printout of this tweet! I was able to convince the manager to accept my BOGO Qs with the tweet.

      • Krystal

        The issue is not whether they accept BOGO coupons with BOGO sales. CVS does accept that and most workers know this. The issue is with the Sobe coupons since people are printing them in abundance, some people (not saying anyone here) copy them as well and that is fraud and causes the company to lose money.

    • Christa K.

      I just got off the phone with corporate. They said this is NOT true – CVS is still accepting the B1G1 coupons for SOBE. Also the guy said there is no limit on how many you purchase but they do leave it to the discretion of the manager regarding the limit based on how much they have in stock. (And he said he’d heard of many stories of managers ordering ahead for their customers to have the needed quantity on hand.) He told me if I had any trouble in the store to call corporate while I was right in the store. (800-746-7287) He was super enthusastic about the coupons & happy so many customers were taking advantage of the SOBE coupons/CVS sales! WOW! I wish all customer service care was that terrific! Just the opposite of some that make you feel like a criminal for using coupons & their sales!

      • Krystal

        Yes they are accepting the coupons and yes you can use a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale (that is not the arguement by the way), but with my area all stores are limiting customers to 2 coupons per day. It may not be a universal corporate policy, but I know it’s at least a district corporate policy in my area. And if everyone is having trouble with this, just chill because this is a month long sale, perhaps not the BOGO the entire month, but they are all on some sort of sale all month.

    • Carol

      My local CVS would not take them either, even AFTER I told them that I had checked with corporate and per policy, it was okay. They refused to believe me (they didn’t even try to SCAN the coupon). They said that the store manager instructed them NOT to take BOGO coupons on BOGO sale items.

      I was out on a training walk, so I didn’t have my copy of the policy with me. BUT, I had gotten both the cashier’s and the manager on duty’s names and the minute I got home, I printed out a copy of the e-mail I received from CVS.I highlighted that YES, it IS corporate policy to accept a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale and get BOTH items FREE, and mailed a copy of it to their attention. (I did that mainly to show them I was right, so that they didn’t think I was making it all up.)

      I don’t plan to go there before the sale ends, as it’s out of the way normally. I’ll wait until the next BOGO sale and come armed with 50 SoBe coupons AND the copy of the CVS coupon policy:-)

      • Krystal

        Again, yes, CVS DOES allow BOGO coupons on BOGO sales. The issue is strictly with Sobe and their sales/coupons. Corporate has come down and Sobe has told them to limit the amount of coupons. Some managers may not have fully told their cashiers or fully understood what was said to them, my district says 2 coupons per customer per day with BOGO. Any other BOGOs in the store with BOGO coupons are fine, the issue is with the Sobe.

        • Carol

          With my local CVS store, the issue was with ANY BOGO coupon. Cashiers were told they were not allowed to accept ANY BOGO coupons on BOGO sale items, because technically, you weren’t “buying” anything, so how could you get one free.

          Wasn’t just SoBe in this case, as I don’t think anyone in my neighborhood even knows about the coupons. (Which of course, is good, because it means more SoBe for me:-)

    • Kim

      My stores in Florida won’t let you do B1G1 with a B1G1 coupon! SO sad!

      • Brenda

        I tried using my bogo coupons at a different store tonight & they took them-without any problem. It was maybe 15 minutes from the other store that wouldn’t. I don’t understand, but I’m happy they let me do it!!

  10. Shelly

    I just want to reiterate what a few others have said: This coupon resets EVERY DAY! This means that, if you go back and play the game every day, and you win the bogo q, you can print it twice. The next day, the same thing….and so on and so on and so on. I have never ‘not’ won – pretty much everyone wins the bogo. The only bad thing is that I was really wanting a bogo yesterday and instead won a free bottle. I don’t want just one free bottle, I want two, lol!

    FYI, Sobe is also part of the upcoming Kroger Mega sale, so if you can’t use them at CVS, be sure to save them and use them @ Kroger!

    • Brenda

      Thanks for the heads up on Kroger.

    • Denise

      would this be on the next Kroger ad or the current one ??

      • Shelly

        It will be the ad starting the week of 8/9. My region’s ad actually starts a couple days later. The Sobe will be either .50 or .59 (again, depending on the region) after Mega discount. They should take off either the full, non-sale price (which would be a moneymaker) or the sale price. Either way it’s a darn good deal!

  11. Susan

    I also print 2 coupons everyday, until I ran out of ink!, for a total of 4 free bottles a day. HOWEVER, every time I go into CVS to purchase, the cashier will tell me I can’t use the coupons because it is already BOGO. I have to explain AGAIN that 1 is free from the store and 1 is free from the vendor. The managers are all aware of this so it goes through but they need to inform the cashiers. It’s always a big hassle.

  12. Delayn

    grrr tried to do it and my darn popup blocker was on so it reset the site and wouldn’t let me play again…didn’t get to print my coupon and the bottles I have here don’t have codes under the caps…guess I’ll try again tomorrow!

  13. Crissy

    I used 6 of these coupons at CVS yesterday. The manager was checking me out & he was scrutinizing them so I was afraid he was going to say I couldn’t use them, but he just said they’d had a conference call with corporate & were told to make sure the # under the top, right barcode was different on each one to verify it wasn’t a copy. I had never tried SOBE waters before CVS had their last BOGO sale, but now I’ve found some flavors I really like!

  14. Hayley

    I was able to buy 50. I have been going on the sobe website everyday and logging in through my account and through facebook. So almost everyday I am able to print 4 coupons = free sobe water at cvs, and I hoping that Target will do another gc deal too!!

  15. Hayley

    I also forgot to add, that I scored the value boxes of pampers, on clearance for 600, down from 24, and cvs diapers on clearance also. I found these at the back of the store.

    I got 50 sobe life waters, all free- had to pay tax and deposit
    2 value boxes of pampers- used $3 coupon, and a $2 coupon that I had
    2 tubs of wipes- free with coupon from 8/1
    CVS diapers 3.12- $3 coupon from magic coupon machine
    2 dove choc bars- both free plus $.12 overage from magic coupon machine
    5.97 tide detergent- $1 coupon from 8/1

    paid 12 for everything not a bad score

    • Liz

      that is awesome!!! I am so jealous!

  16. Lisa G.

    I play this every single day. Walmart has them for $1.00 everyday. I get my two coupons a day (OR I’ve won a $10 iTunes gift card, and a few free Sobe coupons) and stock up whenever someone has a sale.

  17. Amy

    I do not have a CVS nearby, I am saving my coupons for Target to have a promotion again.

  18. shelle

    You can play this every day, it checks your computer so you could play more with separate email addresses and multiple computers. I have won a $10 gift card and a coupon for a free Sobe that will be mailed to me in 8-12 weeks and tons of B1G1 printable coupons. LOVE that Sobe!!!

  19. betty-jo

    I won two free coupons from this game that should have been mailed but so far nothing yet. Anyone else not receive their free sobe coupon yet?

  20. Meredith

    Maybe i’m a little slow today but how do I play or twist the cap?

  21. Meredith

    Do anyone know the code?

  22. Anonymous

    I wish so bad that CVS Coorp would educate their cashiers and managers about how BOGO coupons work with BOGO sales! After ringing up 20 Sobes, bagging them and double knotting my bags, I had a mgr tell me that I could not use the coupon during a BOGO sale b/c I would be getting 2 free. I told her…thats the the point! I explained that one was thanks to CVS and one was thanks to the manufacture. Then she said I could only use one at a time…I had 10 coupons so I told her if she wanted to, that she could ring them up in seperate transactions. She made me unbag my 20 bottles, voided them each out and started over (with lots of long sighs and rolling eyes). She rang up 2 and took 1 coupon at a time and after doing it twice, she said, “this is stupid”! Then decided to ring up the remaining 16 Sobes and take my 8 coupons all at once (which was what I tried at first). After rebagging all the waters, my children were wild the other customers were looking at me like I was crazy! I left there feeling very frustrated and like a bad guy for just using coupons! Uggg…

    • kristen

      I feel your pain, they made me do that too, with the 4 yr old and 10 month old. I did let people go ahead of me if they came to check out, but I was trying to make a point that it was stupid to ring up 32 sobes seperately.
      They make for a great drink for my husband that works outside in the Florida heat.

  23. amydavid518

    I won flip flops!!

  24. Amy

    I won a t shirt and lots of bogo coupons!!

  25. Mitch

    I have 100 coupons waiting for the next Target $5 gift card deal! I will give the CVS deal a try as well.

  26. Samantha

    I didn’t have a code and played without one but it said a coupon for a free SOBE would be mailed to me ( as others have said). No way to print a BOGO coupon.

  27. Allison

    Has anyone received anything they have won in the mail? I have won many free coupons and a t-shirt but have not recieved anything.

    • Irina

      they say allow 8-12 weeks. I just hope they actually will mail things out.

    • megan

      I just got my track jacket in the mail today. It is actually really nice. Plain black with the little lizard thing down by the cuff and sobe embroidered on the back at the top. Still waiting for my flip-flops and t-shirt

  28. Irina

    I won a free Ipod Nano yesterday! I was so excited cause I never win anything. I didn’t expect it either, I was just happy printing my BOGO coupons ๐Ÿ™‚ Awesome Sobe, I really like all the flavors too ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Brenda

      Good for you!!! That’s so awesome!!

  29. Suzie Miller

    When the Sobe Heads of tails game first came out the site let me print 28 coupons in 1 day.
    I have played almost every day since then and have been able to print 2 coupons a day unless I won the free Sobe Coupon which they mail to you. I have over 150 free bottle’s thanks to Hip2save showing me the deal. I Love Hip2save. Thanks so much! Suzie

  30. Marie

    The coupons reset every day. You can sign up with multiple email addresses as well allowing you to print out two per account. The promotion ends Sept 15, but the coupons won’t expire till the 30th of Sept. =D This means LOTS of SOBE!!

  31. Krystal

    Just FYI everyone in regards to CVS, the stores in my area have begun instilling a limit on the amount of coupons used, this is from corporate. Sobe is a Pepsi product and is something that the store can’t predict how much they get or how often they’ll get shipments. The shelves at my store before this was started would be empty after 2 customers would get there. And then only pay tax, which is great for everyone around, store gets sales and gets reimbursed and consumer gets free stuff. Obviously Sobe didn’t think about what they were doing, they have BOGO sales everywhere and then BOGO coupons, but I believe Sobe contacted the companies (Target and CVS to name some) and all stores should be having that policy now. 2 coupons per customer per day. It helps to be fair to other consumers as well.

    • Christa K.

      I talked to corporate today and they said that, per the ad this week, there is NO limit. Nothing about 2 per customer per day and nothing about Sobe contacting them. However, each store manager has the discretion to limit how many you get based on their inventory. So the limit is not from corporate, it’s an individual store mngr decision at best (& and on-the-spot maverick cashier at worst).

      • Krystal

        The horrible thing is is that corporate will tell a customer whatever they want to hear to make them happy. I work for the company and am a member of management, corporate told us to limit it. Sobe contacted them and told them to limit it.

    • Ami

      I just wanted to let you all know that at CVS in Grand Rapids, MI this morning I had the nicest manager – I came in with 13 Sobe BOGO coupons and he went into the back to look for some more Sobe’s b/c all were completely wiped off the shelves. Well, the back was empty too, so he said, “Just grab some Vitamin Water & we’ll substitute that for you instead.” That just made my day!

  32. Tallymomma

    Called ahead to be sure my CVS wasn’t going to be difficult, and the lady says yes it’s fine what a great deal. I show up ask again about buying 20 or so and all seems ok again. I load up the buggy and roll it up to the front, she rings them all up, them takes 1 of the coupons and then decides they can’t do it because it states limit on per purchase. So I left them all there on the counter for her and walked out. Called corporate who of course said it was fine but I decided that I would just save them for the next Target sale instead.

  33. msuweather

    My CVS would only allow 1 coupon per transaction. I had 14 sobe’s in my buggy so she rang me up in 7 transactions. I’ve purchased more previously with the same coupons but I didn’t complain. She kept apoligizing but it was just more work on her really.

    I love this game. Play every day. I had so many coupon I quit printing them but now that I saw that Kroger thing above I’ll start printing again.

    I’ve won at least 5 free, a ton of coupons, 10 dollar itunes gift card, and the tshirt.

    • Krystal

      Sobe isn’t allowing it, they are enforcing the rule on corporate/the stores. So the only way for Sobe not to know that they were allowing more coupons than they should, she had to do it all in seperate transactions.

      • Christa K.

        This is not true (Sobe/Pepsi limiting the purchase). I just got off the phone with Pepsi corporate. Not only is it not true that they are instructing corporations to limit a customer’s purchase, the lady I talked to said “By all means, use as many coupons as you want! If you have 23 coupons, use 23 coupons, you’ll get 23 free! It’s a great deal!” Her only comment was that sometimes stores had their own limits but any coupon limit is NOT from Pepsi. She also commented that stores know ‘well ahead what their ads and promotions will be’ and that ‘they should be planning ahead to be prepared with stock on hand for their own promotions.’

        • Krystal

          Irregardless of how stocked up a store could be, how fair is it for someone to come in and get 50 of them and then…there’s 12 in a case. That’s a lot of Sobe. Again with what I said above, corporate will tell a customer whatever it is they want to hear to make them happy. Also, please tell me why all of a sudden, today it seems mostly, (when I myself was informed of this limit by the store manager per the district manager)…why does it seem like stores all over the place are instiling this limit all of a sudden? All of these managers can’t be wrong.

          • Shelly

            You are seriously beating a dead horse here. Isn’t there a nice blog somewhere for CVS managers to hang out? I haven’t had any of the stores near me (there are four within 10 min) limit mine. I’m not walking in with 30 q’s or anything, but I have used five or so at a time. Obviously if it was a system-wide policy, none of us would be able to use them. I also disagree with your statement that corporate just tells customers what they want to hear. I think maybe you just don’t like what they’re saying!

          • Amanda

            Hey Krystal..irregardless isn’t a word ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Krystal

            The point is not that I work for them, I’m quite the coupon shopper, that is why I come here. I was spreading the word of what my higher ups told me. Obviously I do believe that corporate will tell a customer whatever they want to hear. A cashier could be completely in the right by enforcing a policy (I’m not saying the Sobes) that corporate sets out but if a customer calls and complains, corporate will apologize and give them a gift card to make them happy. So yes, corporate does whatever they can to make a customer happy, even if it makes the staff look stupid. Trust me, I know, I’ve worked in retail for years. And Amanda, thank you for being a dictionary. Are there any spell check errors in this message? And actually, it is a word, just not the correct word to use. Look it up.

  34. Melissa booth

    I have 58 waters so far last time I got 72 for free and I plan to get 12 more tomorrow and my husband loves these things..

  35. Anonymous

    My CVS had a 12 limit I used 2 coupons. I plan to go back tommorow and buy 12 this time.

  36. Loreli

    I just played the game and won an IPOD Nano!!!!! I was so excited!!! Was not expecting that at all ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Anonymous

      did you win that with a code……or just by playing w/o a code? Hmmmn. Either way awesome!

      • Loreli

        Without a code.

  37. Patricia G.

    I play every day and I play using 3 separate emails (mine, DH and MIL), I am able to print 2 coupons for each email winner. I had called Sobe to make sure it was ok for all of us to play and print from the same computer/printer and they said it was one winner per email per day for the duration of the contest no limit to the number of times you could win. I have been playing every day since the contest has started and have what seems like a BILLION coupons. I have also won several FREE Sobe coupons that haven’t been received in the mail yet and a pair of Flip Flops and a Sobe T-Shirt! Sobe is my new favorite Compant right now!!

    I went to CVS today and bought 10 (didn’t want to be a shelf clearer) used 5 coupons with no trouble! I even had the email that I <3 CVS has available on their website stating the CVS policy on allowing B1G1 coupons on B1G1 sales in hand just in case, but was happy I didn't need to use it!

    I also used 2 free 20oz. Coke coupons from the Wendy's contest I won and 2 B1G1 Crush coupons. So I paid $4.77 for 10 Sobe, 2 Cokes, and 4 Orange Crush.

    I hope I have the same luck at a different CVS I will try tomorrow!

    • Anonymous

      Patricia, I also have that policy and keep it with me for all my trips to CVS. I have never used it until this past week trying to do this SOBE deal. The manager told me that I couldnt use a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale. So I pulled out my policy and showed her the part that states “In the case where a particular item is on sale for BOGO, you are allowed to use one manufacture’s BOGO coupon. You would get both items free….”. She said that since it said ONE BOGO coupon and I had 10 that I could only use one at a time. So she waisted her time and mine ringing up 10 seperate transactions. Whatever…still got my 20 free SOBEs ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Rita Collins

    I went to CVS three times this week. The first store would not take my coupons (on Sunday), so I had to wait until Monday to report him. The second time, I did not want to clear the shelves. The manager told me to take as many as I had coupons for – a truck was coming in tomorrow. The third time, I only bought a few. I now only have 3 more coupons that expire the end of this month. The rest expire the end of September.

    I have played the game almost every day since the start. I have won every time with a code and without a code. I have only won BOGO coupons and free SOBE coupons. I would love to win one of the other prizes. Congratulations to those that have won.

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