CVS: FREE Schick Hydro Razor & Shave Gel?!

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When you’re out doing your CVS shopping, make sure to look for peelie coupons found on the Schick Hydro Razors valid for a FREE Schick Hydro Shave Gel with Schick Hydro Razor purchase. If you can find these, you can score the following deal…

Schick Hydro 3 or 5 Cartridges 4 ct. or Razor 1 ct. $8.97 = $4 Ecb (Limit 1)
Buy one Schick Hydro Razor $8.97
Buy one Schick Hydro Shave Gel (Free with coupon below)
Use the $5/1 coupon from the 8/8 SS
Plus, stack with the FREE Schick Shave Gel coupon found on the razor
Pay $3.97
Get back a $4 Ecb
Final cost– razor and shave gel both FREE!
…AND you can turn this into a money-maker if you haven’t submitted for the “Try A New Schick Hydro Razor Free” rebate!

(Thanks for the heads up on these peelie coupons and the picture, Dealicious Finds!)

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  1. wendi

    About the idea of a “money maker” – not the case. The Schick Hydro rebate people are on to that – I only received back the exact amount I paid – they in fact were able to locate the coupon used and deduct that from the rebate amount they sent to me. SO even though the receipt showed the item as $7.99 – they saw the $4 coupon and only sent me the $3.99 in a rebate. And tax is not covered by any rebates. At least this has been my experience here in IL.

    • Shelly

      I have been doubting that they would send back the entire amount when you use a coupon. It’s still free though as long as they send you back what you paid!

    • Mary

      Well, I did this rebate three times, one for me, one for my mom and one for my MIL. All three we got back the full price. Did you happen to submit a Target receipt? Because Target matches it up on the receipt…..

      • wendi

        Yes, I believe it was Target. I will stick with CVS in the future with Rebates at least. Thanks for pointing that out.

        • Mary

          NP, I stay away from Target for rebates for the most part. All the receipts I submitted were less than $2.00. Nice little MM.

    • Lecia

      I submitted the rebate when it first came out; sent in a CVS receipt with a zero balance because I used so many coupons and ECB and still got back the full $8.97 balance.

    • brittany

      i did this and got the full amount

      • Juliene Bubeck

        I did this and got the full amount as well!

      • Mitchell Wischmann

        Me too…I got this deal at Walgreens a few weeks ago.

    • CouponClary

      I don’t remember my exact OOP price paid using a CVS receipt, but I received the full price paid for the razor using ECBs and the $5 manufacturers coupon when I received my check last week!

    • Cammie

      Definitely stick with CVS on this one, because they just lump all the coupons together at the bottom. We did Target for another rebate and I noticed that they put the coupon prices right next to the item… and I’m guessing that’s going to mean that that rebate isn’t a money maker either.

  2. Mary

    Oh, and if you do it through CVS, It’s already Free with the ECB. So *if* they find the coupon, you will still get back $3.97, which makes it a $3.97 after the ECB.

  3. kenac

    any thoughts on a zip for getting that coupon at smartsource online? I’m in upstate NY and we haven’t had that coupon in the paper.

  4. Sarah

    I am in AZ and that coupon was not in our paper either. Any ideas?

    • Amber

      I received mine in the AZRepublic.

  5. Michelle

    I submitted for and received the rebate for this and got the full $7.99. I bought it at Walgreens (CVS was out last time) and used the coupon and this was the only thing on my receipt (so it was obvious that the coupon was for that item) but they still sent me the full amount.

  6. Alea

    I don’t think you can stack two manufacturer coupons for one item either – you would have to either use the $5 coupon or the Free Shave Gel coupon?

    • Amy

      It wouldn’t be for one item. The $5 coupon you would be using on the razor itself, and the “free” coupon would go towards the shave gel. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sarah

      I had no problem doing this with the Venus coupons a couple of weeks ago for free body lotion and body wash with purchase plus $3 Venus coupon plus $5 Target gift card recieved.

    • Janice Greene

      I just returned from CVS and used the $5 AND the free shaving gel. No problems at all. I LOVE CVS ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. pinklorine

    They didn’t have the free shave gel peelies at my CVS in St. Augustine, Florida. But still very happy because I paid $11.50 out of pocket for the Shick 5 razor (which I used last night for the first time, from a previous deal, and WOW BEST SHAVE EVER!) and Dulcolax stool softner (which I really need because I just had surgery)..and I got back $14 in ECB..So FREE plus a little $$$ maker! Thanx Collin, I save so much money now that I follow your site religously! =)

  8. Angie

    Be careful when trying to get the deal on the scotch tapes at Target. They are on sale for 0.50 cents but when the cashier scanned my manufacturer coupon 1.00 off three the computer only deducted 0.50. Every time I have a coupon that states save so much off of two or more items the computer ALWAYS reduces the value of the coupon. I never noticed until I started checking receipts. I am so frustrated with Target right now. I went to customer service and got the money back they took. You really have to watch your receipts at Target. I even emailed the company a few weeks ago and they apologized and said they would send me 3.00 coupon in the mail. I haven’t gotten it yet.

    • mj

      seriously!! this happened to me as well (and the manager REFUSED to adjust it)! and if you read coupon forums, you’ll hear tales from hundreds of people who complain of the same problem.

      i really feel that bloggers, like Collin, should warn people about this problem. it’s been going on too long. Target is ripping off consumers and manufacturers, BIG TIME! i’m boycotting Target until this problem has been corrected.

    • Devin

      This has happened to me as well but I didn’t say anything, it was the $2/4 Juicy Juice coupon and it only took $1.99 off so it wasn’t that big of a deal to me. However, I’m having a lot of trouble using coupons with the gift card deals, I don’t understand b/c they’ll get face value back from the manufacturer.

      • Kristy

        this happened to me today with the Nivea coupon. deduted 3.99 instead of 4. Since it was only a penny I did not worry about it.

  9. beth

    We saw these peelies at CVS, but the cost of the shave gel exceeded the $3.99 maximum coupon value. Look for these at Walgreens! We found some there, and the gel is only $1.99 this week.

    • Jasmine @ DEALicious Finds

      Wow that’s stinks! My CVS had the shave gel priced at $3.99, which was also the maximum value of the free coupon, so I had no issues actually getting it for free.

  10. Jennifer

    I messed up a little today. On my one CVS receipt, I have the Hydro razor and 2 items for my Olay Rebate. I’m wondering what I should do, since both rebate forms say “Original Sales Receipt”…would either company be OK with a photocopy? Or if I “return” the razor and rebuy at CVS, what does that do to my ECB and coupon?

    • Anonymous

      You can always go back to CVS and tell them you forgot to split your order for a couple of rebate offers and they will just deduct one item from the receipt and then ring it up separately for you so you will have two original receipts.

  11. robyn

    this would be nice if i actually got the razor coupon. GRRRR!

  12. LB

    Found this peelie in NW GA. Deal worked great – free razor and free shave gel! We need to start seeing some of these deals for women!!

  13. Leslie

    Well, I was an idiot. I went to CVS, bought the razor after reading this post, got home and did not notice the peelie on my razor. That is what I get for bringing my 2 1/2 year old to a store for the first time in big girl pants. So stressful.

    • Thanks for the deal!

      I always mess up when I bring the kids…. and I end up buying candy which kills my saving deals.

  14. Michelle

    Walgreens has the shaving gel for 1.99 and if you look around, they also have the peelies on the razors. I was actually told about it tonight, by one of the workers. Apprently she has seen me come in before, and new I was a couponer, and wanted to help me out.

  15. Rae

    Maybe off-topic, but scored two free razor/gel combos yesterday – and the cashier was sooooo nice while I cut the coupons out of the paper right there, then asked if I could divide my cart into two transactions, to which he replied, “Honey, I’m here until five, so you take as much time as you want!” Then he told me he knows every penny counts and gave me a high-five. He name is Thomas and he works at the brand new CVS in Gainesville. He is ALWAYS in a great mood and remembers my neighbor and me when we come in. What’s the best way to let his manager/corporate higher-ups know that they have an exceptional employee? Don’t even get me started on the grumps across the street (Wags) who act like my coupons take cash out of their own pockets. Anyway, do any of you work at CVS or can you suggest a way to let Thomas’ bosses know he’s AMAZING? thx

    • Pam

      I would email CVS directly with the specific store location and his name, and I would also call his store and ask for the manager. Tell both that he is a terrific employee who makes you want to go to CVS all the time!

  16. April Orr

    Did anyone receive this coupon in SC?

  17. Nichole

    I did this last week at Walgreens in AZ. They had the peelie, too.

  18. Amy

    Found the peelie yesterday, thanks!

  19. Melissa

    Just got back from CVS here in IL and couldn’t find a razor with a shave gel peelie, but got the razor and about to submit for the rebate. Anyone find one at a CVS in IL?

  20. Sabrena

    I was able to get his deal at Rite Aid. They had the peelies too. I scored 5 razor and 5 shaving gels, used $5/25 and just paid the taxes. Not bad. Now I am waiting for women razor deals.

  21. fairydust

    Got this deal with no problem at CVS yesterday. Usually they’re all cleared out of great items like this within a day of the insert coming out, but this time they had a big endcap display of both the 3 and 5 razors and the shaving cream cans. A lot of the peelies had already been pulled off (you can tell because there’s a leftover sticker spot on the package), but they still had lots with the peelies on them. Yay on CVS – free razor, free shaving cream, more ECBs and money back in a refund. Gotta love it!

    • fairydust

      sorry, meant rebate, not refund ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Turboturtle_8

    One question…can you use more than one ECBs to pay for an item or is it one per transaction. I am new to this and never shopped CVS and wanted to know what to expect. Thanks!!!

  23. Christina

    I got the razor, but was hoping to get the free shave cream as well. Unfortunately the peelies had been taken off the razors.

  24. Cammie

    Why did I ever buy razors for full price (pre-couponing days!). Since I’ve discovered hip2save it seems like every week either gillette or schick has a free razor. We’ve started stacking them out in the garage! No need to buy razor blades again!

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