Graveyard Mall: 9 pack Men's or Women's Sunglasses $9.99 (+ shipping)!

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UPDATE: The men’s sunglasses are now sold out!

Wow! is at it again…they’re offering up a 9 pack of Men’s or Women’s Sunglasses for only $9.99 + $5.99 shipping! This means you’ll pay only $1.76 per pair shipped right to your door. Order two 9 packs of sunglasses and shipping is only $6.99 so you’ll pay only $1.59 per pair…these make great additions to gift baskets!

Choose the men’s sunglasses and you’ll snag brands like ESPN, Panama Jack, Eagles Eyes & more with 100% UVA & UVB Protection and styles that include sport, classic, polarized, and driving!

Choose the women’s sunglasses and you’ll snag brands like Cosmo, Revlon, Panama Jack, Apostrophy, Jaclyn Smith, Beauty Solutions and more with 100% UVA & UVB protection!

I would recommend that you place your order(s) quickly as these sunglass packages tend to sell out fast.

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  1. Amanda

    I ordered these the last time they were posted and hated all but on of the pairs, one was even cracked. The retail price fo all of mine were between $10 and $12.99.

    • Jules

      I ordered these last time too and was supposed to get 10 pair and only got nine and one pair was scratched….

      • Jenna

        I only got 9 pairs the last time I ordered too! They didn’t honor the hip2save code I entered at checkout. I plan to complain.

    • Audra Z

      I didn’t get my 10th pair for free and 2 of the ones I got were broken. I sent them an email this morning and they already replied stating that they would refund $5.34 back to my credit card. I like 2 of the pairs I got so $5 a piece isn’t too bad. And the other pairs I can sell at a garage sale for probably $1-$2 each.

  2. kristien33

    I ordered the women’s last time, and really only liked 4, but I still got 4 pairs for about the price of one cheap pair. The retail on most of mine was around $20. The ones I didn’t like were the oversized ones that are in style, so I gave them to my babysitter and sister-in-law. Can you return the cracked/scratched ones?

  3. Jacqueline D

    I ordered them too and I only received 7 pairs instead of the 10 pair .. I am still waiting on a response from graveyard about the 3 missing pair? Did anyone else have this problem and if so did they respond and or send you the missing items?

    • Tomoko

      Mine was only 8 pairs. ๐Ÿ™ I too send a email yesterday and waiting for response.

    • Anonymous

      I was also missing a pair

  4. ali

    I am excited to finally see the mens deal up again…my hubby needs them badly! I liked 5 of my last 10 that I ordered, so I sold the other 5 on my garage sale for $3.00/each which paid for my whole order. Thanks again for the post!!

  5. pinklorine

    I was thinking about ordering, but afetr reading the comments above I am hesitant…Is there anyone who had a good experience (no scratches/cracks) and liked all the pairs?

  6. Penny

    I ordered last time and I got 10 pairs. One was Men’s which made my husband’s day. The retail price of them was $9.99 and most had tags from Walmart and Kmart.

  7. tberry4301

    Just got mine yesterday and only received 9. One of them fell apart at the hinge when taken out of the box because the screw was missing. Most were of the Kmart CVS variety and averaged 9.99-15.99. Still a good deal, but the company needs to stand behind their offer if they wish to maintain trust with their customers. Have emailed them, awaiting a response. If you are willing to take a chance that you may not receive exactly as described, or may have difficulties returning/resovling issues then it may be worth it–haven’t seen a comment regarding how they are dealing with customers after the sale…….

  8. Elizabeth Fox

    I just got the women’s ones I ordered last time this deal was up and I was missing my FREE 10th pair and all but one had tags still on them and they were priced between $10 and $15 each. Out of the 9 pairs I received I got 2 of the same pair, one was scratched, and on one the nose piece was loose so the glasses end up sitting crooked on your nose. Mine were all small square lenses.. no variety in sizes of lens.

    • Elizabeth Fox

      I called them today and they ended up refunding me $7.12. Good customer service!

      • tgebbeken

        I just emailed them about the 10th pair for free that was missing from my order and not even 5 minutes later they refunded me $1.78! Awesome customer service. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Collin

    It sounds like some of you have experienced issues with previous orders of sunglasses through Graveyard Mall. If you have personally experienced a problem, I would urge you to contact their customer service dept at They have a great customer service department!

  10. LaToya

    Same issue here last time with the sunglasses.
    And their shipping is insane. This place is totally not worth it – not quality items, issues with shipping and overpriced shipping; I would NOT recommend this one to anyone.

  11. Angie

    I ordered last time and have not received them yet. They shipped out on August 5, so I am hoing to receive them soon!

  12. Michelle

    I liked all of mine except for one pair; none of mine were scratched or damaged. I would definitely order from them again! I also had good luck w/ the kids glasses!

  13. Laura C

    I ordered these women’s sunglasses awhile back, 4 prs. were great daughter loved them (the oversized ones). Some of the other ones were scratched and two prs were missing nose pieces. Of course those were the ones I liked but I guess I learned you take your chances with deals like this and hope for the best but don’t expect perfection!

  14. Jennifer

    I oreded these the last time the deal was offered. Half of them were okay and still had tags. The other half were all tagless and most were scratched.

  15. Angie

    When I saw this deal my sunglassses had broken THAT DAY so I ordered the package of women’s glasses. The total was about $15 and that is what I used to spend on 1 pair of sunglasses, so if even half of the pairs are decent it will be a win for me.

  16. Stephenie

    Just ordered my set we’ll see how they are. I went to order mens and they were already gone. Oh well.

  17. Frugurl

    Glad I read the comments before making a purchase.

    • Kari

      Wish I read these comments first, now I am worried. Hope my order works out.

  18. Erin

    I also received my sunglasses on Saturday from the last time this deal was posted. I had read all of the comments and knew it would be risky (not all positive feedback), but I figured if I could get one good pair of sunglasses then it would be well worth it. So, I was super excited to open my box. I had 9 pairs of glasses, not 10 which I was supposed to get with the “10th pair free Hip2SAve” comment which was slightly disappointing (I knew readers had previously called with the same issue and they had refunded the amount of one pair if this happened). So, I continued to unwrap each pair to try on, and I had 5 pairs that were damaged I couldn’t wear them and/or see out of one lens (2 with nose pieces terrible bent, 1 pair with the ear pieces out of whack, and 2 with the right lens scratched). Out of the pairs that weren’t damaged they were all too small for my head. Six of the nine pairs had tags, the ones with tags were priced $5.99-$15.99 (mean $11.66) and tagged glasses were all from walmart, kmart, rite aid and sears. I have sent an email to graveyard mall and hope to get this situation straightened out.

    I have previously ordered knick-knacks and other items from graveyard mall and was pleasantly surprised, so I have faith that this will be resolved and I can do business in the future with them.

    Hopefully some of ya’ll had more luck than me with the sunglasses deal!

  19. Theresa

    Based on these comments, I’m never wasting my time on their site again! I’ve looked but never ordered and I’m GLAD I didn’t waste my money! Thanks for all of your feedback, it’s helpful!

  20. cutsiecow

    I second what Theresa said…..I was gonna order but not now….Thanks!

  21. Amy

    Same here, only got 9 pairs, one pair was scratched, and they sent me 2 of the exact same ones. I will only wear 3 of them, the rest will go in our survival/emergency kits. Well, except for the rectangle red lenses ones… those are hideous, even for that. I did email them, 2 days ago, and haven’t heard anything yet.

  22. Anonymous

    I received my sunglasses this week. They did not honor the hip2 save code so I got 9 pairs. Most were from kmart and walmart. One pair is scratched and 2 of the pairs have some pretty distorted looking polarized lenses. I probably won’t wear most, one pair is okay. I prefer glasses like Collin was wearing in her photo so I was hoping to get something similar but that was not the case. They probably sent her cute ones so she could advertise and send all of us ugly ones. I guess that is what you get for 9.99 plus shipping. Sometimes you do get what you pay for : ) Thanks for the deals Collin, I love your site, I just don’t think I am a fan of graveyard mall.

  23. Kristine

    I also ordered the last time this offer came up. I received the shipment on Saturday. I only got 9 pairs, not the 10th free, and I entered hip2save10th pair free in the box on the order form. All of the sunglasses I received had tags between 9.99-12.00, not the 17.99-29.99 quality I was expecting, and all came from Rite Aid, Walmart, and Kmart. They are not as nice as the pair Collin was modeling in her photo. They are definitely low end sunglasses, but they were only 15.98 for all.

  24. Mona

    You can buy sunglasses at the Dollar Stores and they used to have a pretty good selection. I do appreciate this site and it has saved me a ton of money — sorry y’all had trouble with this one.

  25. Morganne

    I guess I got lucky on this one. I received 9 (not 10…) pairs of really adorable glasses, all had tags, none were scratched, on screw was a little loose, but for a 1.50 a pair…..? It was a great deal! Loved it! Glad it worked out.

  26. LCM

    I had some issues too. At least one was scratched, several had loose hinges. They almost all had tags, CVS, but kind of dirty. I am staying with my 99 cent stores next time. I can pick out the kind I like and only spend $1 on each.

  27. Lyndee

    I got my order saturday I tried using the hip2save code and I didn’t think it worked but ended up with 10 pair I just love them (christmas presents)

  28. Michelle

    Only 9 pairs here too, first disappointment. Only 1 pair you could consider name brand (Panama Jack) – and the only one that worked out. 1 pair literally broken in half at the nose part (couldn’t even believe that one). 4 other pairs were also broke as in missing one of the nose pieces, 2 of them on one side missing the decorative piece leaving only the messy glue spot, etc… – was so highly disappointed and chalked it up as a buyers beware lesson! I am so extremely busy that I almost did not take the time to write this post and now to think I need to spend even more time dealing with their customer service department with what looks like they may not respond . . . hmmmmmm

  29. Audra Z

    Sounds like we need to have a sunglass swap- wonder how many of the pairs I don’t like that someone else would.

  30. Wendi

    I got mine today. Only 8 pair and 1 was scratched. 7 out of the 8 were actually cute. So all in all I guess it was a good deal. I wish they would send me my 2 missing pair, but looks like from the comments above, I will never see them. Boo hoo…..

    • Wendi

      Update, GV Mall refunded me $5.00 so I am happy, I wont buy this deal again tho.

  31. Crystal

    I just got my sunglasses today, only 9 and I like about 5 pair. One was scratched, (luckily it was a pair I don’t like so much) and my favorite pair had a piece of CHEWED GUM stuck to the side of it. No joke! YUCK! I e-mailed graveyard mall from the e-mail address Collin put in her comment above and they responded within about an hour and refunded me $5 since all of the sunglasses are now out of stock. It’s a great deal, I could barely get one pair for that price.

  32. Kai

    Received mine today – only got 7. 4 had tags on them ($9.99, 2 for $12.99 and 1 for $22). One was men’s sunglasses. 2 of the 3 without tags were Panama Jack, and 2 were pretty scratched up. Others were George (Walmart), Jaclyn Smith and Piper & Blue from K-Mart and Apostrophe from Sears. I ended up keeping 2 for me, putting one aside for my step-daughter (I had hoped to get a couple for her for a cheap b-day present), and the rest are getting donated. I don’t feel like I got a good deal at all – I don’t think I would have paid $7.50 each for the ones I kept. Oh well, live and learn.

    • Kai


      I sent off an e-mail and didn’t get a response, so I called their customer service at 1-888-734-3132. It took a couple of tries, but I finally got through to a person. She was very nice and refunded me $8.88. Despite this, I don’t think I’ll be shopping there again. I can understand scraches and stuff because the sunglasses were on the floors of stores, then packed up and sent to Graveyardmall, then packed up and shipped to us. However, I still can’t understand sending someone 7 sunglasses instead of 10 and thinking that it would be okay. Just cancel the order if you don’t have enough to fulfill it.

      • Chris

        Thanks for the phone number! I also received damaged pairs and their CSR was very friendly and helpful and offered me a $5.35 refund for 3 pairs without any problem. Great customer service, but not worth my time so won’t be ordering from them again though. Definitely wish I would’ve seen the comments first.

  33. Stephanie

    I ordered from them this past Sunday, I don;t shop online much, now I have to turn off my debit card. Their site isn;t secure, someone stole my info and I had a bogus 11.00 charge from GA and I live in TX. I am very dissapointed

  34. Emily

    I got mine today. Only got 9 pairs, which annoyed me, but most of them are pretty cute, only 1-2 that are hideous.

  35. Kari

    Just got mine today, the box was pretty damaged and also crushed (also did not come with an invoice slip)…
    Even though I did not do any special code, I received 10 pairs. Two of which were identical, but it looks nice I can easily gift it. Two others were also identical except for the color (which was nice, as I actually like that pair the most). A little more than half have very minor scratches, and one was very badly scratched on one side. All but two were from CVS, the two other were from Sears. All hinges were attached (some seemed way too tight), all had the proper nose pads attached (which was only 4, rest just have that plastic indent which are made that way).

    Overall, I’d say I got off extremely lucky and I do not think I will ever order from them again for quite few reasons. (Also, I have yet to receive an email from customer service I sent many days ago)

  36. mb

    i got 9 not 10 priced 6-30 none broken or xcratched they refunded 1.76 for the 1 pair so 1.56 each a very good deal i would do this again ty

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