Target: 49 New Printable Store Coupons!!

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Wahoo!! There are 49 NEW Target store printable coupons! There are new apparel coupons, various Archer Farms coupons, up & up coupons + much more! Remember, these are Target store coupons, so they can be stacked with manufacturer’s coupons for additional savings! Head on over here to check out all these new coupons and get to printin’! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here are some of my favs:

$3/1 Women’s or Men’s denim (Jeans, Shorts or Capris)
$2/1 Women’s Belt
$2/1 Merona women’s apparel item
$3/1 Merona footwear
$3/1 Merona men’s top
$2/1 Kids’ Denim item
$5/1 Room Essentials Dish Chair
$5/1 Room Essentials bath furniture item
$1/1 Produce item (FREE Broccoli, lettuce, + More?!)
$1/1 Glade Premium Soy Candle (will go great with new coupon!)
$1.50/1 up & up diapers or training pants 60-ct.
$1/1 Archer Farms bagged coffee 12-oz.
$1/1 Quaker Breakfast Item (Excludes Single Serve)
$1/1 Frito-Lay Chips Multi Pack 20 or 22 ct


These are *HOT* coupons, so I would highly suggest printing them now… whiles they’re still available! The apparel coupons will make for some sweet deals, possibly FREE deals when paired with clearance finds! Stay tuned for some deal scenarios and if you have any already, please share! ๐Ÿ™‚

(Thanks for the heads up on these, Totally Target!)

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  1. Anna @ Frugal For You

    Coupons for the apparel only print once not twice. and they do not restrict clearance!

    Don’t forget to print $1 off PRODUCE. no size limit on that either.

    • Patti

      I can’t get on the site. Anyone else having problems?

      • Jessica

        I can’t get on the site either….why? Help! I want coupons!

  2. Sonya Z

    Thanks….I printed off a couple!! I agree…..print them off now…cuz they won’t last long! ;0)

  3. Kavi Ravi

    I don’t have a super target where I live, so I can use the $1/1 produce on frozen veg/fruits?

    • Amy

      Use them at Publix!

  4. Heather

    I feel like this set of new coupons eliminated the opportunity to stack Target Qs with Manufacture Qs. Bummer!

  5. Amanda Stone

    I was only able to print off 1 of each. Bummer.

    • Sara

      Me too! Darn!

  6. mara

    the target website says it cannot support my computer for printing. I have never had a problem in the past! have they change it?

    • jareds_butterfly

      Same thing here. Frustrating! I have an iMac and use Safari but it’s always worked fine in the past. I wonder what I can do to fix it?!?

      • Jodie

        I had that problem last week. I downloaded firefox and when I want to go to the target site, I use that. No problems printing the coupons there. HTH.

        • Rebekah

          I have a mac to and i used to be able to print from target on sarfari but i have to use firefox now and that works! HTH

          • Sara

            Same here! Works now only with FF.

  7. Joy

    There is a new Up & Up mailer, too. I just got mine today in mail. Of course, there is no rhyme or reason of who gets these and what areas so don’t bothering asking. LOL.

    Target must have got burned on the last set of apparel Qs (C9s) so they restricted limit this time around. They disappear after you print once. ๐Ÿ™

  8. Paulette

    Wahooooo!! Awesome coupons!!!! And even better if you are a target employee and get the extra 10% off all store brands this month ๐Ÿ˜€ . Yippee….I’m headed to Target tonight!!!!!!!

  9. krystle

    Me too…Loving the extra ten percent of this mouth so total 20 percent off..and that 20 percent is figured BEFORE coupons so it is EVEN I go!

  10. bali

    I’m LOVING the $1 produce and the $1 bakery coupons… free Archer Farms mini artisanal bread loaves, yay!

  11. Tawny

    FIRST COME FIRST SERVE: I do not have a SuperTarget within 100 miles. I have access to at least 2 computers and will print off as many of the SuperTarget coupons as I can. I don’t mind mailing them to someone who can use them. Send me your info:

    • Amy

      I sent myou my request. I hope I am not to late. Thanks Tawny

    • Tawny

      LUCKY RECIPIENTS HAVE BEEN FOUND, THANKS! I hope everyone else who doesn’t have access to a SuperTarget will do the same and share the love ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Sylinda

    Thanks Tawny…….its greatly appreciated

  13. Mrs.Hall

    I love shopping at Target, but I get so leery of using my coupons ๐Ÿ™ especially the ones that give you a near free deal. Last time I went, I had a total of 29 coupons both Target and manufacturer. It totaled $28.00 and some change in savings. One of the coupons was for the $3.00 off 2 mens deodorant (remember that one?). When I got out to the car, the $3.00 mfc was replaced with $2.54 (the price of one deoderant) making it more of a BOGO and keeping like .46 cents of my savings. Also, a few other mfc were missing..and the others I couldn’t figure out what was taken off and what Q went to what.

    In the end, I calculated the whole receipt myself..and I see they adjust the price amount when a Target coupon is used, but then didn’t see the mfc to match. And they also adjusted the amount of 2 coupons I had for the Chef Boyardee (adjusted “somewhat” the amount of each can with the Target coupon..but didn’t see any thing showing my mfc of $1.50 off 4. It showed that there was a showing of 26 coupons of the 29 I counted, and a loss of over $2.00. Not a big deal, but still I wish I could understand their receipts.

    OH..and as for the “YOU SAVED” at the bottom. It did show a savings of over $33.00 but I think thats a combo of both the coupons that went through, and the savings you see on the shelf right? Like $2.00 WAS $2.50 You Saved .50! I bought a lot of those items so I’m guessing they add all that to your savings.

    So, I guess I’m gonna ask if anyone figured it out? And what to think when you don’t see a few of your coupon amounts listed for mfc. Is the store robbing me? lol or am I just crazy.

    • rose

      I feel the same. Ever since they changed to this new ‘smart’ register, you really have to carefully watch while you check out. I’ve been shortchanged several times and the worst part is they will be reimbursed the full amount of the coupon value!

      So now I choose to do several smaller transactions, like 8-10 items, and preferably keeping brands separate as well b/c sometimes coupons get attached to the wrong items!! I let the cashier know ahead of time so I can keep an eye on the coupons as they are coming off.

      I’ve found that shopping 1st thing when the store opens and about an hour b4 closing, the store isn’t quite as busy and I can pay attention to my orders. I speak up if I notice a coupon not ringing in the right value so it can get corrected then & there. A CSM I spoke to said there is supposed to be an upgrade to the registers b/c they’ve been getting A LOT of complaints. I sure hope so.

      • Mrs.Hall

        That would be awesome if they did fix the problem. I live about 40 minutes away and I’m due in about 3 weeks with a baby so I’m getting quite the stack of combo coupons ready for the last shopping trip till after baby ๐Ÿ™‚ I was wondering too if it was easier to shop smaller transactions because between loading a ton on the belt and trying to watch the screen and of course trying to pay attention to them scanning and tapping on the register when one didn’t go through. With my big belly I’m slow as a snail and its such a pain! Glad (in a way lol) to know I’m not the only one who wonders where their money went at Target.

        Just seems so wrong that we spend sooooo much time and energy printing and clipping and looking through deals at their store only to be had at the register. I’ve decided to save my bigger amount coupons for Walmart across the street until they fix it. The mens deodorant is a whopping .04 cheaper there lol so I WILL get my 2 for $2.00 there ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Allison

      A lot of people have been reporting problems with those same coupons.
      I am a loyal Target shopper and I’ve got to say I have NEVER had a problem with Target, and I don’t think it is because the stores in Houston are better. A few things I have learned with coupon shopping at Target – #1 – i always use the cashiers name and tell them it’s my coupon day so they know that I know how the system works #2 – i always save my buy one get one free items for the end and tell them I have a BOGO and give those coupons first so there is no drama scrolling through all of the items, that way if something rings up wrong I can have them remove the items right then and there, THEN i give my target coupons and THEN i give my manufacturers coupons #3 – while they are scanning if something doesn’t scan I pull the item out so they can verify I bought it, #4 – i dont leave the store until I have review the receipt and if something is wrong I go straight to the customer service desk. They always fix the problem or let me return the item. Even if I used a coupon and I always say “I just checked out with cashier’s name and it looks like their computer had a personal day and didn’t take my coupon off correctly.”
      SO far I haven’t had any problems with the $3 off 2 type of coupons but if it happened to me I would go straight to customer service and say that the coupon didn’t ring up correctly could I just return the items or could you adjust the price if I asked cashiers name for the coupon back to show you.”

      • sarah

        I have to say, I agree with Allison. I haven’t had major problems, but then I do the 4 things that she lists above. I also try not to do my coupon shopping with my 2 year-old, because that lets me pay more attention to the coupons going through. A LOT of times I have had cashiers scan coupons and they just show up $0.00 on the screen, so I try to catch this as they scan!

        And I NEVER leave the store without reviewing my receipt first. I usually walk over to our food court area and have been known to pull out my calculator to check. If there is ever a problem, I go straight to customer service and they always just give me the cash for the coupons that didn’t get scanned. They never are rude about it or anything.

        I do not like how the Target coupons are scanning now, because they don’t show $ off, they just show the price after the coupon on the receipt. Weird and super-confusing!

      • Erin

        I don’t usually have problems, either. Usually because I catch them–I think! However, I used a $3/6 Smart Ones coupon and the register reduced it to $1.88 (the price of the meals at that time). It also reduced my $1/4 Hunts pudding coupon to .95. I caught them before paying and had the cashiers adjust them. However, I stopped to let the manager know, and he insisted the reduction was correct! (So beware *before* you pay!) This is absolutely coupon fraud, since there would be no overage involved, so I emailed corporate twice for clarification. They refused to address the question in an email, so I had to call. I spoke to two people today, one of whom said the coupons had to be coded incorrectly and said she was sorry she couldn’t help me. The second said they’d look into the issue, but encouraged me to contact the manufacturers to ensure the coupons were coded properly. I am doing so and then I will contact Target again to see what they are coming up with. After that, it’s the BBB because this is coupon fraud plain and simple. I don’t think it’s intentional–Target is notoriously coupon-unsavvy–but it’s difficult to make non-couponing Target reps listen. They don’t realize coupon shopping is an art and couponers actually pay attention. I probably know their computer system better than they do!

  14. CJ

    The $2 Merona womens apparel coupon is only good on skirts, skorts, shorts or pants; not on shirts or dresses.

  15. Saving Money in Toledo

    I scored some Jean Shorts for my daughter – total was $0.48!!

  16. Lauri

    Does anyone know if the $3.00 off women’s or men’s denim will work on Jr’s size jeans? Is Jr’s considered women’s? Love all the new Target coupons!

  17. bchristina08

    I took the $2 off kids denim coupon w/ me tonight & scored a pair of jeans for $7.08 for my little boy!

  18. Anonymous

    $3 off jeans original price $7 so i ended up paying less than $4 target has some good jeans especially when they are on clearance!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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