Target: New Glade Coupons + Deal Scenario!

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Target recently released 2 new Glade store coupons…

*$1/1 Glade Tough Odor Solutions item
*$1/1 Glade fall seasonal item (Cashmere Woods or Apple Spice)

Here’s one deal you can score using the new Glade fall seasonal coupon…

Buy 2 Fall Scent Glade Premium Room Spray $2.99 each
Use the buy one get one FREE coupon from the 7/11 SS (Hurry– expires 8/15!)
Use the $1/1 coupon found here (for the one you’re not getting free)
Plus, stack with 2 $1/1 Target store Glade Fall Seasonal coupons found here
(If your store allows 2 “Like” Target store coupons in the same transaction)
Final cost— 2 room sprays for FREE!

(Thanks, Totally Target & Living-Laughing-Saving!)

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  1. nicole dz

    Target changed their coupons to “one coupon per transaction” instead of before where it stated “one coupon per purchase” on the coupons. I noticed this yesterday when printing target coupons. Did anyone else notice this???

    • Jamie

      one coupon per transaction?? Like if you had a coupon for one item and one for a different item, you cannot do that?? I hope not.

      • nicole dz

        I have no idea, im confused about it right now. Maybe this is’nt so for everyone, but i know the coupons i printed off target website yesterday said one coupons per transaction on them. I didn’t print every coupon, so i’m not sure if they all say it. But all the ones i printed where target coupons and all said one coupon per transaction on them. So that means you can only use one coupon and not multiple ones ones for the same items. Like if you had two target pillow coupons, you cant use both coupons at once in a transaction, you can only use one at a time in one whole transaction. Is this right everyone?

        • Olivia Smith

          From what I am gathering you can only use 1 Target coupon per transaction per item. This means that if I bought 2 Target pillows, I couldn’t use 2 Target coupons. If I bought Juicy Juice in the same transaction and wanted to use a Target coupon on that, I could. I haven’t had any major issues yet…but be mindful of the wording on those coupons. Maybe I should call Target corporate and get some clarification.

        • rose

          Right, like if you have 2 target pillows, you’d have to do 2 transactions b/c of the limit.
          However, some cashiers will let you use more than 1 like coupon, so its really YMMV on that.

          • Olivia Smith

            Yea- I usually just do the separate transaction so that there is no question…I find it easier that way. However, some cashiers will ‘push’ it through for you…just depends.

      • nicole dz

        You can use as many target coupons you want, you just can’t use 2 of the same target coupons on multiple items. You can use each target coupon once per transaction. You can print a limit of two target coupons each (some you can only print once, but most are usually set to print two), but you can’t use both coupons in one transaction is what i’m saying. If you have a glade target coupon and a target coupon for socks, then you can use both of those since their two different items. But if you have two target coupons for the same brand/item socks, you cant use both in one transaction, since they say one coupon per transaction on the coupon. So if you wanted to use both at once you couldn’t, you’d have to do a seperate transaction to use the other coupon. I wasn’t saying you can only use one target coupon period per your whole shopping trip and transaction, now that would be silly.

      • Tara

        they have always said one per transaction

  2. M

    The one target coupon per transaction thing has been there for at least a year though, some stores will allow you to use multiples despite the wording, so they won’t have to ring up multiple transactions.

  3. Marcia

    The Target I shop at does not adhere to the one like item per transaction. They allow multiples of the same item in one transaction. This is so much simpler than having to have items rang up separately in different transactions to use their coupons on. I am aware this is not the same in all Targets.

  4. Samantha

    The wording has been that way for awhile.I usually tell my cashier if I have multiple coupons and most will ring them up at once to save themselves work. I tried a deal similar to this and my store wouldn’t take the Target coupon on the free item. I will try it and should be able to get 2 sprays for $1 at the most!

  5. MelissaL

    When they first changed the wording, it became “limit one identical offer per transaction”.

    Now, it states “limit one coupon or offer per transaction”…..and this may explain why the last time I used coupons at Target, their system was telling the cashier at customer service that too many coupons were being used. IE, I was using 2 Target coupons, BUT they were on different items (one was for Chef Boyardee and the other on Pledge). And this was confusing both them and me.

    So I THINK what it means is that you can only use ONE Target coupon in ANY one transaction (limit one coupon or offer per transaction) …that is, you can only use one Target coupon period, even though they are on different items. Hope I am wrong but I’m smelling something bad here.

    • nicole dz

      You can use as many target coupons as you want, just not two of the same coupons on the same two items. But from what im reading above alot of people are saying some cashiers will let you use two of the same target coupons in one transaction. Guess i will have to try this out and see if it works for me.

  6. Kiran

    I tried to do this deal today but target coupon was not going through so they did not let me use it

    • Tara

      Target does not allow you to use a target coupon or any other coupon on a “free” item. so if you used a bogo coupon, you would only be able to use one target coupon along with it, even if the price is more. they dont allow overage on any single item not both of them together……did that make sense? i was getting confused writting it lol.
      basically their policy is not like rite aid’s where you can use the coupons as long as the coupons dont go over the amount of “both” the items

  7. MelissaL

    Yes you should be able to use as many different coupons as you want, but my point was that my Target was saying I was using too many coupons, and the wording changed from “limit one IDENTICAL offer per transaction” to “limit one coupon per transaction”…..and that the programmer or whoever oversees their system must have decided you can only use one Target coupon once,period. It’s their computer that was beeping, no one was telling me I couldn’t use more than one.
    I have run into this twice now this week, and ONLY when I was using 2 or more different Target coupons. I think someone screwed up the programming….only way I can explain it all of a sudden.

    • wisgirl87

      I just used 2 Target coupons a couple of days ago in one transaction, they wouldn’t scan, but the casheir just typed in the barcode and didn’t make a big deal out of it.

    • rose

      I’ve been successful using different store coupons in one order (last week I bought the MP bread, Snyders pretzels along with MQ and a few other things) My Chef Boyardee went through just fine the week before. The only Target coupon that beeped was the C9 Champion. I was buying myself the $6 mesh shorts and it said ‘Item not found’. After confirming I did buy the right item, cashier pushed it through.
      Not sure why the register would have beeped at you using too many coupons, when it seems others, as well as myself, have been able to use different Target IPs within the same transactions?

  8. Diana

    Just this week, I used a 3 different target coupons on one transaction. I used the $1 off glade trash bags, $1 off cottonelle and the $10 off bathroom furniture. I also used a $1 off peelie on the trash bags and a .50 coupon on the cottonelle. I was afraid it was going to beep with all that has been going on with their registers but I didnt have any problems. Hope it doesnt change to 1 target coupon per transaction.

  9. cara

    Collin, I would love to see a “Follow Me Monday” Target phone call where you can describe the numerous Target coupon/computer issues we are all having and to clear up the new target description limits on their coupons. This seems unfair that only certain Targets are accepting 2 “like” Target coupons….shouldn’t they have something about this in their Target coupon policy online and shouldn’t all Targets be following the same rules?!

    As a side note, last week I bought 2 Target brand steaks and used 2 target coupons. It took off both $1 coupons fine but charged me full price for one steak and the sale price for the second steak! Now this is not a Manufacturer issue as these are Target products and I am hearing Target is blaming some of their issues on the outside manufacturer. At least I caught the glitch before I left the store, whew!

  10. Kelly

    The Target coupon lists specific fragrances it has to be on the coupon, and I couldn’t find any of those fragrances in the store. ๐Ÿ™

  11. Kelly

    Hi Collin,

    I have a question about Target coupons. When I print them off their web site, some say Target coupon on top and some say manufacturer coupon with a Target logo on the side. If I wanted to stack a Target coupon and a manufacturer coupon, would it be confusing since both say manufacturer coupon on top?

    • Mrs.Hall

      Just in case you don’t get a response..I think your asking can you use both Target Web coupons and Manufacturer coupons printed from the Target site? OH YES!! I do it all the time. As long as you are not stacking 2 of the same item that the coupons says “manufacturer”. One can say Target Web, and the other manufacturer. Was that your question?

      I’ve printed soooo many coupons, I’m not sure if I have printed the same items that say different at the top from I know I have printed say a manufacturer coupon from for $1.00 off 3 Hamburger Helpers….and found a match at with a Target Web Coupon for I think .75 off 2. So I bought 3 and saved $1.75..which at the time..they were on sale for $1.25 so got that one FREE with .25 to go towards the other 2. HTH.

      • Kelly

        Say, I printed a coupon from the Target web site and it said manufacturer coupon on top, with maybe a Target logo on the side and then I wanted to stack a manufacturer coupon that I got from the Sunday paper. Would that work? I just thought that the coupons we printed from the Target site should say Target web coupon on top, not manufacturer coupon.

        • Mrs.Hall

          No. The unfortunate thing with coupons is that they are a mixture of both Target Web Coupons AND Manufacturer Coupons. You won’t know what it is until you print it out. Or…Collin is GREAT at posting new TARGET WEB COUPONS so we all know ahead of time what ones they are. But in my case I set my printer to show a “print preview” before I go ahead and print. That way I can see the coupon as it will print and decide if I want it or not. I always cross my fingers that it is a Target Web coupon because I can match it with a manufacturer coupon from the Sunday paper..or etc.

          As for the manufacturer coupons that print with the Target logo on their site. Those are indeed manufacturer coupons and won’t be able to stack it with other manufacturer coupons. I have heard you can use them at other stores though. I haven’t tried that yet. Any manufacturer coupon you come across though CAN be stacked with a Target Web coupon if they are a match :).

          What I usually do is look at coupons every so often (not sure when they add, reset or such. I just look every other day) and say I see a coupon for .75 off ANY Crest item 4 oz. or more. If I know I have a matching manufacturer coupon that I say clipped from Sunday insert..I will “try my luck” sort of speak and check that coupon to print . My “print preview” pops up and shows me exactly what will print..even that pesky ad if any so I know I will have to cancel after coupon prints. Sometimes I get lucky and the coupon shows TARGET WEB COUPON at the top and I say JACKPOT! I print it and I can stack those 2 (my manufacturer coupon with Target web coupon). If though it says Manufacturer Coupon at the top..I make a sad face lol. BUT if the savings is better then what I have, I will print it anyway. Or if I really would need another coupon for that item..I will print it. Note though if you opt for the print preview and for some reason decide to “Cancel Print” it will eat up 1 of your 2 prints.

          Hope I helped you out. I’m still learning lol..but I’m getting pretty good at Target so far.

          • Sherry

            I also use my print preview setting. Not only do you get to see the actual coupon for size restrictions, amount $ off or target q or mq but also because I usually print 3 coupons to a page at different times. It allows me to position my paper to minimize how much paper is wasted.

          • Kelly

            Thank you so much! This really helps me. I was very confused when they were printing. I didn’t realize Target had manufacturer coupons on their site.

  12. Kelley

    IN this case, I’m going to try to do this deal by buying 1 glade tough odor and 1 fall scent that way it is 2 different target coupons. I’ll let ya know if it works!

  13. Mrs.Hall

    I posted this on an earlier Target post..but thought I’d post a bit here in case no one saw it.

    I hope this isn’t a new idea of theirs lol. I was just at Target the other day and didn’t have any problems using more then one Target coupon for different items. I think I used a Chef Boyardee, a bread coupon..and a few others. No beeps and no problems. That would be awful if they made you use one period.

    On another note..I think maybe they are “trying to work out the glitches” and maybe having a hard time doing it? lol I found after studying my receipt forever that one problem their system has right now is reading the coupon for not only the amount..but the QUANTITY you have to purchase to get that savings. I think they are reading ALL coupons as for purchasing ONE..and say not when you have to buy 2-3-4 etc. So their system price adjusts like as if your getting overage when your not. Might want to figure out a different way to purchase using these coupons so you don’t get jipped.

    My example is this:
    $3.00 off 2 Deodorants…..each priced at $2.50..x’s 2= $5.00 minus $3.00 mfc=$2.00 overage.

    But register reads just $3.00 coupon..and item is $2.50 thus adjusting like it thinks your getting overage. You miss out on .50 savings.

    $1.50 off 4 Chef Boyardee cans….each priced at .87 x’s 4=$3.48 minus $1.50 mfc=$1.98 OOP..again no overage here.

    But register reads just $1.50 coupon matched with a .87 item so it will adjust for “no overage”. You will see on your receipt that you were not charged for one Chef Boyardee….0.00. And you miss out on a savings of .63.

    I don’t know if others have this problem at their stores..but its happened to me every time I shop at mine. The loss of savings adds up too. I’m guessing I’ll save those coupon items to the end to show the cashier that there is no overage so no need for adjustment. Maybe they can hand key it in?? I don’t know.

    Also..I’ve had other coupons latch on to the wrong item. My $2.50 Luvs coupon latched on to my $2.11 Crest Toothpaste adjusting the coupon to $2.11 and a loss of just .39 but still a loss.

    Maybe a call to corporate is in order to find out what they are doing!! lol I’d love to hear answers from them.

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