Snapfish: FREE Collage Poster + FREE Shipping!

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Woo Hoo! If you have snagged some great pics of your kids and/or family this summer, use those pics to create a FREE 8×10 collage print from Snapfish. Beginning today, August 16th, through tomorrow, August 17th, head over to Snapfish and you can snag FREE SHIPPING plus a FREE 8×10 collage print. Keep in mind that in order to get free shipping you must take advantage of the free 8×10 collage print (i.e. add the collage print to your cart) AND put in coupon code GRANDSHIP at checkout. Your final cost will be $0 shipped… how sweet is that?!

(Thanks, Mojo Savings!)

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  1. danielle

    thanks worked great…even was able to finally order the 20 prints i won from the TLC facebook game you posted not too long ago….20 prints and the collage all for $0..yay!!

    • Mary

      Where do you put the code for the 20 prints? I can’t figure it out!

      • danielle

        it was from the tlc facebook page…

        go to the tab TLC fill out the form and can win..i think most people won 20 free prints.

    • Amanda

      I did the same, great deal!

  2. Kristen

    This worked great! I’m always looking for a way to display several pictures at a time at work, so this is perfect! Thanks!

  3. teresa longstreet


  4. Ang

    Do you need to have a new snapfish account to get the deal?

    • Hilary

      Nope. Just make the 8X10 collage print then checkout. Enter GRANDSHIP into the coupon box and that makes the cost and shipping FREE!!!

    • ashley

      if you a=sign up for one you get 30 free prints then you can use the collage coupon and get all 30 prints and the collage for FREE i just did it!

  5. Jessica

    its not working for me?

  6. Hilary

    Thanks!!! Keep the photo freebies coming!!

  7. Paulette

    Ok I have a question. Does anyone order true digital prints?? I don’t want my photos cropped but I am afraid if I get true digital I won’t be able to use any of them in frames. I am speaking of the 4×6 prints, since I have 20 free ones to order. Would appreciate any info anyone can give me. Thanks.

    • Paulette

      Never mind I figured it out. I actually ordered the regular 4×6 prints cause the photos I wanted were true to that size so they won’t be cropped, hopefully ๐Ÿ™‚ Still curious though what everyone else orders form their digital cameras so feel free to comment still.

      What a sweeeet deal!!! I got the collage and 20 prints absolutely FREE!! Yippee! Thanks Collin.

    • Alea

      I had a horrible time with ordering prints that I wanted 4×6 prints but went with the true digital prints. I selected it for all of them – however ten came back as 4×6 and they were all cropped cutting off faces, arms, etc. They replaced the 10, that time only two came back as true digital. Had to contact them AGAIN (it always takes awhile for email response and I was on the phone WAITING for over 25 minutes for a live rep) – the third attempt they all came back fine as the true digital prints with nothing cropped. The rep said sometimes they will keep them as 4×6 even if you order the true digital because they determined the photo would be okay and nothing cropped out which clearly did NOT happen in my case. Free or not – I am done with Snapfish. They are rude and take forever to assist you. I have used lots of different photo companies and they are the only ones who seem unable to print 4×6 photos without having problems.

      • Paulette

        Thanks for the info. Good to know. I don’t usually order prints anyway unless I need them for something specific, in which case I just order them to be picked up at my local Walmart. I only got these cause I didn’t have to pay a cent for them ๐Ÿ™‚ I prefer making photo books since I never have time to scrapbook and scrapbooking is getting quite expensive anyway. So I’ll just stick to my photo books, which I don’t get from snapfish anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Brianne

    Awesome deal!! Just did a collage of my boys together….<3 it!!

  9. Deeanna

    Thanks! I just ordered one for my husbands desk at work. His co-workers are always asking to see updated pictures of our kids so I figured that this would be a great way! LOVE FREE STUFF!

  10. Melody

    Why am I not seeing the 8×10 collage print? Is it apart of the collage posters or in a different section? The smallest collage poster is 11×13. I’m confused…

    • Kristy

      If you go under prints you will ee collage print as an option and then the 8 x 10 is the largest one listed there.

      • Melody

        Thank you!!!

  11. twinsam1

    I just placed my order and, as a new Snapfish member, I got 20 free prints too! I can’t wait to receive my pictures!

  12. Kristy

    I had a 100 print credit… so yay.. 100 prints, 1 8×10 collage print and a free flip book from a previous messed up order..I did have to pay shipping on the flipbook, but that is ok.

  13. melissinglink

    Just did this and I got the total of 0. However as soon as I confirmed I got a message charging my card $4.17… anyone else have this problem?

    • Michelle

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one!! I was so frustrated. It showed my total as $0 when I placed the order, but then my confirmation said $4.27 was charged to my card. I tried calling their customer service number and waited on hold fifteen minutes with no answer! I sent an email, but it said it could be 24 hrs. before I get a response. I’m bummed. ๐Ÿ™

      • melissinglink

        Yeah, I’ve been on hold for a while now. They must have a bunch of people with the same problem.

    • Charlotte

      Odd. I just checked my account and nothing was charged.

    • Anonymous

      I had the same problem! My order total said 0 and then when i clicked purchase, my total went to $3.55!

    • Priya

      Yes, I had the exact same problem! It first said, order total: $0. Then, after I clicked submit, it told me that the total was $4.31! I spoke with someone using Livechat. They refunded my account and sent me an e-mail. This entire process took me 5 mins. at the most. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Anna in NC

      Same thing happened to me. I know I entered “GRANDSHIP” in the promo box. My total was O and then after I hit “Buy It Now” it was $4.30. I immediately used Live Chat and it was corrected with no problem in less than 3 minutes.

  14. April

    Sweet!!! Just got back from the beach so I have lots of new pics! 20 prints and 8×10 collage shipped for free :)…Happy Monday!

  15. chessa22

    The server’s very very busy now… :o/

  16. chessa22

    That would be more a ๐Ÿ™

  17. Karin

    Thanks, Collin! My son’s first day of Kindergarten is tomorrow, so I will take bunch of pics and make them into a 8ร—10 collage print! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Pinky

    Wohoo, free collage and I had a free 50 print credit. All of our summer photos for free!

  19. melissinglink

    I just spoke to a Snapfish rep and he said that the promo is only good IF you order something else with it, like prints or something. However if you go to the Snapfish promotions page, it does not state that anywhere for the promo. He ended up crediting my bank card however it will take 5 to 7 days to post…. Sheesh… I just wanted to send my daughter in college a picture for her wall…. But all’s well that ends well I s’pose! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Bekah

      I just ordered the collage print and it was free. I didn’t even have to put in my CC info. Strange..

  20. Lisa

    Love this deal!! Thanks for sharing:)

  21. Bekah

    Thanks so much!! Love these, especially when they’re FREE!!

  22. Debbie

    Thank you….Collin!!

  23. pinklorine

    I just did it and got my email confirmation. total $0.00! Thanks Collin! I lost the code I had for the 20 free prints that I won from that instant win game..but it’s okay..I’m always scoring free prints and lately don’t have the time to scarp book..That’s why I LOVE these “pre-made” collages! so much easier! I did one of “bath time” sooo cute =)

  24. pinklorine

    scrap book* lol …and i’m sorry to the people who got charged that stinks! I just checked my email and I had an email from snap fish and I did notice that it said you must purchase something in order to get the free collage and free shipping. But I went through the link here on hip2save and it worked $0.00…did you ladies go through this link or one through your email? Just trying to figure out why that happened..

  25. chessa22

    all set here… freeeeeeeeeeee! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. josh

    When I get to the checkout and put in my CC info, how come it says the security code is wrong? Anyone else having this issue? Also, why dont they tell you if the promotional code works or not? Im kinda worried about this just because im also ordering a free coaster set i have coming to me, and im not looking forward to paying at least 10$ in shipping

  27. aylin

    Thanks Collin
    8ร—10 collage print
    and 20 prints cost me $1.96 ( I live in NY)

  28. simpy86

    WHOO HOO…breeze through it with no problems…was able to make a great collage of summer vacation and got it for free..That made my day!

  29. Amy

    Thanks for the heads up about the facebook game! Got 20 free prints as well as 20 more for signing up! ๐Ÿ˜€ Not to mention the cute collage I got for free and it paid for the shipping on the other prints as well!!! Thank you Collin and everyone else for the heads up!

  30. jamie e.

    Do you have to put in your credit card info to get this? I am a little leery because i have tried to get the freebies from this site before and they never sent it to me! Not sure I trust this site.

    • Deanna

      I never entered any CC info.

  31. Suzy

    For those of you who did the free collage print and the 20 free prints through the tlc facebook page, how did you enter both coupon codes? It is only letting me enter one, am I missing something? Thanks!

    • Deanna

      When you get your code from FB go through their link and it automatically updates the 20 free prints, so you never need to enter the code. Then after you add the collage add the code GRANDSHIP which makes the total $0.00! HTH

  32. KENIA

    I had been working on my pictures since a lot of time on snapfish, but It didn’t work to me!!, I’m so sad! they said the 20 free prints but at the end they are charging me. Not to many money but is money!
    At least I save my kiddos collage to me!!

  33. Tiffany

    It gave me 50 free prints, free shipping and the free collage without taking any billing info…. craziness. HAPPY!

  34. Ann

    I love when you post these photo deals! I just made a collage of all the foods my daughter is allergic to. It will definitely help her learn to recognize the things she can’t eat! I just assumed she knew what an egg looked like till I showed her a picture of a sunny-side up egg and she guessed it was cheese! : ( Thanks a million!

  35. Julia Kudinovich

    Ordered 20 prints and a collage for free at the end of a checkout also received $10 coupon for Used it and bought a nice pair of shoes only for 12.90 shipped.

  36. Janice Greene

    AWESOME deal! I have never ordered a collage before. I would like to start making photo books rather than scrapbook, but I am waiting for some free or cheap ones. I missed some offers this summer. Anyway, I got the collage and over 60 prints for $5.44. YAY!!!

  37. Esther

    Great deal. I just made a collage of my husband and daughter. He will love the surprise. I am sorry it isn’t working for all of you. I didn’t have to put in my CC either. Good luck!

  38. linda

    Yay – it worked! 20 free prints and a free collage. Bonus – checking off one of my “to-do’s” on my list of tasks.

  39. Jamie

    Hello. I’m confused as to why the GRANDSHIP Free Shipping Code is only taking off the 99 cent shipping on just the the Collage? Their website Offer says Free Shipping for 2 Days and shows pics of a mug and other photo gift items and so I had a credit to make and get a Free Photo Mug for Free, and it would not take off that 5.99 shipping for the mug, I’d greatly appreciate any good input as I cant get through to anyone at their customer service number. Thank you.

  40. Michelle L.

    Does anyone know how to get the pictures where you want them in the collage? I’ve been shuffling for over an hour and can’t get the pictures where I want them? I want 3 pictures bigger than the rest. Is there a way to specify?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Jamie

      Michelle, your guess is as good as mine. I had to finally delete all my pics, then Add them back in but NOT in the order in which you wanted them in the collage, and then finally atter shuffling my pics for a few more minutes, I got the pics together that I wanted and it still wasn’t the best, yet was good enough for Free. I also found that if you just add 1 pic, it makes it almost a full 8×10 size with a nice colored border. You might also try just adding 2 pics, then see what that looks like, and only add one more pic as a time until you get the desired look on your collage. Good luck. Im still trying to find answer why they arent giving FREE SHIPPING on everything like their offer misleads you to believe.

      • Michelle L.

        Thanks Jamie for the input. I’ve been on hold for over 15 minutes to ask about collage placement. I should just except one and be done with it. I’m wasting my whole day on this. I just wish I could move one picture manually after doing the shuffle. And you think you don’t like what the shuffle shows so you go on to the next and then you can’t get it back. What a pain!

  41. Lacy

    Yahooo!! It worked for me! I was able to print off a gorgeous collage from the wedding I was just in on the beach this weekend! Thanks for the tip Collins!

  42. fran

    Thanks Collin, I was finally able to complete it!

  43. Kayla

    got the 8×10 collage and 20 free prints…never entered credit card info either. i hope it comes, cause i never got my dog leash.

  44. Amanda H.

    When I click on the link, it has the 8×10 at $2.99. Am I too late already? It’s not midnight, yet! ๐Ÿ™ It’s 8:43 Pacific Standard Time.

    • Anonymous

      The price will be adjusted at checkout after entering the coupon code.

      • Amanda H.

        It still has it at $2.99 when I go through the checkout. Free shipping … but the collage is still $2.99. hmph. Bummer. I keep trying and trying … but it’s not “FREE” anymore.

  45. mb

    my total was 6.96 i pd drum roll plz o yahoo i love colin i didnt hafta enter any cc info

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