Walgreens National Coupon Policy Effective 8/26?

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I have some exciting news for all you Walgreens shoppers….

Check out this email I received from reader, Nikki:

I just had a conversation with the Walgreens Corporate office and was told that effective August 26th 2010, they will be implementing a National coupon policy that will be posted on their website. I look at this as good news! We will finally have an actual policy instead of just guidelines that the store manager can interpret at their own discretion. Not sure if you were already aware of this, but I know that I will be looking forward to seeing the policy listed on Walgreens website come August 26th!

What do you all think?! Have you heard about this possible corporate coupon policy? More details to come…

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  1. cormackmn

    Yes, I was told by a very knowledgeable & helpful worker at Walgreens that they are eventually redoing the whole system more like CVS with loyalty cards and what not. I wonder if this will come with the policy or not yet.

  2. Jenn

    I stopped going to walgreens last year when one of the cashiers told me I was committing fraud (as a new couponer), made me feel horrible, confused, and she was just plain rude. Haven’t been back since. No matter what sale they are having. Yesterday we needed a birthday card and I made hubby go to rite aid, on the wrong side of the divide, having to do a U-turn just to get there when the walgreens was an easy right turn. No way I am giving them any business. Rite Aid has always accepted all coupons, the $5 of $20 on top of other coupons. That’s where I go. It will be good that they have something more substantial and online to print out so we’ll know once and for all.

    • mandy

      I agree, don’t shop where they are rude and don’t play by the rules. Good for you!

  3. Super Dude

    Thank goodness!! The lack if policy makes it so subjective to the manager’s whim. I really find it hard to believe a national chain doesn’t have one. Maybe CVS will make theirs black and white as well now.

  4. Super Dude

    Actually I was excited to see the shelf empty. I got my rain check (and you can get multiple rain checks. It gets around the limit 6 per card.)But I got $5/$15 so this week I can get the sobes now the the shelf is restocked AND get a $5 freebie. Even better!!

    • scott

      this was in regards to CVS Sobe btw

  5. Amanda

    As a Walgreens employee I haven’t heard anything of the sort so we’ll see. Usually whenever something is passed down from corporate it comes through in a memo that takes forever and a day to get implemented.

  6. scott

    The one real gripe I have with our WAGS is that they refuse to mark down a coupon. So all these deals when it’s $.99 and I have a $1/1 coupon – THEY WON’T TAKE IT. You’ve gotta be kidding me.

  7. LD

    What I think is, they will get a written policy that will not be so clear cut [and even if it is] it will be interpreted by every employee a different way. So it won’t be much different than it is now. And if you email or call Corp it will be the same thing they won’t know the policy or will have their own interpretation of the written policy lol . The district manager will have his own idea on what is written explain it to the managers who will each understand it differently , then depending on the mood or wind each cashier will have gotten the new rules in a different understanding of what the manager told them. After all doesn’t one coupon per transaction means only one coupon for anything in your order lol . Sorry have no faith that this will help Walgreens as the problems with people using coupons in there store is just a symptom of a much bigger problem with the company. If it really did help the employees and was a good policy that helped me save money I would be back there in an instant, but more than likely it will the same ol same ol

  8. NYCSingleMom

    While I have high hopes for this policy, New york has so many issues with couponing that I am pretty sure this will be a bust for us. Most times and its just not walgreens a store will not take an internet coupon.

    Its annoying especially the drugstore chains.


  9. Shay

    Target has a coupon policy on their website & it hasn’t seemed to help one bit. I’ve never had one single problem at WAGS, I’ve only been going their for about a month but they’ve accepted all my coupons & have been patient & helpful each time.

    • Kira G

      I am with you, my WAGS is great and the gals there love me because I try to have my transactions ready and am understanding if for some reason a coupon doesn’t work (you win some you lose some). I do try to always hit the same days so the same people are working though.

  10. Marlene

    I stopped shopping Walgreen’s because of all the aggravation I experienced over the inconsistencies regarding coupon usage. I am so happy that Walgreen’s has finally seen the light. Perhaps some wayward shoppers like myself will come back to the fold.

  11. Angel

    I agree with you, i tried used my coupons there before and always have issues, then now i pass so far from Walgreens and go to CVS because there i never have any problems. hehehe

  12. Carla Magee

    I refuse to shop at Walgreens – everything is always out of stock, my cats never print and I have a hard time getting them to use my coupons. Plus – it’s out of the way for me. Rite Aid is right up the street and always friendly. They will continue to get all my business.

  13. footballchic73

    I’ve only had good experiences at my WAGS, the cashiers are always very friendly and helpful. They get more of my biz than just the deals because of it! LOVE the Bemidji MN Walgreens!

  14. Brittany

    My experiences at Wallgreens have been so bad that I almost gave up couponing all together. Last Sunday they even told me I can’t use a manf Q with an in-ad Q. They called the manager up to explain and everything. I got so frustrated I just tossed all of my shopping lists and coupons onto the floor board of my car. The savings are cool, but I don’t want to have to fight and argue or be made to feel like a thief or a cheap loser. Couponing is supposed to be fun…………………..:(

  15. Megan

    It is a bummer to see how many people have had bad experiences at Walgreens. I LOVE our Walgreens cashiers. I am fairly new to couponing, but they are always cheering me on any time I have a big savings. Never an issue. But I am glad there will be a written policy to help those who are having issues.

  16. M D

    To be quite honest with you, it isn’t really a lack of policy, it is laziness by the employees. My husband is a manager and he will take whatever coupons. He has several coupon ladies that come in and he will order them what they want or need, and he has a serious policy with his employees to be nice to the couponers. He made one of his assistant managers call a lady back and apologize for giving her a hard time. Some of them may be difficult but as long as they aren’t doing anything illegal, he will sell you what he has and take coupons. I know his employees cringe when they see me coming but they are always amazed at the deals. He always says, “what do I care? A sale is a sale and if it makes them happy, they will keep coming back.” :o) And that is true. You get the deals, he gets the sales. LOL. I wish you all luck and hope you can find a store with less lazy people working.

    • Amanda T.

      Can we all caravan to your husband’s store! I might actually look forward to going to Walgreens!

  17. Rebecca

    Done with Walgreens! Tired of EVERY coupon beeping and being told “just buy something else and it should go through”. I don’t want to buy something else. CVS is awesome! They don’t mind all the couponers in their store.

  18. Priscils66

    I stopped shopping at Walgreens about two months and started to try Rite Aid which I am really getting use to. Most of the employees I come in contact with at Walgreens are so rude; They would really have to drastic change in their coupon policy to entice me to shop there. Awful customer service.

  19. mrsdsj2007

    I used to shop at the Wags in my town – but they were so rude – and one employee who didn’t understand how to ring up the coupons called for assistance – the shift supervisor came to help her out all the while scowling and she said that she didn’t like couponers…I was very hurt and finished my transaction and left – I just then continued my Journey to Rite Aid/CVS and a BIG change of smiles for me…I did end up going to another Wags that night (next town over – I live on the border of 2 towns) and they were super friendly.

    I submitted a corporate complaint the next day on wag website and I got a call from the first store manager apologizing – he sent me a gift card as as token – but seriously NOTHING is going to make me go back to that place…I just shop at the wags in the next town now for any of their super deals

  20. Kelly

    I am new to couponing, and haven’t hit up my local Walgreens yet. I tell ya what, hearing all the stories some of you are posting, I am NOT going to be afraid of telling them just what I think if they don’t like “couponers” or think I am “comitting fraud” I will make sure to tell them they DON’T have a policy and I KNOW FOR A FACT that the IVC, sale ad and manufacture coupons have been accepted for one item. Burns my cookies when someone tries to tell me I can’t do something when I KNOW I can! Lemme at ’em 😉

  21. Roger

    I just went to the website and found nothing. Even tried a search. Then I called. They said they do not have one and knew nothing about having one, today or at all.

    • Roger

      Thanks! I guess I didn’t click on the right areas. You’d think the search for coupon policy would hit. That took some digging; and I don’t know how long it’s been there. I see Collin’s article update, now, too. I’m taking a copy over there now to resolve my issue with them last night.

  22. Vicki

    I went today to buy an item that they SHOULD have adjust the amount on the coupon for it was .01 more than the item, She would not do and must have thought I was lying when I said that I read it on the Walgreens website. So I emailed the company. I think I will call them tomorrow and ask them if they know about the policy, if not, I strongly encourage them too before the couponers start having tantrums.

  23. Melissa Jo

    I HATE WALGREENS!!!!!!! Last night I had my corporate coupon policy in hand and still had to fight with the cashier and the manager over coupons….I ended up in tears after all the frustration and told them to just cancel the transaction and give me back my coupons….they refused to do that at first and made me wait another 5 min just to get them back!!! I cannot believe the way I was treated and the ignorance of Walgreens employees is unbelievable!!!! Not just at one location but at every store….walgreens employees always prove to me their completely clueless and just plain stupid! They all have a total lack of customer service…. I am never going back! What a joke….They lost a VERY VERY good customer!

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