Tortillas, Tortillas, Tortillas!!

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Remember the post from last week called “How do You Pack a Hip Lunch?” Many of you that left one of the 300+ comments suggested using tortillas as an alternative to the standard PB& J sandwich. Like you, I love the fact that tortillas take the predictability out of an everyday sandwich for kids AND enable you to create sandwiches of any shape or size with cookie cutters. Plus, they are budget-friendly, contain 0 grams Trans fat per serving and are cholesterol free, and are perfect for every meal: breakfast, lunch or dinner! Check out some of the ways that Hip2Save readers suggested to use tortillas…

* Buy roast chicken from Costco and make sandwiches on a whole wheat flour tortilla.

* Tortillas with veggie cream cheese spread, turkey, shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, and shredded carrots. Wrap them in saran wrap to keep it held together…they actually get better in the fridge with time, so make up a lot and keep them refrigerated for 2-3 days.

* Make a breakfast burrito: Scramble 2 egg whites & slice or two of turkey bacon with some shredded cheese that gets rolled in a wheat tortilla. Wrap it in alum. foil, then stick it in a warmed thermos.

* My daughter’s fave lunch is a tortilla with a small amount of 1000 island covered with grated cheese, spinach, and lunchmeat turkey.

* Make a pizzadillas…Use any kind of tortilla/wrap, turkey pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, small chopped veggies (i.e. green pepper and mushroom) and toast up like a normal quesadilla. Then send tomato sauce for dipping!

After reading all of the great lunch ideas, I had to share one of my all-time favorite recipes: Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Tortillas Chips which I discovered on (I shared this same recipe on Hip2Save back in May when I highlighted some of my favorite salsa recipes; if you had a chance to try it out, let us know what you thought!) With all the fresh fruit available, this is the perfect time to make this delicious and healthy dish!

* 2 kiwis, peeled and diced
* 2 Golden Delicious apples – peeled, cored and diced
* 8 ounces raspberries
* 1 pound strawberries
* 2 tablespoons white sugar
* 1 tablespoon brown sugar
* 3 tablespoons fruit preserves, any flavor
* 10 (10 inch) Mission flour tortillas (Be sure to use the $0.75/1 coupon from the 8/1 SS)
* butter flavored cooking spray
* 2 cups cinnamon sugar

* In a large bowl, thoroughly mix kiwis, Golden Delicious apples, raspberries, strawberries, white sugar, brown sugar and fruit preserves. Cover and chill in the refrigerator at least 15 minutes.

* Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

* Coat one side of each flour tortilla with butter flavored cooking spray. Cut into wedges and arrange in a single layer on a large baking sheet. Sprinkle wedges with desired amount of cinnamon sugar. Spray again with cooking spray.

* Bake in the preheated oven 8 to 10 minutes. Repeat with any remaining tortilla wedges. Allow to cool approximately 15 minutes. Serve with chilled fruit mixture.

Check out Mission Menus for examples of quick, easy and kid-friendly Mission – Back To School meals using Mission Flour Tortillas.

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  1. Christine

    Thanks for the tips! We are homeschooling this year and now I have to make 5 lunches a week I didn’t have to make before. I need as many ideas as I can get.

    And btw…Collin…I hope you get paid BIG bucks to do the great work you are doing! You save me TONS of time and even more money and you should be reimbursed big time. Thank you so much for your hard work and wonderful site. Don’t let these negative people get you down.

  2. Amalia

    Love your site….love the savings (however they come) and LOVE YOU! As couponers, we are all very aware of the frustrations of some cashiers and those behind us in check-out lines as we pull out our coupons. We hear the huffing & puffing and deep sighs as each and every coupon beeps through. Those 2-3 minutes of waiting for my transaction to go through may seem like an ETERNITY to someone behind me BUT just once I wish one of these ever-so-slightly annoyed people would turn around, look me straight in the eye, and blatantly proclaim, “Excuse me, but I’m in a hurry to pay full retail!” I don’t think they’re agitated by my coupons, I think their mad that they’re about to pay full retail and didn’t think to bring in some coupons of their own! Such is the case with those on this thread leaving negative comments about Collin and her oh-so-“conniving” way of making a little money doing something she loves and is great at. Jealous much? Envious that you aren’t as successful?

    As an on-again-off-again mom-preneur myself I was never under any allusion that Collin didn’t get some type of compensation for her efforts. Collin has never tried to “play” us! Those of us who venture into this wild coupon world are already showing a certain level of intelligence from the get-go. I think we can all agree on that. We don’t need any haters out there trying to “lift the veil” of Collin’s small ways of getting compensated.

    As for Collin, the only difference I see from her is that she’s willing to put herself out there more than any other blogger I’ve every found! Did you see the video series of her calling diffferent stores and asking them about their coupon policy? She’s a TRUE couponer and puts topics on her site that we all want to see! Unless other bloggers have been on the news, we never even get to see them in action ~ NOT with Collin, media or not, she puts herself out there. She’s in the trenches with the rest of us without the benefit of self-promotion! From store shopping, to calling customer service, to family vacations, to recipe cooking, to gift making, to donating to different community services SHE’S OUT THERE. I’ve seen her do it all! With a cup of coffee in her hand and her child strapped to her leg, she’s in my face, looking me straight in the eye! Can’t say the same for those haters out there huffing & puffing their complaints behind a faceless user name.

    • Heather

      I just had to say I loved your comment, you pretty much said it all!

    • LeslieK

      I loved your comment too! Sooooo true… she even blogs for us on her vacations! That is true dedication.

    • Nora-Lee

      Could not have said it better myself, I am appalled by what I’ve read so far.

      It is amazing someone would be able to attack Collin for being paid to speak her mind on a product. It is just stupid.

      People like this should just be ignored, all they want is the attention.

    • Tina

      Absolutely! Haters beware! We’re all in this together! And you know what?? They’d be all in if someone offered them money to express an opinion–heck, they’re doing it for free here at the expense of someone who is doing something so selfless and generous as what Collin is doing! Sheesh, some people really need to grow up!

  3. LemonGirl

    Thanks for the tortilla ideas, Collin! I love Mission tortillas. They’re a favorite at our house!

  4. Melody

    Go Amalia!!

    I LOVE this blog. It’s one of my favorites and I visit a LOT of sites to save money while shopping.
    Collin – Keep up the FANTASTIC work! : )
    I appreciate what you do and am very grateful that you put in so much of your time to help the rest of us save money. Thanks for being honest and sharing your feelings with us.
    If someone doesn’t like what is on your site – then they should stop visiting and not leave rude anonymous comments.

    I appreciate you!!


    • Anonymous

      I agree completely! You are the BEST! Thank you for all you do!

  5. Leigh

    Collin, you are the BEST! I check your site several times a day and I have saved SO much time and MONEY!!! Don’t worry about what others say. We all LOVE your blog and I couldn’t go a day without it!! I hope you make a TON of money doing what you do because it is certainly deserved!!!!

  6. dwagnfly

    My parents always said “never look a gift horse in the mouth”. We should not criticize a gift, this blog is a gift. We are not charged for it, it is absolutely free and wonderful and I apreciate this wonderful gift. Thank you Collin!

    • Tiphanie

      agreedd its free and we get lots of free stuff from it! Why complain about that!

  7. Tiphanie

    I just have to say something. Who do you people think you are are telling Collin she needs to tell YOU how much money she makes? Are you ignorant? This is a blog that has become very big and very time consuming for Collin. Of course she has to make money doing it! Its her job. Yeah she doesnt go to an office or outside of her home like you haters, but she is working long hours. You guys post your hourly wage on here. Seems to me you all are jealous. I love Collin and am very appreciative of the hard work she puts into this site and all the awesome deals.

  8. angela

    I honestly cannot believe that people are being so critical! I love this site and can’t begin to total the amount of money Collin has saved me over the past year. I don’t know why anyone would think that she doesn’t deserve to be compensated for the time she is putting in to save all of us money!

  9. Tasha

    I am not going to add to any more of this negativity, but I would like to say:
    Thank you Colin for EVERYTHING you do for ALL of us! The majority of us could care less if you are making $ at your blog. I am actually Happy that you do get something in return for all your hard work! Keep up the good work, and we LOVE you!

  10. Cassie

    We love you!!! I quit my job to stay at home with my baby and its largely possible due to the fact that we hardly pay for anything these days! And who taught me how to squeeze every drop out of those deals? YOU! So keep it up girl! There are lots of people just like me that would not be doing this without you. You make our lives better!!!!

  11. Katie

    WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO Collin! PLEASE POST MORE OF THESE! Maybe the people that have something stuck up their butt will leave. Or maybe they are so sad that it makes them happy to put others down. LOVE YOU COLLIN!!!

    • Jennifer Watkins

      You rock Katie. I was just thinking the same thing!!!!

  12. Carrie B

    I usually read your posts through google reader so I wasn’t aware of the negative backlash so I decided to come take a look. I have to say that I was thankful for all of the positive posts of encouragement before reading the one from Mrs. Negative Nellie (Anonymous)! I feel that you are doing an outstanding job!! As a mom with three children under three I appreciate that I am able to log onto one site and read the deal of the day without having to research “deals” on my own. I applaud you for having the initiative to do what you love, stay home with your children and still contribute financially. So I want to say to you, don’t let people knock you down! Opinions are like behinds, (edited) everybody’s got one! Keep helping mom’s like me save a little money here and there. I appreciate all that you do!
    Carrie B

  13. Ellen

    For pete’s sake, the sponsored post is FINE and had some good info. I for one APPRECIATE you and have often wondered how you manage to stay so on top of things, more than most of the other blogs I check. PLEASE spend time nurturing those sweet little ones, the grow up all too quickly, and attention from Mommy means the world to them. I promise we’ll survive ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Mary @ The Deal Detector

    Being a blogger myself (on a similar sort of “deals” site), I just want to add that we (bloggers) spend many hours each day (usually a minimum of 5) scouring the net to find great deals to post on our sites for those that take the time to read. I have to admit that I, like many of the those that have made comments, didn’t see this original post until I read the apology post. I think it was great that you (Colin) decided to even approve the comment. Readers, keep in mind that bloggers have the option to block comments.

    I understand that we live in a wonderful country where we have freedom of speech & Collin just proved that she agrees with that right. That being said, even though the blog posted above was a sponsored post (way to go Collin for scoring it!), there was nothing false about it. I love Mission Tortillas (haha) and I think it was full of great ideas. It also fell right in with a theme from another post, “How Do You Pack a Hip Lunch”. If you had chosen to get paid for a featured blog about something off topic like “1001 Reasons to Get a Colonoscopy” and you were being paid by a colon Dr. to promote their office I might think — “Well, that is a bit of a stretch and completely unrelated” (Sorry, for some reason that is what came to mind — it might be that I am watching my girls in the bathtub squeezing water out of the back end of a rubber duckie — haha),

    Collin, you keep doing what your doing. Your blog is amazing and I can only hope that mine is only half as good someday (with as many wonderful followers). You guys are the type of readers a girl dreams of — very supportive and interactive. You are indeed blessed, Colin.


  15. tina

    Shut up already If you dont like what Collin puts on her site STAY AWAY! I love her and what she does for us.. I have been so excited everyday when my emial has things from “hip to save” I have saves so much money and been able to get things for my family normally I would have passed on.. So if she can make a little from a sponser once in a while GREAT!
    Negitive Nellie BOO for you!

    Love you in Alabama!

  16. Amie

    I’m so dissappointed that Collin got her feelings hurt! All of you who had negative comments, 1. Why are you on this site? 2. Make your own dang site, let’s see how easy it is for you. and 3. This is Collin’s website she can post whatever she pleases!!!The good news is she isn’t charging YOU to read it, and YOU come to this site by choice!!!
    You all should said her an apology!
    And do those of us to support her… let’s keep it up! Collin you are amazing. You have saved me and my family so much money.
    Keep up the good work and post whatever you want to!

  17. Amanda Tallent

    I dare the ANON to give me her real name,address…..she won’t post N E MORE B/S.

  18. Rachael

    I LOVE your blog and was happy to mention it in my Reader Spotlight article on today. I hate it for these “anonymous” people who think it’s okay to be so ugly. You’re doing a great job, and ABSOLUTELY if you can get paid for writing about a product you use, then go for it!!!

    Don’t let yourself be down in the dumps!!! You’re so special, helpful to others and appreciated by people who care!!

    Keep your head up!
    Rachael Mercer

  19. Trisha K.

    Collin, YOU are awesome and all your hard work is very much appreciated. Thank you so much for helping me save money for me and my family. =)

  20. dreamfollowr

    I too LOVE your blog and think you do a GREAT job. Don’t listen to the negative people. I loved the article and didn’t think a thing about it when I read it the first time. I had to come back today when I saw your new post because I couldn’t figure out what had gotten you so upset. If I could get someone to pay me to write about them I would surely do it. You keep your head up because we appreciate all the good deals and information you provide to us. I don’t know what I’d do without your site.

  21. Melinda

    I love your blog. I don’t care if you get paid. Maybe the people who don’t like will leave and then when there are hot coupons and deals out there the shelves at my local Target and Walgreens won’t be cleared. Basically what I am saying is, if you don’t like it leave. More deals for me:o)

  22. Kristin

    Collin-THANKS so much for all you’ve done for so MANY of us! I’ve saved SO much money and it’s all because of THIS blog! You ROCK!

  23. Megumi

    Collin, you’re doing an absolutely outstanding job! Keep in mind that any job where you deal with the public you can’t make 100% of everyone happy 100% of the time!

  24. JamWest1007

    I LOVED your post when I read it in my e-mail, and like you, wouldn’t have guessed people would take issue. It had some great ideas. Plus, you love Mission tortillas, anyone who reads your blog regularly knows that. The fact that you got some type of compensation for saying so…YOU GO GIRL! I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of time you spend tracking down deals, so the rest of us have your great site to refer to. If there is some way for you get reimbursed for even a portion of your time, (I’m sure it can’t begin to touch the time you are devoting for us.) I say go for it. I would reimburse you myself if I had the funds. Of course, saving so much money, thanks to your site, has certainly helped our “fund” situation. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I think your blog is great, your ideas are awesome, and you heart is huge! So THANK YOU!

  25. brenda

    Collin, Please dont let this person bring you down, He/She is just not happy in thier lives, so nothing better to do, so please COLLIN just keep doing what you been doing for the last 2 years and more years to come, cause we will all be here for you… are the best of the best …so for that, God Bless to you and your family….you have saved me so much money, i can pay my bill on time(now) and still have money to put in my savings account,,,thanks to you girlfriend…..:-)

  26. Sandra

    Always one bad apple in the group. More people are for you than against you. Applaud
    for standing up & speaking your mind. It’s your blog & you have every right to. Thanks for all you do!

    Blessings to you….

  27. Sharlotte Melancon

    How can people not have known that there is a little bit of money to be made blogging? Notice I said little bit! I am so happy companies pay bloggers as they would magazines and other forms of advertisement. It makes me feel a little of the advertising power has shifted. Someone is making money off just about everything you look at today. When I first started reading Hip 2 Save right away I noticed I saved so much time (5 to 8 hours a week) from having to track all the deals myself. I became twice as efficient and almost never miss a good coupon deal. I felt I should be paying Collin because she is like my personal deal/coupon assistant. She answers my emails in a timely fashion and works harder for me then any assistant I could hire. So when I found out she did make some money and was paid by the companies I love to save money from, I jumped for joy. I print all my coupons from her site and check out most her advertisements. Someone is going to make money off every coupon I use and I am so glad it is Collin. Thanks Collin for all you do! You are a peach!

  28. mindy

    I honestly can’t imagine leaving negative comments on a blog! This is someone’s personal business/life/whatever and they can do as they please!

    I simply can not tell you how much money I save! today at Rite Aid and Albertsons, i spent $150 for $400 with $32 in rebates. I work, have kids, we spend a ton of time outdoors and to be able to go to a blog, see some great deal put together….AMAZING!

    Collin, you are wonderful to do this! I know I could not. My motto….treat others as you want to be treated and you treat everyone wonderfully!

  29. Jen

    Collin, I’m sorry you got slammed for this. I personally hope you make a boatload of cash for your work here! There are tons of readers making money from your work as well. They may not consider it money made because it’s not a check made out to them, but if they save $10 on an item because of your work, then that’s like getting a $10 check. I look at it that way at least.

    I get really sick and tired of blog readers that have a sense of entitlement. Here’s what I have to say to them: You want to have sense of entitlement? Get your own blog! Do it how you want because obviously this one isn’t working for you. And Collin, there’s no way on this earth to EVER make EVERYBODY happy. There will always be naysayers, people who want to bring you down. Don’t let them. Let their negativity build your strength.

  30. Tara Snyder

    I want you to know that I appreciate all the time and effort you put into this blog. I have saved so much money since coming to your site. I also get such a high from all the deals. It is amazing how uplifting a good deal is for the soul. I visit your site at least 10 times a day, if not more. I don’t want to miss out on all the good stuff you post.

    Ignore the people that don’t appreciate the gifts you give us. The negative comments come from people that are just jealous that they aren’t as smart and creative as you are. I mean, you really have to be both to link a recent post with a paid sponsor and make it be more than an advertisement or product review. Your post was very helpful and didn’t some at all like an advertisement. You went so much further in your piece than what most people would have done when doing a product review. Kudos to you for offering so much to us…for free. You are extremely talented and are wonderful at what you do.

    I would also like to thank you and your family for the service that your husband does for this country so that we have the freedom to speak our minds, good and bad. Many people overlook the great men and women that fight for our freedoms every day and the price the families pay for what we take for granted. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Tara Snyder

  31. Barbara

    what nasty commments some people made. and what was their reason behind it? i guess they are miserable so they had to make you feel that way too. keep your head up. you are awesome and i love your site. you are always going to have people out there that have something negative to say about you but you have more people that are for you than against you so ignore them.

  32. Sue G

    My husband loves tortillas so I was happy to get new ideas on how to use them! Thanks

  33. Amy Repoff

    Collin, I love your blog! My mom had asked me to start doing one similar to it because I could make money doing it, and I flat out told her I wasnt because you already do an outstanding job. I also understand the amount of time it takes to compile all these deals and then the time writing the blog. You are providing us with an amazing gift as this blog is not a subscription service. Thank You for that.

    I did not read all the negative comments, but I did note one that was claiming we have the right to free speech. Just as a point of clarification, the American right to free speech is only a right to prevent you from being punished or imprisoned. While you may not be thrown in jail or ticketed, most people would use common sense and publish there own thoughts on their own blog rather than raining on someone’s parade. Collin works hard for us everyday and if you don’t like it….well dont let the door hit ya where the good Lord splitya!

  34. 8isn'tEnough

    I read some of these posts and I say, YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!!!! I think the PROBLEM is that SOME couponers are taking this too far, in that, you may be able to get razors and cereal for nothing, but you can’t make a PERSON WORK FOR NOTHING!! Collin, you’re a person and you should be compensated for your hard work. Don’t let these GREEDY followers try to get something for nothing at the expense of your feelings or rightful dues. There was nothing sneaky about this tortilla post. You didn’t have to SAY it was sponsored either. I myself hate advertisements but this was full of helpful tips instead of a “shameless plug”. Good heavens, if people owned their own businesses and did their own marketing, they wouldn’t be so quick to be void of compassion! Looks like JEALOUSY took over for some!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. DS mom in NC

    I just have to say I love your website, I love getting your emails and I love hearing about the deals. I have 3 children and work full time I dont have time to do all the work to find all these deals. Keep up the great HARD work. If someone doesnt like it they can choose to hit Delete. Just like I choose to read. Dont let the haters/blashers ruin it for you or us.


  36. Lindsey

    WOW! I was not going to say anything, but after reading these comments, it almost seems like the right thing to do. This post is directed at the people leaving negative comments about Collin…These people who are complaining about advertising and endorsements sound exactly like the kids in the grocery store that throw a fit because mommy said no to the M&Ms (no offense to those with little kids, we know they sometimes do this but love ’em anyways). When you look at the big picture, this is a ridiculous argument. Who are you to bash someone who does nothing but strives to save money? Where do you think some of that money Collin earns is going? Back into deals to help YOU save money. Collin is a very intelligent person; she doesn’t have to help you save money too, but she does it out of the kindness of her heart. So you should actually be thanking her for every post! BTW, I love all these good recipe ideas! I can’t wait to try them out!!

  37. Tresa Beardslee

    WOW, is all I can say! I had no idea this was going on until I read your other post! Amazing! Thanks Collin for everything you do. I would hope you can keep making $$, I mean really that’s what we are all trying to do, survive! Lighten up people!

  38. Christine

    One of my most favorite quotes, “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”

    PS – FYI I too love Mission tortillas. Especially the healthy whole wheat ones and I’m loving all the .75/1 coupons for them! Can you say fish tacos!!!! Thanks for all you do Collin. In July our grocery budget was cut in half. Also, thanks for choosing your sponsored posts carefully. I’m certain loyal Hip2Save readers would politely comment if you chose something that wasn’t worthy of this excellent blog. Mission tortllas do rock!

  39. Alisha

    Collin, you are SUCH a blessing to my family!! I hope you know you ARE appreciated! You’ve saved us so much money it’s ridiculous. Thank you for everything you do!!!!!

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