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How do You Pay it Forward?

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With the holidays fast approaching, it is impossible not to get into the spirit of giving. Not only does it make you feel great to give to others, but I honestly believe that the more you give, the more you get back. Plus, don’t you love demonstrating to your own children the significance of giving to others?! One of my favorite things to do is to give my kiddos spare change to drop into the Salvation Army’s red buckets at Christmas time when I am leaving the grocery store. With that being said, it is often more fun to come up with things to give to others that do not necessarily cost you anything out of pocket. For example, consider donating several hours one night to babysit the kids of a friend or neighbor who never gets any “me” time, bake cookies and surprise a neighbor for no reason at all, or even consider handing over some coupons to a fellow shopper. I also love to be a “coupon fairy” by leaving coupons next to products at the store for an unsuspecting shopper to use later! Check out this email I received from reader, Liz, who appears to be a fellow coupon fairy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I was in Target, picking up my free cat food and free red potatoes (I got my free dog food yesterday). While in the cat food aisle, there was a woman with her daughter (around 8 years) buying some Meow Mix. I heard her adding up the items and thought…. hmmm, I bet she would appreciate a coupon or two! I immediately opened my book and pulled out a Meow Mix coupon for $1 and tapped her on the shoulder and asked her I she would like to have it. She recognized me as a “real couponer” and began to ask questions. As I answered her questions about stores and finding deals and how to get coupons, I noticed that most of her food was filler staples (high in filling up and low in nutrition); she also had 3 or 4 dozen eggs. While we spoke, I handed her 2 BOGO egg coupons from the Good Egg Project and she was both shocked and happy. I gave her your website as a good starting place to get her feet wet and also told her how to get ink cartridges for about $2 and paper for free.

I guess the cashier took the coupons because she searched me out while I was at the register and asked me again for the name of your website. It felt good to get another person excited about saving money, especially someone that obviously needed the savings. So, I ask you to challenge all your readers to give away a coupon or two to a stranger as an opportunity to be a good egg! After all, isn’t that what the good egg project asked us to do?

How do YOU Pay it Forward? Have you ever shared your coupons with a shopper? How do you give to others without spending money?

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  1. Shawn

    While visiting in Tennessee I took my mother for some coupon shopping and I was chosen to host a digorno pizza party a month before. I had a couple of pizza coupons left so while checking out @ Wal-Mart the cashier was talking about how she wanted to try the breadstick and pizza combo. She also said that she had teenage sons and thought she might get them for dinner that night since she was working late. I gave her the coupons and she almost cried. I absolutely love paying it forward. I am a stay at home mom and my husband is self employed. By couponing and being frugal I seem to always find ways to help others either by donations of goods or donation of my time.

  2. Alicia

    Hi, I love to give. I guess it comes form being raised in a single parent, single lowly income home. I am not saying that to incite any pity. I had such a happy childhood and I am so grateful that I have such a wonderful Mother. We may have had to wear cloths off the clearance rack or 2nd hand, but she did the best that she could and raised us with so much love. I would have rather have been raised the way I was…poor but happy than rich and miserable.
    At any rate, I give the women I work with coupons all the time and tell them how to use them and where to get the most for their money. I leave coupons for whoever may need them on the shelves in the stores. Currently, I buy for my family but I almost always buy 2 of each non perishable item. I do this because I am saving up to donate these things to either the Battered Womens Shelter or one of the local Christmas charities. I am happy to report that currently I have enough razors to shave all of Europe and enough mouthwash to run a river. There is more, but I am not going to go on and on about it as the best part about giving is that it is like a treasured secret between you (the giver), the receiver and God. God does love a cheerful giver!

  3. Rockporter

    I am always giving coupons to people at the store and I send care packages to my kids in California, just sent them each a care package filled with my coupon bargains. Toothpaste, bodywash, dish soap, air fresheners, toothbrushes and even gum. One is a fulltime student and a full time employee, one is dad of two and the other is a dad of 1. They all struggle daily to support themselves and I am glad I can help them with the simple things we all need so they can pay for books, a movie or even a new pair of shoes. I show others how to coupon and lead them to Collin. Collin you have been an inspiration to me. Thanks

    • Rockporter

      Oh yeah, forgot to add that I shop all the time for the troop boxes we send to Afghanistan. I am also showing other ladies how to use the coupons to get the most for less.

    • Laura P

      Hi “Rockporter” are you in Rockport TX??

  4. Suzy

    I love reading all of these stories and it makes me proud to know and be apart of this couponing network. You all are truly amazing.

    Besides being a coupon fairy, cart snooper, I will give the cashier coupons for free products and bring them the product up to the counter so they can get the item before the shelves are cleared off. Cashiers for the most part do not make a large salary and I know every bit helps.

    Keep paying it forward…………….

  5. Sandeep

    That’s a nice thing. Very frequently I keep the coupons that would expire in a week or so if I know I wont use them anyway.

    BTW, the poster said “I gave her your website as a good starting place to get her feet wet and also told her how to get ink cartridges for about $2 and paper for free.” Was wondering where I can get free/cheap ($2) ink cartridges?

    • liz

      See my comments #170 and #168 for the details of cheap ink.

  6. Lpmousse


    Thanks so much for this post. I love paying it forward. In the last week, I’ve given a ton of Reach toothbrushes, Progresso and Campbells soups, and feminine supplies to my local food pantry. I also sent packages to my sister and brother-in-law, grandparents and parents last week at Office Depot (getting that money back in Rewards) of things that I had paid either nothing or very little for (B&BW travel sized lotions, bengay cream, lip balm, a scarf with pockets from my package, an undershirt that I got on sale at Kohl’s with a coupon, Rembrandt toothpaste, razors, etc.). They all loved them, and appreciated me getting these items for them. It didn’t cost me much, but meant so much to them.

    Last night I went over to my best friends’ house, and and brought some fancy diaper samples, lip balm, t-shirts for her daughter from my package, and other free samples I’ve gotten. It’s so much fun sharing the things I’ve gotten!

    • Lpmousse

      I also have little cards that I have your blog website printed on that I give to people who are super impressed with my couponing skills. ๐Ÿ™‚ I recommend it to so many people. You save us all so much money! Thanks again!

  7. Shari

    I was in cvs and a girl was buying gain I asked if she had a coupon she said “no”. So I gave her one of mine. She said “thank you” about 3 times. A couple months ago when CVS had the sale where you bought $20.00 or $25.00 worth of P&G you got free Charmin. There was a fellow coupon in there trying to get the best deal. Which was buying the Tampax pearl for 2.99 and use a coupon for 2.00 off. So she was adding hers up and I gave her 4 or 5 coupons for those and some other ones. I also told her about using the green tags for reusable bags to get .25 each time you shop, she suprisingly didn’t know about that. She said thanks so much. It really makes my day when I can give someone a coupon or tell them about a deal. I share coupons with my co-workers often. And if they are looking for something on sale they come to me to see if I know where it is on sale. One woman brings me her coupon once a week so I gave her a bag of HBA items she was happy. I’m adicttid to couponing. I hope to be able to give alot to our local food pantry.

  8. tilla ham

    i have a membership to the local zoo, i can take 3 guests in at a time, whenever i see a small family that looks like the zoo is a real splurge, i go up and ask them if they would like to walk in with my family. I support the zoo every year, and know I am not hurting them by helping out a family….the last woman i helped broke down in tears because her husband had just left her and she didn’t have the money to take the girls, but had promised. I felt so terrible to be complaining about my financial situation just earlier that day, when really i’m so fortunate compared to many. I also stock up on free/inexpensive things and donate to a couple of single moms i know, and to the foodbanks. I love sharing my coupons, and it is seriously annoying when folks complaining about how broke they are won’t listen to my genius coupon advice haha!

    • Annette

      Wow, that’s such a sweet story about the zoo. That’s really thoughtful of you to grab someone to take through for free each time, and it must have been really touching when she told you her story.

  9. Courtney

    My favorite recent story was with one of my CVS cashiers. I was checking out late at night (10:30pm). I was buying one of the Schick Hydro razors, and she jokingly asked me if she could have it. She said she needed one for her son who had just called because he needed a razor. He was leaving in the morning at 5am. I said sure, and tried to give it to her, but she wouldn’t take it. So, I made her take the other coupon I had instead which after ECB’s would get her a free razor. She was very grateful for such a small thing.
    I also have been pleased to be able to send care packages to my parents and younger siblings as my dad is currently out of work. I love knowing that they aren’t worried about buying toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, any personal care items or dog treats. I’ve also been able to send some things to my brother and his family.
    I loved giving random free Post-It note coupons to shoppers in Target, as well as being able to give free pens to my friends.

  10. mrsburleyford

    Yesterday, I gave a Sunbelt cereal BOGO coupon to a woman as she was choosing a Sunbelt cereal. Plus, I use coupons to get trial size deodorant free, and free or cheap razors and donate them to our local Rescue Mission.

  11. Tiffany

    I would also like to know how to get the free paper and $2 ink cartridges.

    • liz

      See my deals on comments #168 and #170 for the cheap ink details

  12. trudy goerig

    How do I pay it forward. I have three households that I know don’t have money for t.p. deodorant things you can’t buy with food stamps. So, when I make a killing on sale items with coupons, I don’t need that much I take shampoo, body wash, cold med. whatever I have extra tooth paste. They are always very thankful. I also print several of the coupons for different stores when they have coupon discounts. Like Big Lots just had 20% off , walgreens sometimes has $5.00 off $25.00 Safeway $10.00 off $50.00.You get the idea. When I go shopping as I’m walking through the store I keep an eye out for someone who might have a full cart., or have several kids with them and give away the extras I have. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. It isn’t my money but I feel like I might have helped some stranger. Sometimes they ask how to get the coupons or how to do coupons and I refer them to Hip2Save web site. It sure helps me out . Sometimes when I see a freebie I order one for my friends and they too get a surprise in the mail.

  13. Patty

    I offered a young couple coupons at Publix once. Both of them looked at me ,laughed and said no. I haven’t tried it again.

    • Tawanda

      Don’t stop because of that one ]couple. There will be others on your journey who will welcome a coupon or two. I would ask myself this question: Would I stop couponing if I had one bad experience?! H2TNO!
      If you don’t want to approach people, just be an anonymous coupon fairy and leave them at CVS, WAGS, RA or your local grocery store.
      Good luck!

  14. Sandy Shoes

    I did the coupon fairy last night at CVS when I received yet another .99 coupon for the Brach’s candy corn!

  15. Tawanda

    It’s heartwarming to read of so many who want to pay it forward. I read all of the comments and I feel so glad to be a part of a group of compassionate and giving of people known as couponers! Thanks for this posting Collin. We are bombarded with the negative events of life. This is so reaffirming.

  16. Lara Babot

    If I have coupons that are about to expire, but I’m not going to use them, then I leave them by the product in the grocery store – better yet, if I see someone looking at that product then I give them the coupon – and say, “I have a coupon for that if you’re going to buy it – you might as well save money.” They are always very excited!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Which makes me feel really good!!!

  17. concettaz

    I’m gearing up for my 3rd annual “Tis the Season” project.
    With the recession, it’s sad that there are so many people who would not otherwise receive Christmas presents (and/or are unable to give any).
    During the months before Christmas, I collect freebies, samples, etc that can be grouped together to place in “Christmas baskets” (“toiletry items for lady”, “coffee-lover’s bundle” “fun stuff for boy”, etc, etc). I include a pretty bow with each collection, and they can do the wrapping/decorating (basket or shoe box or whatever they have on hand). I post the offers to a freecycle group I belong to (max of one collection per family).
    Right now I have a PILE of lotions, body washes, eye masks, lip balms, coffee/tea samples, etc etc. I’ve even gotten free kids toys! I haven’t received my graveyardmall box yet, but I’m sure there will be goodies in there I can include.
    LOTS of this stuff came through hip2save tips. THANK YOU!
    This is like the funnest thing I do all year! Even without money, a person can “make” Christmas for families.
    Just another way hip2save makes a difference! Yay, team!

  18. jenniferlee_12

    I did the RiteAid deal on Crest toothpaste lastweek and got 45 tubes for my church. As a church we want to do 50 Samaritain’s Purse boxes for Christmas and they needed the toothpaste.

    • Joan Southwick

      you can also ask local dentists for help.. they get sooo much free stuff. I had a dentist give me a 2ft x 2ft x 3 ft box full of toothpaste, toothbrushes and flosses for kids for a project at the Tres Inlges Orphanage. I asked again this year and received similar items for Buffalo Blessings, a non profit that benefits elderly people on remote areas of Indian Reservations.

  19. Ashley

    I work at the Walgreens in Mundelein, IL and in cosmetics. I keep a coupon folder under the counter and I bring my coupons in everyday to try and help people out! We see so many couponers in our store and so many are catching on. They employees know me as the coupon girl. They looked at me crazy when I showed them my binder then I got 3 other people to get into it and make one! Every week they come up to me asking for deals i found I love that I’m helping people out it makes me feel so good!

  20. Jennifer F.

    I was checking out at my local Target store and was buying the Beauty and the Beast combo pack. The friendly cashier was telling me how much her daughter loves the movie so I gave her an extra coupon I had. She was so excited! ๐Ÿ™‚ It felt good to help others out.

  21. ANON

    I keep a box in my pantry that I fill as I get free/inexpensive items and take it to my local domestic violence shelter when it gets full. Some of those women arrive there with only the clothes on their back. I should know as I had to utilize their services at a certain point in my life. I put in not only practical items but also fun items for the shelter to give as Christmas and birthday presents to the women and children. Living in a shelter is a stressful and humbling time and any little nicety makes a big difference. That’s how I pay it forward…

  22. mary

    I’m a 22 year old college student that works full-time and goes to school full-time… Plus I have a crazy boyfriend and two rescue dogs. I can’t really remember the first time I used a coupon, but I know I started becoming the crazy coupon lady when my boyfriend gave me the option of paying rent or buying the groceries.

    Well, what was a little bit of a joke spending $20.00 on over $100.00 worth of groceries to please my boyfriend, I decided to take it to the extreme. (If I had the money to help pay for rent I would honestly rather have my own place.) I now have realized how wasteful I used to be and have taught many other people how to save money and about couponing. It’s so awesome to see people get so excited about something that I really love doing with the very little time I do have.

    I used to get really embarrassed carrying my binder around, but after making one trip to Costco seeing the most ridculous prices on things people thought they were getting a good deal on. I almost passed out and then threw up at the same time. (Ok not exactly, but darn near!)

    I do my part by putting things together for everyone I know. I give so much of my free stuff away to others, some might think I was just wasting my time saving money since I do pay high California taxes, but I don’t seeing it that way at all. I love to give and see the smile on someones face knowing that someone else does care. Even if I mail a package of stuff and can’t see their face, I know by the responses I get that they are always appreciated.

    Couponing has taught me some important things and has also made me very peeved with other things. For example..

    Be ethical…
    1. Ok, I understand you might be using coupons because your low-income or a student like myself, but please DO NOT steal the coupons out of my newspaper. That drives me so crazy and makes me so upset I probably don’t even want to go there. It makes me upset just thinking about it. (I bought 2 early edition newspapers today with NO COUPON… ERGGGGGG! Obviously stolen.)

    2. I think it’s great that your giving 42 tubes of toothpaste to a shelther, but other people want to get the good deals too and at stores like Wags and Rite Aid you can’t get register rewards or UP rewards from a raincheck. So, be considerate before you wipe out the whole entire store on toothpaste, dish soap, or whatever. Just be reasonable, it keeps couponing fun… not a big giant race to the store Sunday morning. Thats not fun!

    3. I get all these free magazines from survery’s and donate them to the animal hospital for others to read. When my dog was sick I wanted anything to get my sick dog out of my head while I was sitting there waiting, but there was no magazines. So, I went home and cut my name off all my magazines I was done reading and put them in a bag for the clinic. It doesn’t cost anything and I’m sure it will give many people a piece of mind!

    4. Sharing coupons with strangers even if they don’t take it.. I sometimes will leave coupons right by the item for the next person to get. I learned this from a trip to Target finding a trail left by a shopper who left their target mailer coupons by the specific items that were about to expire. I never receive Target mailer coupons so it made me so excited and when I read Totally Target’s store about the Peterpan Peanutbutter coupons, I laughed so hard I too almost cried.. I think people are just so awesome sometimes!

    5… Oh I could go on all day… Let’s keep couponing fun, not a giant race!!! Paying it forward is by being reasonable and ethical. So, please everyone please use those coupons wisely!

  23. Nancy

    We were at a farm stand and the lady in line next to us was having a problem. She only had an American Express and they don’t take it, so she was digging through her purse and then was explaining to the cashier that she didn’t have any money. I was overhearing this so I nudged my husband and told him to pay for her order. He was very startled as he hadn’t heard what was going on, but he’s used to me being impulsive like that, so he did it.

    She initially refused the offer, but then thought about it and said thank you. She had been in a long line to buy food to feed the farm animals and had some kids waiting outside to feed the animals. The lady was so grateful that she was stuttering and saying she’s never had anything happen like this before. She said it over and over again. She kept saying how we made her day and were we sure? We laughed and said she could pass it on to someone else some day. Truthfully, it made our day as much as it made hers.

  24. Nancy

    I’ve been couponing for a year and gotten so many great deals, largely due to the information on hip2save. Thank you Collin! We’ve been able to send soldier packages through, give to our town food pantry and a church food pantry, give to a battered women’s shelter, etc. I’ve also started ‘shopping’ for supplies for our church, such as paper plates and cups, trash bags, sponges, cleaning products, juice, etc. Church budgets, like so many others these days, are squeezed due to decreased donations and increasing bills such as utilities.

  25. Therese

    I started using coupons again just in the last few months. I had a large bunch of them that I knew I couldn’t use, so I started checking out other people’s carts at Walmart. I was able to give a few away to some very surprised people. The others I tucked in the shelves, so people could take them if they wanted. I have been sharing Collin’s website at work too. I’ve really appreciated being able to come to her site to find savings, and it’s been fun being able to share it with others.

  26. Sally

    I love to give. I was at toys r us doing some early christmas shopping when i was trying to find this one toy and come to find out that this older lady had just taken the last one no big deal so i go to check out and as i was waiting in line i notice this lady in front of me. I ask her if she had a coupon for it. ( i think she thought i was going to take it from her if she didn’t have a coupon) But she ignored me the first time and i asked again. She said no i don’t. I said would you like to have one. I think she about fell over. She was a little worried i think at first i told her where i got it from and i said it would work . So i finished checking out. And as i was leaving she stopped me an said thank you and i told her it was no problem and have a great day. I love the thought of sharing i am only 28 and i am addicted to coupons. Some of my family friends laugh about it. But in the end they all benefit from it. I’m single and live on my own and don’t need alot of coupons so i usually give most to my sister and my mom. But it’s always great to give and to get a deal. Just remember you might just turn someones day around by passing on your coupons. It might just be a dollar but when your counting change every bit helps.

  27. Joan Southwick

    today,, after sharing my info on all the freebies with a gentleman in Rite Aid, he gave me his business card. They put together information and classes for hospice patients and elderly people that need help with groceries. He asked if i would come and teach a few classes!
    I told him sure,,,,,,,
    then he told me he would pay me in gift cards, as they are in his budget!
    so cool.. and he needed the cold medicine, the thermacare products and the cough drops.. he had just put full price, no coupon items in his cart.. I fixed that and gave him coupons to use! life is short,, pay it forward, backward and sideways!!!!

  28. constantly55

    I usually have numerous store coupons when I go to Micheal’s, Joann’s, and other stores. If I see someone in line without a coupon or I don’t use all of mine, I will hand them one.
    Also, I have a friend that has taken quite a few kittens that are dropped off, so any cat food that I get free or nearly free, I give to her. It helps her out a lot.

  29. Crystal R.

    We are saving so much and helping our church family save so we can start a food bank. We are asking them to donate 10% of their retail savings in product and doing coupon classes for them to better understand all the lingo the further we all get, I do also share coupons with other shoppers and explain Krogers doubles everything .50 and under.

  30. Dorinne

    Whenever I have a coupon that I can’t use I will either try to find someone to give it to before I leave the store or else I will leave it near the item on the shelf so that someone buying that later can pick it up and use it. Several years ago I went to a bridal show alone when nobody else could make it to go with me and I had been saving a 2 for 1 admission coupon so we could use it for entry. There was a mom and her daughter in line ahead of me and I was glad that I had brought it along even though I couldn’t use it. I offered it to them and they were so happy to get a discount that they hadn’t expected. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Jody

    I like to pay it forward by sending my expired coupons overseas to military commissaries. Because our men and woman over there can use then 6 months past the experation date!!!

  32. lizziesmom07

    My way of paying it forward is to sew into areas of my own need by volunteering babysitting to other moms. I am part of a church as well as another ministry in town where I babysit every Tuesday night and again on two Wednesday nights a month, so the parents of these children can be refreshed by hearing God’s Word. As a SAHM, I work 2 hours where my babysitting has been covered by my employer any time I work or sub. I have also been given nice hand-me down clothes for my girls since they were born. We shop at g-sales and donate our used items to the local rescue mission which supports the homeless in our city. I’m new to this website, but am looking forward to becoming a couponer. I do receive a few coupons in the mail and yes, I do give them away as gifts if I don’t plan on using them.

  33. carey3782

    Okay, what’s the secret on “ink for almost $2 and free paper” – one of the reason I’ve been apprehensive about using coupons is the cost of ink…

  34. carey3782

    Going back to look for ink info on 170 and 168, thanks

  35. amy

    for ink i buy empty inks from ebay then i take 10 ($2.30 total or .23 each) a month to staples at the end of the month i get $20 in staples rewards then i can use the $20 on what ever i want tp ink paper ect if they dont have what you want instore you can order online and have it shipped to the store

  36. Pamiam412

    I found this idea on a blog. As a couponer you could get most items when they were on sale for even greater savings! Pick a needy family you know and do the “12 days of Christmas for them. We did it for a single mom who was having a rough time. They loved it so much her little girl said “can we do it again?”. My kids loved trying to sneak the present to the front door. And trying to be sneaky once we pulled into the apartment parking lot and ne of her friends who knew us pulled into the spot next to us, so we had to “hide in the car” till they left (it was a long way to their house).

    12 Days of Christmas
    This is soooo fun and so worth the effort. It is not very expensive but really brightens a person’s day. Wouldn’t you love getting annonymous gifts on your front porch? (Although I did put “from your friends at ________ church” so they wouldn’t think we were stalkers. You could put”from a friend”)

    Day one: Give a can of Pears (My daughter insisted on getting a miniture tree with a bird in it as well)and a note such as: On the first day of Christmas your true friends gave to you….Pears and a dove in an evergreen tree.

    Day two: Two turtle candies and dove candies and the note said: On the second day of Christmas your true friends gave to you 2 turtle doves and you already have the pears, and dove in an evergreen tree (found at the dollar tree)

    Day three: Can of chicken noodle soup (I got vegetarian “no chicken” soup then I covered the “no chicken” with the top cut off a post it note that I had written “3 french hen” For the note, use the same format, just adding the new item and the previous given items for each day as they occur)

    Day Four: Pretty Notepad and pen (write on the pad that “the calling birds left a message to have a happy Holiday Season”)

    Day Five: Can of Pineapple rings (“golden pineapple rings” in your note)

    Day Six: Egg shaped objects (I found egg shaped snowmen with candy inside. Make sure to add to your note about the geese laying egg shaped snowmen)

    Day Seven: Bubble Bath (Add to note about swimming with the swans but the swans were too busy and said to enjoy swimming without them)

    Day Eight: Milk Duds (add to note about the maids a milking making milk dud’s)

    Day Nine: Christmas CD that they can “dance” to

    Day Ten: Candy canes (note to explain the Lords a Leaping had to go but left their canes for them to enjoy)

    Day Eleven: Hot Chocolate in mug or mugs (note saying to serve “piping hot” at least for adults and “not so piping hot” for kids)

    Day Twelve: Ice cream drum sticks (Leave a note on an earlier day asking them to leave a note outside their door about when you could treat them to dinner, such as at a Taco Bell, bring Drumsticks and reveal yourselves!

    Be sure to add in items for the kids in the family. The dollar store has alot of great things and they aren’t too spendy. I also added in some fun items like a book with CD on the 12 days of Christmas and miniture light set and ornaments to put on the tree we gave them on day one. Childrens scarf, hat and mittens, coloring book and crayon, puzzles etc. All are very inexpensive at the dollar tree or use couponing.

    You can start 12 days before Christmas or if that time is too busy, any time in December is great. However upon looking up the 12 days of Chirstmas I found out it is actually supposed to start on Christmas Day and end 12 days later so it can be done at any time.

    I think we enjoyed it as much as the recipients!

  37. Pamiam412

    My sis in law saves up all her things she gets greatly discounted with couponing and then when she finds a needy family she lays out all the goodies on a bed and invites the person over to go “shopping”. Keep in mind these arent just any person off the street she meets them through her work or church. For people out in community I would just take them a basket of stuff.

  38. Pamiam412

    I have a business (is it a business when its free?) I call “Hope on Heels” that I started when one of my employees finally got her low income housing but in saving every penny for the down payment she had no furniture, linens, kitchen items, etc. to put in the house. A Co-worker and I started finding things on Craigslist and filling up her house. The Lord blessed us in that I would go to pick up a bed and when the family found out what it was for they gave me linens, table and chairs. Another wonderful girl had a microwave and when I went to pick it up she said she was moving to another country the next day and I could have everything in her kitchen. She literally filled up my entire car and trunk with kitchen items, tv stand, bookcase etc. We managed to find 5 beds, linens, table and 5 chairs, All the kitchen and livingroom items that a person could need. Funny part was when we would find a deal, we would be at work in heels, hence the name. Since this time my partner dropped out but I enlisted my family and we have helped 3 other low income families. My only requirement is that the families or single mothers are honest with me about what they need and that someday when they are doing well, they “pay it forward”

  39. Pamiam412

    We had an extra parking ticket at a basketball game so I took it with me and handed to a car in line to park. They were so appreciative but I still think I get the most Joy out of it!

  40. Lynne Wright

    Isn’t amazing how one woman’s coupon blog has touched so many lives? Thanks so much again Collin! It feels so good to be able to give so much with coupon freebies and low cost items. This year we were able to give four bags and one box to our work’s Adopt a Family, getting ready to bring another box of toiletries to the local women’s shelter, a bag of cat treats to the animal shelter, giving canned goods to our church’s St. Vincent De Paul Society, and our Brownie Troops Adopt a Family will be getting a large box of food from us. I try to teach and and pass on coupons whenever I can. This is a wonderful group of people and I feel blessed to be here!

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