CVS: Gas-X Deal Gets Even Sweeter

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The CVS Gas-X deal that I posted yesterday, gets even sweeter! Here’s how…

*Spend $20 on any Gas-X product = $10 Ecb (limit 1)
Buy 4 Gas-X Prevention 20 ct $6.29 each (regular price– NOT sale price)
Total = $25.16
Use the 20% off CVS coupon (will deduct $5.04)
Use 4 $4/1 coupons found here (you will need access to 2 computers)
Pay $4.12
Get back a $10 Ecb
Final cost FREE + a $5+ moneymaker!

Now all ya need is some Fiber One bars! 😉

(Thanks, Erin & Coupon Mamacita!)

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  1. melissinglink


  2. teresa
    • Rachel

      They’re (4) $4.00 off 1 item coupons, not (4) $1.00 off one item coupons.

    • Amber

      they are $4 off of 1 coupons

    • Collin

      Hi Teresa,

      Sorry for the confusion… you are using 4 $4/1 coupons (not $1/1 coupons). So…

      $25.16 minus –
      $5.04 (deduction from the 20% off coupon)
      $16 (deduction from 4 $4/1 coupons)
      = $4.12

      Hope that helps! 🙂

  3. Natasha

    I heard that you cannot use this coupon with sale items or promotions that produce ECB. Has anyone else tried this?

    • msuweather

      I did this yesterday with no issues at all. The 20% worked and all 4/4.00 coupons.

    • Collin

      Hi Natasha,

      Erin, a reader, emailed me today to confirm that it does in fact work. The Gas-X Prevention is actually regularly priced at $6.29, so the 20% off coupon is valid on this deal.

      • Natasha

        good to know. Thanks.

  4. Kari H.

    Is there a certain zip code to use? I see a $3.00 coupon, not $4.00. hhmmm

    • Kari H.

      I’m a retard! Found it!

      • Christine

        ur nasty.

        • Jennifer S

          ??? Ur Nasty? What is that for?

          • Natasha

            I think it was because she said ‘retard’ above. Which some people find offensive.

        • Kari H.

          Oh good grief! I wasn’t meaning to be insulting. Some people just look for something to gripe about.

          • Selene

            Just ignore her.

            • Christine

              – slow something down: to slow or delay the progress of something
              – slowing of tempo: in music, a slowing down of a previously quick tempo
              – offensive term: an offensive term that deliberately insults somebody with a learning disability or somebody regarded as unintelligent ( slang insult )

              Sorry for responding with an insult. I am sometimes overwhelmed to hear or see that word used by intelligent adults. I find that word completely repulsive. Someone I love has Down’s Syndrome and I responded to that word impulsively, just as people use it impulsively. Again, sorry for the reaction, I love this site and feel very comfortable reading it all the time-I was not looking for something to “gripe about” and if you think about it, words need to be ignored, not people.

    • Kristjana


  5. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    When I click “here” for the Gas-X coupon, it is for $3, not $4. Am I missing something? Also, I assume ecb is extra care bucks at CVS? I’m new at this, so just asking so I can get couponing.

    • thriftydivaclr

      your printing the wrong coupon.. There is both a 3.00 and 4.00 coupon on there.

  6. katie andrews

    🙁 my cvs doesnt carry the prevention. just regular gas x

  7. Courtney only allowed me to print one $4 and one $3 (not two of each)

    • Jennifer S

      I had the same issue but I think even with the regular Gas X and the Gas X prevention its still a MM.

      • Donna

        Actually I bought 2 gas x liquid gels for $5.79 each and 2 gas x preventions for $6.29 each and i ended up paying $10.16 and got a $10 ecb.

        • Selene

          Nice!!! I will look for this product as well. Our CVS is so small they don’t usually carry all the varieties.

        • Anna @ Frugal For You

          I did the same thing too! Did not have the 20% off Q though.

    • Selene

      Me too… but I was able to ask my coworker to print another set of $4 and $3, so I have a total of 2 $4 and 2 $3, so it’s still a money maker, just $2 less. I am happy enough.

  8. Lelia Parker

    This would be a wonderful deal if I could get the CVS Facebook coupon to print! Is anyone else having trouble?

    • Selene

      You sign up and then they email it to you. You don’t print it off Facebook.

  9. tanya

    i have two computers, but was only able to print one per computer.

    • lori

      I was only able to print 1 from each computer too. I also never got my 20% off coupon in my inbox. I’m assuming it would be from and I just sorted and looked through my CVS emails and no coupon. Can someone tell me what the subject line says…

      • Michelle

        The sender of this email was “CVS/pharmacy ExtraCare” (as opposed to the “” from which most of the emails come). The subject is “Your 20% off CVS Holiday Pass has Arrived!”

      • Lelia Parker

        I never got my coupon either…as I said earlier. And I called CVS and they said there was nothing they could do. How lame…and disappointing.

      • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

        My coupon was in my spam folder. I don’t know if that helps.

  10. Michelle

    Thank you!!!! I definitely need to stock up for the holidays (lots of dinner parties), my stomach hates me! Laugh all you want, lol, but I really appreciate this. Plus the ECBs will help me stock up on diapers for my little man, I knew if I waited the right deal would come along for them :).

  11. Donna

    I just tried it and it wouldnt take the 25 percent off coupon because the items are on sale. It beeped.

  12. Donna

    Sorry I meant the 20 percent off coupon! And the reason it didnt work for me is because I only had 2 prevention coupons so I had to buy 2 regular gas x products too. And they were on sale.

  13. Abby

    I was only able to print 1 coupon from each computer as well.

  14. Effie

    I tried to use the 20% coupon, it kicked it out – was told that it would not accept it because of the ECB that was involved.

  15. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I tried to do this deal last night with a 20% off coupon and it wouldn’t work. They said that it doesn’t work on sale items, and apparently everything I bought was considered “on sale.”

  16. Melissa

    my 20% coupon did not reflect savings on a regular priced item that produced ECB (the revlon nail files), it only took off for regular priced cotton balls.
    ETA – I also used my 20% CRT on makeup sponges & EOS lip balm and the discount only took off for the sponges.

  17. Selene

    Thanks for all the feedback! I will try it but will be prepared if it doesn’t work.

  18. Tina

    I printed one of each yesterday, and printed two more just a few minutes ago. I guess it has reset.

  19. Kristjana

    My deal was even sweeter I had a 25%of my total order, so I went and my total came to whopping $3.72 and I got my 10 Eb’s so it was $6.28 money maker for me. Thank you for posting this deal.


  20. jennifer

    can we use the 20% off shopping pass more than once??? If we print more?I used mine today on the gilette deal

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      I don’t believe so because there is a unique code on it.

  21. cjs is so finicky….I used to be able to print 2 of each coupon…and, now I print once, and it says ‘Print Limit Reached’. Thanks for the post!

  22. Melissa


    • Mitchell Wischmann

      They did for me too! Yay!

  23. jennifer

    Just did this deal and the 20% off does not work on the gas x because they are considered on sale since you get extra bucks. Did get 20% off of my other items, though. I got two of the prevention and two of the regular gas x. I had two $4 off prevention and two $3 off any gas x and overall it was a $1 money maker for me. Print limit is one per computer on these coupons.

  24. angie

    I just did this one and my total was $79 before coupons and the 20% off only took off $1.60. I had 4 gasx 10 Sobes and a raincheck for the Vitality Oral b tootbrushes. So it didn’t work for me

  25. Jo Ann

    I tried using the 20% off discount coupon from Facebook today on the Gillette deal. The cashier tried using the coupon and it would not take it. She said it was because even though the price wasn’t a “sale” price it was producing ECB’s so that made it a “sale” item. I don’t understand how some of the people who try to use this coupon are able to get the 20% off and some people aren’t. I would guess that the Gas X deal would work the same way as the Gillette deal (being not really on sale but still producing the ECB’s). Very odd how some are getting the coupon to work but it won’t work for others. :/

    • jennifer

      that is really weird I went and did the gillette deal and the coupon worked fine for me. I was even able to buy the proglide razor that is in the little pack that has the travel size shave gel and thermal scrub in it .Sorry you could’nt get it to work maybe try a diff cvs or go back tomorrow hehe some cashiers are diff 🙂

  26. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I did it and it worked for me! I am in VA. I wonder if it’s a regional thing? The 20% pass went through just fine on the Gas-X items. I got 2 Prevention ($6.29 each) and 2 Chewables ($4.99 each) to make it over $20, and then used the 20% pass and 2 $3 + 2 $4 coupons.

  27. Christy

    I haven’t gotten my CVS coupon in my email, and neither has my mother-in-law. And yes, we’re checking our spam folders. How quickly does it arrive? We’ve both been waiting about 2 days now…

  28. TD

    I went tonight and bought 3 of the Gas X prevention (only had 3 at one store) and a dog’s bed at regular price for 9.99. It seems like the 20% only worked on the Gas X prevention because it only took off $3.78 instead of $3.78 for for 3 gas x and $2 for the dog’s bed. It sucks I didn’t get the extra $2 but it’s better than nothing.

  29. blee

    Can only print 1 per computer for the $4 off coupon on Gas-x

  30. mythreesons1967

    Worked for me in Ky tonight. Bought 3 gas x and one gas x prevention. 5.79 a box. $4 off 3 boxes and $3 off the other one plus 20% off and 10 ecb back made this one sweet deal tonight….

  31. Coryl

    Yeah, the Fiber One bars will give you the gas you just got rid of! 🙂 We call them gas bars at my house!

  32. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Heads up: You CANNOT use this on ECB items. They are considered sale/promotional items.

    So the computer will got give you that discount as we originally anticipated – this deal is not really a deal.

    • Beth

      I did this deal tonight in conjunction with the Revlon deal that produces 5 ECB and the 20% coupon worked just fine. I bought 4 GasX Prevention ($6.29 each), 2 Revlon Beauty items ($2.99 and $4.99), and a full priced (gasp) CoverGirl eyeliner ($9.99). I used the 20% coupon, $5/$25, (4) $4 Gas X coupons, and (2) $1 Revlon beauty tool coupons. I used 13 ECB, paid OOP $1.02 and got back 16 ECB (10 ECB for GasX, 5 ECB from Revlon, and 1 ECB from my green bag tag). I wonder why this is working for some and not others.

  33. Janelle

    Wow, I guess I got REALLY lucky. I had a $5/$15 that printed at the register for me on Sunday. I used that, bought 2 regular Gas-X at $4.99, 2 Prevention at $6.29, used 2 $4 Q’s and 2 $3 Q’s, and overall it was about a $7 MM! I was so glad to have something to use it on, b/c the deals weren’t that good this week in my opinion, and it expired today. It was one of those “3 days only” deals. I wonder what I did to deserve such an awesome coupon! Those are rare, I know!

  34. michelle

    I also used the $4. off 20 plus the 20 % off.. I was under by .25 cents so I added something..but great deal because I also got the 10 ecb

    • tanya

      I was wondering if you could use the $4 of 20 with the 20% off. I don’t shop at CVS, but this would be really great if u could.

  35. couponsnoopy

    Ok, what did I do wrong?

    (2) Oral B Vitality (had raincheck) 23.00 x 2 = 46
    (2) gas x at 5.79
    (1) gas x at 6.29
    (1) gas x at 7.49

    (2) $10 off = $20 for Oral B
    (4) $4 off = $16 for gas x

    $5 off 30 or more

    $4 ecb

    subtotal 26.36
    tax 4.65
    total 31.01

    I only received the ecb for the oral b ($26)
    not the gas x.

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