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The BEST Customer Service by an Online Company According to YOU!

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We asked and you voted! The votes have all been tallied for the best customer service of 2010 for online companies. As you can see from the chart above, clearly snagged the most votes with a whopping 55% of your votes! Groupon was next in line with 13%, followed by at 9%; and,, and at 5%.

Check out some reader’s comments about their great customer service experiences below…

I was shopping for Christmas in October and after some research decided Flo TV would be a good gift for my 19 yr old son. I ordered the tv off of Amazon and didn’t think anything about it until Christmas morning. When he tried to activate the service we found out Flo TV had been bought out by AT&T and was not offering service after March of 2011. When I started the return process I was dismayed when I read the deadline to return the item to Amazon was November 15th. I called their customer service and they extended the deadline and immediately emailed me a new shipping label. I was so relieved that this did not become a worthless item!

Amazon was the online retailer I did the most shopping from. They have always shipped things SUPER fast and have just GREAT sales and prices. I had bought an ipod and the next day they where offering an even better deal and I emailed them and they honored the sale. Plus they responded within an hour of my email request. Just a great company!

Amazon sent me the wrong item (2 entire bedding sets when I ordered 2 valances of the same set!). I was freaking out because I was moving and I didn’t want to NOT receive the correct item or have to deal with returning those enormous boxes of bedding. Fortunately, over the phone with much apology they made the situation right in a big way. They overnighted the correct items and sent me free shipping return labels for the bedding and had it picked up at my house by UPS so that it wasn’t an additional stress for me. The most awesome customer service I have ever experienced. It was fabulous.

Shutterfly ships at the speed of light. Amazon is right behind them.

Gilt Groupe should also be included ๐Ÿ™‚ too! They were awesome!

Ebates has been WONDERFUL since the moment I joined! was amazing..They gave me an expired price on a sale that I missed by one day and I had the shoes in 36 hours….wow…The shoes were 50.00 cheaper than any store.

I just also wanted to include Smashbox!!!

I would like to add and Picaboo to the list!

You don’t have my favorite two listed, but I had great customer service experices from Pixable and from Sockgrams. Both companies personally called me to correct mistakes that they made at Pixable and that I made at Sockgrams and both companies were friendly, fast, and accurate! I HIGHLY recommend both based on price, quality and service!

Lands End has the best customer service. I had a backpack that was 1 year old and it ripped and they were “so sorry” that it happened and sent me a brand new one right away. Most companies will be nice right when you order something, but a company that stands by their product after you have had it a while it truly exceptional.

We ordered an item as a Christmas gift and when Amazon realized that their third party seller hadn’t shipped as promised, they stepped in and ensured that the item would be sent. It was and arrived before Christmas.

I ordered many things from Amazon this year and the shipping was fast! However, I was missing one item. I contacted their online customer service (which was actually difficult to find the link for) and received a response very quickly and overnight shipment of my missing item. Wow!

All three of these companies (Lowe’s, Groupon, and Office Depot) did something to completely stand behind mistakes made by their systems, or in the case of Groupon, weekly cinema closing. They all stepped up to the plate and put their customers first at what was probably a great cost to them. Groupon especially has won my business for years to come!

You forgot Victoria’s Secret! When I called the other day about my new jacket having a popped seam, they 2 day shipped a replacement and paid for me to send the other back, no questions asked. It was quick and painless. The other company I don’t see on here that I had a positive experience with is E.L.F. They also quickly fixed a problem I had with an order.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to vote! May we all experience GREAT customer service in 2011! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Kimberly

    Thank you Collin, you should have been added to the very “TOP OF THAT LIST”! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for all your hard work Sweetie Pie!

  2. Kara

    Amazon definitely gets my vote for good customer service. We sent a Christmas gift to my husband’s brother but didn’t realize we had the wrong address. The person at that address accepted the package instead of returning it. I contacted Amazon about the mistake and within a day they had refunded my money for the item (+shipping) so we were able to resend his gift to the right address.

  3. Spray

    Interesting! I like Ebates too! Walmart thought I never have too much luck at

  4. Sam

    I agree does have the best customer service! Never have had a problem with them!

  5. Bonnie Lacroix

    Amazon was a savor for me these past few months with all the sales going on and free shipping but in all honesty I wouldn’t have gotten any of that without this site so THANK YOU Collin:)

  6. Natasha

    I agree that Amazon rocks when it come to customer service.
    For the most part I agree with what everyone says. Not too sure about but the Kohls stores are okay ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Kelly S.

    I love and! But lets talk about the worst customer service… My vote is for Two months after my grandson’s birthday, he finally got his present – after I complained twice. Never again.

  8. simplyadorable

    Thank you for this! I would also like to add that I had an awesome experience with OshKosh and Hanover, the company that makes all of OshKosh and Carter’s accessories. I purchased a headband with a flower on it for my 4 year old daughter and she wore it all day Christmas day. I noticed that afternoon that the flower had fallen off and we found the flower in pieces on the floor. I emailed OshKosh customer service and they apologized very quickly and forwarded my concern to Hanover the company who makes the headband. I figured they’d send me a coupon or something, but a representative from there called me personally today and apologized and said she was going to put together a personalized package for my daughter and send it to her. She asked her age and what princess she likes the best and what kinds of accessories she likes to wear and said she would send them out right away. It was by far the best customer service experience I’ve ever had!

  9. Eva

    I agree about Amazon and do most of my online shopping there and Kohl’ is great too though I have not bought many things from them. I would also like to add to the list QVC and they have never let me down whenever I ordered from them. I tried a new online retailer this year and was very impressed and pleased with they delivered my order quickly and the shipping was free and they have great customer service which you can call 365 a year those poor customer service people even work on Christmas day and you don’t have to wait too long to talk to a person not a computer. Their prices tend to be high sometimes but as with everything you have to search for the good deals.

  10. Kristina C

    i am surprised to see amazon on the list, let alone in 1st. I will admit that their 2 day free ship i fabulous, but they are the only company I have had problems with this whole year and I have had three, including cancelled orders and sending used video games that should be new (twice!). I dont think they vet their vendors very well, and i have had problems with amazon’s stuff too.

  11. patti

    It is sure nice to see such a positive story. Although, we have all had some negative experiences, there are a great many good companies and customer service people out there! You are the best, Hip2Save!

  12. katie f.

    I had a BAD experience with Amazon wedding registry… they screwed up my address so a bunch of wedding gifts were shipped to the wrong place. Instead of re-shipping to the correct place — they credited the gift givers credit cards (even though the items were returned to amazon AND I had called Amazon to correct the address issue). The people who bought the gifts thought I had returned the items and were offended. VERY AWKWARD.

  13. Xenia

    I am surprised Walmart is even on the list lol. Never had much luck online or @ store.
    one of the latest experiences is that we applied for their CC, used it the same day for over $100 and never received the promised $20 back hee hee. Well, no need to say this is the first and the last time I use this CC ๐Ÿ™‚
    Another bad retailer IMO is Barnes. We had a fraudulent charge on our CC, luckily caught it on time and canceled the order, but in spite of dozen emails and phone calls to them – never got ANY info on the order. Makes me wonder: I prolly should have done nothing and then claim the charge and let them deal with it. Well, too much b***ng I know ๐Ÿ˜€

    I like Rue la la. Ordered many things and NEVER had any problem.
    Amazon rocks though, no doubt, #1!

    Happy shopping everyone and oh don’t forget the simple things to avoid any frauds!!

    PS: Collin, I know yr hands are full posting and finding all those deals <THANKS A MILLION, but I would really like to hear others comments and hints on HOW TO SHOP SAFELY ONLINE ๐Ÿ˜€ what you think?

  14. Nancy T

    I totally agree with Amazon! Sometimes I’ve ordered something that morning at 7 am and it’s on my porch by 3pm. I must live right next door to the shipping facility lol! Most places when you chose “standard shipping” the minimum wait time is 10 business days, I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than 3 days for something that wasn’t being shipped from Amazon (vs. a private seller on amazon). In my book they rule, for cheap fast shipping and no tax along with their customer service!

  15. Kerstin

    I would like to add SHUTTERFLY. They have been extremely helpful for years. Even during the Holidays when everyone complains about stuff they were just great.

  16. Lindsey

    I vote for Amazon and Nordstrom and Kohls. They are on the top of my list!

  17. shannon

    i havent had any problems at amazon so havent really dealt with their CS. walmarts SUCKS!!!!! and old navy’s is AWESOME. aeropostale i have a problem with.

  18. Tracey

    I usually have good luck with Amazon too, and rarely have to use their customer service. However, my sister in law ordered my kids two of the iXL games just after Christmas. They arrived 10 days later literally distroyed. Outside box was fine, but inside the games were soaking wet and just thrown in the huge box with no packaging. SIL made multiple phone calls and was told they were sold out and we’d have to wait until after Christmas, even though it was available through some vendors on their site (albeit at a much higher price). SIL ended up having a breakdown on the phone after several days of runaround and they reshipped and ate the price difference. Of course, they mistakenly sent to HER house in AZ and she then had to overnight them to my parent’s house in IL. What a mess. But, they go them and they love them. I’ll continue to order from amazon as I choose to believe this was an isolated incident. Hope I’m not wrong!

  19. crystal

    Love Harry and David…they refunded part of my purchase when my order came 2 days later than the estimated arrival date.

  20. kathy

    What is interesting is who ISN’T on the list, for me it’s TARGET

  21. Mitch

    I had thought of it after you did the original post, I had written to Lego this past year because some missing pieces were gone from the box set we bought.
    They never wrote back but sent the exact pieces we needed within a few days.
    That’s shockingly good customer service to me!

  22. Tara

    Amazon is all around amazing for me! I am obsessed. I also think Nordstrom has always had the right attitude customer service wise and in the few times I have had to return items, they have always been extremely friendly and easy-going, and very quick to credit, ship, and accomodate. Love!

  23. Kelli Morris

    I totally agree with Amazon. I redeemed some points from my Amazon Visa for 2 $25 gift cards, which I hid for Christmas (I got them in Sept) I hid them so well, I couldnt find them for Christmas. I wrote to Customer Service and asked if they could cancel those and reissue them. The next week- they were in my mailbox. How awesome is that? I messed up and they totally helped me. I love Amazon.

  24. Rachel

    I agree with Gilt being mentioned! I ordered two toys for my nephews for Christmas and was disappointed when they emailed to let me know that there was an error and one of the toys was no longer available. They happily surprised me, though, when without provocation they shipped a more expensive toy, refunded money to my account for the one item and shipping for the whole order. It doesn’t hurt to mention that I had ordered the toys with my signing credit and hadn’t actually paid out of pocket. AND the toys were so unbelievably great…you better believe they will get my business in the future!

  25. JLP

    Groupon gets my vote! I purchase Groupons all the time and occasionally have trouble with the store/restaurant. I callGroupon to complain and they always make it right. You can trust them. Go Groupon!!

  26. Colleen

    L.L. Bean has a “lifetime” warranty on (almost) all their stuff. You can return anything to any store, no questions asked and they’ll replace it in kind. This is great for things like slippers and jackets!

  27. Chandell

    LLBEAN has the best return policy and are the most cooperative with a return, hands down!!!!! They returned a jacket I bought for my son, on sale the year before. With no questions asked. He even wore it one whole day sledding. We relaized the sizing was off for him, too big around the waste and truck and waaay to short in the front! The even paid to have it shipped back. I order all his coats there and as much stuff as I possibly can!! Over the years I continue to be impressed with how they stand behind there products!! THANKS LLBEAN FOR YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  28. Karen

    I just wanted to add that Carter’s also has wonderful customer service. I found an outfit that I wanted my son to wear for his second birthday. They were sold out of the size I needed but I contacted them to ask if the collection was only available online or if I could find it in the store. I got a response that answered my question AND an offer to look up the specific outfit to see if it was in stock at the nearest Carter’s. This was especially great because I live 30 minutes from the nearest store and didn’t want to waste my time if the outfit wasn’t in stock. Wonderful customer service!

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