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Creative & "Hip" Ways to Re-Purpose Items

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Do you have any great ideas for how to re-use and re-purpose items?! Hip2Save reader, Rebecca, definitely does! Check out her email below (and picture above)…

Hi Collin!

Saving money is a priority in our family, as it is with all of your readers. But using coupons isn’t the only way your site helps us save…

We try to reuse and re-purpose as many items as we can, and by thinking outside the box, we have been able to save tons of money. One example of how your site helped us save more money is with the Mars Candy coupon that you posted about on December 31st as well as January 31st.

I took advantage of the coupon and purchased the heart shaped containers of M&M’s for my 4 children. When they opened the hearts this morning, I discovered that the candy was in a bag inside the container. My son went to throw the container away, and it dawned on me that the heart shape would make a great cookie cutter! I tested it out this morning, and it works great! So not only did I get the M&M’s for a great price, but I got several cookie cutters out of the deal as well! This saved me an additional $2-$3 per cookie cutter, and because I have several heart shaped containers, all 4 of my kids can use them at the same time!

Reading Rebecca’s email really got me thinking about the fact that one of the best ways to save money is to find ways to re-use items. …And since Hip2Save readers are so darn creative and practical 😉 , I thought I would open up this question to all of you! With that being said, if you have a great idea for how to re-purpose an item that might otherwise be tossed into the trash/discarded, please head over here and submit your idea.  I am going to try to regularly highlight these “hip” ideas!

In the meantime, if you want some great ideas and inspiration for re-purposing items, check out this email from reader, Barbi…

Collin, I don’t know if you have ever heard of this book…“The Tightwad Gazette”  by Amy Dacyczyn.  This book was written many years ago, but still continues to sell.  It is on Amazon with 255 reviews and almost 5 Stars.  It is fun and easy to read. Articles are short, sweet and to the point.  It is written like a newspaper, multiple articles on one page with hand drawn illustrations. It is all about how to save money….or depending on how you look at it…not spend money.  Although some of her ideas are far fetched, there are equally great articles that get the wheels turning in your head. I love this book and have re-read it many times.  Most libraries carry it to rent also.  Two of my most favorite lessons I learned from her was #1 before you purchase something just because, stop and think how long you actually have to work to pay for it.  That new release DVD, would probably equal out to about 2 hours.  OUCH.

Another idea caused me to develop the following motto….Stop before you drop and throw.  Meaning try to give every item at least 2 lives before I toss something in the garbage. Cut up clothes to use as rags, use grocery bags for trash can liners, junk mail for printer paper, etc. Her articles are far more interesting than this and she covers every single aspect in life.  Remember I said that, because I mean everything.  If you read the book you will know what I mean.   In all those spare minutes, pick up this book, suggest it to H2S groupies, I think it will be well received.

* If you are interested in snagging a copy of the book, The Complete Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn, then you may want to head over to You can currently snag this book for $15.61 + FREE shipping with Amazon Prime. I’m thinkin’ I may just have to snatch up a copy! Thanks, Barbi!

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  1. clairegaskin

    Ziploc bags -I can’t be the only one that washes out the big Ziplocs. Especially for frozen stuff, I wrap it in saran first anyway, so the ZIploc isn’t dirty(chicken is different-I write in sharpie CHICKEN on that baggie so I won’t reuse it). Also for veggies that I have cut up and snacks that don’t seal well, in a reused Ziploc.
    Newspapers-if you garden or even just put down mulch, spread newspaper in the borders first and the mulch will stay weed free longer. In my garden, I put it down the walkways and lay straw over it to keep down weeds.
    Bathroom cleaner-this isn’t reuse but I use 50/50 vinegar and water in a spray bottle to clean the sinks and toilets. I clean the glass with Windex first and then use that paper towel to wipe down the sink and toilet. I use Comet in the tub and sprinkle it in the toilet and scrub with toilet brush($.88 at Walmart, reusable toilet brush from Dollartree). I used to buy wipes,foaming cleaner, toilet bowl scrubbers and liquid-what a waste!

    • jheintz

      No, you aren’t the only one who re-uses Ziplocs. I buy the freezer ones so I can get several uses out of them. I hang them on the side of the fridge with a magnet when they are drying (remove them before parties though). I’ve been doing that for years.

      • Dana

        You’re not alone! I’ve washed out and reused ziploc bags for years! My husband once thought I was nuts (some of my friends still do…don’t care, LOL). Those little baggies are expensive if 2 kids are packing sandwiches in them every day! Wash, baby, wash!

        • Nichole

          We wash out Ziploc bags, too. You’re not alone. 🙂

        • Bonnie

          Why not invest in one of those sandwich containers, wouldn’t that give you more use for your money? Not being a smartie pants, I promise, I am facing those sandwiches in the next couple of years and wondering what would be best myself. Just wanted to know if there was a reason not to buy them?

          • Linda

            I have a wonderful idea for everyone to stop using plastic baggies and invest in reusable snack and sandwich bags. There are a number of internet companies that sell them like Lunchskins and SnackTaxi. These companies are run by moms like us that wanted to do something to stop the millions of plastic bags that end up in our landfills from our kids lunches. It can take up to 500 years for plastic to decompose depending on whether it is covered or not! Just think how much money you will save in plastic baggies too! I use them for both my kids lunches!

          • Kris

            I use the sandwich boxes for lunches for two reasons, it keeps the kiddos from smushing their sandwich (they can go thru the dishwasher too) and it saves on bags. I still use a zip loc for veggies or chips. Hope that helps.

  2. Jami

    I save plastic take out cartons and use these when I deliver food to someone or want to send someone home from my house with leftovers. I don’t have to pay anything extra for the container and I don’t worry about getting my good containers back.

  3. Joy

    I have all three of the Tightwad Gazette books (I, II, III). I got them at my library book sale for under $1 each. 🙂 I have yet to read them though. I had them for almost two years now. 🙁

  4. rachel

    I have started using the formula cans to hold all sortsd of things. One in my laundry room holds all the free trial size tide u get with 1 off tide coupon. I take the enfamil wrapper off and cover it with colorful scrapbook paper. I use them to hold craft items and some of my daughters small princess toys. Looking for more ideas to use them though. I go through ten cans a month with my baby. Also I buy some baby food in the glass jars and reuse them when I make my own baby food. They are really nice jars for someone to use for sewing items. Any ideas to reuse baby wipe containers? Right now I use em to hold all the free dental floss I get about once a month.

    • Lindsey

      I do this too! I used my formula containers, decorated them with fun ribbons and jewels, and turned them into piggy banks for my two girls! They had fun helping me too 🙂

    • Anonymous

      We use wipes containers to organize baby socks.

    • Kimberly B

      The plastic baby wipes containers are great for crayons and markers when your child gets old enough to use them. Some containers actually have a decorative outside, Pooh for instance. Anyway, we love them! They’re also good for dog treats!

    • Melissa S

      you can make your own clorox wipes and put them in baby wipe containers…

      • Courtney

        I use a baby wipe container to hold all of my plastic grocery bags. It has a ‘small’ top that open and I can just pull one out when I need it instead of opening the ‘big’ top. It works great.
        I also did the same thing with my formula cans when DD was still on formula.
        I used to get the babyfood in the plastic containers and it works great to send condiments like mayo, mustard, etc to work with DH when he needs it. Or even to put a single serving of fruit in to for lunch.

    • sharon k

      I keep a wipes tub under the kitchen sink and empty 2-3 boxes of dishwasher tabs into it. One in my closet holds all of my shampoo/conditioner samples. One in the garage holds our sidewalk chalk.

    • busymomof2

      I use wipe tubs to hold the TON of crayons we have at our house 🙂

      • Ambo N

        i use them to organize travel size items, free samples, and one for my surplus of beauty products I get on deals

    • Brianna

      I re-use the formula scoops! Good for parmesan cheese, cocoa powder, lemonade mix, etc., and also good for the kids to play with in the tub, too.

    • mommytanchez

      Not sure how old your child is but wipe containers work great for all the little toys your children accumulate. We have several that hold alphabet magnets & other little toys that get lost all over the house. Love the formula can idea! Thanks!

    • cadet94

      For the baby food jars- if you screw the lids to the bottom of a shelf then you can just twist the jars up to save space and be super-organized!

  5. Paige

    I read some comments and was surprised that no one mentioned getting the book at I love the prices. I saw this book for around $9.00 used with $3.50 shipping and some of her older books for $0.75 used with $3.50 shipping. It’s an affiliate of eBay, but no bidding. I love it for kids’ books too.

    • Latasha

      Comment 48 or somewhere mentioned it. . . .

    • Chris

      I will have to go there the next time I want to buy a book. I love books but they are so expensive.

  6. bridgett

    I reuse the Purex 3in1 Sheets for dusting cloths. They work great with just a small spray of Pledge. I also saved one of the containers they came in to store the used sheets. The containers also work great to store the travel size Tide detergents we have been getting for free.

    • lori

      we use the used purex sheets on our windshield for bugs. one side has just the right texture

  7. Melissa

    We had to tear out our deck last year and my hubby repurposed most of the boards. he made some great benches and some boxes for container gardening!

  8. rachel

    u can use wipe containers as stacking blocks for toddlers to make a wall they can run and break through like the incredible hulk

  9. rachel

    I reuse the box cheer powder detergent comes in as a garbage can in the laundry room and I keep food containers of my daughters favorite foods for two shelfs in her playroom (her grocery store) when they get trashed I just replace them and recycle the old box. She loves it because it is everchanging and her friends do too! Also I save the bottles from tide stain release to make my own clorox 2 stain spray and I save the baby boxes of diapers to hold all the tubs with wipes in them. I jsut relabel the box. I do that with all the diapers that we get at the drugstores open the bags and just relabel the box with the new size. Saves lots of space.

  10. angela fabian

    I repurpose wipe boxes (the plastic pop up ones that hold 72 or so) for storing plastic grocery bags. I have one in my car-who doesnt need extra bags there?! It’s good for corralling trash, putting items in that need to be returned to a store but managed to get in my car not in a bag, dirty diapers, covering your hands to change a tire, covering your shoes when it’s muddy, etc. I have another repurposed wipe tub underneath my kitchen sink to hold those plastic grocery bags…who doesnt keep a ton of them, but hates when the giant puffy mountain of them comes oozing out each time you open cabinet door? My hubby has his empty wipe container filled with plastic grocery bags in the garage where he always needs them, I have one in the shed for when I am pulling dead leaves off plants in garden, I also put one in his car. (the empty tub with grocery bags, not dead leaves!)

    • kimberly

      This is a great idea. Thanks!

    • Diane

      I’m sorry to interrupt these great ideas, but I just have to say I found this post hilarious! Thanks for the great laugh!

      • Chris

        I just wish hip2save was around when my kids were in diapers. I would of saved a ton on diapers and wipes back then. I also would of saved all my wipe containers to do all the handy things people are suggesting. Now I will have to found someone who has kids to get a couple of wipes boxes. 🙂

  11. Ashley

    I use the square tissue boxes to stash all my plastic shopping bags. Each box fits around 30 bags and they dispense one at a time! I use the plastic bags to line my diaper pail. I empty it once or twice a day anyway so they don’t need to hold much and I NEVER pay for small trash liners!

  12. Rhonda

    Someone gave me a pack of those plastic bowl covers with the elastic in them. They were to small for most bowls so I really didn’t need them. I gave them to my daughter to use as shower caps for her Bitty Baby Dolls. She loved the idea.

    I used the empty cottonelle box to store my daughters Squinkies but the next one will be used for box tops. lol Oh or maybe my dryer sheets! We have an small stack able apartment size washer & dryer so I cut each dryer sheet into 4’s.

    On top of my Rite Aid stock pile shelf, I am using one of those flat two tier paper holder things to store smaller boxed items. I put the small boxes of pills like advil and motron on the bottom and taller things on top.

    I once needed a heart cookie cutter but wasn’t going to pay $8 for 1 so I went around the store and shopped for an alternative. lol

    Not having extra spending money helps you come up with resourceful solutions.
    Today I was looking for a cheap smaller desk online because ours takes up to much space in our tiny living room. The ones I found wasn’t as cheap as I wanted,so when my B/f got home I said let’s just take this desk apart and make it I don’t think he liked the idea.

  13. Tina

    I always save any plastic container that food comes in (i.e. butter tubs) or jars (i.e spaghetti sauce). I re-use them for cheap tupperware and what’s nice is when we have friends over I send them home with leftovers in these so that I never have to worry about getting my good stuff returned.

    • Chris

      I reuse my most of my containers too. Especially my margarine ones but the only problem I had with them was I would have two or three at a time in my frig and when I needed the real margarine I would have to look in them to find the real one. I finally got smart and started labeling them on the outside “not margarine” so I could find it faster. I use to label it chicken, potatoes and whatever but then the next time I used it, it might not be the same item.

  14. Bev

    Using the Valentine container for a cookie cutter reminded me of when my kids were small and we would build a snowman (we usually had snow on Valentine’s Day) and give him a scarf and hat and we would use the Valentine box to give him a HEART!

    • Joy

      That’s a cute idea! 🙂

  15. Dana

    I reuse just about everything I can possibly reuse! I keep a basket on a shelf by our dryer, and when a sock does not have a matching pair, its new home becomes the basket. If its match turns up in a few weeks, terrific! If not, it becomes my next mirror cleaning rag. It’s perfect for the job and saves on paper towels, because I can just rewash the socks and Windex all over again. 🙂

    • Amanda

      I have the same theory. It has 2 weeks to find it’s mate or it’s destined to become a dust rag!

    • Jill

      Our house is all boys (and me), so we just all wear the same kind of socks and then we never have to worry about not finding a match to a sock. Although, once I’m not a stay-at-home mom and need to leave the house more, maybe I’ll need cuter socks. 🙂

    • Tonja Cutler Buchanan

      When my son or husband stain an undershirt or it has worn thin, I will cut the collar and sleeves off, rip it down the sleeve, and viola! Two 100% cotton rags for cleaning.

  16. Jo-Ann

    I fill a large gallon plastic juice container with water, then freeze. It’s perfect for the cooler during the summer when I go grocery shopping and keeps colder longer than smaller blue ice. If you take it camping, you can use the water for washing when it melts, or keep the water in it and use it as a weight.

    Fun and interesting printed sheets from thrift stores make great curtains because the widths are wide so sewing is faster. My son loves his phoenix and dragon curtains.

    I like a book called “Cheap Tricks: 100s of Ways You Can Save 1,000s of Dollars” by Andy Dappen. It came out a long time ago.

  17. Amy

    I read the Tightwad Gazette as a young bride 15 years ago. I used many of the tips then, and I still do. And, the book is still on my bookshelf for reference. Excellent resource!

  18. Jo-Ann

    My community center has a great kids’ sale with items for kids from newborn to teens. I use the clear plastic containers from the blueberries, tomatoes, kiwis, spring salad, etc. that I buy from Costco to “package” items I sell, like diecast cars, building/construction sets, etc. I use the clear produce bags from the local Farmers’ Market to wrap the book sets. A neighbor raises quail so I give her my strawberry baskets from the strawberries I buy from the Farmers’ Market for her eggs that she trades . . . back at the Farmers’ Market!

  19. Barbi

    Not really a re-use item, but use wall paper for wrapping paper instead. It is heavy duty and gives the appearance of very expensive. Many times I have found it on clearance or at garage sales, rummage sales and thrift stores. The rolls are so much larger and last longer.

  20. Kimberly

    The Tightwad Gazette books are what started my frugal living–I checked them out of the library about 9 years ago, and ended up buying all three of them used. Of course, later I found that they had been combined into one super edition on Amazon! I stayed with a friend several years ago and she was so amazed at all my money saving tips that I sent her a copy as a thank you gift, telling her it was the next best thing to having me around. It is the best reference out there 🙂

  21. Brandy

    My daughter & I repurposed her small pieces of leftover crayons into fun heart shaped crayons for her classmates on Valentine’s Day. Super easy & a great way to bring back to life those odd bits and pieces of crayons.

    See the details here:

    This would also be a great project for easter baskets. I’m always looking for alternatives to sweet treats and these are perfect!

    • Bonnie

      Nowadays you can find soooo many cool baking pans for these and they double to use for cookies and cakes too, so a worthwhile investment. I love this idea and make them for my children’s gift-bags to classmates on most holidays. Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day. And I have a really cute boy/girl set with princess stuff/cars&sports for birthday favors! What a great and easy way to re-purpose crayons!

  22. Mom of 3

    I have these plastic heart containers too from a few years back. i saved them and fill them up with my own goodies each year. My kids have never noticed that they get used each year! I also save the business reply envelopes from bills and junk mail to use for sending in things to school (ie. lunch money, permission slips, etc).

    • Ambo N

      i save mine too. But once I used a bill payment envelope to send a letter to a friend and it was automatically sent to my credit card company because of the bar code on envelope, even though my friend’s address was on it. The credit card co opened it up and sent a letter back to me explaining the bar code system, I was so embarrassed!

      • mamabear

        om that it so crazy, i never would have thought that!!! good to know!!!

  23. Catherine

    I just put the The Tightwad Gazzette on hold at the local library with my card. It is not at the library near my house, but by placing a hold online, they will send it to whatever library I want to pick it up at. I do this with alot of books and videos for my kids-so we don’t have to drive all over town. I just saved $15 bucks by not buying the book. 😛

  24. Anonymous

    I reuse the pitcher sized Crytal Light tubs as dipping sauce containers. If you serve chicken nuggets or fries or cut up veggies these are the perfect size to fill with honey mustard, ketchup or ranch dressing. And kids like things they can dunk.

  25. Lynne Wright

    Some of my favorite repurpose items are pillow cases and Oatmeal containers. I have covered Oatmeal containers with fabric, wallpaper and scrapbooking paper and used them for a variety of things from holding knitting and crochet needles, craft items, small toys, and even as a small trash can for tissues by a sick child’s bedside. They also make fun guinea pig toys just by cutting off the bottom to make a cardboard tube – our piggy loves it – and when it gets soiled – we just toss it! Old pillow cases can be turned into throw pillows, curtains, toddler dresses, and laundry bags with just a little imagination and a bit of sewing. Read the Tightwad Gazette years ago – loved it…I believe it started as a newsletter that was condensed into a book.

    • Anne

      Yes! I remember the Tightwad Gazette as a newsletter—at least 30 years ago!

  26. Joy

    I reuse my used Shout Color Catcher sheets to dust with.

    • angela fabian

      we can rename those shout color dust catchers! They catch All colors of dust.hehehehehe….sorry, couldnt resist…

  27. Bonnie

    All of you moms with baby food jars, save them for when you have a preschooler. You can make reindeer food for Christmas favors at your son/daughter’s Christmas party. I loved this idea, but didn’t have the jars ready to go and I spent all night the night before, dumping (I froze the food in ziplocs), cleaning and delabeling the containers. Layers off sprinkles and oatmeal (you could come up with other ingredients, be creative) make for a fun activity for you and your kids and add to the fun of waiting for santa. . . and his reindeer.

    • Michelle

      for the reindeer food craft thing: I do this with my kids but instead of using oatmeal which attracts rodents I use grass seed, much healthier for the lawn and the reindeer love it 🙂

  28. Jenny

    Not sure if anyone has already mentioned this, but I love You trade books and only pay shipping plus a very small trade fee (like $.25). It’s awesome and most of the books are like new. Very well run site.

  29. Dash

    My mom has made building blocks for years out of half gallon milk and juice cartons. Take two, cut off the tops, wash and dry well, and insert into each other!! We all save ours for her – the grandkids can make awesome forts… With some oatmeal containers for added dimention. 🙂

  30. usafsam

    Where do I start? I can find another use for nearly everything that comes in the house.

    Cereal boxes: Cut at a slant cover with cloth or wallpaper = magazine holder
    Margarine and sour cream tubs: drill holes in bottom = Planting pots
    Yogurt containers: good for starting plants in.
    Soda Bottles: Terrariums, just cut off bottom and place over the “plant pot” use the bottom as the water catch for bottom of “plant pot”. They also work when you transplant to the garden bed to protect plants on those cool spring nights.
    Tin cans: Luminares in garden, drill holes on the sides for light pattern and 2 at the top for hanging wire. You can also use soup cans to bake bread & quick bread in, the kids love the fun shape.
    Potato Chip Bags: Turn inside out, wash thouroughly, use as mailing envelope or gift bag. If you have a food sealer just reseal the bag.
    Net bags from produce: Knot at one end and roll up to make pot scrubber
    Glass & Plastic jars: Jar mix gift giving or storing all kinds of things or displaying your seashell collection
    Milk jugs: cut slant off of bottom = great scoop for dog food, sidewalk salt, or other bulk product. Cut slant off top = toilet brush holder
    Pringles Cans: Wash out, paper outside, use for Chocolate dipped Pretzel Rods as gifts.
    Shoe boxes or coffee cans: Decoupage with gift wrap or paint to match the likes of an individual and use as gift box that they can reuse.
    Scratched unreadable CD’s: Garden ornaments to scare birds away or center for windchimes.
    Old cassette tapes that are worn out or not playable: Pull out and use as ribbon for gifts.
    Styrofoam packing peanuts: In the bottom of plant pots for drainage.
    Holiday greeting cards: Cut out the characters on the front for gift tags or inexpensive ornaments.
    Old wooden picture Frame: use 1/4″ plywood to back, stain/paint & seal then add 2 handles for a nifty tray
    Milk Crates: Turn on their side and ziptie together to form a shelf unit for storage.
    Wax bags in a cereal box: Reuse to wrap baked goods before placing in freezer
    Foam Meat Trays: Run thru dishwasher and use as paint pallet for your budding artist. Or chop up and use as drainage in plant pots.
    Old Plastic Shower curtain liners: Drop cloths, mix potting soil on, tarp, place soil and plants on while digging whole to plant in.
    Ice cube trays, egg cartons, or Fancy chocolates plastic inserts: work great for separating jewelry in a drawer.
    Old cookie sheet pan: that is too scratched up to cook on spray paint and hang as a magnetic message board

    Empty prescription bottles: make good change holders as they are big enough for quarters.
    Also since see thru can use for home office to keep push pins and paperclips in or in the sewing kit for bobbins, needles & pins, or in the Craft kit for buttons, beads, etc.
    Altoids Tin: makes a great Gift Card holder or business and credit card holder in your purse. (Note they are now selling the aluminum wallets to keep your info from being electronically stolen) Why spend all that $ when you can get a tin of Altoids on sale for $.99?
    Old burnt out light bulbs: Paint for Christmas decorations use ribbon or fishing line to string.
    Pantyhose: with runs can be used to shine shoes or cut into strips and use to tie up your plants.
    Paper Towel Tubes: Cut a slit and place over hanger before using for table cloth, it keeps the crease from forming.
    Old vinyl place mats: Use as drawer liners
    Lids from butter dishes: use as molds to press hamburgers to get equal size and shape every time and will keep them from sticking together when you freeze them.
    Knee High socks: worn out heel with holes… cut off foot and use to cover arms when gardening/weeding
    Out of style long dresses: Cut into strips to make several of those fashionable scarfs or sashes
    Flat Soda Pop: Use in place of water in cake recipe… Orange Crush cake yum
    Coke a Cola: is a great marinade for Porkchops.
    Old pillow covers: turn into coverall/apron for kids when doing crafts

    • Whitney

      WOW!!! Such awesome ideas! I love the potato chip bag mailer idea! I have a Foodsaver so I can’t wait to try that! You should write a book! 🙂

    • great idea

      Old vinyl place mats: Use as drawer liners

      • Darcie

        i love this idea! thanks! :
        Paper Towel Tubes: Cut a slit and place over hanger before using for tablecloth or fabric or anything- it keeps the crease from forming.

  31. Lauren O.

    It’s always hard for me to find boxes whenever I move even when asking around at stores so I have been breaking down all the boxes I get when I order things online and putting them in my storage unit for when we move (hopefully next year!), The different sizes also come in handy for wrapping gifts!

  32. Connie Powell

    I plan on reusing my red M & M hearts to make hollow valentines day chocolate hearts next year. Just fill one half with melted candy coating, snap on the other side and turn heart a few times put in fridge a few minutes then turn over and let the chocolate finish setting up. Then snap off the mold and you will have nice chocolate heart that you can decorate as you like.

  33. Amy

    My best tip is that I save all my kids’ papers from school and use the back to print all my coupons on. It’s like a whole pack of printing paper every week.

  34. april

    I’m in the starting process of turning all my unwanted clothing into clothing for my 4-yr old daughter!

  35. Whitney

    If your house is like mine, everything has static this time of year! To eliminate static cling in the clothes dryer, roll a small ball of aluminum foil up tightly and toss it in your dryer when drying clothes. I promise, it will solve the problem!

    • Kris

      This has peaked my interest…do you use with a dryer sheet or instead of one? Is it a grape sized ball or baseball size or what?

      • Whitney

        I use liquid fabric softner but my clothes have still been clingy. I just use a golf-ball size ball of foil (make sure you smooth any rough edges around it) and toss it in there. I use the same one over and over and it really works!

  36. Pat

    I loved the Tightwad Gazette books! I originally received her monthly newsletter which were then compiled into books. Some of her ideas were really extreme but most were very good and I still use them today. Reading her books get you into the ‘saving’ frame of mind. I still re-read them and they must be 20 years old. I found the best pizza crust receipe in one of her books. My family loves it!

  37. Ann

    When getting ready to go on a short 3-day vacation last year, I needed to come up with a plan to keep my containers of outdoor flowers watered without having someone come over (my next door MIL is 87 so that would not work). I spotted empty 2 L soda bottles in the recycling bag. I filled them with water and froze them. The last thing we did before we left for our trip was DH drilled 3 small holes in the caps and we turned the bottles upside down in the containers of flowers. We returned to freshly watered flowers. Just washed off the soiled bottle caps and returned them to the recycling bag.

  38. Chris

    I read the book back when another blog suggested it and it was well worth the read. I would buy it if you find it cheap because I like referring to it once and a while for the recipes and just to get my mind-set back into saving money. Some of it was extreme like saving 1/24 pennies on something but most of it was very particular. The biggest thing I got out of the book was she gave examples of saving money by combining all the ways to save money to make it the cheapest way possible. An example in book was ways to make your coffee cheaper: you can save on coffee by buying it on sale and then stock up if you are a name brand buyer or buy an off brand. You can also save on coffee by dranking less coffee and by reusing the use coffee grounds with new ones to stretch your coffee out. Tight Wad books suggest doing all three to save money by buying cheaper, drank less and reuse your gounds to save the most on coffee. Also don’t forget to use your used coffee grounds on your lawn and garden. I put it in my mulch. You can also get free grounds at your local coffee shop. All you do is ask for it. Starbucks are suppose to bag their used grounds so you can go get them but half the time mine never have any out so I ask them for it and they hand me the ones behind the counter in a big bag. I just sprankle it all over my yard and you wouldn’t believe the difference it makes. I think the starbucks coffee is so much stronger and richer then regular coffee is why it helps the lawn so much.

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