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"Hipsters" to the Rescue: What are your "Hip" Birthday Present Ideas for Adults?

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In the past few weeks, I have received quite a few emails from readers who are looking for creative and budget-friendly birthday gift ideas for their spouses or other adults in their lives. Check out these emails from readers, Kim and Lindsay…

Hi Collin,
I was wondering if you have any tips for celebrating in a “hip” way. My husband turns 30 this year (august) and I really want to do something above and beyond for him (or us). He has really worked hard at providing for us and I want to do something special and memorable (we have a 2 year old and 5 month old). Thanks Collin!

Hiya Collin,
My wife will be celebrating her 44th birthday in June and I would love to give her a creative, special AND affordable gift. She is not the type of person to ask for gifts so I would love to spoil her. Do you have any ideas?

So…this is where YOU come in. Please share any tips you may have in snagging or creating affordable and special “grown-up” gifts.

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*Need some ideas for hosting an event on a budget? Then check out this post here.
*If you want to snag some awesome freebies/deals on your birthday, be sure to check out this post here.

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  1. Cathy

    One year my dear grandmother had been wanting her basement painted…so, my mom and sister “made” her accompany them on the drive back to college, and the rest of us “kids” got together and painted. With 4 or 5 of us working, it went quickly (one did trim, one did walls, one moved stuff, etc), we picked up the paint early on sale, and had fun just being together painting! It took an afternoon, but she enjoyed the result for years, and it was fun to surprise the woman that was impossible to surprise! The best gift my husband ever gave me was taking a day off work without telling me, and cleaning the entire house while I was at work!

  2. Heather

    A few years ago for my 40th my hubby was in Japan on long term business – so I wasn’t sure if he would do anything or not

    But he totally came through a few weeks later after he got home……

    Two amazing nights at a suite in NYC, brought me to Tiffany’s to pick out my own gift, fancy dinner, off to see “Wicked” on Broadway – followed by high tea at the Plaza Hotel (right after they had fixed up the Peacock room) Maybe not the most money saving idea but it was AMAZING!!!!

  3. Andi

    Adam & Eve has great gifts for all occassions. I’ve also realized that more people appreciete these sorts of things than you know…it’s just that everyone is afraid to ask.

    • Jessy

      Just a Heads-up! FREE Jewellery at BeyondTheRack
      Go through this link and sign-up for $10 free credit:
      Check Spring Fling Jewellery sale.Items start at $9.99 .So Free after your credit
      Just pay shipping! Nice deal

      • Amber R.

        Not seeing where there is a free $10 credit for signing up.

        • Jessy

          Look at the top left corner of the window -a msg “You have a $10.00 credit ”

          Seems like they are not giving that $10 sign-up credit now…Sorry for the confusion guys!

          • Amber R.

            It just says “Invite friends get $10”

    • siobhan

      lol….Funny but true!

    • Alice

      My husband got my valentines stuff from Adam and Eve and I loved it. Everyone assumes its to naughty for them but I’m telling you they have so much variety there is something for everyone and they are DISCREET so no embarrassing looks from the mail man:)

      And I got his Valentines stuff from they do a free stainless steel ring freebie about once a month he loved the ones I got him. He is allergic to everyone but stainless and Titanium so its a perfect gift for him:)

      I also use for the men in my life we are all a bit geeky so there is always something for everyone:)

      I made him a card for Valentines day that had Pikachu on it and on the inside it said I choose you. If you get that then join the dork club with me hehe.

  4. Takako

    I make Origami greeting cards for any occasions and Japanese calligraphy by custom order. The choice of cards and calligraphy would be related to the person’s interest or however would like to. I made many of them for gifts to wide range of ages and they thought it’s very unique.

  5. Ashley

    I watch real simple for featured products and check out the websites attached to them. Sometimes they’ll offer free shipping because of being featured and will have other items on clearance for some very unique, reasonably priced gifts. Local boutique sale and clearance is also great.

  6. Mel

    The best gift I heard of recently was something that my sister did for her husband’s 40th birthday. He had recently heard a story from an African man who came to the US and had no money but believed that God would take care of him – and all of his needs were taken care of even if it was only by finding a quarter on the ground. My brother in law told my sister that there had been a quarter laying on their garage floor for weeks and he never cared enough to pick it up. He picked it up after hearing this man’s story and saved it as a reminder of all of the blessings in his life. She took the quarter and had it mounted and framed and had a calligrapher write a favorite quote that went along with it. He loved it and it looks great in their home.

    • bucksaver

      Every coin does say “In God We Trust.”

  7. Anonymous

    This took a bit of work, but cost very little… For my fiancee’s 33rd Birthday I bought 33 blank panel cards and coordinating envelopes. The envelopes were numbered from 1 to 33 and I punched a hole through the lower left corner. On each of the cards I wrote about a special memory with him, a hope for the future, or one of the many reasons I love him. I snipped the lower left corner of each card (to make room for the punched hole) and placed them in the envelopes and sealed. The envelopes were held together by a binder ring and then I placed the whole thing in a small gift bag. The gift was placed on his pillow 32 days before his birthday. Starting with the first envelope, he could open 1 a day, with #33 falling on his 33rd birthday.

    He was in awe that I put so much thought into his birthday and it was so fun to have him read a new card each day.

    • Liz W.

      great idea 😉

    • taci

      I did something similar before I got married. For twelve days before the wedding, I would leave a note for my fiance to find somewhere. The twelth day was “Twelve things I look forward to in our future…”, the eleventh day was “eleven things I love about you…” the tenth day was “Ten of my favorite memories with you…” and so on. my hubby keeps the notes in his journal and reads them often.

    • Laura

      I did a similar thing for V day a few years ago, except I took a deck of cards and decorated them with reasons I loved my girlfriend. I then punched a hole in the corner and tied them all together with a pretty string. She absolutely LOVED it, and keeps it on our dresser to this day.

  8. Casey

    I bought my husband a home brew kit to make beer and now he is a regular brewmaster! That and anything BBQ related works for him.

    • Cally

      I think our husbands would get along well LOL! I just got my hubby a brew kit from our local brewing at home store. We are waiting another week to try the beer.

      • Amanda

        Add my husband into that too. He just bought one last weekend and waiting for it to be delivered. He is so excited about it. For Valentine’s day I bought him Brew vival tickets. I stuck them in a beer bottle instead of wraping them and tied a paper heart on the bottle. He Loved IT!

  9. dizzell

    I just recently gave my husband a gift certificate for an introduction flying lesson. He has expressed interest in learning to fly but i really don’t think it is in our budget. I had found out about a fun experience that a vendor at our local municipal airport was offering – $50 for a 1 hour introductory “learn-to-fly” experience. He absolutely loved it!

  10. Tambry

    If he has a good sense of humor bake a 9X13 cake and decorate it like ‘Aging for Dummies’. Chapters can be on Incontinence, Aging, Medicare.

    • Takako

      My ex-coworkers and me did similar thing for a person’s birthday. Everyone knew she loves any kind of jokes. Baked a cake from boxed cake mix then add some fun decorations includes “BITE ME!!” by food coloring pen. She really loved it!! I know this is not for everyone, for someone who has a sense of humor and for grown-ups. If you offended, apologize in advance just in case.

  11. The Mom @ Babes in Hairland

    Don’t know if any of you have ever heard of it — but I found this blog a year or so back – it’s actually more of a Valentine’s Day blog, but there are countless ideas – so many creative ones on there … from cheap to expensive – from simple to kinky! Lots of the stuff can be mixed up for whatever the special occasion is. … Go check her out — tons of ideas!

  12. Carolyn A.

    When i need a gift idea for my hubby i go to They have the best ideas and are very creative! Not only does my husband get a fun gift that most likely I put together but a fun date to go along with it. They have so many theme ideas.

    • Nicole

      So glad you posted about I had never heard of that before and just checked out the site…so many great ideas!

    • Amanda C

      Ditto on checking out! Remember the cutesy way to ask someone to Sadie’s back in hs? Well multiply by 10 on the cuteness and simplicity factor and check out their site for great original creative ideas that you can personalize for a birthday, holiday, or a just because day!

  13. Cindy S.

    I always try to plan something extra special for my husband’s “5” birthdays (30, 35, 40). His 30th birthday has been the best so far. Like Cayman, I also came up with 30 things that were special to us — beginning with 30 pennies (one from each year he has been alive). I tied each gift to a numbered balloon placed around the room. I had him start opening gifts at 30 since those gifts were less impressive but fun as we got started (29 of his favorite old penny candies) at the end I had a pair of tickets and one recipe for a favorite dessert at a local restaurant (the chef was kind enough to share

    For his 40th, I did a progressive party and was lucky it fell on a weekend. We started with his favorite breakfast at home with a card under his plate telling him how to dress and clues to our first stop. The kids and I enjoyed leading him around to hit some golf balls and other things he doesn’t get to do often. My sister met us for a late lunch and the kids then spent the afternoon with her while my husband and I had a nice date. I used Groupons and entertainment coupons for everything and ended up spending very little. My husband doesn’t do well when he is surprised but decided to relax and we all had a blast.

    I think it is important for children to see their parents having a fuss made over their birthdays.

  14. Darcie

    If you nknow someone who has said, “I’d really love to learn how to _____” then this could make an awesome gift….
    Jo-Ann’s (the fabric/craft store) provides classes on various things such as cake decorating, Knit & Crochet, Quilting, Sewing, Scrapbooking, Painting, Jewelry-Making, Floral Design.
    Find a schedule of classes at a store near you with this store locator:
    Jo-Ann’s had a promotion last week to get 50% off regular price for any class, so maybe you could call them to ask when the next classes “sale” will be. After 50% off i paid $17.50 for a 2 1/2 hr beginning crochet class. You could get a gift card for the exact amount of the class so then the receiver can sign up for the day/time of class he/she can attend. I’ve had friends say they loved the cake decorating classes there.

  15. Maggie

    For my dad’s 70’th birthday I sent an e-mail to friends and relatives and asked them to send him 70 of something. He got paper punched hearts in an envelope, 70 sticks of licorice, 70 paper clips, 70 paper flowers and a lot more things. He stays in a retirement community and it was fun for everyone to see what he got in the mail each day.

    • taci

      That is hilarious! I love it. I am sure it made his birthday very special. I am going to use this for my grandma. Thanks for the great idea.

  16. taci

    this wasn’t a birthday present, but a few weeks ago I had the most stressful day of my LIFE and i called my hubby from work in tears. I came home to:
    -a clean house
    -dinner on the stove
    -a vase full of daisies
    -a bag of lindor truffles
    and my favorite…a new pillow to hold and cry on.
    It was the nicest thing any one has ever done for me.

    • MommySpendsLess

      What a sweetie! 🙂 I think any woman would love that for any occasion (or just because)

  17. Kelly

    This is OT, but I have an extra 20% diapers for Amazon if anyone wants it leave me your email address on here and I will email you back tonight! 🙂

    • Laura

      I would love love LOVE this 20% off code!! Thank you!
      I am lauramariewyatt at yahoo (dot) com

    • Rebecca

      I love your off the topic comment and I’d also love to try Amazon for diapers. I’ve seen Collin post about it, but just never tried before. kline_rebecca (at) Thanks!

    • Kelly

      I actually have two codes so I will send you both one now! 🙂

  18. Danielle

    I have done many photo montages over the years for many people and many occasions. Its basically a mini movie of ur photos set to music. You can chose any music and photos. Start from birth and work your way, or special moments in the birthday persons life.
    I have made one for each of my children for myself and I totally cry everytime I watch it.
    Its very simple and fun to make and watch for years after.

    • Danielle

      Good grief.. I forgot to add that you can do a search on google and come up with software to DL for free! And/or from 11$-100’s$
      Once you get the hang of it its really fun!

  19. Nata-Leigh

    I think my favorite gifts I’ve received from my husband have been simple notes. He gave me … something (can’t even remember what it was) after giving birth to our son. He said he didn’t have time to get a card and was embarassed about the note he wrote me on a scrap of paper. But, that was my favorite part. Not the gift. I have that hung on the wall and read it when I need to be lifted up.

  20. Smitha

    My hubby’s birthday is coming up. He’s a Techie guy. I’d actually love to give him an iPad which I can’t afford to 🙂 So I’ve been saving up all my Amazon gift cards from swagbucks and I plan to get either an electronic toy(a remote controlled helicopter, stuff like that) or some computer stuff. I am still searching for a good deal. And dinner in a restaurant.

  21. siobhan

    well, my parents are impossible to buy for…. so i started doing home improvement gifts. new lighting fixtures and stuff that they needed to buy eventually anyways but kept putting off. they were thrilled

  22. Amber

    If you have a Le Cordon Bleu College in your city, check their events page. They do all sort of demostrations that do not cost a thing, you just need to reserve a spot. Also my hubby got me a message last year but it was through one of the schools were they were training, had a great message and it cost like half the price.

    • Jenny

      This sounds cool! Do you have a link? I can’t find an events page.

  23. Sherri

    This past weekend my husband and I went to see Kid Rock and Jamey Johnson in concert. I bought the tickets for my husband’s 40 birthday present along with their cd’s. It was really fun and really loud. He loved it!

  24. Jessy

    Just a Heads-up! FREE Jewellery at BeyondTheRack
    Go through this link and sign-up for $10 free credit:
    Check Spring Fling Jewellery sale.Items start at $9.99 .So Free after your credit
    Just pay shipping! Nice deal !

    • Amber R.

      Not seeing where you get a $10 credit for signing up. The only thing about a $10 credit is if you recomend someone who purchases something there.

    • Darcie

      jessy- this is not the place to try to trick others into signing up under your referral link. if you are going to post your referral link, then state that that’s what it is. and don’t keep posting the exact same comment in hopes to get more people to sign up under you. i think the way you have done this is an inappropriate way to use hip2save

    • Jessy

      Sorry Guys ! I had a $10 credit which I got through sign-up … BeyondTheRack is an invite only dealsite…I was able to score a beautiful bracelet thought you too will be able to score it !

  25. Sheila

    For my sister’s 40th birthday I researched popular songs for the past 40 years (i.e. which song was most popular in each year that she’s been alive, so what was the #1 song in 1970, 1971, 1972, etc). Then I went through my CD collection and checked different CDs out of the library to get a copy of each song and made her a mix CD featuring all of the songs. We had some blank CDs around, so I only spent about $10 at iTunes on songs I couldn’t find for free.

    It was time consuming, but she loved it! I haven’t read the responses, so apologies if someone else already mentioned this idea….

  26. Megan

    For my parent’s 50th birthday (they share the same.exact.birthday) we sent out postcards to all their friends and families asking that they send them a greeting card or e-mail to mark their special day. Included on the postcard was a note that they ask their friends to also send a note of birthday greetings. They got over 400 well wishes. My favorite came from a lady who had moved into the house of one of their friends-she received the postcard b/c their mail-forward request had expired; she thought it was such a nice idea she took time out to send them a card.

  27. Katie

    Oh, my favorite gift EVER from my husband was a necklace from the vintage pearl with our boys names on it. But I have to say, I’d really appreciate someone else cooking me dinner sometime.

  28. Mark

    Being a widower, I look back and remember the best gifts I gave my wife and she gave me were just spending quality time together when ever, especially on birthday’s anniversary’s and usual gift giving holidays. We would just sit and talk, go for walks, go to eat; not fancy. We gave each other the gifts of ourselves.
    As for gifts for other adults, the same gifts applies. Too many people I feel give material gifts, in hopes of being remembered, if you give of your self to your spouse, or friends, what they will remember is that you gave them the gift of yourself. Just like with children, when many of them look back at their childhoods, what they remember aren’t the material gifts their parents or friends gave them, but they remember that their parents and friends thought enough of them to spend quality time with them, they gave the gift of themselves.

    • Jennie

      Well said, and so true!

    • Darcie

      thanks for these great comments! i feel like these are words from the wise. I agree that we need to give more gifts of ourselves than material things. that is what life is all about

    • Melissa

      Best gifts ever! I always make a point to set an outing with my family and as a nanny (all the kids I watch)
      From picnics with the kids where I showed up early that morning to hide golden eggs for a treasure hunt; to local theater shows with my man and lunch at out fav cafe where we can sit outside and talk and enjoy each other.
      Recently rented a metal detector for my man that watches meteor hunters on tv and we walked on the beach, had lunch and looked for treasure. Mostly waked away with shells and shark teeth, but the hunt was fun.
      Time and memories last forever!
      *Remember to take pics if it is that kind of outing. The next week I print them and put them in a mini album of 10-20 pics with captions for a keepsake of our time together.

  29. Stephanie

    I think it is so sweet you are trying to do something to spoil your wife! Good for you! I have 3 ideas for you:
    1–One of my friends’ sisters just emailed me asking me to write her a letter for her 25th birthday. She contacted 25 of her closest friends/family and asked them to write her a letter so for her birthday she got 25 letters from people that love her. I thought that was really sweet and special.
    2–For Valentine’s Day I borrowed an ice cream maker from a friend and bought a bunch of fun mix-ins and me and my husband had a blast making our own ice cream with lots of different mix-ins and flavors–Coldstone style, but cheaper! There are also lots of recipes online that don’t require an ice cream maker!
    3–After that we had each dedicated a song to each other so we just danced in our kitchen with candles and with those songs playing. You could dedicate your wife a song and have a little dance with her… I’m pretty sure any wife would love that!

  30. brandy riley

    I understand…completely….Think Groupons and deals…I got my husband a groupon for a massage..dirt cheap..and then a groupon for a brazallian steakhouse dirt cheap..I have grandparents watching the kids for the night and we are having a date night….also….bowling…its cheap there is coupons and you can bring the whole family….we love bowling!

  31. patti

    I am hosting a winter luau in 2 weeks for about 10-15 girlfriends, I am looking for ideas for food and fun things to do at the luau. Thanks for the help!

    • jenr

      I went to Paradise Cove luau and Germaines when I lived in Hawaii.If you look on the site it will give you games to play and ideas. Lava flows and Mai tai are great drinks. Kalua pig (roasted pig you can cook it in a crock pot) Kalua pig quesadillas,everything always came with 2 scoop rice and one scoop patatoemac salad,pineapple,pinapple coleslaw,lomilomi and you can always have spam. It was a menu item too.

    • Angela

      There’s a website ( that I use to plan theme parties. It contains descriptions of what other people have done when they throw a similiar theme party. Under the section of parties for adults, you can look up Luau. Have fun!

  32. Tina Horst

    I think an experience outweighs any material item when it comes to birthday presents. Check out Groupon to find some fun things to do in your area and make a great memory of quality time spent together. 🙂

  33. Susan

    Smitha, my husband is a techie also!

    He’s had a razor cell phone since it came out and I couldn’t STAND it anymore. I saw a posting about new prepaid smartphones and it was like destiny (lol maybe not so dramatic.) I got him the new E71 from TracFone. Plus it’s super cheap for unlimited everything ($45 a month.)

    It’s the least I could do since he cooks for me every night 🙂

  34. Kathie M

    I think we all have so much “stuff” these days that experiences are great. Here are some examples…
    1. DH loved watching Curling when the Olympics was on last time and I found a local Curling Club that gives lessons for only $20!
    2. My daughter is only 2 but hasn’t slept through the night but a handful of times and I’m often drianed, he offered to use some of the hotel points to get me a night in a local hotel (nothing fancy) for me to sleep “till my eyes open.”
    3. I love scrapbooking so when my DH was out to sea he arranged for me to go on a Scrapbook Weekend Getaway for my birthday.

  35. Rachel A

    For my husband’s 30th birthday I sent out a MASS email to all his friends and family and anyone who has ever known him for that matter. I asked them all to reply with a letter/memory/thought about him and would put it into a scrapbook. This was done months in advance and as the emails trickled in, I would sit down and make a page for each letter. Only a few would come in each week so I had plenty of time to work on each page. On his birthday he had this huge binder full of memories and pictures and everyone’s feelings toward him. It was truly one of his favorite gifts and will always be a treasure especially when he needs a pick-me-up.

  36. Heather

    First of all, the dating divas is going to be my second favorite blog I can already tell! Obviously, Collin’s blog is my number one addiction. 🙂

    For my husbands big 3-0 celebration, I made a photobook with the top 30 memories of “us”. Under each photo or group of photos, I wrote why it was so special… I love you because of your sense of adventure, the way you love your mother, etc. It was a huge hit!!

  37. hgood

    First of all, the dating divas is going to be my second favorite blog I can already tell! Obviously, Collin’s blog is my number one addiction. 🙂

    For my husbands big 3-0 celebration, I made a photobook with the top 30 memories of “us”. Under each photo or group of photos, I wrote why it was so special… I love you because of your sense of adventure, the way you love your mother, etc. It was a huge hit!!

  38. imnion2

    WOW – I did something outrageous for my husband’s 50th birthday…we had just moved to another city/state, leaving behind our 4 kids and 7 grandkids…and then to top that off, my husband got sick and we found out he was full of cancer…and then his 50th birthday was coming up…I wanted to do something special for him…so I thought I would throw him a “card party” I sent out 50 invitations to our friends and family we left behind and asked them to send him a card for his birthday….OMG…the week of his birthday-the poor mailman…he ended up with 187 cards and get this…only 2 cards were duplicated. It was an inexpensive “party/gift” and one he he still remembers and we talk about. BTW–he is currently cancer free too…

    • Darcie

      i’m so glad he is cancer-free! God bless

  39. Rachel Conway

    For big birthdays especially or for any birthdays really I do a gift basket of “30 things or “45 things” or whatever the birthday age is. I wrap each item individually and put it in a cheap basket or plastic laundry basket or whatever. I have all of the items on hand already from deal shopping.

    The items can range from a granola bar to body wash to chapstick. I just recently did one for my brother in law turning 45 and my nephew turing 21. My mother in-law who is turing 67 in two weeks asked for one as well. This gave me a challenge but I’m up for it! Everyone loves these presents and it’s kind of a gag gift as well because it takes a while to open each gift.

    Sometimes we play a game and pass out the gifts and have people guess what was in one. Everyone passed around a gift and was squishing it to guess what it was. The general consensus was that it was bath salts. When it was opened by the birthday girl it was a granola bar that was totally squished from everyone’s feeling it up. Totally funny!

  40. Rachel Conway

    Another fun thing you can do is wrap 30 presents of 30 things.. (or whatever the birthday age is). 30 paper clips, 30 pennies, 30 pieces of gum, 30 pencils, etc. Use your imagination. Fun to unwrap and for everyone to watch!

  41. Brooke is a great site for handmade artsy gifts, lots of the vendors will custom make special pieces and you can even pick out local artists to cut down on shipping or just to “keep it local” you can find great t-shirts, camera straps, vintage goodies, ceramics, blown glass pieces and they all have a story. P.S. I LOVE Etsy!

    • Amber R.

      I love etsy! You can find some pretty nice stuff for a little price too!!

  42. Kristin

    I have fallen in love with the daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social, and probably at least 3-4 times each week I see something I’d love to have. Why not grab up one of those and then buy something nice? You save at least 50%, and top it off with a sweet movie (Redbox), home cooked meal (who cares if it’s good?!) and let grandma or auntie keep the kids. Spending quality time with my husband, doing something we don’t normally get to do, is what makes our special days special.

    I think it’s Living Social, maybe another one, that has some “mini vacation” options below their daily deals. Sometimes you can book a hotel room for super cheap in a nice hotel or spa using their certificates. If that’s in your price range, why not spend a night or 2 somewhere besides home but not terribly far off? Just a change of scenery with a special breakfast or brunch is sweet too. A hsband or wife would like that I think.

    One more thing (and then I promise I’ll shut up!) I wish my husband would do with me is spend the day volunteering somewhere. I can’t drive so I have to depend on him to take me places, which he’s normally great about. He’s not good with a bunch of people around that he doesn’t know, however, so that’s out. I would love to have the 2 of us spend the day together helping those who are less fortunate. I believe it would help us bond while teaching us to be grateful for what we do have, even if it isn’t much.

  43. Jessica

    My idea can be big or small but cost very little but requires a lot of planning and effort. I would buy a stack of post it notes and with your kids plan a note, greeting or story and then write it on the stack of post it notes (don’t forget to # the back so they can be assembled in the right order) and then pass them out to friends, co-workers, mailmen, the Barista at starbucks (if he stops on the way to work) and ask that they give your husband just one of the post it notes on his birthday. Think of anyone he might come accross on his day or old friends that wouldn’t mind going ot of their way on his day to deliver a note. This will show him how much planning you went to but also give friends an opportunity to wish him a happy birthday and also keep him guessing on where the next note will come from and of course you need to keep a few to give yourself so he doesn’t have the whole message until he gets his note from you or the kids. The post it notes work good because they can easily be put somewhere for the person to remember to deliver it.

  44. krupa

    For my fiance’s birthday this year I made a collage with all our ticket stubs from various movies, events, and places that were sentimental to us. I added some pictures from the events and places and put it in a nice frame. He loved it and it looks amazing hanging on the wall.

  45. Kathy

    My husband celebrated his 30th birthday recently, and I was feeling horrible because I hadn’t bought him a gift. Our family is having financial difficulty, so buying him something I knew he would enjoy would be costly. In lieu of buying him a gift, I made him a coupon book. In it, I added “coupons” for things that I would do for him: clean our son’s dirty diapers, do the baby’s routine all by myself (it’s usually a team effort) amongst other, somewhat naughty, coupons. He LOVED it!! It not only did he appreciate the time I took to come up and make the coupon book, it is also something totally free and that he can enjoy throughout the year as he “redeems” his coupons.

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