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Making the Most of My Not So "Hip" Day…

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So…I decided to take a break this afternoon and headed out for a little shopping trip. I stopped in Walgreens first and heard the dreaded words “You can’t use this coupon for that item since it’s not pictured on the coupon.” Yep, that’s exactly what happened when I tried to purchase the Tylenol Precise Patches at Walgreens.  The $6/2 Tylenol Precise coupon found in the 1/9 SS  had a picture of the Tylenol Precise cream… so I then proceeded to nicely explain that this coupon was actually valid to use on this product, but I got shut down. There are days when I want to fight it and prove my point… and then there are days, like today, when getting the Tylenol Precise for free was not worth the argument or the time.

I am a very, very positive person… so I am not writing this post to complain about my experience. I am writing it so you know that I have these experiences on a regular basis. I don’t want you all to ever think that when I go out and shop that somehow the stars align and every single transaction at every single store goes smoothly. That just doesn’t happen. However, when these “Coupon Battle” situations do arise, I try to keep positive and remain calm. I personally feel that all the amazing experiences I have when I’m out couponing far outweigh the bad ones. I have met so many great people when I’m out shopping, including many helpful and very coupon friendly cashiers!

…And that brings me to another point. After leaving Walgreens and feeling a bit down, I headed to Walmart. I snagged 4 boxes of Gain Fabric Softener Sheets priced at $3.12, which made them just $0.12 after the $3/1 coupon found in the 2/13 RP. Well, I had some extra coupons so I asked a stranger if she’d like the rest of my coupons. I told her she could snag some fabric softener sheets for $0.12. A huge smile flashed across her face as she said “Really?!” A little later, I walked out of Walmart with an enormous smile plastered across my face… not because I scored fabric softener sheets for $0.12, but because a stranger did!

So as you can see, being upset when you are couponing never lasts long. I mean how can it?! It’s so simple to turn a lousy day of shopping into a very positive and fun one!

Oh and on a side note,  I also headed over to Kmart to check out the Kmart Doubles Event and see what kind of sweet deals I could snag. The Kmart doubles event was advertised on the last page of the weekly ad. You can check your ad here to see if your local store is participating. While shopping there, I quickly discovered that the prices at Kmart (or at least mine) are very high! I mean some prices were almost $2 higher than items I had seen at Walmart …ummmm hello, what happened to all the blue light specials? I did end up purchasing a few Dial NutriSkin lotions with the $2/1 coupons available in the 2/20 RP. The lotion was priced at $4.29, so after the $2/1 coupon doubled, I payed $0.29 per lotion. *Note: You need to use your Shop Your Way rewards card (you can sign up in-store at the customer service counter), you also have to spend at least $25 in grocery and drugstore merchandise (before the coupons have been applied) and only 5 coupons will be doubled per day.

And that wraps up my day… oh wait, I forgot to mention the lovely ending to my day. My 4 year old daughter, who absolutely loves to help me clean,  decided that it was time to empty the vacuum canister that holds all the oh so wonderful dirt. …AND, well, the canister opened before she made it to the trash can. It was a beautiful sight and a fantastic ending to my day! 😉

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  1. betty

    What is it with Walgreens and them scrutinizing every coupon. I have been told so many crazy things from Walgreens cashiers. I was told once I couldn’t use a manufacture coupon with a store coupon, I’ve been told I couldn’t use a coupon because the coupon amount was higher than the price of the product. I show them the coupon policy everytime, and yet some managers refuse to even abide by their own policy??? The best lie that I’ve been told by a Walgreens cashier was that a couldn’t use a coupon on shampoo last week because the shampoo was on sale, YEAH that’s the reason I went there to purchase it, Just saying!! I’ve called corporate no responses???? It’s getting to the point where I won’t even shop at Walgreens, It’s just not worth the hassle especiall when I can get just as good or better deals at CVS and Riteaid.

  2. Lisa m

    I have had those days too, I use to get upset but I just make a comment I will just go to Walmart and I have no problem, but I made a ladys day I was checking out at Target and got around 25.00 worth of products for around 5.00 and the lady behind me could not beleive it so I showed her what i did and gave her some coupons like the 3.00 gain and she thought this was a joke I said no you can really save. I have also been teaching my sister in law, she is amazed at what i can get for free, but Collin I owe it all to you, I found you about 2 years ago and have learned so much and have watched your blog grow from a few, to thousands you are the best out there.

  3. Suzanne

    It is frustrating when you work out a deal and pull your coupons only to be shot down or worse, your coupons aren’t scanned – UGH! I hate being overcharged or fussed at over a coupon! I do try to remind myself of the positives though. Last Saturday, I was shopping and I overheard a man ask his wife if she had a coupon for coffee that he wanted to get. She didn’t so he put it back. I dug through my stash and came up with a $1/1 coupon. I handed it to his wife and said, “I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop but my ears perk up when I hear the word coupon.” The two of them couldn’t thank me enough and as I was walking away, I heard him ask “how much?” and she said “$1!” THAT experience makes it all worthwhile!!!! Oh, and on the off chance the person who left the $1 off Dial soap coupon at the Short Pump, VA Kroger is on here – THANK YOU!!!! You made MY day when I found it!!!

  4. Linda

    Collin – bummer on the dirt pile. However, I must comment that I was a tad bit jealous to see what looked like SAND. How I would love to be somewhere right now where I had sand tracked in on my floor instead of ice and snow. Of course my eyes could be completely deceiving me and it’s actually cracker crumbs or something. Anyway, it really does make my day to share deals with a stranger too. Happy Friday!

  5. Katie

    I love your stories-such a wonderful and postive perspective on life living in such a crazy, fun, unpredictable world!!

  6. Ellen

    My two most recent Walgreens fiascos (different stores)…the mgr at one store would not take a L’Oreal coupon on clearance merchandise, because “L’Oreal clearly did not mean for that amount ($2.00) to come off an item marked to clearance”. When I called L’Oreal, they said that was “CRAZY”, and mailed me a $3 gift certificate. Which I would still have not been able to use on the clearance item at Walgreens.

    The other one was trying to use a B1G1 coupon on a B1G1 sale item at walgreens. Was told by 2 cashiers that they just had a meeting that morning, and that was NOT ALLOWED. I kindly asked for a mgr, who also said NO. (this is when carrying that Wags policy with me would have been a good idea). I went home, emailed corporate, and 2 days later got a call from a mgr. saying HE WAS WRONG, I WAS RIGHT. That was nice, but by then, of course, the sale was over.

  7. Amanda

    Thanks for the posting! It is nice to know that other people have problems like this as well. I have had so many problems with Walgreens. I just started couponing a couple months ago. So far Target and Walmart have been great, but Walgreens has caused so many problems. If I had a CVS or RiteAid I would probably not go back to Walgreens. I have been told so many times I cant use two register rewards in one transaction (even if I have the right number of items and they aren’t from an item I am purchasing). I’ve been told I can’t use a coupon and register reward in the same transaction (even with filler items), and the list goes on and on. Also I’ve had many cashiers who are VERY crabby about doing a separate transactions for me. And I’ve only ever asked for two separate transactions, never tried to do more than that. I just can’t believe there is not an easier way for Walgreens than what they have set up!

  8. HSmom

    I must say… I’m fairly new to this couponing thing– like six weeks? But I must say, I have not had any unfortunate run-ins with any cashiers at any of the places I shop– CVS, Target, Walmart, Walgreens and our grocery stores. Any snafu has been handled completely to my satisfaction and everyone has been either neutral or really friendly. I know it’s early. I haven’t done any huge deals or multiple transactions yet (still working up to it…) but I’m just thrilled with the way I’ve been treated so far. (The only big deal I had was 20 boxes of cereal bars– bogo at Walmart. The cashier had a little trouble with the coupons, but pushed it through– no problem)

    It’s been fun chatting and sharing tips with other shoppers, too. Fun times!

  9. carina

    I see the amazing deals alot of you get and I am just so amazed!I statred on this site when I needed to get deoderant for my daughter and a lady gave me a coupon for some degree so it made it cheap and so then she told me about your site and I have been hooked!
    I do find deals but nothing like some of the others on this site I am so amazed at some of them.We dont have “good stores” in my area that double coupons:( And I also find kmart very high priced.Thanks again for the wonderful site!

  10. michelle

    Funny enough, at my Walgreens I make sure to shop early Sunday mornings when this particlar cashier is always working. He has a cool stoner, punk vibe and he waits for me to come in with coupons. He gets such a kick out of seeing what I buy and how the coupons work that I actually started teaching him how to coupon. I found that going to someone who knows the policy and has fun with you when you’re doing it is key to a successful trip. He actually whispers “sweet” when I get a crazy good deal. I also have a girl at Rite Aid who gets a kick out of watching me too. While I get that we can’t always have the same cashier buddy who knows his/her stuff, I have found that planning my trips when they are working has made my couponing life so much easier. No fights, no hassles, great trust .

    • Briana V

      Go to cvs when Dave is working and herd an older man who collects hats, he lives that I collect coupons the way he collects hats, plus he knows so much about coupons and the cvs coupon policy that he has taught me things! Dave, in springfield, il, if your out there thanks!

  11. paul douzat

    Collin, I would have suggested the cashied scan the coupon because if they were correct, then an error message would pop up stating this coupon doesn’t go with anything purchased. If you were correct, it would take the coupon. Next time, I would suggest they just scan it and see if it works and explain to them that if what they (cashier) say is true, then the coupon won’t work and it wouldn’t hurt to try it and let them feel good about themselves. I work at walmart and i try scanning whatever they give me, whether it was in the buggy or not.

    • Jo-Ann

      Yes, I’ve used that strategy, too and it works. Let the register decide–it’s easier and quicker than arguing!

      • karen

        The problem is the coupon is coded to beep on everything. So even if you buy the items in the picture it still beeps.

        • Paul Douzat

          the beep isn’t what to look for. Sound matters not compared to what the register regurgitates on the screen whether the coupon works or not.

  12. Donna

    Hi Collin,
    It’s great that you don’t get upset. Remember in Seinfeld when Jerry was Even Steven? If something went bad for him, the next thing would go well! My husband always says everything evens out! I think it’s true. Sometimes the difference is big and worth “fighting” for. Often, it’s small, and not worth it, and usually it will even out somewhere. For me this week, I went to CVS and one thing I got was Physican’s Formula makeup. This bronzer powder stuff was ringing up 75% off for $4.24. So I got 3 and expected $7 ECB. So after I left I noticed the ECB didn’t print. I decided I’d let it ride b/c it was so cheap to begin with and went back yesterday and bought a “Try Me Free” eye serum and got the 7 ECB, will get $10.95 back with the rebate and also $5ECB for hitting the $50 beauty bonus. So I feel pretty good about the way it all turned out!

  13. Shellie S

    Well, I had a POSITIVE experience at Walgreens yesterday. I did 2 transactions and on each transaction I bought the Huggis diapers and Huggies wipes. The signs in front of them both said you would get a $2 RR. It only printed off one $2 RR for each transation. WHen I asked the manager, he said “you could only get one either on the diapers or wipes but let me ring them up separately for you” I was so shocked…. then he tried and tried and he still couldn’t get it to work so he just gave me a refund of $2.00 off each receipt. Great deal!!

  14. Carla

    I haven’t shopped at Walgreens for about a year or so. I don’t even bother. That way there is no ruining my day! 😉

  15. Rachel

    I wondered if using my coupons at Kmart during their “double $2 special” was worth going to. Now I know it’s not worth it. I live in Ohio and usually our prices are higher then where you are at Collin.

    • mel

      i did it once last summer and realized it’s a waste of time. all the stuff I bought went on sale at wags or cvs in the next couple weeks anyways!

  16. pb

    I must say I have mostly a great experience at my wags 🙂 I have a few cashiers thy know me but overall most are kind and helpful to me! I wish I had cbs and rite aid by me but I don’t. Just wags for me for now!

  17. Jo-Ann

    I don’t have a coupon giveaway story, but something similar in helping someone save money. The other day I was in Target and on the clearance endcap there were 5 bottles of Johnson’s body care, Deep Hydrating extra dry skin lotion, 14 fl. oz., for $1.14 down from $4.59, a 75% savings. I took 3 and then noticed a woman looking over the lotions with a small travel size lotion in her hand. I told her about the clearanced lotion, went back to the endcap and handed her the last 2 bottles, explaining the 75% discount. She was surprised at the discount and so happy as she thanked me. 🙂

  18. Angela

    I just had to smile at the dirt spill picture because I had a spill just this last week. Only it wasn’t dirt, it was paint!! It did get all cleaned up, but not before I snagged a few pictures of my Dad (who accidentally did the spilling) using the dustpan to scoop up the near gallon of paint into the container my husband held for him. Now that was a good half hour of laughs!!

  19. Jen

    I too like to help people out. When I am waiting in line at Walmart, Meijer, or the grocery, I check out the people’s carts in front of me and behind me. If I see an item they have that I have a coupon for, I give them the coupon. Feels nice knowing I helped someone out. I love my coupons…but seriously if I can put a bright spot in someone else’s day by giving them a fifty cents savings…I’m going for it!

  20. MySweetLovesTX

    Love your post! ~ It’s that kind of awesome attitude that makes YOU determine your day rather than all those around you. A while ago a friend said something that stuck: Every hour, minute, moment you give in anger towards another is giving THEM the control of that hr, min, or moment ~ and they are wasted. Those moments are mine, my family’s, my Lord’s and I make the mental decision each time not to not give in to their negativity.
    And just a mention, we probably all know that those cashiers at Walgreens, Walmart, etc. are warned and critiqued on what they accept. I’m sure that the majority are just scared that they are accepting something they shouldn’t ~ and they feel their job on the line. I feel incredibly blessed to have found your website Collin ~ I did not know that “stacking” at Target, RR’s, ECB’s and the like existed before I found Hip 2 Save. Every deal that does turn out right FAR outweighs the tiny inconveniences 🙂 ~ Tara

  21. erika

    i had the same kind of WEEK with couponing. we have two WAGS in town and one of them has the meanest cashiers on the planet that just make up whatever the heck they want to about coupons and RRs. AND THEN they ask me if i want to buy their “special” next to the register. i might buy it if they were not so mean every time i come in!

    seriously, how can a cashier be mean to a cute little prego lady that smiles and is polite to them!!!!? so rude!

    i went to WAGS 6x this week in order to find a good cashier that understands coupons!!

    also our colgate toothpaste was only ringing up $1.50 with a $3 RR, so it was a huge moneymaker!!! so my 6 trips were worth it!

  22. Ilene

    I look in peoples carts when I pass them and if I know I have a coupon clipped that I probably won’t use for something they have I ask them if they would like a coupon. This sometimes starts a nice conversation with me ending up giving them a list of my favorite coupon websites (yours is included). I sometime clip coupons I know I won’t use but that I see other people buying so I will have them handy to pass out. It makes me feel good to help others save money.

  23. Dee

    I certainly know where your coming from. I just want to say that I too have given away coupons to people. Alot of times I would have an extra coupon or two and if I saw someone looking at the item I would hand them the coupon and tell them they could get the item free if they used the coupon when they checkout at the register. It feels so good to see their faces light up when a complete stranger wants to give them something. Also, sometimes I just leave the coupon laying on the item on the shelf but its so much more real and enjoyable to be able to see a person accept the coupon and the deal. Even the surplus that I get I give away. People can’t believe I’m just giving it to them. It sure feels good to be able to give.

    • Briana V

      Thanks to the person who leaves coupons with the products at the springfield, il target you have helped me out several times! Just this week I found your $1/1 french’s brown mustard and was able tio score our fot.39 cents. Thanks!

      • Dee

        Briana, I wished I could take credit for leaving the coupons for you but honestly I hate to say I wasn’t the person. I am in Texas and regret to say have never been to Springfield, IL. It’s nice to know there are people all over this world besides me with a kind heart. You can really show your appreciation to the person that left that coupon for you by paying it forward and gracing somebody else with the same kindness.

  24. HSmom

    Reading all of these comments, it’s funny to see people having SUCH different experiences with different stores. It would be fun to have a poll of the easiest stores and the most difficult ones. I’m sure there wouldn’t be a clear consensus at all.

  25. rhatfield

    Well I decided to take a run to our local K-Mart after calling them and they said they take up to $2 off double this week. I had a hard time finding any really good deals but the ones I did I felt great over. I get to the register and ask once again, do you take these coupons, sure we do. NOT atleast my K-Mart will not take coupons printed from the internet =( all that trouble for nothing. I had a total of $47.77 I said hmm this is not right so I paid and began to look over my purchases I noticed that my coupons didn’t come off, but this is the kicker I couldn’t see my transaction being rung up they way they had the system set up so I hear the guy scanning away like it took. I decided to return all the items and the lady at customer service said well how much did you think you would save, I said well my total shouldn’t have been no more than $22 she looked at me and said that’s not possible. So I kindly showed her my Rite Aid ticket where I got $88 for $6.54 and she was shocked! My point was I didn’t leave K-Mart at all heart broken I left with a big smile on my face knowing that it’s possible to find great deals. Thanks a bunch Collin for all your hard work and all who help you make it possible to find some good bargains. I’m new to this coupon thing but I’m loving what I have been able to save so far.

  26. mel

    i was told the same thing at the PX about how the item needs to be in the picture on the coupon — so dumb!– and when I tried to argue she brought her manager over who agreed with her! But anyways, not a big deal, just annoying in the moment–and obviously it still annoys me when I think about it!

  27. Kristi

    I agree with you that a bad day can always be turned around especially by helping someone save money! Just wanted to add that your 4-year-old is my twin apparently. I am almost 21 and was given a Dyson Vacuum. I love it! I used it for a month (yes, a month) then decided it was time to empty it. Only problem? I had no idea how! It was full of dirt, cat hair, carpet powder and who knows what else…I pulled, tugged and hit that thing until I finally got the canister off. Then I thought well how do I empty it? Hmm. I wonder what THIS does…and it all went back onto the carpet and a cloud of carpet powder got all over me. 🙁 My cleaning lasted a bit longer than expected. Luckily, when something like that happens now, I have your website to go to, or a coupon to clip to make me smile. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story! It’s good to be reminded everyone has a bad day once in a while, it’s up to you to turn it around.

  28. Brittany Sitzman

    Yes I went to Kmart last week and some of there prices are totally outrageous!! I mean they wanted $8.99 for an 8pk of 20oz gatorade. I’m not too sure how they stay in business, if you ask me!

  29. Kat

    I was shopping at Pulix the other night and I had an extra coupon for $5 off a $30 purchase that was about to expire and I could not use it. I gave it to a stranger with 3 small kids in tow and a coupon binder in her cart. It was so much fun, she was so excited. I guess it was the next best thing to being able to give away money!

  30. Cathy

    I just went to K-mart because I saw Kellogg’s cereal was $1 a box and with my coupons ( some $1/3 and some $1/2, plus they were doubled) I got 20 boxes for $4 plus tax. My K-mart also changed their policy so I could use 10 coupons with NO $25 limit anymore. YEAH! I’m going back tomorrow for some more $1 items, with my coupons I should save big!

  31. Jill

    “ummmmmmmmmmmm hello..” Kmart doesn’t do blue light specials anymore. That’s so 1980s or before. And well you can use your handy-dandy dyson to vacuum the dirt up–no big deal! At least it didn’t spill on carpet.

  32. Alma

    So glad to know that I’m normal…or at least have lots of company! My husband actually calls me a coupon pusher because I have a terrible habit at noticing other people’s cart and giving them a coupon for their item. I just can’t help it. I get such a kick out of seeing someone else save a little money! I love it.

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