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How Do YOU Save on Adult Beverages?!

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(*NOTE: This post is intended for Hipsters ages 21 and above.)

With warmer weather on the horizon, I am ready to fill up my propane tank, grab the hot dogs and chips, and invite the neighbors over for a BBQ. While I usually have Capri-suns and lemonade for the kiddos, I personally prefer margaritas (on the rocks with fresh lime) or mojitos while my hubby loves a good summer ale (or a Corona light when he is watching his waist-line 😉 ). Although you can definitely save money by making your own cocktail mixes (which I will be showing you how to do in an upcoming “Cooking with Collin” post!! 🙂 ), it is very rare to find coupons and deals on liquor, wine and beer.

Check out this email that I received from reader, Krystal…

With the economy, we have turned to in-home entertaining. While it is nice to go out with friends for drinks, it gets pricey fast. I’ve never seen any information on any coupon or savings blog about how to purchase alcohol more cheaply without sacrificing quality. Mixers like juices go on sale often enough to get cheap or free, and wine goes on sale occasionally at my grocery stores, but I am wondering how to purchase liquor at a better rate. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!

So, in an effort to give you the best money-saving tips, I sent my sister, Bryn, off to the liquor store to investigate (and if you knew my sis, you would get a good laugh out of this as she rarely drinks and has literally set foot in a liquor store a handful of times in her entire life). I am just laughing as I type this thinkin’ of her chatting with the clerk.

“Hip” Tips to Help You Save at the Liquor Store

(1) Browse the aisles and keep your eyes peeled for rebates. In one liquor store alone, she found over 20 different rebates.

(2) Check out the stickered prices to see if the cost per ounce is displayed. This will allow you to compare two different sizes of the same product to see if it is really cheaper to purchase the larger size.

(3) Consider purchasing the tiny liquor bottles… this is a great way to save if you are only planning on making 1-2 drinks AND is a great way to try out several different brands before investing in a large bottle. All of the bottles pictured above were priced at $1.25 or less! (Need a creative activity for an adult party? Consider stuffing a pinata with little bottles of alcohol! …And make sure they’re plastic! LOL! :D).

(4) Buy American! Although many of you may prefer the taste of foreign liquors, consider the fact that you are usually paying an extra $8-$10 per bottle in shipping costs for liquor from another country! Yikes!

(5) Talk to the employees at your local liquor store. When visiting with one of the liquor store employees, my sister discovered that there was a recent rebate offer that actually allowed you to make money!!  The rebate that was previously available was a $15 mail-in rebate offer when you purchase 1 Sauza Original Margarita. As you can see from the picture above, the Sauza margarita was priced at just $12.95 making this rebate offer a $2+ moneymaker!

So…how about you? Do you have any tips or suggestions? Please share them with us below.

Collin founded Hip2Save in 2008 and has over 10 years experience as a deals and lifestyle editor, strategist, and creative copywriter. She is debt-free and has been featured in Parents Magazine, Today.com and MSNBC. Connect with Collin on LinkedIn

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Comments 231

  1. Kathryn

    We love margarita’s so for a last minute thing or to save money, we decided to use limeade instead of all the mixes and it worked out fine! Not as good as with Triple Sec and all that but it’ll work in a pinch!

    • JL

      Triple sec is an orange flavored cordial so try a splash of Orange juice or an orange slice if you have it on hand.

  2. darcie

    the best savings on these things is to what i do…..
    skip alcohol and coffee all together 🙂

    • Kristie

      I agree with Darcie! That always saves money! Also, drink water…it is better for you! ;o)

    • Emily

      good Idea, me too!

    • bali

      yeah, but where’s the fun in that *hic* 😀

      • momwhocares

        I agree, those who skip out on coffee and alcohol are saving money on that. Then again, what do they do for fun? Money is spent on fun somewhere – so the reader who asked this comment is referencing that she like to host fun things that include alcohol and wanted to know how to do is frugally. Nothing wrong with that –

        I don’t drink coffee and yes I save money because of it, but then again – nothing wrong with those who choose to enjoy it either, maybe they are giving up Movies and eating out to fill that pleasure of theirs.

    • Carolyn

      This is what we do 🙂 While I do enjoy a mojito or fruity drink, they’re more work to make at home and way too expensive when we go out, so we stick with cheaper and healthier options 🙂

    • jennie

      Well yeah rah for you

      • caseymg

        lol just what I was thinking. Pass the red wine!

  3. Sarah

    In WA state, our liquor laws are SO strict and liquor is SO expensive. Our options to stretch a liquor dollar are very limited. First thing we have done is cut back :(, we decided that this is not an area we are willing to sacrifice quality and would rather partake less often than have to make “that face” everytime we take a sip. Second, for wine I DO like Trader Joe’s… but can’t choke down the Charles Shaw. They do however have very drinkable (even enjoyable) wines from $5 – $10, which is pretty cheap around here. And lastly, for gatherings I premix batches of 1-2 signature drinks. It makes the liquor go much further, since people aren’t mixing their own (which often end up being doubles at least). This also keeps keeps me from having to worry about anyone over doing it. If anyone in WA knows of any other tips that we have access to, I’d love to know!

    • Natasha Luckett

      Not sure where in WA you are. I would recommend Grocery Outlet. I also found great wines there at great prices. Sometimes it would be wines that would be changing their label so the old label wines get sent to grocery outlet.

    • Jessica

      I live in Seattle and it is SOOOOO much more expensive than when I used to live in San Fran and could buy my liquor at Costco. Unfortunately since liquor was so cheap there I developed a taste for expensive vodka. When ever I travel I try to bring back liquor because it is cheaper almost everywhere else as far as I have seen!
      The only ways I have found to save in WA have been rebates and buying the biggest bottle possible to get the most out of my money. It is very expensive but when I think about how much a drink is at a restaurant it makes me feel better. At a restaurant I would pay ~$10 for a drink so even though I’m paying $40 for a giant bottle of vodka it will get me WAY more than 4 drinks plus I don’t have to tip the bartender! This way I can still have a nice cocktail at home and then skip it when we go out for dinner. If I do want to go out for drinks I find good happy hours or use groupons/living social/tippr.
      For throwing parties I can recommend champagne cocktails. At my last Christmas party Safeway had a sale on champagne for $2.95 a bottle (it was Cooks but when you’re mixing it you can’t really tell). I made pomegranate champagne cocktails with free juice I had scored and floated some frozen cranberries on top for decoration. Everyone thought it was really fancy and I only ended up spending about $40 on drinks total!

  4. siobhan

    This is my signature drink:

    Lemon Breeze:
    3 parts lemonade
    1 part lemon vodka
    Thinly sliced lemons

    I put it in a big pitcher. So delicious, and strong. Yet lemon vodka is cheap $10 or less a bottle for nice quality. It is my go to drinks because it is so cheap. Maybe 50cents a serving is that

  5. happy1038

    we buy our alcohol at CVS and Walgreens when it goes on sale because if you buy then, it is much cheaper than the liquor store. For instance, CVS currently has a 750 ml Captain Morgan bottle on sale for $12.99. This size usually costs around $17.99-$18.99 in Southern Indiana where we are.

    • colbibowen

      Can you use ECB on alcohol or is it prohibited?

      • are318

        its prohibited. 🙁 u cant used ECB or RR on alcohol or cigarrettes

      • Barbara

        I usually bypass this by getting other things. Like today I got 2 toothpastes, 2 dish soaps, allergy medicine, and a bottle of vodka. I used all my ECB and paid OOP $4.

  6. happy1038

    Alcohol is VERY seasonally priced as well. It is best to stock up with big sales during Memorial Day, the 4th, etc. It is much cheaper and there is a bigger variety..

  7. Natasha Luckett

    Okay I work for a Liquor distributor here in Florida that services most of the Military bases world wide.
    1) Certain states allow Manufacture coupons on liquor FL is one of them. I hang 300-400 coupons at our base liquor store a week and it’s sometimes for quite a bit off. Right now I have a $5 off Hornitos Tequila coupon last month it was for $5 off Jim Beam Black. So look for those coupons which can also be combined with sale prices & rebates.
    2)Most military bases run sales month to month on their liquor & their wine. Some bases do tent sales twice a year or qtrly. Once again if your in the Tampa area. St. Pete’s coastguard is having their tent sale next week so is clearwater & fort meyers.
    3) In Florida we do tastings at grocery stores and at liquor stores as well as on base. Ask your store if they have a tasting coming up. Whole Foods here does them All weekend here. Lots of times the tasters have coupons or promotional stuff to give out. Whole Foods & publix do 10% off 6 bottles of wine & publix gives you a free wine bag. Look for the BOGO’s their great deals.
    4) This is mostly for military types. Class 6 liquor stores and I think NEX & MCX liquor stores will price match. Check individual stores for requirements. At ours they’ll take your word if it’s less than $10 if it’s more they need an ad. So you get the great price & no tax if your in the Tampa area Monday newspapers have the ads. Also sign up to get Total Wines ad.
    5)Washington State for wine – go to grocery outlet. I can not recommend this enough. I’ve seen $15 wines for $3 there. As well as in California.
    Jeez I could do a whole post on this. So much info in my head. If you have specific questions you can email me natashaluckett@yahoo.com I’d be happy to help. I have great info for Military bases, FL, WA, CA oh and Guam too but I don’t think anyone here is from Guam.
    Okay and my absolute best tip. Check the paper for local wine shops that do tastings. Several in the Tampa area do them for $10 per person you get to try 8-10 wines usually and they have cheese and what not. Most the time the wines can run $10-$50 it’s a great way to get to try wines and have a fun inexpensive night out. Also lots of wineries do this to. You never know how close a winery might be. We even have a winery here in FL. Hope this helps. Tasha.

    • Dianne W.

      @Tasha: Great suggestions! I live in St. Pete and didn’t realize that there are so many wine tastings in this area. We’ll have to try that sometime!

  8. Niki

    I am not sure if someone already mentioned this because I don’t have time to read through all 151 comments!! LOL But we have learned at our liquor store that liquor has random promotional prices that last ridiculously long periods of time. Example: Three Olives vodka has two different sizes and the one is almost double for literally 90 cents more or something, and it has been that way at least a year! It’s really odd, so watch your quantity/price!

  9. Tiffany

    I am totally in love with your pinata idea! How fun this is a must do for my father-in-laws b-day next week!

  10. Amy

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet or not, but keep your eyes peeled for coupons in the Sunday inserts! I know for a fact that here in South FL we got a coupon for $5 off certain liquors (including Captain Morgan and some others) in our Red Plum inserts. 🙂 And we always stock up around New Years and then again around the 4th of July, because there are awesome sales those weeks.

  11. Crystal

    Speaking of alcohol, don’t know if anyone has posted this yet, but you can head over to the miller lite facebook page, like them, and click the “TMCF” tab to score a free miller lite t-shirt (special edition thurgood marshall college fund t-shirt)
    you can use the code: GCJXQFHQ or you can text TMCF to 90464 to get a new one. They will also donate $1 to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund for every t-shirt redeemed.
    Must be 21+ to take advantage of this offer 😉

  12. Cally

    In effort to save on beer my husband started brewing his own. He’s a bit of a beer snob and was buying higher end specialty beers (much more expensive then your bud) The initial cost was a bit expensive, but overall he saves quite a bit more. Me not really being a beer drinker; I find that I really enjoy his beers and they taste much better then most things you can buy. It costs about $50.00 per batch which makes about 5 gallons of beer. He’s finding it to be an enjoyable hobby and his friends have been giving him donations to take some of his brew (which helps cut back on cost even more).

    • April

      My husband started making wine for me and you can get a wine kit (the grape juice,corks, chemicals and labels) for $41.35 shipped from Amazon and it makes 6 gallons! The initial oop cost was about $100 for the equipment, but if your hubby is making beer, he probably already has all the equipment. The Vino Italiano brand is really good. Each 750 ml bottle ends up costing $1.38. You can’t buy wine that cheap!

    • michelle

      Do you mind telling where you purchased this equipment, my husband is a beer snob as well. He likes the really extra stout dark type and it is really expensive so would be interested in trying this.

      I like wine so may have to try the wine kit from Amazon as well.

      Thanks for these ideas.

      • caseymg

        My husband brews his own beer. he uses northernbrewer.com

        I bought him a starter kit and it’s now a full blown hobby. He loves it!

  13. L. Whitt

    Woot.com does have a daily wine deal..

  14. Nan

    One of our summer favorites is Sangria. Buy the cheapest red wine you can find. Add some sugar, juice, fruits and let soak overnight. Lots of good recipes on the internet.

  15. christine

    Love your site… love you… i just love your personality and the topics you talk about area always unique!

  16. Shannon

    I’ve been seeing several rebates in the sunday inserts too! Also, if you buy the beer on the shelf it’s usually cheaper than the ones in the cooler – anything to save a few bucks!

  17. Amanda

    Our local wine/liquor store offers 10% off your entire purchase if you pay cash.

    Can be great savings when you’re stocking up.

  18. Lena

    so thankful that we never drop even a penny on alcohol. Completely satisfied with our mocktails! Better for health and budget and family relationships. Just my opinion 🙂

    • caseymg

      Red wine is good for you, really. Do some reading on it 🙂

      • jennie

        caseymg- I think I like you!

  19. janie

    Was in Publix today (Macon,GA) and noticed one of my favorite wines, Yellow Tail, had mail in rebate forms hanging from them. You can save up to $18.00- $1.50 per bottle for up to 12 bottles 3/3/11 through 5/31/11. That’s a great deal! Saw this wine for $5.47 at Walmart, too!

  20. Ellie

    I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned it here yet, but I just bought my beer-loving boyfriend a homebrew kit. I realized that we could make 5 gallons of beer for $20 or less, and according to some of my friends who currently do it, the beer you get is way better than what you would buy at the store. The kit I bought was just $66 with a groupon yesterday.

    I don’t drink much but when I finally realized that there was no way I would be able to curb my boyfriend’s expensive beer habit, I figured this would be a great idea. Also, I figured this would be a great hobby for us to do together.

  21. breylynn

    My fiance and I are getting married in August. The whole shindig is being done on our own so to cut cost in the adult beverage area, we ran across some off brand rum that had rebates for buy 2 get $8 back. Each bottle was roughly $8 so it ended up being BIGIF and we were allowed 4 per household. $32 for 8 bottles, not too shabby.

  22. Jen

    I love this thread – I am always looking to save on entertaining and alcohol can be an expensive part of that. My husband and I drink rarely these days, but our friends and family do enjoy drinking when they come over. I love all the tips – and will be using some of these this weekend when we celebrate my brother’s upcoming wedding.

  23. caseymg

    Buy wine by the case. I plan to do this with my beloved Beaujolais Nouveau this year. I’ve been finding it here and there on clearance because it’s seasonal.

    • tracy

      Great job finding it all at this time of year!

  24. Kaitlyn

    As a bartender here are some of my ideas!
    1. Know when to splurge on liquor and when not to. If you drink liquor (vodka, gin etc) straight up or on the rocks you will want to splurge to get what you prefer. If you add a mixer to it then you can use a cheaper brand… especially in something liek a bloody mary!
    2. Most restaurants charge more for a martini, but the majority of the time there is more liquor in the drink so compare the prices to having it on the rocks. You can always order a soda or cranberry in addition. Also look at their specialty drinks… sometimes they price them differently and they can be cheaper (or more expensive).
    3. Always look at the wine bottle list. Sometimes it is cheaper than ordering glasses, especially if more than one person is drinking the same wine. Also, it depends on the state but some let you take home the rest of a bottle. A bottle of wine on average will produce 4.5 average wine glass pours.
    4. Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck. It’s actually not that bad. I personally use it all the time making sangria. For a summer party I use 3 bottles of red (usually merlot), half a can of pineapple juice, half of a half gallon of OJ, a little honey bear bottle, some lemons, limes and oranges and 1/2 cup of sugar. Stir and keep in fridge overnight. DELISH. All for under $15! If being super frugal, serve with lots of ice in a smaller plastic cup (not the oversized red ones) since it does go down like juice people tend to drink more.
    5. Ask for any specials. A lot of chains do drink/beer specials each month.
    6. When buying liquor at the store obviously look for rebates/coupons/specials but the best deal is to buy in quanity. The larger the bottle the cheaper it is. I live in Mass. and I know that each area has their own discount liquor store… you may have to drive a little to get to but when you do you can stock up. If you prefer a certain wine, talk to the store owner/manager a lot will be willing to order you an entire case for a discounted rate. If stored properally wine will last a long time. They can also do the same for liquor and beer.
    7. Don’t order a drink until you eat. On average, people finish an entire drink before their food even comes, then they either end up drinking more (buying more than one drink) or buying another then nursing it through their meal (because they don’t want to order another). In other words, if you get a drink before you eat you will probably drink it faster since it is probably your first drink of the night, your thirsty, your hungry ect. If you are planning on only having one or two have it with dinner so you can enjoy it. Plus you tend to drink slower while eating. Get a drink or get dessert, not both if trying to save money. Creamy chocolate martini’s are desserts in a glass.

    • Wendy

      Thanks for sharing your sangria recipe. It sounds great for the summer. Your advice about drinks at a restaurant are so true. If I am not driving, I have a glass of wine at home as I’m getting ready to go out and I order one glass at the restaurant with my meal.

  25. Wanda

    Keep an eye out on groupon-occasionally they have special prices for wine, and for beer and wine making classes

  26. Denise

    I like to make large batches of mixed drinks with fruit juices, blend with ice and pour into plastic containers with lids and freeze The next time you go to a party or host one pop out your bucket of frozen drinks and chop away into cups. Instant party . For individual serve drinks recycle those small water bottels they work great. One of my favorite cocktail recipes are , 1 part whipped vodka 2 parts Ocean Spray blueberry pomergranite juice, blend with ice serve immediately or freeze for another day. It;s DELICIOUS!!!!! Chears

    • Mom of M&M

      Denise, when you takethe drinks out of the freezer are they slushy? Alcohol doesn’t freeze, correct? But the mixers may so, it’ll be half/half?

  27. Paula O'Brien

    I agree with other posters, if you are willing to have the oop up front, making your own at home is a great money saver. We currently make our own wine, beer and my husband’s version of Wild Turkey (search for diy barrel kits). ALso, for Christmas we love to make homemade Kahlua for friends. =)

  28. renee

    I cant comment on the drinks…since we fall into the non-drinkers catagory, but I do think staying in can sometimes end up costing you more in the end…
    Say for instance you invite friends to come over and you buy the main course, salad, rolls, drinks…and maybe have them bring dessert… I have found we will be close to what we would have spent going out and just being conservative.
    I can only imagine if you have a few friends over for drinks you might end up paying the same since lowering the cost of per drink but adding paying for more than just your own drinks would even it all out.

    • Kris

      Our neighbors all get together on weekends. It’s always BYOB. Then everyone just brings what they have (or whatever they have coupons for!)

      • jennifer

        thats what we do. we have everyone byob that way they have what they like and I dont spend time trying to find the sales. As far as the food cost most of us always bring a dish, chips or paper plates.

  29. Amy Johansen

    Yes my husband and I have been using liquor rebates (there are a TON out there) to fill up our at-home liquor cabinet (which is actually a safe….. lol) , and you know, if you drink a decent amount and/or have friends that come over and like to have a drink then of COURSE it is worth doing!!! I don’t always only get those on rebates b/c some brands never have rebates, so it all depends, but if you can get a rebate, you should! 🙂

    God Bless ~Amy

  30. Amy Johansen

    @Renee: Well, its depends on how stocked up you are! And HOW cheaply you can cook. 🙂 Because of my allergen issues (I have a number of food allergies), my money saving techniques are usually not in coupons, but in catching things on sale or clearance, growing my own produce, AND making most of everything I eat from scratch, and because of this, I can EASILY feed a number of people for very cheaply. I have formulated many of my own economical and delicious recipes. 🙂 And to me, that is the best way to save many IF/WHEN most of the food you could buy from coupons will send you to the hospital if you eat them. ;P

    God Bless ~Amy

  31. Tricia

    Whenever I have a party (a fairly frequent occurance), I have a signature drink. Love the internet for drink recipes. For Mardi Gras, we’ve done hurricanes (NOT from those nasty mixes!), but we’ve also done the old-fashioned Ramos Gin Fizz. For Halloween, a Vampire’s Kiss – cherry vodka or kirsch, black cherry soda, a dash of grenadine, and glasses rimmed in red-tinted corn syrup. For Valentine’s Day, a pink wine spritzer with a berry in each glass.

    The drinks are fun, well-garnished (a candycane swizzle at Christmas?), and all contain plenty of stuff besides the alcohol, which cuts down on costs and the number of guests my teenage daughters have to drive home. Plus you only buy one set of ingredients, which means you can buy the more economical sizes. And a fancy drink makes a party more special – although if you pick a recipe with a lot of steps, I’ve learned to either make a big batch ahead or to bribe a college kid to man the blender for the night!

    • Wendy

      You sound like a fun friend and I love the fact you have your teen daughters drive the guests home at the end of the party.

    • Cat W.

      Now I want your hurricane recipe! I’m planning on a hurricane-themed birthday party since mine coincides with the beginning of FL hurricane season.

  32. Susan

    Principato wine is what they serve at Olive Garden and it is fairly cheap in Arkansas. I live on the border between AR and MO and I can’t buy it in Missouri because Olive Garden won’t let them sell it to MO liqour stores if an Olive Garden is close by :(. However, my closest MO liqour store says Riunite is the same thing.

  33. Linda

    Well I don’t know if anyone posted on this yet, but i usually go on a cruise once a year, (with all the money that i save from ideas here) and when we are in a duty free, tax free port, we buy our liquor there. this year i got 1800 Cuervo tequila for only $15 a bottle. Last year i bought 2 liters of Cuervo gold for only like $10 a bottle. You can usually bring in 2 bottles per person but (if i remember correctly) you can bring up to 4 more bottles of you buy them in at one of the Virgin Islands.Also if you go over the limit it only costs a buck or two at customs. If you don’t cruise maybe someone you know does.

  34. Kris

    Keep an eye out for discounted wine at the grocery stores. My Bi-Lo and Piggly Wiggly will have carts of wine reduced-either because they are not going to carry it any more, or because the manufacturer is changing the labels.

  35. ClaireG

    To save on wine-I set a $5 budget every time I go Krogering and pick out a different wine in the varieties I like, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio(sp). I have been able to try some really good wines and generally always have a bottle on hand. You can save 10% on 6 bottles at any time at Kroger.
    Also, Total Wine has some great deals, coupons in the paper and the 10% off a case I think.

  36. Nikki

    Wegmans has good deals on wine & if you join there shoppers club you get a better price. If you buy 3 bottles they give you a cute reusuable wine caddy similar to the reusable shopping bags. Also, BJ’s wholesale has decent prices on liquor. When throwing a party I usually go to one or the other, or both.

  37. JL

    I work in a restaurant and have bartended in the past. To save money learn how to make drinks w/o the expensive premade mixes. All thats in a mojito is rum, surgar, lime and mint. Grab a mint plant from your local store for $2.00 plant it in your back yard and enjoy. It will come back every spring and you will have endless ideas of what to do with it.

  38. muser

    I coupon so that I CAN spend big bucks on booze! Never spend money on those nasty sugary mixers. Cocktails with fresh squeezed juice taste 10x better! And they’re healthy! Ok they’re not healthy! But neither is all of that sugar in those awful bottle mixers. I enjoy a good microbrew once a week or so, and if that means I’m spending $15 on beer, so be it. It’s the one area I refuse to cheap-out on.

    As for liquor…has anyone else noticed that CVS has really good sales on liquor? Combined with the rebates from the Sunday inserts, it’s the best place to stock-up for a party. Also, the week after Xmas, they sell all of their “holiday themed” booze with Xmas clearance. For example, they had a Christmas Smirnoff Vodka bottle, where the only difference was that it came in a red velvet gift wrap. Underneath it was the same ol’ vodka. Yet we got four bottles for half off!

  39. Lisa

    I buy cheap wine (always under $10, but usually under $8). My local liquor store has “Tax-free Tuesdays” when they discount the tax amount. They also offer a 10% discount if you buy 12 similar items at a time. I can buy 12 different bottles of wine and get 10% off plus the tax discount if I buy on Tuesday. I believe most liquor stores will offer you a case discount. They may require you to buy 12 identical bottles. It’s a lot of money to pay all at once, but, in the long run, if you’re going to eventually drink it anyway, it won’t go bad and it can be quite a deal.

  40. Zack

    Hangtags, hangtags, hangtags. That’s how I save on liquor. And rebate forms. I was combining tags with rebate forms over the holidays to get 6 bottles of Bacardi for free and 4 bottles of Kahlua for $5 each! It is also a good idea to look for drinks that are the current theme. For example, I saved about $20 on St. Patty’s day by buying Irish cream, Irish whiskey and Guinness beer. Grab enough Tequila and Corona for a while on Cinco de Mayo and so on… hang tags are usually abundant around any “drinking holiday”

    Also, don’t neglect the BevMo 5 cent sale, which just ended, but is a few times per year.

  41. odzareven

    This may have already been mentioned as I have not taken the time to read the hundreds of comments, but I was able to partake in a Diageo (the world’s largest alcohol distributer) rebate this past winter. I ended up getting $35 back on 6 bottles of alcohol. I will probably not ever buy liquor without a rebate again. Just have to keep your eyes peeled. Now, wine and beer are another matter because I rarely like major distributors.

  42. Jessica

    One way I have found to frugally enjoy beerfests, wine tastings, and oktoberfests is by volunteering. I enjoy attending these events anyway and most of them have volunteer opportunities where you can work for a couple of hours and they will give you free admission and free beer/wine tokens. I usually do this with a friend so the volunteering part is almost as fun as attending the event. It’s great because it gives you a chance to meet lots of fun people including some of the brewers and wine makers, but the best part is you get to taste lots of really good beer and wine for FREE!

  43. GM Jones

    In Missouri: no alcohol purchase required for beer rebates:

    As a rule of thumb: peel off the rebate, take it home and read it (with reading glasses) because most often the purchase requirement is in fine print.

    Recent rebates required:

    purchase of $10 worth of Bottled water and/or Salty Snacks : I got check from AB for $6
    purchase of $6.01 of deli counter hot foods: I got check from AB for $6
    Purchase of $20.01 in gourmet seafood: pendng, but will receive check from Heiniken for $20

    i remember one required purchase of mixers – Orange Juice, Coke, Sprite, etc. would qualify.
    Oh and right now there is a peelie out there (miller light or Amber bock, I forget which) – has a pic of the beer on front, but is a $2 off 2 diGiorno’s Pizzas. No beer purchase required.

    OH and I hold on to all my reciepts, because frequently I have already made the purchase and need only match it with the receipt!

    Cool beaners, huh???

  44. cyndi

    Just found a $10 rebate on the pizza cooler at my local grocery store, for Miller beer, when you buy at least a 9 pack and 2 Digiorno pizzas get $10 back! The 12 pack of Miller was $10.79 and the pizzas were normal price, however I had a store coupon for both, so I ended up after said rebate with 12 pack of beer, and 2 pizzas (one with with wings and one with cookies) for $12.79 +tax!
    Now I do not drink beer, however I do use it to bake bread! So beer for almost free sounded great to me!!! For some this may be a dream come true! LOL. Good luck on finding those rebates, check your grocer’s pizza case and beer cooler!

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