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Coffee With Collin: Walmart Shopping

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This week’s Coffee with Collin is all about shopping at Walmart. Walmart is a great store for all you coupon newbies as it is what I consider a “basic” store meaning you do not have to worry about Register Rewards, +Up Reward, Extra Care Bucks, buy one get one free sales, Catalina coupons etc.


*If you can’t see the video, go here to watch it.

Hip’s Basic Tips for Walmart Shopping:

(1) Park far away…it’s great exercise and you’re less likely to have to fight over a parking spot.

(2) Subscribe to All You Magazine or purchase a copy at your local Walmart. In this month’s All You Magazine, you’ll find over $75 worth of coupons.

(3) Keep your eyes peeled for those Roll-Back prices.

(4) Read through and print a copy of Walmart’s coupon policy to have with you while you shop. One of my favorite additions to Walmart’s coupon policy is the following: “If coupon value exceeds the price of an item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applied towards the basket purchase.”

(5) Be sure to stop by the travel section to make use of coupons that have no size exclusions.

(6) Know your price points. You may also want to check out this post for some helpful information.

(7) Pick an off time to shop to avoid the crowds.

(8) Read through and print out a copy of Walmart’s Price Matching Policy. Try to keep all your price matching items together in your cart to make for a more efficient check out experience. Be sure to point out the items that you are price matching before they are scanned by the cashier.

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  1. Mandy

    I stocked up on travel sized items today but they refused to take the $1 off any Tide coupon. The cashier kept telling me I couldn’t buy a travel sized with it but it was from the p&g mailer and did NOT exclude travel size. So frustrating

    • Lilibeth

      You should have called the manager or Walmart Corporate there in the store.. If it doesn’t say (excluding trial sizes) then there’s no discussion to be had.

    • Let's Trade Coupons!

      I hate when they don’t understand a coupon. Follow the words people, not the picture!

    • Angie

      The sample size Tide are not made by P&G, I learned that a while back before they started putting excludes travels sizes on every coupon, so when a $2 off any Tide came up, it was a money maker so I went to Walmart and sure enough on the sample packages of Tide it is made by another company. They have small jugs at CVS for a couple dollars in their travel section, try that.

  2. Jennifer W

    I went to Walmart today and did as you said with the floss and for the second coupon the buy 2 $2.50 off/with any one item so with that one i got the flosser and floss to get the overage. I also had a coupon nivea $3 got two of those all for free and with my six bucks i was able to get lysol no touch hand wash refills. I am addicted to the coupon world, but i was very disappointed that my store doesn’t carry all you magizine but i kept the freebies falling into my cart. I even gave out coupons.

  3. Lisa

    Thanks for your advice.

  4. Dawn

    Collin, Just curious…is there a specific spot on your website where we can find all of your “Coffee With Collin” episodes?? I’ve missed some of them and I do type it in the search button but it would be nice to have a section just for that…. just an idea. Thanks, Dawn

  5. Michelle L

    I have a question about Walmart:

    I had a few manufactures coupons for free items (Glade, Ore-Ida). I had been told by someone that Walmart will take off the up to amount from your receipt (example, Glade was up to $3.99) but the actual price of the Glade was around $2.60. Cashier only took $2.60 off for that item. I told her that I had heard I was supposed to get the $3.99 off, but she said no.

    So, what exactly is the rule when it comes to coupons for free items at Walmart?

    thanks Collin!

    • Lilibeth

      their coupon policy says the overage can be granted to other items in the cart. Go to the website, print it and show it to them.

    • KandiSue

      On an ‘up to’ coupon they do put the amount of the item in their store, the coupons they do ‘overage’ on are those that at ‘$3 off’ or similar…

      • Deana

        Yeah they will do overage but like was said earlier its only on the ones that are $2 off any Tide product (or something) and then if the Tide was only $1.50 they would apply the 50 cent overage to the rest of your basket. The ones that say “up to” they wont give you overage because the computer asks them for the price of the item so if they type in $2.60 thats it and they’re not going to lie about the product cost because then the coupon manufacturer doesnt have to honor it and reimburse them.

  6. Lisa M

    I did my first ever coupon trip!!! I’m a newbie, and I’m super psyched that I walked into Walgreens today and got free toothbrushes! I read your Walgreens guide and when I asked if they had any more toothbrushes in stock, the cashier said “no”. I then asked for a raincheck and was informed suddenly they do have some in stock. hmm…. The man brought out two, and when I informed him I wanted four, he told me it was a limit of two. I whipped out my Walgreens ad that clearly stated limit FOUR per customer. I felt very confident thanks to doing my research on this website. I probably wouldn’t have gotten any if I didn’t know to ask for a raincheck!!

    • Lilibeth

      Good for you!! I’ve done that, too. Asked for a raincheck, and suddenly the “out-of-stock” items appear.

  7. Anna

    I really liked this segment. My husband works for Wal-Mart Distribution so we have discount cards and like to shop at Wal-Mart. Your hints will be very useful.

    • ranclars6

      I shop at Walmart every week and use coupons! I don’t have any other store nearby but I save a ton at Walmart!

    • jeanette

      always scan your discount card before coupons and ad matches will not get discount

  8. Cindy

    This is our favorite video, Collin. We love it when you run to the store and get excited how empty the store is………lol!!!

    • Kristi

      This was my favorite part!!!

  9. Miranda

    I have the hardest time with Walmart! MOST of the cashiers are so un coupon friendly! Thanks Collin!

    Now I know where to get the policies.

  10. Mysti French

    You are so cute and entertaining! I’m really hoping that you will do more videos because I’m a newbie and I am learning so much… while enjoying the learning process! Way to go Colin… please keep the videos coming… btw you were mentioned in the October edition of All You and that’s where I found your awesome site!

  11. heli1202

    i was just wondering where did you find those $5 off similac coupon? I have a premature infant and it would be very helpful to know.

    • edy

      There was a 5dlr similac few months ago! Didn’t pay attention to those since we don’t have a baby!! But there on this spanish smartsource they should be coming out were in houston some hispanic magazines have them not sure if I can’t mention the magazine but there free!! Hard to find after extreme cuponing show! Now!! Smartsource Espanol

    • Kristina

      I get the $5.00 off coupons at ours peds. doctors office. There on a tearpad in the info pamphlet sections. Good luck. The Similac website sometimes offers them.

      • Donna

        if you sign up at you can get coupons and checks mailed to your home.

    • Rosie

      Be careful where you get your similac coupons from. I work at a Rite Aid and we have found that people are selling these coupons and changing the 5 dollars to say 15 dollars and they have been scanning only for the 5 and causing alot of headaches. Plus changing the coupon is a scam.

  12. edy

    I been purchasing the all you magazine for sometime now! I been shopping with cupons for 17 years/saw this site ad on the magazine/ and I been shopping/kroger/fiesta/cvs/walmart yesterday my bill was going to be 253.dlrs paid 100.00 I don’t use the computer or don’t know how to check emails but I love ur website trying to get my cousin to use cpns do I have over 30 friends that do! And I let them know where the deals are/love the managers @all my my stores do the right cpns and won’t have no trouble at all my cvs manager said yesterday I’m here to make u happy!! And I love my stock pile when I can walk out of cvs with my receipt being negative where I grab a candy just to paid something!!!!

  13. rosebudds

    Hello, I have been couponing for about four months now and I usually shop at Wal-Mart for the more costly items. I have priced matched a couple of times, but once I did and had a coupon. The register would not accept the coupon and the CSM told the cashier that I could not do the match and use the coupon. I have looked through the policy and I didn’t read anything that specifically stated it could not be done. Does anyone know the answer to this problem or should I contact corporate with this issue?

    • PSEprincess

      I see absolutely no reason the CSM should have denied you. First of all, we’ve all seen (a million times) that crazy “match it” commercial, the philosophy being the few cents Walmart loses out on is more than made up by making that customer happy and ensuring they keep coming back. Second, stores are reimbursed (by the manufacturer) for the coupons, so they aren’t out anything. And don’t let them tell you its not possible on the register. They “price over-ride” to manually enter the competitor’s price. Then, there’s a universal coupon button where they can manually enter the “cents off” (which is usually used for those stubborn coupons that won’t scan). I would asked for the Asst Mgr over the front end. Hope this helps! 🙂

      • pam

        I have had the same problem the manager said price matching was a coupon and you could have only one per item!

  14. Leda

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m new to this coupon world adventure and you’ve made it so understandable! I live in a rural area, I only have a few Mom & Pop stores and Walmart to shop at. I didn’t think I could coupon and save BUT you are wonderful and showed me how! I’m actually looking forward to shopping and SAVING on my next trip to Wally World! thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU! 😉

  15. supermom788

    Was wondering if you can price match and then use a mfg coupon?

  16. supermom788

    For Walmart can you price match and then use a MFG Coupon?

    • cowgirl131

      Yes walmart will do that. I work there so I know. But if they give you grief call for a manager. I have to sometimes at my own store cause cashiers are almost always new.

  17. carolyn

    The cashier at our walmart refused to take my $2off tide coupon the other day. I got out my coupon policy and tried to tell her I could do it and that I had used that same coupon on the trial size at the other wal mart. When I asked to see a manager he told me he overides the coupon policy and walked away from me.

  18. Rae

    I know that technically Wal-Mart is supposed to allow you to price match and combine that with a manufacturer coupon but is there a official Wal-Mart policy that I can print out on that or anything? I get so much grief every time I go into Wal-Mart…..especially on double coupon Tuesdays. Thanks!

    • Ginger

      Do all Walmart’s double coupons on Tuesday or is this a regional thing?

      • Teresa

        Yes, I would like to know this too.

  19. Sonlyfordeals

    Hi Collin,

    As previously stated by Mandy, I was also dissappointed and frustrated when they refused to take the coupons on the travel size after showing them that the coupon does’nt say it is only for big size items, so stopped buying travel sizes from Walmart.

  20. Lisa C

    I tried to use the Vaseline Intensive rescue coupon on the 3 oz size, but my WalMart would not take it.

  21. Christine

    I recently had a very frustrating experience at Walmart. I spent hours planning, finding & cutting coupons, etc… for a VERY long list of groceries that my family really needed. I have severe fibromyalgia so this trip took me almost 2 excruciating hours. I get to the checkout & she rings me up. Then she looks at my pile of coupons & says “We’re not allowed to take any printed coupons”. When I contested, she said the policy changed on Jan 1st. I asked for the manager. He said the same thing & walked away. I was LIVID & left the cart & left immediately, saying I’d be calling Corporate. So I did & they were SO apologetic about it! They reprimanded that particular manager & he called me to apologize!!! I did the happy dance!!!

    • Nancy Oberlitner

      Good for you! I also went to walmart the other day with several coupons. Some were for trial size items that I purchased. Some the register accepted some it did not. Even though the coupon did not specify a size. The checkout girl stated that no overages were allowed and adjusted the amounts of some of the coupons. I was almost certain that Walmart did accept overages and had their policy with me but didn’t get it out to confirm. Now that I know for sure I will not let it slide next time.

    • shelly

      Good for you, i think the walmart employes make up there own rules!

  22. sister mom

    i too work for walmart and have seen prices rise till coupon expirers and then it goes back down. they dont get it that coupons are a big part of there income.

    • ranclars6

      Yes! They get the coupon value back plus $0.08 on top of them! They should want more people to shop there rather than other grocery stores! They should be coupon friendly! That’s where it’s at right now!

  23. Lindsey

    Collin, I have NEVER had problem with Wal-Mart until tonight. I had a BOGO free coupon and another coupon for the item I bought and they would not let me use both coupons. I tried to explain to her that I used the BOGO coupon to get the free item, and I want to use the $1 off on the full price item I have to buy. She said no I was doubling up on coupons and it says one coupon per perchase meaning one coupon for whatever is on the coupon. I told her one coupon was for the free item one was for the full price item. I looked all over walmart coupon policy for examples and it looks like the final say goes to the manager who neither knows how to coupon, or knows the lingo. Can anyone help me with this, does it say anywhere on walmart website about a BOGO manufacturer coupon?

    • ranclars6

      It’s nowhere on their website about the B1G1 coupons. It’s kinda a known factor in the coupon world. You can always use one coupon per item! (unless it says $1/2) But, each item is a purchase! Cashiers often get ‘purchase’ and ‘transaction’ confused!

    • Mags2

      I have noticed they are inconsistent with BOGO’s… sometimes they ring it up as the full Max. value of the bogo even if the item shelf value is less…and sometime they do not. Its so confusing!

  24. Kasia

    Hi, I have a question about printed coupons. My Walmart will not let me use printed coupon if the barcode doesn’t scan. Sometimes my printer doesn’t print the barcodes perfectly. Every other store would just enter the amount manually, but not my Walmart. I barely shop there anymore. Does anyone have similar problems in Walmart? Its employees are the only ones that give me trouble. Thanks a lot!

  25. sherrie

    where do you get those high discount coupons for paper products and meat.

  26. Coupon Newbie!

    I have a question not related to Walmart shopping but just couponing in general.
    I have a coupon for $2.50 off 2 Tampax Pearl or Tampax Radiant. I also have a coupon for $1 off 1 Tampax. I know theoretically I would be able to combine the two coupons but I’m thinking I can’t since the Tampax coupon does not specify the brand.
    Does anyone know this answer?

  27. Is Gold A Good Investment

    Nice tip Collin although we all have different kind of dealing things, I kinda like the way you did out there and coupon was always pain in my arse.

  28. Tory Korecky

    what is a catilna coupon im sorry im just getting into couponing my hubby is in the military im finishing my degree looking to cut cost and i figured we would start by couponing any advice would be awesome i love this site

  29. ghada6669

    my walmart didnt take any coupon more than the price items they told me we cant even manger said the same for ex-gas coupon and for 10$ and 3$ off any shick disposible any on tell me what should i do thnx

  30. Vicki

    I just ran across your site via Pinterest and can ‘Proudly’ say that you and I share many of the same ways of saving money. One way that I save on the All You magazine is to use my Coke Reward points for a free subscription. I receive several magazine subscriptions this way. I also redeem Coke Reward Points for Shutterfly prints. This has saved me quite a bit of money over the last several years. Many family members of mine save the Coca-Cola brand tops and points from cartons and give them to me because they aren’t interested in logging in the codes each week. I GLADLY accept them and put them to good use!

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