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"Hipsters" to the Rescue: Easter Everything

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Since Easter is just days away, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the adorable Easter-themed crafts and goodies that have been sent my way. In addition, if you have a creative idea for an Easter basket, Easter dish, or Easter anything for that matter, please feel free to share it below!

As a recent college grad who is unemployed, you truly help make my life a little easier and brighter. I wanted to share a little Easter basket I made using some of the great deals you have posted in the past couple of months. Using a basket I already had around the house, I made a cardboard backdrop for it using paper scraps to form eggs. Instead of Easter grass, I saved and reused the recycled squiggly packaging paper that had come in a Synovate Panel product I got to test a while back. The recycled paper was yellow and pink, so it worked out perfectly and I did not need to purchase any store bought Easter grass. The baby blanket is from the Totsy deal you posted back in early March and only came to $1.40. The Hershey bar I got for free with the CVS coupon you posted last week for a free candy or beverage up to $2.00, and the M&M Eggs I got for free a few weeks back at CVS as well using the $2/2 Mars candy coupon you posted about. So, basically with a little creativity, I was able to put together this adorable basket for a total of $1.40, all thanks to you.



Want a craft idea that is adorable and eco-friendly?! Then head on over to Happy Clippings to check out these Easter Bunny Bottles. All you’ll need is a water bottle, cupcake liner, Sharpie pen, googly eyes, printable bunny ears and hands, and glue (and a little candy to make them a sweet treat!).



Need a fun centerpiece for your Easter brunch? Consider making this flower arrangement as pictured in All You Magazine back in 2009. Simply gather 2 similarly shaped vases, one 3″ narrower than the other, Peeps, jelly beans and flowers. Insert the smaller vase inside the large; layer jelly beans in the space between the two; arrange Peeps on top of the jelly beans; and arrange your flowers!


OK, so now it is your turn! What are your creative and “hip” Easter ideas?

(Thanks, Stephanie and Happy Clippings!)

Collin founded Hip2Save in 2008 and has over 10 years experience as a deals and lifestyle editor, strategist, and creative copywriter. She is debt-free and has been featured in Parents Magazine, Today.com and MSNBC. Connect with Collin on LinkedIn

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Comments 60

  1. Alea

    What super cute and fun ideas!!! 🙂

    • hannah

      i take starbucks glass bottles and fill them with candy then decorate them with ribbon and srcapbooking suplies around my house. my family always loves these for any holliday!!!!

  2. Lisa m

    I love the peeps and jelly beans…….I made my 25 year old son a basket with samples and freebies I got, he loves it when he comes over he goes shopping in the boxes I have under my bed.

    • Toni S.

      My son is 27 and I still make him an Easter basket. When he comes home, he goes shopping in my attic. I love being able to save him money.

    • Lynn

      Oooh, I LOVE TIP JUNKIE!!!!!!!!!! Her printables are my go-to!

    • pia

      thanks for this tip! i was’nt planning anything much for easter this year, but this is soo cool and extra cute way to go! I already printed the printables

    • Julie

      Thanks for sharing her website! She has some cool printables!

    • Gabrielle

      thank you for sharing!

  3. Darcie

    for the hubs, i’m adding free razors to his easter basket (i usually do this in his christmas stocking too)

  4. Tonii

    For Easter baskets this year I made my kids homemade bubble bath using shampoo I have gotten for FREE 🙂 I also made some cute labels if anyone is interested in doing the same thing, I posted it on my blog at
    Love your blog Collin, and Happy Easter everyone!!

    • Amber R.

      Love this idea!! I have a giant basket in my bathroom filled with shampoo and conditioner samples, now I can use them for something! Awesome idea and super cute labels too 😉

  5. corrieannb

    Oh how cute, I love the Peeps and jelly beans in the vase!!! what a cute idea!

  6. Bethany

    This is our first year having Easter at our house. We didn’t have a lot to spend on it, but still wanted it to be nice. We are having dinner for 7 and it cost us $2.73! Here’s what I did:
    Dinner: My husband receives a turkey from work every year at Christmas, so I saved that to serve at Easter. I am serving green beans that I got for free using the .50 Green Giant coupons (doubled at Meijer to a dollar and used it when they were on sale for $1). The mashed potatoes will cost $1.40 (.10 per potato, plus using soymilk I got for free with the $2 coupon and Land O Lakes butter which was free during the rebate promotion). The strawberries are on sale for 2 lbs at $3.33 and I have a $2 off any $2 purchase, making them $1.33 at Meijer. One person is bringing rolls and the other dessert. For my centerpiece I took a white vase and tied an Easter ribbon around it that I had from a gift last year. I put fake flowers that were from another room in it and surrounded it with grass and plastic eggs from an Easter basket we received last year. In the eggs I put the Snickers chocolate eggs that I got for free at Rite Aid this week.

    • tilla

      wow, good job, that is a great meal for a little money!

      • Bethany

        Thanks! 🙂

    • Heidi S


    • Samantha

      Great job! I’m jealous — my Meijer doesn’t double! I must say they have some awesome deals this week though!

    • Tracy

      Wow! That is wonderful. Congratulations! Good idea on your decorations also.

    • Megan

      Now that is a frugal dinner! I love it!

  7. Kari

    I sell Thirty-One Gifts. This is my first year. I decided to get my son he is 4 a toddler backpack and a Market Thermal Tote The market is the size of a diaper bag I am using those to fill instead of a cheap basket that will be tossed in the trash. Here is my link http://www.mythirtyone.com/42432 or you can e-mail me and I can get you a catalog. Thirty-One does Customer and Hostess specials that change each month. So you can get the items you want on the specials and if you host you can get rewards FREE and 1/2 price items I am in Redlands Ca so if you want to host a party I can help or find you a Consultant in your local city. The area is United States and I do know a consultant that can help for Canada.

  8. kala

    Thanks Collin for the baby blanket deal. I bought 1 but my computer was slow. so I ordered it again. so I got 2 for $2.80. I don’t have baby now but it is great for gift basket.

  9. Mona

    What neat ideas — some people are so creative and I am sadly lacking in that department. I will definitely have a crack at both of the projects photographed. They are wonderful and thanks a million.

  10. emilytwinmom

    I have to admit this year I didn’t coupon and find deals, I have had a very rough few weeks… and for the first time since becoming a mother (12 years now!) I just went to Target because it was close and bought what we wanted for three kids’ easter baskets… and spent over $50. Yep, coupons make a HUGE difference!! I will make sure I don’t do this again next year, getting back on the coupon bandwagon right now!!

    • Krista

      Sometimes we all just have to do the more convenient thing rather than the cheaper thing. We can’t coupon and find deals ALL the time! But, I always end up kicking myself when I don’t do it and realize the money I could have saved. Then I have to remind myself that convenience and time was well worth my $50 this time! Lol!

  11. Teri

    I have always done a hunt for the baskets, but could never come up with creative clues. I’ve searched endlessly on the internet for ones, but I have not found a good site. Does anyone know of one?

    • Emilytwinmom

      I asked if anyone had fun easter baskets last month on our local freecycle site, and we were given some awesome ones!! I love freecycle!

    • Emily

      etsy.com is my go-to for anything cute and personalized, plus, you know the money is going to an actual person not a huge company!

  12. racquel

    Love the centerpeice!!! totally goingt o the dollar store tomorrow to find some cheep vases!

    • anon

      So cute! Thanks for sharing!

      • TCourtney

        I plan to put cheddar bunnies, organic goldfish crackers but shaped like bunnies in my daughters eggs. She loves them, they are bunnies and a healthier alternative to candy. Perfect!

    • Emily

      omg I LOVE IT! I thought the ones with reese’s pieces were cute but this is way more appropriate for a toddler. I will be using this idea!

  13. Dayna

    Here is another cool site that has collected a lot of Easter ideas, includes crafts,free printables, egg decorating ideas, wreaths and recipes. The site is called Tip Nut and here is the Easter section from this year http://easter.tipnut.com/

    • anon


  14. Suzanne Moore Fisher

    Every year it is a big deal for me to make Easter baskets. And I get frustrated with giving them a bunch of junk. This year I bought a Groupon for Klutz craft kits and bought them each a project book. I then found Lindt chocolate easter bunnies, one for each and got some jelly belly’s on sale. Not too much candy but a fun craft. Might not make them super happy but it made me feel better.

    • mamabug

      I got in on the Klutz deal too. I got 3 certificates and only paid $5 out of pocket (referral credits). I used the coupon for subscribing to their newsletter and got a ton of stuff for 22 cents shipped (well, plus my original $5 of course). I bought 9 different things I think. It was awesome! They should be here on Thursday, right in time for Easter!

  15. Gabrielle

    I loved the basket that girl put together! So thrifty 🙂

  16. Patti

    That is just TOO cute!! The peeps and jelly beans, Love it

  17. Tiffany

    What cute ideas!! So this year, between my sister and I, we have 4 kids. Ranging from 18 months to 8. So we decided to do build your own Easter basket. We will have eggs and other goodies hidden in the yard for the children to collect. All of the stuff we have is from RA, and great deals. Nail polish, hair ties, candy, ect! Also did get some hotwheels too. Overall, very inexpensive! Thank you for all your great deals!

    • EJ

      What a fun idea, can you elaborate? are they directed to find things with thier name tag on it or are they allowed to pick 4 of what ever items they want?? Wish the weather would cooperate in Pa, it’s wet and cold 🙁

      • Tiff

        They will all start with a basket and have to find eggs and goodies in the yard. The two older boys will have to find their initals on them and we will help the girls. A couple years ago I picked up special eggs after Easter so we have suction ones, hanging ones ect. We can’t afford to do baskets and a hunt so just going to tell them the Easter bunny hid everything outside. We are in pa too right now only 40% chance of rain, crossing my fingers we don’t have to do inside!!

  18. Toni S.

    I love the Easter Bunny bottles. Darn, we aren’t eating any candy right now, so I gave all my free jelly beans away.

  19. mamabug

    My kids are scoring BIG TIME this year and I’ve spent very, very little on them. We reuse baskets and eggs. I got M&M’s for 50 cents a bag this week at Walgreens. I got free chocolate peeps, free individual M&M eggs as well. I got in on the Barnes and Noble Groupon (and used credits so paid only $5 out of pocket) and got my kids each an Easter book as well as a Webkinz hamster that is dressed like a bunny. I used the mamapedia Klutz deal to get $90 in Klutz gift cards (only paid $5 out of pocket thanks to mamapedia credits!!) and then I combined that with a coupon for 20% off and I ended up with over $105 in products for my original $5 plus 22 cents at checkout. I got each of my kids 3 activity books and I picked up a few extra things for them to share. One will make its way to each of their baskets while the other two are put back for other special occasions. So, for $10.50 I got them each an activity book, book to read, candy, and a Webkinz hamster. Then, I stocked up last year at 90% off after Easter and bought a ton of different candies (hard candies that would keep). I have all of that too and I spent $3 on all of that. Their baskets are overflowing and I spent less than $15 for two kids. I am also giving each a homemade gift certificate to get the wrist bands that you wear and earn credits for exercise. I can’t think of the name of them but I know they will love them. They were another mamapedia deal but I just didn’t get time to get them ordered.

  20. Little Blogfish

    Our Easter bunny leaves a trail from my son’s bed throughout the house. The trail is made of candy eggs and small candies and leads to the bigger prize–a basket of goodies.

    I made a list of the best places to go for the Easter bunny to get deals this week (from Peeps, to Jelly Beans, to baskets). Click my name to go to the blog post.

  21. Tonia

    I take those disposable cone shaped frosting bags and fill them with orange jelly beans that I get from the bulk section of Winco. I use green raffia to tie them off and bingo! Big carrots, perfect for Easter!

    • Krista

      Oh, that is SUPER cute! Totally doing that. Thanks!

  22. TK

    My parent’s always left a trail of Easter Bunny “poop” from the front door to our Easter basket. I think they used Milk Duds. We always thought it was so hysterical that our parents would moan and groan when we ate the “poop.”

    Yeah, we were a weird family, lol!!!

    • Emily


    • Lea

      Love that idea…my boys will get a kick out of it!

  23. LuluD318

    My children and 3 and 4 and every year I try to make their “baskets” functional for them. One year I took step stool and turned it upside-down and filled it with the goodies and wrapped it in cellophane. This year I have the $5.99 Adirondack chairs from Ace Hardware serving as our basket. Last year it was buckets and those worked well out at the lake. They love it all the same whether or not it’s in a basket or a chair. It’s also fun to try to challenge myself to make these creative.

  24. Krista

    We always hide candy filled eggs the night before from the Easter bunny. When the kids wake up, they instantly search for all the eggs. In their baskets, I’m putting one body wash (free at rite aid this week), one toothbrush (free at cvs this week), hair bows that came from The Children’s Place clearance sale a few weeks ago, and the individual candy that has been free the last few weeks.

    Then, Im making up a group basket with the new Sharpay movie, the Bambie movie, 5 bags of popcorn, 5-20oz bottles of pop, and five boxes of movie candy- all of which I got using all the sales and coupons that have been popping up lately.

    Thanks Colin for helping us give our kids AWESOME and fun Easter basket surprises!

  25. amy

    for 4 generations now the easter bunny had been using a spool of yarn attached at to the basket and the other end tapped to the table with my kids names next to their color…they have so much fun winding and twisting and turning under tables and around chairs! They laugh and laugh their anticipation grows as they get closer. They also think that it is so funny the bunny hides thier basket in the car, dryer, bathtub, under the sinks, on the trampoline, etc…best to set up your string right before bed that way you are not stumbling over the string all night! LOL

  26. Robyn

    In the past month I have been able to find some Easter themed books in perfect condition at thrift sales. My daughter is only one so no candy for her and we love to read to her so for only a .25 a piece we could give her something that we can enjoy with her!

  27. Suzanne

    I just want to say “Thanks Collin” – again this year I was able to put together AMAZING Easter baskets with candy, toys, books, health/beauty aids, DVDs, etc. for my 2 children, my friend (adopted “Nana” to my kids – she travels to spend Easter with us and gets a big kick out of getting her own basket) and my husband! This year I even splurged a little and made a mini basket for ME! I’ve been shopping and stocking up since the post-Xmas sales. I ended up with way more than I thought I would and the baskets are STUFFED AND PERFECT! All for so little OOP – thank you again!

    • Suzanne

      Oh, and 1 more thing, a girl I work with just asked me yesterday what I was going to get for my kids baskets. She couldn’t believe that 1. I have finished them already 2. all the stuff they are getting and 3. how little I spent! She’s one of the nay-sayers on coupons so it kind of makes me giggle (okay, evil giggle, I admit it!). She plans to go to Target or some place and just buy whatever they have since it’s getting so late. Ugh, that will cost a fortune but she won’t listen to me!

  28. tilla

    i go out all out for easter and tend to spend a good amount. so I did buy my teenage son 200 dollars in video games but on sale and with discounts I got them for 89 at amazon. His basket will be a garbage can so he might clean his room?!?!!? I purchased caboodle make up cases for the girls (just becoming teens) and they were 25 each. but every stitch of make up and candy going into them is free. I am excited, and they will be too. The 7 year old is getting power rangers I got for 98 cents off of ebay and I’m going to have her basket be a lidded rubbermaid bin to store toys in. Her webkinz and all of her candy is free too. I still spent about 150 dollars because I purchased some high dollar items, but I saved a great deal so that’s good enough for this easter bunny.

  29. Heather

    Each year we have an Easter tradition that the kids LOVE!!!! We make resurrection cookies and resurrection rolls…..if you don’t know what these are… there are recipes allllll over the internet…just google it! The best Easter tradition we have started. Explains the real reason behind Easter for little ones!!!!!!!!

    • anon

      We do this too! It is good to remember the real reason behind Easter. Thanks!

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