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Another Way to Organize Your Coupons…

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I thought I would share this really helpful email that reader, Kirsten, sent over! It basically goes over her favorite coupon organization method. This sounds like an awesome method for those of you who don’t like the binder method.

Here’s what Kirsten had to say:

I’m a frugal, deal loving, coupon MOM of 6 boys (ages 1 to 13) and wife to an awesome husband. I have been couponing for many years now. Your site had been such a great help in finding such great deals to help my family and I. I send old and new couponers to your site, because it is the best. Thank you.

I thought I would just share a picture of a coupon holder I made, that I love. I’m not a fan of the big binder for a couple of reason. The first is that I don’t like to have to cut the coupons so precise so that they will fit in the baseball card holders. This system just uses #10 envelopes that I put labels on. Then I don’t have to cut them that precise. Also with the binder, it is so big and bulky and takes up so much space in the cart, I can hardly fit anything else in the cart (ok, so I’m exaggerating a little, but it is big). If I have my kids with me it’s almost impossible. This system clips on the cart and then I can have room for my great deals and kids (should I have to take them), and my big load of coupons. It is also very convenient to be able to get the coupons out that I need while I am shopping. I have been using this coupon holder for about 4 or 5 months now and have loved it. I have yet to find a cart that it doesn’t work on. It can hang on the side or on the back.

I just got a container that was on sale at Staples that is the size for #10 envelopes. Then I purchase some bathroom hooks from Walmart that have a bit of a round knob or ball on the end to hook on the cart. (I did get shorter screws than what came with it). Then I drilled a hole in the container, put the hooks on it with the screw through it and a nut on the inside of the container. It has a great lid on it so that I don’t lose my coupons and can carry it easy.

Maybe this might help those that don’t like the binder like me. Thanks again for all the great deals. You are awesome.

Thanks for sharing your idea, Kirsten! It’s a great one! 🙂 If you have any other ideas or tips for coupon organization, please feel free to share them in the comments!

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  1. shan

    If you hate your binder methods, chances are you’re using the 9 pocket baseball card page insert!

    I love my 3 inch zipper binder. I coughed up the money ($20.00 shipping included from Amazon) and bought the Ultra-Pro 100 count 8-pocket inserts. Super easy to stuff coupons in these generous pockets. For the printable coupons, just fold in half and slide in the pockets! I got tons of inserts so it’s not unusual for me to put 20 coupons in each pockets.

    I would never recommend nor go back to the 9 pocket inserts. Totally takes out the fun in couponing!

    • Amanda

      What is the link to these inserts you are talking about?

    • Jenny

      I’ll have to check those out, but I love my 9 pocket sheets! LOL! maybe I’m just a dork??? IDK! Ha ha!

    • Pat

      I love it. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. I am currently using an old check box that has seen better days. It is one of those big ones that you kept your used checks in when they were sent back from the bank (probably from the 50’s or 60’s). I might have to try that idea. Thanks a million.


    When I go shopping I get stopped by just about everyone. They say how organized the binder is. it works for me and I stuff my purse under it in the child Seaty thing and flip the pages over the back of the Seaty thing. I find everything I need right away. I have tried the envelope thing and I always forget what I have..

  3. krieger

    Love the idea!! Thanks for sending in the photo. You are very crafty!!!!

  4. Amanda

    I use this exact box. The binder method doesnt’ work for me either. I tried and and found that I put off puttng the coupons away because I didn’t want to fold and clip to make the fit. Of course I have over 70 categories not 10 because I don’t want large categories that make it hard to find a coupon. I also glued a clear packet to the top that has my flyers for matching ads as well as a place to put my RR and ECB’s.

    • Jenn

      What are your 70 categories? I have 30 I think. but that is my thing…. I can’t figure out all the needed categories so I won’t get frustrated with finding the coupons. if you need to you can email me at sunshinegal1974 at hotmail . com

  5. Joanne

    I find the binder to be too big and bulky, but I just switched to a 5 x 7 inch photo album and I love it! I slip coupons into the sleeves, organized by item (pizza, for example) and in rough alphabetical order. I also keep non-grocery coupons together by category (drugstore, shoes)in this album. It’s so easy to find a coupon in the store and also easy to add coupons I pick up in the store. And the album is small enough to put in the seat of the cart with my purse.

    • Anonymous

      I use the photo album too! My mom showed me this method, but I must say I love this box method that is shown!!!

  6. Teresa

    Love this! I always end up throwing my coupons in an envelope or ziploc while my binder stays home. Thank you!

  7. Michelle

    PERFECT! I can’t wait to show my husband the simple hook ‘upgrade.’ I, too, have a box system (I took my original expandable wallet system, cut off the foldover plastic top, and use that as my divider system – has 16 sections) that I am very comfortable with and the only downer was finding a place for it in the cart, especially when the kids are along for the trip. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Jenny

    This looks like more trouble to me. I like having all my coupons spread out on one page. I also like that I can hide my binder in a tote and it doesn’t draw attention to me. I have seen a woman in Walgreens every Sunday with one of these. I don’t know how she does it. It’s just so bulky!

  9. Mary

    where did she find that box?

  10. Jim

    Very impressed with the coupon box and especially the hooks for the cart…
    love the idea of using the kid for a counter weight! lol

  11. kathy

    Genius!! Love all the great ideas everyone has contributed! The hooks on the container are such a fabulous idea!

  12. cassandra

    Thanks for sharing, great Ideas. I’m still struggling with how to get mine organized!! getting a little frustrated, might use this method with modified see through pouches… i’ll get it eventually!!

  13. CeeCee

    Kirsten what a GREAT IDEA!!! Like the old adage says, “necessity is the mother of invention!!!”

    I don’t care for the binder method either because I have problems with my hands. I carry all the coupons (about 2,000-3,000) I really want in an accordian oversized check file in my purse at all times. Bought it from Amazon 4 or 5 years ago, but similar ones are allover now. It has 13 dividers, plus I use the front section for pulling as shop–this all fits on top of my purse in the cart. Granted, I don’t have babies or toddlers that need to ride in the cart either.

    All my internet coupons go directly into a 15 divider collapsable legal sized file (from Office Depot) so they’re easy to find. All my inserts are filed in order of date…because I only remove what I need when I need from them after I initially go through them. Some times I’m lucky enough to get 10-20 inserts a week–some times not–so this is why I only cut them as I use them.

    This method works for me…nothing inventive, but I usually save 60% to 80% on all my purchases and don’t invest too much time doing it.

  14. Lindy

    I, too use the coupon box instead of the binder system. However, I don’t take my entire box to each store when I shop. I pull my coupons that I have matched up with the sale items and place them in a smaller accordian check organizer, which is divided by store tabs. It’s works great because it doesn’t take up much room in the buggy & easy to carry beside the deals out of the store!

  15. Lynne

    I admire your clipping dedication! I’ve run into several shoppers who mentioned they hate cutting Q’s and filing them, etc. I have to agree! I despise the hours of cutting and organizing. Years ago I made a system similar to this, but got so burnt out on always having a pile to clip and file, I abandoned couponing altogether for several months. It was a pain when baby dumped out mommy’s coupon box in the store too, lol.

    Now, I refuse to be loaded down with a 2-ton-binder or rubbermaid bin. It never fails that I see a gal or two parked in Publix aisle flipping through a binder while I shop and checkout. 😉

    Each time I shop, I have my three small children with me. I prefer to make a detailed list and pull my Q’s together before I leave the house. It saves me a great headache at the store and makes my shopping trips quick and stress free! A fabulous tip I read somewhere was to take the inserts from the paper each week, sharpie the date on the front, 3-hole-punch those suckers and throw them in a 3 ring binder. Any printed Q’s go in a small A-Z expandable file (target dollar spot). Each week when I pull my shopping lists from the coupon blogs, I flip to the date and insert mentioned and clip only the Qs I need. Those go w/ me to the store. I do not lug the binder to the store. If I do see a great deal on something not listed, I still don’t have to dig for the Q. I just use Collin’s handy Coupon Database (Love!) and it tells me where the Q is and I can grab that deal later. Just a little idea for those of us who don’t have the time, energy, or organizational skills to clip and file

    • Deb

      I have found printing the coupons on notebook paper and then inserting them in a notebook until needed is very easy. I print the same coupon twice – front/back – of the same sheet, write the exp. date larger in the middle of the page and stick iit in a notebook divided into categories. Easy to flip page, see what will expire soon and only cut coupon when you need it. Notebook paper scans fine at the registers and I have received many comments and some laughs at the idea. As far as coupons from the paper, I take the pages with the coupons I want to keep, punch holes and put in my notebook. I pass the others to my daughter. Avery has the clear envelope pockets that stick to any surface and also has divider tabs. Any loose coupons go in those and I’m set. Easy to see what I have, cut when needed and take to the store. Even if I take the notebook, its only a small ring so its not bulky.

      • Lynne

        Great idea! notebook paper is so much cheaper too!

    • TJ

      I have this same box and love it. The binder method is not for me and I don’t think the box method is any slower. I put my coupons in the #10 envelopes categorized by brand. So it’s quick to just go find that Dove deodorant or whatever I need.

  16. muser

    The secret to the binder method (as Collin notes in one of her videos) is a flexible tote bag that you can put in the seat of the cart (after sterilizing the seat, of course! I watch news programs enough to know what’s on that seat!) Boys, you can do this too. Get a man-bag, put your binder in it with the categories facing up. When you file your coupons make sure the folded ones are facing left. That way you can flip through the binder with ease, without it having to be spread out in the cart.

  17. Juli

    I love my binder & can’t imagine trying to use the box method for couponing! But, I’ve struggled with what to do with the binder when I have my little one with me. I’ve tried putting it in the back of the shopping cart (doesn’t leave much room for anything else), putting it under the seat in front of the cart (end up getting kicked by my son ~ ouch!), and even tried buying a plastic bin large enough that the lid would fit over the end of the shopping cart & I could set my binder on it (that worked pretty good, but my son was still able to reach around & flip pages in the binder). I think this is a GREAT idea!!! I might try to modify it to work for my binder….

  18. trailmama

    i love the binder idea….but only because i don’t file (put in the baseball card holder slot) ALL my coupons in it. only the ones i know my family will use and are of a higher value (for those limited rare double coupon days) everything else goes into an envelope, stuffed into the binder (i mark it my maybe will use coupons) i have to admit that sometimes i will just pull out what i need and match with a sale and just take that to the store HOWEVER, it never fails that i regret it! because there will be a clearance and i won’t have my full binder with me. now that i take the whole binder, i can always stop and reference what i have. today i saw cheer, and gain liquid detergent 50$ off and i had 1$mq that got doubled making it only a 1$ a bottle! thanks everyone for all your ideas 🙂

    • trailmama

      hahah oops 50% off ! not 50$ off! LOL

  19. christine

    Gosh I love all the ideas and pictures. Would love to see more pix on how people organize their coupons. I really like Jennifer M’s (saving shatters) way of organizing. Thanks for the ideas!! 🙂

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