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Coffee With Collin: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Coupon Issues

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HOT! Getting Toasty! Lukewarm Starting To Melt Ice Ice Baby
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WARNING: The first 2 minutes and 22 seconds of this video focus solely on a BIG personal issue of mine (literally!) …it is not pretty and may require you to fast forward.


**If you can’t see the video, go here to watch it.

What is a Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon?

Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupons (also known as BOGO coupons or B1G1 coupons) allow you to purchase one item and Get a second item of equal or lesser value for free! You’ll want to pay special attention to the fine print on the coupon as there is usually a maximum value stated on the coupon (this maximum value is the most that the manufacturer is willing to reimburse the store for the “free” item). For example, in the coupon pictured above, P&G will only reimburse the store up to $3.99 for the CrossAction toothbrush. If the toothbrush is priced at $4.50, you will be required to pay $0.51 out of pocket ($4.50-$3.99) for this “free” item.

How does a Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon work with a Buy 1 Get 1 Free store sale?

With a B1G1 store sale, you are purchasing 2 like items and then automatically getting one item for free when you checkout. Since you are still essentially purchasing 2 items, you can use a B1G1 coupon in conjunction with the B1G1 store sale to get the both items for free (one is free after the store sale and one is free after the coupon). See the picture below as an example. *Important Note: Read your store’s coupon policy very carefully as some stores (most recently Rite Aid πŸ™ ) may prohibit the use of a B1G1 coupon in conjunction with a B1G1 store sale.

How does a $ off coupon work with a Buy 1 Get 1 Free store sale?

Since you are purchasing 2 like items with a B1G1 store sale, you can use two $ off coupons (one that is applied to each purchased item). For example, the Walgreens coupon policy specifically states “When items are featured in a Buy One, Get One Free promotion, up to two coupons can be used against the items being purchased, as long as the net price does not go below zero for the items being purchased.” * Important Note: Read your store’s coupon policy very carefully as some stores may prohibit the use of two $ off coupons in conjunction with a B1G1 store sale.

Can you purchase 2 like items and combine both a B1G1 coupon AND a $ off coupon?

Hmmm…. check out the video above for my opinion and please feel free to share what you think in the comments.

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  1. Jenny

    L-lysine everyday, 1000mg. I would imagine the next time you are tired and stressed out you will not get one!!! But, say you do. Try a loading dose for 4-6 days. This is 2,000-2,500mg throughout the day. NEVER take more than 3,000 in one day (during an episode). The tingling will go away exponentially faster. Abreva was always my mainstay but a couple years ago I misplaced it and could nto stomach buying another tube. Campho-phenique is less expensive, can be couponed, dries it out, numbs it and kills it!!

    See if that helps! Good luck. πŸ™‚

    • momwhocares

      Jenny is right – if you know what a cold sore is and how it occurs. You will learn that Lysine is the way to go. Take it at first sign of tingle and you will find it goes away really fast. Puttin anything on top of the cold sore really doesn’t do anything to help it.

      Here is a copy and paste of a blog post I wrote a while ago on my pregnancy blog about cold sores:
      I can’t say enough about this very effective dietary supplement. It only costs around $4.99 – $10.99 depending on where you buy it and what brand you get.
      Do not fall for the Lysine topical methods as the lysine must get into your cells and work to suppress Arginine from your cells.
      Note: You should always consult your doctor before taking any medications or dietary supplements. This information provided by me is for informational purposes only

      If you are not pregnant: I would definitely recommend using Lysine to treat and prevent the herpes virus. Take two 500 milligrams a day and if you are treating a break out take 1500 – 3000 milligrams a day.

      To treat a break out:
      * At first sign of tingle – take 2 or 3 – 500 milligrams of Lysine to help slow down or stop the break out.
      * Take again in the middle of the day
      * Use hydrogen peroxide on sore (not to be used internally – consult your doctor to see if you can use on external genital area)
      * Keep taking for up to two days after break out has ceased to assure it has been suppressed

      If you are pregnant or nursing: At this time there are no studies available on the effects of taking Lysine while pregnant or nursing. Many doctors will advise pregnant or nursing women to avoid taking this supplement as they have labeled this supplement Class C. What that means is: Any pregnancy class A or B drugs are safe; class C is thought to be safe but not enough tests have been done to fully confirm; class D or lower–stay away!

      Taking this supplement is controversial since their are no human studies, cases or medical files showing that taking Lysine while pregnant or nursing is safe on the development of an unborn child or newborn. However, there are an uncounted number of women taking this supplement each year for the treatment of herpes while pregnant or nursing. There are also many doctors, mid-wives and doulas who will advise their patients to take this supplement instead of any prescription that can be used for the treatment of the herpes virus.

      Herpes breakouts are generally triggered by environmental and emotional triggers – here are some ways to help prevent your break outs: (if you do any of these things, make sure to take the Lysine to help reduce the risk of a break out) Source:

      1.Stay out of the sun, or at least limit exposure. Overexposure to the sun can trigger outbreaks.
      2.Wear sunscreen if you are out in the sun.
      3.Drink alcohol in moderation.
      4.Stay out of the wind as much as possible.
      5.Protect your immune system. Other viruses, such as the flu, can trigger outbreaks.
      6.Make sure to have a healthy diet with plenty of fresh, unprocessed foods.
      7.Take a good, high-potency multivitamin.
      8.Eat foods high in vitamin C or take a supplement of at least 1,000mg daily.
      9.Keep in shape, get enough sleep, do things you enjoy and drink lots of fluids.
      10.Reduce consumption of processed foods, cola drinks, sugar and caffeine, which may increase the chance of an outbreak.
      11.Don’t share a drinking glass, food utensils or a toothbrush with someone who has a cold sore.
      12.Avoid intimate contact such as kissing someone on the lips when that person has a cold sore.
      Also: Stress is a trigger and if you eat a lot of chocolate – chocolate has caffeine, so take lysine to help prevent or reduce the risk of getting a break out. Remember adding these triggers together can make a break out more likely. For example: If you go out to the beach and bask in the sun, drinking soda and eating chocolate during that week, you may find yourself getting a break out. So, take the Lysine to help yourself not get one.
      Sites to get more complete information:
      Lysine and L-Lysine Treatment for genital herpes and oral herpes
      disabled-world. com/health/dermatology/herpes/cold-sore-cures. php

      • momwhocares

        Oh and the hydrogen peroxide helps because cold sore virus is killed with contact of oxygen. So, hydrogen peroxide will put oxygen right into the sore causing it to bubble up and tingle and dry out more quickly.

  2. patti

    I get cold sores, too. Cold sore sufferers unite! They are awful. I have a prescription from my derm when i have a flare-up. just wanted to pass on, cold sores/pimples are always more noticeable for the person that has it…I truly didn’t even notice your sore on your video. People try and tell me that when I have one and never believe them, but it is true.

  3. jennn

    Like so many of you I struggle with cold sores. Kind of nice to hear so many others do too. I am a huge believer in Valtrex. I would not be caught without it. I even carry it with me in my purse in a pill box because the key is to catch it right when you feel the “tingle”. Collin as you were describing your battle with cold sores every word and symptom is exactly what I go through….crazy. You need to give this a try it will change everything. The pain and embarrassement you go through with these things cannot be described unless you get them. It is so worth asking your doctor about.

    • Kari

      Agreed! My entire family gets these things, dad, mom you name it…our family doc puts us all on Valtrex..take when you get the “tingle” is right on the money..fastest easiest way!

  4. v2four

    I normally use the BOGO coupon and X amount off on both at Walgreens and CVS and have had no problems so far using that strategy. some of the grocery stores like Kroger, Randalls and HEB seem to have issues with them, but a little helpful breakdown of the transacation and the reading of their coupon policy will normally straighten them out.

    now as for the cold sores….a lot of over the counter medicines work but they take time, and when you get one of those ugly things on your lip, you want it gone asap….a little old folks secret my grandma gave me that they had to use in the 30’s and 40’s because there was no over the counter medicine then was….drum roll please….YOUR OWN EAR WAX…..YES….it sounds gross, but it works and works fast….just clean your ears with a q-tip, and wipe some of the wax you dug out of your ear onto the cold sore and it will not only be gone, but gone much sooner than Campho or Abervo or Valtrex…

    • Rachel

      I totally agree with the EAR WAX remedy! I heard about this remedy and thought it was insane, but it works much faster than any over the counter treatment out there. Dries up the cold sore before it blows up and becomes obvious to everyone. Have done this ever since and goes away within a day.

  5. Kathy HOgan

    I too have gotten coldsoares all my life! I can tell you that Cashews are a huge issue for me for some reason when I over indulge I get a coldsoare but stress is typically the factor. I have found that COLGATE toothpaste dries them up fast. I usually will put some on it at night and in the moring the swelling is gone! And it is less noticable! Also use abreeva but always always put colgate on it at night it feels better and looks better in the morning.

  6. Stacy Mindrup

    Collin, I also get cold sores. I have just participated in a clinical study for them (which might I add I made $20 a day for over a week just for them to give me some medicine for it and to come to my house to look at my lips) The lady in charge of the study said after I am done with the study that when I get another cold sore I should use SCOPE. Just put that on there 4 times a day….. Interesting. I have not gotten another one since my study but I will try the scope. =) Hope it helps. I feel your pain about having a gigantic sore on your lips. It truly is the worst thing ever! =)

  7. Carly

    omg Colin..u r too funny!! i love how ur r so candid about everything and just put it all out there πŸ™‚ good luck with the cold sore, im sure STRESS has a lot to do with it, so u have my permission to take a whole week to yourself!! ( in ur dreams, right) thanks for all that u do for all of us πŸ™‚

  8. Lana

    My hubby used to have horrible cold sores inside his mouth nearly all the time. His sister had the same painful problem. I read about a study done in Israel where the cold sore sufferers took a sublingual B12 every night at bedtime for 6 months and after that most of them were coldsore free forever. Hubby and my SIL did this and they are cold sore free. For the first few months after the 6 they had a few times when they thought they would get one and took some B12 for a few days and it cleared up without really developing. They have both been free of cold sores for about 2 years now and what a blessing it has been! L-Lysine was something they both took for a number of years but it was no help to them.

    I have an occasional one outside on my lip and I use colloidal silver and is clears it up quicker than anything else I have found.

  9. JLP

    I hope your cold sore gets better. I have never had one….so I have no advice. On the coupon issue, I don’t even think about it….it either works at the store or it doesn’t. If it works then the store thinks it is ok. If it doesn’t work then it is not ok. I let the stores make the rules. I don’t argue if a coupon doesn’t work. Why get stressed about it? If I am getting stressed out over a coupon then I have a big problem and I should pack all the coupons away. Life is too short!

  10. Maggie

    I just want to say you’re the BEST Collin! I love how you stay connected with your morals and do what feels right. I’ve always felt uneasy about using BIGI Q’s along with $ off Q’s and I love that you’re publically voicing your opions about the topic. Keep up the great work!

  11. McKenzie

    I had a cold sore a few months ago and I know exactly how you feel! They are embarrassing and do not leave without a fight. In addition to Lysine, my mom recommended trying Echinacea with Gold Seal. I’ve also heard a lot of people use Carmex. Hope these tips help for a fast recovery!

  12. Laura

    I think this was a great topic to cover. You explained things really well–I feel it really helps to have someone talk you through it vs. reading about it, because I’m often paranoid that I’m understanding the text wrong! I would love a follow-up video that sort of summarizes what you can do with BOGO coupons at individual stores according to their policies.

    In relation to that, I’m still trying to understand the Rite Aid policy update. I get that you can’t use BOGO qs with a BOGO sale anymore, but in reading the policy it sounds to me like they are saying you CAN use a BOGO q and a $ off q together? Is that not exactly what you (Collin) have decided not to highlight anymore? Or am I reading the policy wrong? (This is an example of where someone talking me through it is very helpful!) I’m looking at the part of the policy that says:

    “A customer can use one β€œcents off” coupon in conjunction with the item they are purchasing on a Buy One Get One Free promotion (or with a Buy One Get One Free coupon), although the value of the cents off coupon cannot exceed the selling price of the item.”

    What does it all mean????? πŸ™‚

    • coralie

      i was thinking that i could no longer use both coupons, but then stephanie from stephanie’s savings on fb just addressed this last night. i had been reading it wrong. the part you are reading definitely says that you can use both. this is rite aid’s policy. colin’s point is “was this the intent of the manufacturer?”

      • Laura

        Ahh, I see. Thanks! πŸ™‚

        • Courtney

          My understanding is that using a cents off, and a bogo applies when the store is having the BOGO sale, you can use one cents off, not two (as we have previously been able to do).

  13. hannahgrl

    Your cold sore will go away with in 2 days if you use a product containing benzocaine(sp). However it is spelled, it works quick! It is found in products for cankor sores or near the denture products. The benzocaine dries the cold sore up quickly, and you will notice it shrinking within a few hours. I use a product made by colgate for cankor sores. Good luck!

    • hannahgrl

      I forgot to mention asking the pharmacy about the benzacaine. They are the ones who first reccomended it to me. It’s way cheaper than Abreeva and works 100% faster. The benzacaine can be applied directly to the cold sore, numbs it, and causes it to kind of flake off. I would just rub my finger over the sore which removed any loose flakkes before I re-applied the medicine. I works, I promise.

  14. karmen

    Collin, I have gotten cold sores my ENTIRE life! Literally! I came out as a newborn with them. I feel your pain! Theres nothing more embarrassing than have everyone looking at the what feels like a giant mountain on your lip! I have spent years, and hundreds of dollars on trying to find the best treatment for them and what i’ve come up with is a little concoction that has worked by far better than anything else I’ve tried. And I’ve tried it ALL!!! I have a RX for Valtrex 1000mg tabs and Denavir cream. At the first tingle I take 2 valtrex (repeat in 12 hours and then done) and put denavir on every hour, along w abreva. I have never been able to completely prevent one from forming but I have drastically reduced the size and length of them. This is the only thing I have ever found to even remotely help. The other thing i do is when I know I’m stressed or have gotten a lot of sun I stay away from pop and sugar. Cold sores feed on this and can make them worse. I hope this helps and don’t worry, I’ve learned after almost 30 yrs that YOU can see them but not everyone else sees the mountain on your lip.

    • Karen

      Try Herpacin L chapstick! You can find it at Walmart! My hubby swears by it! He uses it daily cold sore or not to help prevent them!

      • karmen

        Thanks Karen, I’ve tried that before unfortunately with no success. I did forget to mention that I do take acidophilus every day as well, but really diet has been the biggest key for prevention for me.

  15. Dilana

    I appreciate your honesty and standards. You are a great person. Thanks for all the helpful information. Hope your cold sore is doing better.

  16. Hillary

    Collin, Thank you for doing what you believe is right regarding the BOGO. Saving a dollar or even a few is not worth the value of having integrity. It sounds like some BOGO coupons are coded for two items and other BOGO are coded so that they could possibly be used in conjunction with another coupon? Even though the practice could be justified as you explained, I admire your choice and think that you are right to set a good example. Way to go!

  17. Holly

    My understanding of a BOGO is that you have to actually PAY for one item, and that the coupon attaches to both items so you shouldnt be able to use a cents off with it also. So in my opinion using a BOGO store promo and a BOGO coupon to get both items free is wrong. To me its the same as trying to use 2 BOGO coupons to get both items free, it is not what is intended by the manufacturer.

  18. Karen

    Hey Collin!! I’m so sorry you have a cold sore!! My husband gets them quite often as well & he says they’re aweful! So with that being said I have some advice for you! We buy my hubby special chapstick to help with the cold sores! It’s called Herpacin L. I have found it at Wal-Mart & our local grocery store (County Market in Minnesota). He uses it daily whether he has a cold sore or not & it helps him avoid getting them. He’s so sensitive that he will literally get a cold sore if he bites his lip or one of our kids bumps it! So grab some HL chapstick & start using it everyday & you’ll be so much happier when those cold sores don’t show up anymore!!

  19. BamaVicki

    Okay, sweets,,,Try that Abreva and see if that doesn’t take care of it! I had to use this on my daughter a couple of weeks ago & hers trust me, looked WAAAAAY WORSE than yours! And honestly, I could NOT EVEN TELL anything on the video! Honest! So, best wishes to you w/this as I know it is Very Frustrating! Also, I wound up buying my Abreva (with a coupon of course πŸ˜‰ at Wal-mart versus CVS b/c CVS’s was a whole $5 more! HTH ~Love!

  20. Tara

    I get them too when I am stressed out. always on my lip. it’s a virus and the doc can give you pills that will make it go away super fast. get the doc to give you refills so next time one crops up just go get your refill. you’ll probably get them the rest of your life, but it happens to lots of people πŸ™‚

  21. Kat

    Love your blog & videos! They’re so informative & helpful. I do have one question for you, when using a BOGO coupon with a BOGO half off off sale, are you paying for the full priced item, or the half priced item? Thanks!

  22. Alma

    My Hubby gets cold sores. When he feels it coming on he pops it and puts alchol on it. gone in 2-3 days. Thanks for being so ethical in what you do. On another medical note if you have any ideas on how to save money for diabetes supplies let me know.

  23. Amanda

    My hubby gets terrible cold sores and he also uses the Lysine and Abreva…those help but they pretty much just have to run their course. His are chocolate/weather induced so when he know he’ll probably get one he starts the Lysine right away. Tends to help. His will blister up and so gets so grumpy with them, so I understand!

  24. Kassi

    I used to get cold sores a lot, but as I’ve gotten older (50+) I find I don’t get them as often. I tried the Lysine, taking it everyday for a year, still got as many cold sores as usual. Found that Valtrex worked the best. But you have to take it the moment you feel a cold sore coming on. It will lessen the time and severity of the cold sore. In some instances, it prevented the cold sore from even appearing. I usually have my doctor or dentist give me a prescription for 4 tablets, and keep them on hand in the refridgerator for when I feel the tingling. You take 2 tablets at the first sign and then 2 more 12 hours later. Works wonders!

  25. muser

    Using $ off Q with a BOGO Q has never made sense to me. Using two money off Qs on a BOGO sale makes sense because the manufacturer is getting reimbursed for one and the store is making more money than if you were to buy one because they’re getting reimbursed for the Qs. Everyone’s happy!

    In my opinion, using a $ off coupon with a BOGO is akin to using a $1/1 with a $2/2 coupon and only buying two items. We can talk “Q to item ratios” until the cows come home, but the simple fact is that a BOGO Q is for two items and not one. You wouldn’t get the free one if you didn’t buy one to begin with, you clearly have to buy two to use the coupon, so why would you be able to use another Q on the one you bought? Also, why would manufacturers put the coupons right next to each other if they wanted you to use them together?

    Kudos to the brutal honesty in this video, all the way around.

    • olymama

      I was thinking that today too, but actually the store will get the same amount of money either way (other than the 8 cent handling fee). If you bought two $10 items and they were on a BOGO sale and you had 2 $1/1 Qs then you would pay the store $8 and the manufacturer would pay them $2 (plus 16 cents for the handling). If you only used one Q, you would pay $9 and the manu would pay $1. If you only bought one item because there was no BOGO sale, then you would use 1 Q and the store would still get the same amount of money overall between you and the manu, but they would not be giving you a free product. In the end, they will get $10 for that item, but not more (unless you want to count the 8 cents handling). I hope that makes sense.

    • couponville1

      I was thinking but correct me if I’m not getting this right. If it is not a BOGO store sale and you are paying out of pocket for the first item could you get the $0.75 off that first item while using the $0.75 off coupon?

      If the answered is yes, then why does it matter where the money is coming from for the original item? Meaning in a BOGO store / BOGO coupon deal, 1 item is being paid for by the manufacturer and one is from the store.

      Please bear with me, I think on a methodical level so this will bother me if I don’t solve the equation.
      Much love and peace.

      • muser

        I think here’s where the confusion lies. People think it’s about the store, because that’s who gets snippy with us when we’re trying to use coupons, but it’s because they have to process the coupons in compliance with the manufacturers.

        Here’s a scenario that will never happen, but I’m using it to illustrate my point of why the two scenarios are very different, and why one is sometimes allowed depending on the store’s Q policy, yet the other isn’t justifiable to me (even if the configuration of the store’s database allows it):

        Imagine an item costs $500. It is on store sale BOGO. You have (2) $250/1 coupons. All you pay tax. The store may have the item [that they already paid for] onsale, but at the end of the day, the manufacturer is reimbursing them $500 for your coupons, so the store is still making as much money as if you didn’t have any coupons and still bought the same two products during their sale. You could even argue the store loses out because they have to pay an employee to sort through all of the coupons at the end of the week (which I doubt is paid for by the .08/Q handling fee that manufacturers give stores). Some stores (e.g., Meijer, Kroger) do not allow a coupon on a BOGO store sale because they want to avoid the above scenario. Other stores (e.g., CVS) have it in their coupon policy that it is permissible, likely because they already have such a high mark-up that they’re still making out.

        Imagine the same item isn’t onsale BOGO. You have a BOGO Q and a (1) $250/1 you want to use. You are paying the store (who already paid the manu) $250 for two items. The manufacturer now has to pay the store an additional $750 for reimbursement on two items. The manufacturer in this instance is getting screwed, store making out like a bandit. I doubt that manufacturers would put the coupons side by side (e.g., BOGO Gilette Body Wash right next to a $2/1 Q–happens all the time) if they wanted you to use them this way.

  26. Anne

    Our whole family (minus my husband) has gotten cold sores for the past almost 5 years. I think one of my kids brought it home first and then ran through the whole house. At first I did not know what it was. I think that it why it spread like wild fire. This is what our family uses:
    1. We drink Danactives daily. Danactives have probiotics in them. When we are not drinking Danactives we make kefir smoothies. This keeps our gut healthy which makes us more healthy so we don’t get cold sores as often.
    2. Take a good multi vitamin to keep your immune system up. I take Special Two by Now Foods. The kids take Rainbow Light vitamins. The Rainbow Light vitamins have probiotics in them, which is a bonus.
    When we do get cold sores my kids use the Zorivax cream. For the older ones and for myself we use Aclovir or Valtrex in pill form.

    Cold sores are horrible. Some of the kids get them on their lip, and some get them occasionally under their nostril, and one gets them occasionally on their chin. I think it is key to keep your immune system up. Good luck, you are not alone! Our pediatrician told us it is pretty unlikely they will ever have a cure for the herpes virus as it is a constanly changing virus, much like the flu they need to keep tweaking the flu shot because it changes from year to year.
    If you have any other questions feel free to email me! πŸ™‚

  27. Rebecca W

    Collin- thanks for sharing this video! I never felt right using 2 coupons when one was BOGO- I’m glad to hear I wasn’t the only one! Keep up the awesome work…and I hope your cold sore goes away- I didn’t even notice it (even after you pointed it out)!

  28. OUMomof3

    I have always used two coupons with BOGO, one for the BOGO item and one for the other. Your video made me rethink this idea, especially when I’ve ‘read’ the coupon to see if it was coded for both items. (The ONLY time I ever read the coding, BTW).

    I have been searching around attempting to understand the policies better and have been met with confusion. The CIC states that retailers are not to accept both coupons for the transaction. ( However, in the same release, they also state that the value of the coupon should not exceed the value of the purchase which is exactly what Wal-Mart’s new coupon policy allows. This further makes me believe that it is up to the retailer’s discretion.

    I sent an email both to the CIC and to the ACP and am hoping to get clarification on their ideas on this. Thank you for bringing up the subject! I never would have thought about this not being good coupon use and I absolutely hate fraudulent coupon users, it spoils it for the rest of us. Certainly do not want to be a part of that myself. πŸ™‚

  29. Bonnie

    ABOUT THE COLDSORE!!!! I used to get MASSIVE COLDSORES when i got stressed and i had a doctor tell me once to take multi vitamin B everyday and don’t have them anymore.HTH

  30. Jenilee

    Hi Collin!

    I just wanted to let you know that I also took advantage of a Walgreen’s B1G1 deal with a coupon! Walgreen’s is currently running a sale on Old Spice deodorant and body wash. You can buy one and get one at 50% off. P&G released a coupon on Sunday for B1G1 body wash and deodorant. So, I bought my body wash and deodorant both for 2.75!! That’s 1.37 an item! Not too bad for a newbie!

    Thanks for all the helpful (& hip!) tips!

  31. christa d

    I appreciate that you posted that. I am one who has been following your site for a couple years and I did always get that uneasy feeling about those types of deals. Thanks!!

  32. Libby

    Hi Collin, I just went back and watched this video for the second time and I totally agree with you using a BOGO coupon with a manufacturer’s money off coupon. However, I was wondering what you thought of using a manufacturer’s BOGO with a store coupon (like Target) for money off. For example, the degree deodorant in the video have a buy 1 get 1 free coupon. Target also had degree deodorant that had money off. Do you think that you can use that combination (or even two Target coupons with the manufacturer’s BOGO)?

    Thanks for all that you do….you are AWESOME!!

    • Collin

      Hi Libby,

      Great question! I would definitely say yes, you can in fact use store coupons combined with bogo manufacturer’s coupon (as long as the stores coupon policy allows it). So with Target, they do allow you to stack store coupons with manufacturer’s coupons, so you should be able to use a buy one get one free manufacturer’s coupon and a money off Target store coupon on the Degree deodorant. Hope that clears up any confusion you may have had! πŸ™‚

  33. Samantha

    Chiming in late on this one, but I so appreciate your candid approach to using a BOGO coupon along with a money off coupon. I have been exactly the same way. I did it because I saw it on other blogs and reasoned that if they were coded where they could be used together that it was OK, but felt in my gut that it just wasn’t right.

    I think it is totally acceptable to use a BOGO in conjunction with a BOGO sale or with a store coupon if the store’s policy allows it. I also have no problem purchasing an item that is not “in the picture” on a coupon or using one on a trial sized item if the coupon does not specify otherwise. To me, as long as the wording on the coupon and the store’s policy is followed, then it’s all good. When someone uses the BOGO with a money off coupon that is asking the manufacturer to take the hit both times rather than the manufacturer giving a little and the store giving a little.

    I know that as far as coding goes that you can do a lot of different things but to me, that is not ethical and as you said, it is a call that we all must make for ourselves. If a yogurt coupon for example says “save .40 WYB 6″ but is coded in such a way where you only have to buy 2, I would still buy the 6 whether I thought the cashier would call me out on it or not.

    Anyway, not trying to sound like a goody-goody or anything but I am proud that you chose to include your moral dilemma on your video. We all have those moments where it’s like, ” Wait a minute!” and I did the exact same thing you did. Thanks again for the videos and all the great money saving tips.

  34. couponville1

    Hey Collin,
    I hope all is well, I was looking for you on Monday.

    Hugs, Missed ya. πŸ™‚

  35. yellowshare

    I think the ones on the inside of your mouth are called canker sores. Many people call them cold sores, but they are completely different. The cold sores are contagious, whereas canker sores are not. Both may be caused by stress, but they are treated differently. I have never had the cold sores, but have had many friends with them and felt horrible when they had to experience them. I have had tons of problems with canker sores, especially when I drink too much juice.

  36. Harry

    Valtrex! Valtrex! Valtrex! at the first tingle, or as soon as possible. Ask your M.D. for the generic if available; it’s a lot cheaper. I’ve also used alcohol, but after reading some of the above comments, I’ll give hydrogen peroxide a try. I lived 45 years and never had a cold sore, and then, whammy, they’ve come with regularity ever since.

  37. Sara

    Hi Collin
    Let me say i love your website! I just got promoted to a manager at Walgreens about a year ago and it seems to be we have been seeing more and more people using coupons, people having binders, ect. As you know Walgreens came out with a coupon policy recently. Whats frustrating to me is that the coupon policy doesnt say anything about B1G1 coupons. IT only says that you can use 2 manufacture coupons on a B1G1 free sale. My store manager says that they have to buy three if we are running a B1G1 free sale if they have the B1G1 free coupon. That makes alot of people mad! becasue i know we still get money for that coupon so why turn them down. Now i love walgreens but I dont know what to do in this case, We are suppose to make the customer happy but if i do that im not going to listen to my manager.. I would ask corporate but it seems to me walgreens makes rules and doesnt follow them. some stores do and some store dont. another thing i was wonding about B1G1 free coupons is what if the coupon state, DO NOT DOUBLE.. does this mean they cant use them if a store is having a B1G1 free sale?? Thanks so much for your time!!

  38. Couponville

    each store has its own coupon policy and it is important that one reads and understand the policy before you comment as to coupon fraud or not fraud. A while back the issue of BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale came up. Target does not allow that, but other stores do! Couponing can be very helpful to making ends meet but when some people call you out on something that is okay it can be confusing. So, please read and know what is ok in the establishment you choose to patronize.

  39. Bridgette

    I used to get cold sores all the time, mainly in the summer. I started taking Lysene daily and no cold sores. i usually stop in the winter and at the first sign of a cold sore, I start taking it daily again. I personally dont think any topical creams work like they say but Lysene is the way to go!

  40. Crystal DuBois

    My grandma swore by yogurt for cold sores, cankers sores, and sore throats…something about the live cultures. Anyhow, it totally works! try it!

  41. claudine

    Hi, Collin!
    Re: cold sores: I’ve had them all my life (I’m 59) and finally found something that works. I can usually stop them in their tracks with Acyclovir. It is a prescription. Even if I’ve not started taking it right away, it will begin drying up as soon as I start the pills. You can get various strengths, but mine is 2 pills twice a day, 200mg each.
    Great stuff!
    I know how embarrassing they can be, especially on your lip, but take comfort they are not, as some of mine are, just on the edge of my nostril. Those are *really* becoming – not! πŸ™‚
    Good luck.

  42. Mitsviki

    Hey not sure if this is too late but just a quick healthy remedy is to use Indian coconut oil that you can buy from Indian store it will to wonders keep applying and see the magic

  43. Margo

    I’ve had amazing results with a little tea tree oil put on with a q-tip. Like gone in 24 hours or less if I caught before it cracked open…a little longer if it had.

  44. Tracie

    denavir works great, however it is kinda pricey

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