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Direct TV Subscribers: FREE Burger King Whopper

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UPDATE: From reading the comments, it appears if you don’t have a land line it will not work. 🙁

Alright, so here is an interesting way to obtain a Burger King freebie for all of you Direct TV subscribers! Just turn the channel to 111 where you can try and score coupons valid for completely FREE Whoppers! Now please keep in mind that in order to snag these coupons you will need to use your remote buttons and opt-in to the “Challenge”, then watch as a whopper circles round and round. To make sure you are watching, you will have to hit the arrow keys on your remote (in the various directions they show on the TV screen). If you do this for 5 minutes, you will win a coupon for a FREE Whopper or instead you’ll have the option to continue watching to claim up to a maximum of 3 FREE Whoppers!

If you are a Whopper lover, this is definitely the freebie for you! 🙂

* Offer valid to request through 6/20. Limit 3 coupons per Direct TV Subscriber account. Coupons mailed to the address associated with the Direct TV account. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. For complete details, go here.

(Thanks, Super Coupon Girl!)

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Comments 44

  1. Suszy

    This has got to be the silliest way to win free whoppers, but of course, I’m in! lol

  2. monica

    I watched this last night and at the END of watching it said oops ot appears your phone line isn’t connected and I couldn’t claim my free whoppers :/

    • Alicia

      Mine says that also!!!

      • Suszy

        oh shoot! I’m in trouble – mine isn’t connected and I’ve almost watched the whole 30 minutes…. eeks

  3. Mrs.Hall

    I’m doing it now! lol!!!!

  4. K.Manis

    I did this yesterday with my daughter and did the “double or nothing” for 2 free whoppers. We did the “challenge” then hit the button to get the coupons. The screen then said it was “connecting” then after about a minute said that they could not connect to device. My coupons were denied because of it. I may be one of the few who doesn’t have a DVR, I just have the regular satellite box. I think you have to have the DVR and have it connected to your phone line. Needless to say I was pretty bummed, ans so was my daughter.

  5. Chelle

    Yeh, if you don’t have a land line I’m pretty sure this won’t work as I have tried in the past and we are a cell phone only household. HTH.

    • Laura

      Same for me….bummer! Wish I woulda known 🙁

  6. Angie

    Just did it too!!! Did the double or nothing and won 2 free whoppers but it couldn’t connect because I don’t have a land line. I’m so bummed!!! :((

    • Suszy

      I just used about 50 feet of phone line with a connection in between to get this to work – of course, I unplugged the DVR in my efforts. So, now I am watching it all over – those Whoppers are going to taste sooo good after watching them turn for an hour… lol

  7. tosha

    man…i wish i would have read the commens before i just wasted 30 minutes watching a burger go around in circles on a flaming grill.

  8. Chasedawgs

    What if you have a magic jack? I’m assuming it won’t work either. Does anyone know? Thanks.

  9. Sarah

    We did it just now. It didn’t connect. I wonder if you call direct tv and you tell them that you did it would they send you the coupons.

  10. Jennifer Bent

    thankfully, I read the comments and connected the receiver to my phone line. Got 2 free Whoopers! Couldn’t do another 15 min for 3 free – i was getting dizzy. Thanks!!!

  11. Jennifer

    I don’t have a landline, but I do have it hooked up to my wireless router and it worked. It said I would be mailed a coupon. So they either fixed this issue, or it works over wireless.

    • stephaie

      Did u connect wirlessly or did u plug ur router in .. i didn’t know u could do that with them

      • Jennifer

        It was through wireless. I don’t really know how it works, they set it up that way when I got it. They say it’s how I get the DTV Cinema, which I don’t use in the first place.

  12. Mrs.Hall

    Yeah! Got my 2 coupons! Your right….I was getting sick and dizzy and couldn’t go for 3. I watched 15 minutes downstairs and saw the post of having to be connected to a land line. So had to go upstairs to the main TV that was connected and watched another 15 minutes. Total of 30 minutes watching that darn burger spin. But worth it! Hubby and I will get fed in 2-4 weeks!

    Thanks a bunch, Collin!

  13. killerokapi

    I don’t have a land line, mine is connected through my cable modem and it worked! Two free Whoppers are on the way.

    Thanks, Collin 🙂

  14. tkkeast

    Learn from our mistake…my husband pushed the Guide button during about minute 12 to see what else was on TV. After exiting from that, he ended up having to start all over again! We went for 2 whoppers again and decided that was enough for us.

  15. willow67

    I don’t have a land line either and I got 2 coupons. Guess it just depends on how good your internet connection is.

  16. cj

    I don’t understand why I would have a phone line connected to my receiver? I have a landline, but it’s in the one room where there is not a receiver. Grrr!

  17. Nycra

    I have a landline, I am connected to the DVR because my caller ID actually shows up on screen, however you must be able to dial OUT or send OUT info not just receive incomming info… I was denied after 15 min! =-(

  18. sherribaby

    This is a dizzying experience! If you can download on-demand video, I believe you will be able to “complete the program” and win your coupons. You need a strong stomach and the ability to stare at a fake burger spinning on a fake grill (with mayo on it!).

  19. Celie

    why can’t time warner cable ever do anything fun like this?! But awesomeness for those with direct tv and a landline!!! 😀

    • nicole

      lol,that is why we switched from time warner to direct tv. I soooo wish we wouldve switched sooner.We pay $17.00 a month for the best package they have because we had 3 friends sign up and u get $10.00 off your bill for each friend. The picture quality is superior!!!!

      • nicole

        I forgot to say we dont have a landline either. we use our cell phones. I do have a wireless router.

  20. James McC

    I tried from one DVR receive and was denied because no phone line, but used another DVD (newer, HD DVR), and it worked. That one was connected to the internet with a ethernet cable.

  21. silvia

    The epitome of subliminal messaging!!! I was waiting for the devil to come out and onions!! LOL I have 50 seconds to go and I pressed the arrow buttons twice already to indicate that I…AM….STILL…WATCHING…MASTER!!

  22. silvia

    Now I took the double challenge and the lettuce is starting to look like it has eyes and the meat seems to be moving!! LMAO I will not be taking a triple or nothing challenge, will settle for two!!!

  23. emily

    I don’t have a land line and it worked for me. Our internet is plugged into our Direct TV box. Thanks I got 3!

  24. angelic

    yay! just got my 3 free burgers! i admit, i thought i could cheat the system and just walk away lmao but you have to actually sit there- it wasn’t so bad, i just played words with friends while waiting for the prompt to pop up and ask me something. i too connected via my wireless router 🙂 thanks collin!

  25. OhGrowUp

    DH just had the LAN line hooked up to the Direct TV box and sat there watching the burger spin while he was hungry for 30min. At the end of it it tried to connect and it said “bummer failed to connect…”. He had me check the comments here to see if there were any others that tried it with the LAN line. While I was doing that he hit the try it again option and it automatically came up with the Congratulations page that said the coupons would be mailed in 2-4wks. So maybe it just needed a second to recognize that it was hooked up to the internet? Here’s hoping that it works.

    • OhGrowUp

      Edit: LAN cable not LAN line… I got corrected by my hubby.

  26. Kristen

    This was one deal my husband would not let me pass up! Thanks Collin:)

  27. Anonymous

    Direct TV rocks after watching 30 minutes of the rotating burger it would not connect to finish so I called Direct Tv and they gave me a credit on my bill for 15 dollars I am more than ok with that

  28. Renee

    We have Magic Jack and it worked for us. We got a message saying our coupons would arrive in 2 – 4 weeks.

  29. Ashley

    Well I am sitting here watching burgers spin – after reading the posts I ran and ripped up a phone line that was under our carpet to plug into my receiver. I hope that I can fix the carpet before my husband get home from work tonight 🙂 What he doesn’t know wont hurt him. All he needs to know if I have free whoppers coming!!

  30. Toni

    I was shopping at BiLo yesterday on woodruff road, greenville, and on the back of the receipt was b1g1 whopper coupon and b1g1 breakfast sandwich coupon. The burger king they were valid for was right out front of the bilo store. So, got a b1g1 whopper…they stuffed some more b1g1 coupons for all the chicken sandwiches in my bag as I left. Wonderful coupons too. My daughter and i refilled our Kangaroo cups (right next door to the burger king) and we had lunch for 3 bucks. Wonderful deal. Will be using those other coupons and refilling my kangaroo cups for free all summer long now.

  31. jennifer e

    haha… i got a good laugh reading the comments. thanks for a great start to my day! i worked for burger king as a teen and now hate whoppers, but congrats to all those that got their free whoppers. i do remember them tasting rather yummy. too bad that i now get sick every time i smell it.

  32. Zee

    Lol, omg, that was hard earned burgers I tell ya! 😉

    Couldn’t sleep last night, saw your post and got myself 3 burger coupons. It’s time well spent! Thanks Collin!

    • Jeanne

      Got my 3 free coupons coming also. I really started to hate that spinning burger but a great offer by DirectV!

  33. Alma

    Didn’t even see this post…but a couple of minutes agot I checked the temp outside and saw the BK offer. Went to channel 111 and the OFFER IS DEAD…says ALL COUPONS HAVE BEEN GOBBLED UP.

    I can’t believe I didn’t click on it earlier…I’m on the “info” page at least 10 times daily.

  34. WWadeII

    Dang I missed it. Worse is I don’t recall seeing anything on DirecTv to even have somebody tune to 111. Oh well maybe they will have something again.

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