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Extreme Couponing = NEVER Paying Full Price?

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I received the following email from reader, Nicole, and want to share it with all of you…


I just wanted to write to you and tell you of an experience I had the other day. I love couponing and follow your blog and try to jump on the deals as much as possible. It has helped my family tremendously and I am thankful to have this wonderful site to guide me!

I am all for using coupons as much as possible and would prefer not to pay full price if I can avoid it however, the other day my little boy who is in love with the Cars movie spotted a bag of pretzels shaped as cars characters. This bag, of course, was way overpriced but he was so excited that I got them for him. I didn’t think twice about not having a coupon. When another woman in the store saw this in my bag she commented on how she is an “extreme couponer” and would never pay full price for anything. I was somewhat stunned by her comment and saddened by the fact that her little boy, who is about 5, will not be eating those overpriced but special pretzels because his momma is a bit too engrossed in her coupons. I just wanted to thank you for reminding us to keep balanced and not go crazy. I think you posted one time as a challenge to miss a deal because it wont kill you πŸ™‚ Just wanted to mention this and say that although I love my savings, I love my little guys smile a whole lot more!

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  1. Heidi

    I don’t understand how people say they will never pay full price for anything. I have a nice stockpile but it’s not huge, because I wouldn’t let it overtake my life/house. Some things don’t ever have coupons and you have no choice. I hate to over pay or pay full price, but sometimes it just can’t be helped. You can’t stockpile everything!

    • Melissa

      Well said, Heidi πŸ™‚

  2. Tammy

    First, it is not any of this busybody’s business what you are buying for your child. If he likes caviar and you can afford it, then go for it. She does not pay your bills. Secondly, if she considers herself to be a big time “Extreme Couponer” then I suspect that she has not been using coupons for very long anyway. I think some adults feel guilty about the $$$ they have wasted over the years and now they have to throw a little of that guilt onto others.

    This story did bring back some good memories for me. When my two oldest were little (toddler & baby) my husband and I used to shop once per month since we both worked full time plus we own a business. We would travel 30 miles away to a store that had great sales + double coupons and he would keep the little ones busy while I shopped. I guess you could have called me an Extreme Couponer back then because I would buy a ton of groceries (1.5 – 2 carts full) and I had a coupon on practically everything I purchased. (There were more Qs on real food back then.) At the end of one shopping trip, my little boy and hubby showed up with a box of cereal and he was asking for “Teenay Mutin Men Ja Turtle” cereal. Needless to say it was w-a-y overpriced ($3.49, can you believe it? No coupons either) and my first instinct was to say “No” my husband pointed out much it meant to him and I was saving so many $$$ anyway, I decided to splurge and buy this. That was about 25 years ago, and I have never regretted it and it has made for a good shopping memory. This is the same son who will only eat Kashi, so now we are always looking for Qs for those.

    • cara

      I enjoyed your story! Feel kinda guilty since I told my son ‘no’ to full price chex mix last week….but they just released new coupons for those! Yeah, I’ll buy these kid “tummy tickler” juice drinks that are over priced but are cartoon cute and are at least all fruit juice at the grocery store. The nice thing about couponing is you can save on things you need and have that extra money to get that special box of cereal or pretzels!

  3. caroline

    I also think it’s good to remember that BECAUSE you are so savvy with coupons, you have created the margin to afford the special pretzels! From my perspective, the point of couponing is to save money you would otherwise spend so that you have room in your budget (even a few dollars) to purchase the things you really need/want.

    • Angela

      I try to teach my kids that couponing saves us money, so we can spend that money on other things. I don’t mind splurging on items for my kids once in a while. I want them to have a positive attitude about couponing.

      • lara

        i agree 100% with Nicole, I save on the everyday items, so I can treat myself and my family every now and then!

    • Kristi @ A Nest in the Making

      I agree completely. I have a set amount that I get for groceries every 2 weeks. It’s cash so I can’t go over. However, if there’s more cash in the envelope at the end of the 2 weeks, that’s money I can just spend. It’s still for food, but I don’t have to be as careful. It’s like my reward for being frugal and saving money on my normal shopping. That’s my money for full priced special pretzels for the little man (…or maybe a bottle of wine for momma…)

    • Christina

      I agree 1000%! To my husband & I, the goal of couponing has always been to make the best use of the funds we have, so we can afford to enjoy little luxuries, or to save for big ones. I do sometimes wince when I see the price of something my family wants, especially when there’s a cheaper brand or one that I have a coupon for, but as Collin has touched on before, it kind of becomes a matter of principle, being able to let go and say ‘why not? We can afford it!’. It takes a little work to decide just how far is reasonable to go with couponing for your family;I could save tons and tons by forcing my family to eat & use only the products I can get for free/cheap, but what does it matter if it makes them miserable?

    • Anonymous

      EXACTLY couponing let you have stuff you otherwise couldn’t, not be a miser.

  4. Stacey

    I coupon as a necessity. My husband has been out of work for almost a year now and money is tight. We have a 3 1/2 year old and a 1 1/2 year old. I try to save as much money as I can so we can pay our bills each month. Know what?? I would have bought the pretzels too. You try explaining to your 3 1/2 year old that she can’t have the pretzels because Daddy isn’t working. Instead, I will have a happy child and I will skip a treat for myself that I really don’t need (or use a coupon to get a different treat)!

    Also, SOMETIMES the full price item is still less expensive that the higher priced item with the coupon! (yes, I know it is hard to believe)

  5. Aimes

    I prefer the term efficient coupon-er….but kudos to you!!!!!

    • Laurie

      Nice one! Because now days ‘extreme couponer’ has a bad connotation! Kind of funny, kind of sad.

    • Melissa

      Aimes, I like your term. I don’t completely buy into the “extreme couponing” thing. I did sign up on some of those websites but SOLELY for the purpose of learning techniques. I do have a small stockpile of detergents, deodorants, soaps, shampoos, and toothpastes but the key word is SMALL. I’m single, so I don’t need as much as a family of ten! Plus you can’t stockpile things like lunch meat-they’ll go bad after a while! Anyway, I was wondering if I could borrow your term, “efficient couponer.”

      • Aimes

        You can use the term forever and a day dear! *bows graciously*
        I have been doing this for a long time, (I was a single mum for 10 years, so I had to) and I have gotten pretty good at it, but I do not have a lot of space. I love that the show does not reveal every thing about what we do!!!!!

  6. Sarah

    I took a huge paycut to get a job that would allow me to spend more time with my family, and couponing is the only way we could afford to do it. I figure that it means I have more to share with others, and it allows me to get those little things without having to say no or worry about the cost. Item? $3.49. Antics of your child when they get a coveted ? Priceless.

  7. Sarah

    Totally agree with the lady, there are times when splurging on something fun for your kids is so fun for your kids and for you cause they are so excited. Getting to wrapped up into couponing and frorgetting how to have fun is a shame.

    Maybe time to have another CHALLENGE of skipping some deals, because remember they WILL come around again.

    • Dee

      That’s what I remind myself about all the time…The deal will come around again and this time I just have to pass on this one.

  8. Araceli Andrade

    Love this story πŸ™‚ Thank you Collin for making it a whole lot easier for us!!!!!

  9. ilinda

    I love this story and it’s sad but true. I would never say I was an “extreme couponer”. I coupon so that I CAN purchase things like meat…or milk…that I usually can’t always get a coupon for. And for those things like snacks for my kids…occasionally. Another sad thing is those extreme couponers who store up coupons and then clear the shelves of all the “good deals” the day the ads come out. I don’t shop on Sunday…or try not to. But it can be a little frustrating to show up on Monday morning and all the good deals…or FREE deals are completely gone. I can get a raincheck…but sometimes when it is for something I really need or I’m out of…it can be a pain. I try to use this rule of thumb…buy what I need or will use…and then stock up…gradually on the things I NEED to stock up on.
    You are a good mom and sounds like a responsible couponer. Keep your chin up! Seems like you have a good balance going on. πŸ˜€

  10. Moni

    I have been couponing for a couple of years and have grown a manageable stock pile for our family and a few items for donating. It was so exciting this spring when we were able to buy a trampoline for our kids because of the money coupons do save our family. I love being able to splurge once in a while because of the money we save on the necessities of life.

  11. Julie Larson

    I usually don’t respond to your post since I run an in home child care but I totally agree with what this lady is saying. Whenever I over spend it is always on my beautiful babies(4 years and 2 years). I love all you do for us and you feel like a great friend even though we have never met.

  12. Martinigirl

    I coupon to an extent, but alot of things I buy have no coupons…Imagine that??? Somewhere an Extreme Couponer’s head just exploded!!!

    • Linda C.

      ROFL!!! Oh, I am sure that is the case!!!

    • Rebecca

      Very nice! LOL!

    • Heather


    • Lynne Wright

      Love it! ROFL…

  13. Jake

    Like others have said, the woman was out of line commenting on your purchases.
    But I do not feel sad for her boy that he won’t get food shaped to market a movie to children. I think it’s better to teach children what real food is, and to value occasional treats based on their flavor and quality. We should think about the messages we send our children when we make decisions.

    “You’re worthy of occasional treat even if I don’t have a coupon” is a good message. “Food is more awesome when CEO’s get their advertising hooks into the way it’s processed” is a message I avoided with my daughter.

    • Kristen

      Yes, I’m sure that’s the exact thing these kids are thinking when they see cute shaped foods. Darned advertisers and CEO’s. Geez people, let kids be kids, they don’t see everything the way adults can and the SHOULDN’T. I get teaching lessons, but so many parents are going waaay overboard.

    • Bee

      I might would have bought the pretzels as well, but I see your point. It’s not that the kids are thinking about being manipulated into buying themed products, but that is what’s happening. Manufacturers aren’t making car-shaped pretzels out of the kindness of their hearts. They are making them because for a short time they will make WAY more on that bag than a regular bag.

      And to be honest, it’s not the kids who are being duped; it’s the parents. And it can’t be denied that the bag of pretzels becomes “brand associated” to the kid. They will associate with the movie and tell people, “I got CARS pretzels!” Later, it will be that they need actual brands on other products because that’s they way they were taught.

      I do not blame a manufacturer for wanting to make a healthy profit and capitalizing on a trend. But does it say anything that my kids have always preferred gummy snacks that taste good as opposed to gummy snacks in a particular famous shape, etc?

      And, in the end, whether we want to raise brand-conscious children is a personal choice as well.

      No, the lady’s little boy was not deprived (he lives in America, for crying out loud), but she should let other people do what they want. Can you imagine someone in the store commenting every time another person bought beer or cigarettes?

    • jenny

      really liked the quote of being worthy of an occasional treat even if I don’t have a coupon

  14. Maegen

    Don’t you just love how people are christening themselves, “Extreme Couponers”? I bet she’s been doing it for a month, tops.

    I pay full price all the time-sometimes for a particular product, sometimes for convenience, and sometimes because my stock has run-out!

    I have to think these extreme folks are going to burn out…..or their families will!

  15. maria

    So Funny! Last night I told my husband to grab the new DiGiorno Pizza with wings pizza. and he said “No, its not on sale and we have no coupon” to that i said “A whole dinner for 6 bucks?” grab it! lol He smiled and agreed and we got it, Now today I wake to see a $2/1 Q for the same product! oh well, you win some, you lose some πŸ™‚

    • Kara

      You may be able to print out the coupon and take the receipt to the store and get back the $2. At my store if I forget to use a coupon I can take in my receipt and the coupon and they give me cash back. It is worth a try:)

    • jenny

      girl, just buy one with the coupon and put it in the freezer for the next time you want one!

  16. nena

    Nicole, I completely agree with you. In fact you were nicer then I would have been. When people ask me if “im like those people on tv” it actualy irritates me, and in reply i have said “no im normal, im not a hoarder”….to some this may seem harsh but i truly hate that show. I use coupons to save money for more important things, and my sons joy is one of them. That lady is gonna make her son despise coupons as an adult and buy so much becuz he couldnt that he may be in tremendous debt as an outcome to her “lifestyle”. Who likes buying food? toiletries? laundry car? pretty much all things that u use and throw out and have to rebuy? This is where if i can save or get free im all over it and enjoy having a few on hand for the months to come. But when it comes to my pet of choice or my vehicle,or thread count of sheets, etc and certainly what i can give my son to make him a happier child then i ever was I WILL pay full price if needed.Coupons are to help with costs not run your life. I want to teach my son couponing is smart and FUN, not make him hate it. Plus after my first son passed away i realized life is extremely short and i want to have the things i want, if i can afford them and not go without just because “theres no coupon”…having him gone is going without forever so things i have control over i will!! An if that means spoiling the crap outta my son with $3 pretzels i like you will and have, lol. So glad to see that there are others out there on the more normal side.

  17. Christina

    Great story and I am so glad that other couponers still feel this way. I have two sons myself. I two year old and a five year old. I too splurge when it comes to my kids and their happiness. I am so happy this lady bought her son these pretzels. Motherhood and a childs smile is worth way more than any coupon or deal! It’s PRICELESS! God bless all of us couponing Mamas out there!

    Also I love this website and I appreciate everyone’s input and work they put in to it. God Bless the person that started this site. I love Ya!

  18. ella

    Thanks to coupons I saved enough to buy my kids PS3 πŸ™‚ I did not care that I had to pay almost $400 and did not had any coupons for it. I was happy that I saved so much and was able to put a smile on my kids face πŸ™‚

    • Jolene

      I had to laugh as I was reading that. I did the same thing last year but used swagbucks to help offset the cost with the amazon gift cards. My little boy was thrilled to wake up Christmas morning to that. Just a reminder that they have coupons for all sorts of things. This same year we bought our daughter a new laptop with a coupon, sale, rebate check and staples rewards. My father in law wanted to know if we had hit the lottery(kind of hard if you don’t play lol). But I def, agree your purchases are your bus. now if only we could get mother in laws to agree… lol

      • Wendy

        After my husband being unemployed for several months last summer, we told our teenage son we were sorry but there was just no way he was getting anything as expensive as a PS3 for Christmas. Then, my husband got a nice unexpected Christmas bonus at his new job. We used most of it for bills, but we took enough out to put with what we had already budgeted to buy a PS3. Talk about a great surprise. I used Amazon gift cards I got from Swagbucks to get him a couple of games and Bluerays for it. He was shocked on Christmas morning and we had so much fun doing it for him.

        We ended up having to get it at Walmart (it was very close to Christmas and they were hard to find) and it came with a $100 Walmart gift card. I’d been buying my hubby’s presents here and there when I would run across really good deals, but he’s a truck driver & hadn’t really the chance or the money to find anything for me. And… I really didn’t want him taking much out of our budget for my presents (I’m cheap sometimes LOL) When we found the PS3 (for the same price it was everywhere else we found it) with the gift card as a bonus, my hubby cut the deal that he got to use the gift card for my Christmas. So, the price of the PS3 also included $100 worth of gifts for me, which is definitely more than he would have been able to spend. We thought it ended up being a pretty good deal! πŸ™‚

  19. shannon

    Ok so before this show we were just all couponers! But now they added the word EXTREME, I would have made the show named crazy couponers. Thats what it really is, who goes shopping and uses 8 carts? Come on…really? We use coupons to save money for other things we WANT. I take the kids for ice cream or Mcdonalds. Why? because its called life and we need to enjoy it. A good deal is great but stopping LIFE only to use coupons is ridiculous.

    • Tara

      I watched one episode where it was a couple (no kids) and they had so much stuff that every room had piles of stuff. I am all for couponing responsibly, but some of these people are hoarders. I want to save money, but I am not willing to spend 6 hours a day on it. I love my family and want to have quality time with them. I think you are right that the show should be crazy couponers.

      • Beth

        I cannot stand that woman….she IS A HOARDER…..and it is disgusting….there is a huge difference between stockpiling……and hoarding when you no longer have a life because of couponing… are obsessive compulsive….and when you cannot walk around or have space away from your “collections” then you are a hoarder….they NEED TO STOP SHOWING HER………I would rather watch J’aime and her dumb mustard 10 times a day and not that Amanda, or Amber or whatever her name is the one that yells and treats her husband like he is her child……put the damn coupons down and go make a baby….or go get a life….STUFF IS STUFF….we are not taking our stockpiles with us…..I have several hundred deodarants and shampoos….BUT I am not going to forego things like date night or …..(grown up panties needed for the next comment) …….sex……to go shopping with coupons…..keep you Dial bodywash ladies…I am loving on my husband…that lady is CRAZY for real

        • Martinigirl

          Amen Sister!

        • Anonymous

          so glad it’s not just me that doesn’t like her

    • Heather

      you go girlfriend!

  20. Krista

    WOW! Thanks for putting it back into perspective for me. It is easy to get caught up in the “crazy” of it all. ( : Good work. Our kids are a treasure and we need to put them first!

  21. Carmen

    Thanks for sharing this story! Love it and great reminder of whats important. =)

  22. agui28

    Thanks for sharing. Great story.

  23. Melissa Bruere

    Loved this post. i have had similar conversations with people who think i am crazy… I tell them how much i have relaxed about paying full price on things. i save so much that paying full price once in a while doesnt bother me so much.

    I loved this little reminder that we arent all crazy and linked to this article from my blog. I hope you dont mind.


  24. Leisa

    That silly lady! We all deserve treats and sometimes it is worth full price. Really one word is cheap

  25. Melissa

    I’ll be honest-I have been on some of the “extreme couponing” sites but only because I’m new and I’m learning techniques. For instance, today I had a store coupon from Walgreen’s for Edge or Skintimate shave gel, 6-7 oz, for $1.99 PLUS a manufacturer’s coupon for $0.55 off of the same product, so I stacked them (I use shave cream/gel) and ended up paying $1.44. I have four or five cans and I’m single so this will last me a couple of months. However, I did not empty the shelf as I see no need to do that unless I can do something like that and I have a BOGO and they’re down to the last two (happened to me once with toothpaste and once with Comet)…and I’m not even sure that I’d need to do that if I had a family because what about the family that’s got ten kids and they need that item more? And how does that woman pay for things like vegetables and fresh meats-things that you don’t usually find a coupon for?

  26. Susan

    I bought a bag of cars marshmallows today for my little guy, so I’m right there with you. When I save so much on most things, I have no problem buying something special even when I know it’s overpriced. My son, who’s 4, loves Captain America, so I bought him a Capt. America spinbrush (on sale at Target for $4.99). We all know how easy it is to get free toothbrushes, so this was a big splurge for me. But I KNOW he’s going to love it.

  27. Beth

    Don’t they just get digested anyway??? I wouldn’t have paid full price not because I am an extreme couponer ( and I was before that stupid show) but because in my opinion a pretzel is a pretzel and its going to go in and come out of them so it is stupid to pay full price for a food item….a CAR that they can actually play with yes I would pay full price for…..but it was none of her business….nor anyones I would have kept walking…..BUT I also have three STUFFED plastic shoe boxes of about 70 coupons each that I had way before the original snooty chic that IS a hoarder….the toothpaste guy and the lady that went door to door even thought about being on TV I have been doing this since 1991 and it was out of NEED….NOT RUSH

  28. Linda C.

    What a beautiful story. Sometimes you have to give up some “cents” for things that simply just make “sense”.

    Thank you for sharing!!

  29. Jo-Ann

    Glad your son enjoyed his special treat! Couponing helps you live better and your couponing has made it better for you–enjoy! πŸ™‚

  30. terri

    She’s wrong..she is paying a price for all her extreme couponing..the price of her kids’ faces when she always says no.

    • Melissa

      Good point Terri.

  31. Ashley

    I agree with everyone’s comments. The way I look at it, the fact that I use a LOT of coupons on staples for my family allows me to buy special full-priced treats for my kids. I certainly don’t do it every time they go to the store with me, otherwise it would not be much of a treat. I would welcome a stranger’s comment like this because I would love to explain my logic to her!!

  32. Colleen Bell

    I just love this email! Thanks for sharing it!

  33. Anonymous

    I can remember eating those teenage turtle cereal! I know that we didnt have any money when i was growing up but knowing that how much the cereal cost is just a testament to how my mom splurged for us! that was really the best tasting cereal EVER!!! Thanks for bringing that back up to me πŸ™‚

  34. Anonymous

    “I love my savings, I love my little guys smile a whole lot more”


  35. LeAnne

    I wish we had “like” buttons on comments here like Facebook lol! I totally agree with everyone’s comments and just wanted to encourage you to continue what you’re doing!!! Who cares what others say, you little guy is worth more than a coupon!

  36. Kirstin

    I totally agree and wanted to add that I feel like I can splurge now and again because I save so much money on other things. I too try not to pay full price. I cut coupons, garage sale and visit thrift stores to clothe my family and purchase toys, but at the end of the day I want my family to be happy and sometimes that means having to pay full price for something.

  37. stephanie

    I tend to say no to special treats at the store- then again the grocery store has free cookies for kids under 12 and we are saving for an overnight trip to Storyland this summer. If they ask, I remind them of our family plans. So far the amusement park usually wins, I think it helps that we have a graph we color in every week to show how much more we have to save. We are 70% there and expect to go in mid-late August.
    If we didn’t have a family goal then I would be all over the pretzels.
    They want to save for a whale watch after this trip.

  38. Bel

    WOW! I guess you struck a few nerves on this post. haha
    I often use the, “we don’t have a coupon for that,” as an EXCUSE not to buy something that I know my kids won’t like. I know my kids and what makes them happy, and I am also willing to buy things w/o coupons when I realize that they REALLY want something.

  39. Patti

    I will never understand this concept of stockpiling and going into a grocery store and upending containers of products into your cart. How much shampoo, deorderant, etc. can you use? I do not care how many kids you have! Even if you donate stuff, it still is crazy to me. Glad for all the people that do this, to me, there are more important things in life than going crazy over coupons and bargain shopping. JMO

  40. Angela D.

    I gotta say that this is something I have to remind myself of sometimes. You are saving so you can afford those special treats without breaking the bank..I think “extreme couponers” get caught up in the “savings high” that they forget this lol.

    Now I admit I do stockpile toiletries to the extreme..having 100 shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, etc is nothing to us..we have five people in our house alone not to mention a large extended family that really are grateful when we give out our free deodorant, toothpaste, razors, etc..having my stockpile of 40 deodorants means my grandpa doesn’t have to choose between having BO and paying for all his meds ;)!

    As for getting caught by advertising directed towards little kids here is a trick I learned when my 7yr old was ADDICTED to all things DORA when she was little..carry a pack of character stickers with you lol. One time she wanted this Dora cereal that I KNEW she wouldn’t eat (cinnamon flavor which she hates lol) so I slapped a Dora sticker on her Cheerios and all was right in the world again lol..Dora stickers saved many a grocery trip when she was little lol..

    • Angela D.

      Oh and I don’t EVER empty the shelf..either I order ahead with the store or go to several stores over the sale period lol..I hate when ppl empty the shelf lol..

  41. AnnMarie

    Thank you Collin for reminding us to stay balanced!
    I don’t think I would want to be classified as an Extreme anything because that means you’re missing out on something else.

  42. audrey

    Ok, if a person never buys anything without a coupon, so what? Everybody thinks it’s wrong to judge others for not using coupons, but shouldn’t the reverse hold true as well? Some of these comments imply that a person who doesn’t buy full priced items is somehow missing out on life or happiness. As though we should pity these people? Come on!

    This situation is being framed as – “What’s more important, your child’s smile or saving money?” Isn’t it a given that your child’s happiness is more important?! Let’s keep things in perspective – a child does not need every single item he or she wants in order to be happy.

    There is nothing wrong with using a coupon for every single item you buy.
    There is also nothing wrong with NEVER using coupons.
    There is also nothing “crazy” about either one. Both situations can create loving households with happy children.
    Material objects and money (or coupons ;)) do not create happiness!

    • janae

      AMEN! I agree 100% with your comment. I think that how you handle your money is so private and should NOT be looked at so 1 dimensionally. I’m happy to hear that everyone loves their kids (no fault in that of course), but like you said “a child does NOT need every single item he or she wants in order to be happy”. I also understand that we are really only talking about a bag of preztels here, but I agree that it’s important to keep things in persective. Some people make comments that give the feeling that they would NEVER deny their children of something that they want… when Nicole was only talking about a single item (pretzels).
      One point I would also like to make is that parenting is hard, but we’re only making it harder on one another when we decide to become so judmental of one another. Let people save or spend the way that they decide is necessary or appropriate for their families. We don’t know the details of everyones situations or why they save or spend the way they do, so it’s a big big leap to begin judging them based on assumptions and stereotypes.

  43. Amber

    Is Nicole referring to the HUGE bucket of Disney Car’s-shaped Pretzels that are $5.99 @ Walmart?

    • Natalie

      She said bag, not bucket.

  44. Kristy

    Well said!!

  45. jenny

    One thing that helps me when trying to decide if I should buy an item at regular price when I, too, try to buy only sale-priced items is to say, “well, I saved $10 at RiteAid today by buying items on sale and using coupons, so I can use that “$10” saved to splurge on something special at regular price, like a Cars t-shirt for my son who is a fan too. Then, I don’t have the buyer’s remorse that I might have had otherwise. I wanted to share this in case others struggle with the same thing.

  46. Houstongirl

    Why not pay full price to see a smile on your child’s face, and then save on other things that aren’t important? Childhood is so short, enjoy it!

  47. Mindy

    Those Cars pretzels make my 4 year old son’s day & that makes my day! Yes, they are a little more expensive than other pretzels, but they are safe for his allergies & they make him happy. Those two things alone are worth it to me πŸ™‚ I coupon so I can treat him to special things (or DH or myself). He knows he can’t get something if it isn’t on sale or I don’t have a coupon, he usually asks & is usually ok w/ waiting. If I want to use my money, or my coupon savings, for silly Cars shaped pretzels, or anything else, that is my decision!!

  48. Amanda Talbert

    Way to go, Nicole! I know for me, I like to save as much as possible so I don’t feel guilty when I do splurge on something like that for the kids or my husband. That’s something special you’re able to do for others and that is such a treat!

  49. Leslie

    I agree with Nicole here. I would never and have never said the phrase, “We don’t have a coupon for that,” to my children. Part of being a kid is enjoying life and being given a fun treat now and then. Yes, your point is to save money, but your child shouldn’t hold back from being able to express their wants just because they know you don’t have a coupon for a particular item. *Sigh* Very sad. My kids are just as into saving money as I am and we purposely spend and break our cash bills for money for their piggy. They save together in order to buy a big ticket item to share. This weekend, in fact, they are finally getting their trampoline – they saved up just over half and we matched it. Further, we recently decided that our 5 year old will start getting an allowance for taking care of her room, payable every other week on Daddy’s payday and she is responsible for spending or saving it. It is not the concept of saving money with coupons you are teaching your children, rather how to responsibly spend it and when the right time is to splurge and for what reason(s).

  50. Tiffany

    I hadn’t watched Extreme Couponing before, so I chose to watch the season finale online. I am very upset. I want to know how to contact TLC to possibly complain or whatever. The woman, Joni, said “We just walked out of the grocery store with $3100 of stuff for $45.00, if we can do it everyone can do it.” This sends a message that people CAN walk into these stores and get that much for free. Its just not possible, they are lying. NO stores in my area do UNLIMITED doubles. EVER!!!! So, TLC, if EVERYONE can do it, why can’t I???? Why can’t I get unlimited doubles?? Your show tells me I can. Now tell that to Safeway!!! Jerks.

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