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"Hipsters" to the Rescue: Frugal Father's Day Gifts

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Wow! I cannot believe that Father’s Day (June 19th) is just around the corner! With that being said, I have received many emails from readers asking for special and thoughtful gifts that will not break the bank. Check out this email that I received from reader, Tammy Lynn…

Dear Collin-

With Father’s Day only a week or so away, I am in desperate need of a creative, memorable AND affordable gift for my dad. Besides the fact that he has been my biggest supporter throughout my entire life (I am a true daddy’s girl :D), he also taught me the importance of living within my means. I hoping that you or your readers may be able to help me. Thanks so much! Hope that cold sore is getting better!

So you know the drill! What are your ideas/suggestions for Father’s Day gifts?! Even better, if you’re a dad reading this, what would you like to receive for Father’s Day?

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  1. Amanda

    I went to Michael’s and got 3 wooden pic frames for $1 each. Each one of my boys painted one, one for thier dad and one for each granpa. They loved it! Cheap and something for them to do. When I was shopping in Michaels they had some really great fathers day frames and there is a great coupon on their flyer for this week. I would have loved to get one of the nicer frames.

  2. Barbara

    I found a drawing my hubby did when he was six and I had my daughter (who’s 6) draw a similar picture and then I framed them. I hit a clearance at Michael’s for $10 each. That’s was better than the $150 they wanted to frame it.

  3. Jennifer

    Home Depot has canvas nail aprons for under $1. Have kids put a handprint on each pocket. The finished product is adorable, any handy daddy would love to wear it!

    • Mo

      Great idea! I will use this for my FIL’s birthday!! TY!

    • Kristi @ A Nest in the Making

      OMG! THANK YOU! (yes caps, but I’m yelling here!)

      I had no idea what to do for my dad (a wood worker), my f-i-l (a carpenter), or my husband (a guy who works around the house), and this is perfect! We have paint at home already (green), so I can go pick up 3 of these and get my son (16 months old) to “decorate” them. They’ll love it!

      Thank you so much for the great idea!

      • Jennifer

        Yeah! So glad you can use this idea! I have two children so each did a handprint pocket, then just added names and year. Have fun!

  4. Christina R

    I took my old VCR tapes of baby’s ultrasound, first steps, first words, etc to Costco. For $19 you get 2 DVDs made. I kept one of each, and my kids are the second copy to their Dad for fathers day (we are divorced). Fairly inexpensive for 2 DVDs and now kids can see themselves when they were young. PRICELESS!!

    • Laura

      It’s great that you were able to think past your personal feelings and get your ex a wonderfully thoughtful gift on Father’s day that he can cherish for years to come. I wish most divorced families could think like this. (I’m product of divorced parents and a stepmom to two amazing boys).

  5. raazmarie

    I am young I am newly married so i was looking for something inexpensive to give to my father. I decided to go with sweets!! I am making carmel apples, oatmeal cookies on a stick, and pretzel rods all of which are his favorites!

  6. Anonymous

    Great idea about the reese’s pieces jar, daddy is a huge fan of anything reese’s so that would actually be a homemade gift that he’d enjoy! planning to go to Dick’s to get daddy new arrows and some parachute cord as requested. Would appreciate if anyone knew of coupons for Dick’s and could share them. Thank you.

    • Autumn H

      I went to retailmenot(dot)com and found this code ENTXB24 you can check out the website yourself but all I seen on that website was pretty much for online orders like free shipping, just go to the website and type in the store your looking for in the search box and it will bring up all the known coupon codes! HTH 🙂

      • Alyson

        Try There are so many coupons for sporting equipment, clothing, hobby, baby, etc. stores on there. Im pretty sure I have found $ off a certain purchase amount coupons for Dicks on that website before. One day I gave myself a $20 budget, printed off several of the coupons and went shopping. The deals you can find are incredible! 🙂 HTH

    • Sara K.

      I know entertainment books usually have coupons in them like 10 off 50 and 15 off 75 or something like that.

  7. mj

    probably someone mentioned that already but walgreens has that nice Dial men body wash on sale with coupon = 1.30 usd /i used 2 usd off dial body wash from sunday paper/
    smells very refreshing…/its a hair and body/
    also if You have 4 usd off coupon schick razor at cvs they print 4 usd rewards so it is like 80 cents/tax/
    total 3 usd for a litlle gift basket plus candies, card and U re done !
    /i make gift baskets from carton box filled out with old newspaper and then pretty paper and items for displaying on a top

    • jackie

      Im also doing a similar gift basket… couldnt resist with the hot P&G offers at walgreens, and my father needed it.

  8. Autumn H

    Does anybody have any cheap but memorable gift ideas from adult children to their fathers? My husband and I both need to get father’s day gifts for our dads (we don’t have children so most of the cute ideas wont work for us…to bad but now I’ll have some things to remember when we do have kids! 🙂 ) We have already gotten free photo cards thanks to the recent deals but would love something else to add with the card I have a ton of craft things (paper, glue, stickers etc) and have searched and searched the internet with no luck if anybody has any ideas I’m open to suggestions! TY!

    • Ashley

      Bake cookies or make whatever is your specialty. Handmade but not “cute”. A tree is another memorable gift, but they can get spendy and you may want to offer to plant it.

    • kim

      you can make gift certificates for your dad… use some of the craft supplies you have to make a booklet. then put certificates for different things. for example a dinner out at his favorite restaurant, dinner at your house, road trip to somewhere he likes, cleaning of house, cleaning of car and so on. you can put things that will not cost you much or nothing at all. hope this helps.

    • Anonymous still has the remote control helicopters on sale for about $20.00. My husband loves his and they are cheap enough that the older children might be able to get a couple so it can be enjoyed together.

    • Tina

      I have some ideas! Depending on what your dad likes, here are some thoughts:
      If he like sports/baseball-get him two tickets to your local minor league baseball team. Around here, the tickets start at like $5, so it’s definitely a money saving gift, plus you can bond! You can present them like this:
      or if he is into football, or hockey or whatever, you can make him “fake” tickets for now, and write a not that when the sport is in season, you’re taking him to a game. It can be high school. your local college, whatever!

      If he’s into movies-a movie bucket like this:
      or a gift card to your local drive in, or whatever

      For my dad, each Christmas I make him a “kindling bucket”. My parents have a wood fireplace that they love, and I fill a old metal bucket I get at thrift shops with bundles of sticks, glass canning jars full of shells from nuts (walnut shells, pistachio shells, etc.), then bundle up newspaper into squares, and make a bunch of pinecone/wax fire starters. Throw in some of those long matches for a $1, and he LOVES IT! In fact, requests it each year.

      Something I’m thinking of doing for his birthday this August-we have an apple tree in our backyard, so I am going to lightly prune a few branches, cut them up into small chunks, for my dad to use in his food smoker (apple wood gives great flavor!) then make up a few custom bbq sauces and/or rubs and it’s a bbq kit.

      • Deb

        Thank you. This is the most unique gift idea I’ve seen here. I think my father-in-law will enjoy this also, though we’ll have to make it a Christmas gift this year. 🙂 Do you have online directions for the wax fire-starters?

        • Deb

          Heh – I was referring to the kindling bucket. I zoned in on that and forgot that you also made other good suggestions. 🙂

          • Tina

            Good! I am glad that you’re going to do it-it really is a great (and useful!) gift!
            I don’t have a link to the fire starters, but here is what I do…
            Using a double boiler (I use an old coffee can sitting in a pot of water-but you could use a metal bowl from the dollar store sitting over water if you want)-you just want to be sure not to get any water in with the wax! Anyway, in the coffee can, I put chunks of old candles which I break up into little bits. You can buy wax, but I just use what I have. In a years time, I accumulate all sorts of random candles, others get banged up, tapers break, etc.

            So, melt down your wax.

            take your pinecones, and wrap a bunch of cotton string or actual candle wicks (from craft stores) around and leave a tail that can be lit.

            Then I sit them inside of an empty egg carton.

            Then pour some of the wax into the egg carton/onto the pinecones. When they are cooled, just cut them apart, and the entire thing can be burnt!

            It really is great!! You can add whatever. If you have a birch tree, you can add the bark pieces that fall off-they’re great too!! Hope that helps!!!

  9. gymsoccerswim

    A couple ideas…for Mother’s Day, I had my students write about their moms…she is ___years old, she likes ___________, I like it when we____________, she doesn’t like it when I______________and so on. We then used scrapbook paper to mount them with a picture of the student (free shutterfly prints! dollar store paper!) You could do the same for dad.

    A few years ago, my FIL turned 70. I grabbed the camcorder and my 3 boys (ages 12, 10 and 6 back then) and we did a video of “things that are older than Grandpa”…we used things that we know he likes, or that the kids like…University of Michigan, Red Wings, Johnny Cash,CocaCola, Winnie the Pooh, General Motors, the USA etc, with little snippets of a boy or boys saying “_______ is older than grandpa!” holding an appropriate prop (flag, book, guitar) or standing in an appropriate location (in front of their church, the GM dealership, city hall). My youngest did the intro with me, discussing that “there can’t be anything THAT old” and then his brothers stepped in to tell him that he was wrong. The older two then edited it on the laptop and saved it to DVD. All it cost was some time, thought and brainstorming, and the disc, and we had a ten minute or so laugh at the family party with everyone. Of course, Grandpa has to have a sense of humor…

    • Becky

      My daughter’s teacher did the scrapbook idea for mother’s day. I really loved it. It was cute and funny. The teacher had her draw a picture of each page “Her favorite food is_____” “My mom loves to_____” “My mom’s favorite color is________”

      I actually cried. Great idea.

    • Anisha

      Super cute idea! How fun!

      • Jodi

        My 6 year old son’s teacher did that for Mothers Day. I laughed when I read, “In her spare time she likes to–cut coupons!” Ha ha! So true!

  10. kim

    Its too late this year to have shippied in time, but has custom ties for $11.99. If you are even a little handy with photoshop you can make some awesome custom designs. Superheros, kids portraits, sports teams … You can usually find free shipping codes too which makes this an awesome deal!

  11. Kay

    I already gave my dad his present. He always has a handyman to do list or home project to complete. Two Fridays ago I told my dad of the three big projects he had planned for this summer pick one and next Friday, Saturday and Sunday he would get my labor for free. Now I’m not exactly that handy with tools but know what they are called. So, my dad did most of the work while I stood around and handed him tools as well as do the clean up. It was probably the best three days I had in a long time with my dad. I ended up install a spa bathtub with him. This can also be done with spouse, just hand them the tools.
    Labor – free
    Sore Muscle – free
    Time with Dad – Priceless

    • Kay

      I also got brownie points with my mother. She told me I was the best daughter ever.

    • linda

      I love this!

    • Ruth

      That is just precious…what a special gift! As older parents to adult children, there are times when we need “help” and time with our children more than we need another “gift” dropped off on their way to wherever they are going.

  12. Tim

    I am a dad, but not like many that I know…I love couponing…so for me tons of coupon booklets and coupons from newspaper would be great for me. More ink for my printer would be great as well.

    But overall, I think I got the greatest gift ever and it came from the Good Lord: a soon to be 3 year old little boy that we have been fostering since May of 2010 and this coming Monday June 20th, 2011 we are going to be fully adopting him into our family and lives and will be giving him our last name.

    Best part of this gift is not that we have been trying for 5 years to have a child and with God’s love and help we are apple to finally be parent, but the best part is the fact that his biological family met us, they like us, and not only are they happy with us adopting him, they WANT us to adopt and take care of him as our own since they can not due to medical issues. Only thing they ask is to be able to see him through out the year at OUR discretion and that is fine with us.

    So you may not have to by a gift. This of the things that come everyday and the blessings that you may receive on a daily basis and they may be just fine enough for him for father’s day

    • julie

      That is wonderful! Happy Father’s Day!!!
      I am thankful that you have opened up your home to this little boy and given him the gift of a loving family! We wish you the best with your son!

    • linda

      This makes my heart happy! Congratulations. What a wonderful Father’s Day this will be!

    • Jessica

      Congratulations Tim & Happy Father’s Day!

    • Lisa

      Happy Father’s Day Tim! Our family is in the early stages of pursuing adoption and hearing successful and happy stories bring a smile to my face and warm my heart. Enjoy your special day!

    • momziz

      Oh my gosh – it is way too early for you to have me teary eyed. You are truly blessed. Congratulations!

  13. Sean Bockstie

    We have to do free this year, so this is the plan. I’m making a video of the kids and their thoughts about their Daddy. I will ask them interview style questions, I can’t wait to hear their answers. On Sunday morning, we will all get up early, make him breakfast in bed, show him the video and we got the free cards from tiny prints this week! Then church, then we have friends in town….should be a fantastic day!

    • Melissa

      LOVE your idea! My dad used to “interview” us as kids and those videos are hilarious to watch now that we’re all grown up! Think I might have to do that this year too, as we are also on an extremely tight budget. Thanks so much!

  14. Aimee

    Michaels has mugs for $1 with permanant markers I had my son do some personalizing and I’m sure my hubby will love it. One of my favorite Mothers day gifts was a watering can with my boy’s handprints stamped on it. Hope that helps.

    • Jodi

      Yes! I think I will borrow your mug idea. Works for my DH, brother and Dad! Thanks!

  15. Julie Ann

    From the kids: Homemade T-Shirt (handprints)- $2.50 @ Michaels Art & Craft Supply
    From Me: Field & Stream and Rolling Stone Magazine (got code from made F&S FREE & Rolling Stone was $1)
    Deer hitch for truck (free @ Northern Tool Supply w/ my $5 off $5 purchase coupon)

    Not bad for $3.50 oop 🙂

  16. Amber R.

    This project is perfect for toddlers/preschoolers and is great for the fishing dads. Cut out a fish design from tag board. Have the children color it or glue on tissue paper pieces. Then go outside and find sticks that have fallen from the trees. These will be your fishing poles. Tie some fishing line on to the sticks and tape the other end of the line to the back of the fish. I then wrote a note saying “I’m hooked on you dad”. We cut that out and glued it to the side of the fish. After that we filled baby food jars with fish crackers. I then wrote a note on the tag board note card. “Here is a little something for us to “nibble” on as we wait for the fish to nibble our bait”. We then tied the card around the jar with ribbon and taped the fishing pole to the baby food jars.

  17. Tiffany

    My daughter is 20 months. Last year I decided every year for Father’s Day we would make a stepping stone with my daughter’s hand prints. So when we get a house one day to make a path :). Then this year I decided to make a book called “Why I Love You” that every year we add a page. To start the book we added the pages You love me, You make me smile. I added a ton of my favorite pictures of them and her.

    The best part of this is it not too expensive. Last year I purchased the kit for the stepping stone, so I only had to purchase more mix. Then purchased a scrap book, couple scrap book paper and that is it. The best part is, I shopped at Acmoore and used 40% off one item 🙂

    • Amber R.

      I was also considering the stepping stone idea this year, but I am wondering where I can keep them all until we do have a home of our own. Where do you keep yours?

      • Tiffany

        We have a back yard at our apartment so we keep them outside for now, You could always just pack them in a box and store in closet/under bed. I think it will be great to see them as she grows

  18. Abby

    My husband is a huge coffee fanatic, so one of the things I did for him was went on Snapfish and created one of their magic photo mugs with pictures ranging from when our oldest was a fresh new baby up to our newest addition…as well as a couple of cute family shots. They’re randomly arranged on the mug and you can’t tell there are photos on it…until you put hot coffee inside the mug! I put some individual coffee packets and a Starbucks gift card inside. He’s gonna love it! 🙂

  19. Tiffany

    We have a back yard at our apartment so we keep them outside for now, You could always just pack them in a box and store in closet/under bed. I think it will be great to see them as she grows 🙂

  20. kidsallgone

    Friday, June 17th: Hubby’s birthday!!
    Sunday, June 19th: Father’s Day!!
    Monday, June 20th: Our 35th wedding anniversary!!
    Toooooooooooo many gifts to get and to receive….so we’re having a nice, quiet dinner

    • Kristy

      Our Anniversary is on Sunday…7 years. He already got his presents…a new grill! Happy Anniversary to you!

    • Emmy Roberts

      My husband’s bday is today the 16th, Mine is the 18th, Father’s day the 19th, and anniversary the 30th. On top of that July 9th is one son’s and the 12th is the others. Crazy times!!

  21. Hilary

    If you’re crafty, you could sew a tie for dad. You can find free pattern instructions with a Google search. Maybe a child could pick out the fabric or something (Sorry if someone already mentioned this!).

  22. nicole pitcher

    I had my 2 year old twins paint to handle of a hammer and decorate it however they wanted. Then got a bag of nails to go with it and wrote, “when it comes to being a dad…you Nailed it!”

  23. Heather Talley

    I made my husband a photo book of pictures of just him and our kids. Most of them being the special things they have done together. I got an amazing deal on it as well, I was able to use the coupon code Collin posted for Clark Photo labs and snagged it for $1.99!

  24. Katie

    I am so stumped on things for my hubby for this year! His office is out of our home, so there are already pictures of him and our two girls everywhere. He doesn’t wear ties, and he already has 10 coffee mugs (or so!). We don’t have anywhere for stepping stones to go, (which I think I’d appreciate more than him anyway), and I just really have no clue what to do for him from the kids and then also from me!!!! I’ve been asking him for nearly 3 weeks for ideas and anything that might be special for him and he’s given me NO CLUES! I’M STUMPED! 🙁

    • Katie

      Oh, and I did the photo collage of him and the girls and all the things he loves most- us, his motorcycle, dog, etc. for him last year. 🙁

      • vicki

        maybe take him somewhere or do something he would like or even send him off to do something he likes on his own….rather than buying something?

  25. Eileen

    We usually make Father’s Day an event rather than worry about particular gifts. My kids will usually make a craft project like cards or drawings so they have something to “give” to their Dad. After that we plan a great day together…we do his favorite breakfast, plan a picnic in the park, maybe go for ice cream afterwards, or if weather is bad, plan to watch a couple of favorite videos with popcorn and play board games with the kids. We do similar stuff on Mother’s day as well. I think we prefer to celebrate by giving up all those usual household tasks and “things to do” to just have uninterrupted family fun!

  26. Beth R

    This might sound odd to some, but every year since my 3 children were little we’ve decorated underwear for there dad. It started with making tie-dyed t-shirts for him and then the kids wanted to dye everything so we bought undies and dyed them as a funny “surprise” for him. My husband LOVED it and wanted more! He now looks forward to it every Fathers day. We’ve used iron on decals before, fabric markers and the kids made drawings and messages they wanted on them and I even printed off iron on pics of the kids!

    • Ashley57

      LOL that is too funny. I have to remember this as a present for my husband. No one sees them anyway!!

  27. Courtney

    I am cooking a great meal for my father using several things I got for great deals including (Whole roasted chicken – on sale at publix, homemade mac n cheese – from stockpile of noodles, and lots of veggies) it’s the ultimate comfort food meal and I know he will love it because I made it.

  28. Amber

    This year, I typed out 365 reasons why I love my dad. I used a formatting tool and organized them into a yearly desk calendar for his office. Each day he can tear a page off and read yet another reason why I love him and why is so special to me. 🙂 I’m 25 years old and my father is a hard man to buy for as he is not into sports, ties, picture frames, etc. I did a similar thing for my mom on Mother’s Day, except I folded each reason up and placed them all in a jar so so can pull one out everyday and read it. It’s nice because when we talk on the phone, I’ll say ” So… why do I love you today?” and she’ll read what her piece of paper said and we laugh, cry and talk about it 🙂 My father is a little less dramatic, but I know he will appreciate it non-the-less and get great enjoyment out of it for the whole year. Who doesn’t like to be told everyday for a year why someone special to them loves them? 🙂 Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there!

    • vicki

      i love this! and not even because its free but because its more of the way we should celebrate our parents and the people we love…each and every day and from the heart! great idea!

    • dani

      That is the best idea I have ever heard. Where do I get the formatting tool? I want to get started right now for my Dad!

      My son’s bday is Saturday, Husbands is Sunday (also Father’s day) and oldest son’s is Monday. So we do three cakes and go out to eat once. I have almost $100 in RR at Walgreens to spend but don’t have any ideas because what I’d really really love to do is get them each a gift card to someplace they really like but Walgreens doesn’t let you use the RRs for gift cards.

  29. kpalmer123

    Walgreens has a special for today through June 18th for a FREE 8×10 photo collage. You could upload pics of yours kids & their Dad, make the collage, & frame that for a special gift. Just fo to the Walgreens website for the code & to put together your collage 🙂

  30. Terri

    Last year we bought a white t-shirt and some fabric paints. We decorated it with my 6-yr old’s handprints and then she did some of her own art. My husband loved it. The cost was about $20. We used a 40% off coupon at MIchael’s to get the fabric paints.

  31. Dawn McGavin

    Not sure how frugal this is…although it started out being that way…lol! My friend and I took our children to the Detroit zoo and on our way out we saw a kiosk where they would turn your childs handprint into an animal. My husband is a huge Detroit Tigers fan so that’s what we picked. It was only $10 but I changed my mind last minute and got it matted and framed for an extra $25…sigh…it looks awesome butit turned out to be more in the end. 🙂

  32. MommyPants

    My husband LOVES orchids and i”m sure there are many other men who like those types of things. Aldi’s has beautiful ones for 9.99!! They’re huge and totally blooming so we bought one for my husband. He loves it (of course we couldn’t wait). These are normally $20 wherever I see them. We also have a T-shirt that says world’s best Dad and you put their handprints on it. This could easily be made from any T-shirt.

  33. kylie

    My dad travels a lot and is actually just finishing up treatment for cancer right now. He hates reading, but enjoys stories. I live in Turkey, my older sister lives near home, and my younger sister is about to head for college. We are hoping to create a “subscription” type service for him and read one book onto audio for him every other month. That way he’ll be able to listen while driving and hear all of us even though we are far away. And best of all, unless we buy some CDs, it’s free!

  34. Krista

    One year I told my dad I was taking him golfing. He shined his shoes and had his bag ready when I picked him up. We passed a couple of his regular golf courses and he started asking which course we would be playing. I said it’s a private course and it’s a suprise. Well let me tell you he was shocked when I pulled up at a Miniature Golf Course and the entire family was there to golf with him! Truly a Father’s Day he remembered all of his life.

    • Dmkapotsy

      That is hilarious! 🙂 I love it! I don’t golf so if I told my dad I was taking him golfing he would know we were going to play goofy golf! Too funny!

      • Krista

        I almost forgot — he was 60 that year. We had already had a big birthday party, but some of the family could not be there. So this was the after-birthday-party-party. He had to wear his “birthday/father’s day” hat and we tied balloons to his golf club to handicap him. Hey, when you’re adults, goofy golf can bring out the kid in you!

  35. MIsty

    I am making the hubby a cookie bouqet, and a recordable book with my son’s voice. The cookie bouquet is loaded with his favorite chocolate chip cookies, and m&m cookies. along with a few mini snickers here and there. I bought a large beer mug at the dollar store, filled with colorful paper, attached cookied to kabob sticks and arranged in the mug. Attached a few balloons and the bes tpart is my son will be the delivery boy to his work.

  36. Liddy

    Movies $9.00 (livingsocial deal)
    Popcorn & drink @$5.00 ( after Fandango weekly email coupon
    8X10 collage FREE ( from Walgreens)
    Craftsman 53 pc. mechanics tool set ( Reg price $49.99 ) $ 17.03 ( Sears has them on sale for $24.99 – Vocalpoint GC – store pick up)
    Total : $31.05 !
    Thanks Collin!

  37. krystalian

    could anyone ive me some ideas for my soon to be husband for fathers day. We just had a baby girl on june 2nd so he is a new daddy of a two week old but dont know what “we” should do for him

    • Dmkapotsy

      I didn’t do anything big the first year so don’t panic. I also didn’t feel like getting out and shopping with a little one so I did a hand print and a poem and framed it. He keeps it in his office. Here is a link to a good poem or you can make up your own. I hope this helps. Congratulations on your new little one. 🙂

  38. krystalian


  39. Mandi

    A couple years ago I had the kids footprints placed onto a piece of white cardstock. I then printed out the “in your footsteps” poem and placed it in the frame on the paper with the kids footprints. I already had the frame so the cost was free.

    Last year I purchased a collage frame with 4 frames in one. I had Walmart print my favorite pic of each child with their daddy from that year and placed a pic in each slot. I had a poem in the last frame. He loved it.

    This year we’re so busy with preparing our house to sell and move across the U.S. that I’m literally so exhausted that I’m just NOW thinking of what we’re going to do. I think we’re going to make daddy a pillowcase with handprints & the kids name near their print. Then on the opposite side have something like “We’re as lucky as can be….The best daddy in the world belongs to us!”……

  40. Carolyn

    I won a popcorn package from a blog site. I am not a popcorn person but my husband loves it so he will love that! I also got a free razor which he needs. The RC Willey had a great deal on Harry Potter DVD for $8. I also made him a homemade card from Tiny Prints which turned out so cute. I plan to make him a big breakfeast (his favorite) and his favorite dinner, fried chicken. I still plan to ask my kiddos questions about daddy and give that to him.

    For my FIL my husbadn and I found a small flashlight at Kohls for $3 normally $20. I also made him a homemade card as well.

    For my dad my 5 brothers and sisters put in money so he can buy himself a new pair of suglasses because his just broke and he likes the name brand stuff. He is picky to so we thought money would be best.

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