Old Navy: *HOT!* $2 Tank Sale (6/24-6/26)

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Yippee! Old Navy stores are offering up a special treat for Facebook fans. Today only (6/24), head on over to the Old Navy Facebook page, “like” them and then follow this link to snag a coupon good for $2 tanks (regular prices are $8.50-$19.94; limit 10 per customer).

Check out what reader, Lisa, was able to snag at her Old Navy store earlier this morning…

Hey, Collin! I went to Old Navy today to grab the $2 tanks and use my Groupon (separately) and look what I scored!! THIRTY-FIVE, yes 35!!, items for $21 OOP!! The clearance items I picked up were $1.50 or less, most were 47 cents including the cute Star Wars Yoda onesie and star onesie up front. I used my Groupon for the clearance items.

My sister is having a baby soon, and the gender is being kept a surprise. I am going to make a gift basket with the proper clothing once we find out. At least 4 pieces of clothing for $2!!! Can you tell how excited I am??!! I hope your readers find some deals ๐Ÿ™‚

If you don’t have time to head over to Old Navy today, no worries! Old Navy will be hosting a Tankathon Weekend Sale tomorrow and Sunday. From 7AM-9PM on both June 25th and June 26th, you’ll snag tanks in-store in both the U.S. and Canada for as low as $2 and up (regular prices are $8.50-$19.94; limit 10 per customer). Check out the Old Navy Facebook page for more information.

* If you were lucky enough to snag a $20 Old Navy voucher from Groupon, this may be the time to put it to use as the voucher specifically states that it can be used in conjunction with in-store promos (keep in mind though that YMMV).

(Thanks, 4 Our 2 Cents, Coupons Are My Cash, Sherrie, and Lisa!)

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  1. Roger

    You ladies don’t get too tanked, now.

    • jen

      I was in old navy Algonquin, il and they are opening at 9:00am NOT 7am like they do when they have the one day wonder sales. So check your local store to see time.
      They said they are not opening early because this is a two day sale not one day only.

  2. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    What’s YMMV?

    • Collin

      Your mileage may vary. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Megan

    I wonder if you can use the coupon today AND the groupon?

    • Christie

      Doubt it b/c the Groupon said not to be used with any other offers. Wouldn’t hurt to try though.

      • cynthsherm

        The Groupon voucher says that it can be combined with in-store offers…will be interesting

      • Tina

        where was the groupon? missed that1

    • Lisa

      Partially! I went this morning and asked – I was going to buy the tanks anyway because I live in them in the summer. They let me put $10 towards the tanks from the Groupon, the manager explained that the $10 you paid for is like a gift card and the remaining $10 is like a coupon. So they made a note on my Groupon print out that I had $10 remaining to be used as a a $10 off coupon.

  4. Amanda

    My husband went today to get me some of those tanks. They wouldn’t let him use the groupon with the tank coupon. Now he’s very good about guidelines with coupons so he calmly explained to them that the groupon wasn’t a coupon it was actually $20 worth of merchandise. They still wouldn’t let him. Oh well $2 tanks are still great!

    • mc

      I think Groupon $20 for $10 is actually part coupon. I used it last week and my receipt shows $10 off of items before total and $10 as gift card.

      • mc

        I meant $10 for $20 ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Amanda

          Yeah that’s what they were telling him. I know we were able to use them on other in store promotions but they were telling him since this was a one day sale it was different. Hey it can’t hurt to try! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Abby

    I wonder if this includes maternity tanks as well?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Someone posted on the Old Navy facebook post that it doesn’t include Maternity ๐Ÿ™

  6. angie @ the cellar door stories

    i went to my old navy this morning for this deal and was glad i did – they were already running low on mediums in many of the colors. at my particular ON, they did not allow me to use the groupon, and there were really no good clearance deals at all, but still ~ tanktops for $2 ~ great deal! i bought 10 and am planning to pretty some of them up a bit with some embellishments!

  7. Kristen

    Nice! The clearance prices at mine are awful right now, I hope they do the extra 50% off soon! The tank selection for girls was pretty crummy too, only 1 color in a 5T, and they have almost nothing in the girls XS. I hope they’re putting more out tomorrow. I won’t be going, but I know I would be disappointed if I got up super early and there wasn’t anything in stock! Nice selection in Women’s though ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Angela

      My old navy allows you to exchange these items later. Just buy any size or color. Then go back later in the week when they get more instock and exchange them.

      • Kristen

        Thanks, I think I’ll do that. I was mainly looking for girls white ones since she always needs white tanks, so I think I’ll exchange the 2 I got if they restock.

  8. Jennifer

    Yay Lisa! If we weren’t on vacation- I would have already been!

  9. Madge

    the tanks at my local ON were already starting to get picked over, especially in the girls .. and the bright colors for the ladies. LOTS of people had the Facebook coupon!

    as regarding the Groupon — the store manager explained that yes, it’s worth $20, but it’s a combination of gift card & coupon. That’s why you can’t use it with a coupon. YMMV.

    and as a head’s up — Gap Outlet has everything in the store 40% off through 7/6. I also got a email today with a coupon for an extra 15% off!

    • mc

      exactly! If you see receipt then you’ll know that $10 deduction on each item evenly before subtotal and after total $10 as gift card payment.

  10. Allison

    Just got back from Old Navy. They wouldn’t let me use my groupon either. And were actually giving a lady next to me a hard time when she was trying to show her iphone for the coupon instead of having printed it out — which Old Navy had posted on their FB page yesterday was fine. Luckily, I had printed another coupon and handed it to her. Maternity tanks were not included but I’ve found since their tanks are so long anyway, I can just buy a size up and I’m good (I’m 7 mon right now). Also, check your receipts before you leave the counter…apparently there are several color/size combinations that aren’t taking the discount off. I had that problem and a different girl next to me had that problem. My cashier said they were trying to track down the issue and had been instructed to just manually adjust the price.

    • Angela D.

      The dark grey tanks at my Old Navy weren’t coming up the right price..cashiers were yelling to each other to override them lol..also the toddler was severly picked over..NONE in 2T!

  11. sharon

    No go on the groupon for me today. Although the groupon says it can be used w/sales, the Facebook coupon says it cannot be combined w/other promos. Still have a month to use the groupon anyway.

    • mc

      You can’t use groupon with coupon but you can use it with store promotion (means no store coupon required). So I think you can use it tomorrow and Sunday since it’s a store promotion.

  12. Belinda

    I can not print this coupon and it is making me really mad. I printed it but it was a blank page now the dang thing is freezing up on me.

  13. Kristy

    So if you get the coupon, does that mean you can wait till after the sale to ge them for $2 so you have a better selection to choose from? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Kristen

      No, the coupon is for today, but today there will probably be a better selection than tomorrow!

  14. Cindy

    I just back from ON and they told me the ad is for ON credit card customers only. And they wouldn’t take my 10% off coupon. I did tell them the ad doesn’t say credit card customer only so she gave it to me anyway.

    • sharon

      My store had the signs up for tomorrow and people were asking about getting the discount toady but the staff said only if you use or sign up for the ON card. They insisted that was the only way to get the discount today. But when I checked out I just gave them the facebook printout and they rang it up at the discount w/no questions. I think they were told to push the ON card sign-ups.

  15. wendy

    I am going to Old Navy tonight for my Summer Shorts party thanks to Crowdtap. I’ll have my groupon voucher too that I got free with credits! I hope I can find some good clearance.

  16. Tara Craig

    I am so sad I can’t use these online since I don’t have an old navy with in like 8 hours of me =(

  17. cj

    Old Navy did an over-ride and allowed me to use my Groupon, so we got 5 tanks, one shirt and one necklace with an OOP today of $3.29.

  18. Tammy

    How do you get the coupon? I liked them but don’t see anything.

    • Tammy

      Never mind, got it!

  19. ashley s

    I bought mine last week and plan to get a price adjustment tomorrow!! Their policy is within 14 days, Collin posted about this last year.

  20. Priscilla M.

    I just got back from ON and scored 10 Tanks, 5 for me and 5 for my 3 year old daughter. My ON had a wonderful selection of both toddlers and womens tanks and plenty of associates working to help. I also used a 10% survey coupon to score each tank for $1.80!

  21. mada

    so one print out of this coupon can b applied for every tank tops i purchase or i hav to use one coupon for each?

    • Priscilla M.

      Yes, limit 10 per coupon.

  22. Heather

    Just came from Old Navy and made a rookie mistake – didn’t read the coupon very well!! Uggh. The $2 sale is only on SOLID tanks and I read right over that ๐Ÿ™ … I also tried to use my Groupon – no go. It wouldn’t go through…

  23. megaleena

    I couldn’t use my groupon deal with the tank top deal. But still, 10 tanks for $20… you can’t beat that! I live in them during the summer!!!

  24. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I went this am and got 15 tanks for $9.54 and used my Groupon. No problems!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Also got solids and printed tanks. This is the beginning of my back to school clothes shopping.

  25. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I was not able to use the Groupon on the tank deal

  26. Kelli

    You have to be careful with price adjustments, usually with big sales like this they will not do them. Just make sure to read the fine print on the flyer.

  27. Anne

    My store allowed the Groupon with the tank coupon. It required a bit of extra work by the cashier to make it work, but he was great about it! So sorry eveyone else is having a hard time.

    Very limited selction on noon tooday. Can’t imagine there will be anything left by tomorrow.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Mine did too. I told her it was OK if it was not allowed but the cashier use the Groupon without any problems.

  28. Beth

    Got excited about this deal until I printed the coupon and read that it was only on the solid rib-knit tanks.

    • Misty

      Got excited and printed this out until I read coupon only good for today. I was a little mislead by the title of the post that says 6/24-6/26??

      • Tara S

        the coupon was for today, the general public gets those prices this weekend with no coupon needed, hth

  29. Ragan

    You cannot use the Groupon or any other discount on the $2 tanks. The way they arrive at the $2 is by applying a $1 discount and then a $5.50 promo deduction (original price is $8.50). Because of the $1 discount, it voids the Groupon and any other discount (for example: 10% or 15% off coupons.)

    Also, my ON is handing out $5 off $35 purchase that will start tomorrow. According to a Sales Associate, the $35 must be met outside of any $2 tank purchase.

  30. Amy Isaacson

    I can only log in to facebook on my phone not at work. I can’t print it. Is it one of those coupons that some one could e-mail me? AmyIsaacson1212@yahoo.com

  31. Lynn

    Not a fan of their tanks at all – they wear out too quickly, but $2 isn’t bad.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      I’m sorry to hear that they did not wear well you. The ones I picked up today wear very well although I know some of there other kinds are not as durable.

  32. Mary

    I couldn’t print the $5 off the $35 purchase. Anyone else have trouble printing that coupon?

  33. Laurie

    I just got back from Old Navy and was able to buy 10 of the tanks at $2ea. My coupon didn’t print correctly…but I wrote down the important part…the actual promo code…and of course it worked…the cashier let me just give her the promo code. Selection was a little limited…very few mediums….and no bright colors left in M or L…still worth it to me as I live in these tanks in the summer!!!

  34. Rie

    Beware: the cashier had to manually override each tank top to $2. After paying, I realized that she missed one and charged me the regular price. Luckily I was still in the store when I caught the mistake but I did have to wait in that line again though.

  35. Melissa S.

    does anyone know if they sell men’s tanks and do you know if they are included in the tank sale?

  36. Amber

    I went this afternoon and bought Black, Navy, and Charcoal tanks @ $2 ea and some sandals clearanced for $5.99, only spent $12!

    @ MELISSA S, I dont think Mens tanks are $2 .. coupon states Womens, Girls, and Toddlers)

    • Melissa S.

      Thank you. My brother was hoping to get in on the deal. Oh well.

  37. Amber

    Orig. Price is $7.50 on tanks, so $2 is a GREAT DEAL!!!!!!!!!

  38. Tara S

    i got 9 tanks today (one wasnt rung up and i wasnt stressing because there was a long line) they had a table of tanks that i love (they have a little lace on it) and winter sweaters for .49 and 1.99!! i grabbed a couple tanks, they only had xl so they will be nighttime wear and they only had small and xs sweaters, no way the tatas would fit in that ๐Ÿ™‚ happy shopping!

  39. olivia davis

    We went tonight at the Huntington Mall and bought 31 clearance baby items AND used my Groupon and paid $17.38 OOP!

  40. Kristina

    Thanks so much Collin! I scored 10 tanks for $20! Normally around $85 for all those ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Meg

    When I was at Old Navy earlier today I asked one of the managers if they would have any of their other tanks on sale besides just the solid. She told me that there was going to be a kind for $4 and another kind for $6 but didn’t know which styles ye. She wa very nice and told me that I could call in the morning at 7 in case I didn’t want to drive in. The management at Clay Terrace in Indiana is great!!!

  42. Ali

    I went yesterday (Friday afternoon) with my printed $2 coupon (I already had used my Groupon for a dress earlier in the month.) and I was really excited I got 7 tanks for $14! ๐Ÿ™‚ It was ringing up over $50+ before she put in the coupon! That’s over $45 savings! The real bummer was the store I went to in Marlborough, MA had really limited color and size selection.

  43. Casey

    I went on Friday and got 15 tanks, a dress, four other shirts, and two pair of sandals for under $40 after tank sale, clearance, and Groupon! We split the order up between my sister and I, but we did so well!

  44. Olivia Davis

    Old Navy on Saturday:

    Bought 31 peices of children’s clothing on clearance.

    Original prices $274

    Clearance prices $37.63

    Groupon applied -$20 (paid only $10)

    OOP $17.63

    Final cost $27.63 ($17.63 + $10 Groupon)
    Average $0.89/ peice

    Savings 90%

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