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Hipsters to the Rescue: Tips Needed for Redecorating & Furnishing on a Budget

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(Photo Credit: Pottery Barn Kids)

Today’s Hipsters to the Rescue post interests me as I am always looking for ways to spruce up different rooms in my home without spending too much money (or even better, without spending any money at all). In the past few months, quite a few readers have emailed me asking for cheap (but hip! :D) redecorating and furnishing tips and secrets.

Check out some of their emails below…

Wondering how to redo a kids (toddler) room for cheap, but yet make it look really nice . I love the look of Pottery Barn but they cost more than what I want to spend and just wondering maybe where to look for coupons for their website store or “how to’s” on making items like theirs for cheap ? Or where knock off items are at?

Hi Collin! I was hoping you could help me out. I’ve just signed the lease on my first apartment, but now I’ve got to figure out how I’m going to furnish it. I have a mattress (but no bed frame), a TV, and a small bookshelf. Yikes! I’m also a college student, and can’t afford much. I’ve tried the obvious places – Craigslist and Ebay, asking around for unwanted furniture, but so far I haven’t been able to find anything. Any help is appreciated!

You and your readers have such good ideas and I could use their help. My son is (finally) moving into his first apartment. We told him we would help get it ready with all the “stuff” you need. Not that I want to spoil him but I want him to have a sense of pride with this new home and phase in his life. I need help figuring out how to do so without breaking the bank. Any ideas??? Sites??? Thanks

Hi Collin! My husband and I just moved out of my in-law’s home and to another state recently. Since we were living at a fully furnished home, we left with very few furnishings to fill our new place and are looking to buy several new pieces to make it a home. However, we do not want to spend a fortune on furniture, so my question to you is how or where can we buy good quality furniture for cheap? How do you get deals on big ticket items like these? Thank you for all your help in advance, I read your blog religiously!!

So now it’s your turn!! Share your tips and tricks with us! ๐Ÿ˜€

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Comments 182

  1. Rebecca L

    Check Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. These places can be goldmines!

    • Roxanna@HomemakingMom

      I just wrote a post on Saturday about how to make your own decorative wall lettering (similar to what you see in the Pottery Barn catalogs). You can do your own very inexpensively.

      Here is the link:

      I also included a lot of frugal decorating tips in my posts about how I renovated and redecorated my lake house on a budget:

      I hope this helps!!!

      • Lady L

        I love the wood lettering! Great idea!

    • Megan

      That’s how I furnished my basement, but be ware of upholstered items because of bugs. You can spray paint almost anything to have a more cohesive look to things. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Marie

        Yes, really watch what you purchase used. Bed bugs and silver fish I think they are called. I know someone who works at a Goodwill and they throw out so much that gets donated that is infested with these type bugs. But you can really find some great deals also.

  2. Kasey

    If you are near a PBK Outlet, check it out. I got my daughter’s quilt and shams there, then hit up Target for sheets, cute throw pillows etc. Or if there was a PBK bedding set you loved, you can call the PBK outlet nearest you and see if they have it, they are willing to ship!

    • Maria

      Even better is when you have a thrift store or consignment store near a pottery barn kids/outlet…. when locals are done they send them to the consignment stores… cheap!

    • Jennifer

      The outlets always have a few items marked WAY down (think 90% off). I pick something up every time I go. I’ve decorated my entire house this way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Anonymous

    I recently have re done both of my girls rooms. One way I saved a lot of money was with paint. I repainted thier dressers, book shelf, and desk all matching so they look like they all came together. Which they did not, they were all given to us or purchaed used. I then took some wooden nobs and painted them and added them to the dresser as new hardware. They look really good. Then I took some craft paint, (which is real cheap) and repanited a lot of things they already had to make them match. I also looked on the interent for decorating ideas. When I found something I liked, I would try to see what I already had to make it similler and then add just a few things. I have gotten lost of positive comments on how they turned out.

  4. Patty

    I’d check Craigslist, if its popular in your area. People post great things on there. We bought two, nice quality, couches on Craigslist for $200 (for both!).

  5. Melanie

    Great post!! I agree, Goodwill, Salvation Army, garage sales, Craigslist and Ebay are my go-to sources. But also, lately I’ve been building more and more of my own stuff with the plans from Awesome site!!

    And remember, a home comes together over time. I believe the most beautiful homes are usually those that have that lived-in, almost eclectic look as opposed to perfectly matching everything. I would rather live with no furniture what-so-ever until I find that truly special piece that I know I have to have.

      • Anonymous

        Love the table!! Its gorgeous!

    • Ambo N

      glad someone suggested Ana-white. I second the recommendation!

    • Charlotte

      I was going to suggest her blog! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Kelly

    In lue of a dresser my husband & I bought the drawers, shelves and shoe organizers from target. We were able to customize each closet to our needs and did ours and both of our childrens room for about $300. Thats the price of one dresser!! We love and it and they have held up now for almost 3 years.
    At Ross & Home Goods we found pink baskets for $7 and under to organize socks underwear, diapers, books etc!

    Also we bought a twin bed with a day bed doing it this way you save yourself the cost of a box spring as daybeds dont require one. neither do bunk beds ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Kelly

    Also! I wanted to have my daughters name on her wall in those wooden letters but refused to pay $20 a letter. I bought all 6 letters at michaels for $16 and painted them myself and glue little crystal jewels on them. They look just as great as the ones they sell online!

  8. brandy

    I get paint and refinish children furniture. My daughter wanted a Tinkerbell room. My friend gave me her fading Disney princess set. So I went to home depot and got sample sizes of the Disney matching paint. I bought the whole bedding set on clearance. Then used garage sales for accessories

  9. bsb_3_us

    you can check your local furniture stores for display items or items that are damaged (sometimes these will just have a nick or scratch on them that you can use a crayon to fill in).

  10. audrey

    Consignment baby CL, ebay great ways to get actual pottery barn items that look great. I was able to do my new baby’s bedroom with an entire pottery barn nursery stuff with a rug for $65. Great way also is yard sales!

  11. Katie

    there is a wonderful website: that has plans for building furniture in the pottery barn “style”. If you have someone handy in your family this can be a much lower cost way to do the furniture. My husband built our girls’ bunk beds this way and they are adorable.

    Also, Target routinely carries bedding sets that are very reminiscent of Pottery barn styles for fraction of the cost. Hope this helps!

  12. Jennifer G.

    I signed up for Its basically like Craigslist, but its free stuff people don’t want anymore. For example, I posted that I had some clothes I didn’t want, and people can respond to come get them. On the flip side, I needed some clothes for both my kids, and received over 5 bags of clothes for FREE! I also received a very nice Fisher Price Sit and Stand double stroller this week for FREE! People post all sorts of things, so maybe this will help!

    • Emilytwinmom

      I have been a member of our local freecycle for four years – and have given and received TONS of items. We were given a toddler firetruck bed, metal bed frames, little tikes picnic table, huge cube climber, tons of toys and kids’ clothing, even a mandolin slicer (to make homemade potato chips). We have in turn given away tons of items, like when we replace a good mattress with a bigger one, or our (working) fridge when my dad gave us an updated new one! Freecycle is awesome and the more you give the more you will get ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Samantha Booker

      I was going to post the freecycle link as well. Truly an awesome site both for finding treasures and getting rid of unwanted items while helping others out at the same time!

  13. Sarah

    Check out your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Also, Craigslist is great. Goodwill. Just be creative! You may have to put a little elbow grease into it but if you take the time, it can turn out great!

    I got a fantastic, ornate, vintage dresser for $7.99 at my local Goodwill (plus an additional 10% off for cash & carry!) and I painted it for less than $10. The thing looks like it came from Pottery Barn for a thousand dollars!

    Just be willing to put in the work. See the beauty in the shales or furniture, not the paint color. It is amazing what a coat of paint can do!

    I am always trolling the “free” section of Craigslist for furniture. I have found a lot of great stuff there!

    • Sarah

      *shapes of not shales or ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. CC

    I recently reupholstered our dining room chairs with faux leather from the fabric store and they look fantastic! It was really easy and totally dressed up the room. Now I feel confident that I, or anyone, can do this!

  15. Joy

    I am completely a DIY’er. A site that I LOVE is She has great posts of her own and she has links to other great ideas. I have found everything there from how to make a “cheap but chic” sofa cover (great for those couches on craigslist that are only $25), painted countertops and turning an old wooden dresser into a fabulous new TV stand ( this is my next project).

  16. Katie

    there is a wonderful website: that has plans for building furniture in the pottery barn “style”. If you have someone handy in your family this can be a much lower cost way to do the furniture. My husband built our girls’ bunk beds this way and they are adorable.

    Also, Target routinely carries bedding sets that are very reminiscent of Pottery barn styles for fraction of the cost. Hope this helps!

    • l

      CUTE room! Love the wreath.

  17. Emma

    Here are my tips for Pottery Barn Kids. I love their stuff, but hate the price.

    1. Create a registry. You can do it for any occasion and when you close it out you will get 10% off of the remaining items. It’s not much, but if you’re purchasing something large it’s worth it. The folks who work at my local one are great and told me about this so don’t be shy. You can create it on line or in the store.

    2. Search Craigslist. I’ve gotten bedding for cheap and I found all 3 pieces of the classic kitchen for what one cost originally. It has a fews scratches, but my dd could care less. (They even threw in all the dishes and an apron set.)

    3. Yard sales. I’m amazed at how much I can find at local yard sales. We live in the country so I have to drive to any I go to. I try to pick a neighborhood that is about 5 years old. They are typically people that are having kids and swapping things out as the grow. I got quite a bit when dd was born from doing this.

  18. Kim T

    One thing I did that helped with wall decor in my sons room was looking up photos and other images online. There are many great sites that feature high resolution images for free or for really low prices. I’ve printed free high resolution desktop wallpapers and used them on my walls throughout my house, not just in my sons room. Paired with a cheap frame (in price, not quality – check clearance isles, thrift stores, and overstock retailers), they can really help add some awesome touches to any room for a lot cheaper than paying for framed art outright!

    Also, check the puzzles at dollar stores and craft stores. You don’t need puzzle glue if framed properly, and if you’re only spending $1 for the image and buy a low cost frame, it can be a really cool feature!

  19. Holly

    Goodwill, garage sales, Craigslist, Freecycle and tons of patience and flexibility. I would also always check the clearance section at paint stores – a half gallon of paint for $5.00. I think it’s important to remember that everything doesn’t need to be there all at once; collect things from life experiences, travels, events and “stumbled upons”.

  20. Just Mom

    Just about anything you need can be found at the Goodwill. We just completely decorated, furnished, and stocked my daughter’s classroom at the Goodwill. She found furniture such as bookcases and a rocking chair, a practically brand new rug, Pottery Barn Kids canvas storage bins, tons of books and DVD’s for her age classroom – she even got a VCR at Goodwill. If they don’t have something one day, just keep going back and you will find exactly what you are looking for!! Happy Hunting!!

  21. Noel

    We have used several building plans with great success from this site:

    Using plans from Ana’s site allows us to achieve the Pottery Barn look without the Pottery Barn price.

    If you don’t own saws, etc., your local Lowes or Home Depot can cut wood to your specifications. And if you are really overwhelmed at the thought of building something, consider hiring a handy friend to build, and then you can take over at the painting/staining process.

  22. Renee

    Estate Sales can be a great place to look for big items like Couches and Dining Sets, otherwise Garage Sales and Flea Markets are fun to search for old bookshelves and coffee tables etc. that can be fixed up into something new. It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do. There are tons of sites for creative inspiration to refinish furniture, I especially like DIY (Do It Yourself) section of Design*Sponge ( but if your not looking for a project, there are great sales on Patio furniture right now… A friend had a great Wicker love seat for her dorm that was a clearance find and it worked really well (light to move and durable.) The key to great decorating is just finding items that fit in a theme that suits your personality. Have Fun!

  23. peever

    I would also suggest Freecycle. I’ve gotten and donated many items and have had great luck. Craigslist is not very popular around here so I don’t have as good as luck with that, but it’s good if you live in a metro area. I’ve had pretty good luck with eBay as well. I got my daughter’s Pottery Barn crib set for $50 there.

    We just recently redid my daughter’s bedroom. I wasn’t in a huge hurry to move her out of her toddler bed so I just kept popping into the local kids furniture places until they had their floor models half off. I got her dresser and mattress that way for 50% off.

  24. Princessbooboo

    Make sure you check the salvation army. Sometimes, they have some nice furniture. You can repaint the furniture if you don’t like the color. Also, go to some auctions because they have really nice pieces of furniture (and you can possibly get them for super cheap!) Oh! and of course garage sales.

    For the bedding sets, you can go to websites like or Bryant Lane to buy cute ones for cheap.

    You can also be creative! For example, go to salvation army or goodwill stores to get some cheap photo frames like the ones on the picture. Then, if they are not white, paint them. After that, you can go to Hobby Lobby or somewhere like that to get super cheap fabric. Put the fabric (itself or you can cut, sew, whatever) into the frame and make it nice. If you are not good at sewing, don’t worry. That is why there is a thing called glue! haha

    Just decide how you want your kid’s room to be and do it by yourself. You don’t have to buy some expensive already-made things.

  25. CAS

    Goodwill was where a friend and I got a lot of our furnishings for college…couches and things like that can always be shampooed and cleaned up and then a slipcover to make it your own…GARAGE SALES are also a budgetter’s friend…On weekend, if we had paid full price, a friend and I figured we could have spent easily $400-500, but each only spent $26 at garage sales…people are always selling dish sets…especially if you’re in college you have to be willing to not care what pattern it is, if it all matches…Auctions can also be a good place to get furniture or some appliances…amazing what a can of paint can do to grandmas old bedframe…Up until the last couple of years almost none of my furniture or household goods were new when I got them…just new to me…sure I’d love a new set of dishes that isn’t older than me, but the $4.00 I spent 8 years ago at a garage sale, service for 16, has served me mighty well and cost me nothing now…

  26. Jaime

    I usually sign up for all the online store emails so I get their sales in my inbox.

    Then, before I ever buy anything, I check or to see if I can get any promo codes to chop off some of my total.

    If I do find something I like, I go to to type it in the search box and see if it’s being sold cheaper somewhere else. also offers coupon codes for that store listed under each item when you click on “more info”…often times I find codes I never would have before using the other coupon code sites.

    I sign up for all the deal finding sites. My favorites are:

    The Foundary
    Joss & Main

    Those are just to name a few of my most favorite ones to shop for home decor. I have purchased from each of them and have had wonderful service. I sign up for these deal sites and check my inbox for their daily deals each morning – most post by 11am. I also like Rue La La, Beyond The Rack and The Save. This has saved me tons!

    Another favorite thing to do is check Target’s daily deals each morning on their site. Often times, they post great finds for way less and free shipping! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m nuts about Swagbucks which I’m sure you’ve read about on Collin’s site. I usually rack up at least 1-2 $5.00 Amazon gift cards each month but they have other rewards for browsing the internet too – I just like Amazon because of the wide variety of things you can buy.

    Hmmm…what else…OH!!!
    MY FAVORITE******************************************************
    Pinterest kicks butt. It’s an invitation only site but you can request an invite as well. It allows me to basically collect images on the internet aka shop and it lets me put them into different boards. Right now, I have a board I’ve created for Home Inspiration Ideas and also Shopping For The Home. Whenever I find something online, I pin it to and it allows me to place a price tag on it. So…if I’m feeling like I want to shop, I do and save all my favorite finds in my board. When I’m ready to purchase, I go, click on the item and sometimes it even goes on sale!

    If you want to get sale alerts to your favorite stores through your inbox, is a wonderful way to do so. You basically create a registry for yourself of your favorite items and then you can check mark the box if you want to receive price alerts if the item goes on sale. It’s wonderful!

    I find that if you have a lot of time, that helps to save money because you can better research before you buy.

    Of course there is always and the option to DIY yourself but often times I think DIY can get even more expensive than just buying the item new…lol.

    I know I wrote a lot here but since I’m in the process of decorating my home right now as well, I couldn’t help but share what I’ve found helpful. Can’t wait to read everyone else’s comments as well! Happy decorating, everyone!!!

    P.S. Don’t forget about Upromise. Earn your kid some dough for school while shopping. Yay! Makes shopping guilt-free…lol…well, kind of. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers!

  27. Adriana Flores

    Freecycle groups offer things people dont need or want anymore.
    I would be careful about certain things due to critters.
    But they give away tables and everything else.
    Whats good to you can recycle your items and have someone else get a new look from your old one

  28. Kim

    If you go on Craigslist, be very cautious about what you buy or pick up! We have a neighbor who learned the hard way that it is VERY easy to bring bed bugs in on used furniture & very hard to get rid of them once they are in your home. As for tips on how to furnish a place inexpensively, my husband and I bought furnishings A LITTLE BIT at a time–there was NO WAY we could afford it all at once. We bought a couch/love seat set from Big Lots (since the living room was the most visible room in our apartment). We paired an already low price with the 20% off coupon Big Lots sometimes gives out. Next, we bought a small patio set on clearance at Walmart (LOTS are marked down right now) that looks like a cute little bistro set in our dining area. Since we don’t entertain dozens of people in our apartment, it works perfect for just the two of us. Plus, we have received lots of compliments on how cute it is! Lastly, we slept on a decent raised-queen air mattress in our bedroom until we found a great deal on a bed. You can also keep an eye out for family members who are getting rid of items; there is NOTHING wrong with accepting hand me downs, especially for your first place!

  29. Randi

    Check to see if your town has a big trash pick up day. Then on that day, drive around in the neighborhoods where the large homes are. A friend of mine found a white potterybarn dresser on the curb that someone was pitching. They where getting rid of it because it had crayon and marker all over it ! She painted it and it looks new ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Debbie

    I have found some amazing decorating sites. Great ideas and tutorials on how to find great deals on old furniture and other items and make them new again. Go to this link and look around the site at all the different decorating tips and tutorials. Also scroll down and on the left side you will find where other people with thrifty decorating sites have linked to hers. Once you get familiar with the different sites you will love them. I have spent hours at a time looking at them and have used a ton of the ideas.

  31. Danielle

    I’m in the process of decorating my daughter’s nursery, she is 5 months old and I am still working on it ๐Ÿ™‚ Before I purchase anything, I price shop and compare online for deals and sales. It’s also harder to go from store to store with a little one so the internet is wonderful! Often Amazon is a great place to find reasonably priced things. We recently purchased room darkening curtains from there for only $35 shipped!

  32. Kathy

    A lot of us have things that if grouped and painted the same color could make for great room.

    I recently took on the challenge of helping a family on a budget with mismatched hand me down furniture pull together what they had and make it work together. They had a couch–one pattern, a padded coffee table size foot stool another pattern, a chair–another pattern, two floor lamps made out of plaster pillars with pink & mint green flecks on white with lime green lamp shades.

    We did the make over for less the $100.

    Surprise! I found the same fabric that was on their couch at JoAnns. I sewed a slip cover for the coffee table size foot stool and repurposed it as a coffee table. I spray painted junk pieces from my house–a wood tray from a cosmetic collection christmas gift and some baskets all the same color to use as accent pieces on the footstool. Spray paint and random basket, vases, or anything can be turned designer with spraying the random items one matching color. You don’t need to buy a thing, just look at all the random flower vases and other stuff that makes its way under your counters. I spray painted the pillar floor lamps a sandblast color with sand grains in the spray paint. The paint was a real splurge on our budget. I bought new lamp shades at Ross. This store is by far the cheapest place to find random lamp shades-=$5.99 a piece. I bought a solid cover fabric for $1.00 a yard at WALMART–cheapest place to buy fabric– and made a slip cover for the side chair in a matching solid color to the couch. When we were done, we had a coordinated living room for under $100.00 dollars. It did take time, but I was so glad to help this family!

  33. Jen

    If you have it nearby, the pottery barn outlet can be a gold mine. Our PBO is large enough to include kids, teens, and items from West Elm. I have stumbled onto some amazing finds there. We also have a Crate and Barrel outlet in the same center. Next, I’ll mention my beloved IKEA. I know, I know. There is a ton of stuff that looks, feels and acts cheap there, but they also have some really great well-made stuff. Scour their as-is section and repurpose like crazy.

  34. alia

    Im in the middle of refinishing a dresser I bought for cheap off craigslist. A little paint and some wallpaper and spruce something up and make it super cute.

  35. Ruth

    I love Habitat Restore, they are always getting new stuff in, but if you take your time to look, there are always great deals and stuff you can fix up for cheap. I bought a rustic looking table for $15, all I did was take it outside, hose it off, take some old english to it, and looks brand new!

  36. katiebee

    IKEA is great for so many items. Just re-did my son’s room for less than $400 for everything (lighting, rug, bedding, desk, chair, bookcase, drawers) – you have to really have a plan and stick to it.

    I have found tons of amazing things at local thrift stores and the indoor “swap” meets that seem to take place in large urban areas. I replaced my own sheets with 400 sateen sheets from Marshall’s for $40 (King).

    I have purchased great pieces online at, as well as some furniture items from places like The Dump (if you have one near). Look in your area for hotel liquidation outlets – great place for bed frames/headboards, chairs, etc.

    Good luck!

  37. Kelly

    I just started a new blog and have recently posted some ideas for repurposing furniture and for cutting costs. We moved into a new house this year and I posted some of my decorating ideas, including how I decorated my toddler’s new bedroom. I would love it if you would stop by and check it out…..hope it helps!


  38. Linda C.

    Old picture frames can be repurposed into mirrors. I took a nice size mirror about 24″x32″, and painted it the color I wanted. Then went to a glass store and had them cut a piece of mirror to match – MUCH less expensive than buying it retail.

    Paint works miracles.

    I also found an old door someone was giving away and laid it down on top of a really ugly wood table. I put glass down tempered glass on top of the door (with rubber feet to secure it) and now I have a very interesting dining table. I have a friend who took the door idea used it as a head board for his bedroom – looks great!

    If you collect something, try grouping them together to add visual interest to an area as well as spark conversation. You can also mount them (if you collect something small say greeting cards, baseball cards, as long as they are not valuable) and hang then on the wall.

    I have also used sheets to make my own duvet for an old comforter, hung them with a curtain rod as a back drop to my bed and stapled them from floor to ceiling along a short wall for color, coverage and added decor!!

    Look in magazines, books and model homes and often times you can recreate similar decorating ideas much, much cheaper.

    And yes, garage sales, thrift stores, consignment stores and word of mouth are great places to find your home furnishings.

    Good luck!!

  39. becky

    Buy pain that has been colored wrong at Sherman Wilmans they are $4 a gallon, just mix a few colors that are close to what you like and you can get a great look. We did our living room, kitchen, hall, and foyer for around $20 and we have paint left over. Also walmart has the miss print paint, i have done this twice and loved it both times.

  40. Celeste

    Consignment Sales! I live in Atlanta,Ga and this time of year we have a ton of consignment sales in the area. I just got a few weeks ago a pottery barn bath matt and shower curtain for really cheap! Also if you like the owl look they have something similar at Target! Good luck!

  41. l

    Start googling thrifty decorating blogs. There are so many amazing DIY (Do it yourself) websites! It’s fun to see what others have done – it really engages your creativity!

  42. Lana

    This won’t help right now but, if you live in a college town check the piles of furniture piled around the dumpsters in May when the kids move out and don’t have room to take the furniture home for the summer. We have four colleges in our town and it is amazing what is left behind every year! You would be rescuing it from the landfills too.

  43. chrissyb

    check out……the best in makeovers!!! on the cheap!!

  44. Bethany

    We’ve recently redecorated out house with a very small budget. For our dining room, we found a decent looking table on the curb, purchased 6 chairs on craigslist for $50 and found an old hutch on the curb. We sanded and repainted the table, recovered the chairs with fabric 1/2 off from Joann’s and added crown molding + repainted the hutch and used it as a china cabinet. We find a lot of furniture on the free section of craigslist, and repaint and repurpose it. We steer clear of upholstered items due to bugs. I also find a lot of decor at garage sales. I use dried plants, stems and sticks from the yard and fill vases in the house.

  45. Tammi

    Target has a bunch of their adorable quilts for children’s rooms on sale 30 – 50% off!

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