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Hipsters to the Rescue: Tips Needed for Redecorating & Furnishing on a Budget

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(Photo Credit: Pottery Barn Kids)

Today’s Hipsters to the Rescue post interests me as I am always looking for ways to spruce up different rooms in my home without spending too much money (or even better, without spending any money at all). In the past few months, quite a few readers have emailed me asking for cheap (but hip! :D) redecorating and furnishing tips and secrets.

Check out some of their emails below…

Wondering how to redo a kids (toddler) room for cheap, but yet make it look really nice . I love the look of Pottery Barn but they cost more than what I want to spend and just wondering maybe where to look for coupons for their website store or “how to’s” on making items like theirs for cheap ? Or where knock off items are at?

Hi Collin! I was hoping you could help me out. I’ve just signed the lease on my first apartment, but now I’ve got to figure out how I’m going to furnish it. I have a mattress (but no bed frame), a TV, and a small bookshelf. Yikes! I’m also a college student, and can’t afford much. I’ve tried the obvious places – Craigslist and Ebay, asking around for unwanted furniture, but so far I haven’t been able to find anything. Any help is appreciated!

You and your readers have such good ideas and I could use their help. My son is (finally) moving into his first apartment. We told him we would help get it ready with all the “stuff” you need. Not that I want to spoil him but I want him to have a sense of pride with this new home and phase in his life. I need help figuring out how to do so without breaking the bank. Any ideas??? Sites??? Thanks

Hi Collin! My husband and I just moved out of my in-law’s home and to another state recently. Since we were living at a fully furnished home, we left with very few furnishings to fill our new place and are looking to buy several new pieces to make it a home. However, we do not want to spend a fortune on furniture, so my question to you is how or where can we buy good quality furniture for cheap? How do you get deals on big ticket items like these? Thank you for all your help in advance, I read your blog religiously!!

So now it’s your turn!! Share your tips and tricks with us! πŸ˜€

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  1. Amber R.

    Garage sales!! You can find some awesome things at yard sales. In fact my husband was out of town on business for a month and I redecorated our bedroom as a surprise using all garage sale finds! Except bedding, because that kinda weirds me out personally.

  2. Jenn

    Check out Tuesday morning for lots of cheap decor, curtains, and rugs. They also have some furniture and there are many deals to be had!

  3. krista

    look around your house and find items that can be repurposed. alot of things if you think outside the box can become decorative or useful in other ways. Frame pages from a colorful kids book, move shelves from other rooms, a small table can become a desk, vintage table cloths or bedspreads can be curtains. Look at things and find new and creative uses for them, you can do alot of redecorating with things you already have!

    • Samantha Booker

      Gift bags are great to frame, too!

      • Brooke

        GREAT IDEA!!

  4. All4Savings

    I would go to Big Lots..they have everything for cheap..from tables to couch, from garden to living room.

    Also Conns has reasonablly priced stuff, like be bought our couch from Conns for $1000, while the same one Ashley’s brand @ Ashley’s Furniture was $3500…

    • Samie

      I bought my couch, kitchen table, and faux leather bed all from big lots they have some really nice stuff I always wait for them to come out with their 20% off coupons you can use it on anything!!! They have them at least 4 times a year.

      • susie

        I agree, Big Lots is awesome. People come over and ask ‘where did u get that’ I love saying Big lots!

  5. Laura

    At Target right now the domestics aisles are going to be resetting soon, so you will be able to snag up some pretty inexpensive items there, for kids and adults!

  6. bensmom

    Ikea is wonderful!!! We have bought a ton of stuff there for our house and then when I was pregnant with my son we bought his furniture there as well. Also I agree with other posts about targets bedding looking like pottery barn and if you watch it you can find it on clearance. Also back to Ikea they have bedding and accessories that are super cute and fairly inexpensive. Als

    • bensmom

      sorry my son got to my computer!!! LOL!! I was going to say that you can sign up for Ikea sale emails and they will email you when they are having great deals on certain things, plus I believe they still give you coupons on the bottom of your receipt if you pay with your debit card!!!
      Hope you have fun!!!

      • Willa

        You have to remember that Ikea things are made on the cheaper side. A bookshelf we wanted was not really a bookshelf since it woul hold less than 9 pounds per shelf. Bookshelf at Big Lots —-same size held over 150 pounds per shelf. Watch what you buy there. I it usually mean to only last a couple years. Watch garage sales and moving sales. Go back the last day within an hour or two of them closing. Usually they will come down in price or give it to you. We got a couple of nice end tables and small bookshelves this way.

    • Nathalie

      Also, the bedding for kids at Target that looks like you could’ve bought it at Pottery Barn is on clearance. I live in South Florida

  7. Carlita

    Ikea is the way to go….you wont beleive the stuff u can find in there on a budget…i shop there when ever i need something for my home.

  8. julieanne28

    Try to reuse anything you already have either by painting it, covering it with wallpaper, or redesigning it. My stepson recently joined the Marines and I have redesigned his room as my office/relaxing room. We gave his bed to our other son since it matched his room better than the bunk bed/dresser/desk combo that he had. My hubby took the bunk beds and make me a huge bookshelf (the bed set was made from heavy pine). He took the dresser & desk and customized it to fit my room. I now have tons of shelves, & drawers for storage!

    You can frame wallpaper, postcards, or any other cute item to decorate your walls. Magazines, plants, & cute candles can dress up any table. Big Lots has tons of furniture, rugs, and more that are usually super cheap. Goodwill, consignment sales, and yard sales are other great places to find things cheap. I also find lots of inexpensive items at Khols & JCPennys clearance sales (stack with free shipping & % off coupons).

    • K. White

      Speaking of painting things, a friend of mine gave me a great idea of decor on a budget…paint over a painting! Find an old canvas print, either in house, yardsale, or at Goodwill, and simply paint over it with acrylic paint. It may need a coat of primer over it first (in case it was oil paint), but it’s so easy. And you can customize it to your colors and style using stencil patterns or simple stripes if you aren’t really artistic!

    • julieanne28

      I have also framed fabric before & it turned out great!

    • julieanne28

      During Christmas I wrap my existing pictures with foil paper, add a matching bow, then re-hang the picture. It looks like we have presents on the walls.. love it!!

  9. Melissa Newell

    If you’re the crafty type, be creative! I made my own curtains because I could not afford them. I also haunt the free section on craigslist. Often after yard sales are done on Saturdays scores of free stuff may be found. The “stuff” may not be perfect, but you can fix it or repurpose it. I also tend to hang out at high-end thrift stores. There are so many blogs and websites with creative ideas- utilize them! :o)

    • Anna

      What are some of the blogs to go to? How do you find them?

      • Anonymous

        Try They have some great ideas and links to other blogs.

      • Kristen features weekly furniture re-purposing/re-styling projects as well as weekly do-it-yourself design ideas — very tasteful and usually very low cost.
        also, has lots of idea from people who start with a very basic and inexpensive piece of furniture and turn it into something different and more personal.
        One last thought, has lots of furniture and several times a year it will be an exta 15% off when you spend a certain amount and free shipping and returns are free to the store if the piece doesn’t work for you once it arrives. Both of my living room arm chairs were purchased there about 3 years ago and I love them (less than $200 for a large comfy upholstered chair) and this spring I got a mirrored side table for $27 and another comfortable upholstered arm chair for $90, all shipped to me for free!

      • c

        young love house is a great blog….google decorating blogs….also go to the wedding websites….they have sites like the nest and other links that might inspire you…..I love to paint all the mismatched furniture the same color to unify a look. Also goodwill is great for furniture just look for good structure. Be patient…know what you want….think out of the box ….make do….save your coupon money for a large purchase item. I also like target online…the chairs are very good(all ready assembled ones)…enjoy the hunt

      • Ada - Lovin Him Is a great blog with creative decorating ideas and links to several other blogs with useful ideas for your home, including the following:
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    • Emily

      Visit and type in “free art” or “free graphics” and you can find a lot of free artwork to print from your computer and easily put iinto a frame! is great too πŸ™‚

      • Kari

        I am a blogger and love so many of the great money saving decor blogs.

        Try these:

        You could also visit my blog as well

        I deal with mostly Goodwill transformations, Dollar Tree and just basically working with what you have around the house!

        Good luck and happy browsing!

  10. Nichole

    Goodwill. I’ve been in there numerous times and you can find very nice furniture that might just need a quick sand and a coat of paint. You might not want a couch, but you might find tables/nightstands/end tables.

    The other option is yard sales and moving sales. They often have furniture for cheap as well.

  11. vanessa

    craigslist is the way to go if you are in an urban enough area – make sure you devote time to scouring the furniture pages and have a truck ready to go at a moment’s notice! don’t bother with the “free” pages as they are usually junk – go instead for the very cheap furniture which are people who want to get rid of their stuff but don’t want it given to scavengers who will take anything and everything and then resell it.
    i have a $1200 Ikea LEATHER couch (still very good condition, but missing legs, we put those on for $24) that i picked up for $60, a huge beautiful solid wood dresser with mirror with one handle missing that was free (guy listed it for $20 because he didn’t want to give it to the scavengers), and a BaBee Tenda crib for $35 (those are $500!).
    Don’t be afraid to haggle, and always carry many denominations of cash, and lots of tiedowns!

    • Chels

      Watch out for Craigslist though! Bed bugs are an increasing problem in urban areas and treating for them can cost wayyyy more time, tears, and money than just shelling out for first-hand items… on sale of course πŸ™‚

      Seriously it takes days and hundreds to thousands of dollars to treat for bed bugs. If you really want to get things second-hand, go through friends or relatives that (1) would know if they and their things have been exposed to bed bugs and (2) would tell you!

  12. alyson

    Spray paint! I love it. i’ve used it on lamps, furniture, frames. It has given new life to things that have been sitting in my basement or would have donated. Also, get the pottery barn catalog– it is great for inspiration, but many things can be knockoff’d– for a fraction of the price. You just have to think out of the box!

    • Julie

      I wish there was a like button – I would definately use it for this! I am sort of a spray paint junkie…my daughter always makes fun of me but it is amazing how it can transform an item.

  13. jen

    check if there are outlet stores in your area. the crate and barrel outlet and land of nod outlet are close to me. this is not the typical outlet store, it’s connected to their shipping warehouse. there is also a furniture store outlet nearby too, we got a great deal on our sofa and chair there. i’ve also been impressed with world market, that’s where our dining table is from and i love it.

  14. Judi W

    Pinterest…you will find great ideas on home decorating. For example, you can use pallets to make a headboard, table, coffee table, etc. All you have to do is paint it a fun color! These are available anywhere and you will most likely get them for free! Try making a wall hanging out of toilet or paper towel rolls. Cut them into 3/4″ pieces, flatten them and glue together. Paint the color of your choice and VIOLA…an instant wall hanging! Follow it and you will become addicted!

  15. Emily She finds furniture she loves, figures out how to build it, and posts all the instructions on her website. She’s amazing!

    • Janelle

      I second! And it’s great to know you made your own custom furniture!

    • Meggan

      I was just about to post about her blog as well! I haven’t visited in a while, but I LOVE all of her project ideas, and she has a lot of Pottery Barn Kids-like stuff. I do miss the old name of her blog, though (Knock Off Wood – always made me smile) πŸ™‚

    • Amber R.

      I too love ana white! I have made my kids beds and toy chests from patterns on her site, all by myself no husband required lol πŸ˜€ Very easy to follow!

  16. julie

    I am not sure if you live near a distribution center, but lucky for me I do! I live near a matress dist. center and they always have matresses that don’t meet the quality inspections. Apparently this could be a pulled thread or a slight imperfection and they can’t sell it. They send it to the local salvation army and they are sealed in plastic so they are brand new! They are in all sizes and are great deals! Good luck!

  17. kristen has plans on how to build your own Pottery Barn inspired furniture and it’s super easy! I built my Dining Room Table!

    Also Craigs List is great, I got the PB Basic Couch on there for $500 and it was in perfect condition!

  18. l

    I love this topic here are some blogs I’ve come across that inspired me…..
    I bought some wallpaper stencils from and I can’t wait to use them.
    this link has an AMAZING message about being content (with great budget design)

  19. Shea

    I have found items I wanted at places like IKEA and then went right to Craigs List and searched for that specific thing and found it! I got an Ikea chair/ottoman that would have been over $200 new for $50.

  20. Michelle

    GOODWILL! I have shopped at other thrift stores like Salvation Army and local thrifts but I have visited several Goodwills in LA and SC and have always been pleased with how clean they keep the store and the friendly staff. You can always paint any furniture you buy.
    Also, if you have an idea, google it!!! I had the idea of making a collage of old empty frames as “art” about a bed. I thought I would never find that on the internet but I actually found 3 crafty websites/blogs that even included photos!

    • Michelle

      Oops, I meant ‘above a bed’

  21. Tricia

    Full-size flat sheets make great casual curtains – you just run a rod throught the fold-over at the top. No sewing necessary. Always ask about damaged packaging at Home Depot or even Tuesday Morning; I got an area rug damaged on one corner (now under a chair) for 75% off, and I retiled my entire kitchen and a bathroom with discontinued and damaged-box tiles for 75% off as well; I just used the few broken ones to go around the sink.
    Goodwill or garage sale finds look great with a couple of cans of spray paint, and if you’re at all handy, you can make terrific slat shelving out of the 8′ furring strips at Lowe’s or other lumberyards for less than $1 apiece.

    • Michelle

      I just made curtains out of shower curtains that were on clearance at Target. Love the sheet idea too!

  22. Marie

    Check It is an amazing website with lots of crafts and home decor and DIY stuff. You will love it!

    • Angela D.

      I love this site..but still on the waiting list for an invite πŸ™

      • Johanna

        If you have a member email you an invite, you get in fast (like, the same day). Email me if you would like an invite: jdean708[at]

      • kit

        what is your email? i will invite you πŸ™‚

        • Angela D.

          Ooo! sweetbabiesomine @!! Thank you!!

          • kit

            you’re welcome! i just now sent the invite. let me know if you don’t receive it soon!

            • Angela D.

              I got it!! TY so much! So many ideas now I need to learn how to use the site lol..

  23. Heather

    I furnished my basement on the cheap buy shopping at a rent to own center. You ask to see returned (repo) items; they don’t often resale these for rentals. The one we visited was happy to haggle. We got a full sized couch and loveseat for $250. Just NEVER rent-to-own…that is a horrible waste of money.

  24. Mary

    Check out – it’s like craigslist, only everything is FREE! you do have to act fast, as there may only be one couch up for grabs, but you can also list what you’re looking for – like “couch” and then people who have said item that they are looking to get rid of can contact you. remember, beggers can’t be choosers.

    • Amber R.

      I love freecycle I got my daughters twin mattresses off of Freecycle and they are practically brand new Serta mattresses!

  25. Bethany

    DEFINITELY Target! They have all their college stuff starting to go on Clearance, so you can pick up some great deals!!! I think last week’s ad had their comforters for $16! $16! I couldn’t believe it!

    I also like to check out the Dollar Tree for accessories! You can find some good frames, candle holders, etc there!

  26. drexican

    If you sign up for a freecycle or reuseit group at or yahoo groups, they are groups meant to keep things out of landfills. People offer used / unwanted items from clothes to furniture to housewares. And its a great way to get rid of things you no longer use or need.

  27. Ashley t

    Sign Up at ! I have got SO many new and awesome ideas from that site! I must say I’m slightly obsessed with ‘pinning’. They have a kids section, as well as a DIY section (as well as a ton of other boards to look at). My husband thinks I’m the best cook and baker ever now and I’ve got TONS of ideas of things to do with my son. And the site is free! Woohoo!

  28. Debi

    I bought all my babies (when the used to be) Pottery Barn cribbing sets ON EBAY! Like less than half the cost. Another cost saver, for my daughter’s ‘big girl bed’ I bought the comforter on Ebay (new with tags pottery barn) but went to target for the dust ruffle. I know how to sew so I bought inexpensive complimentary cotton fabric (gingham in her case) and made cute pillow casses and a valence. Then I copied a picture of the Pottery Barn items I liked, I zoomed in and was able to print some of the accents onto sew-on-printer paper. I ironed this to the contrasting fabric. Then made a ‘frame’ from twigs that I spray painted white, and put that on the wall for decoration. My sister in law saw it and got all snotty and would talk to me…the story came out that she never heard the ‘I did it my self’ part and thought I spent a thousands on my 2 year old. I probably spent less than $100 for a total room make-over.

  29. Angela D.

    DIY projects are a great way to save on decorating! We are in the process of decorating my 13yr and 8yr daughters rooms in our new house (one pink, one lilac). I am in LOVE w the look of Pottery Barn..not so much w their prices tho lol. To get the same “style” I googled DIY Pottery would be AMAZED at how many things u can do yourself for cheap! Both my girls wanted the tile corkboards at PB way for 200.00, I did it myself for 20.00 each (and I like ours more lol). Also instead of buying new furniture at the store we scoured craigslist for antiques (real wood rocks!) and repainted it ourselves! We got 2 beds, 4 dressers (two long, two chest), a vanity from the 1920s, a PB desk haha, two bookshelves and paid ONLY 420.00!!! Most were yucky brown colors but we primed and painted them white, decoupaged some pieces, etc and they look amazing now! Another thing we did was use black metal half-rounded planters that screw into the wall (on clearance now since end of season), painted them to match the room and used them to hold stuffed animals and books. I also used those Glidden paint tester coupons and painted a tree on my 8yr olds wall w leaves and flowers like a decal in the room she wanted in PB Kids catalog had..174.00 for a decal is painted one looks the same and cost under 10.00 after coupons! I love getting my PB catalogs, finding stuff I love then looking up DIY alternatives if only I could SEW!

  30. Ty is a great way to get stuff for free, as is the free section on Craigslist.
    Also, if your area has one, the Habitat for Humanity Resale shops have amazing finds sometimes. We re-did our bathroom vanity for about $50!

  31. Heather

    If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, you will love, especially the person who liked the pottery barn styles. Ana gives step by step instructions and plans for ‘knock off’ wood furniture. A lot of her ‘plans’ are copied from pottery barn collections and others. If you need a headboard or a storage bed or a cool entertainment center, you will find it here with the basics for how to build it yourself at a low cost. All of her plans estimate at $150 or less, depending on the grade of wood you choose. If you don’t have a big saw, ask the home improvement store to cut your lumber for you, it’s free. You can get nicer wood and stain it or less expensive lumber and paint it the color you like.

  32. Donna

    Try to find a freecycle group in your area… One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

    I get lots of great things there and I get rid of stuff I don’t want too. πŸ™‚

  33. kit

    for inexpensive art, get frames from the dollar tree and frame patterned/artsy/etc. scrapbook paper. it’s inexpensive and if you get tired of it, you don’t have much invested in it.

    check out sales on blank canvases at michaels or look for cheap ones at big lots. use your freebie paint samples to paint simple motifs like vines or flowers. you could also decoupage decorative paper onto canvas.

    if your town has a vocational school, call and ask how much they’d charge to build something (end table, bookcase, etc.) for you. the students need projects to work on & you can save money.

    • Amber R.

      I just did this with canvases I got on clearance at a local craft store for $1 each! I let my kids finger paint them with colors that match my decor. A precious memory and piece of art!

    • Angela D.

      I made my girls’ headboards out of flat sheets lol. Since neither of them will use the flat sheet in a sheet set I had my dad cut plywood in the shape I wanted, wrapped the front in batting and stapled that before wrapping it in the top sheet and stapling. Now the headboard matches the bedding and the top sheet isn’t wasted!

    • julieanne28

      My boys don’t use top sheets either so instead of buying matching valances we made valances out of the top sheets. Well, since I cannot sew I had my aunt do them for me πŸ˜‰

  34. Penney Worth

    I just did 2 of my girls rooms. I first went to the local Recycle building. Omaha, NE has a great one with a FREEBIE room with paint, stain, cleaners & removers, gas containers, etc…. After using Free paint, I also love the new 3M Reusable gel picture/ poster stick ups. Dollar Store for wall stickers. My teen daughter wanted a shear curtain along one wall, (3M small hooks for hanging) she got it on sale at Hobby Lobby. I looked at Thrift stores, garage sales & around the house for a new look that would match. Also check with your local church to see if anyone is giving away items. Ours has a turn around table during activity nights.

  35. Nicole

    I β™₯ Craigslist. I find all sorts of goodies on it. And with a little imagination they can be transformed into so many different looks. If you like the lines of the furniture and it’s solid/has good bones but you don’t like the color etc, make it your own!
    I do it for fun and to help out with the bills since I am a SAHM. I’d be glad to help with any ?’s you have. πŸ™‚

  36. Angela

    I love, love, love to go to Garage Sales. It doesn’t creep me out to buy much of anything because I can wash it or spray it down with lysol. The way I see it after I’ve used something once it is used anyway, so why not save the money on the front end.

  37. Alina

    try, they have chapters you can belong to in a lot of areas. You can post items to give away, search for free things, and post wanted items. i have gotten a free tv, carpets ( nice wool binded in very good shape ) Its always worth a look

  38. Laura

    I love the “as is ” section of IKEA. I have found the exact piece of furniture I needed there at a fraction of the cost more than once. And only because it was previously assembled.

  39. Amanda

    I got a LOT of cute things for our Nursery from Home Goods & you can often find cool clearance buys on I also made my own version of some expensive pottery barn kids art, hung it on the wall and attached ribbon to the back to make them look like they are hanging by ribbons.

  40. Ap

    Home Goods is awesome for kids bedding (which is one thing I would not want to buy used with all of the “accidents” kids have)

    • Amber R.

      I totally agree there! I usually find them on clearance along with the school supplies at most stores.

  41. MARY

    I had friends who bought some This End Up furniture….you can usually find some on Craigslist. They had a dining room table they painted and distressed and I though it was from Pottery Barn. This End Up furniture is well made and lasts forever.
    My daughter is trying to buy furnishings for her first place and we have found some really nice pieces we are refinishing. If you aren’t into refinishing you can always paint. She got two solid wood night stands (very “Pottery Barn”) for $8. a mission style coffee table (solid wood) for fifteen. If you are willing to do garage sales and estate sales there are amazing bargains. If you like Pottery Barn take a good look at the furniture finish and you can replicate it.

  42. joy

    I second the goodwill store. I have found some real good items…and a couple cans of paint go a long way. Try 2nd hand and thrift stores. Half my house is from a local shop…..and I am over 40 and still go there once a week.

  43. Jessica

    I am having the same problem but I have found some great duplicate diy copycat decor stuff on blogs. If you find something you like (in my case it was french decopauge from a childrens boutique-expensive!) then put it in a search for a “copy cat” diy project. Fun and much cheaper! I also LOVE to shop Marshall’s and HobbyLobby – great prices for decor and more.

  44. MommySpendsLess

    Craigslist is great for furniture. Pick solid colors (like plain white) so it’s easy to mix and match or paint. We just got our daughter a white sleigh bed for $50, nightstand for $30 and a gorgeous armor that holds and hides a ton of toys for $175. All real wood sturdy pieces that would have cost us about $1800 new. The bed just required a good cleaning (Magic Eraser) and a few scratches touched up, we switched out the nightstand hardware and the armor was in perfect like new condition.

    Home Goods (related to TJMaxx) is great for Pottery Barn like kids quilted bedding but they only carry 1-2 styles at a time so you have to bebflexible or patient. I like Ikea, Target and Home Goods for pictures, vases, candle holders etc.

    One thing that helped me was when I redid the master bedroom was finding inspiration rooms/items online, copying them into Word and printing that collage to take shopping.

  45. philis

    I go to a local auction once a month. I have gotten some really good deals and they usually have some of everything!! πŸ™‚

  46. Heather M

    This is how I do things. First I love Pottery Barn too! I always get their catalog and many other “home” magazines for inspiration. No you may not find exactly what they show but you can find some stuff pretty close at different stores. Also don’t be afraid to surf the web. Better Homes and Gardens have many ideas and you can get on their email list to get inspiration too. I have found many blogs from crafty people and they are willing to share. For example I don’t have a little boy but my best friend just had one and she is doing the Pottery Barn Air Plane bedding found at their outlet store. You can also pick up these items on ebay etc. But here is an example of some Pottery Barn art you can make. I do shop the dollar tree and walmart and target a lot. Yes I do shop Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids a lot too for inspiration and if you see an item and it ends in $.99 then it is as low as they are willing to sell it for and it will not be coming back. When we moved I got a lot of coupons in the mail welcoming me to the neighborhood and was able to score my daughters Play Table and Chairs cleranced out and still use the 10% off coupon for Pottery Barn. I am willing to spend a little more money for the big ticket items For example our couch we bought with our income tax money and the extended warranty. I use books for accents all the time if they look funny don’t forget you can cover them with nice wrapping paper etc to give a unified classy look. I also decided that all of the art in our house would be special for us. So the majority of the photos hanging are photos I have taken through the years and some things that are sentimental that I have not taken. A lot of our furniture is hand me downs and it is amazing what a can of spray paint will do for you. Don’t under estimate the power of paint either. You can transform a room with paint. I have made pillows from old sweaters, I have made pillow cases, I also quilt so I have made a lot of our bedding, Putting shelves on the walls is great for displaying too and hanging plates as art. I have a shower curtain I am going to make into our bathroom curtain. Sometimes less is more too. That is something I keep telling my mom. It can take awhile to accumulate what you need for a house. When we were in high school my parents got each of us “hope chests” for Christmas and we started filling them with crock pots plates silverware etc before we left the house I had an complete house. Don’t forget garage sales and putting the word out that you need something to friends and family is also helpful. I had a friend of my mom’s give me my first couch set. Yes we had to rent a rug doctor to get it cleaned up but that was only $25. But mostly look online that is where I find my inspiration and you never know who might have something until you say he do you know where I can find this at they might have one in the attic they want to get rid of. Also around colleges and military bases those people move a lot so they are willing to get rid of stuff just so they don’t have to move it.

    • Anonymous

      super great ideas, also if you sign up for a Pottery Barn/Kids credit card you get 10% rewards. so, every $250 you spend you get $25 dollars back in rewards that can be used at both pottery barn and kids. If you are purchasing high dollar items this pays off considerably. PB&PBK also has friends and family every October, where you receive 20% off your whole purchase.

  47. halena

    i allways check the and post what i need any sometimes your post will be answerd and i always check out biglots and clearance after christmas for lots of stuff and always look around for grage sales but not for furniture just in case of bedbugs. but just keep looking around and u will find good ideas and go on web sites for do it yourself decations ideas

  48. sarah

    i am obsessed with you can just type in kids rooms at the top and about a zillion ideas pop up with tutorials and pictures. check it out!

    • andrea

      Is there any way someone would be willing to invite me to pinterest, my email is

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