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Apply to Host a Hershey's Cookie Exchange Party

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Wouldn’t you love to host a cookie exchange party around the holidays especially if you were provided with a FREE party pack full of fun goodies for you and your guests?! Well, apply to host a Hershey’s Cookie Exchange Party and you can do just that!

Here’s what you need to do…

*Head over here and register on or before November 20th, 2011
(be sure to complete the survey that follows your initial registration)
*Hershey’s will then pick 1,000 applicants to host a cookie exchange party on or about November 21st.
*Click here for all the official rules.

Each Host will receive a Party Pack which includes:

*One (1) Hershey’s® and Betty Crocker® co-branded Holiday Apron for the Host, Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) $11;
*Three (3) packages of Hershey’s® Kisses® chocolates, One (1) container of Hershey’s® Cocoa and Three (3) pouches of Betty Crocker® Cookie Mixes, ARV $18;
*Fifteen (15) Hershey’s® bakery boxes for guests to carry their favorite cookies home, ARV $19;
*Sixteen sets of (16) Hershey’s® and Betty Crocker® recipe cards featuring classic cookie recipes including: Peanut Butter Blossoms, Chocolate Snowballs, Easy Holiday Cutout Cookies and Double Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies ARV $20.
*Total ARV of Party Pack: $70. Limit one (1) Party Pack per person/household.

**If you are selected to be a host, you will be notified by email on or around November 21st! Party Packs will be delivered to hosts on or about the week of November 28th and you will be asked to host your cookie exchange party anytime during the month of December, no later than December 31, 2011.

Be sure to come back and let us know if you are selected to be a host!

(Thanks, Pinching Pennies with Heather!)

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Comments 61

  1. Kim

    Oh, I hope I get this!!!!! I LOVE to bake!!!

  2. Kelly

    I love holiday baking and hosting a cookie exchange would be so much fun! Thanks for the info. : )

  3. tomcatnavywife

    Another ‘awesome’ idea, even if I don’t get it, I think I will do this anyway, what a great idea, not every gift has to come w/ a large price tag! =D

  4. Tracie

    Sadly, the other mom’s of my son’s private school are sooooooooo snobby that they’d be shocked the cocoa’s not organic and fair trade. I’d be blacklisted!

    Maybe I should sign up! Bwahahahahah!

    • tomcatnavywife

      I like organic, but I don’t make everything we consume organic, b/c honestly not all of that ‘organic’ stuff tastes good, lol, and the cost of some of it is outrageous!

    • Kelly T

      I would invite people that I actually liked and wanted to spend time with. Just my opinion. 😉

    • Stefanie

      Totally feeling ya! They are not all like that around here but lots of them are. I just choose to only deal w/the moms that I actually like! 😉

  5. Samantha

    Ohh this would be amazing!!!

  6. Silvia

    Entered!!! Hope I get picked!!!

  7. JENNA

    I wasn’t able to apply thru Safari, but Firefox worked. Good luck everyone!

  8. Jeannie

    Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! LOL. Cannot bake to save my soul, so will pass on this. All others please feel free to mail me your cookies though. I’ll be VERY THANKFUL AND APPRECIATIVE 🙂

    OT: I am soooooooooo MAD with I ordered a silver necklace through an offer they had through Accessories Direct last month (Oct. 13th). I never received a confirmation from Accessories Direct when I placed the order, nor have I received the item. When I google Accessories Direct it comes up with a posh UK site. I have sent NUMEROUS emails to Savemore and have tried calling…just cannot get through no matter what time I try. Anyone have experience with this site? Am I just wasting my time chasing them? It was from the sign up offer, so no money is riding on this. Please let me know what you think I should do next. WOULD SO APPRECIATE ANY HELP!!! Thank you!!!

    • japeth713

      Having the same issue with the same offer.

      • Jeannie

        Jap….I just fired off an email to them telling them that if I do not hear from them soon I will be filing a complaint soon. It’s RIDICULOUS, they could at least answer. As for Accessories Direct, if they’d only list a CONTACT section. With no trace of them on the internet, beginning to wonder if THEY are legit!!! Hope you’ll post if you receive your item. Thanks and good luck!!!

    • angie

      I have got a couple of things for free from and have paid for one. They are weird on their shipping sometimes things take forever to come but they have always come. Once the item came super fast though too. Good luck!

      • Jeannie

        Angie, nice to know you got your things. I’m a little confused though…I thought the deal was handled through the site that offered it, not Savemore directly. I thought they only handled the vouchers. Thanks for the info. Will wait and see how it goes.

    • Kay

      I’m having a similar issue with a water bottle. It’s been over a month, and I’ve sent three e-mails to the water bottle company. I’m just glad it was free with the sign up, and I didn’t actually pay any money for it, because otherwise I would be seriously ticked off.

    • Susan

      Totally having the same problem. I havent attempted to contact anyone as I didnt know who to call savemore or accessories direct. But I have not recieved my necklace either.

    • Sara

      Had an issue with the chilis gift card. Purchased it, and when to redeem it. Their website let us redeem it. But, when we went to the restaurant they said it had already been redeemed! How embarassing! Chilis was very good about handling things and the manager even comped our meal. But, I still dont understand what happened when our card was activated and why it wasnt valid.

  9. rose

    I guess I don’t really understand how this works with the $70. Do we have to pay that to be able to host this party for all the stuff that gets sent our way?

    • Kelly T

      Is is free. It is just telling you the retail value of the party pack you will receive.

      • rose

        So all we have to do on our end is make sure we have a cookie exchange party and post pictures of the party?

        • rosanne


    • Rachel

      I believe it means what the prize pack is worth. 🙂

  10. Emma

    I’m hoping to be chosen! My husband and I were just talking about hosting a Christmas party and cookie exchange and this would be prefect to supplement our plans.

  11. Christine

    I SO VERY hope I’m chosen! You always publish the greatest deals! 🙂

  12. Cecelia

    I got this package last year and absolutely loved it. My youngest daughter had a ball helping me make all the cookies and we ended up making boxes filled with goodies for all the neighbors along with recipe cards written with the recipes. I got more comments and they all loved getting the recipes!

    • Teresa

      I got one last year to and we had a blast. I had 4 old ladies and a couple teens. I was not sure how they would work together, but they had a blast. The older couln’t read the directions and the younger simply had not spent much time in the kitchen before. Together they made for a funny site, but we baked dozens of great cookies togehter. They can’t wait to do it again this year.

  13. Heather

    Thanks for letting us know about this Colin! My sister and I applied to host, I hope one of us gets picked

  14. g

    I would LOVE to win this… may do one even if I don’t win! I haven’t had a cookie swap in about 20 years; think I need to bring that tradition back… SO MUCH FUN!!!!

  15. melissa

    What an easy application to fill out! **keeping my fingers crossed** I am picked b/c a few months ago when I was at a relatives house, we were talking about doing a cookie exchange. This would be so much fun!!

  16. Olivia Douglass

    I would LOVE to win this!! 🙂 Thanks for posting, hope I get it!

  17. Lynn G.

    Well we’ll see how this goes I usually don’t bake with mixes but I think I would pack them up and take them to the elderly that have apartments down the street!

  18. al

    i would really love to try this but i recently found out that hershey specifectly buys chocolate from child slaves in Africa. 🙁

    • Tammy

      This is so sad to hear.

    • kim

      What? Where did you read this? I would love the link!

      • al

        this info i actually got from an event in GR, MI last spring. it was the “Grand Rapids Freedom Walk 2011.” they emphasized how large a company hershey was, but that they were still doing this. they told us that Target has quit buying gold from these child slaves because people were not buying from them and Macy’s has also quit some of their buying from child slaves. So The Hope Project is trying to get the point to Hershey that if Macy’s and Target can do it they can to.
        i’m not sure if they have stuff onling specifectly about hershey’s but their website is i would say contact them with specific questinons. thanks for the interest!!

    • Vee

      Where did this information come from?

      • melissa

        do a quick google search on ‘hershey from slaves’ or something along those lines. The only thing though is that I am getting a bunch of older articles/blog posts, some as far back as 2007. Most current is from a 2010 blog.
        Basically, they are using large amounts of Ivory Coast cocoa, and those “products are almost certainly produced in part by slavery.”

  19. Grace

    This sounds like a really fun event but I’m not sure what exactly a cookie exchange is (is it what is sounds like; you exchange cookies?) Does someone mind explaining this to me please? Thanks in advance.

    • Tammy

      Invite some friends over. Each person that you invite is to bring 1 dozen of cookies there choice per person at the party then you trade your cookies.

      So if you have 6 friends over each will bring 6 dozen cookies that they made and they bring home 6 dozen of cookies from everyone that attended the party so you will leave with 6 dozen of 6 different kinds of cookies.

      Hope that helps you understand how a cookie exchange works. I hope you are able to give this a try and enjoy your friends and there cookies.

  20. Janet p

    I would love to win and host this party!!!! Fingers crossed 🙂
    My son is expecting his coke vma party pack any day now…… I can’t wait to c if I win this one?!?!?! I absolutely ADORE baking!

  21. fuzzymitten

    Thanks, Collin. I love to bake.

  22. Mary

    way too much legalese for me… not sure I want all my info out there for all the world to see… I do a cookie exchange every year for Christmas, I just pay for it myself. Thanks for posting the info.

  23. Alexcia

    The website is either acting up or overloaded, it said access denied when filing out the questionaire. I got to page 2 and then the error came up, tried again, got to page 3 and it said access denied. Now I can’t log in at all. I may come back later and try again.


    thanks, this would be a lot of fun, my daughter loves to bake and so do I.

  25. Misty

    I hosted the Hershey’s cookie exchange last year. I sent out invites to all of the people on our block and we had probably about 7 famiies show up. Each family brought 2 dozen cookies. Alot of them got eaten at the pary, but the leftoves were divided amongst the families and sent home in the neat little boxes provided by Hersheys. I had a drawing for the apron and made several of the cookies listed on the recipe cards. It was a great way to meet many of the people on the block. I am planning on hosting the event this years (even without winning the kit) as it was great fun and a great way to share the holiday spirit.

    • Jennifer S

      I got this last year too. You’re waaaayyy nicer than me…. I totally kept the apron for myself!

  26. Tracy

    I would love to win this. My sister and I are already planning a cookie exchange, and this would make it even better!

  27. kIM

    *fingers crossed* 🙂

  28. Kristen

    I’ve attempted to register using IE and Google Chrome, and am able to get through all 3 pages of the survey, but when I submit it, I get an error or an “access denied” page. Anyone else able to get through, or should I try another browser?

    • Jessyca

      Yes! I totally got that error message too… so mad!

  29. AMANDA

    Just recieved my email to notify me my cookie party pkg will be coming soon! So excited just in time for christmas! Daycare kids love to bake w/ me!!!

    • Jean

      I got an email saying I was selected to receive the party pack! I can’t wait!

      • Ashley

        Me, too! I am so excited!

    • aubree

      ooooooh me tooo can’t wait

  30. tracydaniels410

    Hope you SEE this Collin… I WAS CHOSEN!!!!!! YAY!! I got an email on Monday informing me that the supplies are in the mail. Thank YOU!!! My kids are so JAZZED. I may have to do my party in 2 rounds but what fun.

      • shawna!!!

        I got an email i was chosen too, it was in my JUNK MAIL (so if anybody sees this comment, double check your junk folder) but i happened to see it as i was looking through them. Thanks Collin for the post, i’m soooooooo excited to have a cookie party 🙂 MRS.HIP you are the BEST!

  31. Lauren

    Thanks for the heads up about this. I was chosen too!

  32. Andrea

    Got my house party box this afternoon! Don’t even remember getting an email about being selected. This totally made my day. Thanks, Collin!!

  33. Tanessa

    I won a party pack!!! I don’t remember ever getting an email, but i may have missed it since i get A LOT of emails. but my party pack arrived in the mail today, and it was a TOTAL surprise!!! i can’t wait to get baking and have friends over!! Thanks Hip2Save!!

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