*HOT* Philips Norelco SensoTouch Shaver $19.97 Shipped (After Rebate & Gift Card)

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Did you miss out on the Amazon deal that I posted yesterday for the Norelco razor?! If so, then I have good news for you! Currently, you snag the Philips Norelco SensoTouch Electric Razor for only $19.97 shipped right to your door after mail-in rebate and gift card!

Yep, has the Philips Norelco SensoTouch Electric Shaver priced at just $79.97 (list price $98.88). Even sweeter, this razor comes with a $30 gift card that will be sent via email after the purchase is complete (keep in mind that the gift card cannot be used in Walmart stores).

And to drop the cost even lower, you can submit for the $30 rebate found here, valid 11/7-12/31. Your final cost for this shaver will come to just $19.97 – which means you are saving yourself a whopping $80 off the list price! Wow!!

Looking to spend a little less out of pocket?! Consider snagging the Philips Norelco Shaver or Clipper plus $10 eGift Card Value Bundle for only $20. After the $10 gift card, you will have basically spent $10 for this shaver! You can also choose FREE in-store pickup or $4.97 shipping to home.

* Go through for 6% cash back!

(Thanks, The Frugal Pinoy and I Heart the Mart!)

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  1. Megan

    There is a $30 dollar off coupon in this months All You magaizne. Is it possible to use this coupon as well?

    • Suzy

      This is for so I don’t think you can use a paper coupon. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      You can use it on razors in store & get one for free…or get the next better option for $8.

      • Megan

        The coupon I have says only for the senso touch and that is only the high priced ones. All the lower priced ones do not say senso touch on the package. Just dont want to use the coupon for the wrong item.

        • Anonymous

          They do not say it on the package but do on the website. There was a post on about this, as well as various other sites. It’s legit. I got one no problem.

      • Pam

        I went to walmart today and the razor was $ 89.97. I told the cashier that it is on sale online at walmart for $ 79.97 ( I did have the ad with me). She gave me that price with my 30.00 coupon and I just sent in my rebate for 30.00.

        • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

          You can’t do the rebate and use the coupon, it’s one or the other

    • Jodie

      The coupon is for the senso touch shaver I got home from Walmart and while there I spoke with a manager and I was told it is Coupon Fraud if you use this coupon on the other shavers being it clearly states what shavers it is meant to be used on.

  2. Jo Ann Russo

    Isn’t this going to be the same thing as with Amazon’s yesterday?

  3. Dana

    Or you can use the $30 coup in-store and then submit the $30 rebate! LOVE it! Thanks for the tip! Great Christmas gift for the hubs 🙂

    • Tara

      Sorry Dana, I looked into this yesterday and you cannot use the $30 coupon in store and then expect to get the MIR on top of that. It is one or the other according to Philips customer service. HTH!!

      • marcia

        Tara, did they say anything about a Walmart giftcard and the rebate? Thanks!

        • Tara

          I did not ask that question specifically because I was interested in the in-store purchase, but I did read on another site that someone else reported that Philips would honor the rebate when paired with this gift card promo, because that is Walmart’s own promotion, not an instant $$ savings like the All You $30 manu coupon or yesterday’s Amazon virtual coupon:)

          • marcia


          • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

            Yeah, I would agree with this. the gift card is WALMART’s deal and not being reimbursed from the manufacturer. I’m going to have to look into this now. Thanks. 🙂

            • pianogrrrl

              Unfortunately, they will only honor one deal or the other. If you get $30 off from Walmart/Amazon/wherever, Philips/Norelco will NOT honor the rebate.

  4. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    So that $30 off coupon that was in the paper can be used for the cheaper norelco? Or is it just for the $79 one?

    • Anonymous

      You can use it on cheaper models. My Walmart had the #6900 model for $29ish & the #7300 model for $38ish & you can use the coupon on either one of those.

      • guest24

        Are there two Anonymous ?

      • wheresthedeal

        That isn’t correct. If you check i heart the marts site Paul called Norelco and this coupon is meant for the SensoTouch models which are the higher priced ones.

  5. frannie

    I keep getting the rebate file is damaged and cannot be repaired.

    • AMY

      I can’t get the rebate to pull up either. Any thoughts? I’m not going to “check out” until I’m able to print the rebate.

  6. Rachel

    Did anyone else notice you have to also buy a Tron movie ticket? And I don’t see anything about a $30 e-gc?

    • AMY

      I saw that too when I searched for the razor by name, so I linked from Hip2Save and it’s called a bundle, so try searching “Norelco Sensotouch bundle” and then I found the one with the ecard.

      • Rachel

        Thanks so much, I used the links from hip2save to get the right one, added it to my cart then went through shopathome. AND the rebate Collin has posted is different than the one on the Walmart website.

    • Maria S.

      Search Norelco egiftcard, and hopefully the razor with egiftcard will come up for you.
      These were the instructions I used after I read about it on iheartthemart.

  7. Dana

    Thanks for letting me know. Boo on that though 🙁 Are we sure that you can order it, get the $30 e-card AND still do the $30 MIR?!

    • Maria S.

      I’m only ordering one because I’m still not sure the rebate will be honored, especially since my on-line invoice shows the razor as $49… and then shows the $30 gift card.
      I’ll believe it when/if I get the $30.00 rebate
      I guess if the rebate isn’t honored and I don’t feel comfortable with the price, or the razor isn’t needed, then I could just return it and expect to get back $49

      • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

        You cant return it, coz you have to send original UPC from the package

  8. guest24

    I just used the $30 coupon on the Norelco #7130 (see top of box). It sold for $27.97. I did get the $2.03 overage, and….. the 16 cents tax was removed. How great is that? Thank Collin. Plus, I did do the Libby’s (match) from Dollar General, W/ the $1 off coupon. NO PROBLEMS….. woo-hoo

    • Anonymous

      I did this as well, although mine was $29 something at my Walmart. Great deal though!!!

    • Brandon

      According to Norelco, the 7130 model is part of the 7000 Series and NOT a SensoTouch razor! You’re able to use the $10 coupon but using the $30 coupon is a form of fraud.

    • Anonymous

      Where did you find the $30 coupon? Thanks 🙂

    • jurgita

      Where do you suppose to write a coupon code when you buy it at Walmart?I do not see a line.

  9. blindsublime

    Phillips has a strict “no other offer” on the rebate so it’s highly doubtful you’d get the rebate with a receipt that has a “bundle” on it.

    • cbeths

      I don’t see that writen on the rebate form.

  10. Erica

    I also noticed you have to buy a TRON movie ticket to get the $30.00 rebate – So really it is not $30.00 at all. I also looked into that smaller bundle with $10.00 ecard…what is not listed is that it is an additional $7.00+ dollars to get a shaver. So it is more like 27.00+ dollars and then 10 ecard.

    • cbeths

      I don’t see where you have to buy a movie ticket on the rebate form…can someone point it out to me? It says ” Buy: Any Philips Norelco SensoTouch Shaver between 11/07/11 and 12/31/11″

  11. Kate

    With the 2nd option for $20, two products are shown on the picture. Which one do you get? I looked on Walmart’s site and I’m still confused. thanks!

  12. amy

    I wish we could get more then 1 rebate this would be a great gift for quite a few of the men in my family!

  13. Kim P

    I just got off the phone with Norelco customer service. I spoke with a lady who said she has gotten several calls asking about combining this Walmart Promotion with the Norelco Rebate. She said that she is positive that Norleco will NOT honor the rebate in combination with any other offers or coupons including this Walmart deal and the Amazon deal. She even told me that she’d had some very angry customers on the line, but they still will not be honoring the rebate on top of any other promotions. I hope a lot of people don’t end up disappointed by this one.

      • Kim P

        Responding to my own comment again! Now this is funny…

        Philips Norelco customer service rep Candace just called me back. She had checked with her manager and apologized – They WILL honor the rebate along with the Walmart egift card promotion.

        The deal is good!!!

        • Pamela

          THANK YOU!!!!

        • cbeths

          Great! thanks! Its probably because the walmart promotion is paid by walmart and the manufacture coupon is put out by norelco. The offer cannot be combine with another offer paid by norelco, if walmart gives you a separate promotion then they can be combined.

    • lizardpak

      I just called, too. What a waste of my time…

      They said the e-gift is considered as a coupon.

      • Kim P

        Don’t know why they are telling people different things – I was hoping to save some people some time by posting what they told me when I called.

        • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

          Thanks to all who did checking on this. I also did the same and was told that the mail in rebate would be honored and the ecard certificate from walmart was a walmart promo not a norelco promo. I am excited to get the razor my son wanted for such a great price!!

  14. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    so will this not work with the rebate ?

  15. Kris

    Collin, thank you!

  16. AMY

    Can someone please email me the pdf of the rebate, not the link? I’m not able to pull it up as a link. My email is patashamy@yahoo(dot)com. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

  17. Sarah

    Yea I am confused about the second bundle too…you add a shaver of your choice and you pay for it plus the $20 base price? So in actuality, you are paying for the $10 egift card? Or, do you get a shaver and a clipper and the $10 egift card? The add says shaver, clipper, OR other…I am confused!!!!

    • Sarah

      Nevermind, this add is deceiving…the bundle has a base price of $20 and then goes up once you add the razor you want into the bundle, so you do get a $10 egiftcard, but you pay more than $20 too.

  18. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    i can’t get the link to work either! ahhh!

  19. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I just purchased this razor and already received my $30 e-card. Great deal!!!

  20. Kristy

    This is a great deal. I would love to get it for my hubby but with different answers from the customer service reps from Noreclo Im not sure I want to do it.

  21. Tera

    Does anyone know if you can use the eGift Card to purchase a gift card that can be used in store? Not sure if I’ll be doing anymore shopping any time soon.

    • Gina

      I have in the past and paid $.99 shipping. It takes 3-5 days to arrive.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      just did it. gift cards are shipping free right now. says arrival is 11/28 – 12/1

    • Tera

      Thanks so much!

  22. Tracie

    I went to and searched for the 7340lx norelco. There was a $10 coupon to clip, so this good razor was just $24.97 out of pocket with no gift card shenannigans.

    It’s worth checking on the 7310xl at, but since I’ve already clipped the coupon, I can’t tell if it’s available.

  23. Jenny

    I guess I’ll just take a chance on the rebate. Seems like many have gotten different answers as far as being able to have the Walmart e-gift card and also submit for the rebate. Any one else have any more definite answers?

  24. MacKenzie

    You can also go through ShopAtHome and get 6% cash back on this deal…which means you will get back another $4.80!! Woohoo!

  25. MacKenzie

    If you buy more than one of these razors (the $79.97 one) will you get a rebate check for both or just one?

  26. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Just ordered this for my husband. I talked with a manager from Norelco and she said they just had a meeting about this, and YES they will honor the rebate if you get the e-gift card because that is a separate deal that Wal-mart is offering and is not related to Philips. I just received my e-gift card too! GReat Deal! Thanks for posting 😉

  27. Sarah

    An even better deal is this use the $30 coupon from the 8/14 SS or December All You and get the Norelco 7310 on price drop at Walmart for $27.97 and get one for FREE! The box does not say “SensoTouch” on it, but the product description here
    says it is a “SensoTouch” under “comfortably close” on the first page. I took this in with my coupons yesterday and got 2 free!

    • wheresthedeal

      wrong coupon for wrong item.

  28. rainbow

    Just placed my order! Thank you~

  29. Lauren

    I also tried contacting Philips through chat tonight and was told “if the razor is discounted through Walmart, then the $30.00 rebate won’t apply here, as two offers cannot be combined on the purchase.” Not sure what to think now :/

  30. wheresthedeal

    I just contacted Norelco. They have given me the model numbers that the coupon is intended to be used for:

    Donna: The senso touch model number are :1290x/40 1280xcc/42 1280x/40 1260x/40 1250xcc/42 1250x/40 these are for sensotouch 3d

    Donna: And the sensotouch models for 2D are SENSEOTOUCH 2D SERIES 1180x/40 1160xcc/42 1160x/40 1150x/40

    and are those the only models that the coupon is to be used on?

    Donna: These are the sensotouch model where you can use $30 coupon.

  31. rosee

    Collin you stated $80 off….$30 rebate + $30 gift card is $60. What am I missing??

    • Jo

      It is already on sale for $20 lower than the list price.

  32. Aimee

    So does the e-gift card ship with the razor? I’m confused. It never showed up in my inbox so I’m wondering where it is.

    • Jo

      My email came about an hour after my purchase email. I already used the egift card yesterday and that part of the order shipped this morning even though the razor has not shipped yet.

  33. Niki

    Wow. I can’t get a straight answer from customer service. Same thing with the Allure deal. NOt sure I want to risk it.

    • Pam

      I got my answer from Allure. One per household. They will NOT rebate any more than that. Their screens show that it states one per household although the rebate does not state that. So, now to Walmart to return all of my other purchases.

      • Niki

        Yea. Same here. I didn’t return mine though. I just took the subscription instead.

  34. BIG JOSH

    I just echatted with norelco and the answer was no on combining and i was given the link to a different version of the rebate that states it specifically:$5-$30.pdf

    It sounds like a crap shoot. Some may get it and others won’t. too risky for me. even thirty bucks is a good deal though. 60 would have been even sweeter 🙂

    • Jo

      When I did the live chat and said they changed the form, but I still had the original version printed was when the first live chat lady disconnected me. When I called back in for live chat they tried to pretend like it was an accident, but that was never addressed before the new guy decided to insult me off the line.

  35. Jo

    Has anyone tried the actual rebate to see if it will work or not since we were all told conflicting things?

    • Jo

      Did a live chat. They will not honor the rebate. First lady did not understand why I was even asking so when I tried to explain we had previously been told it would work she disconnected me. So I did the live chat again and got a man who was super rude. He asked if I could subtract and understand I was asking for a $20 price for an $80 product. So when I explained what I had been told when I first called before purchasing he would only reply with can I help you with anything else? over and over. I asked to have a manager contact me and got his same reply. I am returning the razor tomorrow. I am not giving my money to a place with such horrible customer service that can get away with treating people like they are idiots. I understand they no longer want to honor it, but they should accept that they changed their minds and apologize for the inconvenience instead of insulting customers. My husband has a Norelco that needs to be replaced, but I will try a different brand at this point.

  36. Jean

    I did not receive my e-gift card from Walmart after I purchased this item. Any ideas on how I can get it?
    Thank you!

  37. Lynn

    I purchased the shaver but I did not get my e-gift card and have spent hours on the phone with Walmart. They are telling me that it was not offered when I ordered on Nov 21st. NOT TRUE! They say that if I can’t prove it was offered, they will not send the gift card to me. Is this the way does business? It is misleading and false advertising. They are off my list!

    • Rosamond

      False advertising is completely illegal. Look up bait and switch. Sounds so sketchy.

  38. Courtney

    Got a postcard in the mail today saying that my rebate was NOT honored. On hold with customer service now. Ugh!

    • Courtney

      Well, it took awhile, but I should now be getting my rebate. Drew put me on hold for several minutes and did some checking. I was nice, telling him exactly and sweetly what the problem was. He came back on and told me what to do to get my rebate. Yes, the rebate will be honored, but I did have to send in my receipt again. (via email)
      Thankfully, I had my email from to use again, otherwise, I usually don’t make copies of my rebates.

  39. Robin

    Has anyone received their rebate from Philips yet? I did the Walmart ecard deal and sent in MIR to Philips..did live chat tonight and Pearl said I will be hearing something one way or another. I sent in the original MIR that Collin had posted above that said nothing about “can not be combined with ecard offers.” I also have saved my receipt from Walmart in my email and I was just curious if ANYONE had actually received a check yet?

    • Kim P

      Got my check for $30 two days ago. I also did the Walmart deal with the original upgradeyourshave rebate form. Hope you get it soon!

      • Robin

        Thank you so much for letting me know. After checking back and reading all the comments, I became a bit worried. I couldn’t really afford it but with the “deal” I went ahead and took the risk. It was a present for my 97 year old patient. No matter what happens he’s definitely worth it, but thanks for giving me hope! LOL!

      • Lindon

        So the final price is $19?

    • Aimee

      Yes! I got my check a couple weeks ago.

      • Lindon

        You mean that you paid $49 for the shaver and then received the reward, right? I did not receive it until now.

  40. holly

    still havent got mine yet 🙁

    • Robin

      I still haven’t either. No denial or rebate check…I guess time will tell.

  41. Diane

    I haven’t received my check yet either – can anybody give me a phone number to call somebody or how to do the live chat – some link perhaps? This is frustrating, to say the least

    Thank you

    • Robin

      Hi Diane,
      I STILL haven’t received any correspondence either. I think when I called in I just googled Philips Norelco Rebate and ended up with a number somehow. Anyway, the lady I spoke to said we would receive either a card or check in the mail. I don’t want the card! That means no rebate. I sent in the 1st rebate form and I purchased the razor from Walmart with THEIR $50 gift card and Philips should have to honor their rebate in my opinion. I guess time will tell.

  42. Diane

    well, I found a phone number and spoke with someone at Norelco – she said they are way behind, and I had to resubmit all my documentation again via e-mail….hopefully it comes soon! Thought this may help anybody else waiting on their check. The phone number is: 800-243-3050

    • Robin

      Wonderful. All I have is a copy of the rebate form. I didn’t make copies of the reciept or UPC code. All the forms say only original. I was just starting out in couponing when this deal came up and I guess I didn’t know any better. Hopefully I will still get the rebate check. Thanks for the info and good luck!

    • Diane

      just received my $30 rebate check in the mail – good to know they are a company of their word! 🙂 Good luck to everyone else – I hope you get what they offered!

      • acharawordpress

        Hi Diane, did you get the $30 eGiftcard from Walmart when you purchased this? I called them from your number provided and they told me to resubmit the receipt again via email just you they told you. Thanks.

        • Diane

          yes I was lucky enough to get both – unlike many others that only received either/or rebate. Good luck – I wasn’t sure if I would get both as they had promised, but did!! I hope you get yours too – since that was their original offer!

          • acharawordpress

            Diane, thanks for replying. I will send email today and will see. Hope I get the rebate as they promised.

  43. jds

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the info.
    I did call the phone provided by Diane and turns out philips said I am not qualify for the rebate as I bought it from Amazon for $49.99. They said it’s already been deduct ed for the $30, therefore no further rebate can be issued 🙁

  44. j

    hopefully my rebate will show up soon haven’t recieved it yet will give it one more week.

  45. JP

    I got a note that I’m not entitled to get the rebate since I used the $30 couple when I bought that. I called them and argued that the rebate form didn’t indicate that, but the representative just said he was sorry but could not honor the rebate.

  46. JP

    I think Philips was kind of cheating the customers.

  47. Robin

    Well, June 1st and still no word one way or another. I can promise you one thing, it will be the LAST philips norelco razor I buy. It was for my 97 year old patient (his favorite brand) and it’s in his drawer sitting unused because neither one of us thought it did a good job. Lesson learned, unfortunately.

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