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Steals and Deals: Wallets, Scarves, Electronics and More

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Image: Jill's Steals and Deals

Coupon codes from Jill’s Steals and Deals segment broadcast on Dec. 2 have expired.

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Every Tuesday Jill Martin tells TODAY viewers about great deals offered exclusively to TODAY viewers by retailers. Deals expire after 24 hours. If you have an idea for her, send her a tweet at the handle @JillMartin.

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If you have any specific questions about these details or your order, please check with the retailers making the offers.

Here are the companies’ websites, contact information and a delivery timeframe that they provided TODAY:

eShave’s Exclusive Holiday Gift Set
Phone number: (718) 706-1300
Email address:
Expected delivery time: Delivery guaranteed by Dec. 23.

LEILA Zodiac Constellation Necklaces
Phone number: (858) 449-2337
Email address:
Expected delivery time: Delivery guaranteed by Dec. 23. Some necklaces purchased on back-order after 12:45 p.m. ET will arrive after Christmas.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Wallets
Phone number: (561) 594-8638
Email address:
Expected delivery time: Most wallets will arrive before Dec. 23.

Magaschoni Love Scarves
Phone number: (888) 624-0494
Email address:
Expected delivery time: Up to three weeks

iHome iPad Case or Portable Speaker System
Phone number: (800) 888-4491
Email address:
Expected delivery time: Up to two weeks

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Comments 379

  1. Jackie

    I ordered the Kenneth Cole Wallet on 12/02/11. Never received it. The Today Show website says that disputes are between me and the retailer. Yet the number the the Today Show provides never gets answered and emails sent get ignored. I feel it is irresponsible for the Today Show to promote a product and not stand behind the practices of the retailer. Obviously, I have misplaced my trust in the Today Show. I will say that I have made other purchases from Jill’s Deals & Steals and have been completely satisfied. I enjoy the segment. I will just be leary in the future to order from their suggested retailers. After 2 1/2 months of waiting I have filed a dispute to recover the charge on my credit card. The retailer had no trouble charging me the very same day as my order. I would suggest the the Today Show never use A D Apparel Group in the future and take a closer look at the retailers they promote in the future.


      Do i smell a class action lawsuit?????? I think that we ALL should look up AD Apperal on and write a formal complaint that way AD Apparel must respond and if they dont it will look better for our case. This is wrong to take our hard earned cash and come up with nothing. I would have rather gave my money to a charity then for me to end up empty handed without my product! For the woman who left a comment on jills page i would write another and call her out on why did you erase my comment. This is my first and last time that i will order anything from Jill’s Steals and deals…I guess the name suite it Jill STEALS and deal…smh. I will be writing my complaint to the BBB now. i am so disappointed in this situation. I have found that people have had problems with AD Apparel clear back in September.

  2. Carolyn

    A.D. Apparel Group also took my money and has not sent the Kenneth Cole Wallet that I ordered. I am surprised that NBC and The Today show has not stood up for the viewers on this matter. It makes me afraid to ever order anything else on Jill’s Deal’s, that’s a shame! Im going to try to recover my expense through my credit card company. I’ll will tell anyone that I know to not order ANYTHING from this company, ever!

    • lauren tuvel

      Same here. I ordered a wristlet on Feb 28th and have not received it. Ridiculous!

    • jessica

      The EXACT same thing happened to me!! I can’t believe the Today Show is still recommending their viewers to purchase items from such a retailer! And I agree I will NOT be purchasing any items from Jill’s Steals and Deals in the future this was my first and last.

    • Karen S.

      Same here…..I was really excited to receive the wallet and ordered one for my friend for her birthday. I guess I need to get my money back and look for another gift = ( I won’t be so quick to order again from the segment on the Today Show.

    • Sarah

      I ordered a wallet also on February 28. I have called and emailed them and nothing! I thought this company was reputable because they were on The Today Show. SCAM! This is the contact information TODAY has provided:

      Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Wallets
      Phone number: (561) 594-8638
      Email address:
      Expected delivery time: Two weeks

      They need to step up and get some answers for their viewers. I’m starting to believe the wallets that we ordered are knock offs.

      • Sarah

        I recieved an email a few hours after I posted here saying that my item was shipped via USPS and I received the tracking number . I will have to wait and see whether the wallet is actually what I purchased. And just an FYI I ordered the purple flap clutch with inside zip. The email that I recieved saying my order was shipped was from I’m sure you can try to look up the company to figure out where your order is. Hope this helps everyone!

    • Susan Solomon

      I just received my wallet and it was damaged.

  3. Donna Silveira

    I also have ordered the Kenneth Cole reaction wallets and have not received them yet my card was charged the very same day. I have sent emails and I have left voicemails to “Rick” from A.D.Apparel and have not gotten a response. I feel it is entirely irresponsible for Jill and the Today show to use a merchant who is not reputable and quick to respond to service calls or emails. I am researching my options now and also considering notifying my local NBC affiliate that carries the Today show to do a piece on the dissatisfied customers with the Jill’s Steals and Deals episodes.

    • Corrie33

      Yes! Donna please notify them, this is horrible! Let me know if I can help?

  4. stephgc

    i have also not recieved my wallets and i ordered 4 of them. i have emailed the today show and cant find any contact information on AD Apparel.

    • jessica

      If you find any contact information for them could you please post it up on here. I have searched and wasn’t able to find anything. Surely they have a customer service contact number or 1-800 #.

  5. AnnaLisa Erickson

    Ditto to AD Apparel Group & I haven’t received answer. Ordered 4 wallets thru Today Show offer on 2/28 & zippo.

  6. JR

    BE VERY CAREFUL!! I also ordered my Kenneth Cole wallet also from TODAY’s DEALS at the end of FEB 2012. Said in the email order confirmaton that “due to high demand product will not ship for 1-2 weeks” – It’s now march 20th. Still no wallet and was charged right away. Did a quick goggle search and see tons of different sites with same complaint!
    Anyone finds any more info on this-please post.

  7. Corrie33

    Same here!!! Im so mad!! Please let me know if any of you find anything out?! I will let you know if I find anything….. UGH…

  8. stephgc

    i sent jill martin, the woman who does this segment a message on her facebook page today. I asked if she had any contact info on this company or how this should be handled. I just checked to see if she responded to my question and she erased my comment on her page and did not bother to send me a response. thats really low class

  9. Kate

    I also ordered 3 wallets from the february 28th show and have not received them. I was worried the minute I saw my receipt after I ordered them because there was no phone number and no tracking number. I guess I’m out my 50 bucks. I wish there was something I could do.

    • Aquala Loyd

      NO! You are not out of your money do not let these people take your money and end up with nothing. Did you pay via credit card or debit card??? If so you can file a dispute with your bank and they can reverse the charge. I just tried to call the number to A.D Apparel and rec’d “Rick’s” Voicemail. I have also e-mailed and i havent yet to receive an email in return. Kate, i recommend you to try and contact them, if you havent gotten an answer then go through your bank to get your monies back. here is the number (561) 594-8638

      Good luck Kate!

      • darla

        i cannot believe the today show dealt with those people again-i ordered a sweater last year from them and we all had problems with these people then….shame on the today show

        • Aquala Loyd

          Darla did you end up with nothing or did they eventually give you your product??

          • darla

            i started to complain a little earlier than others and received my (cheap) sweater…i believe the wallets people had it worse than me and many never recieved them-took months!

  10. Rebecca

    I can’t believe that they haven’t answered any of us. I ordered the wallets and got some for friends with birthdays that are coming up. I will never order from the Today show because they should be providing information only about Retailers that are proven to deliver!!!

  11. John M

    I am one of those ‘buyers’ from 2/28 as well. I think the other two big news channels should do a story on the rip-off/sponsorship of the Today Show!! Jill and Matt Lauer must be getting a kick-back . . .

  12. stephgc

    i just spoke to rick from AD Apparel and he said that we all should be getting our shipments by next week. i really hope thats the case and i told him if i dont see something by next week that i will be calling him back!

    • Vicki Snyder

      How did you find their number? I have emailed 3 times and never received a reply. I never received my products and will NEVER AGAIN order from the Today Show.

  13. AE

    Saving a few dollars has NOT been worth this trouble. A reminder that I should shop local. Called Kenneth Cole & they gave me email address (no phone available). Got back an auto reply. I put the amount in dispute on my credit card. What a hassle!
    From: “”
    Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2012 11:15 AM
    Subject: [Auto-Reply] Fw: A.D. APPAREL GROUP Customer Receipt/Purchase Confirmation

    Thank you for your interest in Kenneth Cole Reaction and Kenneth Cole NY as seen on the Today Show Steals \& Deals segment.

    Please make note of the following:
    – If you are trying to place an order and are having difficulty on our site, please close all your windows and follow this link to try again:
    -You should have received a confirmation email that your order is being processed. You cannot track your order on our website.
    -You will receive another email when the order ships with the tracking number.
    -Though we’ve received many requests, we are unable to add any additional items to existing orders.
    -If you emailed us with an address change, we will do our best to accommodate you.
    -If you were overcharged or your code did not apply, please email us and we will refund your card the difference within 1 week.


    Thanks again for all the support and your patience!

    • Aquala Loyd

      I just spoke to Rick from AD Apparel and he said that i should be getting an email confirmation that my items shipped in a day or two…..he said if i dont get anything by monday then to call him back. He says the shipment was horribly behind and that he apologizes for the delay. We will see if it does ship. if so i will be happy to get my products because i want my wallet!

      • Vicki Snyder

        Exactly how did you find a number for them? I ordered on 2/28, have e-mailed 3 times and have never received a reply. I called the number that is attached to my credit card transaction and it is not in working order. NEVER again will I order anything from the Today Show!!!!! This is absolutely ridiculous. Had I seen all of this prior to ordering, I would not have done so to begin with.

        • Aquala Loyd

          Hi Vicki,

          Here is the number i called (561) 594-8638

  14. stephgc

    i got my wallets today and they were vinyl not leather.

    • Aquala Loyd

      In the wallet descriptions for the 02/28 orders i thought it said Patent leather which is like a vinyl kind of high gloss look to it.

  15. Carmen Bolduc

    We’ve all been stiffed! I cannot believe this! Dateline NBC should investigate these people and get them exposed before they steal more money.

  16. C Woodham

    I am in the same boat as you all. I ordered 2 wallets on Feb 28th, was immediately charged, but have not received a thing! I emailed and called Rick with no success. I have contacted Clark Howard and the BBB. This is ridiculous!

    • Vicki Snyder

      All I can say is……… it was definitely a “steal” for A. D. Apparell!!!!
      How does the saying go? Take the money and run!

  17. Rose Rowley

    I received my Kenneth Cole wallet yesterday. I don’t think just under a month is too long to wait for something that apparently so many of you wanted so desperately! The wallet is quite nice, so you all should just pipe down and have a bit of patience for goodness sake. Besides, you’ll live longer that way, too!

    • darla

      the issue is that this same company stole money last year for wallets offered from steals and deals. People never received their merchandise and it is happening again. I dealt with them for a sweater and it was subpar with a hole and it took eight weeks and many long distance phone calling before they sent my merchandise and i threatened the bbb.

      • Vicki

        Exactly Darla. Maybe if we ALL get our merchandise we will pipe down.

        • Aquala Loyd

          Ive spoke with Rick again yesterday he said that most of the orders have been packed and should be shipped yesterday or today. He said that we ALL should have our orders (those who live in the northwest i assume) should have our wallets no later than Friday and that he really apologizes for the hold up. lets see if he is right….

  18. Kathy

    I also have had this problem with the wallets I ordered. I have sent emails to the company but I have received no replies. The steals and deals are really just steals. I ordered the towel sets last year and what I received were second. They had runs in them and were terrible. I will not order anything from the steals and deals again.

  19. Aquala Loyd

    This is rediculous i have waited and waited. This rick person said that i would have my wallets no later than Friday and he also said that i would have an email confirming shipment no later than (last) monday or Tuesday which i never rec’d uggghhh!!!!!!!!!! this is so frustrating

  20. Mary Higginson

    I have just begun to investigate WHY I have not received th clutch wallets that I ordered on Feb. 28th—the phone # I found for A.D. Apparel Group is NOT the company that is responsible. It concerns me that there is NO Invoice number on
    my payment receipt.
    Why is Jill Martin not responding to the inquiries that have been sent her. I guess this one is a steal not a deal
    I am very frustrated.
    Has anyone received this item??

    • Aquala Loyd

      Hi Mary,

      I just posted above my frustrations and just now the postal service guy walks in and hands me my box with my wallets in them. maybe you should be getting yours soon too. I know that i wont be purchasing from AD apperal again but these wallets are cute!

  21. Elizabeth Kiper

    I brought the same wallets 2 to be exact on 2/28 and have yet to receieve them. From the previous comments above it does not look like I will either. This was for sure a steal definately NO deal!!!!!

  22. Jen Hannig

    April Marin return issue and no one from company answers emails and phone number is bogus. Do not buy from April Marin if you value your money. Company does not care about the consumer.

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