Steals and Deals: Wallets, Scarves, Electronics and More

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Image: Jill's Steals and Deals

Coupon codes from Jill’s Steals and Deals segment broadcast on Dec. 2 have expired.

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Every Tuesday Jill Martin tells TODAY viewers about great deals offered exclusively to TODAY viewers by retailers. Deals expire after 24 hours. If you have an idea for her, send her a tweet at the handle @JillMartin.

Neither Jill Martin, Hip2Save nor TODAY profits from these recommendations or from sales — we’re just looking to help you find the very best deals. Conditions and restrictions may apply.

If you have any specific questions about these details or your order, please check with the retailers making the offers.

Here are the companies’ websites, contact information and a delivery timeframe that they provided TODAY:

eShave’s Exclusive Holiday Gift Set
Phone number: (718) 706-1300
Email address:
Expected delivery time: Delivery guaranteed by Dec. 23.

LEILA Zodiac Constellation Necklaces
Phone number: (858) 449-2337
Email address:
Expected delivery time: Delivery guaranteed by Dec. 23. Some necklaces purchased on back-order after 12:45 p.m. ET will arrive after Christmas.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Wallets
Phone number: (561) 594-8638
Email address:
Expected delivery time: Most wallets will arrive before Dec. 23.

Magaschoni Love Scarves
Phone number: (888) 624-0494
Email address:
Expected delivery time: Up to three weeks

iHome iPad Case or Portable Speaker System
Phone number: (800) 888-4491
Email address:
Expected delivery time: Up to two weeks

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Comments 379

  1. Ed Smith

    Can’t get to the IPOD home page says bad gateway, I ahve 3 computers and still can’t get to it. Guess this was a fraud…

    • Debbie

      Too good a deal to be true?

    • Audrey

      I got through just fine. It just takes a little time. And… fraud is such a NASTY word… I think you owe Collin an apology.

      • please

        an apology to Collin is a bit much-its not her steals and deals.

        • Audrey

          No but she is the one who posted it… on her site… and I just have a problem with the word personally.

    • Jae

      When you get a gateway error its due to heavy traffic – just keep trying.

    • chris

      I can’t get it also

    • Lisa

      I did get on page and had items in shopping cart but when checking out I get internal error

    • keegan

      Got to put the items from ihome in my cart and then nothing. Not good.

      • Elsa Deery

        No problems here.. so far have gotten all the items that I clicked to… Always a good deal, not a fraud….

    • Paula

      I have had the same problem. Gateway messages, internal server messages, now it won’t go back to the ihome page. Very disappointing!

    • Nicole

      I was looking on the today show page and it said the IPOD home page was having issues. Ive ordered from here before, its a good deal – not fraud. Just make sure to order only one because you only get one of their deals at this price.

      • Reese4au

        Actually you can get 2. And if you place more than one order then you can get more. I ended up getting 3 docks and 1case. Great deal!

    • Dawnette Shelton

      Not a fraud but I have NEVER gotten into a site. Rather pay full price than endure the hassle.

    • Linda Van

      Tried to order the iPad rechargeable Stereo speakers and case and it will NOT except the CODE

    • Linda Van

      This is the message I got:
      An error occurred while trying to report this transaction to the merchant. An e-mail has been sent to the merchant informing them of the error. The following is the result of the attempt to charge your credit card.

      This transaction has been approved.
      It is advisable for you to contact the merchant to verify that you will receive the product or service
      Now whay???

      • Linda Van

        The page went blank so how do I contact the Merchant?????

        • Linda Van

          Ok went back on Page went to support page. Phone is always busy and email support link is not working.

          • Reese4au

            Just stay on hold. It make take a few minutes but they’ll come on and give you your confirmation code. And you’ll get a confirmation email

            • Linda Van

              No I did not.

  2. Lisa Leaman

    Thank you Collin and team for all your hard work! I really like this deal for the Ipad accessories. Does anyone out there know if this is about the rock bottom price you can find the case and the speaker for?

    • Linda Van

      not going to get it any cheaper

  3. Mimi Smiley

    I still have not received a product I ordered in October and cannot get a response from the company! I am still waiting for my Danielle Stevens’ Engraved Bangle Set ! Very disappointed with the service!

    • please

      this is why i gave up on steals and deals…more like just steals hah

      • TODAY

        Hi Mimi! Please send us your order details and contact info and we’ll get back to you!

        Thanks —
        Steve, editor for TODAY,.com

        • LInda LannesI

          I just posted that I also ordered 2 of the Danielle Stevens’ Engraved Bangles in October and have yet to receive….could you check in to my order also if I get you the information. Thanks for your attention to this matter.

          • TODAY

            Yep! I can check into it — but please email us there (I don’t want you to make you post your order details and contact info in this open space).

            Thanks —

            • Leslie Noe

              Steve –
              Sounds like you’re trying to hide the fact that you are aware that there are a lot of unhappy consumers out here that have tried Jill’s STEALS…I mean Deals. I think an open forum will disclose this and save you an overwhelming amount of emails from other unhappy individuals who are waiting on items they ordered based on Jill’s Deals. Besides, if I remember correctly, the TODAY show posts they are not responsible for these deals and not to be contacted. Instead to deal with the vendor. When the vendors are contacted consumers receive automatic replies regarding delayed orders thereby leaving a lot of people feeling they’re in a CATCH 22.

              Consumers –
              YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR SOMETHING YOU DID NOT RECEIVE. To do so makes it a final sale with final being that you, the consumer, are ultimately likely to pay the vendor money for receipt of nothing.

              If these vendors can’t deliver “due to the surprise of the overwhelming response received” then they should cut off accepting orders that cannot be shipped within a reasonable amount of time (4-6 weeks maximum). Or the vendors should alert buyers of the wait time and allow them the decision of whether or not they want to keep the order.

              I’m sure there are individuals who were or are counting on these items to give as holiday gifts. If they’ve already paid for the item but still not received it they may be feeling anxious about having something to give when the holidays arrive. Not all individuals may be in a position to buy an additional gift until the one they wanted to give finally arrives. It can be embarassing to say, “I bought you a great present in October but it still hasn’t arrived. But don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll love the cashmere scarf I ordered in June 2012 when it’s 100 degrees”.

              Respectfully submitted on behalf of myself and others,
              Leslie Noe

            • Belinda Braxton

              I just placed an order on Ihome and got this message: An error occurred while trying to report this transaction to the merchant. An e-mail has been sent to the merchant informing them of the error. The following is the result of the attempt to charge your credit card.

              This transaction has been approved.

              It is advisable for you to contact the merchant to verify that you will receive the product or service.

              Please tell me that this is not a scam?? It doesnt give me anyway to contact the merchant. The Today Show should not promote this items if this is going to happen. Now I’m not sure what to do?.

          • Belinda Braxton

            I just placed an order on Ihome and got this message: An error occurred while trying to report this transaction to the merchant. An e-mail has been sent to the merchant informing them of the error. The following is the result of the attempt to charge your credit card.

            This transaction has been approved.

            It is advisable for you to contact the merchant to verify that you will receive the product or service.

            Please tell me that this is not a scam?? It doesnt give me anyway to contact the merchant. The Today Show should not promote this items if this is going to happen. Now I’m not sure what to do?.

            • TODAY

              Hi Belinda! It’s not a scam. We were talking with iHome all morning. They sent along the following statement that we posted on our website a short time after this morning:

              The HUGE demand caused our servers to crash. We are now back online. For those of you who have received error messages, we humbly apologize. To confirm your order, please follow this link to e-mail customer service and we will get back to you within 24 hours:

              Apologies again.

    • Vicki

      I too am still waiting for a shawl I ordered back in October. I understand that with so many ordering that there are delays but this is ridiculous. If the Today show wasn’t supporting the product I’d be concerned that this was a scam.

    • LInda LannesI

      Mimi…I ordered 2 of the Danielle Steven’s Engraved Bangle bracelets in October and have yet to receive them also….I just ordered a scarf and necklace ….they say they will arrive by Christmas…fingers crossed

    • Sonia Magruder

      Same thing happened to me, it was charged on my credit card but no confirmation email, no product (it was a watch that was on a recent steals and deals).

      • Leslie Noe

        After waiting forever for these Deals to arrive I finally started telling my credit card company that the item was being billed but without receipt. They then tell the company that you’ve refused payment until full receipt of order. So far it’s been amazing to see how fast my back orders suddenly go to the top of the list for shipping. Why should you pay them for something you’ve not receipt. You’re taking a lot of chance just on the fact that most of these places say all sales final. Which is fine but the sale should be only final AFTER YOU RECEIVE THE ITEM(S). Otherwise Jill’s Deals are Jill’s Steals.

  4. Ronni

    The link for the ihome isn’t connecting me? Think its just too busy?

    Can you send the web address?

    • TODAY

      Hi Ronni! The iHome site was experiencing some technical difficulties this morning. It should be working now, though, if you want to give it a try!

      Thanks —
      Steve, editor for

      • steveui1966

        Yeah, it’s working all right UNTIL you give them the payment information. Then it suddenly vanishes with an error message and an 800 number to call that is constantly busy. I guess lots of other people are having the same disquieting, unsettling experience. Pretty skeptical at this point. It’s one thing to be taken in by an offer on a matchbook cover, another thing entirely when it has the imprimatur of the Today Show.

  5. Ed Smith

    Can’t get to the ipod page and when you do it has no discount, is there going to be a do over….

  6. Michelle

    I just ordered the cashmere scarf and had no problems at all. The site was a bit slow (and one time I did get the “bad gateway” page), but I think they are just flooded with people right now. It took me longer to decide what color to get than it did to actually order it.

    Thanks, Collin (and Today Show!)

    • please

      hope you dont mind wearing it in the summer

  7. ricky c.

    Stick with it! It took me a while, but I did get it ordered.

  8. Ed Smith

    On one of the pages I go to the checkout page and it is taking forever

    • Michelle

      They always take forever because there a bunch of people flooding the site right now…

      • Jenn

        I have never had a problem with ordering and products from the ‘Steals’ list. It does take a little longer to receive the products. Maybe you can’t purchase them yet as they have not been seen on the show yet. I love this segment and have enjoyed all of my purchases.

  9. Dennett

    cant get to the ipod page!! 🙁

  10. Debbie

    Impossible to get to page to purchase iHome dock. Been trying on three devices. This is Very very disappointing.

  11. D.Testa

    VERY DISAPPOINTED! Ordered on October 18 from AprilMarin and still have not received. Their last response to me on November 8th promised a 2 to 4 week ship date … still nothing, except that the credit card has been charged and I have paid that bill weeks ago ……..VERY DISAPPOINTED

    • RickLaw

      2-4 week ship date from Nov 8th is still within range
      Have patience

  12. Jill

    The scarves are 1 deal per person. I tried to order 3, but only gave me discount for 1.

  13. Lori StClair

    I bought 9 sets og the S&L sheet sets in Sept. as Chriistmas gifts. They were a long time in coming and are of VERY POOR quality. I used one set and when I washed it in cold water the fitted sheet fell apart. I have been very dissappointed with most of the deals I have gotten.
    I ordered the Pur Minerals makeup set and much of it was trial size which was not stated in the DEAL.

    • TODAY

      Hi Lori!
      TODAY reached out to S&L Home Fashions after seeing the complaints.

      Here’s a note from S&L Home Fashions about the Millano sheets set: S&L Home Fashions values its customers and quality of product is of the utmost importance to us. If you are experiencing any problems with your Millano Towel order please visit or contact us via email at or and via phone at (323) 587-0800 or at (323) 923-0175.

      If you are still having problems, please send us your order details and contact info and we’ll get back to you!

      Thanks —
      Steve, editor for

    • TheJoggingYenta

      My Pur Minerals was all regular size. Great deal…wish I had bought more.

    • LLM

      My sheet order was also slow to arrive and VERY POOR quality. They were so thin they shred when we slept on them. Glad I only bought one!

  14. RickLaw

    relax people !!!!! your not the only one trying to get to these pages. They typically get flooded and sites get crashed with traffic

  15. Lyndsay

    Ordered isotoners and was charged on 11/09/11. I never received a confirmation email nor have I received the product. Who do I contact to either see where my order is or get my money back?

    • TODAY

      Hi Lyndsay!
      Here’s the contact info for the Isotoner gloves!

      Isotoner smarTouch Men’s & Women’s Gloves
      Email address:
      Phone number: (310) 230-8245

      Please reach out to them to inquire about the status of your order. TODAY did contact them earlier this week and they said a big shipment went out on Tuesday. So you could get it soon!

      Thanks —

      • Lyndsay

        Thank you Steve for getting back to me with an email address to contact Isotoners. I just emailed them and am waiting for a response. I know this is not Today’s fault and I appreciate your help!

  16. Amarilis

    Still a problem with the Ihome link,can you update us?

  17. RickLaw

    try again in 30 minutes when the initial rush calms down

    • TODAY

      Thanks RickLaw! This is a good suggestion.

  18. karen

    Tried to order the shaving items..I need 6 and could only order 1…cant have that so I didnt order any…But in fairness, I have ordered other items over the year and have never been disappointed…..

  19. Ashley

    I ordered the Mon Ami Shamballah bracelet months ago. I paid around $30 thinking that I was getting a great deal considering that the bracelet was normally around $100. After I received my bracelet, I went to their website to find that I paid what the bracelet normally sells for everyday. No deal at all, only a scam! As much as I love the Today Show and this segment, I won’t participate in any more “deals!”

  20. Ed Smith

    the servers have crashed I believe, I spoke to the IHome company they said they have plenty and try later it is good for 24 hours….

  21. LisaS

    Tried purchasing the scarf and the site says the “code has expired”. How could that be- was there a limit?

  22. Esther

    how long are deals good for? Can I wait until after work to try?

  23. Ed Smith

    I have ordered a few things from different shows and I ahve not gotten anything as of yet, but I am hoping it is just due to the holiday. I still cannot get to the IHome site though…

  24. Debbie moors

    Still have not received shawl I ordered in October

  25. Dennett

    Just hope I don’t lose the sale If I wait too long!! It’s a great deal

    • Sabrina

      It took a while to get through and then I got an error page but checked my credit card transactions and charge is pending.

  26. Paula

    I’m receiving the same messages (gateway issues, internal server issues, etc.). Now I can’t even get back to the ihome page!

  27. Barb

    Cannot even get on the iHome site. How sad.

  28. Lynn

    Bought the eshave for my husband for Father’s Day the 1st time it was on Steals and Deals. My husband said it’s the best shave he’s ever had. Order the brush and stand for him and my son. Very happy with the products. Still trying to get on the iHome but will continue to try. Love Steals and Deals

  29. clare lancaster

    I got to the order page and can’t get to ckout. Been trying for 20 min. suggestion don’t advertise if co can’t handle

  30. M. James Gardiner.

    I still have not received the hand bag I ordered Nov. 1st. The company has already charged my credit card, They did that on Nov. 1st. Pleas e follow up on this deal
    and answer me at Jim G

    • TODAY

      Hi Jim! Please send us your order details and contact info and we’ll get back to you!

      We can keep track of the issues better that way.

      Thanks —

  31. D Smith

    Any idea when the ihome site will be back up? I have been trying for 30 minutes!

  32. Nicole

    I am trying to buy the scarf and it says that the coupon code has expired.

    Very disappointed!

  33. Lisa

    What a waste of time…the Magaschoni scarves page finally loaded, let me order and then said they did not enough inventory to continue. I should have learned my lesson the last time I tried to buy something with the Steals and Deals. I understand the sites being flooded, but to not have enough inventory less than an hour after air time? Lots of free advertising for these companies…very little “deal” for the customer. Disappointing.

    • Allie

      try choosing a different color. they are out of the red but black was still available when I looked.

  34. Cheryl

    I give up, this has never worked for me,I have tried so very many times how can you say these are deals?When you never can get in to order them,I am frustrated and done.

  35. ProductProofreader

    Under “Tech Specs” the iHome shows compatibility with iPhone 4, but does not list 4s. I assume it will still work?

    • ProductProofreader

      Went ahead and purchased it since it’s returnable. Hopfully it works with 4s.

      I had no technical problems whatsoever during checkout.

  36. Lisa

    What a waste of time…the Magaschoni scarves page finally loaded, let me order and then said they did not enough inventory to continue. I should have learned my lesson the last time I tried to buy something with the Steals and Deals. I understand the sites being flooded, but to not have enough inventory less than an hour after air time? Lots of free advertising for these companies…very little “deal” for the customer. Disappointing.

  37. Carlo

    The eShave Website is back on.

  38. janedesmoinesj

    I have received 2 excellent steals and they came promptly! Living Proof and Philosophy. Both incredible deals.

    • christina

      I LOVED the Living Proof set! Wish they would bring that deal back! 🙂

  39. M

    Like Lyndsay (above 8:42AM) I ordered the Isotoner Smartouch. My credit card was was charged the same day. I responded to the initial email (received 11/8/11) I received from them on 11/21/11 as to when I would receive my order. I received an email on 11/23/11 with this response- “All orders will be shipped this week and you will receive it in 5 – 7 days. An email will be sent with tracking information.
    Thank you,
    Which was 9 days ago…. I haven’t receive another email or my order. Please update us as to when we will receive our orders or if we should request a refund and shop for other Christmas presents! Thank you for your time.

  40. Joy

    Tried to order the scarfs today, but it wouldn’t allow me to check out. It said I had to order more than one, and 3 out of the 4 colors were sold out These deals are not always deals. I believe these companies just want to get their brand name on The Today Show.

    • Lisa

      I agree. Free advertising. Waste of time for viewers/consumers.

  41. Denise

    I also tried to order the ipad case and made it through the order process but unable to complete transaction after credit card approved. Unable to get through on phone.

  42. KerMac

    Scarf site say coupn code expired?? Whats up?

  43. Tawnee Eckhart

    My Danielle Stevens jewelry I ordered still hasn’t been shipped. I received an email from them on the 7th stating that it would be 3 weeks til shipping orders out from that Today special. Nothing since then, can you look into this?

  44. Eileen P

    I was on the last page of ordering the IHome IPad case when I received the following error: An error occurred while trying to report this transaction to the merchant. An e-mail has been sent to the merchant informing them of the error. The following is the result of the attempt to charge your credit card.

    This transaction has been approved.

    It is advisable for you to contact the merchant to verify that you will receive the product or service.

    SOOO Frustrating!!!

    • RickLaw

      I got the same message … i called the customer service dept at IHome and they said my order went through ,,, if you dont get a email confirming your order within a hour call them to confirm. They were very nice and are doing their best to get the site back up and running properly

      • Eileen P

        Thank you Rick! Will look for an email and call them to follow-up. I appreciate your response.

  45. RickLaw

    Alot of you people need counseling on having patience. These are DEALS and there are Thousands of people all trying to get the same DEAL at the same time as you are.
    If you are impatient just keep clicking the link till you get through. otherwise just wait a little while and try again. The offers are good for 24 hours. I spoke to The customer Service Dept at ihome and they are very friendly and are doing their best. Their site has gone down multiple times from traffic and are doing their best to resolve it and serve as many people as they can as fast as they can. Cut them some slack and have patience.
    Thats whats wrong with our society these days. Everyone thinks they are the ONLY person that matters and they should be seviced RIGHT NOW!!!
    Come on People what happened to the America that everyone looked up to and said wow those americans are sooo nice and courtious.
    Stop complaining so much …. not everyone is out to screw you
    Today Show is doing you a service to get these deals — keep complaining and you wont get them anymore

  46. Tawnee Eckhart

    It took a half hour to get to this point with cc info sent to the IHome site. What is your suggestion?

    An error occurred while trying to report this transaction to the merchant. An e-mail has been sent to the merchant informing them of the error. The following is the result of the attempt to charge your credit card.

    This transaction has been approved.

    It is advisable for you to contact the merchant to verify that you will receive the product or service.

    • RickLaw

      see responce to Ellen above

      • RickLaw

        correction Eileen

  47. Lisa M.

    On a positive note, last year I purchased multiple jills steals and deals items (sterling silver state necklace, pave diamond necklace, shaw, ihome headsets, omaha steaks deal, etc. All of them came in time for Christmas and my family thought I was the queen of Christmas. Be patient. They are really amazing deals and I have not received anything that was not top quality (just be careful about Omaha, they will call you none stop after your first order!)

  48. Arin Perry

    I read a post saying you can only order 1 of the Ihome deals, does anyone know if that means just one of each OR one ipad case and one ihome speaker? I hope they get the issues fixed and hopfully I can get one of each :o)

    On another note, I just want to say that I ordered the towel sets that were offered I guess about a month ago or so and they came a few days ago, so I didnt have a problem getting my items… they look ok but dont seem at plush as I was expecting…. but they are still in the packaging so I could be wrong :o) I think they will look nice hanging in the bathroom but I will reserve judgement on using them until I actually take them out of the package :o)

  49. Teri

    Got the zodiac necklace for myself, my mother, and my daughter so we will be connected always through our signs. Soooo pretty and such a great gift!

  50. Amy

    The code for the scarves says “expired”. I guess the scarf deal is done. 🙁 Oh well!

    • Lisa

      I also got that message and it was only 8:45am!

    • Kate Morales


      • rootsgal

        Is everyone still having problems with ordering the scarf? I have read that they are charged but told there are none left?
        This STEALS & DEALS NAME IS VERY ACCURATE….they steal your deal for sure.

        • rootsgal

          ALL THAT IS LEFT are the wallets, and who wants FAUX LEATHER?
          I am not falling for this again.
          The mens shaving kit is a rip off. My husband said he can get all that for $10.00. I was going to get it for him….later to this scam. TODAY, why would you want us to go through all this misery and let down?
          The scarves should be available or we should be offered an alternate.

          • Amy

            I am still getting the “the coupon code has expired” message even though they said there is more in stock now…

            • Tammy Miller

              They are offering scarves in other colors for the Steals and Deals price. I ordered one in crimson about 1/2 hour ago. Good luck! It looks like it’s available in red, pink, black.

            • Amy

              Stlll trying and still getting “expired” message…even just now!

            • amy

              If you’re trying to use your work computer and someone else in your office has already snagged the deal, you’ll get that message. I think the site is checking urls. Try using your smartphone 3g or 4g or go thru a different url.

          • Ellen

            Wow. Lighten up. Just don’t order it and move on…. Happy Holiday.

            • Amy

              Seriously? Grow up. That’s what these messages are for, maybe I am doing something wrong that someone else can help me with. But I’m obviously not the only one with the issue. Rude doesn’t have a place on this board or during the holidays.

            • Kate Morales

              Hey Amy,

              I’ll be happy tp walk you thru it if you’d like. You can write me an email @ Sounds to me like someone else is confused about what the words “lighten up” mean. Absolutely no need for that post to have been written.
              Kate in Nashville

    • Andrea Gentry

      I just completed my order for the black scarf w/ no problems.

    • Drea

      i just ordered the scarf in black… with no issues.

    • Sharon

      I had no problem ordering Scarfs, wallets and the necklace. Try it again……

    • SusanJohnson

      Scarf deal is no deal. Expired?! What a waste of my time! Today show please check out your vendors more carefully.

    • Nancy

      I just ordered mine

    • Jacqueline

      I just ordered (at 11:00AM CST) a tea rose scarf. There were still a few colors left – black, mink, blush, citron, geranium, sable and maybe others.

    • Sabena

      The East coast get’s a jump on us West coaster’s, that’s a bummer with the scarf. Guess I need to wake up 4:30 am to have a chance at the good deals! And that will probably not happen! LOL

  51. John

    Finally got through order process for ihome, but then got error from
    An error has occurred while trying to report this transaction to the merchant.
    Also said the transaction was approved and to contact the merchant to verify that I will receive the product.
    How do I contact them??????

    • Susie

      Happened to me too! I would also like to know how to contact them.

      • Cindy

        ME TOO!!!! Did I get it? It says “This transaction has been approved” so did we get it or not????!!!!!! This is BS!!!! Now I don’t know if I am getting it and if my card has been charged! UGH!!!! Help please TODAY!!!!!

        • az2ct

          Same thing happened to me. I called my cc company and they said the charge went through as approved. Have been trying to call iHome Audio but they probably took their phone off the hook.

        • Debbie

          I got the same message and yes my card has been charged. I did go to the web site and got a phone number, 800-288-2792 I haven’t called it yet, I figure lots of people are. I will try later today

          • staci

            I have ordered several items from today and it was time consuming and it showed errrors, but I have received everything and have been happy with it all!

        • Sammie

          Same thing happened with my transaction… I was down to the last step, after trying all morning & I got the same message that my card was charged,no confirmation # or email confirming and I was told to contact merchant….all I get is a busy signal!!!! Very frustrating! Am I getting it or not!?!

          • az2ct

            Got through to Customer Service. Really nice person I spoke with. Most orders are getting posted with a 10 to 15 minute delay after we get that message. Unfortunately my order still hasn’t shown up over an hour after the cc was charged. They are looking into it and will call me back.

            They said they have alot of these items in stock so everybody should get what they order.
            I was very impressed with iHome Audio’s customer service.

      • lisa

        I called the number on the site for customer service, took me a few times to get through but I did and they confirmed my order was confirmed and gave me the confirmation number. If it says your transaction was approved they said then it went through. I just gave the lady my name and she told me exactly what I ordered and the cost without me providing any other info so she definitley had the order in their system

    • Teri

      That happened to me too. What do we do?

    • jackie


    • Sonia M.

      This is what’s on their site: Due to extremely high email volume, if you require order changes or immediate assistance, please call our Customer Service Department:
      800-288-2792 · 8am-4pm EST, M-F and
      For iHome computer accessories call:
      877-543-3540 · 10:30am to 7:30pm EST, M-F

      I called the first number and line is busy right now. Second number says business hours are 10:30 – 7:30 pm EST

      • Kelly

        Same thing happened to me! I am on hold with them now. They already charged my credit card, so hopefully I will receive my order.

      • Nancy F

        I called also and could not get through. I tried a different card and got an order number and said my card was charged. Just hope I don’t end up with a double order.

        • Lisa

          Same thing happened to me. I was able to confirm my order by logging into my account with them. The order number, confirmation and status were listed.

        • Nancy F

          It did duplicate once I tried it a second time. Now I have to try and cancel one order.

    • Marlys

      I got the same message and so I called them at 1-800-288-2792. I had ordered both the IPad case and the docking station. The second one never even showed the error message, but when I finally got to speak with a person both orders had gone through.

    • cristina

      do you guys know if docking system comes with remote control?

      • julie

        Go through Shopathome or Ebates for an extra 3%!

    • Tonya

      Happened to me also! Finally got my order through and now I have 2 separate emails from them with different order numbers and I only ordered 1! Now I can’t get through to speak to someone! The number keeps ringing busy! NBC really needs to make sure these vendors are capable of handling the orders before advertising them! How aggravating!!

  52. Lexi

    Have been trying for 30 min. To order iPad clock. Got to checkout , typed in cc and address then internal error…. Really think there may only be a couple available.

    • Tina

      Me too. Went through 25 minutes to order and then got the error message. If they charge our card does it mean we ordered. The whole site is down. I’m done trying to order stuff from here. The websites always crash or it takes 3 months to get what you ordered! Not worth the hassle!

      • Suzanne Michas

        If you click on the Today67 just below the coupon on the today show it will take you there. I just ordered 3 two separate times. It took me a while so I just shopped on another site while I waited.

  53. Myriam Turnier

    On Nov. 8 I have placed an order with A D Apparel Group. They received their payment on the 10th from Citibank. To date I have not received my order and it’s more than 3 weeks. Is there a way for me to contact/call them. Thanks in anticipation

  54. tracey

    can canadian, place orders

  55. Carolyn Kuhl

    I thought GPS was supposed to be offered today.

  56. Kim Betthauser

    I too order the Isotoner gloves and have NEVER received an email or confirmation from the company. Still have NOT received the gloves. I did order the Philosophy. Received an email right away and confirmation. Received the product within a week. Great product, would recommend it. kwb

    • Sue

      Usually it takes a good month or so to recieve any product from the specials they offer. Sometimes up to 6 to 8 weeks i have waited. You will get a notice when it has shipped. Be patient.

    • darlene

      I too ordered 2 pairs of the gloves. I received confirmation of the order but it has been almost 7 weeks and still nmo glove. I emailed The Today Show Wednesday so I am hoping I get a response soon.

      • TODAY

        Hi Darlene and Kim!

        Sorry about the frustration. Please reach out to Isotoner to inquire about the status of your order.

        Isotoner smarTouch Men’s & Women’s Gloves
        Email address:
        Phone number: (310) 230-8245

        TODAY chatted with their representatives earlier this week, and they said a big shipment just went out on Tuesday. So you could get the gloves really soon!

        Thanks —

  57. Belinda Braxton

    John I just got the same message. An error occurred while trying to report this transaction to the merchant. An e-mail has been sent to the merchant informing them of the error. The following is the result of the attempt to charge your credit card.

    This transaction has been approved.

    It is advisable for you to contact the merchant to verify that you will receive the product or service.

    • Danae

      I got the same message. What number do we call and is this being sent to me? Today Show please provide info.

    • Jane porter

      We would hope Today would not be a part of any scam……

  58. shi

    just ordered 3 of the necklaces- no problem at all!

  59. C

    Tried to order a scarf from Magaschoni but by 9:15 am got a pop-up that said coupon code was expired. Is that true? Today Show page says deals last “about 24 hours” and there’s no expiration posted on merchant’s site. Saw Today Show postings about problems with the merchant’s website, was that one of them? Will they still honor the promotion?


  60. KP

    im unable to proceed pass shipping method. its been 15 min. when i click “continue method” i get an error message that there isnt a valid amount. there isnt any amounts listed? ihome customer service number is busy.

  61. Carolyn Osborne

    I just completed an order for the ihome tablet cover. It took almost 30 minutes to complete. Then I received a message that an error had occurred but the credit card was accepted. They suggested I contact the carrier to make sure the item would be shipped.

  62. TheJoggingYenta

    Ok – now I’m worried. I FINALLY got thru, placed my order (after it kept wanting to order MORE than I wanted), entered card info and got an error saying that part of the message sent to vendor is “order has been accepted”. So, like an idiot, I put it thru again, and again, got the same error. Since I will probably end up with TWO , I don’t want to try this again.
    Can TODAY post a contact number for iHome so that I can make SURE I don’t get TWO…and to confirm my order? I’ve received NO emails from iHome, even confirming that I ‘signed up’ for emails. This SUCKS.

    • lisa

      The phone number is on the website 800-288-2792

    • TODAY

      Sorry about the frustrations with the iHome deal. Their web staff passed along this message that we posted on early this morning:

      The HUGE demand caused our servers to crash. We are now back online. For those of you who have received error messages, we humbly apologize. To confirm your order, please follow this link to e-mail customer service and we will get back to you within 24 hours:

      Thanks —

  63. Jane porter

    Tried the ihomeaudio and go to the payment info. Got an error. Not sure if these items were really ordered although transaction was approved. This is frustrating.

  64. RickLaw

    i give up commenting about this you people need serious psylogical help

    • Cindy

      The one who needs help is you…why are you commenting if this didn’t affect you?

  65. Dawn

    I got the same message and called the customer service line at the bottom of their web page. Took a while to get through, but they were very helpful in verifying that my order went through and gave me the order number. I guess their system is overloaded with the great deals they are offering.

  66. RickLaw

    iHome Audio

    1299 Main Street
    Rahway, NJ, 07065

    Due to extremely high email volume, if you require order changes or immediate assistance, please call our Customer Service Department:
    800-288-2792 · 8am-4pm EST, M-F

    wow that was hard … went to home page for them and clicked “Contact Us”

    • Cindy

      Yeah but try to get through…now that’s another story. I have been trying!

  67. Margaret

    There is a problem with the credit cars transaction. At the Ihome site, and you have to pay 20$ for shipping. I am very concerned about my credit card # being compromised.

  68. Marsha S. Knowlton

    Unable to purchase the Magaschoni Love Scarf– tried several different ways to get the discount– I would love to have a black one!! too bad!!!

  69. Betsy V

    I live in CO, mountain standard time, and every week there are items that are already sold out. It’s a bummer, because I would have purchased several times. Even Coloradoans love a good “steal and deal”.

    I think the TODAY show should somehow include those of us who are not on EST… maybe reserve some product for their mountain and west coast fans. :/
    ~Signed, a little bummed.

    • Rosalind

      I agree. I live in CST and we don’t see the deals until an hour after EST people, and they are usually sold out by then. I’ve only purchased one thing through “Deals & Steals”, and it turned out to be a piece of crap. It was a knife set that rusted the first time I put them in the dishwasher. Not worth even the “steal” price.

    • Erin

      I had no issues buying the Zodiac necklaces, maybe I just liked the one thing no one else did! Sorry everyone else is having so many issues.

  70. Susan

    Very disappointed. Tried to purchase the iHome Portable Speaker System & after waiting patiently for almost 45 min.; I put the code in for the discount & was told the code was invalid.

    • Linda Van

      You have to type the code in not copy and past. But it takes your cc infor and you get a messing of Error so It leaves you wondering if you will get it or not because the charge wnt throu on my cc not the order.??

  71. Debby

    I just tried to purchase the cashmere scarf and learned that all colors are “currently unavailable.”

  72. Gayle Price

    I got the transaction completed and approved, but received an error message stating there was a problem with the receipt. Advised to contact the provider and confirm the purchase.

  73. Holly Reiner

    Back in October I ordered two sets of sheets from Jill’s Steal Deal from Shewak Lajwanti (SL Home) and never go the sheets but got the bill. I have tried to contact and cannot get anyone to respond. This seems like a scam to me!!!
    Anyone else have the problem and what did they do?

  74. nylsa

    has anyone been able to contact customer service ?

  75. Lauren

    Hey Today Show, any way you could update us all on what they error message means after you place your iHome order. Lots of us have had the same “transaction approved” message pop up and our credit cards charged, but nothing in an email or really knowing if we ordered it or not. People might stop complaining and freaking out if you could post what that means.

    Thank you!

    • TODAY

      Hi Lauren!

      We were in constant contact with iHome this morning regarding their web problems. They sent us the following statement around 10:30 a.m.:

      The HUGE demand caused our servers to crash. We are now back online. For those of you who have received error messages, we humbly apologize. To confirm your order, please follow this link to e-mail customer service and we will get back to you within 24 hours:

      We’ve heard many people had success with calling the company. Again, apologize for the extra step. This is not how we nor the company anticipated the morning would go with this deal.

      Thanks —

  76. Cathy

    I just finished purchasing 2 of the ihome units. They apparently have worked out their bug, and are giving a 20% discount code for future purchase upon order completion

  77. Amanda

    I tried to order the necklace and it said my credit card was expired, and it’s not. Seems to be lots of problems with all these deals!!

  78. Wendy S.

    Just to let you all know, I just purchased both the scarf (only black available) and the iHome iPad dock at approx. 10:15. Didn’t have any problems. Good luck!!

  79. Lauren

    Hey it looks like the iHome site it working. I just went back, clicked on my name at the top to look at my account. It had my order number and said it was pending!! So if you got that error message, it did go through! At least for me!

    • Cindy

      Thanks for the idea…I went to my own account on the iHome page and it does show that there is an order processing for me from today with an order number. So it did work. Glad I didn’t try to reorder; I’d be getting four!

    • KP

      thank goodness for ihome account! i logged in and checked my status too. its processing!

  80. Dorothye

    Finally got thru & ordered the ipad cover, everything went ok

  81. Judy

    Trying to order the iHome iPad Case was very frustrating. After trying 2 times to get the deal, getting all the way to submitting my order, I was told that my credit was approved but I would need to check with iHomeAudio to see if my order went thru. I spent over an hour in the process. Still not sure if I got the deal or not. I have contacted iHome Audio so I guess I will just wait and see.

  82. Reese4au

    I ordered 3 iPad docks and a case and all orders went through. You may have to call the 1-800-288-2792 to get confirmation code, but it works. You’ll get a confirmation email if you placed an order. So excited! What a great deal!

  83. Kelly

    You rarely get in on the deals on the West coast if you wait for the broadcast. To be honest I have ordered a couple of products and have been really disappointed. A “$300 diamond (chip) neclace supposedly worn by the “stars” for $75 which I had planned to use as a gift was so inexpensive looking I ended giving it to my 12 year old daughter. Then a “$150″make- up set for $35 look like samples you could get at the department store. I think I’ll search for my own steals.

    • Betsy V

      Thanks, Kelly. You’re probably right. Do we need more “STUFF” anyway? END the consumerism! We are so HOOKED into getting a deal. I think I’ll go for a nice hike now! 🙂 Have a beautiful day!

    • Tracie

      They don’t look like good deals to me. I think the Today show has extremely bad judgment in what they offer as a “deal”

  84. archietina

    I just got off the phone with iHome,I did the payment screen twice because of the error everyone is getting. If you did that you will be getting 2 of them. I just had them cancel my second order and made sure I still had the one order. So if it says payment accepted and to call them, it did go through.

  85. Tracy

    I just purchased three Kenneth Cole wrist purses! no problems whatsoever! Thanks !!!

    • Diane

      Yes but did you ever receive them????? I still have not!!!!

  86. NK

    I finally got through to order an iHome product. Please note that if you keep pressing the button, “Add to cart” thinking that they didn’t get your order, you’ll be adding another item EACH time you press. You will finally get through after you press JUST ONCE and WAIT. (I found that I had ordered 12 of the same thing since I kept pressing thinking I’d be speeding up the process. Don’t do that!!!)
    I have ordered numerous products since Jill began her Steals & Deals and have found the companies wonderful to work with. So don’t worry about your purchases,

    Thanks Jill, for bringing us such great products!

    • Lauren

      Same here! I have always gotten what I order. Sometimes it takes awhile, but I don’t order thinking it will show up in a week. Be patient and your stuff will come! I love all the jewelry!!

  87. Joan

    Zodiac Sign necklaces ordered…no problem whatsoever! Thanks Today Show!!!

  88. main

    i also tried to order the scarves as soon as i saw them then they said the site was down now they just say the ones ordered are not the same as my cart what a rip off this steals deal

    • Sharon

      I had no problem at all.

  89. Tracie

    I think the Today Show needs to rethink their definition of “steals and deals” — The only thing that looked remotely like a good buy in the past several months is the Philosophy gift set. Silver-plated neckaces for $40 — that’s NOT a good deal. “Faux leather” wallets for $20 — that’s NOT a good deal. The iHome speakers are that price at BestBuy every day — so not exactly a steal.

    • Monique

      If folks are normally purchasing a necklace for $145..and you get it for $40, I would say that’s a pretty good deal. I agree about the wallet though, no “faux leather” here..

    • julie

      Hi Tracie,

      I checked on-line for the docking station and the cheapest was $122 for this brand and model. I did check Best Buy, but did not see this one. Am I missing something? Please let me know, I’m sure I could still cancel.

      Thank you.

  90. Monique

    Just ordered the was a breeze! No ISSUES..

    • Erin

      Me too! I’m excited about these, what a great and easy little gift!

  91. J

    Today is Dec. 2nd and I thought I would take a look at this past Tues. deals. Then I thought I would take a chance and try to order one of them. I didn’t think I would be able to because it is 3 days after the deals were announces. To my surprise I was able to get one of the cashmere scarfs at the deal price.

  92. Kait

    Can someone from Today please let us know if the scarf deal has expired or is it just a website issue?

  93. silverjuls

    Ok, so there are thousands of scarves in inventory….so how come the coupon is not going through? So frustrating!!

  94. JWM

    LOVETODAY code has expired but 1000’s are in stock?! Any help in ordering a scarf- is it really expired

  95. NJK

    I just ordered, didn’t get my first color choice but got the seconde

  96. Jan

    I had no problems at all using Today show links. I ordered 3 necklaces and 2 I-Home docking stations. Got confirmation e-mails on both. Try again using the links.

  97. brigettasf

    I’m not able to buy any of the scarves or the necklaces. This is kind of ridiculous since this just aired this morning. Are they going to offer this again once things are in stock??


    just ordered a scarf with code…. no problem at all
    only thing is “black” is oos.


    Looks like the scarf still have following color available:
    sugar snap,
    tea rose,

  100. Natalie

    Ordered from eShave last year and the razor broke after just two uses. What a disappiontment!

    • TODAY

      Hi Natalie!
      Sorry for the frustration with your order. That’s the last thing we want to hear.

      Please reach out to them using this phone number between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday – Friday. 1-800-947-4283

      I’m sure they can help you out!

      • Lynn Berg

        natalie – you should contact eshave because they will repair your razor for free. something similar happened to my husband’s razor because he tends to tap his on the sink too hard. I called them and they took great care of me. we were so happy with their customer service.

    • francescalanuza

      Hello Today… having trouble posting a comment. I just placed an order for the world knives, and I have to say, that site is very shady. Plus, there is no way to mail such a large gift WITHOUT the invoice. Stupid. B/C the company is not based in the US, they have horrid customer service. I called the 800 number and got nowhere. I am mad that I ordered these now and sent out as gifts, as all my family will see what I spent. Also, I am now worried that even for the low low price, that the quality just won’t be there.

      Not happy.

  101. Susan

    Just ordered my scarf. They are out of several colors.

    • Melanie

      I was literally online when the current deals and steals were introduced. I was so hoping to get a pink scarf. No such luck! Pink was gone almost immediately. I tried back off and on during the day, and still wasn’t able to get one. I’m so bummed!

    • Jennifer

      I ordered one of the scarves. It said up to three weeks to receive. It didn’t come in time for Christmas. Now I can’t get a response as to when it will ship. My mother-in-law would have loved to have had her gift when she visited. Now, I just hope she gets it this winter! Very disappointed.

  102. Beth

    I know it’s frustrating when what you want is sold out but I’ve been ordering off the Jill’s Steals and Deals link for a year now and even though some things take a while to ship, I have loved everything I have ordered from jewelry to purses, dresses, etc. Than you Jill and The Today Show! I have also ordered things in the evening and have still been able to get them-guess it’s just the luck of the draw. Happy Holidays!

    • Terri

      Everything I have received from Jill’s steals and deals has been great. It may take a while to get the items, but it’s well worth the wait.

  103. Diana

    The site for the scarves keeps saying that the coupon code is expired.

    • Cheri

      they probably sold out, if you dont grab these deals within an hour or two all the products are gone, that could be why it isnt working

      • Connie Leonard

        On the scarfs, I was on & “trying” to buy 1 minute after seeing but no red at all. I wondered if they had any to start with or if they are like some department stores that have one or two in stock then want you to get other colors to reduce their inventory?

    • Valerie Apley

      The first color I picked was out picked another got it…The coupon code worked for me…

  104. R. Brown

    Cannot get the scarf to work. I have tried several times but it will not take the coupon code:(

    • o m

      Yes, is frustrating. I just tried again and still unable to order the scarf. Boohoo!

  105. kathy

    I can’t get scarf to work either!!

    • KGP

      I am not able to order the scarf as well! This is my first time to try and purchase one of these deals…not too much this first time around!

  106. KD Lane

    placed my order for the mongrammed decals on 11/8, this was a mystery gift. Almost a month later, and still no shipment or tracking info and no way of contacting the company??? Scam???

    • Alicia Shalhoup

      I ordered the decals as well (3 sets!) Still nothing..

      • Betsy Condon

        I received my decals this week.

      • TODAY

        Hi Alicia!
        2 Preppy Girls said it would take up to 4 weeks to deliver the products, so they still have some time. Please reach out to them to check the status of your order.

        Vinyl Monogrammed Decals by 2 Preppy Girls
        Email address:
        Phone number: (703) 335-5255 and (703) 626-8615

        Thanks —

  107. Dawn Hough

    I ordered the Ann Taylor Bag last month. It has not arrived but my frustration is I have no way to interact with the sales site. I was happy to see the list of prior sales but the Ann Taylor bag is not listed. How am I to ever trust Steals and Deals?

    • TODAY

      Hi Dawn! We never featured an Ann Taylor bag last month on Steals and Deals. Could it have been one of these two (with contact info listed)?

      Kristen Bell for Erica Anenberg bags
      Phone number: (424) 259-0657
      Email address:

      Jana Feifer Tote Bags
      Phone number: (310) 589-9165
      Email address:

      Thanks —

      • Virginia Mcclenney

        I ordered the bags also. It’s now Dec16 and still no bags. Tried emailing, can not get the address to come up. Tried to call and customer service states voice mail full, call back later.

  108. Shannon

    I ordered the leash and collar set from late October – just got it, and it is the wrong color. I understand there is no return or refunds, but I checked my paperwork and it was not a mistake on my end. When I tried to find the Nikki and Lulu company on line there is no working number or direct website! I think I got screwed out of $50, and a false company got rid of some overstocked ugly baby blue collars and leashes!

    • pep1530

      You could tyr putting it on ebay.

    • TODAY

      Hi Shannon!
      Please try this number and email for Nikki and Lulu:

      Nikki and Lulu “Astro” Leather Dog Collar and Leash Set
      Phone number: (310) 457-7073
      Email address:

      Thanks —

      • Carol

        I have also had a order placed with them on NOV 1st and have spoken to them several times. I still do not have product and they say it is the today’s show issue and they will not refund money. How can I get my money back? I have never received product and now they are not taking calls. They are saying I have to speak to the today show. Who do I contact because they are pointing the finger at the today show. This s ridiculous!

        • julie

          Hi Carol,

          I can only hope you paid with a credit card. Call them and dispute the charge. You will have to explain what you’ve done to try to get this resolved with the company. They will either credit you or put pressure on the company to resolve the issue. HTH

  109. Beverly Vasterling

    I placed an order again for the Leila necklace. I loved the last one I ordered and it was so expensive looking. Very nice company to deal with. You usually have to wait awhile to get it but it was no big deal to me. To get such a great price was worth it.

  110. Mary Ford

    I was only able to get the cashmere Love Scarf in one of over a dozen colors, although your site’s updates said there were lots of colors.

  111. b smith

    My Terzetto bag took a long time to get here too. I had received an order confirmation though so when I became concerned, I used that address to inquire. They responded quickly and told me just when to expect its arrival. Very happy now with my beautiful blue bag!

  112. Sherrie Koenig

    I ordered the 2 ruffled shawls from April Marin and 4 bamboo throws on 10/18 and am still waiting. Have tried to call the # for Pure Fiber and am not even able to leave a message because their message box is full. I am also waiting for several other items ordered in November, (leather ipad and ipod covers, crystal bracelets and isotoner gloves), but figured I would give those venders more time. Pure Fiber charged my CC $151 with shipping and handling. The throws and the shawls are Christmas gifts. I enjoy the segment and want to continue having faith that what I am ordering and paying for will be delivered in a timely manner.

    • TODAY

      Hi Kelly!
      Apologize for the frustration. Please send TODAY an email with your contact info and order details. We’ll try to help you get this straightened out!

      Email us here:

      Thanks —
      Steve, Editor for

      • Denise Russell

        I also ordered two shawls from April Marin. I haven’t heard a thing from them. I thought I would have some sort of an email from them regarding delivery. They are christmas prsents.

      • mary

        I also ordered a shawl from April Marin on 10/18/2011.

        I thought it would make a nice gift for my daughter-in-law who was suffering from ovarian cancer. 30 minutes after placing the order my son called to say my daughter-in-law was in the hospital. A few hours later I was on a plane to Atlanta to see her. She died 4 days later.

        My cc account was charged for the shawl plus shipping charges. 7 weeks later, no shawl and no response from April Marin no matter how I’ve I have tried to contact them. They have no phone number listed.

        I have not wanted to deal with this because it reminds me of our loss. I don’t care about the shawl anymore. Just send it or return my money.

        • Angie

          I also ordered 2 ruffle shawls on October 18th from AprilMarin. My cc has been charged as well and no email nor the items. I’ve ordered from Jill’s Steals and Deals before and have been very pleased. I’ve sent AprilMarin an email, but no response. I’ve also tried to locate a phone number, no luck. Can someone from The Today Show, please check on these orders?

          • Sheila

            I also ordered a ruffle shawl and was charged on Oct. 18. After being promised on several different occasions that it had been shipped to my home, I was told that it was delayed in transit. Then again they were sending it out Jan. 3rd. Still nothing.

    • Marcy

      Same thing for me. I ordered shawls for Christmas presents. Very frustrating.

      • Lori StClair

        I ordered the throws from Pure Fiber as Christmas gifts and am having the same problem. $225 charged on my card and no throws. Please help!!!

  113. kelly

    I ordered the Amelia bag from Cuore and Pelle along with 3 wristlets. It took forever to get here (which I understand) but then they sent an incorrect order. I received the wristlets but no Amelia bag – they sent a mini bag. I can’t get the email to go through for them. This was a Christmas gift and I’m pretty upset. I would love to know how to get in touch with them!

    • Ann S

      i waited a long time for the bag i ordered from Cuore and Pelle & was happy when it arrived this week. They have a website and seem reputable so I would contact them, especially if you can show them what you ordered and what you got. I do think there are some great deals from the Today Show’s steals and deals.The audience should know before they rush to order that a lot of sales are final; take a long time to be delivered; are sometimes available in limited quantities and often cannot be returned. I’d rather know ahead of time than be disappointed with my discounted purchase. The handbag I got is totally designer, good quality leather & was a tremendous savings.

      • kelly

        I’ve ordered other things as well and have been pleased. The wristlets are really nice – I just would like the bag I ordered – I’m sure I will love it! Today responded and it looks like they are going to help me try and rectify it – which I’m really happy about. I’ll continue to order things – I think they just were overwhelmed and just made a mistake. I’m confident they’ll fix it being as my receipt shows that I should have received the Ameilia bag and not a mini bag! I just hope it’s before Christmas since it is a gift!

  114. Karly

    I just ordered 2 of the blankets that were shown on “Jill’s Steals & Deals”. I ordered them before reading some of your comments. I’m hoping that these will arrive in time for Christmas (Jill mentioned they would)…. I’m crossing my fingers!!

    This is my first time ordering, and hope it won’t be my last 🙂

  115. sue becker 3

    ordered items in sept and oct that haven’t come yet . nina’s elite jewlry,teretto hanbags (3) with wallets,kaplan products,samantha’s charms jewlry, allen lyle sport watches and none of these have yet to br delivered

    • lois templesman

      I ordered the Teretto handbag and wallet and received it the first week of November.

  116. kathy swink

    Hi I ordered the knife set yesterday and put the wrong town into the sending address as well as the shipping address the zipcode and state were correct but the town isnt any chance of a phone number for them ? this is the link to the page but it doesnt have any contact info any assistance would be great

    • Tonya

      I did get my knive sets a few days ago! Even though it was ok packaged, the handles are weird and the blades are nothing like you have seen before. The blades are sharp, but most of them are exactly alike and the blades are also all weird shaped so it makes them hard to use- Good Luck

  117. Deborah

    I ordered the iHome Portable Speaker System on 12/2/11. While I had website problems placing my order initially, I was finally able to place the order. I contacted iHome directly to confirm that they received my order and they were VERY NICE and they confirmed my order. I know people have had issues with receiving what the ordered in a timely manner, but I have to say that is not the case with iHome. I placed the order on 12/2/11 and received the order today, 12/7/11!! Thank you!!

  118. Lori

    Hi I placed an order on December 2 for the Leila zodiac necklace. I never received a receipt from them and whenever I try to call the contact telephone listed (858 – 449-2337) it says that it has been disconnected. What is going on ? This makes me a little nervous that I can’t get in touch with them and they have my credit card info. Please advise with a number that I may reach them at. Thank you.

    • Deborah

      I received an invoice from Leila Jewelry on the same day that I ordered the zodiac necklace. It did not show an estimated delivery date so I went to their website and got their email address and sent them an email. They responded within hours of my email and said to allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. I hope this helps.

      • Tonya

        I recieved my order today and was very upset! I was sent in a little tiny zip lock baggie ( no more the 1/2 inch ) and the very poor quality chain was all twisted up and knotted up! No box, no nice packaging for a necklace at all ! It is truly dollar store quality! I can’t give this as a gift, it would be so wrong! Money wasted!!

  119. Liz (Woof Woof Mama)

    I mentioned the Nikki and Lulu dog deal on my pet deals blog because it was a really great one, but I’ve got several very unhappy readers who have posted comments about problems with their order either still not arriving or arriving incomplete, and trouble with reaching the company using the contact info provided on The Today Show site for that deal. Is there anything you or The Today Show can do to help them out?

    You can view the comments here:

    • Carol

      I placed a order with them nov 1 and still have not received my product and they will not refund my money. Any help or suggestions they are no longer taking calls

  120. Jennie Patterson

    I ordered 4 of the jana feifer purses and I haven’t heard anything? Can you help me?

  121. LEE

    this is the most irrating process I have ever attempted …. someone please tell me how to get this illusive code ……. I keep getting flipped back and forth from site to site and NO CODE ……….. I would rather pay full price than go through this again

  122. Jeanne Lambert

    Has anyone had any luck tracking or has received the Kenneth Cole Wallets?

    • Tonya

      No!! I have tried everything and can’t find a thing! But, they sure did run my Credit Card the same day and did not have any problems getting their money!! I am so mad, I will never order from Deals and “STEALS” agian!!!

    • Marilyn Perry

      No- I have tried the number listed & received a voicemail message. I am concerned I may not receive any merchandise at all!

    • Katie

      I ordered on Dec 2nd also…have NOT seen any wallets yet:( no emails about shipping info! They said 1-2 before shipping but come on already!! Hope they didn’t just take the money…wondering if Jill’s Steals & Deals really works. Please let me know if you figure out how to get in touch with a human…so maybe we can get out wallets!!!

      • darla

        i posted this earlier:
        Good luck with the wallet-I had a problem with the same company that sold you the wallet. I ordered the calvin klein sweater. It’s a.d. apparel. It took many phone calls and emails to get it. the sweater and i am told the wallet is not on the designers websites. (maybe bogus then?) Also, the phone number area code is florida and the address I received the sweater from said new jersey and when I looked up the address there was no such address-bogus.

    • Diane

      I just received a reply Tuesday after several emails with no reply. They sent me a link for tracking number that will not open. I’m beginning to think this was a scam. Hope not. Has anyone received their Kenneth Cole wallets yet??

      • darla

        see my reply to tonya

      • Sue Trautman

        I received my Kenneth Cole wallets on Dec 22, 2011. There was a major problem…..I ordered and paid for 6 wallets however I received a box with 3 wallets in it and the packing slip says that 6 were shipped. I have written customer servive twice and have not received an answer.

  123. Bekki Wagner

    I placed an order for the scarf from Magaschoni on 12/2/11 it says the shipping lable was made 12/9/11 but nothing since. I have tried to e-mail them and no responce, I have fb them and no responce. There are only a few days before Christmas it was suppose to be a gift. Very disappointed.

    • Nancy


      I am having the same issue with the scarf. I have emailed them twice, once through their site and once through my own email, no response. My shipping label was created on 7/2/11, REALLY! I ordered December 2 and it was shipped in July?? I am filing a complaint through my credit card company, hopefully I can get a refund since they have already taken my money.

      • Nancy


        Just after I posted my above comment, I received an email back from them. It was in response to the message I posted through their my account on their website. It did take them 5 days to respond but they told me that my scarf will arrive by end of day on the 21st. When I ordered, they did say allow 3 weeks for delivery. If I receive my scarf tomorrow, it will have been 2 1/2 weeks. I will post back to let you know If I received mine.

    • Kristina

      I have the exact same problem. I ordered the scarf on 12/2/11. A shipping label was created on 12/11/11, but the item is still “awaiting shipment”. This was suppose to be a Christmas present. This is the 19th day after ordering the product.

      I’ve called and left a voicemail, emailed them through and emailed them through their site. I’ve absolutely no return response via email or phone.


      • darla

        I received my scarf last week

        • Kristina

          Hello, Kristina again. I still have not received any calls or emails back from Magaschoni regarding my scarf ordered on 12/2/11.

          I check the shipping number with UPS again today. There, I discovered the scarf I ordered on 12/2/11 with a shipping label created on 12/11/11, is now scheduled to arrive on 12/27/11. This is 25 days past my order date, 6 days past Magashconi’s “up to 3 week delivery time,” and 3 days past Christmas.

          This was to be a Christmas present for my mother. Now with a few days left to Christmas, I must spend more money and find her something else.


          • darla

            that’s terrible! yep, I have ordered about ten things with steals and deals and at least 1/2 of them have been a problem. After this sweater debacle I hope I have learned my lesson-when those segments come on the today show I need to turn the channel.

          • Barbs

            Hello all. I too have had a horrible experience with Magaschoni. NEVER NEVER will I purchase anything from them again. I emailed their customer service and days later I received a phone call. They just reiterated everything the UPS tracking info provided. My scarf too will arrive on 12/27, after Christmas. I was told I can deny the package and return it if I am unhappy. Yah, they received my MONEY on 12/2, why would I return it and wait another month to received credit. I now have to find another gift for my mother. VERY DISAPPOINTED and inconvenient. No sympathy from the company, horrible customer service. Reading all these blogs, frustrates me even more. It’s very clear that Magachoni didn’t have our scarves in stock.

            Goes to show, it’s better to purchase gifts in person rather than online.

            Happy Holidays to all!

            • Lori StClair


  124. Tonya

    I just wanted to comment to someone at the today show that
    this was a peice of JUNK! The chain is a cheap peice of crap and the
    actual pendant looks like garbage!
    It was put in a little tina zip lock bag all bundled up and the chain
    was twisted and knotted!
    Someone there must be made aware of the horrible products that
    are being represented at your store!!

  125. Tonya

    still cant reach anybody on regards to my order that I placed on December 2nd, 2011
    for two wallets!!
    I have tried emailing, calling and no response what so ever!! I clearly shows that it was
    to be shipped in 1-2 weeks! It has been 3 weeks now and NOTHING!
    I along with thousand of others based on all the blogs and hip2save blogs are in the same situation!! My Credit Card was charged the same day, but not even a thank you was sent!

    What is going on with deals and “STEALS!!!!
    I along with many many others will NEVER use this “service” again!
    What I have received has been nothing less then horrible quality!!

    • Marilyn Perry

      I am going to contact Visa if they are not received or no response by 12/23 date given at the onset of placing my order.

      • darla selka

        Good luck with the wallet-I had a problem with the same company that sold you the wallet. I ordered the calvin klein sweater. It’s a.d. apparel. It took many phone calls and emails to get it. the sweater and i am told the wallet is not on the designers websites. (maybe bogus then?) Also, the phone number area code is florida and the address I received the sweater from said new jersey and when I looked up the address there was no such address-bogus.

  126. Holly

    I just received my 1st “deal”, and I couldn’t be happier! As promised, the Lelia Zodiac Necklace arrived, before Christmas, and it couldn’t be more perfect. Thanks!!

  127. Jack

    I also purchased the LEILA jewelry constellation necklace and yes it’s a piece of trash.

    I would say “you get what you pay for”, but I didn’t even get that. It’s not worth the $29 I paid, let alone the “retail” price of $100+

    Maybe I’ll let my dog wear it… maybe.

    • Kate S.

      I ordered 6 of these necklaces from Leila jewelry. TERRIBLE. EMBARRASSED to give as gifts. They told me that they aren’t considered “fine” jewelry. The original price was $145. That’s not high end???? The jewelry I got is crap.

  128. liz

    Regarding Magaschoni, Yes they don’t answer thier email, but I called and the person I talked to was very nice. They are a small company and per the sale person 3,000 packages went out yesterday and all packages with shipping labels dated 12/9/11 are going out today.

    I’m also waiting on the K.Cole wallet, but since it is for me, I can wait.

    • darla selka

      Liz. I received the scarf. very nice. Good luck with the wallet-I had a problem with the same company that sold you the wallet. I ordered the calvin klein sweater. It’s a.d. apparel. It took many phone calls and emails to get it. the sweater and i am told the wallet is not on the designers websites. (maybe bogus then?) Also, the phone number area code is florida and the address I received the sweater from said new jersey and when I looked up the address there was no such address-bogus.

      • liz

        Thanks for the input, I saw your comment below and called K.Cole. Thier rep stated that it is thier wallets being sold, but by “another company” . I’m hopeful that she know about the Today Show promo.

        • darla

          thanks, Liz-hopefully this is truly a calvin klein sweater but it is still fishy. Keep on them and call/email them-I finallly got it yesterday

  129. darla selka

    hey, today show-finally got the “calvin klein” sweater-phone number is from florida and the address from where it was shipped from in new jersey is bogus. the designer wallets are from the same place (neither of which are on the official designer websites). I dont even know which state to complain to bbb about this “a.d. apparel”. I believe this merchandise may be bogus.

  130. Tonya

    Still no wallets, no contact! AD APPAREL Group?
    Has anyone recieved theirs yet? I can’t get a hold of anyone
    to answer any question- getting very angry! I will never order
    from deals and steals again!!!

    • darla

      see my reply above..the sweaters are from a d app. as well…I got mine finally after calling a bunch of times and emailing….

    • Beth

      I hear you about the wallets. The email confirmation said the shipping information will be sent shortly. haven’t received anything. finally yesterday, I called Kenneth Cole and they gave me an email address which promptly replied with a auto reply with the same information on the website. I then emailed the Today show and requested some sort of contact information so I can figure out what is going on with my wallets that were supposed to be Christmas presents. Oh and by the way, the order confirmation stated 1-2 weeks for delivery, already charged the credit card on the same day. I don’t know what else to do….anybody have a phone number I can call? Email and website are crap. I just want to know where my wallets are, if they are coming or if I need to call my cc company and complain to them. Anyone? Suggestions?

      • darla

        call the phone number above. (561) 594-8638…these are the same people who sold the sweater I ordered….after calling many times they finally shipped it….I dont even know if it really is a calvin klein sweater I was so embarrased by it I am not giving it as a gift. when AD finally shipped it from nj I looked up the address and there is no address for that city. Another person on this website found out that this company is also called “atlas north” in southern nj-she also said they are on facebook. good luck

        • Beth

          I’ve been calling and calling wasting my day at work. The answering machine picks up stating that they are assisting other customers. I am relentless, I will keep on trying until I talk to someone. Also, I looked up “Atlas North” and they are the packing warehouse located in NJ. The area code provided above for AD Apparel is in FL. Maybe their is a disconnect there. Thanks for the number, finally….

  131. liz

    I received the Magaschoni scarf today & it looks great. I’m happy since it is a X-mas gift. I also received an email that my K. Cole wallet was shipped yesterday and even got a tracking number. I will update once I receive the wallet to comment on the condition.


      good for you!!
      ever since I got the shipped email on 12/09…. still no sign of shipment and the date on scheduled delivery is changing later and later… (now is on 12/28)… looks like it’s still sit in their warehouse or something… so sad it can’t be here on time for Christmas!

      • Deb

        Right there with you. This was to have been a gift for my boss. I am VERY disappointed and won’t be taking advantage of these “deals” any longer.

  132. liz

    Hi Again Everybody, I received the Kenneth Cole Wallet just one day after I got the email with the tracking number…wierd but it works for me. It looks nice and has two K.Cole tags, so not thinking it is a scam or a fake item. Good Luck to everybody getting thier items.

  133. Michele

    I ordered the wallets back on Dec. 2nd and still have not received them. The were to have arrived before Dec. 23rd. A tracking message shows they are sitting in PA. Since they were to be Christmas gifts, I will have to replace them with something else. Unfortunately, if they show up next week, I won’t be able to return them as they were final sales. I really wish the Today show would have vetted these retailers a little more carefully.

    • Leslie Noe

      You and me both wish the Today Show had checked out the deals they’ve offered. How they can advertise these deals and continue to do so when there is so many conversations on line stating the unsatisfaction of so many viewers with these STEALS and deals is beyond comprehension. I am in a battle with Erica Anenberg over the purses I ordered from them in good faith and have now handed over all my correspondence with them to my attorney. Not something I really wanted to do but my time and strength needs to be spent on dealing with a neurological issue that is causing loss of my motor skills. In fact, my medical issues are why I chose to shop online this year for Christmas and Haukah presents. I had heard all the stories of how you must be careful when using the internet to purchase items but I thought that I could trust those sponsored by the Today Show. However I was wrong and now I get so upset whenever I see these STEALS and deals continue to be sponsored that I have decided to change my morning television viewing to another network. Maybe this is stupid but after so many years of watching the Today Show you, at least I did, feel like they were somewhat family as I welcomed them into my home every morning.

  134. Liana

    I order 2 Hana Feifer Totes. I received one and one is on back order. This tote is not real leather. on the web site it says that they will not refund them . I want my money back I can believed the today show will allow this company to take advantage of your us working people. Today show fix this!!!!

    • Disappointed

      How do you know one is on back order? I can’t leave a message as mail box is full- won’t answer any emails. Was going to be a Christmas present- going shopping to replace the gift now-

      • Marilyn

        I received my wallets 12/23 & they are very nice. Anxious, however they arrived as promised.

  135. Kate S.

    This Leila Jewelry company was obviously overwhelmed by the demand they received from the Today Show promotion. My necklaces are missing the black marking in between the crystals and a lot of the crystals are off-kilter. Also, there are bumps and scratches throughout. I bought 6 of these junky necklaces! I received them on the EVE of Christmas Eve. How do I rectify this? Go to the store and buy six more presents for Mothers, Sisters and Grandmothers??? No, I will begrudgingly have to give these as gifts and look like a cheap-o, when I spent over $200!

    My response from Leila Jewelry was that their jewelry is not “fine” jewelry. Seriously? The original price was $145.00!

    Never again Today Show! Never again!

    • Lori StClair

      I also will Never Purchase anything that Jills steals snd deals recommends .

  136. Faith Wootton

    I ordered the Kenneth Cole wallets on Dec 2. Still haven’t received them. They said they would be here by Dec 23 and it is Christmas day. I ordered 5 of them for Christmas presents and have nothing. I have been charged to my account and still have nothing for my gifts. I am very disappointed. I have never gotten an email or anything for this purchase. Thank goodness I printed the receipt. Please tell me how to get my money back.

  137. Stephen

    Managed to order a Magaschoni Scarf after several tries (initially sold out and overwhelmed) and received it three weeks later, trouble is that they sent the wrong color. Contacted Magaschoni and they state they are sold out. When asked if they will EVER get more in so that I could exchange for right color or possibly get a substitute item, no response. Was this a one time and poorly planned and executed deal offered for Today Show? Could they not anticipate some idea of orders so they were not sold out in less than 30 minutes? Some holiday offer….. GREAT DEAL JILL!!!!

  138. Donna Crawford

    Ordered for the first time on 12/2 for a Kenneth Cole wallet. Went ahead and ordered because it stated that “all orders should be received by 12/24″…….no such luck. Here it is, Christmas day and still no wallet. Tracking package that was finally shipped on 12/18 but shows it is still in PA. Nothing like going out on X-mas eve and purchase another gift for someone because this company didn’t keep their promise and I didn’t what that person left out of Christmas. Love the Today show but don’t think I want to be burned on another STEALS and deals.

  139. Darcy

    I too am extremely disappointed in Jill’s Steals and Deals. We ordered off the Leila Jewelry “deal” and it appears that THEY are the ones with the “steal”. Not only was I told (later on when checking, not when I ordered), that my items will NOT be shipped until after the holidays but they jacked up the shipping to over $13. If you go to the site right now, the shipping is $5. We called the company and was actually told that they created a “special” website for the Today Show offers and that since they weren’t making much money off of the items, they recouped it via the shipping and handling charge. The Today Show is a respected institution. I am not very happy that this deal was not properly vetted. And if you feel that it was, then shame on you, Today Show, for presented such a dishonest deal to your loyal listeners.


    still waiting for the Magaschoni Scarf to arrive…
    which already replaced another cashmere scarf for xmas gift….
    i guess i will have to keep Magaschoni Scarf for my myself then,
    if i do get it this week as indicated in their shipping notice…..

  141. Ann Novick

    I never received a shipping email OR the watch I ordered from Allen Lyle watches after the 11/15 show although my credit card was immediately charged along with the shipping costs. I have written to them several times with no response. Perhaps the Today Show has some clout with them. I wonder if others did not receive their watches either. BTW, I have ordered several items from the Steals and Deals and for the most part I have been quite happy with those items- but, I am very disappointed about the watch. Do you have a phone number I can call?- They do not respond to emails to their customer service

  142. Suzanne Moeller

    I ordered the Love Scart on 12/2 from and it was not delivered until 12/27 which is obviously not in time for Christmas. The stated delivery time was “up to 3 weeks” and I believe 25 days is in excess of 3 weeks. Additionally, they limited the colors that were available which would indicate they just wanted to get rid of something they couldn’t sell. This is my first experience with this and most likely my last. Did not expect the Today Show to ever recommend or promote something from a merchant so unreliable!

  143. Sue Trautman

    On December 2, 2011, I ordered 6 Kenneth Cole wallets and received 3 of the 6 on December 23. Where are the remaining wallets that I paid for the day I placed my order? I have sent three emails to customer service and have yet to receive a reply to these emails. I have also called the phone number several times, only to get an answering machine asking me to leave my phone number and they will call me back. Hasn’t happened yet and I will not give up. I just ask for the 3 wallets I paid for and did not receive, nothing more. I have ordered from Steals and Deals in the past with no problems, however I hesitate to ever order again.

  144. Jennifer Simmons

    I ordered a leash and collar from nikki and lulu and I have yet to receive anything. I have spoken to the woman who fulfills the orders, was told there was no record of my order (although I have the charges and emails to say otherwise) because they ‘lost’ 75 orders in their system, but that the items would be shipped to arrive no later than Decem