Steals and Deals: Knife Set, Blankets, Candles and More

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Image: Jill's Steals and Deals

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Here are the companies’ websites, contact information and a delivery timeframe that they provided TODAY:

Destiny Collection Blankets
Phone number: (323) 923-0170
Email address:

Aquiesse Holiday Candle Gift Set
Phone number: (805) 583-4600
Email address:

June Jacobs Spa Collection’s beauty products
Phone number: or (212) 581-1216
Email address: and

World Class 18-Piece Knife Set
Phone number: (800) 793-2186
Email address:

Moss Mills Leather Clutches
Phone number: (818) 363-5639 
Email address:

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Comments 617

  1. RA

    I ordered a blanket on 12/6/2011 and I received an e-mail about the purchase but as of 12/29/2011 have not yet received the blanket. I’m sorry I purchased it. The Today Show should do more back ground checks on companies if they are going to feature products for the public to order. I’m just going to call my credit dard company and cancel the transaction as fraud. It does not take three plus weeks to get to me on the west coast. I will never buy from the Today Show again.

    • Rachel

      Did you contact the company at the email listed above? I did and it turns out my package got lost in the mail. They offered to replace the items or refund my money. The items I had ordered were out of stock, so I just asked for a refund and my cc was quickly refunded. I felt they handled my issue quickly and appropriately.

    • Elaine

      I also ordered blankets on Dec.6 and did not receive them on. On Dec. 21 I sent an email to the company and got no reply, sent another one 2 days later they finally replied saying the blankets were lost in transit and they would be refunding my money. I kept an eye on my card and the refund came though a few days after Christmas. So if you haven’t contacted them do so and keep checking, cause I have a feeling if i had not contacted them I would not have heard from them at all, and I would have been out the blankets and my money. And granted I got my money back but those were meant for Christmas gifts, so 2 days before Christmas I had to hunt down 2 new gifts. I am still not happy the way this company handled this and I will definitely think twice before buying from Steals and Deals again.

    • Kristen

      This is horrible! They “lost” my package as well. I’m never doing steals & deals again

  2. Rachel

    I haven’t gotten my blankets either. I am hoping that it is just taking an extended time to ship. My email has also swallowed my email confirmation too (just my luck, huh?), so I don’t know that there is much I can do. I have ordered from Jill’s Steals and Deals before without problem and I am really hoping I am not disappointed this time!

    • Kelly Roche

      Jan. 27 and I have still not received any blankets ordered. Sent an email, but after seeing that everyone seems to be having the same experience I will call for a refund. Very disappointing. I had ordered one as a Christmas gift and another as a baby gift.

  3. Tabitha

    Charmed Circle featured by the Today Show in November is a total fraud! They sent bracelets made of completely different material than what was promised and WILL NOT respond to my emails. Two of the seven bracelets are BROKEN. I am going to contact the Better Business Bureau in the city in which they are based to file a complaint. The Today Show needs to more thoroughly investigate these people. I’m out almost $300 by the scam!!

  4. Lynn

    Hi Jill, I order the blankets and I love them..gave one as a present and kept on for myself, but someone in the house wrapped up in mines and now i am out of one…Now i am trying to order more but I am unable to get to the web site can you help?

    • Judi

      Did you find out how to order another throw? I too would like an additional one.

  5. Jordan

    Is there anything we can do if we haven’t received the blanket we ordered? The website doesn’t work and the phone number goes to a full mailbox???


    • Michelle

      Hi Jordan,

      I called the number that another hipster listed 323-587-0800 and the company said that my package was “lost” by fedex and that they would ship another one out. I wasn’t sure if they were telling the truth so I called back today to ask when I’d receive it and they gave me a tracking number for Fedex. When you call it’s a little weird because it’s not a company, just a receptionist, and I told them I was calling about the destiny blanket and they transferred me.

  6. RA

    I just got off the phone with the company about my blanket and it was first shipped on Dec. 8 but that is all they knew. They offered me a refund or to reship it to me with a refund for shipping cost. I’m supposed to have it by tomorrow Jan. 4. We will see. I really regret buying from this company as they are totally unprofessional. I feel the blanket will be a let down anyway because of all the trouble just trying to receive it. Call (323) 587-0800. My cc gave me the phone number.

    • Michelle

      I’m interested to know if you receive it. I haven’t received my blanket either and of course I was charged for it. It makes me uncomfortable that the phone number listed above doesn’t seem to be for them (“there is no voice message, if you know your party’s extension please dial it”) I emailed them at the email above. If they don’t reply tomorrow I’ll try the phone number you gave. I’d like to know if I should ask for a refund or a reshipment.

      • amy

        i wouldnt wait any longer.. call ur credit card company and let them know what is going on. have them open a case for refund of ur money

        • Elaine

          I know I’m glad I didn’t wait any longer than i did, I think the “lost in transit” excuse was a lie, they over sold the blankets and when they couldn’t cover all the orders they made up that excuse. At least i got my money back.

          • Michelle

            They gave me a tracking number when they reshipped it, so they shipped me something (I haven’t received it yet). I don’t believe that Fedex lost the orders either. I know once I get this settled I’m not ordering Jill’s steals and deals again. Have you noticed that they turned off the comments on the more recent ones?

            • Michelle

              I received my re-shipped blanket. I’m glad I didn’t ask for a refund they are incredibly soft and warm, even my boyfriend who doesn’t really care about things like that was remarking how warm and soft it is.

            • Emliy

              I just called about the Destiny Throw and my call was answered on the first ring. They said that Fedex lost a few pallats of orders (who knows if that’s true) and that they were having to resend or refund $$. She told me it would be in the mail today so we’ll see. She was very nice. Maybe those who weren’t getting an answer or voicemail called when they were closed? Definitely call if you did not receive yours. Glad I researched it and found others were having the same problem….I was being way too patient waiting for its arrival.

              • Mweber

                Even if it were true that FedEx lost a few pallets of blankets, any reputable company would have known which orders were lost and sent replacement blankets. There is no reason any of us should have had to call in search of our merchandise after they’ve already taken our money. Such a scam.

                • joancj

                  It’s more than time for THE TODAY SHOW to take control of this segment. It cost me $70 and a huge amount of time and frustration. I’m sure I’m just one of many who got scammed by this situation. I don’t know exactly how “Steals & Deals” works (does anyone?), but there needs to be much better safeguards put in place to protect consumers or the segment needs to go away entirely. When I called THE TODAY SHOW for assistance, I not only didn’t get any, I had to deal with someone who was extremely rude. That’s just not right!

            • Emily

              Well, after they said they would send the blanket out that day, it’s been over a week and still nothing. I called to get a tracking number and the receptionist took all of my info saying the shipping manager was on break and he’d call back. Never got a call and now I can’t get ahold of them. Does anyone know how to get ahold of the Today Show to call them out on this horrible segment and scam?! VERY Frustrating…..

  7. Irene Wander

    I ordered a moss mills bag and still don’t have it. My credit card has been charged. Anyone else have this problem and how did you solve it?

  8. Donna

    I am still waiting for my knife set. I emailed the company but got no reply. is anyone else having this problem?

  9. Sharon

    I ordered two of the Moss Mills clutches that you advertised in early December and am shocked at the poor quality of these items! I purchased two in hopes to give them to my daughter-in-laws and was completely embarrassed by the absolutely sub-standard quality. The zipper on both of them are so difficult to open and close, it will be a matter of time before they completely break! The leather is not top-quality that Moss Mills advertises either. When I contacted Moss Mills they were less than helpful and now I am out over $80 for two clutches I will never used. Sorry Jill, you need to do some better research when you find such “a steal” because I feel very ripped off by both NBC and Moss Mills.

    • Michelle

      Hi Ladies,

      When I didn’t get my blanket I ordered I did a little research (luckily my blanket got reshipped and should be coming any day so I didn’t have to use this info). It is illegal to be charged for a service (or goods) that you didn’t receive. You have 60 days from the day your credit card BILL came out with the charges to contact your credit card company to contest the charges. I found this site helpful

  10. Irene Wander

    I called the company and emailed them. An email response said it was shipped Dec. 21st and should arrive Dec. 24th. It’s Jan. 6th now and still no bag. I called and emailed again and no response. The today show SHOULD check into companies they advertise for.

  11. Mary Ann Krebbs

    I ordered the Destiny Collection Throw from Jill’s Steal and Deals on Dec.6. My credit card was charged but I received no email confirmation and as of today, Jan.7 they have not arrived. Attempts to reach their website and telephone have been unsuccessful. I too am going to contact my credit card company and any other agency to get this cleared up. I most definitely will not order again from companies represented on the Today Show!

  12. Joan

    Several months ago I ordered a “spa robe which retails for $150” for $39 (+$15 shipping) from Jill’s Steals & Deals. It took 72 days to reach me after a number of emails back and forth with the seller. When I finally received the robe, it turned out to be a microfiber robe that would probably retail for $40-$50. I had expected a terry robe which is the type of spa robe you find in hotels and spas. (You couldn’t tell it was microfiber on the TV screen.) The robe wasn’t bad looking, it just wasn’t worth anywhere near $150 and I can’t wear microfiber. I returned the robe with a request for a refund which to date I have never received. I emailed the seller several times. No phone number was given for this seller. I even tried to talk to The Today Show about this and was totally cut off. Unfortunately I used my debit card (which was, of course, immediately charged at the time of the order) so I have no recourse to getting these people to refund my money. All I can say about “Jill’s Steals & Deals” is that old caveat…”Buyer Beware”! This is truly a blot on The Today Show’s reputation!

  13. Martha Weber

    I ordered three blankets, received confirmation of the order, but never received them. The confirmation said items will ship in 3-4 weeks, so I waited a while before checking on their whereabouts. I finally called the company today after seeing everyone’s complaints. Thanks to the person who posted an alternate number, since the one on the order confirmation is bogus! I got the same story about how Fed Ex “lost” my package. They are refunding my credit card…or so they say. What a scam.

    I will never buy from Steals and Deals again. Got burned by this company, bought some “diamond” necklaces that looked like cheap costume jewelry, and received flimsy knife sets for which I never completed my online order. Once they had my credit card number, they charged it, regardless of whether I confirmed the order. Then when I called to return them, they said they wouldn’t refund my $30 in shipping. Looks like Steals and Deals is a great feeding ground for crooks. Wonder who’s getting a kickback to allow this junk to be sold on NBC?

  14. Susan

    I also ordered 4 throws, and have not received them. I have emailed the address on myorder confirmation, with no responses. Thank you to who posted the number of
    323) 587-0800. Calling there just tell them you ordered a throw from the Today Show,
    you need your transaction id from the order confirmation email. The said my package was LOST by Fed Ex, and I chose to have them issue a refund.

  15. Stacey

    Hi everybody-
    I ordered 4 blankets… Two giraffe print and they are absolutely heaven!! Two baby blankets in blue polka dot and they are as soft as a babies bottom!!! I can’t wait to give them as shower gifts!! I received my orders as I wad supposed to. I have been very lucky… Only 1 major problem and it has neem resolved as of today!


    I feel terrible reading about all of the bad experiences with ordering the blankets. I wanted to order them for all my friends as gifts, but the wait-time listed as Dec. 23 scared me off since I didn’t want to wait until last minute to know I had a gift. Luckily, my two blankets I ordered came within a week! I was so impressed with the blankets, I called the company directly and asked if I could order a few more. They allowed me to add to my order, and they were shipped out again within the week. My friends all LOVED their blankets! I ordered the giraffe print. Maybe because it wasn’t as popular, they were able to get to me quicker. Anyway, I was impressed with them all around.

  17. Sharon Karpen

    I ordered 13 blankets and have never received them. We have tried the phone numbers and website and they are bogus. We have even e-mailed the today show and Jill Martin for help with NO response. I have been out of work for over a year and saved my money in anticipation of the Today Shows steal and deals as I have used them since they started the segment without a single problem.

    I feel as though I have no options and I looked like a jerk at Christmas during our families gift exchange.

    • Michelle

      Have you tried calling (323) 587-0800. It was posted by another Hipster. I called there when I didn’t receive mine and they re-shipped them to me.

  18. Wendy

    No one answers the number you guys have posted. I sent an email to them. Hopefully will get a response. I really wanted those blankets for my baby girl and myself. Never to order from the TODAY show again.

  19. Stacey

    Hi Wendy’
    What #’s are u looking for? Maybe I can help!

  20. Wendy

    I am looking for the number for the blankets…. I called the 3235870800 and no answer. sent an email, but no reply yet. UGH. Never to order again.

    • Stacey

      Hey Wendy-
      Try this # (323)923-0170! You will get an answering machine. They should return your call!

  21. Louise Ablan

    Just received the “luxury” egyptian cotton robe from Luxor Linens. I ordered it from the January 10th “Steals and Deals.” It was a steal indeed…they stole my money! The robe is very poor quality…a $19.99 retail value at best. Very disappointed in the Today Show for not checking these vendors out prior to peddling their goods for them. From all of the prior comments it seems to be an ongoing problem. Glad I was only scammed out of $78! Lesson learned. No more Today Show Steals and Deals for me.

  22. Catherine

    Here it is March 5th and after two emails to the address listed on THIS site and two phone calls/voice mails to the number listed on THIS site I have yet to receive ANY response from the company I was charged $30.00 by for two blankets I never received! I ordered several other “steals and deals” items at other times and received them in a timely fashion with no issues regarding quality or item as described in the segment. Today Show….what are you going to do to help all of us with our charged credit cards and lack of items received? You MUST have a better contact that we have! I’m pursuing action through my credit card company….this is ridiculous!

    • Michelle

      I’m sorry that you are having difficulty getting your blankets. I personally called the number posted by someone else when I didn’t receive my blanket and had it reshipped to me. This site is a coupon blog and is not for the today show. Yes, this site began being affiliated with the Today Show recently, but it is still the same site as before (Collin’s coupon blog) and therefore your comments are not reaching the today show. These phone numbers and addresses are posted to help each other and are in no means an official listing. You may find that it is too late to take action through your credit card company, as federal laws only require credit card companies to cover merchandise not received if they are notified within 60 days of the customer receipt of the credit card bill.

  23. Geneva

    I hope you guys who never got your blankets are having better luck than I am. Unfortunately I used my debit card to pay for them so they apparently feel they do not have to refund my money. I’ve emailed and called 323-587-0800, 323-923-0170, and 626-351-8323 several times over the past 5 months and they have alternately told me they were reshipping, then that they would refund me, then around March they just stopped answering their phones. I’ve left several messages but they do not call back. I’ve filed a complaint with the FTC, so hopefully that will get their attention. I hope that someone at the Today Show is informed of this so that they know to never do business with B&H again. B&H is blaming it on UPS, stating that they lost 2 pallets of their merchandise, but I find it hard to believe. I think this is just a very shady company that took more orders than they could accommodate and are considering the extra as a company windfall.

    • joancj

      I’ve had two bad experiences with “Steals & Deals” and have lost over $100. I hate to disappoint you but “The Today Show” will not help you nor do they care. I wrote letters, sent emails and phoned. I didn’t receive an answer to my letters or emails and the woman I spoke to when I called was exceptionally rude, nor would she pass me on to speak to someone who might help.

    • Michelle

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve had such a bad experience. My blanket was also on one of the pallets of “lost” merchandise, but after I contacted them they reshipped it and I actually received it. I guess I got lucky. The whole situation is very fishy. If Fedex lost the pallets, why wouldn’t Fedex or the company go to some effort to contact the affected parties. Not to mention how did Fedex lose two whole pallets (I don’t know how much a pallet contains, but based on the number of people affected they must be massive)…Maybe one of their workers is set for Christmas presents for life…haha

  24. Lynne

    I am very unhappy I never received my merchandise that I’d paid for on Jill’s steals deals well?????? I want my money back
    I also want someone to work with me on this issue

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