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*HOT* FREE Victoria’s Secret Reward Card (Valued at $10, $50, $100 or $500!)

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It’s almost 9AM EST which means another chance to snag a FREE Victoria’s Secret Reward Card with a possible value of up to $500!

To score your completely FREE Secret Reward card, hurry on over here, click on the “Get Your Card” button, then fill out your info. After doing so, you’ll be able to print your reward card.

Then, to find out whether your card is worth $10, $50, $100, or $500 (several Hip2Savers have won these…yeah!) just redeem during checkout online or in-store or by calling customer care at 1-800-411-5116, valid to use through December 21st.

Good luck and come back to let us know what the value of your card is! πŸ˜€

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Comments 289

  1. Linda

    I kept clicking on the error message and then it put me thru to print card. Call to find out the value and guess what $100. Nice Christmas present for my daughter!!

  2. Crystal Tam

    Is it only one card per facebook user? I got the same one printed out! =(

  3. bargains4wahms

    As soon as it started, I filled in my info, hit submit and got Page is refreshing page! Then after that it was NOTHING but error messages! LOL At least 1 of my readers got in on this, so I’m happy for her! πŸ™‚

  4. Tiffany

    It works eventually. I closed IE and reopened it and it worked. Don’t give up too easy. Good luck everyone!

  5. Melissa

    I gave up. I even logged out of facebook and logged back in and it still gives me the stupid error message

    • craftytechie

      I got an error message too πŸ™

  6. Sarah d.

    finally got one – $10

  7. Lindsay

    all gone πŸ™ couldn’t even get through without an hour. better luck next time.

  8. halima

    Hi, 2nd day of trying and keep getting error message. Is anybody getting through?

  9. Andrea

    Just got one!

  10. suzanne

    error too

  11. Lindsay

    error*** lol

  12. Katie

    I got one! How do I figure out how much it is worth?

    • Rachael

      I called the number Collin put up.

    • JV

      Just randomly input something in your cart, go through the checkout process and then input GC #s. Once you apply it it will reveal its amount

  13. schnauzminis

    9:13 says all cards are gone πŸ™

  14. AJ

    All gone.

  15. Ketsy

    gone 9:12 am est

  16. Paulette

    All gone

  17. sarah


  18. meltingalaskan

    You have got to be kidding me! I decided to open a new browser and as soon as my form went through the cards were gone.


  19. JV

    I keep getting $10 ones :/ bummer. But I am willing to give one out to any of you. I’ll do some type of drawing cause I know a few of you will want this. So to be fair πŸ™‚

    • Annie

      Can I enter the drawing please? (:

      • JV

        Of course I guess the best way is to either input your email address below. I’ll email the winner the card. My email address is jolacoupons (@) gmail (dot) com

          • JV

            Annie got yours onto the list

          • JV

            Ann got yours onto the list

    • nikki

      i am trying for past several days but didn’t get anything..if you are willing to give i will take it…thanks

      • JV

        Nicky got yours onto the list

        • nikki

          Thanks kate…i got my VS card from you…thanks again

    • Kate W

      I would love to enter the drawing πŸ™‚

      • Kate W

        I don’t really want to put my email address out there for everyone to see, so I emailed you! Thanks!

        • JV

          Not a problem Kate, that will work just as much. πŸ™‚

          I will randomly pick one of you ladies around 3pm today. I honestly have snagged 7 $10 gift cards. I know I wont be using all of these in time before they expire. So I dont mind giving a few out. I’ve been trying to win a bigger valued card lol but no luck.

            • JV

              Misty got yours onto the list

    • nishi

      Hey I would love it!

      email me at njcutieforeva @ aol. com


      • JV

        Nishi got yours onto the list

    • Bergen

      That is so nice!

    • Cathy

      I haven’t had any luck either….but I would LOVE to enter your drawing! Thanks so much! I’ll email you my email address. Thanks again for your generosity!

      • JV

        Bethany got yours onto the list

    • Kristie Dillman

      Id like to enter!

    • sam

      It says 1 per facebook user. o.O

      • JV

        I am a writer on facebook I have all my characters on separate FB accts *shrugs*

    • JK

      AW thanks! Can I enter your drawing? jenzalilangel @ yahoo. com

      • JV

        JK got yours onto the list

    • Tina

      Hi there … I’d love to enter the drawing, too!!!! Thanks!!!!

      • JV

        Tina got yours onto the list

    • Lily

      That’s great! please enter me into your drawing! I have a Final Exam tomorrow (I’m a student) and would be wonderful to have a $10 VS card that I could use as a reward! Thank you so much!

      • JV

        Lily got yours onto the list

      • JV

        Lori got yours onto the list

    • Jordon

      This is awesome your a really nice person to be giving people this opportunity! A lot of people could use this to buy a Christmas present for someone special with the way the economy is anything helps. My email is thanks for the opportunity!!

      • JV

        Jordan got yours onto the list

      • JV

        Jackie got yours onto the list

    • JV

      Ok since I was not expecting so many so quickly I will do the drawing at 10am today. I will be giving out 2 now πŸ™‚ I wish you all luck!

      • Amy

        Please put me on the drawings well….my email is Thanks.

        • JV

          I’m sorry Amy :/ I already did the drawing.

          the 2 winners are Jordon & Shannon (I’ve already email you guys your cards)

  20. minnie

    gone? that was fast!

  21. Laura

    I tried for 9 minutes and got the same error comment. I don’t get it….

    • Laura

      moreover…there’s 100,000 gift cards given away daily and within minutes they’re gone? hmmmmmm

      • Marci

        It says 1 per person on the FAQ page but clearly people who already got theirs are trying other days as well. We might have a chance if people would let others try for one.

      • sam

        only 8000 today…100,000 throughout the giveaway. Read the site.

  22. cindy

    Cards gone.

    • SUSAN

      I dont think its 100,000 daily I think its 100,000 total they are giving away and they assigned an alotment for each day…

      • Jamie

        You’re absolutely right. I checked on this a few days ago~ 100K total, not per day. Each day has a different amount they’re giving out. πŸ™‚

  23. Laurie

    holy carp that was fast! there all gone all ready!!! all i kept getting was a “200 parserror” message the whole time….

    • Laura

      same here….

  24. Priscilla

    Got one for $10.

  25. Chaos Is Bliss

    I must have missed it – on Facebook it says they’re all gone for today?! Bummer that went quick!

  26. Deb

    I just got one at 9:12. I went to my facebook and searched for Victoria’s Secret, clicked on the VS reward card and got one.

  27. IA Runnin Momma

    How do you know what it’s worth? Says I have to redeem to find out- can I know before? I’ve been trying for a few days w/ no luck- and finally first try today I got one at 10 after!

  28. Andrea

    How do you find out how much you got?

  29. merima

    can you use 2 at once… i got 10 and hubby got 10today…
    if i go to the store can i buy something for 50 and use both together?

    • Kate W

      you can use them both at the store, but only 1 is allowed online πŸ™

    • sam

      Only one at a time. I have 2, one from when i bought stuff and this one. Was specifically told one per order.

  30. Samantha

    OMG! I won $100! Yay!

    • Polly

      Me too! I clicked on it right at 9:00 and got one for the first time and it was $100. I’ve gotten them in the past when I bought stuff, but this is the first time I ever got one that wasn’t $10.

    • Bergen


    • Marnie Hammond

      I won $100 today too! thats awesome!

  31. Wendi

    I have tried every morning with no luck at all! So excited that first try this morning I GOT IT! $10 is exciting! I’ll take it πŸ™‚ Thanks Colin!

  32. suzanne

    reloaded…”sorry cards gone”…

  33. Priyanka

    Got one just now! I got the Facebook errors for a while but they went away.

  34. Jodi

    I got mine! Thank you!!!

  35. julieanne28

    Took a few minutes but I did get one for $10. Thanks for the reminder!

    • julieanne28

      You can find out how much it is worth by going to VS website and adding anything to your cart and when you get to checkout put in the card # and pin#. That’s how I got mine.

  36. Danielle

    I got the freshening up error and that 22 paraserror. I logged out of Facebook, logged back in, started over with my info and got it. Good luck!

  37. rach

    Wish i had an idea before i started how many cards they had, to get an idea how fast it would go. If i had known it only lasted 7 minutes, i wouldnt have given the my personal information.

    • Ana

      try again tomorrow. I entered my info yesterday and cards were gone as I was doing that. Today at 9:00 sharp I clicked on get your card and I got it instantly without having to fill in the info again (and without getting the error message).

  38. gigi

    Out at 9:15?!?!?! Already? I keep getting the “sorry, today’s cards are gone”

  39. Sharon

    I got an error when trying to get it using Internet Explorer, but I was able to get the card when I used Google Chrome.

  40. blue

    I got $500 winner πŸ™‚

    • Kate

      Congratulations! You’re so lucky!

    • Dawn

      Sooooooo jealous………..but congrats to you!

  41. Wanda

    Leave an email address and I well give mine away.

  42. bre

    I got the card, but I don’t have a printer. What can I do

    • JV

      you can either write down the numbers or access the link on your phone and have VS cashier scan off your phone

    • IA Runnin Momma

      They emailed me and it had a link to go print it there, too. So I think you’d be able to print later.

      • MAYRA

        i got on e two days ago then when i checked my email there was one too. is it the same one? anyone know?

        • Kelly T

          you know….just look at the numbers….

  43. sewobsessive

    merima no you cant combined them on one item.

  44. Libby

    Got one! So excited, now to find out the balance! πŸ™‚

  45. Erin

    I finally remembered before 1030ish and they were out way sooner than I heard the other days πŸ™ I have terrible luck πŸ™

  46. carol mg


  47. Shannon

    I find this promo confusing. Every day I check & it says “sorry, today’s cards are gone” but then other people report getting cards after I see that. I saw this message around 9:15 this morning on both IE8 & Firefox. Any pointers?

    • Kate W

      You just have to keep refreshing a million times, even when it says they’re gone. Don’t give up! A little frustration is definitely worth at least $10 for me!

      • Shannon

        Just tough since I”m at work & then I have no idea when they’re actually really gone. Thanks for the tip though! πŸ™‚

  48. Kathy

    On a “Buyer Secret stores are separate as far as returns & exchanges? You cannot return/exchange an item purchased on-line at a VS store!! My husband bought me a robe, PJ’s & slippers for XMAS on-line (could’ve gone to the mall, but on-line is so much easier). Well, he let me have them early to check the size. I only wanted to change them for a different size – not style, color or any other item – no way! You have to return them to Victoria’s Secret on-line (they refer to themselves as Victoria’s Secret Direct) by sending them via UPS or bringing it to the store for the store to send back. Once the on-line VS receives it back, they will process the return/exchange. I have spoken with both the store & customer service – they will not budge – customer service indicated that no one else has ever complained about this before. Well, I had the customer service rep fill out a voice of the customer complaint & I am going to formally complain. VS needs to get w/customer service, maybe learn from Kohl’s or Coldwater Creek – those people bend over backwards to help!! Does anyone else think this is ludicrous? Am I the only one not aware of this situation w/VS?? BAh Humbug to VS!!

    • Erica

      As far as I know, this has always been the policy with VS. This is the reason you can’t get items shipped to the store when ordered online. It’s unlikely that Vs will budge at all for you. Good luck though!! πŸ™‚

    • Kate W

      I understand your frustration, as I have been in this predicament before with another company. However, every time I have ordered online from VS, they have sent me a pre-paid return shipping label if I am not satisfied and a reusable shipping package (if you don’t rip it apart getting it open, you can reuse it to send your items back). I thought this was a very thoughtful way of providing return/exchange services to their customers, although I can see how it is annoying to have to wait for your items again. Sorry for your frustration. “BAH Humbug to VS”…. haha your comment made my day πŸ™‚

      • Jamie

        You have to be careful about this. I received an order from them last week but had to send it back because they sent me the wrong item. They ended up charging me $5.99 for using the return label that was sent with the package. I had to call them up and point out to them that I was not about to pay for their mistake! If you ever do need to make a return, check the invoice they send you in return when they receive the item and make sure you were not charged! Food for thought..

  49. Whytemocha

    I finally got mine! $10. Amazing! Was able to use it with free shipping over $25 online today and got 5 panties for $17 shipped. Also went through Ebates and will get 2% cash back. Thanks!

  50. Rona

    WOO HOO! I got $50 and I wasnt even going to try today! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the reminder!

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