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Steals and Deals: Body Shop, Ties, Bracelets and More

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Image: Jill's Steals and Deals

Coupon codes from Jill’s Steals and Deals segment broadcast on Dec. 13 have expired.

If you’re looking for the latest Steals and Deals offerings, please check here.

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Every Tuesday Jill Martin tells TODAY viewers about great deals offered exclusively to TODAY viewers by retailers. Deals expire after 24 hours. If you have an idea for her, send her a tweet at the handle @JillMartin.

Neither Jill Martin, Hip2Save nor TODAY profits from these recommendations or from sales — we’re just looking to help you find the very best deals. Conditions and restrictions may apply.

If you have any specific questions about these details or your order, please check with the retailers making the offers.

Here are the companies’ websites, contact information and a delivery timeframe that they provided TODAY:

My Talking Toddler’s communication system
Email address:
Phone number: (786) 264-2021
Expected delivery time: Before Christmas

Peter-Blair ties
Email address:
Phone number: (804) 716-9099
Expected delivery time: Before Christmas

The Body Ship collection
Email address:
Phone number: (800) 263-9746
Expected delivery time: By Dec. 23

Nautica boxer briefs
Email address: Contact them here.
Phone number: (866) 376-4184
Expected delivery time: Before Christmas

UrbanPax bags and backpacks
Email address:
Phone number: (424) 272-1729
Expected delivery time: Before Christmas

Anthony Dreyer bracelets
Email address:
Phone number: (424) 672-5102
Expected delivery time: By Dec. 23

Amrita Singh bangles
Email address:
Phone number: (855) 426-7482
Expected delivery time: By Dec. 22

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Comments 340

  1. Lisa

    Got four Anthony Dryer bracelets each $13.50. I would say a good deal. No problems.

    • Trisha

      I would like to know what the promo code is…my first time on this site. Could you help me?

      • Simberleigh

        Trisha- did you find the code? It’s in bold and underline and mine shows in blue. Each item has a different code. It says discount code I think

      • Cheryl Stahl

        Just go on Upper right corner TV heard on it today, by the toy icon, you will see it says “Coupon codes to ther products” Good luck!!!

      • Marla


      • Patricia

        for the bangel’s …. TODAYBANGLE’ ……

    • Kelley

      Site comes up “done” are they all sold out ?

    • Jixy J

      Hi Lisa,

      you stated “good deal”, have you purchased these bracelets before? Are you referring to the price or quality? I don’t know what to expect. I am getting really nervous reading all the negative comments about these products. I have purchased several items since Oct- haven’t received anything yet but the comments are so negative. I have complete faith in the Today show segments and am really hoping that their products live up to my standard. I have a belt, knives, other bracelets, candles and a watch coming!!!! All Xmas presents- oh boy, hope I didn’t make a mistake!!!

  2. Elizabeth Sawyer

    I bought 2 sets of bangles and one body shop set

  3. Isra

    PLEASE do your research before purchasing any of these supposed deals Today show is awesome, but this segment is deceiving.

    • Joy

      I just received the 2 Preppy Girl Decals from the Steals & Deal segment from Nov 8th. They are awesome! This was the real deal!

    • Kathy Fitzmaurice

      I agree. On November 8 I purchased the Ever Poncho from the Lux Collexion. It was reduced from $180 to $39. I just received it and it is a piece of junk. The seams are not finished off correctly and the edges roll. I can’t believe they could ever have gotten $180 for this item. That’s probably why they made it a deal at $39. They figured they could get rid of it at that price. Unfortunately this purchase has turned me off to Jill’s Steals and Deals.

      • Donna

        I purchaseds the poncho as well and just recieved it yesterday (one month later) and it is a piece of crap I would not pay $20.00 for it… They also have a no return policy for today show’s steals and deals!! I am thinking about complaining to the better business bureau! It was totally false advertising!!!

  4. Gina


  5. Ncole

    It’s still cheaper than paying the full price people!

    • Roberta Kenney

      Not if the item is crappy. The problem is the products are not consistently great buys! If you buy an item for 75% (or whatever) off and it’s poor quality, the money you spent is money thrown away. Who can afford that in this day & age? Is Jill really checking these items out or just putting any thing on ‘Steals & Deals” that looks good?

      • Marie

        Oh yes, I am one of the DONE with steals & deals. You have to fight the co. to get the item. It should be titled just “Steals” as this is never a Deal. Watch ABC GoodMorningAmerica. Their deals, not the high percentage off, but better class.

    • Emily

      It’s only a steal if you are getting the real deal at the bargain price. Otherwise, why would I buy the product if it’s a cheaper product than the original? Then it wouldn’t be a steal, would it? They shouldn’t advertise them as the original products.

  6. Camille Simons

    Shipping on these items is too high

  7. Valarie

    I already own a set of the Amrita Singh bracelets and love them. This is a deal. I definitely ordered a set. And it says you WILL get your items by Dec 22 as long as you buy the MAIN deal item. If you ONLY order the additional items, then your order is not guaranteed by Dec 24th.

  8. sussu

    ordered the PONCO FROM LUX–guess what I got? 3 head covers that would go nicely with as berka!!! REALLY? In the south, we call that ‘SCAMMING BIG TIME!!

    • Donna

      Did you call or email to complain, the LUX Collexion says they have only heard from satisfied customers!! I have no idea what to do with this so called poncho and would really like my money back!!! It is a bait and switch scam and some one should take responsibility!!

  9. katie

    I just placed order The Body Shop Collection.
    I added $17.50 “White Musk® Libertine Shower & Spritz Set” (value $32.50) and got a free shipping.
    Total cost $55.65 with tax.
    I hope my sister-in-law will be happy with this gift!

  10. Rebecca Ramsey

    Bought the Terzetto leather handbags recently, two of them for Christmas gifts, not at all what I expected, cannot return them, there isn’t even a Terzetto company. When you google it all that comes up is Terzetto for the Today Show, so I can’t even try to exchange or sell it on EBay. Some great deals, just be careful!

    • MindyK

      phone number:
      213-248-2190 or

      SAME PROBLEM. The quality was so incredibly poor. Zipper sticks constantly.

  11. Judy

    Had a bad experience last year so I have not been tempted this year. Got the Omaha Steak Fish package on Jill’s deals and the lobster was terrible. The fish was tiny. It was no bargain. I got 4 sets as gifts and they were not fit to give as gifts plus this whole year Omaha Steak calls me weekly wanting me to buy more even though I have asked them repeatedly to stop calling. Not listening to Jill anymore.

  12. Lauren

    What is the password?!

    • Lauren

      Nvm, I figured it out! Sorry this is my first time doing this!

  13. yahayra

    where i can find the promo code ?
    i want to buy but i don’t find the code
    i need help iam new in this.

    • Roberta Kenney

      When you first go to the “Steals & Deals” page, click on the item of interest. Promo code should be in big letters.

  14. L. Hoston

    This morning during this segment a sports book was mentioned as a potential gift. You only had to select your team and the whole book would be personalized to that team. I don’t see that item listed for today. Any one help?

    • Valarie

      This one wasn’t on the Steals and Deals segment. It was on the Personalized Gifts segment. It is a NYT Sports Team highlights book on for $64.95.

  15. kATHY

    i bought some of the hillary thomas candles the moment they were on steals and deals…almost 4 weeks and still no product but they wasted no time charging my credit card..terrible company and service emailed company 6 times no answer extremly deceitful…TODAY show needs to do more homework..BEWARE

  16. Kathy Beamer

    Be careful with the IPAX. I ordered a small backpax, 1 large backpax and 2 IPax but the order came through with the backpax OK but it changed the IPax to SlingPax. I DO NOT WANT SlingPAX as these are ordered for IPADs. You think you are ordering the correct thing (with no return privelege or cancellation) and the website puts the wrong item into your cart. BUYER BEWARE!!! Check before you pay and finish. I did not and may now be stuck! BOO

    • Jen Lin

      Happened to me as well – purchased the red IPAX – looks like it is marked as a sling. I bought a pink and blue one as well – those look ok – maybe the red IPAX is out? In any case, may have to order another one! Argh!

  17. Anne Smith

    I am still waiting for scarves I ordered in October from Erge Designs. Anyone else having trouble?

  18. Susan

    Cannot get ties to work, help please

  19. Laura

    I ordered two purses months ago and still have not received them…I was able to contact the company and reached there answering machine. The did callback about a week later saying they were in the process of being shipped. Still I have yet to receive my purses and I have been leaving messages now no return phone call. I hope I am not out almost $150.

    • Tonnya

      Was it the Kristen Bell purse? I too went thru the same thing and found an address on this website. Wrote them and got a nice reply said they were going to mail out on the 16th. Funny thing is, I told them I ordered the wrong color and could I change it. They said they only had one other color in stock I could change it to so I did and I received my purse yesterday and it was not the color I switched to. I was the original one I ordered…..go figure!! So don’t worry you will get your item!!

    • Lynn

      I ordered 1 purse 11/22- have not recieved yet. $75 !! NBC should check this out before putting them on the show- it’s free marketing that in some cases is nothing more than a scam!

      • Emily

        I have been posting on the Erica Anenberg FB page that I am very disapponted with the service regading the Kirsten Bell purses. I ordered mine November 1 and the total amount was charged on my card November 2, including the $16.95 shipping charge, but I still haven’t received my purse. Erica did respond, saying that email updates were sent to everyone who ordered the purses and that they will arrive this week. I didn’t receive any emails (not in spam box either) and I sent two emails last week and they haven’t even been acknowledged yet. When I posted more comments she explained that for the amazing deals they offered, that’s what I can expect. If I want better and faster service, I need to pay full price. Seriously?!?!? Maybe all of you could go on FB and complain. Here is the link to the currents posts regarding this matter.!/EricaAnenberg/posts/10150457460457485?notif_t=feed_comment

  20. A

    is the singh site secure to enter financial info? Skeptical.

  21. Ninoshk

    the body shop website and phone number is not work!!!

  22. becky

    Does anyone know why The Body Shop has Jill’s Steals – Collection A, B, C, D, and E available? I don’t know if any of these sets are different than the one featured on the show, or if they are all the same. They appear to be the same price.

    • CaliMel

      The sets are all different. The original set featured on the show has sold out. It states that in the white box, and underneath the picture. I’m guessing that unlike other companies, they were prepared for the original set to sell out, which is why they made set B, which is a back up for set A, and then set’s C and D in case B sells out too. That way people can at least have a chance at getting a set, because there are more than two versions available. I wish they had listed what exactly is in each set.

  23. Peggy CLEment

    Yes, I haven’t been happy with some of their deals. Just do your homework first. Some products really are cheap. I thought Jill did the homework for us.

  24. Kristie

    How so? Deceiving?? Please tell me what!

  25. Amanda

    I ordered the Danielle stevens bracelets from the oct 18th show and have not received them yet. I was supposed to receive them 3 to 5 weeks. Has anyone else received theirs? I’ve tried calling and their phone system is down. I’ve emailed…and nothing!

    • Melissa Flynn

      Amanda. I still haven’t gotten my order from Danielle Stevens either. Very dissappointed! Also haven’t received the bamboo throws from the same day.

      • Roberta Kenney

        I haven’t got my bracelets either. Got an email from them a few weeks ago saying they were going to be sent but still waiting. Needless to say, I won’t be buying any thing else from Danielle. Shame on them!

  26. Leigh P

    I bought several watches from allenlyle at the $25 deal. I asked to change a color about a week and they said no exchanges. It has been 4 weeks and no watches Found their phone number online (doesn’t state it on their own website) and it is just a womens voice like answering machine. There message literally says “email us for help” took my money, no response. Very frustrated. Will not be listening to Jill anymore. Today show does not research these companies.

    • Cathy Burns

      I bought two of these watches and received them today. I emailed customer service at one point about the shipping delay and received a prompt response from them.

    • NJB

      Got my watches yesterday–look good!

      • Patricia S.

        Do you happen to have their# ????

        • Lisa

          Patricia S, Allen Lyle website is They have a nice web site & a “Contact Us” link. Shoot them an email. I just did. I’m not really worried though since others have recently got their watches…and loved them. Plus, I order off of Steals & Deals quite a bit & never have had a problem.

    • Jill S

      I got my Allen Lyle watches about 5 minutes ago … and I love them! I have one on right now!
      I have ordered LOTS of items from Steals & Deals and found them all to be great quality and great deals. I run an online boutique to benefit Bichon Rescue (they get 100% of the profits) and now sell some of the items I discovered through Steals & Deals. So I KNOW what a good deal those products were because I buy wholesale from the manufacturers for the items I sell in the Bichon Rescue Boutique.
      I look forward to Tuesdays to see what the latest Steals & Deals are. I am generally a major non-shopper, but I have gotten such great items at such great prices, I have become a S&D addict (although I am still able to limit myself to items I really like and will either personally use or gift to someone 🙂 ).

  27. Shari L. Williams

    If you ladies enjoy online shopping at Amazing prices without promo codes and other hassles, take a look at 🙂 I must admit, the Amrita Singh bangle set is temping me!!

    • Pat Williams

      I have ordered the Amrita Singh bracelets before and just loved them. I have even ordered more jewelry from her website that wasnt on the Steals and Deals. The orders that I have received have been well worth the price in my opinion. I cant say that you will like everything but that is the risk we take I suppose. I ordered two sets of these particular bangles.

  28. laycie

    I bought the Toddler videos, total price including shipping was only $54!

  29. Jennifer

    Becky – I was wondering the same thing but didn’t want to chance it so I just bought the default collection A to make sure I got one ordered before they were gone. I’m still curious to know though 🙂

  30. L. Hoston

    Again, does anyone know how I can find out about the personalized sports book that was mentioned this morning? Is it somewhere here on the site and I’m missing it? Please help.


    • Valarie

      This one wasn’t on the Steals and Deals segment. It was on the Personalized Gifts segment. It is a NYT Sports Team highlights book on for $64.95.

    • KB

      This one wasn’t on the Steals and Deals segment. It was on the Personalized Gifts segment. It is a NYT Sports Team highlights book on for $64.95.

  31. mindreflects

    I bought the SL Fashion Towels advertised November 1st and they were definitely a Steal – one from my pocket book that is! They were the worst quality I’ve ever seen even at the reduced price. Can’t even be used to wash the car since they don’t absorb water! Last time shopping here for me.

  32. Melissa Flynn

    I bought from 4 different sellers on October 18, 2011 and still haven’t recieved items from 2 of them. Very disappointed. The 2 I got were great but getting 50% is not great odds. I probably would never buy from Steals and Deals again.

  33. Emily

    Dont trust Jill. Most of the steals and deals are stealing our money. Most of the products are Cheap quality and not worth the shipping costs let alone the deal cost. Beware!

  34. Beth

    I bought the Body Shop set, but was unable to get the Nautica deal. I can’t get the site to cooperate!!! Site, IPad or Central time zone problem?

  35. Dustin

    I got the iPhone Energizer steal and deal and it never came. Its been almost two months and the company won’t return any of my emails.

  36. Deb

    I agree most of the shipping is ridiculous. Purchase 2 briefs for $10 and pay just about as much to get them to you. No thanks. The body shop items are great products, almost ordered (for me) but I stopped myself.

  37. Mary

    I ordered 3 of the bracelets In November from Kensico, finally received yesterday, and they are so cheap looking. No way would I give these as gifts! And NO refunds! Beware of ordering from Steals & Deals. I have watched Today Show for years, time for a change!! What a rip off!!

    • debbie

      hi i ordered kensico bracelets and panco and some blankets.all cheap looking waste of my money and time.what a rip off.jill….do get commision on them?

  38. Denise S

    Ordered the Terzetto bag and had an issue with the zipper. Contacted them via email and they replied back within 24hrs!!! They shipped me a replacement, free of charge and suggested I take it to a place that could fix the zipper and perhaps gift it to someone else. Great customer service!!! I’ve never ordered from them prior to the Jill’s Steals & Deals so I can’t compare the purse to perhaps if there is a different option available for the purse priced at $450ish, but nonetheless…for $65ish or so…great purse and I get compliments on it all the time!

    I’ve ordered the Amrita Singh bracelets before, LOVE them and this is a steal. You can google her website and compare the prices yourself before you shop! Her bangle sets usually start at $100!!!

    Just got my cashmere scarf yesterday and no problems…love it. Ordered the body shop deal for xmas/birthday gifts and extremely excited to receive the items!!

  39. Kathy D

    I have not received the Kensico bracelet offered on October 25 Steals and Deals. I ordered and they charged my credit card on that day. Today is December 13 and I have not received notice that it has been shipped. This bracelet was to be a Christmas present that required mailing to my friend. Time is running out and I have twice requested a refund with no response. I am very disapointed.

    • ShopgirlPA

      call your credit card company, it will get their attention when you request a charge-back!!!

  40. Dave

    These deals are getting worse each week. Name brand crap that is still over-priced.

  41. joyceann knipfer

    I bought 2 Allen Lyle watches in Nov and I have not recieved them. I have no way of contacting the Co. Please help me. I really want the watches. I have a print out dated Nov 15 at 06:30:56 am I have a transaction # and a I d # PLEASE help me find who I contact.

    • Jill S

      My two watches arrived about five minutes ago. I suspect you will get yours within the next day or so, too … since there are others posting they got their watches yesterday or today. And I love mine!!! I am wearing one right now! 🙂

  42. Sylvia

    I just purchased My Talking Toddler …has anyone tried these before.

  43. Christy

    Anyone know if u can get free shipping on todays deals?

  44. Wanda Larsen

    For the body shop deal, the site does not appear to work correctly. Sorry I missed it!! It wanted to charge me $400 and kept increasing the number of items I wanted to purchase each time I tried to correct. Too bad, I think we would have liked to have it!!

  45. preston

    so i purchased two Hillary Thomas Designs Candles on 11-15, that’s november 15! almost a month ago. hillary thomas said they would ship the candles by 12-16!!?! really? they damn sure took my money asap. a month just to get them in the mail? this site should really just be called STEALS because that’s what they’re up to. the today show is promoting thieves which makes them a party to the thievery! these were supposed to be christmas gifts, doubtful now! i complained to the company, they couldn’t care less…they already had my money. i’ll never do this again. at least good morning america never stole from me!
    if you guys are smart you’ll avoid this entire promotion. it is nothing but a rip-off!


    • ShopgirlPA

      dispute it!!

  46. JS

    I’ve had pretty good luck with the items I have ordered from this segment. I have been patient for items to arrive and have not really expected anything for six to eight weeks. I do agree that the items are becoming less and less desirable. I think I’ll order the Body Shop deal today because it is a well-known company and I know they have good products. However, I will not rely that it will come before christmas. If it does great if not, I’ll hold on to it for a Birthday gift later on.

  47. ShopgirlPA

    I have ordered stuff three weeks in a row. Still have yet to see a single item, which is bad because if none of it comes, I won’t have any Christmas presents and will have to quickly buy other stuff. That said, I just called American Express and asked them if I can dispute a charge based on the fact that I was promised the item by a certain date. They said ABSOLUTELY!! They will dispute it for me! Not just that, but to any of you who have received items that were sub-par, you have recourse. It doesn’t matter that it says no returns! If you paid by credit card you can dispute quality and arrival time!

  48. susan

    i was told that you only got one bangle? it says a 15 piece set. are we going to have to pay shipping on all 15 ?

    • Denise

      The Amrita bangles are a set, the Anthony bracelet is just 1 bracelet.

  49. Marcos

    Working at Marshalls, the same Nautica boxer briefs are 12.99 all year round, and thats not to mention when they hit clearance.

  50. susan lopez

    I purchased a bra from breeze comfort on the 29th of nov. and to this day have not received my bra, they took my money and send me a received your order comfirmation and have not heard from them anymore, I would not trust that this items will be received by dec. 23rd, if I were you I would not even bother ordering anything garanteed u will not receive by x-mass.

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