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Steals and Deals: Body Shop, Ties, Bracelets and More

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Image: Jill's Steals and Deals

Coupon codes from Jill’s Steals and Deals segment broadcast on Dec. 13 have expired.

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Every Tuesday Jill Martin tells TODAY viewers about great deals offered exclusively to TODAY viewers by retailers. Deals expire after 24 hours. If you have an idea for her, send her a tweet at the handle @JillMartin.

Neither Jill Martin, Hip2Save nor TODAY profits from these recommendations or from sales — we’re just looking to help you find the very best deals. Conditions and restrictions may apply.

If you have any specific questions about these details or your order, please check with the retailers making the offers.

Here are the companies’ websites, contact information and a delivery timeframe that they provided TODAY:

My Talking Toddler’s communication system
Email address:
Phone number: (786) 264-2021
Expected delivery time: Before Christmas

Peter-Blair ties
Email address:
Phone number: (804) 716-9099
Expected delivery time: Before Christmas

The Body Ship collection
Email address:
Phone number: (800) 263-9746
Expected delivery time: By Dec. 23

Nautica boxer briefs
Email address: Contact them here.
Phone number: (866) 376-4184
Expected delivery time: Before Christmas

UrbanPax bags and backpacks
Email address:
Phone number: (424) 272-1729
Expected delivery time: Before Christmas

Anthony Dreyer bracelets
Email address:
Phone number: (424) 672-5102
Expected delivery time: By Dec. 23

Amrita Singh bangles
Email address:
Phone number: (855) 426-7482
Expected delivery time: By Dec. 22

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Comments 340

  1. Marcia

    I ordered the Aquiesse candle set last week and received it within 5 days. Beautiful & nicely packaged. So far, has been a good experience for me.

    • laura

      I agree. Beautiful packaging. Great hostess gifts.

      • Nicoel

        I agree, although one of my candles was cracked. But I love what I got!

    • Rosemary

      Just received my order from the Bath & Body shop from Jill’s Steals and Deals. A 9 piece body moisturizer set. It is packaged super nice and it came within 2 days. Very, Very Happy.

  2. chrissy

    help me find the personalized team sports paper???? Please!

    • Bren

      redenvelope has what your looking for

    • Cassie

  3. Faye Steadman

    Where to find the promo code?

    • Yvonne

      Promo code is the “DISCOUNT CODE”


    the body shop website is NOT working… something with the shipping address saying about a nickname. no idea now we have to call in and it is super high volume calls…
    jill whats going on??

    • Denise

      Just give the addresses a nickname…ie home, business etc. Worked for me.

    • Holly

      Just type in your name. I had to enter 3 times before I figured it out.

    • Tracey

      I used ‘me’ as my address ‘nickname’….and between my membership card and birthday month…this was a great deal!!!! For everyone else! It just means when you go in at a later time you only have to hit that address nickname…especially if you send stuff to other people as a gift…you don’t have to type in the address every time. Amazon has the same system.

    • Rosemary

      You have to put a name in the nickname box, then it will go through. I know weird.

  5. karen

    Buyer beware-it’s just like comparison shopping at the brick and mortar stores. I think the body shop offer today is a great deal, however I purchased a cell phone charger a few months ago on the steals and deals site and it was junk!

    • Peggy

      I agree about buyer beware. I purchased the monogram bracelet and it was a real piece of junk. I am reluctant to give the two as gifts.

      • judyluckystar95

        I also ordered 5 monogram bracelets for christmas gifts. I can not give these because they are to cheap looking.

        • Roberta Kenney

          Are you talking about the Danielle Stevens bracelets? I ordered 2 and still have not received them and can get no response from the company.

  6. Sofia herrera

    I am dissapointed that items are often sold out on the East Coast before they make it to the West Coast. This is not the first time (this is usually the case with cosmetics). We on the West Coast always get this treatment. Sorry to sound so petty, but it is true.
    Also, I would like the producers to do their homework and to convey the true nature of a product. I ordered a purse from Stella and Jamie in the middle of August. The purse took 8 weeks to get to me. when it arrived, it did not seem to be made of leather, as advertised, in fact the product looks cheap. I am out $89 (includes shippping, which by the way was about $10 – why did it take so long to ship?) I am now very careful and not trusting when I look at your deals.

    • Marti Balo Moore

      Trust me, items are not worth the discount price let alone the original price. Most of it is junk. Bought a pearl necklace and earrings a while back that were discounted to $99.00 and supposed to be worth $1,000.00. Came in a zip-lock bag and in the cheapest box I have ever seen. Don’t you think a $1,000.00 necklace would come in a nicer box? Necklace wasn’t any nicer than a 2 strand set of pearls that I got for $76.00 elsewhere. Buyer beware.

    • lisa45841

      Yes, I ordered 2 items not leather seemed almost like felt.Gave it to a very young girl 11… BUYER BEWARE JUST BECAUSE SO AND SO WEARS IT THEY GET PAID TO WEAR THESE PIECES!!!

    • Linda T Kuzyk

      I have ordered from Jill’s Steals and Deals three different times and have yet to have anything arrive! I am on the East Coast.
      I do not know how to deal with this dilemma.
      One of the vendors has sent out an email letting those of us who ordered that the items are back ordered. That was the last company that I ordered from! I haven’t heard anything from the first two. I am really upset.
      Here’s the kicker…I totally trusted that bc the deals were part of the Today Show, and didn’t write the companys’ addresses down.
      I don’t know what to do about it now.

  7. ColCatlady

    To Chrissy and L.Hosten,
    The personalized sports team paper was part of a segment about getting personalized gifts for people. It was NOT part of Steals and Deals. If you go to the Today show main page and keep scrolling way down on the page, you will find a box that says something like “Shopping for personalized gifts”. Click on that box and it will bring up another page where you can watch the video from that segment and you will see the item you want. I believe the website you have to go to for that item was I hope this helps you.

    • chrissy

      thank you!!!! 🙂

  8. rach

    Hi! I purchased 2 of the Lola Bernard purses on November 29th Steal & Deals. Has anyone else received their purse yet? I’m getting worried reading all these other reviews! I don’t like not being able to track my order. Hoping it will show up in time for Christmas and hoping it won’t be junk! Anyone else order a Lola Bernard hangbag?

    • Patricia S.

      Rach …. I’m with you i’m getting really worried and wonder if it’s not just a delay because of the business time of year … I do think that from mid November to now we should have recieved our products !!!!

      • ash

        I am also waiting for Lola Bernard order, was concerned and am now downright worried as no one has posted a positive outcome. Considering putting a stop on the order. Had a good experience with the $10 glasses from Coastal Contacts a couple of months ago, though, which gave me the confidence to place this much more expensive order.

        • Deniece

          I have not received mine either. I received an email from them about 2 weeks ago offering me the ability to purchase a second one for $49 (cheaper than what I spent on the first one) but I haven’t even got the first handbag. I tried to email them today to find out the status and I’ve not heard back. Anytime that I’ve called, I get a recording that says their mailbox is full.

          • M. Lisa

            I also ordered the Lola Bernard purse and have not heard a word from the company.
            Thank God I didn’t order a second when the offer came to buy another for $49.00.
            Will not be buying another thing from Steals & Deals even though all other retailers
            have come through.

          • Deniece

            Just wanted to give all those who purchased the Lola Bernard purse, that I received an email late yesterday with the tracking number. My purse is being shipped UPS. You may want to email them. Their email address is:

    • Pam Riffle

      Yes, i did and they haven’t come yet. I’m getting nervous. I sure hope they’ll be nice and on time.

      • Patricia S.

        I’m with you 2-watches from Allen Lyle I ordered on 11/15 2-watches from Allen Lyle and have yet to recieve them and theres no tracking#.
        Cross your fingers we get our items this week if not next week.

        • Lisa

          I ave ordered several things on Steals & Deals. All have arrived & been great products. Am a little worried about the watches tho. I also ordered 2 have haven’t heard anything from them yet.

        • Jill S

          FYI … I JUST received my Allen Lyle watches shipped via UPS Ground. And I LOVE THEM! I am wearing one as I type this. 🙂

          I have ordered LOTS of Steals & Deals items and have been very, very pleased with each of them … from pet products to linens to jewelry to tech stuff. Maybe I make surprisingly good choices or I have low expectations — but truly doubt either of those are true. 🙂

        • Charleen

          I just received the two watches I ordered. They are cute and will be gifts for Christmas. Great price.

        • tanbene

          I order 3 Allen Lyle watches and received them on 11/7. Two are gifts and one for me, LOVE it. I was emailed a shipping confirmation approximately on week prior to receiving it. Same with the Cuore and Pelle bag, which took approximately 7 weeks. The leather is soft, came wrapped in a clothe type bag.

    • Jane Ikeda

      I also have not received the handbags. Also ordered the Adina Reyter necklaces and have not received them. Has anyone received them?

      • HB

        I just got my necklaces the other day. Love them! I order all the time on this program and am very pleased with what I get. I even go back to the sites of these companies later to confirm the original prices. Always checks out that these are truly the deals they say they are!

        • Angela

          I also received my Adina Reyter necklace and I love it. I ordered one before from and this is the reason I jumped on this deal.

      • Diana

        I ordered a necklace from Adina Reyter and my account was charged on 12/1. The ph# they give is for a Health Care Co. No necklace received yet. Not feeling good about this at all. First & last time I order through Today Show.

        • Linda

          I had the same problem, but contacted them through the email on their website and they explained that there was a mix up with their information on their merchant account. I have gotten my necklaces now and absolutely love them!

    • Linda Garrett

      I ordered a Lola Bernard handbag too and have not received it yet either nor have I received an email, however the payment has already appeared on my credit card statement. If I ever get it, I hope it is not junk too. That is the kind of thing that would upset me with both TODAY and the manufacturer. Must be why they say “no returns or exchanges”.

    • Donna

      I purchased 4 and haven’t gotten any. Received confirmation on one and was charged for 3 more with no confirmation of purchase. Wrote to them yesterday with no reply. Not feeling great about this merchant…

    • Mary

      nope i have not received my yet or my purses from erica anenberg which were order in early november. terribly disappointed with the customer service of that company and they are saying no refunds, all sales are final. better have it by holiday

      • Laverne

        My sister-in-law and I both ordered an Erica Anenberg purse early November and it is not here yet. I responded to the confirmation emai after ordering asking about the purse and I got a response saying that the purse would be here this week. Hope this is a good bag!!!

        • elysa

          just received erica anenberg purse, sutton style. i think it is a sharp looking bag. the hardware is not “excellent”, but it is a great fun bag.

          • Emily

            I finally got my Erica Anenberg messenger bag! Great leather, but I agree about the hardware. Looks a bit cheap. After sending several emails to find out if and when it was shipped, I finally got a response last week with a tracking number. It wasn’t even processed to ship until Dec 15th. I ordered it Nov 1. In conclusion, I’m happy with the bag but not happy with the customer service.

            I did order 2 of the Andrew Dryer bracelets last week and they arrived today! Very happy with them and the quick shipping.

  9. Patricia S.

    what do you do when you ordered a great deal product from 11/15/11 and you have yet to recieve it and you e-mailed the business of that deal and have yet to hear from them (2-email’s) ????..
    I ordered them as christmas gifts. They didn’t waist time in charging my credit card !!

    • Emily

      I ordered a purse Nov 1 and still haven’t received it. To be fair, it did state that shipping could take 4-6 weeks to deliver. It’s the 6th week. I’ll let you know if I ever receive it.

      • Emily

        See my post above about my Erica Anenberg bag.

    • Amy

      I’m having same problem with the watches. First email they replied to said they were shipping last week. Still no watches and they no longer reply to email. Very unhappy. I hope the Today Show knows how poor customer service is with this company- Allen Lyle. And yes they got their money right away!

      • Linda Snodgrass Sabor

        I am having the same problem you are, Amy. They won’t answer emails now. I was going to try to find a phone number for them. I hate this!! I ordered three and need them soon.

  10. Kira

    I ordered the Body Shop collection with no problem. I am on the west coast and purchased it at about 9:30 pacific time. Apparently the fragrances/items are not exactly as Jill showed, but I didn’t even notice what they were when she presented them. A great deal!


    does anyone have any idea that when should i expect to recieve the cashmere scarf that was previous on sale for $39 ….. ? anyone? thanks.

    • Denise

      I received mine yesterday!

    • Susan

      Just got my scarf today.

  12. Herald Collins

    I purchased 12 of the Anthony Dryer bracelets and I am thrilled with this offer! A $50 freshwater pearl and macrame bracelet for $13 by a wonderful designer is insane! My girls are going to be shocked when they think I spent $600 on them! hahaha Shssss Don’t tell! I’m the good Santa being naughty but I don’t want to get caught! ROFL

    • Tracey

      I’m still debating whether my girl is going to get the three I bought…I really, really like them myself!

  13. Cindy

    Yes, all junk. I ordered jewelry before and was the worst.

    • laura

      hi i orderer the earrings from seah jewelry they were not recieved due to mail theives but i contact them and they happily replaced them and they are beautifullllll !spoke with owner personally she cared that was great

  14. Karin

    Seems The Body Shop has backup items up to CollectionE(not sure what’s included now, b/c they only show CollectionB so far). I don’t like the products of B, so I’ll wait and see until B were sold out, then they will possibly offer C.(I may be wrong though, but I could put all the B-E in my cart now)

    • Karin

      Also, when I put the B and other items in my cart, they automatically applied 10% off to the items(except B) even though they say they can’t combine any other offer.

      • Char

        What is in the other collections? I ordered the original offer and am curious but when I go to the site it doesn’t give details about what is in Collections B – E. I would think it was because I already ordered but it applies the discount if I put the items in my cart and I thought you could only buy 1.

        • Karin

          Yes you can buy only 1 from them, and they are currently offering B, so you don’t see the descriptions about others(C-D) yet. I haven’t ordered any. Here’s what’s inside of B.

  15. ShopgirlPA

    Just got my Aquiesse candles… Beautiful!! I would never pay $35 per candle, but the deal was good for all four!!

  16. marsha kelly

    help!….ordered 2 Jana Feifer (JF) handbags on Nov.22 and haven’t heard word one about them since. original order said delivery may take up to 3 wks to ship, but since then I’ve received no delivery info. at all. Credit card has been charged & I don’t know whether to go ahead and pay.

    • Lin

      I ordered the Jana Feifer handbag and have not received any word about them. Jill should be a bit more responsible for the reliablity of the vendors she is promoting.Hoping I get the bag before christmas as promised

      • Mary

        I order at a Jana Feifer handbag on Nov 22 and have not received it yet. it was supposed to take 2-3 weeks, but 3 weeks have passed. I just sent and email to them today, but did not get a response yet.

    • Sara

      I also ordered a bag and have heard nothing. I tried calling the company numerous times but the mailbox says its full. Seems shady to me. I don’t know what to do, I can’t get a reply from the company or the today show!

      • Janice

        Same problem for me, ordered 11/22, received nothing, no response to e-mails, customer service voice-mailbox is full, I even tried the main number & nobody answers the phone. All steal & no deal.

  17. EB Fuller

    The Peter-Blair site is not working!!!

  18. Christine Anderson

    I ordered the Hilary Thomas candles on Nov. 15th. They were to take three weeks to arrive. It has been four weeks and still no candles. I just sent an email to their website. Has anyone else had this issue? By the way, they accepted my money too on the day I ordered!

    • Lisa Schneider

      I am having the same problem getting my order from Hillary Thomas Candles as well. I contacted them last week. The woman assured me that my order would be shipped on time. Well, today was the 30th day (as stated orders would be shipped 15-30 days from date ordered). I actually received everything I ordered last week from The Today Show today, I have already contacted my credit card company about filing a dispute. I am willing to give them till tomorrow to get me an email with a tracking number. if I don’t get one (I don’t expect I will) then I will go ahead and dispute the charge. Really frustrating.

  19. Olya

    will there be anymore deals from Ruby Kats…… love my watch i ordered last time, would like to get another!!!

    • Ella


      I got my Ruby Kats watch as well and it’s not exactly my taste. I can sell it to you if you want it, I got the one with the pink band. Contact me at if you are interested.

  20. Tammy

    I am having a problem in checking out at the Anthony Dreyer website. Is anyone else having the same problem. Thanks.

    • Tracey

      No…I’ve tried these deals before and always had problems due to the ‘traffic’ but today was surprisingly easy…I bought three of the bracelets. Hope the rest of the transaction is so smooth!

  21. Sara

    Has anyone rec’vd their April Marin ruffled shawls yet??!! I ordered 3 of them on 10/18/11, and so far NOTHING! Not looking good for Christmas. And I’ve sent them two emails….no response. Help?!

    • rosemary

      I ordered 5 for christmas presents and need them NOW,sow unhappy!

    • Sue

      I ordered on 10/18 also was concerned. Got mine 12/7.

    • Janice

      I also have received nothing, including no response to 2 emails.

    • Jenny for my sister

      I ordered 10 Shawls on 10/18 and still nothing and no response from emails!! Let me know if any others get them.. Very mad!

    • Roberta Kenney

      I got my shawl in a timely manner. Was I just lucky. (BTW, it’s nice but with the S&H of $12.95 for a total of $36.95 am thinking it was not a really great deal.) It’s nice, I guess,soft but not worth any more then what I paid for it. I guess I should be grateful. At least I got it; unlike the Danielle Stevens bracelets I ordered on the same date and am still waiting for.

  22. Linda Grove

    I ordered a Kristen Bell leather messenger bag and I have not received it yet. I did get an e-mail from them saying it will be shipped between Dec. 6 thru the 16th. I have ordered other things from Jill’s Deals and all of them have taken a long time but they have all been GREAT and true to what they have showed. I LOVE Jill’s Steals and Deals! I can’t wait for it every Tuesday!!

    • Emily

      For example: Getting a product that is different from what was advertised (such as the poncho). When shipping says 3 weeks and it’s been more than 4, that is deception. When you can’t find an email address or a working phone number from the vendor to find out when the product will ship, that can create feelings of deception.

      • Donna

        The poncho was very disappointing! I don’t know what to do with it!! The LUX Collexion says they have only heard from satisfied customers! I feel this was a bait and switch scam! Their phone number is 424 645 7217

    • Barbara

      Received two of the Kristen Bell bags. They are georgeous! Took a little long but I didn’t paraticularly care about the time it took to ship. They were not to be given as presents. I have ordered other items and have been really pleased with everything.

  23. Rema

    I am trying to find a book that was on the show about a week ago on daughters writing their mother letters, but cannot find it anywhere…anyone that can help? thanks!!

  24. Donna

    Has anybody else tried complaining about products? I contacted the LUX Colellxion and they informed me that all the emails and phone calls that they received were from very satisfied customers.. I ordered the Ever poncho and I feel it was a bait and switch situation, there is no way this product was ever sold for $180… This was an absolute scam! Is there no one taking responsibility? I trusted the Today show! Please let us know if there is anyway to get a refund??? I have no idea what to do with this poncho I can’t even donate it, it is such poor quality!!

    • Roberta Kenney

      @Donna – I have emailed the Today show 3 times re: a jacket I got that is too small. No response. Also still waiting for the Danielle Stevens bracelets I ordered 10/18 and have not received. No receipt or anything came with the jacket. The return address on the box says “Today Black Rivet” so I guess I am stuck with it. I will be very wary of ordering anything else.

  25. Nancy

    I ordered the purses and have not received them yet either. Getting very nervous since they were for Christmas.

  26. Tammy

    Ordered the Calvin Klein sweater and still haven’t heard anything…getting nervous! I need it in time for Christmas

  27. Norma

    ALLEN LYLE WATCHES- are to arrive 12-16, is what I was told. I was beginning to worry, also.
    TERZETTO PURSES – I ordered 6 as gifts! The blue and the brown are beautiful and very expensive looking, but the black, white snake and gray snake look kind of cheap. No issues with zippers except one, and it was fine after I zipped and unzipped it a couple of times. A friend also told me that rubbing a bar of soap on a zipper will “unstick” it!
    GIRAFFE LAP BLANKET- came today and I love it. With the shipping it was $24, but I think still a good deal.
    KRISTEN BELL PURSE- This is really taking awhile, but I got an email awhile back saying it will arrive by 12/16. Are they making the items as we order them???
    NIKKI AND LULU DOG COLLAR & LEASH SET- This has taken the longest to arrive,
    ordered Nov 1st! I had an email saying it had shipped weeks ago. I emailed them and they said they would resend and that I would have it by 12/12, but still haven’t seen it.
    LA ROCCA SALTY & SWEET DUO- This was disappointing to me. Unfortunately, I reordered 2 more sets (they sent a special offer) before I received the first. The scent disappeared as fast as I put it on.
    NAUTICA- I ordered the men’s underwear for my husband today and took advantage of their offer of 30% off the remainder of the total order from their site and I ended up spending $500! yikes! Guess their strategy works on some of us! However, my husband loves Nautica and the prices were a real deal compared to Dillard’s where I usually buy them.
    OTHER ITEMS- I have ordered many other items and have been very happy with them. I just expect they will take several weeks. I will definitely check out the ratings of the “deals” online as I did last week. Glad I didn’t order the knives. Ratings were not good.
    I didn’t know Good Morning America had deals. Thanks for the tip! Personally, I really love Amazon, especially this time of the year, and usually free shipping!

  28. Tammy

    I have yet to receive the bras I order from September 2011. When I call the World Best Bras company I was told first my order was lost and now the bras are on back order. I was also informed I can’t receive a refund because it was NBC today’s show discount. Has anyone received the bras they ordered. They have my money and I have no bras. Wow….I sure didn’t get a discount???

    • Tracy

      I have not received my bras either. Anything we can do?

    • tammymc

      I received an email today that said the items were being shipped with a tracking number.. they are on their way…

  29. cindy

    I ordered AprilMarin & Co.

    Shawls and flower scarfs in mid October and have yet to recieve them! has anyone recieved this merchandice. AprilMarin indicated I would have received last week but they did not arrive. I emailed them again this week, and have heard nothing. I am really worried about recieving in time for Christmas.. Very disappointed as the last thing i need during the holidays is more stress.

    • Jenny for my sister

      I am in the same boat and mad! I ordered 10 Shawls and nothing… I have a confirmation # -they took my money on Oct. 19th and still nothing. Can’t get any response!

  30. Joseph B

    I had problems with website, i had to call the 1-800 number to finalize my order

  31. JR Lee

    Has anyone received the Love Ophelia robes from November 1st? As usual, they wasted no time charging my credit card on November 2nd. Emailed them and was told you’d receive them robes by Christmas, getting worried…should I run out to buy something else for my sisters?

    • Ella

      I personally only order from companies I’ve heard of. I bought a Ruby Katz watch and got an immediate confirmation and time frame on when I would receive it and I did. I also ordered today’s Body Shop deal because they are a huge company. But these little web sites/stores, who aren’t accustomed to the massive amount of traffic their site will get from a Today Show plug, probably are overwhelmed with orders they can’t fulfill. I would do yourselves all a favor and be careful what deals you buy and if you have problems, contact the Today Show, Jill Martin specifically. If they air this stuff, they are responsible for getting in touch with the companies that don’t fulfill their promises.

  32. Megan

    There were journals on the show this morning, does anyone know where I could purchase them? I don’t remember what they were called and I don’t see them on this webpage. Thanks!

  33. Suzen

    On 11/8/11 I ordered bracelets from “Charmed Circle Bangle”. My credit card was charged immediately, I received no confirmation, and can’t reach anyone at the company. If I try to email, I receive automated email responses from the Today Show, giving me “tracking numbers” that don’t exist. I need these gifts, 7 bracelets, for Hanukkah. Is this a real company?Is there a way to contact the Today Show directly?

    • Linda T Kuzyk

      I am in the same boat with this company. I ordered two of them for my girls. I feel ripped off and the Today Show will take no responsibility as stated above. I am totally upset and feel strangely helpless. I think that Jill needs to know as I really don’t believe that she rips us off intentionally. How do we deal with a company that doesn’t seem to exist?!?!

    • Jenny for my sister

      My sister emailed NBC and they said there was nothing they could do

  34. Anne

    The Body Shop website is NOT working right. Completely aggrivated!

  35. Kristin

    I haven’t received any of the items I ordered from Nov. 22nd show, Dniela Swaebe earrings and handbag from JF Accessories. I’m worried they won’t be here in time for Xmas!

    • Annie

      I too am frustrated with my JF handbag order. I tried calling today and immediately receive a message saying the mailbox is full. Not even an opportunity to talk to customer service. It stated approximately a 3 week delivery and it’s been 4. My card was charged immediately. I will be contacting the Today Show as well as the BBB. Anyone happen to know the shipping method that was going to be used?

      • lin

        I called also. Same message, then called again and got nothing !
        I stopping the charge.
        This segment definately has its problems, and The today show needs to be more responsible for the segments it promotes.
        Very Disapointed

        • lin

          I got this email today

          I apologize for not being able to reach customer service, with the holidays around the corner we have been inundated with calls and emails. We are in the process of fulfilling over 8000 orders of the Tote, which has started shipping this week. I’m very sorry for the delay, but with the holidays, my factory ran later then they had promised. I will guarantee delivery by the 12/23 at the latest.

          JF Handbags
          Customer Service

          • SongbirdNJ

            Does anyone have contact information? I can’t find anything online. If you have contact information, could you post it? Thanks.

  36. rickman

    I ordered from Kensico on October 25th and have not received my ordered. I have sent 2 emails from the company and have not received a reply. Has anyone experienced the same issue with this company?

    • rickman

      I received the jewelry from Kensico tonight. Lynette

    • Mary

      Re: Kensico Zodiac Bracelet….Purchased on Oct. 25 for a friend’s birthday that’s this weekend. Unfortunately, haven’t received the bracelet. They never answer the phone and don’t answer emails. I did get one from them on Dec. 29th, telling me they’d get to it right after the holidays. I think if the Today Show is going to feature vendors, they should make sure they are legitimate and stand behind the offers.

  37. Cindy Dixon

    I ordered the isotoner gloves from AD Apparel Group and only received 3 of the 4 gloves I ordered. I am missing A75203BLKLG. I am not sure if I have been charged for 3 or 4 gloves but there was no explanation in the package. Also, it took 4 weeks to receive.

  38. Roberta Kenney

    Has any one received the Danielle Stevens bracelets from the 10/18 show? I guess at this point it is irrelevant as I couldn’t wait any longer and had to ship my presents Tuesday. It seems like a lot of these companies offering products on “Steals & Deals” are not prepared for the volume of sales generated. Unfortunately, the Today Show takes no responsibility for products promoted on the segment. I think they should post a disclaimer stating that “In fact, buyer beware! The items we are showing may be more of a “steal” then a “deal”.

  39. Annie Chen

    Just received the long strand of pearls! GORGEOUS! They are round and the clasp is really substantial. I don’t know why, but I pictured it being a lot smaller. It comes in a presentation box that opens like a folder.

    This one is a winner!

  40. Marina Flowers

    Still waiting for the Alan Lyle watches! Whats the deal people??? There isn’t any contact info anywhere. Does the “company” even exist???

    I ordered the white and black jdf bracelets and they arrived (very cute, btw – love them), and I ordered them after the watches. Can someone help????????

  41. AC

    I am still waiting for the Lux cashmere poncho and infinity scarf. Has anyone received their order yet? What is the quality like? These were to be Christmas presents, but I am quite nervous that they will not be here in time.

    The Today show and Jill should really do their research before promoting products that are not up to par and are of poor quality. I put my trust in Jill’s recommendations. I’m hoping I’m not disappointed in the poncho and scarf!

  42. Lisa

    I received my Body Shop order yesterday. Wow, that was fast and a great price even with the shipping charge. I’m impressed with the Body Shop!

  43. JRC

    Received knives yesterday!!

  44. Diane

    I am upset too! I ordered the blankets on 12/6 and Jill on air said that all these items will arrive in time for the Holidays but the confirmation email says it will take 3-4 weeks. Of course the company BH Intl is next-to-nonexistent with no contact info. The Today show should really investigate this better as we are trusting their judgment and representations. Now I’ve purchased gifts that won’t arrive in time.

  45. Melissa

    I’ve ordered from Steals & Deals several times and it’s always been great! The advice I would give is to order what you know. If there are brands or products you’re already familiar with (like cosmetics you already use, etc), then you can trust them. Vendors will sometimes offer the same deal more than one place, so if you want you can shop around and possibly find better shipping, etc. But overall, as long as you shop smart, you can find some excellent deals here!

    • Herald Collins

      I agree with you totally! People can’t expect lighting fast shipping on items with thousands of orders being placed on these deals and the USPS is not that reliable where time is of the essence! It’s a be patient and wait situation…you’ll get your good deal sooner…or later! It will always be worth it!

  46. jennifer

    I bought the Lelia Zodiac necklace featured a few weeks ago. Have seen 2 emails both giving excuses for not shipping, when you call there is NO answer orders that were not AKA backordered were to ship beginning the 14th throught the 19th 3 day shipping but their Facebook page says they started shipping yesterday. They then sent a basicly rude e mail out to everyone clarifying their backorder reasons guess the calls were stressing them. Wow and how manny orders were made I expect to see it maybe in Feb lol? This vendor was apparently NOT prepared and Today needs to better check the suppliers of the deals shown to confirm that they can provide for the influx of orders recieved.

  47. Tracy

    I am waiting and waiting on the Magaschoni scarf I ordered on 12/2. The company does not respond to emails and their phone number seems to be bogus. Has anyone received their scarf?


    I got the anthony dryer bracelets today but Im still waiting for a bag i ordered over a month ago. Im loving the bracelets, but the bag was expensive for me. I really hope its going to come!

  49. Barbara

    I am still waiting on 3 K Bell handbags that were ordered 11/1.
    I agree with Melissa and Herald but I also realize it’s the holiday season and new purchasers have paid ( in advance!) and are stressing because they truly expected to receive them in the time promised.
    I have also purchased many items. Some items arrived as promised, some did not. If you have a deadline to receive an item, you take your chances!

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