*HOT* 75% Off $75+ Coupon Code = 10 Leg Warmers Only $30 Shipped

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Wow! is offering up a fantastic holiday sale! Through 12/28, they are offering up 75% off $75 or more on all their warmers, tights, and socks with coupon code JOLLY75 . Even sweeter, spend $30 or more (after the coupon code is applied) and you’ll score FREE shipping!

So, you could add a total of 10 leg warmers to your cart priced at $12 each. Your total will come to $120 and then after the 75% off code only $30 + FREE shipping – making each pair of adorable leg warmers only $3! Wow! ๐Ÿ˜€

* Note that if you want these to arrive in time for Christmas, you’ll have to upgrade to priority shipping (which is about $8+).

Don’t forget to check out all of their cute socks and tights they have available as well! These also qualify for the 75% off code!

(Thanks for the heads up on this awesome promo code, Kelly & Leslie!)

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  1. Fawn

    babylegs rock my daughter loves hers

  2. Ann Maria

    These look cute, but really; a boy in leggings. Sorry if I’m old fashioned but that pic looks a little weird.

    • yenay

      Just a little

      • Ann Maria

        Yes, I’m a proud stereo-typer. There is no need for boys in leggings…..Now let the liberal comments begin…….This should be fun!

        • Nicole

          Seriously. There’s a better answer to keep your kids’ legs warm – they’re called pants.

        • Allison

          a proud stereotyper? wow.

          For the record, I think the boy looks cute too. and he probably likes the leggings too. let children be children and do not enforce your “traditional” gender roles on them, please.

          • Ann Maria

            Tradition is awesome; appreciate it, if you have heritage to be proud of!…My girl is getting a bb-gun for Christmas, but I’m never giving my son tights! (from a former six-figure working woman and still won’t put my son in tights!)

        • Kristen

          Hmmm I am far from liberal and I think they’re just fine for little boys. Sure they’d be weird if you put him in a dress as well, or bought them for a 12 year old boy. I do find it a little odd that you’re proud to be stereotyping…sure we all do it to some extent, but it’s not really something to be proud of.

          • Ann Maria

            I’m still proud…..really proud….Don’t let being PC takeover your true convictions. Would you send your hubby off to work with a paid of those “cute” leggings?

            • Kristen

              He’s an adult, that’s a little different. What does little boys in leggings have to do political correctness? I see being anti-leggings is a strong conviction of yours, good for you for concentrating on what’s really important in life.
              Your haughtiness really shows through in every one of your posts, it’s nauseating.

            • Ann Maria

              Kristen, sorry to make you face reality and feel nauseated; that is not my intention…Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, or if you are atheist…Have a Nice Day!

        • redhairedchick

          Wow, Ann Maria, you’re something else. lol Pansies need lovin’ too! I figure that if he makes it through his childhood unscathed by a mean-spirited comment he was too embarrassed to share with mom & dad, there’s always the chance that the pictures of him in his tighty-tighties will come in handy when he brings his future Mrs. before his disapproving ‘rents.

          • Ann Maria

            Love it, redhairedchick; I actually completely agree!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Awe… I think he looks super cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Jessica

        I agree with Collin I think they are super cute. I took advantage of this deal a couple of months back and I LOVE them. My boy is 9 months and I love that he can wear a onesie with baby legs. NO need to take of pants to change diapers!

        • Megan

          Exactly! That is the point of baby legs. They make diaper changes so much easier. Last I checked both boy and girl babies need their diapers changed so I don’t see the big deal. I have a friend who has a son and he wore baby legs until he was potty trained. He’s just as much a boy as any other boy.

    • Heather

      I would never put my son in them either.. haha. My husband would be a defiant no on them as well. Our daughter yes she could rock them. Every parent has their own style and opinion its all good!

    • Angela R

      I probably wouldn’t put them on an older boy, and especially not for going out, but I love these on my tiny little man to keep his legs warm w/o having to deal with pants when we’re at home (makes diaper changes so much easier!).

      • Amy

        Yeah I thought pants were to keep boys’ legs warm and tights for girls? Lol But those tights would be cute for girls!

    • angie

      I’m a pretty liberal-minded mama, but boys in leggings? Uh, no. But to each their own!

    • Sally

      I also bought these a couple of months back for my 7 months boy. He can wear a onesie with baby legs and easy for mommy to change diapers. He starts to crawl and gets very bad rash on his wrist/knee. I put this on him and no more rash.

      • Jessica

        I completely agree Sally! My baby’s skin on his knees got rug burn if he wasn’t wearing something. I LOVE these this. Making changing diapers so much easier. And YES I do take him out in them.

    • Kami Cragun Clark

      I bought some camo ones for all three of my boys (the oldest being 11, and twin 5 year olds.) we thru them in the diaper bag, then on summer nights, when we were out watching fire works and it got a little cold, they would put them on, sometimes on their legs, and sometimes on their arms. Everyone liked them, asked where we got them, commented what a great idea. They also saved them from the bug bites at night, and much easier to pack than a pair of pants, plus you don’t have to go a a bathroom to change or anything. There was nothing “girlie” about the camo either.

    • mgat5

      I think you are all forgetting that BabyLegs can also be worn as warmers on arms… for boys, girls AND adults ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Adrianne

        I wear them on my arms! Got them in our school colors and throw them on whenever I need some extra game day spirit. I also have a rough-and-tumble son and a football-coach husband and our boy wore BabyLegs while a baby. He’d still wear them on his arms, if only he’d stop tugging at them! Boys are boys regardless of the “leggings” they wear. It’s just another layer of fabric, after all!

    • trish

      I think he looks like a dork and I would NEVER let my 2 boys wear them….outside the house…I might cave and let them wear them in the house, but I doubt seriously my 6 year old would wear them….My 2 year old maybe because he has an older sister. I wouldn’t go out and buy them for my boy, even “boy” themed ones…seriously fokes get a grip it’s

    • Ginger

      My 3-year-old has a couple pairs that he wears as arm warmers under his short sleeve tees in the winter. He loves them, and I think they’re sooooo cute! Plus, it allows him to wear his short sleeve shirts more than just three months of the year here in MN. I’ve never worn them as leggings, but I can imagine that they might be cute under shorts in the spring/fall. They’re not “tights”, and they’re very boyish styles. Interesting comments, though! It’s unfortunate there is so much negativity in so many people’s comments. This just creates anxiety. There is positive spin to everything! If you don’t like the look of the leggings on boys, just giggle about to yourself and create some positive energy, rather than writing a negative comment:)

    • kellyh

      I use them under my boy’s pants for an extra layer of warmth in the winter which works great!

  3. Alxys

    Last time a deal for baby legs was posted I purchased a lot for my son! You would be surprised they have some really neat dinasour, fire and robot ones for boys! I absolutely love the ones I ordered (as well as the matching socks!) and they are great for when we are not taking the baby out. I also ordered a lot of extras for baby shower gifts and such which have been a huge success!

  4. Laura

    I just tried – JOLLY15 doesn’t work. ๐Ÿ™ Will it start later?

    • Laura

      Ha, just kidding ๐Ÿ™‚ I didn’t type it correctly. Thanks!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Sorry about that. I had the wrong code listed at first. The correct code is JOLLY75.

  5. laura

    off topic, but has anybody receievd their orders from Pashu leather that was posted on here about a month ago? It said Christmas delivery is promised, but I haven’t heard anything from them and there is no contact info on their site.

    • Ashlee

      I have not received the wallet I ordered for my husband. I talked to the lady today and she said they shipped out more items today since so many people bought from them. Makes me kinda sad because I will not get it before Christmas. If you go on there website there is a window where you can chat with someone.

      • laura

        It always says they are offline when I try. Why did they say it was GUARANTEED for Christmas if they aren’t willing to follow through with that promise?

        • Ann

          I have called them and they told me it will arrive after Christmas, very sad, I just think that they want it to make sales that day.

  6. Heather

    Maybe it depends on the climate where you live but I would never put them on my son here in Indiana. If you need leg warmers, you need socks, too and then you might as well have pants.
    p.s. I’m a liberal, too! lol

    • anita

      ‘girly’ looking leg warmers is a huge invite for bullying!!!

      • Jessica

        My 6 year old wears his Baby legs. He loves them. Has all kids. I originally bought them only for my 9 month old but now all my kids wear them. My son has NEVER had a problem with someone making fun of his baby legs. All the other kindergartens in his class love them,

        • Ann Maria

          Just wait until he’s in 2nd grade. You may want to invest in a pair of manly thermal underwear.

          • Jessica

            I don’t need to force my son in “manly” anything. Its all about attitude and how you presently yourself. If you are confident in what you are wearing give it a week and the rest of the school will be wearing the same thing. That’s how trends get started.

            • Suzy

              I don’t need to force my son in to manly anything…but most importantly, I prefer not to force my son in to feminine anything.

      • Allison

        Invite for bullying? What is wrong with you? Nobody “invites” someone to bully them.

        • Ann Maria

          Allison, live in our virtual liberal la-la land and I’ll live in the real world. By the way, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

        • Jessica

          Thank you Allison! So true. Bullies are going to FIND something to make fun regardless of what.

  7. Jane

    They are all out of the ones I really wanted with the adorable ruffle legs:( boo…

    • Ann Dee

      I agree. All the ones I want are out of stock. Darn. Maybe next time….
      Hope there are some GREAT sales in Jan and Feb at all my fav stores. I just couldn’t catch them all this month for Christmas.

  8. gkleber

    very cute!!! I just got some, what a great price!

  9. Christine L-U

    i liked using babylegs to keep my little one warm when she was little, and it was great for potty training… now she’s a big girl. I still like using babylegs on my boy to keep him warm if he happens to only be wearing a thermal without the legs for inside his clothes. It is especially convenient also for travel as we just unsnap his one piece outfit (snap pant part) and not have to pull off pants, etc, and he stays warm

  10. Dawn

    what a cheap/easy baby shower gift…add a onesie with a little design! I’m keeping a few for my son (3 months) I can see these making it a whole lot easier to change a squirmy baby’s bum ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree that they look a bit silly on older boys, but I think they are adorable on babies with just a onesie. Thanks Collin!

  11. ana

    I got 20 pairs of socks and 2 leg warmers for my little boy for $31!!! The socks should be big enough for the next 2 years and I plan to use the leg warmers under his pants when out in the cold! Thanks!!!

  12. Nicole

    I remember leg warmers in the 80’s. Back when people used to think culottes/skorts were cute too. History will be the judge.
    Now excuse me while I make some ecoPet Rocks.

  13. Barbara Ingram

    I’m a newbee and loving the deals. I got 17 pairs of socks (love the days of the week socks) and 1 pair of tights for $30. Thanks

  14. Rebecca Jeffries

    I went to order some but they are almost all out of stock so there isn’t enough for me to use the code. Bummer ๐Ÿ™

  15. Tanisha

    Wow. Seriously I am just a bit taken aback. Why has this become about “liberals” and anything of the like? If you like the deal Collin posts say hey thanks for the deal and get it. If not just move on. Different strokes for different folks. What I like may be different from you but it makes it no better or worse. Girly? Weird? If you don’t want your boy wearing them that’s fine but if someone else chooses to get them for theirs why is that wrong? What’s with all the judgement? I don’t have any babies but, Hey Collin thanks for the work you put into finding this deal!! SMH.

    • Danielle

      I was thinking the same thing!! Well said!!! And BTW…..Thanks Colin!! My 3 yr old and 7 mo old have lots of cute tights and socks coming thanks to you ๐Ÿ™‚ Because of your site I was able to save enough money for my husband and I to take our girls to Disney next week too! I tell everyone I know about your site ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Megan

      Yep. Judgement is not something I come to this site for.

      • emily

        Tell me about it! Its sad that a few rude people can put a damper on everyone’s day. My family was just flipped off my a man in a car today and now I read this. That’s sad. I am also surprised at all the name-calling and personal attacks (however sugar-coated) on this thread…from moms (I am supposing) no less! Let’s try and bear with one another in grace and have patience where patience is due.

  16. kat

    I just loved it for potty training especially with younger kids ( my were around 10 months). I do not se any problems using legwarmers on boys at that age. Iโ€™m originally from a cold European country; and as I recall every kid was wearing tights under pants in winter time (actually they still do). Thermal underwear was available only for boys 10+ years. I like footless tights better because you do not need to wash them as often as tights, just wash socks.

  17. Heather

    Thanks for posting!! We love babylegs around our house. I have 2 girls (1 and 6)and these are perfect for laying weather. We are use them for softball night games…after the sun goes down the temp drops and we can just put them on arm and legs with her uniform.

  18. Bethany

    All my first choices were sold out, but I still got some cute stuff. Thanks for posting, Collin!

  19. Chrissie

    Anyone know how the sock sizes run? On the website it says size 2-4T is for shoe sizes up to 5.5, my son is in a size 6 shoe. Hate to pay all that money if they won’t fit him.

  20. Jen

    Woo hoo! Yay! I just made a HUGE order. SO excited!

    1 Pink Ribbed Leg Warmers
    BL05-104 $12.00
    1 Caroling Baby Socks (12-24m)
    BS10-708-08 $10.00
    1 Stripe Hearts Baby Socks (12-24m)
    BS11-353-08 $10.00
    1 Heartfelt Baby Socks (12-24m)
    BS11-357-08 $10.00
    1 SuperSoft Princess Cyber Pack
    BL11-K44 $45.00
    1 Snowflakes Baby Socks (12-24m)
    BS11-757-08 $10.00
    1 Lil’ Sunshine Leg Warmers
    BL10-905 $10.00
    1 Lil’ Hearts & Flowers Leg Warmers
    BL11-909 $10.00
    1 Lil’ Heart Beat Leg Warmers
    BL11-905 $10.00

    All that for…. $31.75!

    Anyhow, thanks for the deal!

    And… I think baby boys look ADORABLE in leggings, and big boys LOVE to use them as arm warmers. My 6 year old pretty much insists on wearing them every day (on his arms).

  21. jenny

    Yea, I’m just gonna say out on my own…

    It does look weird on older boys. Maybe on a small baby so diaper changes would be easier compared to them wearing pants. I just wouldn’t send my son off to school wearing a peice of clothes that looks like stockings. Just my opinion. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. mira

    u can get these for $2 at other websites…ofcourse not the brand name babylegs..just leg warmers…i tried them..they washed up well also…just an FYI !

  23. Sarah

    I got my daughter 3 pairs of Hello Kitty tights (2pairs of) socks and one pair of HK legwarmers and 3 pairs of the supersoft legwarmers for under $35 shipped. She will love them as she is already a BIG Hello Kitty fan-at 3! I am pretty happy with my purchase for the price paid but, I do think they are overpriced otherwise. $12 for 2 pairs of socks for a toddler is too much $$ IMO:)

    On another note did anyone else do the Bumble and Bumble order a couple of weeks ago? I just read my email and although they sent the items I paid for the sample was cancelled and I wasn’t given the chance to keep or cancel my order. I haven’t received the pkg. yet (still a glimmer of hope but, the order page says cancelled on the Texture) but, pretty bummed as I was gifting this. Did anyone actually receive theirs?

    I appreciate this site though and all the hard work Collin. This is so rare that anything goes wrong with orders that I’m still extremely grateful to have sites like this. I wouldn’t know about 99% of these deals otherwise:)

    • ld491

      I received my order today, and sadly, the free sample wasnt in there ๐Ÿ™

      • Sarah

        Follow up: I actually just contacted B&B and asked them if they had cancelled my free sample and the gal said that when items become backordered they automatically cancel the promo items. However, she kindly is sending out my texture and it should get here in about a week:) Customer sevice was great!

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